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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> four days and counting president-elect trump takes the public office. and one is not going to be there. a fwi in the headlines over the weekend john lewis is skipping inauguration after a public feud with the president-elect. >> as you can see here with the run down. this is hottest story:0 we invite you to join the conversation what do you think? what do you think about representative lewis's decision use hag hag and let us know. let's get to the political poll the political divide in washington seems to be getting deeper and days away from inauguration. a number of democratic congressional lawmakers anunsed
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trump's swearing in after john lewis said he would not attend because he is not legitimate president. >> he's talking about the interference of russia in the election. >> and trump said he needs to focus on his own district and it's getting a lot of attention and strong feelings on both sides of the issue. dr. michael frontroy howard university professor joins us now. >> good evening. >> good evening. >> this is unpress departmentsed you have civil rights legend and president-elect and call in the cross hairs of twitter. >> it's disappointing, president-elect trump cannot seem to help himself. he cannot seem to stay away from poking people who are criticizing him. i think it's notable that he is upset about this even though three million people more voted for secretary clinton than voted for him. there are serious and legitimate concerns about russian hacking and we know the intelligence community is concerned about
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terms of his interaction with them and add to this john lewis, which on martin luther king weekend doesn't appear to be smartest way to go. >> let's speaking of john lewis let's listen to what he had to say speaking at mlk event earlier today and then listen to what king king jr.'s son had to say after his visit with donald trump. stand up. speak up. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something, and not be quiet. >> i would say john lewis demonstrated things by actions and things get said on both sides in heat of emotion and at some point in nation has to move forward. people are literally probably dying. we need to talk how do we feed people. clothe people how do we create the best education system in that's what we need to
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on. >> let's me ask you, so where do you stand on this? is john lewis right? what do you think about what martin luther king iii had to say about this. >> as i talk to representative lewis speaking about this you know shawn what he's saying in some ways is not different at all from what they say of evangel skal poingttors around the county. and so while he is saying from the left there are other people saying the same thing from the right. i'm not terribly upset about it as it pertain to martin luther king iii he's clearly trying to keep people focused on real issues as he says theme but i see representative lewis and martin luther king iii complementing each other to get people to focus on what is real and important. >> before we head out one last thing donald trump dogging him during the campaign was his disconnect with
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as we move forward here, does this harm chances of trying to mend fences or what happens from here. >> listen he didn't have much of a chance in that regard anyway. when you look at what's been going on during this transition period. he's meeting with comedians and musicians and folks like that rather that people who have other more substantial back grounds and ideas. he got roughly 6% of african-american vote in november. there's no reason to think his support would climb significantly beyond that throughout the course of his presidency. >> howard university professor mike and frontroy great to see you i believe you were with us on the inaugural show great to the have you with us again. thank you very much. >> i had a dream. one day, right here in north carolina, sops of farmers and sons of farmer slave owners will
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brotherhood. >> that, of course, a recording from 1962. turns out dr. king fine tuned iconic "i have a dream" speech in front of a smaller audience. >> interesting there. >> president-elect today sentence out a tweet urging americans to honor king king jr. and celebrate martin luther king day and all he stood for and the great man he was and vice-president elect mike pence and his family visited mlk memorial this morning and tim scott was there with pence laying a bouquet in the foot of the memorial. >> and day of service from americans nationwide including president obama and first lady michelle obama and the president tweeted in honor of their legacy we're joying in day of service to tour community here in d.c.. president and first lady participated in event at the jobs have priority, too it's a family shelter naylor road south east d.c. >> dr. king's daughter tweeted this powerful
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birthday daddy missed you. yesterday was dr. king's actual birthday he would have been 88 years old. >> that's you a very powerful picture there. >> just so he that. >> twitter has become one of the president elects's favorite tools of communication and use today to take on chief john brennan and tweeted this me message claiming whether cia director t himself was leakier of fake news criticism hours after brennan argued trum lacks full understanding of threat that moscow poses to u.s.. take a listen. >> he is going to be in few days time the most powerful person until the world sighting on the united states government and he has to recognize his words have impact. >> let's check in with tom fitzgerald for more on this one, hey, fitz. >> good evening, jim, shawn, you know this is different escalation than the kinds of things we have seen trump get into in the twitter isers battles. yes he's
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saturday night live and alec baldwin and had them against other things he perceives as threat it him. what happened here is wholly and tam isly different than the fact that john brennan is not just some guy who is in the twitter sphere this is director of cia what john brennanp told chris wallace yesterday on "fox" news sunday on channel five was in fact in his view as chief intelligence officer in this country he does not view president-elect of the united states has a full understanding and facing to the united states right now. and now on friday in a way this will all change. because when donald trump stands behind us and takes it both of office john brennan will be out as cia director and mike pompeo the selection of trump team will be in. now it's also important to note that in these confirmation hearings we had
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of trump appoint hes rex tiller son or general james matt is or pompeo and they seem to be in with what clapper is saying now and director of cia is saying now. there's a disconnect here. and whether or not this plays out in twitter is are or whether this plays out in the situation room of the white house right now is unclear. but i don't think we've ever seen this. i don't think we've ever seen one administration coming in dismissing intelligence community of the prior administration right now and this is causing problems in this transition as we are now four days away from this inauguration. >> all right. fitz, thank you. >> and former fox news analyst monica coully resigned from her position as senior director of
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strategic communications at the national security council she was expected to serve in the trump administering under national security advisor general michael flynn and she is stepping down amid mounting allegations of plagiarism it's reported her dissertation and her book what the [bleep] just happened both contained portions of other published works. >> what will the president-elect look like as they take the both of office. >> trump is happy to observe the many historic traditions. it will be a day of work, though. >> washington examiner joins us by skype. if you nrawl years past the take the home of office and president signs order over the bat. where do we go from there after the break. >> well we have every indication that president trump and first 24 hours going to be pretty busy and transition team has kept precise policies close to the investigate but we understand he will potentially sign order and maybe request
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reviewing regulatory process. he scaled back inauguration activities a little bit from what president obama did eight years ago and team says that's because he's eager to get to work on that first day and starting to enact policy. >> his team is keeping potentialcys close to the investigate but what's the speculation here. we heard from him about dismantling executive orders president obama put in place and obamacare and what are some of the things the key speculation points. >> one of the main things that observers think they will try to tackling that first day is obamacare. a lot of that needs to be repeeled through legislation from congress. and there are some executive orders that he could potential issue to start repealing obamacare. beyond that he can try to tackle orders that president obama issued remember that obama has been more active than past lame duck pr
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therefore there is a fair amount of -- that trump can do to roll bako bama agenda off the bat. regulatory process, however, is pretty slow moving and agencies have to wait months before they can issue rules on certain policies. and so a lot of what trump promised to do right off the bat is not necessarily feasible immediately because the government does move a little bit more slow than maybe trump is used to in business world and it might be a shock for him and cabinet members who come from private sector to see all this can't be accomplished overnight. >> it's a new world, sarah, that's for sure. from the washington examiner. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the weather forecast of course that will be key to all. >> lot of people wondering about that. >> to friday. >> caitlin roth joins us with the forecast, caitlin. >> shawn, jim, every day you're planning something and rolling the dice and this year it won't be cold weather we're concerned about but rain chances
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beautiful day like last week is not unsettled. we'll go day by day in the 7 day forecast and showers not in the forecast tomorrow an and offer rain for tuesday and despite the weather 55. passing shower wednesday we hit 60 with afternoon sunshine and thursday, all leading up to inauguration is mild an we look dry for final preparations and partly sunny and 55 degrees. no cold air in sight. that's great. inauguration itself on friday morning looks like we will start out dry and any sunshine we have limited. and rain showers look to roll in mid afternoon. 2, 3 p.m. and hopefully we get that parade in okay and still mild adds we go through rest of weekend and shower chances linger as well, jim. >> after swearing in come all inaugural bams and you have to dance and get into the groove. there's a lot that needs to be done here. >> were you just dancing there jim. >> just a little bit. >> we'll leave that to ronica cleary tonight, ronica. >> oh, hey, jim, shawn, don't mind me we're
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cha getting ready for those inaugural balls. we'll have more after the
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>> welcome back we've been talking about big event with the ichb august ration and parade and there's a lot of parties and ball around the city to celebrate the president. >> the beach ball is taking a different approach. community activist and help the bus boys and poets. it's great to the have you in the studio. >> pleasure to be here thank you. >> peace ball. >> yes. >> it's alternative you say to some of the other inaugural balls. >> i don't know if alternative. it stands on its own. ganlerring of artist and progressives and activists and peace makers come together and celebrate some of the accomplishments that happen in the last few years there's been great changes. >> a look back ball and not necessarily celebration ever the president-elect ball or who will become the new president. >> it's also to get ready for what's ahead. because a lot of us i think that have been working hard on many issues
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equality and criminal justice reform and labor issues and healthcare have fought really hard we've been out in the streets working hard on this we don't want to see that progress lied back. part is pep rally to get people excited and get sort of focused on the years ahead. because there will be a lot of work. >> this is not categorized in same vain as a lot of protest we're seeing around this weekend this is not the same thing. >> it's not protest at all. did isn't. it's a gathererring and celebration of accomplishments that happened. >> so peace ball is this thursday. >> this thursday. >> 19th. >> can anybody come down tell us what we can expect. >> well it's at the beautiful national museum of african-american history and culture. we're very honored to have this momentous occasion in such a place and we're having amazing notables some in the museum actually and angela davis, for instance, and danny glover and alice walker and people like that that will be speaking and performances we have spalding
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exciting and the one and only salange performing. >> so aknles in the house. >> we're hoping there will be more than one. >> for those of you who don't know that's beyonce's sister. >> you've done those in the past. >> yes we did one the first year of obama administration. >> what makes it different from 008 to now. >> 2008 was important history all over and we celebrated with such jubilation and excitement after that election and next day woke up and thought you know what we have to keep the celebration going. so we planned a ball. i had never been to a ball done a ball i don't go to balls. so putting together a ball was exciting. we have 16 0 0 people at the postal museum it was incredible event and did it again at the arena stage in 2013. 700 people this time we have. >> how many expecting this time. >> over 3,000. >> an andy we wish you the best with the peace ball this thursday. >> thank you so much my pleasure to be here. >> thank you for
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>> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back.
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>> i'm always trying to get jim toll dance. did you specifically ask we be sitting now. >> that was brilliant idea by kimberly. >> brilliant. >> as you know daning is a big pat of inaugural festivities. >> do you have. >> "fox5" ronica cleary is liver at the dance studio getting ready and getting ballroom lessons we saw you in the groove a second ago there ronica. >> this is all the part of the job. i'm here with helen haze at the joy of motion dance studio learning a bit about inaugural ball and dancing at the ball and we don't know exactly what the first family the president-elect and first lady will be prepared to do. but you said sometimes it's a waltz sometimes just regular dancing and there's all types of dancing throughout the night. >> that's right typically first couple will do somein
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being a festive time that we'll perhaps take on something like a cha cha. >> right we'll learn something tonight and i have a partner hereed with todd to go we have brent i'll interrupt you this is probably rude may i you interrupt. >> adds you're learning the most important thing to know is that you just want to find the joy of motion. feel music and feel it in your heart. >> i can do that i think. >> this is my first thing learn about couple's dancing sets me up with brent what do we do. >> you have a simple step together step and rock step. that is basic cha cha step. and brent will take you through that. and if you go ahead and follow his lead you'll see how simple it is. >> okay. >> we'll step side together side first. >> we'll come here to have room for everybody. okay, so this is sort of like what we were doing in line before. >> that's right. >> let's do this. >> sorry. >> okay. >> okay. >> four and one
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>> and you find if you keep your eyes up off the floor and actually look into his. >> i have to nrook brent's beautiful blue eye. >> exactly that his eyes will guide you where you're going to go next. >> and then we're going to maybe add something a little look at that, jim and john did you know i could do this. because i didn't. and this is the dance that you know obviously would not be their first dance but. >> certainly a dance wow see later in the evening an a dance that has many variations and dance you can do alone or with a couple. >> there you go. >> and just allows you -- >> i want to -- >> that's what it's all about. dance is a language. so it's all about talking through your movements. >> and i think that's what i'm feeling here with brent he's leading me with his hands and we're having a good time. i was thinking back to my wedding day, okay, brent, i'm
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my wedding day i think my dance was like this very awkward and not revery good. now i'll show my husband this and maybe we'll come to the joy of motion. >> you got it out there girl, keep it up. >> joy of motion. >> i'll do my best guys that's hard to do on tv. sending it back to you. >> you made it look easy. >> we're back after this. >> i'm not going to dance. >> not going to happen. >> can i have this dance
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>> a last look at white house as the nation celebrates martin luther king jr. day and of course martin luther king civil right icon that has been so ref seerd by so many people that left a lasting legacy of peace and certainly his birthday his actual birthday jedd january 15 would have been 88. >> what's amazing through the years the day growing up wherever you're from used to be spent reliving his words.
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and now it's taking those words and putting them into action. we see the days of service and what obamas have done and mike pence did today and we're seeing it all over it means a lot. >> absolutely does. >> we want to share with you tonight some of the moments today and this past weekend honoring dr. sgling we'll see you tonight at -- honoring dr. king, we'll see you tonight at 10. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a big thing going on in d.c. for the donald trump inauguration. the strip clubs have all of this stuff planned. the big thing i found interesting is they're all focusing on food and menus. >> i'd eat the hot wings. the salmon i might stay away from. >> why would you eat the hot wings though? you're using your hand which you use to touch all of the stuff. >> then you don't know what the burning is from. is it the wing sauce? i don't know. >> tom hardy at l.a.x. so he's signing autographs and i notice something, that his autograph looks kind of like a penis. so i go has anyone ever told you that your autograph looks like a penis? >> never entered my mind, thank you. harvey: so whenever he thinks of a penis, he thinks of you. [laughter]p>> we have margot ro she's fully transformed into tonya harding. she has a fat suit on.


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