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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> i feel like we should be playing sonny and cher rightnd now. it feels like ground hog day on this thursday. >> weren't we doing thison the other day talking about the same thing.meng. >> the department of justiceenti set to investigate the fbi f over those clinton e-mails. e-m. >> this is the hottest storytess at 6:30.0. we invite you to join the jn conversation to talk aboutsati this one. tweet us use that #5at6:30. #t6 >> i was trying get the gistet t of what they were talkingha about. >> now it makest thg sense.ense >> k
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the probe will look intoook in whether fbi director james jam comey properly followedwe department policies.mentolic if you'll recall com mee and c his team were investigatinges whether hillary clinton miss m handled classified informationna by using that private e-mail server. >> simone path joins us.pathoins is this something we've seeninge in the past simone where youre have a major action taken and then you have the t investigation at the end of an n administration. >> this is pretty unusual. we don't ks noisw what the effet oi going to be. there's the possibility of criminal charges here againstgan fbi director comey but we'reute' really talking here about abo guidelines whether he violateioa the some sort of protocol protoo about discussing criminalt disc investigation about abo publicizing them and about a maybe straining a little bitrain more into the political as a you'll recall the latesteatest allegations came out 11 daysonst before the election after 1lectt early voting had alreadylready started, some that irked the clinton campaign to the extreme. >> simone, when this information came out and thenhe spring forward to right afterhtt the election hillary clinton clt
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this particular information by a james comey that shifted theftee election into donald trump'srump favor. so, despite whatever the outcome of thides ispnvestigatia is, it's still not going tong change the outcome of the election so what's the point? p i mean, could we see comey, i cy don't know, fired or what dor w you think? >> we certainly could. it's up to president-electp to donald trump whether he wants to keep him on orrump n wot.r nt as you said of course, youe,ou know, the election is a done a n deal. deal there is no concrete evidencetec and there never really will beyl whether this was the deciding factor. you can certainly argue thatce there are many morertai issues s play during the 2016 election, additional oversights by the clinton campaign preparing for 2016 political train that theyhe weren't expecting so whetherhe this is some sort off silverbullet that is going to t put their qualms to rest iuaes think is sort of a lost causeosc you. >> talk about the future ofk ab director comey,ou you saw theaw trump campaign going back and bk forth. they didn't like comey
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they were supportive of theere letter that reopenedsu thereopen e-mails and then they weren th e unhappy with it.unhay wi doesn't seem like he stands h sa much of a chance in this newew administration. >> there's things for democrats and republicans both to l>>ike in thi tsheand news . part of the investigation herees isti the fact that fbi deputy director perhaps should have recused himself. per hat are dojt isha t person, we don't know whow who might have actually leakeduallyd some information to the clinton campaign so there'sme is reasons here for republicans rei to be cheering for anto investigation as well. >> is an investigation like b e thisvestan inv unprecedented?i recall something like this s before although i'm surome it'si happened. >> you know, i haven't seenw, in anything like this.'tyt of course everyone's attentions are on high alert a already because of e-mail-mai hacking russian hacking a lotng of stuff going on on capitoll hill right now so the tenor ofoo the national news right now isin that it's a pretty unique u place that this is making the story even more dominant. din >> simone thank you very this is good i we got to break it down fs goorf people to understand what this
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means. you summed it up nicely.mmed thank you. >>nk ynk you. >> retired general jameseral j mattis on the hot seat today for confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of defense. >> democrats are fearful he feae could roll back some bans. b but mattis says he's only focused on having a strong military. >> do you plan to oppose womenpn serving in these combat roles. s >> i have no plan to opposeppe women in any aspect of our military. >> do you believe that openlyy serving homosexuals along withnt nim combat units undermining our force? >> senator, my belief is thator we have to stay focused onmy a military that's so lethal thatet on the battlefield it will bee the enemy's longest day anday ad their worst day.ay >> do you believe that allowing lgbt americans to ameri serve in the military or womenon in combat is undermining our legality. >> frankly senator i've never n cared much about two
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consenting adults. >> jacqueline is here.iser thanks for joining us. i believe we were hearing questions from senator kristen ji brarand. how do you think the general gel did today? he seemed to deflect on a lot of answers.on a >> i think it was a pretty congenial confirmationonfi hearing. we didn't see a lot off controversy.vers some of the most pointede mostot questions were ones fromnes f democrats about women in combat, gays and lesbianses serving openly and he did punt p on a lot of issues which is pretty typical of confirmationom hearings. they'll check back with the senate once they've been l chec confirmed. >> as far as confirmationfar aso hearings go it seems liken thehe mattis hearings are fart downt d are fartherdown on the list in s the controversy they're eliciting. >> we saw this one end
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12:30, only three hours.e hou i think he's a pretty well wel liked nominee. nin >> he cleared a big hurdle today, unanimously they voted v to allow him to be able toble take officers even though heen o has not been in civilian life lf for what has been the requiredei seven years after serving ineart the military.thlitary. what do you think we'll see next here with him?e with >> association the house will take up the waiver issue tomorrow that will allow him to serve eve tn thoughah he has' been out for those sevenen years. there was some contryeoversye today democrats were unhappyatsh that he didn't testify beforee the house armed services serce committee but i would still expect that the waiver toct ter clear the house with no issue is and i know congress is hoping to have him confirmed so hermedh can be ready to go on go o inauguration day.. >> so, through your analysis ali jacqueline smooth sailing for mad dog as we movene smo forwara >> barringnything unforeseennfoe that's kind of what we're expecting. >> jacqueline thanks for comingacqu in. >> senate republicans haves taken their first step
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repeal and replace the affordable care act. a the move will keep democrats d from being able to filibusterils future repeal the house could vote osln the resolution as soon as tomorrow. >> do you remember this? there were claims of voter fraud in virginia new hampshire ando califyooru nia.i well back then virginiaa election officials said those so claims were unfounded and that a the election was fair. >> did virginia have illegallleg voters vote on election day? d >> certainly not to myo knowledge. that comes as a huge surpriseurs that if it did happen, it -- i - want to see the evidence as toso what the allegations are. who are these illegal voters? r how did they get through our -- all of our checks ands balances and elections 'causeca it certainly didn't happenidn'te here. he >> well today this man was manas convicted for intentionallyenly falsifying virginia voterng vir registration applications.ti authorities say the alexandriari man forged a number of voter
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he pled guilty to three felony counts, two counts of forgingtw a public record and oneco countt of election fraud.ion fraud. he was sentenced to five yearsve time served and will spend 90pe9 days in jail. j >> meantime inauguration day right around the corner a week from tomorrow and it's stillt'sl not clear what we'll expectl e out there. >> we know that security willt be tight. we do know the secret serviceer has a plan in place. pla let's check in with tomm fitzgerald with those securityy preps. hey fit fit. >> reporter: while they were putting this plan together thetr secret service tells fox5 that5t they had to keep up to date on the different kinds of o technology that are going on.t o we're getting a clearer vision o of exactly what the secret sect service has planned for next friday and that is becauseecau they have gone live now withith that plan on their web site. s this is secret if you go there right now,ow they've got all kinds of maps op that show you the area that's t' going to be blocked off. off. they're also showing you a lot of where the pedestrian routes are going to be and more especially yougoin see that yell that'
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route. ro they need folks in d get.c. up to speed because a lot ofase your friends and family mightdsm be coming here and are not quite familiar what is andhat what is not allowed in thehe district of column y kase casen in point. open carry laws. some statesen allow you to carrr a firearm.. the district of columbia doesf l not. they don't want anybody comingom here coming to the inaugural festivities not aware of what d.c.'s local laws are soaws they're trying to reach out too local residents as much ass muc they can and trying to geto folks here to get up to speedop on that stuff.tuff that way if you have somebody sb come in you can educate themcate about this. so, w e spoke to the special sci agent in charge of the washington field office of thefe secret service. he said thiset s plan is not ony comprehensive in its security st posture but they're alsoy'rels keeping an eye on not only onl keeping the protestors safe saf but the patrons who are coming m here to try to enjoy these feiv
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>> part of what we pushed out ot includes a prohibited itemitem list. it's important for people toe t know what they can and can'tndat bring. that's out's o we recommend people take aommeno look at that but if they don'th we have adequate signagee sign outside of the varioushe vious checkpoints to make sure thaturt they know what they can andtheyc can't bring into the event.vent >> reporter: of course we w got a word today from one ofone the major protest groups thiss h evening.even they're calling themselves theme disrupt j20, that j20 of course stands forr january 20th. this is a hodge podge of sortsts of different protest groups. grp they made it very clear today,o, their goal is to be so disruptive, so unable to handle by law enforcement thatna their ultimate goal on their o e web site they're saying is to i force the outdoor inaugural iugr ceremony to have to go inside.ns now, that's a tall order when ow you consider all the securityurt that's going to be in placenla here in that city that day. their secondary goal, thisy
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pass right through this spothi s where we're standing on in on i freedom plaza on pennsylvanianny avenue, they're calling on people to be disruptive.ive. they're calling on them to tm to interrupt this parade and byara any means possible they'rere saying they're going to dohey'og whatever they can to make sureh donald trump's inaugural dayur does not go as planned. pnn ly. >> it was interesting i thou ight t that theway decidedd share all that information. >> put it all out there.ut i >>t put it all out there for everybody to hear. hea >> reporter: i guess one ofssne their plans is that they canthec only get people involved inolven this if they know about it.ey ku so, if they can go out and do do as many press conferences andred talk about what they want tot t do maybe they'll actually get some people to help them doo it. it. >> we'll be watching. a lot going>> we' on. o thank you fitz. fit >> let's talk a little bit --tt- it doesn't matter if you're ateu democrat or a republican if you're liberal conservative weel can agree one thing,,. >> what? >> this is a gorgeous day outisa there. gt unfortunately just a littleunat taste of ielt.ste sue is standing by because
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what we give we have take away. >> we have to pay the piper at r some point but not tonight.nt bt tomorrow's not bad either.'s not if you didn't see thissee ths already, 72 degrees at reagan that is mighty nice for the middle of meteorologicallogical winter. not a record for reagan national but it wat s fora dree and bwi. it was record tying at bwi and it's still so delightful out there. currents temperatures showts most places excuse me are still in the mid to upper t plae 60's m. to beautiful evening to head outl n and enjoy.g d y now, friday's not a bad day but we're in the going to be up in the 70's. we're not going to be in thebe i 60's. we may start near 50 but asut a the day goes on and we get a little bit sunnier we'll see our temperatures beginning to drop by tomorrow night, late, five, six, 7:00 a.m. towardsow saturday morning, we've gotve more snow and a little bit of bt ice coming inform it's not in. i it's not a lot of snow. sno the temperature on saturdayday only 36 so that's when we pay the piper.the pe it will be a slow crawl tow awlo come out of that m
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sunday, 41 degrees. 4de we still have a few showerswe left on monday as well. wel next week in the runup to the inauguration looks mild again.dn jim and shawn, back to >> all right. that sounds good. y thank youth, sound sue., as we head to breako br tonight president obama surprised his goodght friend aa vice president joe biden withsie app special award. take antap look. loo >> i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilianivil honor, the presidential medalal of freedom. [applause] >> on behalf of the united states of america. >> ♪♪ly.
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>> ♪♪ [laughter] >> welcome back. it's 5 at 6:30. 30. a little houdini. we'll take you backstage see a new exhibit. >> ric
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tonight with what's going on inside.insi. hey, ronica.onic >> reporter: this is a sneak preview night backstage.t i'm here with patti roy of the newseum. tell me a little bit about what we're looking at ande a wi let's take a look around atund some of what we've got here. >> sure. >> we are here on opening night nit of rock power and politicsr andc which is our new exhibit herexht at the newseum. new it's actually called louderll l than words rock power andock pon politics. we have more than 160 than 160 artifacts from bono madonna, john lennon, everythingnon, evey everybody could imagineerybag telling the story of how rockthw has been the soundtrack fork f social change for the past 50e 0 years. >> reporter: let's take a look at some of the thingepsorti that greets you when you walkyo in the door. i think it needs noo introduction but tell us what us we are looking at. >> this is great. these are costumes of theis gcot village people and that is tt is that wonderful group that in tt the 1970's brought gay cultureul into the mainstream and openedas the door for acceptance forepta the gay culture andy ure mainstream.inst these are fabulous costumess that they wore then. this is just one of many m artifacts we have her
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little bit more about that. this again as youorte bit m sai' this intersection of rock and music and politics and what a w that has really minutes andnd changed throughout the throut th decades. that's what this exhibit isxhiti really about not just thesese amazing costumes and memorabilia. >> exactly these musicians musia were exercising their first fst amendment freedoms the power of free expression to changeione society. look at what they did duringid r the vietnam. v we have artifacts from thee tifa vietnam war to the war on terror.rror we have the women's right movement to gender equalityndqul we have the past 50 yearst y represented by artists who sang songs that helped changehae people's mind and changed the world. >> reporter: patti thank you so much. tomorrow if you'rewoter: interes this exhibit opens to the e public and we're goingxhib to h a special guest from the rocksth and roll hall of fame on good day d.c. with a very d.c. d.c centric piece of history.c piry you definitely don't want toy miss it. we're sending it
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>> thank you ronica.on all right.l right. the future first lady snubbednu by the fashion world.or >> seemed quite hard to see believe mebut we'll explain whaa we're talking about when 5 at 6:30 comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> could there be a little designer double standard happening? the fashion world fell in love theer d the withl michelle obama but now that melania trump is moving intoingo the white house some designersus aree actually refusing to dress her. her. >> and some argue that in the t fashion world. insider safety michelle joins us via skype to weigh in on this one. this seems like we're talking tking about a woman who is a modelod by trade but there are some se people that wouldn't touchwouldh her. why is that a mistake. >> there's a lot of controversy that goes along gs a with dressing a first lady.rst she is an icon, a fashion icon o and people are looking to her for the latest styles, latestat trends and what sheds a what sh represents.
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so, with designers, there's a t lot of controversy with the election and there's pros and cons. cons whether they decide that theyhe want to dress her, they got a great platform to do so. so. by having a national world topot form as well as having theing opportunity to put their lookshs in the smithsonian but on the ot contrary they could have their current celebrities orr customers see them as being supportive of the trump >> stacy, who are some of theo e designers right now that arerigh refusing to work with or dress melania trump and then i known w there are some who -- some bigob designers who have chimed inwho and said i don't mind dressingei her. >> yes, designers like diane d von furstenberg and tommyommy hilfiger are interested in in dressing melania trump whereas s mark jacob derek lam are just js not interested. mark jacobs said he'd rather put his energy into helpingoel those who have been hurt by th
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supporters so it goes a little both ways.bothay >> go ahead.>> gad. >> do we know at this points in who will be dressing her fore dr inauguration day? i know day? w that's always a big thing tohing find out what the first ladyad is going to be wearing.earing do we know who is going tos go dress her. he >> we don't know yet and i'mknow sure we probably won't know until she walks out on thatn tha >> it really seems like an easy target to fault the first t lady whether it was nancyhe reaganther began you didn't hear much. much and michelle obama has greatat some flak on some pieces she'ses worn. this is a platform which w designers if they choose to outfit the first lady get aet good amount of attention.tion. >> they do, they do. the first lady wore jason wu w during her first inauguration.ur he was just an up and comingom designer at the time and thenn since then has catapulted his career.reer she wore him for the second h inauguration and also this week during theim f presitiondes farewell speech, so she's
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a great platform for him to h t grow. >> interesting to see who sheti is wearing on inauguration day and nightng t.n ind. fashion insider stacy michelle thanks for joining us. >> thank you.ks f>> thank you >> we'll be right back. back. >> hello. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> well it's a topic of controversy but we know president obama loves to well nt the links. l will he be welcomed at a localol club where he once appeared toeo have a free membership.hip. some foreign policy issuesoreigp could costol him thehe memberships.memberships. many members of the elite eli county tree club are jewish jew and according to some membersdig some say mr. okay shouldn't berh a member of the clubou for not blocking an anti-israel votesrae at the united nation. thelat t cheeo and general manag says the president is indeed ied welcome there and there's beenhn a lot of back and forth on yelp. th
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frontier. when you agree with something you go on yelp agr aeend post ao of reviews to drag it down. dow so there's a lot of back andac forth on that. >> interesting.. >> there's been a lot of backk and forth on this. t alec baldwin bringing backk donald trump to he'll be donning a wig until w after the inauguration.ingurati. he says he's looking for otherth opportunities the spoof thespoo incoming republican president and he could be taking his actct on the road. donald trump of course as weoura know has taken to twitter to twr complain about baldwin's snl appearances. last month donald trump saidar "the baldwin impersonationserson just can't get any worse."or can you imagine him taking him n that on the road. >> i think -- remember when will ferrell right afterhtft george w. bush left office will ferrell did a one man show televised on hbo caldwellbw come america. arica did not win a tony. >> got paid for it though.houg >> he did. d >> washington jewer ann hand a d released her
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collection. she's been designing jewelryen i for heads of state for moretate than three decades. hand created the liberty eagle pin. this is one worn by broach aficionado madeline albright and hillary clinton.hill they will run you $150 the pin there with the number 45 will w cost you $75. $ >> the white house historicalis association also showed off shof exclusive inaugural giftsur today. take a look. they includes a number o ff items from a limited editionon inaugural box and ornament topep a president or first lady's mug. that was all on display there a as you can see.ll oas y s go down and check them out.m out >> i also saw a large l selection of what i would say ws not upper echelon gift at cvs c and some other stores. >> right. >> the tote bags and things tot like that. but everybody wants a piece ofe waa pi it. it. >> that's what it is.>> it's also a time for t phaeoplee who are entrepreneurs to sell sl stuff. >> absolutely why not.olutely >> that's what happens everype e >> it's a free market. it'a frem take advantagear of it.f i >> yes, do you., do >> thanks for joining uss inin tonight as always weay
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show. >> we'll be back tonight atonigt 10:00 and 11:00. 11:00 you'll be back but i won't. see you monday. >> have a good weekend, jim.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the girl squad was out yesterday, taylor swift, selena gomez. one of them won. >> taylor swift -- harvey: no, the other one. >> this one won. go, miguel. >> it was the other one, sorry. [laughter] >> kim kardashian at l.a.x., flying to dubai. are you leaving those in custody, kim? she's got these huge sunglasses like we have never seen before. >> she said she wore them because she was getting lasered on the plan. >> how do you get lasered on a plane? >> it's high power like this and the turbulence goes like this and the whole plane cuts in half. [laughter] >> one of the best videos of 2017 so far, it's serena williams dancing in a sports bra in see-through leggings. >> he said this is the best video of 2017. that is not accurate. >> you have seen a better video


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