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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 11, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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president-elect donald trump firing back after allegations of the bombshell report in the first press conference from winning the election >> as you can see run down, it is one of the hottest talker, we want you to join, tweet us let us know what you think, use the #5at630. >> a thing like that should have never been written. it should never have been had and certainly never have been released. information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public
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buzz feed, which is a failing pile of garbage writing it, i think they're going to suffer the consequences. >> that is the president-elect's response to the report it is unsubstantiated. it claims the russian government it could use to blackmail the president-elect >> donald trump denied the claims in a series of tweets and in his first press conference in six months. tom fitzgerald starts us off. tom, there were a whole lot of layers to this press conference, where will you start. >> reporter: where can you start? this was remarkable. you'd call this stunning political theater, but this was not theater, this was real life. the president-elect going toe to toe with the major news organizations in this country and calling some of them fake, in particular, trump ire was aimed at buzz feed. what is buzz feed? it is an online w
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itself last night to publish 35 pages of unverified unconfirmed solacious accumulations against the incoming president-elect, the president-elect's campaign and the allegations that the russian government somehow was having a plan to blackmail donald trump. he had a lot of things to say about a lot of people, but listen in particular to what he had to say about buzz feed. >> i think it was a disgraceful that the existence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it's a disgrace. and i say that and i say that. and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. i believe it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public as far as
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pile of garbage writing it will suffer the consequences and as far as cnn going out of their way to build it up. it's a disgrace and i think they ought to apologize >> buzz feed seems to be wearing this as a badge of honor, they're offering items for sale including this t-shirt that says failing pile of garbage. they've got coffee cups and bumper stickers and all kinds of things trying to make money off of what donald trump had to say about them this morning. this was not all about buzz feed. this was not all about cnn. he's been asked several times to talk about the wall between the united states and mexico. in recent days he's been saying the united states will be he is reimbursed for the wall. it's not exactly the same thing as having
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this is what he had to say under questioning about that >> we're going to built a wall. i could wait. i don't want to wait. mexico in some form and there many different forms will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. >> reporter: another big policy thing in the city right now is obamacare. clearly, republicans stated over and over they want to repeal and replace, but the real peeling and replacing can only happen if there's had a plan in place to replace obamacare. right now, it's not clear if republicans are there yet. trump today once again reiterated he wanted to that to happen. but was not as clear exactly when we will find out exactly how those 20 million people will be covered if they lose coverage under
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>> obamacare is a complete and total disaster. they can say what they want, they can guide you anyway they want to guide you in some cases, they guide you incorrectly. in most cases, you realize what's happened. it's imploding. . >> reporter: one of the problems are that republicans are being warned that if they were to take too much of a lead on this before they have replacement plan in place, politically, some of the blame for any problem that is might arise from all of this is going to fall on the gop. while the president-elect tonight seemed steadfast in his desire to get this off the table as quickly as possible. you go up on capitol hill and you're going to hear a lot more caution, so they don't want to proceed on this until they have a plan in place to replace obamacare >> he says one of the reasons we got to wait is to confirm hea
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would be congressman tom price who would be the architect of tearing it down and building it up whatever the next step is. you saw a couple tweets pop up. we asked people he had brought up the question that president-elect only the pretty cares about seeing his tax returns, that's one of the reasons we've been seeing some of the tweets. anything on your mind please tweet us. what about the ethics of buzz feed releasing that document. is this the equivalent of those dumps by wikileaks >> ethics chair joins us from my home town from indiana, thank you for joining us >> actually i'm in new york, indianapolis is a great town. >> from new york, we appreciate you joining us wherever you are. buzz feed simply dumped that document with the allegations, they did say it was unsubstantia
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report similar things, and saying they were still looking into this is this good journalism. does the public and donald trump have a right to be angry about how this was handled >> short answer is no, the main responsibility of a journalist is to make sure that the information that they put out into the world is accurate and thoroughly reported. putting out documents is not really living up to that standard. i think buzz feed put up a disclaimer and followed with a comprehensive story. we want hope when journalists are putting out information they will be able to tell the public if this information is accurate or not. whether donald trump and the president-elect can, you know, can be angry about it, you know, it's within his right, obviously, these documents are being, you know, passed around, you know, some of the highest officials in the us government. so it is something that's probably in the pu
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so, you know, he has a right to be angry, but, there is maybe, you know, some room here where the public, you know, should know about them. >> there's a phrase that's been tossed around, we heard the president-elect say fake news pertaining to cnn. what is the broad definition of fake news at this point? because from our perspective, it sounds like it's coming from people who, if you see a story you disagree with, fake news. but what in your definition is fake news >> i think, you know, first of all, it's important to note that buzz feed and cnn are not fake news, they're staffed by great journalist whose work every day and everyone makes mistakes, sometimes they reach different conclusions, in terms of fake news, fake news was sort of designed for the things that you saw on facebook or the internet that was deliberately created to mislead people. i think fake news has been around in some form since the early invention of the printing press and we've always had journalist that is have created or misstepped in terms of ethics
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too. but you know, fake news, i think as a term, has jumped the shark, as most people would say, i think it's time to put it away. marcus sullivan who is the media columnist for the washington post had a great column this past week saying if it's a lie, call it a lie. if it's inaccurate, call it inaccurate, if it's garbage, call it garbage. obviously, it's up to journalists to really decide what -- what is, you know, lie, what is inaccurate, what is true and give that to the people. that's the value that journalists bring to the public. is saying, you don't have the time to do this in your daily life. we do and here's the information you need to get on with your life. >> we got a lot of work to do. i guess get back to where the public feels like they trust journalists. thanks so much for joining us. we were looking at a poll earlier of reliability and trustworthyness. journalists were at the bottom of that and i think sometimes it's misguided as a journalist
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certainly we have a little bias but when we here politicians call something fake news it's a story that goes after them and it's not necessarily fake news >> it's easy to blame the media for a lot but when you have people who practice journal risk that's where it comes from. the first 100 days of donald trump could prove to be different than anything we've ever seen. our next guest has an inside look at what may lie ahead. richard darin served, international agency dr. k the george h w bush >> thanks for joining us >> chief of on the house international committee. >> we're talking about put a billionaire businessman never held elected public of the. what can we expect in the first 100 days >> that's a very good question, i think if there's anybody who
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attempts to portray a path that we can see, i think that's going to be very risky. i think that polls, i think that the way news is delivered, they're used to be a dialogue that was developed, and when somebody said something, whether it was a policy maker, was reported in the news, it was something that people responded to, they digested it. thought about it. and i think right now, with the tweets that go out and other things that kind of get thrown into what at one time had been a public square of discussion, it gets very confusing. >> the dynamic has changed over the last couple years from 2000 to now, no doubt about it. richard as we move forward, we're talking about it being business as usual and it may not be that way and sensible doesn't se
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seems to be what the sentiment of the voters was. they won't want see business as usual moving forward >> i think you're right on that. however, in congress and also in the executive branch, there's a lot of moving parts, there can be things that policy makers introduce that they feel reflects a will of the people, but there are -- the legislative process is a real gauntlet and even for some ethics that are innocuous or mun dame, when you get into more complicated things and you have different committees and chairmen and turfs to protect. it gets to be complicated process. i believe it's going to be very interesting ride the next 100 days. >> ridge grrin, former chief of staff at the international relations committee. thanks so much for coming in tonight. we want to hear from you. the president-elect said the press, us, are the only ones who care about
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returns. do you guys care? before we go to that, we'll talk to sue, because she'll let it is know about the weather. hey, sue >> hopefully this rain isn't taxing you so much, it's not going to last very long. we've been watching rain especially in our western suburbs and really heavy or at least moderate here south of cumberland and west of front royal. putting this in motion, everything is going to fill in here and we will have light rain between noun about 11:00, and after 11:00, we'll have a few showers. i think everything is gone by tomorrow morning. boy is tomorrow looking look a great day. we will have sunshine tomorrow afternoon, it will be warm. we'll also be a little breezy in the afternoon, how about 67 for january, that's incredible. 63 dulles, 67 fredericksberg with enough sunshine some southern suburb could say touch 70 tomorrow afternoon, we will notice a little bit of a breeze as we go through the day tomorrow. fox 5 accu-weather forecast
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enjoy tomorrow and friday at 57. we have a bit of a messy mix on saturday. it won't be a lot. there could be a little bit of ice involved. it could be slippery in spots on saturday. 37, that should change over to a light mix that becomes rain sunday and first part of the next week including the mlk observance on monday, not looking bad as temperatures remain above normal. jim and shawn back to you. >> thank you, sue. running a little hot in here. we're back more after this.
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donald trump cabinet pick continue to be met with protests. take a look at this video, demonstrators on the hill. dressed up as. rex dinosaurs, rex tiller son nominated for secretary of state. exxon hid information about climateha
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years the senate judiciary committee grilled jeff sessions for the second day. he promised to crack down on illegal immigration, gun violence and rally islamic terrorism. hear forgot secretary nominee. john kelly. ahead of today's hearing he told at the senate committee his top priority would be to close the border to quote illegal movement of people and things in quote. kelly said achieving that goal starts with physical obstaclings like a boarder wall and supporting surveillance technologies >> were you watching the press conference closely? >> there were pretty unusual moments. we're going to take a look at the top five when we come back. . can he have can he have exxon
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osed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. z27mkz z16fz y27mky y16fy
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there are a number of unconventional things that happened
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first we kept hearing the term which started back in campaign of fake news. >> sir, since you're attacking us can you give us a question? mr. president-elect, mr. president-elect >> since you're attacking our news organization >> not you. >> can you give us a chance. >> your organization, sir >> you're talking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question >> mr. president-elect >> go ahead, she's asking a question, don't be rude >> don't be rude. >> you're attacking us, can you give us a question? >> you are fake news. >> that was him talking to cnn reporter calling them fake news for the reporter they did we've been talking about. >> let's point out the difference between cnn and buzz feed is that buzz feed published this document with explicit allegation which cnn did not touch. it didn't seem fair to lump them both together. in terms when yo
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media, seems like we're in the same bucket >> that doesn't bode well if there's a report that a news organization whether fox or cnn they do something that the administration doesn't agree with, how does that bode for the future? the next one, two, is hillary tougher? listen. >> do you honestly believe that hillary would be tougher on putin than me? does anybody in this room believe that? give me a break. >> i felt like we were back in the campaign. this >> that was campaign mode trump >> absolutely. >> number three, who knew donald trump was a germ fobe? >> does anyone believe that story, i'm really a germ fobe, by the way, believe me >> we're not going to get into why that allegation was thrown out. that would be one of the documents. but it's well-known that trump for a long time did not shake hands, he started shaking hands again, germ fobe
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did you see the big file. it was like the file of trump, but we're talking folders >> these papers are some of the many documents i've seened turning over complete and total control. >> that was a table full of documents, he was talking there about, you know, distancing himself from his business, trump international, trump hotels, just the trump brand itself to become the president of the united states. >> a lot of people wanted to know what the plan was, his lawyer got up and spoke about the plan and how they were going to move forward today. >> and finally number five, here, did you see this one? this is how he ended the whole press conference, you're fired. >> thanks for spoiling it >> i'll come back and i'll say, you did a good job. otherwise, if they do a bad job, i'll say, you're fired >> you did not answer my >> by the way he was talking about what he would say to his sons if they didn't do a good job running the company when he comes back in i believe he said eight
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happens >> he announced he was going to turning the company completely over to his to older sons to run the company. >> a lot of people were surprised to hear ivanka will not be part of that and she's moving to dc and will provide material support to her father here. >> she and her husband. >> after the show like this, after the week like this, after at day like this, maybe you need a way to take the edge off >> 5at630 coming back for ideas on that, stay tuned.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it's the place for -- it's a good place to get a drink >> chef jeff, from bistro is joining us great cocktails and also >> it's about a good year. >> you want to start with the cocktail first >> we'll talk about some of the signature cocktails already made.
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this was called the gold, we got a little tequila. saint germane, shaken and put up with a lime twist. then one of might have favorites is a roaring 20's old-fashioned. >> that's the way to do it >> we were fortunate enough to be able to be invited down. we got some of those unique to our establishment. that's just a little citrus sugar. and bitters. >> you guys are doing something special with the inauguration >> we're going to roll out the bell of the ball. the name of that cocktail comes from the main ingredient, which is pairing used cone yak, it's flavored. let's let you start here. historically, with
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obviously the first president and we had whisky was the popular drink's then we moved jefferson who drank act lot of wine, abraham lincoln loved bourban, then in the roosevelt, gin and kennedy was rum. richard nixon was a fan of rum and coke. i like the way he thinks there. >> there you go. >> ronald reagan was not much of a drinker. i drank a drink called an orange blossom, gin and fruit juices together. >> we're going to straight back and forth like this. >> it's like cocktail. >> come on, we got 15 second
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guys. bell of the ball pour here. >> got high balls coming out >> we got, ten seconds. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00.
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harvey: wow. guess who is a couple? weekend and selena gomez! >> this is huge. and she's part of the girl squad. there's no loyalty to bella. >> is bella in the girl squad? >> gigi. bella is not there yet. >> i like them as a couple. >> at some point we got to let it happen. >> so you divorce your wife and i come over and i'm in there making pancakes. >> knock yourself out. >> and take my wife while you're at it, dude. >> ben affleck was at l.a.x. and he's going through t.s.a. and he gets patted down for a solid minute. this guy is like feeling his butt. and then he goes to his front, feeling like around his belt area. >> at what point do they go, ok, sir, in the other room. we need to put our finger up your butt. >> never. >> can you ask for it?


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