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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 17, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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and counting.g donald trump set to take theke t oath of office as the mostt unpopular president ever? we'lw tell you about a new poll, pluss more democrats protesting the inauguration including inclu maryland's anthony brown.nt he'll join us live to explain why. breaking overnight, a threee year search comes up officials in malaysia calling ci off the search for a missing msi plane, and the families of the passengers on board aren' happy. caught in the crossfire.. a great-grandmother shot andtnd killed while she was on the wayw to store.tore now this morning, a community is demanding answers and police are looking for a killer. and later, like a dinosauriu come to life. life. we'll show you the video of a giant alligator now seen by millions after making the rounds on social media.l medi good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ i think this song says itayi
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that sorry is a crock. i can't take that joke. joke chris gave that joke earlierearl when we did the story. story good day d.c. on this tuesday,uy january 17th.nu17th. i'm holly morris alongside off maureen, steve and wisdom.isdom >> is it a crock or a gator? a r [ laughter ] >> all day. we have weather things to do fof everybody else.everybody el it is moving day for the soon to be first family -- former first family current first family they get ready to say goodbye to life in the white house.ite hoe moving across town a little litl ways. a little w shall gentlemanw sh for the president and first lady as they pay forward a little lit peace of sasha and malia's we'll show was we're talking w about coming up a littleas latet >> first at 9:00 let's talk about the weather.abthe we you might want to keep the the umbrellas close at hand we can see some on and off showers shos throughout the day.thro deugtails now with tucker barnee it looks really dreadful outlut there. >> it's raining. yo>>u guys are burying the leada here. >> what's that. >> wisdom is back.ha>>dom >> oh y.>> oh y >> like i don't see you an more. >> where have you been dear hav befriend. >> one day hey yea to us or twoo
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>> he was off on friday. >> is that right?? >> you were off on monday. >> like five days. >> we got catch up on footballol from the weekend. weekend. >> we can do that after you doyd weather. >> okay. >> we'll do from nine to 11.1 >> i'll dot weather 43 now inhe washington.hington. maureen has got it. it. gloomy conditions and rain and showers in the forecast today.a. daytime highs 50s so mild oneiln but lots of rain moving in here very quickly from the west. and you can see the darker dke colors the greens and yellows yl indicated pretty good rain rates out to front royal right along 81. guess? that's headed in ourd io direct and it will be a wetnd il rnining for us. be i think by afternoon we should o start to see scattered showers.e i'm not going to promisemi sunshine today but things willhs start to break up a little bittb and we should just have hav scattered showers this afternoon this is all warmer air by theirt way and our daytime highs are going to be 10 to 15 degreess above normal for the remaindered of the week.eek. so we do have warmer war temperatures on the way. 55 i don't think we'll hit that number until late today it'say i cool this morning.s morning. cool for much of the day.of the. clou
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forecast winds out of the southe at five to t i'll be back.ack. we'll talk seven day and fridaya we'll talk weekend. weekend. we'll do all of that coming up.u ck to you.u. >> sounds good, thank you tucker. of course it is just three days ays now until donald trump takes tak over the white house, and new at 9:00 new washington post abc news poll shows he will take the oval office as the least popular incoming president in nearly nry four decades.fourades the poll finds 54% view trump as unfairable.. 40% view him as favorable even so most americans are holdingreh out hope that he will fulfill fi his campaign that's a big difference fromncem president obama's favorable rating 61% of people have a a favorable impression now of mr. obama.a and donald trump already aea tweeting about this. this. earlier this morning, he senten this message saying "the sameam people who did the phonyny election polls and were so wrono now doing approval rating polls. they are rigged just like before ". meanwhile, confirmationfirmo hearings on capitol hillitol hil continue for two more of donaldt trump's cabinetwo m
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>> lawmakers will grow education secretary nominee betsy due voss and interior secretary ryanyan zinke.nk she is expected to face the most backlash.lash. >> this comes as more than 40ha4 members of congress plan to skii the president election'sion' inauguration ceremony includingm two onfrom right here in our ar. fox5's anjali hemphill live on capitol hill this morning with t the latest drama in the trumpru transition. anjali?? >> reporter: well, guys, you can see several barriers hereerr set up along dc streets astreets preparations for friday's evente continue in and around the the national mall. hundreds of thousands arends ar expected to be here.o ere. but it's impossible to ignore how contentious this year is. the final touches now as we getg closer and closer to friday. scaffolds and viewing stands sta almost ready to go. g but just as washington prepares for this event, this time around, some of the focus willfc be on who won't be here. h a growing list of democrats aree refusing to attend.en following the lead of georgiarg
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trump's residency is notot legitimate.ti >> we hope that these democratia members of congress reconsider.o they are certainly welcome tocot the inauguration.the >> inside the capitol trump's's cabinet nominees continue to to face senate scrutiny while mostt are expected to make it throughh the confirmation process, per pr spec seive education secretaryry betsy du voss could face a reall grilling later today withater tw democrats expected to target tge among other things her support o of charter schools and vouchers. >> neutrons are what we find inn nuclear weapons.. improvised nuclear weapons. >> f bit. bit. agents and others showing offwif empty tools they'll deploy thist week as a massive inaugurationan operation center has taken shape.shap housing federal and local agencies all preparing not just for the inauguration itself but proturests asat well. >> the smaller scale more simplistic attack is something t 'sat's. higher on our radar now versus r four years ago.go but in terms of our approach to it, we're considering anddeng a th
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and looking out for the wholele spectrum of threats. >> reporter: two congressmenes from our area also joined theoit growing list of democrats boycotting the inauguration.naug take lock at this tweet froms tm have a have congressman john j buyer where he mentions dr. kin. and how trump represents thehe opposite of his views. also, maryland r tiff anthony a brown also tweeted out to hisis followers he will not be joinini on friday referring his supportp for representative john lewis ls who basically started this whole boycott movement after he becama the target of trump's tweets an coming in about 30 minutes on mt good day dc, we're going to be b interview life both congressman by err and brown they can talk t about their decision to boycott the inauguration. you don't want to miss that.nt t lats the latest here on capitolt hill nor to you back to you guy guys. >> talk with them coming up atma 9:30.9:. thanks. like we mentioned security will be tight on offerings dioneay.d right now, the fbi plan fog every contingency more thann 28,000 security offic
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protect 100 square blocks fromck the capitol to the white house and beyond that includes 5,000,0 national guard troops, 3,000dc,0 police officers, the fbi willill use gps technology to map thehe location of agents as they movev through the crowd. >> before president-elect donalt trump take the oath of officeff that will be celebrations totis kick off the inaugural event. e >> we're talking about a fullali day of pngerformances on thursd. fox5's bob barnard life at the l lincoln memorial where the evene is being held and around thehe work continues to get everythinn ready. good morning to you, bob.orni >> reporter: that's right,ng to wisdom. good morning. iosinstruction site here. even ttehough the memorial isiai open.en you got to kind of snake yournau way around to get in there. the a lot of people working a lot ot scaffolding they built a wholeho new like front step and platforr area that looks like marble butt it's not. it you see the work being done done here. here. a lot of carpenters and a electricians because this isns b going to be broadcast live on television, and if you see theee big screens over there, that's, what they're calling it make tle america great again welcomeme celebration.. if you pan off to the
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there is seating so you can go online to the presidential inaugural committee and ask for free tickets.. the tickets are foes those youou want to come here and actuallyct sit down and be in the audiencee but as we pan down to the rightg you know the reflecting pool thl mall here this is open will bele open to the public.pu do you not need tickets on on thursday to just kind of be on o the grounds here to watch thiss celebration which runs from four to six and president-electnt-elt donald trump will be here andmpl will address thel be h crowd. cd as we pan off to the right youit see the korean war memorial anda then some, looking across independence avenue, thursdayhus morning there's an event andn they're calling it voices of tht people with high school choirsoo and marching bands. that will take place over there. across independence avenue one the fields over there, and youny don't need tickets for that either. either. we were in our last hour up on o the lincoln memorial steps andls we can show you the vantage vana point from there where you see all the work being done for this celebration.ce
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mind that friday is a big day. . saturday with the women's marchr and all the other protests that friday and saturday the big days down here but thursday will be e as well.l. here now mike from the nationala park service with what you needn to know if you want to come doww here on thursday.hurs >> for thursday's openingni ceremonies, the first -- pre-show begins at 12:30. 130 that will take place in jfk jfk hockey fields right next to the reflecting pool but the gatest e open at 10:30 in the morning.nig no tickets required.equi free and open to the generalenel public.publ access points are down at the te world war ii memorial.orial give yourself men of time for f the usual security requirementst and bag checks. >> reporter: so that's the's sense guys. you see a beehive of activity ai here. the presidential inauguralural committee contracting withe co people to makentra this event he happen. there is a lot of fencing arouno the mall. mal you can't just come and go as gs you normally would. a lot of tents and a lot ofot of celice. so just keep t
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want to visit the memorials oros you're planning oncoming down d here thursday, friday or saturday. give yourself extra time. tim you can't just park anywhere orr drive anywhere or walk anywherer as you're accustomed to doing. g >> hey, bob, i know you were up standing at the podium earlier r this morning where donald trumpd will be speaking fromon on thursday. a lot of great events havereatvt happened there. t president obama spoke there fouh years ago from the steps of thet lincoln memorial.helincmo of course, yesterday being mlk day. you remember dr. king where the footsteps are just there how far is the podium from thato area where dr. king spoke physically? >> reporter: it's basically onio top of it. i mean, when the lincolnln memorial as it normally is youou walk down the steps and there'se a landing where dr. king in i august of 1963 spoke from. fro what they've done, they builtui out a platform much like they do for the inauguration swearing iw ceremony up at the capitolea.ri so the steps as you're c
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here are covered with a long platform with the podium that ii was standing at maybe not legally but i was.t i w [ laughter ] >> where president-elect donaldt trump will be and that is is probably about 20 or 30 feet 30t above where the steps would be.e so they have built out a large platform which in fact covers where dr. king gave his famous s have a dream speech.peec so it's a different configuration, and right now you see stars and stripes in the i e blue. blue that's like some screens like electronic screens.eens but the structure itself is madd out of material that looks likek marble.le so it look like the memorial but it's actually a composite thatta is not but fairly sturdy. >> bob, one of the many reasonso we love you you're willing tongt just push those boundaries and perhaps maybe do something a seg little illegal to bring us a us good story. laughthter ] >> reporter: i wasn't arrested. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> two thumbs up. . > ts, bbob all right.l r
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talk about local news.oc news. some other local news here ins n the district.. great-grandmother gunned down on her way to the store. s police are looking for herookinr killer and family friends of thf popular neighbor are demanding i answers. >> a little boy with a line heart. the eight-year-old star of the t new movie line will be with usiu more on the true story it'sthe r based on and why huee got to she hands with president obama. 9:12. he'll join us coming up. ♪♪
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♪♪ 9:15 is the time right now. in fairfax county police areolia investigate a shooting be be standoff situation this happened yesterday in a herndon, virginii neighborhood near thehb n intersection of fox mill roadmia and sunrise valley drive.valleyd police say a man shot two people, took another personther hostage and set his house on o fire. an officer later shot and killel the man.n in the district outrage anda heartbreak after a a great-grandmother shot andotherd killed after being caught in tht crossfire. cr >> that's right. police are searching for herearr killer right now.. vivian marrow being rememberedw as a mother,be grandmother,moer, great-grandmother and a belovedb fixture in her community.ty. yesterday morning theorni t sketch-year-old was ind was wheelchair on her way to a a corner store along he will will advance and stan dan roads inoai southeast. police say she was caught in thn crossfire shot in the headea
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a second person was shot andn ws wounded. her family says she was well w l known in her neighborhood andood also known as the candy lady any always looked out for childrenhi in the area. her son tells fox5 that everyone called her mom. >> really messed up.sed i don't really -- i'm at a losss for words.ds my mom was a wonderful lady andy i know that and she look out fot all my family and cousins evenss some of them people up therep t they called her mom.d her you know what i'm saying?in >> while dc police spent hoursos canvassing the scene it'she scee unclear who fired the shots orer what the motive was.wh however, the shooting did happeh right near a dc police crime camera so it's possible the whole thing was captured ons cad camera. vivian's family says she hadhe been using a wheelchair sincer s the 1980s after being hit by a car. ca d.c. family is thankingin local fire crews for saving fors their pup's life after a fire af broke out at their house inr u northwest d.c. yesterday on cringle street to one was homenh except the family dog caesar. c crews gave the d
9:17 am
and took it to an animal a hospital for treatment.rement. the family tweeted out this photo thanking d.c. fire and ems for saving the dog's live.og's v they hope the dog does pull doep through calling the firstnghe f responders heroic. >> nice move on their part.. >> good thoughts to the pup.ghtt that's right. it is 9:17 right n coming up the search for missing plane comes to an end with few answers. an a warning for parents witharents newborns about a very popular teething toy that could actually make them sick, and then videoio of the day. that this one.his >> that's right. >> is calling fake.llfake i'm seconding that by the way.y we'll have a check on what elses is making headlines coming up next. plus, handy hook ups? we want e to know if it's ever okay too keep an ex around, you know, as long as they're let's just sayay efulul. sarah frasier is back with all t knew edition of love and order r little ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪ 9:20 is our time right nowoi on this tuesday.uesday. erin como back in the loft withh a check of the other stories sts making headlines today. hey, err inn. >> good morning holly. thood ank you very good morning to you.od mor first up thisni morningng making headlines three years after it t disappeared the search forrchor malaysian airlines flight 370 i7 over. the flight was headed from kuala lumpur to beijing when it vanisi on march 8th 2014.4. it's believed to have crash inec the indian ocean.ce. 239 people were on board.rd it was the most expensivesive complex search in aviationation history.y. family members of the passengerg
9:21 am
the decision calling itli i irresponsible.. in other news suspected istanbul new year's nightclubs l shooter has been captured and ad officials say he has confessed.d the first pictures of theof t suspect showed a bruised man in a bloodied shirt being held byr his neck.hieck he was caught during a raid onn instars bull housing isis has claimed responsibilityb for the attack.. last astronaut to leave his footprints on the moon has died. gene cernan was 82 years old. cernan apollo 17 crew mate spene three days on the moon in december 1972. cernan also traced the initialsi of his nine-year-old daughterauh into the dust of the lunar surface. his death comes less than sixhai weeks after another american ara space her region glenn the firsf american to orbit the earth. this is big warning forni parents this morning. over what appears to be moldbeol growing inside a popular teething toy. take l. it's called sophie the giraffeie toy.
9:22 am
pediatric dentist cut open thept toy just out of curiosity.urioty she said she was just horrifiedi to make the discovery.. many other parents are nowre n expressing their frustration onn social media. the toy's manufacturers have yey to comment on that one. 9:22.9:22 finally, the video of the day and, hmm, believe it or not ouro wisdom martin isn't buying it.ii check this out. giant alligator caught onn camera, you know, just taking a leisurely stroll at a naturellau preserve. the video circulated all overlle social media and some people onn facebook say he's a well-knownn alligator nicknamed hump backack because of his large curve the experts estimate he's at leastea 12 feet long and likely weighs h about a thousand pounds. pou now i did some research.esrch i compared that video to otheror smaller alligators you find ond animal planet they have very lol legs and bellies kind of grazeda the ground. >> really a gators you found ono animal man >> compared to the one on the golf course going in the otherth direction about 150 miles away.a >> that one also had elev
9:23 am
legs. >> it did not graze the ground.. >> it walk and pick its legs up gh.h. >> if we know enough about this gator to name and and get pictures on it why haven't theyy urptured it. >> why doesn't it have its ownes reality show?ho >> twitter handle. >> i would not be that close noh with a catamera if an ill gatort that big was near me. bigas nea. >> this is my tip off.. chris if we can roll the videoid again.. >> the it's not the way of of picking up its feet and puttingg them back down >> yeah. >> as it crosses, look at theoke people in the background.un >> right. >> the one on the right of the screen has buy binoculars. 10 feet away from a 12-foot long alligator and you have he binoculars? >> two people laying on the l ground right there.ground right. is that what that is. thais >> i think so, yeah. i >> they want to get a shot underneath the belly. twantderna >> underneath the belly of thelf alligator. >> we do a twitter poll to ask k people if they thought it washt fake or real or n iot, and still currently i think there's abouta 195 people that weighed int we something to that effect. 58% still believe it's real.l >> i would like to believe it'ss
9:24 am
>> people it's not'sot r >> none of the brush was movingb as theru thousand pound animal s moving through.hrough >> i'm with you.ith you i think it's fake. >> i wish it wasn't.asn' >> yeah. >> if you go and google giant -- >> really because you're you comforted to know there's an allito kgator that large walking around?? >> it's the science nerd in me m geeks out.ks o >> if it's real as long as it walks that slowly i'm okay witht it. >> if it runs 30 miles anmiles hour -- -- >> two months we'll see thisths again. >> why does it show up on the beach?ach? >> okay. >> we're moving on. thanks erin.>> we'an erin >> thank you.ou. list of law lakers boy coulu iting the presidentialsidentia inauguration keeps growing and this morning twon keep local congressmen skipping thessme swearing in ceremony will join n us live to explain why.hy. >> first 50s for the middle ofh january.ary tucker barnes back with a check of our mild seven day. d that could be good news forbe ge anyone going to the inauguration or anybody whose covering the inauguration.inau >> make sure you're ready for the political party ofre you tha with some help from guy who w knows a thing or two about i the make lady's make u
9:25 am
ray will join us live coming up at 10:40. 10:. right now it's 9:24. 94. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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>> president obama hosting the chicago cubs at the white house yesterday. they paid a visit following historic win. hos at th d a vi briceaking win their 108-year-od winless streak the cubs rolled into town they gave him a cubs jersey with the number 44 o
9:28 am
back and lifetime pass to the wrigley field for the entireire family. >> one of the ryan brothersroths emerged for a coaching positiont in 2017. 27. rob ryan with the long locks lgo right there he met with redskins yesterday former bills defensive coordinator looking a job after buffalo severed ties with robthr and his brother rex ryan.ther rr both were let go a week beforeeo the season ended.ed pretty impressive resume.ese with the pats, the raiders, the cowboys, the saints and the browns. br >> and finallyowns, a 10ness plr taking a hit to his manhood. literally. te check it out. this is stan wa rin key withey w easy put away smash and sendsen the ball right into his opponent's most sensitive area.e he quickly jumped the net to apologize as march teen quadsn s son went to his niece in replay show the ball actuallyct
9:29 am
hopefully sparing him some ofsoo the full force. for. >> what was he doing? why was s he walking up to the net if thee ball was still in play? >> he was -- right. >> he walk up into the path ofaf the ball? >> no. yeah. exactly. >> this is all happening at thea australian open. he thought the guy was going too slam the ball beyond him.. >> you watch much tennis.nis >> clearly this guy doesn't plaa much tennis because the guy was standing in front of him. h >> he's a professional att australian open. ope >> who got hit in the private pe area. >> clearly i would have needed d more of a o he walk right back to the the service line i'd be like i need 20 minutes.. >> i'd i need a few weeks. >> talking a whole lot hire,ot , >> i'm retire.>> i ret >> right. and another thing i'll lethe wisdom ripr on this one. we do not want ryan to beto b defensive coordinator here.ordi >> you don't want me to rip on o >> there's a reason he's been oe ea teams.'s >> because he's terrible. >> i want to you rip on him.n
9:30 am
>> how much more ripping do youu need?? >> that says enough right.saysu >> he made his point known.wn >> summarized it.d >> awful. >> on again off again showers.. forecast does not look great lo today. a lot of showers around but it'' milder temperatures that areth trying to move in here actuallya warmer air.warmer air. warm front that will be liftingi through. still chilly out there early. er 43 in washington.hingn. lots of they ares north andrth a west. we gaithersburg 39 36 winchester.te. 34 hagerstown.n the good news is, even thoughho it's cool, all these numbers ars above freezing, and that's greae thing otherwise we'd be very concerned about icing early thii morning particularly with thisu next batch of rain movingrain mg there's your satellite/radar./r. raining for just about everybody. i'm just looking here at the the it's not going to rain aldol bub we'll keep scattered showers ins the forecast throughout the dayy and this particular batch ofch o showers just to our west iss moderate if not heavy in fewew spots towards front royal soal o keep that in mind there could be some issues down the roadways ay little bit of ponding as thats t moves through. the bottom line showers in the t forecast warm front lifting through the area. a
9:31 am
showers in your forecast thisrei afternoon as well.. so that unfortunately is just js what we got to deal with today.y warm front today. today cold front tonight. and once we get the cold front f east of us tomorrow, we shouldul get a chance to dry thing outhi and get sunshine back in heren here's the good news behind thad cold front there's not lot ofotf cold temperatures all week long willi be well above normal and we ande should be well into the 50's's both tomorrow and thursday withh some sunshine to look forward r to. there's future cast.ture ct. here's your shower activity 11,, right up and down 95, scatteredr showers in the forecast throughr 3:00 i think through the rushher hour tonight we'll haveig we'll scattered showers in thered forecast. there we go tonight at 6:00.:0 keep the clouds around. a we'll clear it out late tonightg i think by tomorrow back intoaco some sunshine and again mild temperatures for this time ofmeo year.year mid 50s upper 50s by wednesday d and thursday afternoon.thursdaya there's yourft seven day withh temperatures well above normal.. believe it or not we should besb in the low 40s and overnightrnit lows in the 20s you can see we do not have any of that for the neck seven days. days.
9:32 am
normal. hey making plans for friday? day just talking to one of our photographers.ogra he said i don't want rain onn on friday. i'm afraid we are going to have rain showers on friday. i'm hoping to keep iwet until hl it off until friday afternoonno but there may somebody showers around by late morning on fridaa and temperatures about 50 degrees. all right. guys let's update. i'll tweet out radar pictures.te back to >> thank you tuck.>>nk y we told you earlier in theei show about two local congressmen now among the dozens o democrats skipping donaldat trump's swearing in ceremony onn friday we're talking about maryland's anti knee brown and virginia don byer.on byer. they joins live from capitol him with more why on they're takingn a path on mr. trauma pops pop inauguration.inau good morning to both of you. >> good morning. mor >> good morning.>> >> representative brown, let met start with you. wasst your decision based on? >> it was first of all all difficult decision to make it m wasn't made just this weekend,ke but, you know, i've had ane d opportunity to speak withak wh members of congress and is a wrestled with this and after a months and months
9:33 am
disrespect you will andnd disparaging comments by by mr. trump, the tipping point was the remarks he made about representative john lewis and ii wasn't just the insults to johnh lewis the person and the civiliv rights hero.. but he disrespect the office and the people that john lewis represents.presents so that was the tipping pointe i and i decided i will not beot b attending the inauguration.atio >> congressman byer, what was w your decision based on? >> well, you know, i struggledtd with it, too. i certainly have respect t for e peaceful transition of power and for the prerogatives of theof te presidency, but i think the tipp with john lewis was the latest.t all this last week we've had wvh these intelligence reportsnce re coming out about how much the russians intentionallyally maliciously tried to steer thisi election in trump's favor. f that adding to the, you know,no lying again and again with how h without apology.lo the huge disrespect for women.en it's one thing to respect the t presidency.presid it's another thing to try
9:34 am
normalize legitimize a man whoso values are so different from all that i hold dear.ea >> if we respect the presidencyc and office of the presidency,rec why not put the differencesfenc aside for one day and show the nation that we can unite at at least, be part of the process os this peaceful transition ofitn o power? i know that that's anhas argument i'm sure you've heard.. each of you please answer that.t why not just do it for the sakek of respecting the sanctity of the office? >> look, i do respect the officc of the president.sident i've taken the oath of office ii many occasions, 33 years ago ass secretary lieutenant in the united states army and i understood then as i do today t regardless of how you feel, anda what you think about the officee holder you've got to respect the office. office friday is a celebration, and i do not believe that the office e holder has warrant the my attendance at his celebration. i look for opportunities to worr with the trump
9:35 am
challenging based on what we're seeing so far. s look at the affordable care acta there's talk about repeal withit no plan for replacement. but, you know, i'll work witnese incoming administration whereioe there's common ground, but in bt terms of friday, it's just a celebration that i'm not going'm to attend. >> i think both governor brown r and i will be attending theowene state of the union address where he presents his plans to congress. members of congress.mbs of con there's nothing in our jobur j description that says we have tv celebrate that inauguration. dana mill bank has a wonderful f peace in the washington posthe w this morning about how mng a unfortunately they t president-elect has donet hadone everything to undermine thene te office the epitomy of ungraciousness since the election. describe as the worst winnere wr ever.ev >> how do they then get passed d this. people are looking to you as an example, you know, again thesega are arguments i've heard, how d we get passed this and begin a discourse that's more civiliv haven't government that trulyru serves all if we're already aeay beginning with this divide? ivie i'll give that to you, congressman brown
9:36 am
>> sure. we're all leaders. and yesterday our colleague and good friend ely gentleman gentlm cummings said to themmin president-elect, put down the te twitter stuff and pick up the uh call john lewis. and i certainly, um, invite the president-elect to pick up thet phone and call john lewis. respond to the letter from thehe congressional black caucus, the congressional hispanic caucus to sit down and meet with to us u begin talking about the issues. mr. trump will be the leader of this nation, and we look forwara to opportunities to work withk w him as a leader. lea so he's got to demonstrate leadership.. recognize when he's over step op the bounds as he has done thiss weekend in particularly with hih remarks, his disrespectfultful remarks to john lewis. >> one of the things we're not saying what miss mcconnellcconll did -- mitch mcconnell todayneld eight years ago we want the neck president to be a faileden we love our country. love un we want him to be as effective e
9:37 am
be. and when he's right, we will w work with him and try to moveoov forward, but when he's wrong,ro, then we have to be as vigorous s in our defense of the americanma people as we can be. >> gentlemen, it's steve, it ste chenevey i want to jump realea quick and ask a question beforeo we let you guys go.etou g what physically will you besicai doing with your ticks? will yoo donate those tickets to someonee who wants to go or will thoseho seats seat empty? >> so each member of congressonr gets a lot of tickets, and we have been advertising to ourur constituents that the ticketskes are available. they have to pick them up in our congressional offices. offices as far as the ticket that iha would have otherwise used, thatt is only available to a member of congress.. but the handful, the many otherr tickets, that we've been issuede we're going to readily make thee available to constituents anduea there are many constituents that are interested in a 10ing the inauguration and we don't don discourage i certainly don'tly d discourage everyone from a 10ing the inaugurio
9:38 am
>> one of my republican friendsi wanted two seats for his sons. s and they have mine.e mi >> all right.>>ll r congressman brown and byer wend thank you both for appearing apg today and for sharing with usshi your thoughts as to why you'ree not going to the we appreciate your thoughts thit morning. ..ank you >> thank you very much.uch. >> thank you. >> 9:38.>> right now. we'll switch gears coming up wee really happy to have thisave thi youngster in the studio who is i doing huge things right now.ighw he is the break out star of new real life drama called lion if i you not yet heard of this moviev you will it's getting a lot ofao attention from the awards inn hollywood this morning the youne star joins us live to talk abouo the new movie and how he got to meet president obama while he's' here in washington this week. w we'll chat with him next. ♪♪
9:39 am
♪ music ♪
9:40 am
z27mlz z16fz y27mly y16fy
9:41 am
♪♪ >> you okay
9:42 am
>> i'm from calcutta. >> i'm lost. >> wow. clip from the new movie calledad lion. the movie is based on book a long way home by is a luke andan tells the incredible true storyo of how he got lost in india as a little boy, adopted by ann australian couple and then using google earth was able to findo d and be reunited with his birthir mother some 25 years later.. it sounds like an absolutely unbelievable story when you think about the fact that thisls actually was a real story andryd was based on real story.. really just takes it to anotherr level. kevin says this is movie that'sa really already starting to get lot of attention from the the heavyweights in hollywood and a around award season you knoww th
9:43 am
a lot about it.. >> right. >> we want to learn more abouto it kevin jleoins us now with moe on the movie and one of the movie's stars who just stealsuss the movie, kev.e movi kev good morning. morni. >> i'm absolutely excited to bet here movie alsoely stars slumdg millionaire dev patel as add dull saruk looking for his longl lost family. stars eight-year-old sonny agalwar and this his translator. >> you've been in washington, d.c. since yesterday. n yoc.u s metin president obamae ite e house. how was that for you?? >> it was an absolute honor.on thank you very much. it was a pleasure. >> when you shook his hand, what did he say to you? >> translator: he said nam maai stay and he said nam ma stay iny return and well done little boyl >> you've been amazing tour promoting this film.s fil this is an incredible
9:44 am
talk about how has this movieove affected you? how are youre feeling right now? >> translator: awesome. everything at home has changed especially after what happenedae yesterday. >> right. >> translator: lots of love.r: f my mother so proud of me. m my little brother and my sisters they're all so proud of me. me. the school where i studied is ss proud of me, and the person whow stood by me is my father who hah been with me right throughout t encourage me from the casting ci who's been with me during shooto and on the press tour. >> that's amazing.zing i have to ask you a film makingk question for the sequences onncn the trains, where the trains actually moving? how were those -- was it scary?
9:45 am
>> translator: yes, the trains n were on the move.e. >> cool. >> translator: and i've done don all my own stunts. [ laughter ]er ] ask. >> translator: i'm very proudto of them.r: i i was little nervous but i stili did it. it. i'm a brave boy.brave boy. >> you are. hou sitting here now with y translator. you actually don't speak english but in the film you had to leara certain english words when he's' being at the orphanage. salt, pepper, words like that.ea talk about how you learned those english words. >> translator: i knew thatnew t from before.. >> he new spoon.on >> i new spoon and fork. >> when you go to restaurantstat now, do you order salt and and pepper just like a joke to the waiters?
9:46 am
little. >> it's so funny when he sayse s saul and pepper in the movie. i have to ask you.k you you have incredible emotional sequences in the film. fil i read that you and the directoo did a sign language element so that you could get into thoseho parts. can you talk about that? tha >> translator: many.y hand shake me sign. sn >> translator: he said so since there was languagegue barricade between goth and sunny they did sign language which isi this which means emotional. whenever you have onset questions ask your heart and that's how the emotions came out. out. >> the scene when you're yelling gadu your brother you're lookino for him and you are cryingre cry yelling his name, is that thehat sign language he gave you in yoi that moment to go to the heart? >> translator: yes.
9:47 am
>> amazing sequence. obviously we saw at the golden globes. glob patel lifted you up.ed did you practice that line about saying here's our movie lion. ln did you practice? >> translator: no, i didn't practice i just went wen spontaneous.tane >> you did really good job.eagoj you wore these shoes at the at t golden globes. do you only have one pair of par these? are you -- are these ono the tour with you? >> translator: so these are myry india shoes. s they are extremely lucky for mer and, yes, they've been touring i with me as m >> that's awesome.awe before we let you go, one of my favorite move moments in the movie you first go home with nicole kidman and wearing a tast mania shirt.nia shirt did you get to keep the shirt? >> translator: not only justyust the t-shirt i've gotten so manyo gifts at
9:48 am
overflowing.overflowing. laugughter ] >> translator: i have to pay p excess baggage when i go back. c >> tell them you're part of the sag nominated film lion much m incredible to be here.o here. it's in theaters right now.ig i'll tell you right now i criedi at the end. end does it make you cry when you w watch the full film? >> translator: no. >> no? i cried.ried. i cried like a little baby. sunny a pleasure to meet you.tou thank you so much for theucr th teterview. honor to meet you.r to >> thank you.>> thaou >> thank you for translating.nsi thank you for having you us.av. the move in theaters now calledl lion one of the best films in fs long time. extremely powerful, veryrfu very important and well made true tru story and they're giving chris s high fives over here.h can i have one, too., to >> oh, wow. wow. >> really good. back to you guys in the studioe. >> sunny, you have to stay.o s we're keeping him. >> he's the cutest guest we'veve ever had in the loft. lof >> oh, my gosh.yosh. goodbye far. >> by far. >> absolutely. thank you all.thank you 9:48 is our time right nowight w coming up we'll talk about candn hook ups and it's ever okay to o
9:49 am
in new relationship. sarah fraser is become with alla knew edition of love and order.d >> that's coming up next.p nt. ♪♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪♪ all right. it is tuesday and that means lesoveda andnd little order. that's when our sarah frasier fi shares messages she gets from her hands we are talking about a handy hook ups. ups if it's ever okay to keep themee oundnd. so sarah, give us a little more details. >> spill the dirt.. >> all right. s from a listeners anrs viewer who writes in and she says is it ever okay to keep k around your exes or past hook ups? she said she passed hookee up with this plumber guy, and g, she's wondering if she can havec him over to the house to do somo work for either free discount. she is in serious relationshipatiohip but if i disclose to myy significant other is there any t issue? i mean --i an - >> yes. >> as long as i'm honest.i'm ho. >> what? >> she can disclose it honestlyl
9:53 am
might say. >> would you be upset about aut this? do you know how expensivn plumbing is.s >> i would be upset about >> you would? >> what was the movie with woodo harrell and million dollars youu can sleep with my wife.e. >> my girlfriend disclosed to me she's like we need to bring thii plumber but i you've to hook up with him. h i would not be cool with me. m. i would be more upset if she dii it first and i found later theyt had thing.d g. >> she was single, do what you want to do.nt to do. >> all are no on this. a are >> yes. if you're a relationship it's ap no go. no g if that's how you want to getto your stuff --yoff - >> she can bring it up.anring i >> you pretty have to be okayka with an open isn't to what we're >> as long as you just disclosee it. can't you just be friendly withw an ex without -- >> wait. i'confusused. are you still hooking up with wt him. him. >> no. >> oh.>> >> my mind is totally in the ith gutter. i thought you were like listen l we need some plumbing done i'me going to hook up with this guyhg to get discounted rate.d r is that okay. is >> that'wh
9:54 am
>> not too far off.>> notoo f no other plumbers in all dmv she has to go to this one for a discount. >> if you know there's a history with them and nowow t it's likei at work and that plumber willr l just come over to the houseero while she's there, then -- >> okay. >> all right. i guess they're ruling no.g no i would have said as long asd you're honest.u're ht. >> no. >> who wants to pay full pricefp for plumbing? pmb [ laughter ] >> never mine. >> keep your relationship in check, yesyour. >> sorry. sorry. >> wow. >> divorce lawyers are prettycew expensive too these days. d >> yeah. way more expensive than than >> i'm sorry. >> what else do you have? e blurry.hat el > > okay. so this one is also really interesting about i was offeredr new job at a company that inyha really wanted to work for. the problem is the position i'm being offered has seen major mor turnover. in fact five people have helde this position in the past fourt years. my friends tell me this is major red flag. fla other people that i know thatt work for this company saym say there's a lot of my gut is telling me to taketo k this. but am i being nay eve? what da you guys
9:55 am
>> follow the gut. >> yeah. >> give it a shot. s >> first of all this person isfs doing a lot of research into the position you're not being naivei if you're doing research the background and everything else.l >> due diligence. dil >> it didn't work out. yes, it's something to it consc that maybe -- >> i'll find that o >> why did those people leave. . >> maybe they didn't fine the t right person yethe.y rs yet maybe you're the right person. >> i think that's good >> an opportunity that work for you right now, then why not takk it? it? >> i think everybody depends hoe many options you have.ry hopefully you more options on the table. i woul d pass.wouldass. clearly there's an issue.thers . >> something going on. s >> five people in four yearsom.y red flag. flag >> if it's the job you want.ou >> if it's the job you want butu if you don't have any other othr options then you take the job tb but if you got other options. os if you feel like -- >> if you have other options. >> i'm passing on that job.assit you're going to be the x >> it certainly is a pattern.. >> yeah.>> >> i think you got to reallynk y know -- >> what are we ruling here.are. >> looks like majority says tako it tho try it.y it. if it's the job you really wantw >> if it's the job you really ra want. >> or kit get you the next job.b >> life the cleveland brownthe l
9:56 am
>> there you go. >> if you get chance to playret maybe somebody sees you. >> 30 seconds. >> 50 shades of flight. this is a listener and viewer ad that wrote to us and they wereuy recently on airplane and theande woman sitting next to them was s watching 50 shades of gray. there weren't really any kidsid sitting directly next to her but around this area this personson wants to know what's the thirtyi nine public placert.plac that is has a ton of nudityf nu there's a double standard he's a guy he feels like if he wasas watching 50 grades of gray g people would be complaining.e ln what do you think.wh >> for sure. >> yeah.h >> do you think it's appropriats to watch 50 shades of gray on aa plane. >> inn appropriate in public.pp >> i don't think it'spu appropriate but -- >> i'll stand by you>> i dap. >> i think that if you complaini about it you're opening up a caa of worms.or >> i agree. >> you wouldn't complain? okay. >> i would only complain if myif kid could see it.d cod see >> put on your head set. s put a thing. thi >> there you go.hereou go >> all right. allight sarah, thank you. t >> you're welcome.'re welcom we've ruled.e r on what i do
9:57 am
ruled. rule nonetheless. all right. okay. coming up next on good day dc he's done everybody's facedy's including the first ladyirst lad michelle obama carl ray is inman thushouse. celebrity make up tips for inauguration. that's coming up. thercoolcool. >> first though if you wantugh w coffee it's cough tee time. if you've been eyeing ourey wonderful mugs listen up. you can get run. r enter in our contest go to our r facebook page or our website. you only have from now until 11am. only one person will win.l w. randomly drawed.ra good luck.. your coffee will taste great in it. good day at 10a next. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers."
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y25eny y17vy ♪♪ >> the red hot 10a bieb
10:01 am
lena.a. huge empire news and mariah andd elton john got how much toho perform at a wedding. >> live at 10:30 you know him kw from girl on the train.. point blank.pot bl zero dark 30. 3 edgar ramirez tells us how he h just filmed gold.ju >> make up artist royalty in the house.hous he's work with the fir lady fore the last eight years. carl ray is here to show us how to bring the glam this gm inauguration weekend what aratin show. what weeksh. live good day at 10a starts srt right now. now. ♪♪ i kind of last week when had our food tower around the worldr i'm not going lie. >> i know. not that plastic fruit doesn't n look appetizing.g >> it does the ron.>> i >> that's true. >>re yre you go. >> that's about all i can say in about it. sn't rot.'t rot. >> stick to coffee i guess thiss morning. >> listen. at least we have coffee plentylt of things to talk about especially this week.
10:02 am
>> nation focus is on washington >> big week in d.c. >> couple days from now >> b c something will happen.oum meg we'll chat awibout it as alwaysy latest celebrity news on the 101 i'm steve alongside holly,idholy maureen and wisdom.ddo first up, we will focus onoc politic right now because movinm day is almost here for the first family.mily but if you take look at the homm the obama family is moving intot a bit of activity around thatrot home lately. seems like the movers getting a bit ofer a head start spotted outside the obama new home in hm kalorama yesterday.esrd now the obamas new house hasas eight bedrooms, nine and a halfl bathrooms, 8200 square feet. f now its that sounds beautiful. the first family though will not have chance to spend their firsf night there, though, until a fef days after the inauguration.ugat because instead of goinge stea straight there on friday, onri they're going to go toto go california.carnia spend a little time in palm tinp springs. sp the president and first ladyad plan to stay in d.c. once they y get back from the pam springsins trip until younger daughtergh graduates from high school.h ol >> i want to know hoot neighbori are.
10:03 am
them. h >> like right right next douootr >> exactly. like right there. >> practically peering in theiry windows. >> welcome gift. >> i think you take them bottleb of wine. you know what i mean i thinknk they're writ did he regular. >> do you do that? you have too have your guests checklisted.ckt you can move as freely as youou once did.on i heard that about what'ss happening there now.happ i don't think you can just pope up. >> that take the fun out of it. >> i would take a bottle okef ww to the secret service. service re there you go. >> i'll not leave a bottle ofa t anything sitting on the doorstep. >> no. don't do that. >> probably can't get to the doorstep though. dostep>> n >> also yesterday, the president and first lady honoreded dr. martin luther king's memory painting a mural at a family muy shelter here in washington.r heh the first family joinedfirst fae residents of the jdobs have priornaylor road family shelter painting dr. king's face surrounded by butterflies onerie wall in the community room. roo the swing set that's been oe the white house south lawn for l eight years now has new the first family donated that to the shelter for the children whe
10:04 am
the set was installed back in 2009 during the family's first t spring at the white house andsea never left.t. president obama offered theent swing set to president-electdene donald trump because he has a 10-year-old son named baron bar donald trump says that's we're okay. we we're good.od >> quick shout out happyutappy birthday to first lady michellee obama.a. her 51 is the birthday.irthday happy birthday indeed.birtay i >> there you go.o >> she looks good for 53, right? >> my goals. >> do we still say that. t >> we left that. >> the mayor of small county cou community of somerset giving upu his membership to local golf course who's members may denyay president obama from joining. ji the wood montgomery country club has mainly jewish members somebs of them don't want president obama to join the over his administration stance a with israel.. the mayor says he can no longere belong to community where quote intolerance is accepted whereccw history is forgotten where w freedom of speech is denied andd where the nation's first black k president is disrespec
10:05 am
>> meanwhile president-elect donald trump well he's becomee famous for dress addressing the public versus his personal twitter account it appears that won't change once he takes thees oath of office. during interview with the time ofer lviondon, trump said he wot take over the official at potuss twitter account used by the commander in chief.r chi trump says he has millions ofono followers on his at rio don --on at real donald trump twitter account and he plans to keep to growing that handle.atandle. at last check the the president-elect had little moreo than 20 million twitter twitt >> he's at it again and thisat time he's addressing thisd figg with georgia representative anda civil rights icon john lewis. now, the tweets say john lewis said about my inauguration itgu will be the first one that i missed.ssed wrong. or lie. he boycottg.ed bush 43 also because he i'm assuming thein t tweet continues with a follow up tweet here it is.t hereis because he thought it would be hypocritical to attend bush's b' swearing in.
10:06 am
he doesn't believe bush is the i true elected pre. sound familiar?amiliar? >> all right. that's the latest wet coming out ates morning. look, if you have ath twiistt mi account that has 20 million0 mio followers and 12 millionmill followers most people will keepe the one that has the most mt followers. my question is because -- backbk in the day, it was yourou blackberry versus whatever ther device that you can use as the e president so i think theid question becomes moreen now, ass the device that he's able to to use. >> from what he will tweet. >> to tweet which account he ach tweets from. >> exactly. >> we all like to have the uponu let me between our 20 million0 o follow we are count anduna 13 million follow we are account. >> can i just ask. try not to say anything. what does it do t>>noot couldns john lewis feud. l >> why respond to this againes saying he boycotted bush 43 orr whatever. >> you can ask. >> i know. okay. >> i'm going to move on becausec this whole thing becoming realll didiculous. >> i understand what you'rend saying. >> you know.
10:07 am
these fights with differenth people. it just doesn't make sense.en they're better things you couldy be i understand you'll be running the free world.ou'lfror you're going to be run the country, entire country.ntry i understand exactly what you'rt saying. why keep picking these fightyisg and keep going back and forth. . >> you're asking these questiong as if you're expecting an answer. >> absolutely right. we're not going to get an answe and this is not what it's goingn to stop. p. this is what he did before.befo this is what he'll do now and a this will happen the next four n years. >> at some point you have to poh move forward, right., >> you would think. you would think at>> som ye poio when you wouldn't, you wouldouod move forward and go on with thei business of whatever it is youti were put in office to instead you're still doing theil same thing you were doing befor you got there wdohich is gettint on twitter and picking theseking fights with people, i mean, itn, doesn't make sense, but thenhen again -- >> he would say -- i really don't -- i can't speak for him.r my guess is that he is saying he feels like he's defendingefenng himself.el not necessarily picking a fightg though i agree. i think it's inflammatory.laator >> picking a fight i mean if it's defense -- you'll defend'ln
10:08 am
>> no, no.>> >> we always talk about whatabou happened on twitter. >> don't address the haters.haps >> everything that happens onato twitter. we get hate on twitter.tter. >> honestly film if we had toha pick and choose what we're goine to defend g ourseoilves on twitt we would be here all year. >> you'd never put your phoner h down. >> i understand what you'rendert saying because he's a presidentu ofse h the united states. this twitter back and forth, f this i'm doing this on twitter.t you know, getting into stuff onf twitter it just doesn't make m sense. there's no up side to it.noside that's my problem with thisit t whole thing. thing. >> you're asking the question si many people are asking. but ingny peo also don't undersy so many people think thatnkhat anything will change afterill ae friday.frid. >> you're absolutely right aboua that change. it's not going to change.ot goih >> it is what itang is. i >> this is how he chooses tos communicate and this is what it is. people respond. if you ever read the responsespo to his tweets people are usingre their rights to respond.espond >> here's the thing it comess tc back to the discussion we hadth last week how the mediae di nown covers this new president who's very, you know, he's a holy neww president in that social mediala is his forte. for. he's a master at manipulatinganl the media and gets his messagese
10:09 am
cover every tweet which our ep p matt gaffney came up donaldonald trump tweeted again. ain. do we respond to and play to ever little at this time tore ae a time. is that responsible journalism.s it doesn't keep me up at night.. how do we cover this? at were point have we bought into thehe foolishness this whole hasol h become. >> i had the conversation with someone who said because i saidi to this person, i wish drum wopo just get off >> right. >> i wish he would. he said to me, holly, i likeik that he tweets that way becauseb no offense to you and the mediad and this is a loved one by the t way talking to me not a randoman person i'm having this conversation with, he saidsatiod because i know it's cominge i k' directly from him and the mediae is not filtering it and not telling me what he is saying. sn he's telling me what he's saying. >> but he's telling you johne'te lewills lie. i mean -- >> he's telling us how he feelss >> instead of the media inste saying -- saying -- >> he's speaking directly to thi >> but i think how he feels atn this point. th again it brings back tiso my pon is, at what point are we doing a
10:10 am
single little tweet that he puts out? no matter how benign, how asinine we put it out there and then we act like oh my gosh here we go again.. at some point we have to monitot ourselves and somehow maybeow my cherry pick, you know, this is more along the lines of this t continuous fraud. f he continues the feud opposed td we put it out there. it out the now maybe representative johne lewis says he has to putyse ha something out there.something o i think we have to look atook a ourselves as a group and say, s how are we going to cover thiset man responsibly? because rightt now, i don't think it servesrv anyone any purpose to continuously put owes these oweh tweets egg on these issues andua these fights that are not goingt to stop. that's just the way i'm seeingg it and it's exasperating anding we're not even to then the inauguration. >> one of the people that followed him one of things they liked about him there was none r filter and that they felt liketf they had been, you know, y k remember the vote was a big anti establishment vote and they felf that for so long they were beinb told how they need to feel, whaa
10:11 am
feel like twitter helps havee this personal relationship withi this person that they believe ii feeling the way they felt.hey f >> you know what i'm saying? i i'm not saying i agree with allh of that. >> i get that. i g tha but, again -- ain >> i problem is the back andth c forth. you can tweet whatever you wanty to say this is my issue or this iso atat i'm doing. but the back and forth you knowu like you said the arguing withui john lewis on twitter, that's, the part that -- tha >> saturday night live. sat >> that's the part going ur nowhere. >> arguing with john lewis isngw going this is what you're doing withdn your issue or you're going to do this when you get or here's whas i'm doing today, that's fine.sin but don't -- the back and forth. >> you're also allowing yoursels to get suck into it.into it. >> i know you're right. i know o >> don't change who you areu'rer based o'tn cha wnghat is being t there. >> at some point you would think this would end.ointth wou >> can't change the situation you can only change how youhangy allow it to affect you. y >> absolutely right about that. >> aren't we part of theret we p process? [ laughter ] >> let the people i feel like we're going in the h circle.. >> maureen he's tweeted 32,000e0 times it's out there
10:12 am
19.9 million people to follow. o it's over 20 million.mi >> coming up at 10:30 this thi morning, you know him from girlr on the train he's also beeomn in point break kevin did not love l we won't tell him that.m tt. zero dark 30, edgar ramirez iss telling us house he's strucks sc film gold.filmold >> first, though, steve biebs be blasts celine n we've got hugeno empire news and mariah and eltot john got paid how much to t perform at a wedding? good dayo celebrity dish serving up next..
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪♪ >> time for the good day -- >> aww.w >> good day celebrity dish. >> all right. ena gomezou know sel has been romantically linked too the weeknd ever since they weret photographed making out lastt week. this romance caused controversyy it was reported the weeknd elder felt be trade for celine fore moving in on the hit maker.aker they were friends.erfrie another former flame is chimingg in on all the drama. wisdom's favorite singer justin beiber has given his 2 cents onn the matter.r. biebs thinks selena is using the weeknd simply for promotion. >> uh-huh. >> they're working on new musico togen ther and it's beli
10:16 am
former child star's mo to date the star she wants to do ao collabo with.ab with. >> steve you're looking at thisr picture. i need steve schenn 15 toenn 15t interpret the picture on the t.ght. d.eve g ahead. n on the right? >> yes, the picture of them onf the right. >> picture on the right he's lo of right there.righof rht t because he's gazing off intont nothing and he can't findcat fid something so she was like if i i grab you tight enough i can puln you back into what you're reallr tr to to find. >> i thought she was likehoughtw getting ready for an mma match m in a cage and showing him her -- >> the choke hold. hold >> okay. good all right. it's a fine line it could have e liheither way. >> it could have gone either r way. maybe people out there in the i twitter can decide which one isi right. >> please tweet us.e twus. >> mma move or, you know,w, somebody helping somebody withow directions? >> okay. right.ght. >> we got more biebs newsbiebs s because that's what we do here.r the singer was spotted hitting the town with courtney kardashian.hian they stopped by west hollywood hot spot peppermint club. c people magazine roaringth
10:17 am
hung out together with friendshn but did not spent the nightht toer.her. courtney still serious making si things worllk with scott.. >> clearly.learly. >> clearly. >> that's what you do. tt' all right.ight courtney is finished hooking upg with justin? what? >> i guess they had littletle fling. >> okay. let's move on to singer searerre because she has noire gets about practicing abstinence with herih then fiance' russell wilson. wso she received a bit of backlashh for that decision in then the february issue of cosmo south the new mrs. wilson is explaining why it was perfectwat choice for them to wait untilntl marriage. marr she toll the magazine it'sine important to have a friendship.d it's important to have standardr you shouldn't feel like you have to give your body away to geto someone to like you.. now expecting mother said she ss has her husband to thank for the idea. thankful that even the most m difficult days of marriage theyy will always have theiravehe friendship.. >> okay.>> that'sl.ool. >> now, do you believe it wasdoy russell's idea?oua?
10:18 am
>> hmm.. >> why not? n >> i just -- i just don't.on >> go ahead. aad >> i don't know any guys who't k come up with the idea of the iof abstinence. >> you don't? you't? >> no. i don't. then -- look, i know i'm stereotyping.. so please don't hate me. m >> do you believe we actual wlet not? not? >> that's what they said. >> that's what they saidhat's . >> if this is true, i mean, thet said it was. was. they don't owe anybody anbody explanation about why theyation waited. >> if they did it, that's it,ha' awesome. >> they didn't have to shareo sa with us they were. uey w i didn't need to know frankly.. >> exactly.. it's just interesting to me. tom >> don't hate on me because iec think all guys are sex mongers. >> that's right. if you believe that you can tweet us. you can tweet holly belie if you if believe that all guys are sexx mongers.. >> oh, lord.d. >> nfl player. plerer. any way.anyay i'm getting off topic.ic. >> let's move on. o we thought 2017 wasn't going toi be a good year for mariah carey emotion singer paid over seven figures, seven
10:19 am
perform -- to perform at -- man. >> russian bill your nine youne granddaughter's wedding oneddinn saturday. satu well paid gig comes after carrie's disastrous new year's ' eve performance. >> seven figures just for theig wedding.dd >> yes. dedicated her smash hit we we belong together to theto t 19-year-old bride and her newew husband.sband carrie performed hits such as mm all and it's like that. that. that's lot of money.. >> if you had the money whooneyw would you pay 7 million to perform?m? >> nobody. >> no one. i don't know if there's anybodya i would pay 7 million. million ge seven fingers. >> or whatever. even a million.what a milon. >> i wouldn't do that either. e. >> who is yours. >> i would never did that. is . >> no.>> no. no. >> i don't think there's -- no.o >> no. i don't like music that much. i mean i like it but not that nt much. >> when you pay her that much money is there ayou pa warrantye quality of the -- the - >> is she actually sinking ortun lip syncing i >> new year's eve.. >> that would be in thewoulbe i contract. they provide their own sound? s? >> yeah. >> do the back up dancers have
10:20 am
>> make sure her earpiece is working rye ry >> for $7 million she betterr come sing the whole night -- non just million dollars, sing the e whole night.ole night stay the next day do another anh concert and then.t anthen >> bring some of her famousng sm friends. >> there you go. >> nick cannon though he has mariahss back america's got got talent host appeared on ellen on monday and opened up about his h wife's headline making newakg year's eve performance much m first he made some jokes abouucb it, but ultimately he did he d fiended carrie saying, me i'm a conspiracy theorist. theist i think the government did thatt they set her u that was a distract.trac he says he knows that struggletg of malfunctioning inner ear equipment and jokes that he thae messes up all the time onall e i america's got in the end he thinks his ex-wif- just got a little flustered. >> it's all good.loo >> he still loves her. h >> he still so loves her. >> there's still some love re there. >> that whole script is nicke s cannon is still in love with wit mariah carey. >> there's nothing wrong withngt that sep
10:21 am
>> ome report amazing new foramr empire lovers. it's official. ator lee daniels said there will be, there willrw be a spin off of the hit series. it will be more empire.mpe we can do ome all year long.g. >> spin off? >> yeah. we can do it all year long. do during thiits week's televisiono critics association press tour e daniels confirmed what long been rumored sake i can officiallyll say we will be having a sping a off. we're in talks. we're finally figurin'rg it out. it takes a minute.ine. we just really had to build b foundation of empire so we thene try to figure out what the b t b course but the good news, does not stop there. ther the show has been renewed for a fourth season, ome!me >> who do you think spin off is jamal? >> nah. >> hakeem. >> nah. >> not one of the brothers goinh off on their own. >> who would the spin off be? f don't know b. >> you know would be fun iff thirsty got his own spin off. >> would not pass one commercial
10:22 am
break.k >> how about keifer sutherland t because he's not doing 24.'s nog maybe he needs something to do.d >> he'll all be jack bauer toba me. >> maybe it's mariah >> that would be a good spind off. >> never know. >> hmm. >> yeah. that's your celebrity dish, you gang. >> thank you. >> 10:22 is the time. te. coming up it's the biggest'she b political party of the year and we want to make sure you're putting your best face for.est r so this morning the fir ladi' l goss to make up guy is here and he's sharing his secrets for looking inaugural glam. >> the team from birch and a barrel system here cooking witht comb mow today. they just overhauled their menum and this morning we're getting g sample and show you thou get aht taste at home. h that is off to a good start, guys. 10:22. ♪♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪♪ ♪♪
10:25 am
♪♪ eddie lenox saying it >> right. >> here come the rain again.comi it just really looks dismal. dia >> i was hoping by now it wouldd look better.ok betr. >> this is what happens when yoa don't get outside.t ide. right. righ been inside all morning.orni >> pull the covers back overtheo your head. >> not looking any better. any r >> all right. well, let's get the details fros hopefully at some point it willw get better, tuck. >> with tomorrow right back in the sunshine, steve, and i meana i guess the up side of theide t forecast getting warmerarme temperatures in here later thisi afternoon. should be back up near niftye ba later. 43 now in washington.hito you saw that live shot. it is to say the least a littlee rainy out wind chill 40 winds out of the south at if i. southerly winds will push in puh warmer temperatures a littleture later. all righ
10:26 am
a good instead s dough rain goog soaking rain across much of thet area at the moment.oment. fortunately temperatures ares a just warm enough locally thatlyt all of this is forming just as rain or falling just as rain. r we're not dealing with icingh issue much that's good news. n we'll be looking at scattered sr showers this afternoon.ers on i don't think we'll get thet sothinaking rains later today wa this so that's good news as well.s on all right. al here isl a bigger look. l you can see scattered showers out in west virginia.ginia warm front this afternoon. cold front tonight.on and the bottom lineig we'll getg chance to dry thing outhi o tomorrow.ow bring back the sunshine but keek the mild temperatures around sod our daytime highs by tomorrow 11 to 15 degrees above normal witha sunshine. 55 late today. t we might get that number untilut later tonight.later nigh cloudy skies and scatteredca showers and again the seven dayy forecast featuring lots of sunshine both wednesday and thursday. hey, friday i know big day.. looks like clouds, rain showerss by afternoon, and the clouds a
10:27 am
>> movie called gold and kevin k will talk about that coming upto all the glitters perhaps not gold one of the lessons behindob that new movie in theaters latet this it tells a true story behind 1983 mining scandal overseas.vea now one of the stars of the of movie recognize the person you u just saw there one of the other stars edgar ramirez.amirez. when you see him you will knowil him from other movies as welch s he's going to join us coming upg at 10:30.0:30 right now 10:27. 10: back after this.fter this.
10:28 am
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♪♪ >> what are we talking >> i had a dream. >> right here.. indonesia. indo that's where we'll find the gold. ♪♪ >> we found nothing and workerse are >> wait, wait, wait. kenny, look, we got a gold
10:31 am
we got a gold mine.e. we got a got mine. >> clip from the movie called ce gold it tells the story ofry o unlikely businessman played by b matthew mcconaughey who recruitc a geologist to help him find f precious metal deep the junglehl of it's based on true story. it features edgar ramirez. ramir you know him from girl on thel n train, hands of stone, point break, zero dark 30, et cetera,r et cetera he joins us live tonsi talk about the now movie theovit real story behind it want else l he's working on. edgar, good how are you.ow a y >> good morning. how are you guys. >> doing great. oomorn to -- good morning, washiington. >> great to see you i want toyot ask you first of all before welr get to the movie because we're all journalists here i heard her that was your first path in lifh that you actually studiedually i communications and you wanted t get into political journalism.. >> yeah, exactly.h,xa i did. i did before i then devotedevot myself to acting. a yeah i did it for five yearsrs before i became an actor
10:32 am
>> so you've been very successful actor. a let's talk about gold right now. >> thank you. y >> with your background as a bas journalist when you take moviete like this that you know is reals live, i guess just like with w robert tea tow duran and hands s of stone, is the authenticityic part of it very important to you? >> it is very v it's very important.port i think that my journalistic background always kicks in andn helps i love to research and id love to approach, you know, movies my characters from all f different angles.differangl and in this case, although theho movie is based on the real storo and it's based real events andva true events, um, the characterst are nowhere to be seen.e seen. the character played by mattheww mcconaughey passed away and my m character disappeared.ed the character of my is based on disappears there was no point in trying to research to go down that road too much because inmuc the end, the approach that, um, the way steven rec
10:33 am
these events was very -- it wass different and, um, the motivations changed, and he alse put the focus on the charactersr rather than the story.rath tha i mean the story is really crazy it's actually crazier to believl that something like thate th actually happened. i mean it really feels that it's something that came out of movit bu ct the reality that it happed in relief. rel this is based on something thatt that happened in based onn canadian company that was thawa involved into this scheme yearsy ago in the 90s but we change a lot of but, um, but, but, but we but accomplish i think in my opinioo amazing story, and amazingng adventure, you know, full ofl o tweets and -- twists and turns d and with very moving and amazing characters. you know, matthew and i ourur characters historic.. start a partnership they want tn find gold.find they want to -- they want to goo and find what they thought wasut the biggest gold mine, you know
10:34 am
in the history of mining, andnd they ended up finding somethingg finding something else you're about to find out when you wat u the film. th >> i think that i always findayf edgar that when there's a movie that is based on something that really hammed like you saidly really seems like a movie ham itself, that just draws in you y as a viewer even more especiallp if you have any interest inave e history or thing like thatehat because now you're just curiouss about what it was that reallyt y hammed. you kind of dive into that a little bit deeper.nd o but let me ask you this.hi you have experience as aere as did you have any experience as a geologist because it seems likek a completely, completely different thing? >> never.>> nev. never. never. but it was fascinating, you no know, i -- i as i said before always tried try to do myo do m homework and i did, you know, a lot of research.ea i wanted, i needed to understand the geology behind finding goldd i moan it was very important fof me to feel comfortable with all the -- with the language of thet character and with all the the notch, the universe of thee the character, and one of things ihs found out that i i think are so
10:35 am
interesting is that regardless of all the science that goes behind geology and behind theeht finding of gold although the scientific, you know, methods ts suggest there might be gold herh or there, in the end it's a very instinctive process.cess. i mean in the end thesese geologists when they go ton th locations, when they think theyt might find gold it is almosts am like a prophet. a p. there's a prophetic element tomt it. they say i think that it might be here. here. where to drill, where to start the drilling it is veryngis v instinctive >> can't wait to learn more't wa about itrn. i do want to ask you before we r go to end oh and fun note. with matthew mcconaughey andey having a chance to work with h him. obviously in his incredible bodi of work it seems like in popular culture right now everybodyow ee focuses on the car ads did thatt ever come up in filming? did? you ever at least rib him for his car ads? >> say that again. >> did you ever make fun of himh for his car ads the
10:36 am
[ laughter ] >> well, it's -- i mean he's a s very -- he's a very cool guy, c, you know, actually he doesn'toe take anything -- he has fun. actually he finds those actually the jokes that people have madet he finds them very funny. he's -- he doesn't get -- he rubs -- he doesn't get hung up p in any drama or anything.g. he's very -- ooh very generous,n you know, and very open very, you know, very free, youeu know, that something i find very inspiring about matthew, and we had -- when he a great chemistry but of course i -- i don't livee permanently here in the states.e i spend a lot of time here. e. sure. >> but, um, i hadn't seen the you know, on television.evisio what i saw was all the jokes ans the memes on internet.t >> right. rig >> so matthew, what about this?i can you please epp collaborateoo on this? >> explain it.
10:37 am
>> we had fun.un >> it's good he has a great sense of humor it's good youyo have that chem tree together ash you talk about geology and othed thing. looking forward to the film andn thank you so much for joining ug this morning to talk about it. >> thank you.. >> yes, thank you very much., yo >> you're very welcome.oue very edgar ramirez the movie goldd opens nationwide january 27th. h >> mauer r >> getting inaugural glam. coming up we're showing youettis makeup and hair ideas from a gua who knows a thing or two about a political parties.ti the fiercely's makeup artist art carl ray is here and he'ss sharing his secrets with us muct that's coming up nexts at 10:37 is the time right now. n ♪♪♪
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
♪♪ >> yeah. inauguration just three days away that means you're run out of time to nail down your look. he is special physical you plan on jans ail dol phys out to anyt parties and balls held acrossba the regionll starting thursdaytd night this morning we'reorningee bringing in the big guns carlar ray celebrity make up artist whw knows a thing or two aboutobo looking good for white houseou events. that is because he has work witw first lady michelle obama durinn the last eight years as she served as first lady now thisy t morning he joins us live to tall make up and hair getting glameta for the big event.big e good morning to you first.. i'll save these for a little bil we want to tealk about hair firs and we have rene benedict 180ic salon g hello.ello >> let me move away and look at these gorgeous two models. the ladies will demonstrate howw you can look for inaugurationug parties and balls.paies renee' did you
10:41 am
in i'm noticing boning both of o them have up do's.o' in that the trend.tnd >> most of the women who go toh the inauguration i think blowonk outs tepp to be the trend but w have a lot of appointmentsinen midday getting glammed for the balls and events at night. nht so i think bringing it off the e shoulder away from the face is definitely something to reallyoy capture the beauty. but >> can you turn around. tn arou. let me see. le oh wow that's a pt meretty intra knot >> yeah.>> yh. >> like a modern take on shin in don't know. we don't need super conservativv it's still classic and elegant e except just is a little bit more texture. >> let's see same theme here. hers is more back but the same.m >> her dress has more texture tt it with the sequins i wanted to go more sleek but still that kind of knotted look just ak jut different, you know, visualis texture. >> i think it's classic. it's ai ka okay. so we've got the hair but of course the make up is obvious oo allot of things people are concerned about you don't wanto overdo it.t. let's bring you in u in let me just touch you. you did the first lady. ly. my goodness i'm in awe about abo that first and for most.os
10:42 am
it very simple. i mean you neverit see her her looking, whoa, too much makeup.u >> never too much. never t clean, simple, polish. etty.y. >> yeah. i'm looking at the models that's the same theme. theme. >> absolutely. >> so what are people lookingreg for. what are the trends right now we're looking for inaugurationg parties and balls? arein weau g uber glam or again more the natural >> semi glam. gla sort of a red carpet look.. you just being the best versioni of yourself.rself. >> okay. >> so let's look at our first ai model. what did you do to her.o h >> we did mostly liner, lashes,e of course, an pop of color on cn the lips and i love putting onno hint of moisturizer and i like e to use high lighter around theut skin, around the eye and fill in the >> i am -- it is very soft. s i think in years past it seemedd very sort of harsh and dramaticc look this is very soft and very, um, if you will. you wil i like it. >> beautiful.ul. gorgeous. this model equally as gorgeous.e now i love that this really doed look natural but she looks donen up as well. >> she's a lupit atle more glam. we played up the eye
10:43 am
we went smokey. smoy. used a lot of charcoal. chaoa a lot of lashes.he liner in the inner eye. e we lit up the inside with high lighter. cream blush high lighter aroundo the cheek and on the shoulders. very beautiful nude lip with aph pop of shimmer in the middle. m. >> is there something you wouldu caution people against doing? any look that sort of passe. p >> don't play up the eyes andyes lip at the same time.e t do one or the other. >> really? what did you say? >> okay.>> okay. do one or the other. othe other. >> one or the other.r e other >> for a night event you want tn be the star?ta >> i don't think all the time. i think if you really want towat pop you play up one of featurese >> is there anyone color thisort season really the go to color.ol >> nude lips. >>ealllly? >> nude lips. >> i fine it so hard to find the perfect no ude for you.hae you. how do you do that. >> you go with the skin tone ana there's perfect nude forud for everyone.yone. there's a perfect red for f everyone as well. >> yeah.ea >> play with colors. play with l >> i'm looking at the palate yoy laid out here some of the onesme you work with generally?al? >> these are a lot of t
10:44 am
worked with what we brought outo today.y. but i'm all over the board. this isn't my only makeup i worr with. i work with lots of products ana brands and texture.ex >> i know you are the high endhd of high end when we're talkingrg about someone who does celebrity makeup but for those of us doini at home wanting to get it donee one tip you can give them aboutt their makeup style for the bighb events coming up the next two oo three days? >> well, i like lashes.e la try to put on some lashes.ashe lashes make a big mde they look great in person thenn look great in photographs.hotog. >> they're awesome. t >> they really arehe. are. >> lashes. >> they really are. i would be remiss if i didn't dt talk about the gorgeous gowns iw don't know who's department this is they are from -- help me out. signature dresses.rees okay. you look amazing. georgetown they are.e. >> turn around give them aarou little spin. spin. let's see how amazing you look.k that is just -- this dress is i everything. you're dress as well. let me see the back ofress thatt >> you look amazing. gorgeous, gorgeous. gorgeous. all right. now carl i'm trying to void tvo asking too many que
10:45 am
you know, the first lady since n it is her birthday and all. but, if we inspire, you know, k, aspire to look like her, what, a should we do. d. >> be authentic to your look.. >> just shine, bring your inner beauty >> yeah. that's been the consistentee theme.n th >> yeah. be you. >> okay. oka >> shine. >> all right well, i'm going to go with that because i'm going to let him go. i'm going to get theing to iinnd scoop once i let him off camerar right here.. ladies you look don't be afraid to go a little natural for inauguration.urn. so says our celebrity stylistli here. thank you so m >> you're welcome.ouwelc >> wonderful work.or. you look beautiful.eautiful. thanks for the hair as well.l. guys, over to you. >> i need that red dress in myny life. life >> i know. >> the problem it might be a little much when i pick upblem y child at pre-school today.. >> go all out.. >> right. >> oh, my goodness.. >> i need a place to go in it.. >> wear it tomorrow on good day. >> yeah.>> y >> for the 10a.. >> okay. >> friday morning when you comen to work at 2:00 in the morning
10:46 am
>> right, right, right. rig >> heading down to the white d house. let's look at tweowets right non we always invite to you join y j along and help us out as you share your thoughts throughout the day as well let's pull someo of em up all the guys look handsomeome outstanding tucker, wisdom and a your socks are so special.o spel we have all commented on wis'is' socks i told tucker when i sawri him i loved his shirt and tighe combo. >> thank you. thank you. t thank you. >> your sock game has beenso i delevon't know where you wenth shopping lately but yes, good, d job. [ laughter ] >> thank you.>> t you >> all right.. wisdom, holly empire working ono a spin off? lee daniels if youi need a rapper actor i'm >> there you go.. >> we're all available.. >> you guys might all be in it.. >> i thought star was a spin ofo of empire. empe. me too. lee daniels can only hit us witt so many shows about the musicic industry. >> it might be an empire of his own.pi empire turns out to be leee lee daniels.dael john lewis and 20 plus plu politicians boycotting trump's inauguration and so am i i'm non a 10ing and not watching it on o th
10:47 am
>> okay. >> holly nail it media cannot co distort what he says when hesheh tweets it.eets i agree though say it and thenne let it go.o >> let it go. let it g >> let it go.. >> elected officials are actingg like preschoolers.. boycott on the inauguration isin childish and serves no purpose. [ laughter ] ] >> i was having back andack a forthwith this. holly stop being a mail bashsh .her. i see boys promo. pro i see you. >> we're a mess. >> then they're laughing andg a giving us a fist bum. ft >> i hope you're kind of mess ms every day. d monday through friday. >> we are hot mess on any givenv day. >> all right.. thanks for being messy witht us. 10:47 is the time. t tim coming up we're heading into the kitchen for a look what's new on the menu at d.c. birch andir barley.rley the restaurant's new chef ishe i cooking with como this morning.i we'll check in with them next.m.
10:48 am
10:49 am
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10:50 am
♪♪ all 10:50 is the time. birch and barley opened back inn 2009 if you haven't been thereen lately, you're missing out missi because the menu just g
10:51 am
makeover thanks to the new manew in charge in the kitchen erin in in our kitchen right now withoww all the details and little sample. >> that's right, chef billrigh b williamson comes to birch andird barley from the rigby and his first order of business was aesw total menu overhaul and this t morning he joins us live with a look at what's new and a littlee cooking demonstration.on good morning, bill, thanks forns coming in today. >> thanks for having me.hafor ha >> so one of your favorite items or i shall say dishes on thehall menu is the lamb shank.. >> absolutely. it's very seasonal. very hearty, warm, and very >> perfect for the winter and tell me what we're making and mg how we're plating date. >> we have sean don't ya lamb shanks, behind shanks, whitenksi polenta and mustard greensustarn topped off with a little grammym lata.. the grim lata is going to be to meyer lemons.on we're going to adhere. >> mix everything together.r. >> absolutely. this is some basil. >> i told you lamb shank is as frighte
10:52 am
you said it's much simpler thana you would imagine.d imine. absbsolutely. i mean it's kind of, you know,no set it forget it. >> um-hmm. uhmm >> kind of zero it real good. >> give it a zear. zear. put it in the oven slow and low when this is cooking start youru polenta. polenta. >> i told you i get from the grocery store the tubes ofhe polenta and market real quick. i this high end poe land len at a. >> high end per se. hig it takes a little time. tim you know, the ratio here is four to one mill tock polenta that w use. we finish it off with marsrs capone cheese.he >> that adds a little bit of bif heat. >> and olive >> aside from the lamb shank what else on the menu have you revamped and changed. chang >> we really focused on pastas,s hasn't made pastas, and ourur tasting menu is changing weeklyy pretty much.h if not daily. so it gives a good variety, and our beer pairings for our pairig tasting menu are tremendous.mend >> i'm glad you brought that uph
10:53 am
instead of focusing on the winee pairings you do the beer the b tastings an lot of tapf kekeovers. >> yes. >> you're offering local're flavors, too.o >> absolutely.. tomorrow we have a brewery brewe called arizona wilderness wilde they're taking over i believe bl eight taps and we brought a few beers in today to showcase thatt >> i might have to taste one of these. [ laughter ] >> these are all beer that is is will pair well with the lamb. lm they're high in fruit. high in --high >> any of these would pair wellr it lamb. >> absolutely. >> i love that you can come in e r ttho pair a bee perfectly with your meal.with ye how would you plate all this ups add the polenta.enta. >> we'll start with, um, ourour polenta. >> um-hmm.. >> just a nice dollop right in t the middle. >> looks so good.d >> nice cream. >> i will say that has much better consistency than the pree package kind.ind >> are they rolls.olls >> yes. >> wha
10:54 am
and barley.y. >> i worked with nathan at red d apron as butcher, and you know, they're really good people, andl i enjoyed working with them, um,. >> you can tell you're passionate about the food. >> yiona>> absolutely. >> you love to bring people the good flavors.good you can come from for dinner and you're doing brunch menu you'lly be revamping a bit as well. >> absolutely. >> everybody loves a good every that is beautiful. ntatnat that presentationdy l. >> then we just finish it offt with a little grim lata. lata. >> and this is a dish you canan get at birch and barrelly.rell >> every night. night >> perfect. >> i got a fork.ot a [ laughter ] >> i know this bout full i don' want to mess up the presentatiot we need to crack open one ofonef those beers and have a littleer bite, right.biterigh >> absolutely. >> i'll tell you. k to'll zen it back to the couch in a second. >> so it's panko bread crumbsreb which is japanese bread crumb, b basil, mint
10:55 am
>> what kind of greens are ont r pop. >> greens on top are mustard ara groans. groa musustard greens. >> that will give a spice.. >> little bitter player to it but it pairs well with the wit gravy. >> the presentation is amazing. >> it looks really really goodr. >> the fork doesn't do it doe d justice.just. >> right. >> nice steak knife. >> like fling stone's. grab the s>>ha lnk. s >> i'll use my hand after wefter toss it over to you. >> you can pick it up by bone. y >> if you did that in the in restaurant would it be frownedeo on.on >> not at all. please. >> they welcome enthusiasm.nthu >> are bibs included?ed >> i'll give you a -- a -- >> the chef said it's okay.ka >> aprons over here.e >> don't worry we're comingre cm over.ov we're coming over. >> shanks and this is really isl really good.oo >> it looks it.t loo >> thanks for saving us some, erin. erin she's not stopping.e's t stoppin he's not even looking.n loo >> when i look something it'sn really hard to be generous anden share. >> i know. i know. ow >> she hasn't even opened beerpb yet. just wait. >> just hold on one more m
10:56 am
we're coming over in one minute. >> birch and barley we're theree >> thanks chef. it looks great. 10:55. 10 millennials have a shortenals attention span and the nbantspan paying attention.. nba considering changing up the game to cater to it's audience.. adam silver the league isgu thinking about the way to limitt the amount of time it takes to play the last two minutes.two mn if you never watch the game you know how long those final two fl nutetes can be. average attention span down tonw eight seconds which is worsese than gold fish according to an academic study.em >> what about baseball?>> w >>t ab right. rig a whole other thing. >> work the length of their tention span.n. >> make the game for entertaining all the way aroundw i'm just saying.just what do we know we're notw re n millennials. >> speak for yourself, wisdom. >> 10 time outs in those games.m it was painful. pnf >> that's the way it's alwayst' been. >> i'll talk to my we'll see what we can do us to s millennials.llenals. >> um-hmm. >> rain showers continue thissho afternoon.rn >> you believe that you believee that alligator is real. [ laughter ]vethat a >> go ahead tucker. >> showers.>>
10:57 am
[ ughthter ] >> that's it? >> don't be mad. >> it's okay.>> o >> tuck, you look so handsomeans today. >> yeah you do. his his afternoon i'll see you tomorroawft. >> nice combo. >> you have a short attention span millennial.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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