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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  FOX  January 15, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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anticipating any major rainfallo or anything of that sort at all. so you can just plan accordingly in terms of your outdoordoor festivities tomorrow.fest you should beiv pretty much oka. it will be a little bit cool b with temperatures in the 40s.0s. not much in terms of sunshine,sn however.ho that's the one factor. here's a look at futurecast andd you'll see how most of the rain does stay to the south of us. here we are at 12 noon tomorrow. nothing else hitting here for the i95 corridor at all. you can see by the time we get to tuesday things start too change. that's going to be our next weather day, tuesday. we're looking at pretty widespread rainfall starting monday night into i tuesday is a day you want tot keep your umbrella handy. here we are at 9:00 at night and it's not before 10 until it starts to clear out. 44 right here at home. here's y
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tomorrow. if you are heading out to any of the par razor or anything, chilly in the morning hours. 35-degrees by the 8:00 hour only and then by midday, 42-degrees and then we see 44-degrees byder the time we get to the 4:00 hour. for mlk day once again, mostlymt cloudy skies at 44. 44 for tonight, a cool night, but we're seeing temperaturestep pretty close to seasonal for daytime highs and that's until we get to tuesday, wednesday. things really start toeall incorporate cha. look at the temperatures, unbelievable. heading to 60-degrees onn wednesday. with all the rain on tuesday. i'm getting so con fused here. > just look at the screen. it tells you. >> it's all there. and then by the time we get toto inaugeration day we have a slight chance of maybe a littlet passing hour. right now it looks like it willt be later in the day as
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to the earlier part of the day. a few days out pain it will change. thank you, gwen. the caps play host to the flyers to hoping not to swing and extend their streak. brody is up next with sports. rt.
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> what are they putting in the water over at the verizonthey center? while you were wallall owing in the dispair of another redskins game, the wizards andas caps have been roling through their r competition. last night the wizards won the eleventh straight winning game. and the caps out scoring by 24 goals. niklas backstrom honored in a pre-game ceremony. on january 7 he
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mayor in franchise history to record 500 career assists. third period caps score fourscor goals in five minutes. justin williams roofs it, two nothing. alex ovechkin, no, an open net, three nothing. slap who the, a little knock letter, pulls stieve mason. four nothing caps. initial shot stopped, backstromo to williams. his second of the game, the caps showed up with the flyers 5 a half 0.0. the win streak now to nine. the guys are enjoying some ofe the ring right now. we're kind of in this every other day play a game type g schedule and a i think that's where we play our best.t.
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we're getting some offense, butt we're also getting some shot outs. that's a good sign.sign we're playing really good hockey still room to grow in the long run. how good have the caps been on this nine-game winning streak they've out scored owe points 40 to 11. four shotouts. a nice stat, the caps last surrendered on january 3. the packers and cowboys are dulling it out for a spot in the nfc championship, the skins fans are wondering if anybody is going to take the open spot. they are looking at the cash and then they look at the skins' roster and they're like no. it looks like we have hired,ed, more of a promotion really, multiple reports suggest that they will offer the
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position to max kavanagh. he has been the skins qb coach for the last two bills. previously he was the coach he forth the bill and the ravens. a cowboys fan looking to jinxo his team in a hair raising way he got a cut by i seekal's face. dallas fans seeking to prove. december bryant, seven yard score, prescott ran into the two-point conversion.t final two minutes all about kickers. 56 yards out, the packers in front 31-28, not to be out done. the cowboys, dan bailee, 35 seconds to go. 52 yards tied at 31.1. we're going to send
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time, run out the clock. aaron rogers, things are going to run the table. there's such a small winnow tonw complete this. keeps the feet in bounds andds then three seconds to go. 55 yards out as the clock goes to zero. groan pay sends dallas pack 32-31. what was aaron rogers thinking. >> a little l too much time one the clock. we have a good repertoire off plays for the end of the game, t whetherhe it's the well publicid hail maries. to draw from.m. we executed well. the most important part of the game. > you may have heard i do likee hail mary's all the time
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kickoff next week p. 05:00 p.m. right here on fox.. on the afc said. >> i didn't get to see it. what happened there? my compliments to the chefs. the steelers beat the chiefs. i was pointing it out, a little black and gold ophite.hite if no one could tell, the black and gold representing. >> it was a good night. i was distracted most of the night. if you love field goal, it was a great game. we will be right back.
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> a valley in china has transformed into a winner wonder land. it's because of trees that are r completely covered in ice crystal. the spot in the suburbs of beijing has turned out into a tourist attractions. for people wanting to get a peck tour in front of the ice-covered signs.ed the entrance to the spot is artificial, not an act of nature. that would have made it a lot cooler. > tourist trap, thanks, china. > okay. let's talk about the weather. wa it's a big week. we >> yes, it's a very big week. we tomorrow we got clouds, can't rule outds, maybe
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sprinkle or two. tuesday is going to be a wet we day. we start to warm up by wednesday, inaugeration, partly sunny. have a good week.
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>> as far as hacking i think it was russia. soledad: after spending months challenging the intelligence findings that russia meddled in the election, president-elect trump says he now believes that russia did in fact hack the u.s. that made for some tough timing for his nominee to head the state, exxon-mobil's rex tillerson who was grilled on capitol hill over his relationship with russian president vladimir putin. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. soledad: could this be sleegd us to path a new cold war? an expert from the council of foreign relations is here. nice to have you. >> thank you for having me. soledad: last few days dominated by conversations of russia and certainly the tillerson hearing. the president-elect's first news
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buzzfeed basically pulling a wikileaks and doing a document dump and then cnn reporting that in fact, the president and the president-elect had been notified that this information existed so notification at the highest levels. at this point, what are your coconcerns about the president-elect's relationship with russia? >> well, i think the primary concern that has come out of the last few months is the extent that which president-elect donald trump has been privileging the assertions of russia's president vladimir putin over the findings of the u.s. intelligence committee. now, his news conference was significant that he acknowledged for the first time it was likely russia that perpetrated the hack against the democratic national committee. but he then went on to say that, well, it could been someone else and we don't really know. soledad: lots of people hack. >> exactly. exactly. similarly, when the memo came out, he was quick to reiterate the kremlin's line that it wasn't, you know, none of it was tr
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continues to sort of appropriate kremlin talking points, even as he is soon to be the president of the united states is very concerning. soledad: he seems to have in some ways also like a personal bromance or at least a goal or a hope or idea in his head of a bromance with vladimir putin but, of course, the official relationship with russia mostly centers around the u.s. and russia's sort of intersection in nato. >> that's absolutely right. it's not uncommon for a political leader to think that their relationship with another foreign leader can yield good results but often, those relationships fall victim to the core national security interest and the extent of which they diverge or converge. that's the million dollar question. when it comes down to it and there's a divergence of interest, whether donaltr
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interests or whether this so-called bromance is going to interfere or obstruct his ability to do that. soledad: rex tillerson, two things i noticed from his testimony. one, he was really pressed about stronger sanctions for russia. he demurred a lot on that and number two, clearly concerned about getting on putin's bad side. what do you think the white house policy should be on russia? more sanctions? fewer sanctions? obviously, troops are headed to germany to support nato. >> you said nato and i think nato is the most important thing that we need to keep in mind. the president-elect over the course of the campaign made some very troubling statements about his willingness to live up to our article five guarantees to our nato allies. >> he's very against nato. >> exactly. he said our willingness to defend our allies will be conditional upon their defense spending and even just introducing that element of conditionality undermines what should be a
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defending our nato allies. so that's a tremendous concern. it's notable that rex tillerson in his confirmation hearing indicated that much greater support for nato alliance but bolstering nato will be absolutely critical for the next administration if we are to seek to preserve our interests in europe. soledad: thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> coming up next, do you know which inauguration featured a drunk vice
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whichpresident? which president had to be sworn in twice? what time will donald trump officially become president trump? >> yes, we can! soledad: president obama bid a final farewell before a chicago hometown crowd of about 20,000 people. now, you might think it would be tough to relinquish presidential power. but every president has done so following the lead of george washington in 1797. power
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war, scandal or sudden tragedy. correspondent liz palka takes a look back. >> inauguration traditions date back to 1789 when our first president george washington took the oath of office at federal hall in new york. the united states' first capital. since then, we've seen plenty of firsts. andrew jackson's inauguration was the first to happen on the steps of the capitol in 1829. most presidents choose to take the oath with their hand on the bible. but they don't have to. john quincy adams was the first to take the oath on a constitutional law book instead. and here's the first film of an inauguration. it was william mckinley's ceremony in 1901. this photo captures dwight d. eisenhower, the first and last president to be lasso during his inaugural parade so
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inaugurations are held on the capitol west front and follow a very prescribed order. including the oath of office at exactly noon. and while most inaugurations have been conducted with decorum, some have had their mishapps. vice president andrew johnson had too much to drink the night before abraham lincoln's second inauguration. johnson delivered a speech the next day, still drunk, embarrassing the president. >> that we shall pay any price. >> an electrical short caused john f. kennedy's podium to catch fire as cardinal richard cushing gave the invocation at his inauguration. >> are you prepared to take the oath? >> barack obama had to take the oath of office twice in 2009. that's because chief justice john roberts misspoke and one word was out of sequence. >> that i will execute the office of president to the united states faithfully. >> that i will execute the -- >> obama took the oath again the following day just to be safe. i'm liz pa
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>> when we return, he mobilized a nation to look beyond race and class. will reverend dr. martin luth
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soledad: on monday, the nation celebrates the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr., one of the most influential and iconic leaders of the civil rights movement. his famous "i have a dream" speech which was actually called "normalcy,
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recited by school children across america as they mark the holiday. as important as those words are, especially when they're coupled with images of the crowds listening to dr. king at the lincoln memorial, i am drawn to a speech he gave in february of 1961 at new york university. he called for full integration, civil rights and nonviolent protests to achieve social change. dr. king also reflected on the role of the individual in creating change. he said this -- "human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle. the tireless exertions and passionate concerns of dedicated individuals." and that has me thinking about the upcoming women's march on washington. scheduled for the day after the inauguration, tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on the national mall. now for some, the march is a protest and statement of
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about whether the new administration will protect women's rights. others say it's not a protest, it's an opportunity to promote solidarity, to come together for a cause. so here's my question, will you be marching? tell me why you'll be taking part or why you're not taking part. i'm soledad o'brien. and we will see you back here next week for "matter of fact." national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit]
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