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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 17, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. > three days and counting andcn according to new poll numbersoll donald trump will take the oath of office as the most unpopular president ever.pres plus more democrats protesting inauguration day and you can see the run down on the side of the screen. it's what we're talking tonightng at 6:30. as always tweet us with what is on your mind. this is the ultimate politicalli pulse the abc newses poll says that donald trump will take the office as the least popularular president in nearly three decades.cade 54 percent show trump as unfavorable, but 45 percent say he's favorable.'s of course the president elect took to twitter to
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these poll numbers. the same people who did the phony election polls and were so wrong now doing approval rating polls, they are rigged just like before. he certainly has a leg to stand on here.on the polls were all wrong for the election so i would understandod why he would want to tweet this out today. and when i saw the first numbers come through, i said you saw how the polls worked out last time. nationally he didn't win the national. if i remember correctly, when president obama was about to bee elected for the first time is h approval rating go in was 84 percent. changed.e russian president vladimir putdi i'm is coming to the president elect's defense.t's put in accused the obama administration of unrm
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trump's legitimacy. this is spreading fakeea information. and this is coming from russia. it's a unique when such methods are used against a us president elect. that has never happened before. it signifyies a significantgnif degree of degradation. when trump visited moscow years ago russia was unaware of his political ambitions.tion confirmation continued today for two more of donald trump's cabinet picks. betsy devious and interior secretary ryan incorporate i. involves expected to face theace most backlash. today emotional reunion dids targeted among other things her support of charter schools and many. critics say she's just anotherat wealthy insider. law makers grilled ryan zinc i today. once confirmed he will oversee more than 20 percent of
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that includes national parks. he would never sell, giveaway or transfer public land.. meantime the confirmations come as more than 40 members of congress say they plan to skip inauguration day, including two from our area.a. they're among the dozens of democrats skipping donaldskip trump's swearing in friday. we're talking about maryland'syl anthony brown and done buyer.. our own tom fitzgerald is live on cap l toll hill with why wi these democrats are passing on this. >>reporter: good evening, shawe and jim. this is an interesting strategy that the democrats have come up with, this all started a couple of days ago when congressman john lewis, the civil rights icon from georgia said that he did not think that donald trump was a legitimate president. well, it went off from we're now up to about 50 democratic congress men who say they are not coming to this inauguration and now it is not just because of what donalddona trump said about congressman lewis. other reasons are now being given.
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the language that donald trump has used in the last couple of weeks. other people are once again raising these points about russian influence in this election, despite the fact that james clapper, the director of national intelligence said they have no evidence that any votess were changed in the 2016 election. so two of our our local quonk man, one knew, one who has been here for a while, congressess anthony brown of maryland and congressman john buyer of virginia, both deems, both aretd not going to this inauguration. this morning, on.. > day d.c. both of them gave us their reasons. regardless of how you feel and what you think about the officec holder you got to respect the office. friday is a celebration and i do not believe that the office holder has warranted my attendance at his celebration.eb governor brown and i will be attend the state of the unionio addres
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plans to congress. there's nothing in our job description that says we have to celebrate the inauguration. it's true, there is nothing in their job description that says they have to come to the inauguration.inau however, jim and shawn, this iss an interesting strategy, ifegy, you're going to take on a president and you're not going to stand and look him in the face on the day when he takings that oath you're almost taking a yourself out of the game at that point if you're not going to be there on the field of play whenn the kickoff begins. so 50 of them say they are not n going to come to this inauguration. i expect by the time we actually get to moon on friday that number will go up. but if their plan right now is to speak involves by their absence, you know, they are well on their way right now to making themselves completely invisible from this inauguration.urat most of those people planning not to attend are from the house of
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correct inenta are there any senators who are planning not to attend? >> there are, but you know, remember, shawn, that the reason the house democratic membersbers have taken this so personally is because of congressman lewis himself. his office is right down the haul from where we are standing right now on capital hill. he is are veered in the housese democratic caucus, he is reread in the black caucus. he is an the icon in the civil rights movement and when john lewis speaks, remember, he wasme the one that got that sit down going in the house last spring over gun control. people follow john lewis when he says things.e this is not just any congressman, folks.cong this is a man whore has been on the political stage for half a century now and has spoke involves not only for the civil rights movement, but for the democratic party as well. it does have something to dohing with the fact that this is a house member and this particular house membesr weighs heavily on this as well.l. > makes sense. all right,> fitz. thank you. maybe you've heard
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youor haven't, millenials are cashing in on the presidentside elect. it looks like a number of them are trading on the stock market based off trump's tweets. ryan pain, capital of pain pai management joins us via skype. this is new, we're talking about a politician making moves, making tweets and people areple trying to cash in on it. explain it.. it appears when trump comes out and you invest another company,t a ano the look of times a stockk get beaten down in price. apparently the millenials are m taking advantage ever it and it probably in some sort of e*trade account or one of their call it your cowboy account where you do your trades is where a lot of these things are going. is it actually going paying off for them? >> who knows. i always say going to the market in the short term is like going to the casino except we don't offer free drinks just to give an idea of millenials getting involved in
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60 percent say they tweeted offd a tweet, but the game was always short this is the era we live in now, but is it a good thing that at least this is giving reply len yells and young investors saying maybe they'll put some money away. is this just short-term gain. >> no, i think is a fantastic sign because it says millenials are getting serious about doingg something with their money. most millenials have beene be sitting in cash for the last couple of years.uple i think they're getting to a point now where you have that first tranche of millenials getting into their mid 30s,, starting to move out of theirir parents' basement. they have a lot of savings thats they put away and they're going to get serve serious of how they're going to spend it. first time getting millenialsile getting interested in spending,, 70 million-plus people thaar
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going to become investors. that's huge news. it's something to be excitedci about. millenials trading off of a a trump tweet, what about the older generations in are they listen to this or just a millenial thing.mill >> my guess, it's just a millenial thing? if you've a babyboomer you have been and back. a lot of our clients are babyboomers. we're starting to seat millenials are starting to come to the door and they have a lot of cash safed and they're looking to do something with it. this is germane to the millenials that haven't had the experience. nk thank you much. we're seeing all t yhese compans who are paying attention.tent toyota lost a good amount of market share last week so they're paying attention to tweets when donald trump wasmp w most likely to tweet last week. > let's talk about the weather forecast right now.ight a little dreary, starting to get a little fog you out there, sue palka, but
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shawn, we're sending out the message that most of the rain is beyond us. we just have a couple of showers left running along the mason dixon line. a spotty shower can't be ruled out for the rest of the evening. you're going to encounternter drizzle and fog out there, you'll find visibility lower asr a result that fog. we're going to keep fog in the evening hours.even it should be dissipating as we get closer to tomorrow morning. we've picked about a quarter inch of rain. our next chance of rain isof r friday afternoon. that's potentially going to effect the inaugeral parade. for tomorrow we might have a few clouds around but temperatures are going to stay steady rightdy now where they are in the upper 40s or rice a little bit.e we're going to go for 48-degrees, maybe a little bit of cloud cover and where the breeze will pick up so that by the time we get to the noon hour it's 55-degrees and by the time we get to 4:00,
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thursday looking great, too. let me show you the fox5 audit committee weather seven daye we forecast. we're going toat go with 57 with ah lot of sunshine. when you consider that 43 is43 average, we are really running well above normal all this weekk friday for the inauguration,urat 48-degrees, we are going to see clouds around for the swearing in and showers will be close by. but at least it won't be terribly windy.ndy. i doesn't look like really heavy rain, but just enough to be slightly tough to be out there so wear waterproof layers if you're heading out. march weather looks pretty good, mostly cloudy and then a little bit more rain. the sunday night rain intoht r monday could be heavier, maybe an inch more with temperatures i stillth running above average. that's a loot at your seven day forecast. back to you.. >> about a million people are expected to flood the nation's capital in the next few days so where are they all going to stay. >> fox5's ronica cleary mightler have the answer. that's not your place, right, ronica. >>reporter: no.
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unto are going to be stayingng right here probably watching the fabulous show 5@6:30.:3 that's what i'm doing right now. this place is going to cost you 700 bucks a night. we're going to have more after the break.
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welcome back. this happens all the inauguration week rolls around,, people want to leave town. they want to avoid the crazes. it's gives people incentive to an inauguration week home comer. ronica is in a house at bloomingdale. with tips for someone wanting to make some extra cash. i'm inside this beautiful one bedroom, one bathroom place that you can rent on air b and and so i'm here with dana is it a lowe's ski of the mack group. you rented this house for $700 0 night and one of the things thag
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different the rental, the short-term rental space has changed since the last inauguration. tell me about that. right, 2008 and 2012 travelers into the city would have to report to craigslist and onlinee user generated contents. ab and b has offered a very save and regulated platform for bothr landlords and tenants to kind of come together and get their places rented and find a happy place to stay. let's take a walk around thee place. that's an important key thatat you've mentioned, this safety idea and you've got some tipsps for maybe who want to cash in on this. i know it may be a little bit too soon for this inauguration, but tell us about this tips that you've put together. first off you want to make your rental legal. all rentals must be registered with d.c. ra and that makes sure that it is save for tenants and if
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your license in place. so that's step number one, really. and how about maybe two other tips that a person would want to think about.thin i know that when i first knockei on the door we had to come into a separate entrance to be able to come into this air b and b. that's an important feature. that adds to the idea of safety. i didn't think that would bed something that was really considered. have a legalyou rental you must have two separate methods of egress. that's needed to cross the board in this city and to have an air b and b that doesn't change. another tip, though, would be to make sure if you're renting out your personal space, do remove your personal belongings. make sure that it is a friendly space for your guests and they can't get into anything or be temperatured by any of your personal belongings. to go through all of those stepf probably a little too late for the inauguration but we have a the cherry
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coming up. you have a seminar coming up if people want to cash in on these terse. my folks will be putting on an air b and b seminar for all to learn. we're going to be asking memberi ofng the mayor's office and d.c. ra to come in and ask questions regarding air b and bs that wewe have because it is a new thing to the city. it looks like people have a lot of different options. good tips.s. it's no secret president obama loves his time on the golf course. if he looks ahead to post presidency, one controversy where he was offered a free life-time membership.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business.
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welcome back am we have anba update onck the local golf clubb that's been in spotlight about g offering membership for m president obama once he lives office.fice the mayor of the
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is giving up his golf club. some members don't want the president to join their club. jeffrey slave in says he can no longer belong to a community where freedom of speech ish denied and where the nation's first black president is disrespected. mr. was an e-mail chain that made the rounds. one ofma the things you wouldn't imagine would be an issue. you would imagine a lot of country clubs would have to have an president, but am people say it's a very good reason.n. i believe the country club came out and said we're stilll extending the offer. we'll see what happens. president obama has become time us us by -- during the interview with the times of london trump said he won't take over the official at pedis account.coun he has millions of followers. he has ally l l more than l 20 million twitter l m
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all about branding. barack obama always had his own at barack obama. i think he turned it over to handling america. i think the white house tweeted out after the 20th you will bel able to tweet the president or current president at barack again, michelle obama at michelle obama again.. do you have your gown for the inauguration festivities. >> we have some who the looks for all your plans coming up. stay tuned.
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> if you don't have your dress' yet you're running out oft ha te to nail down your perfectect inauguration look.on l jim, you're looking good. thank you. of course there's going to be plenty of parties involved alll across the region. we're bringing i
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if you're going you probably spent anywhere from 60 to a on your ticket. you have to find ways to cut the cost. rental is the perfect option to t gethe the designer n without having to worry about the designer price tag. they have all -- 200,000 dresse that you can20 peck from. i pulled together some looks that anybody headed out there can enjoy. >> all right. let's take a look at some of these. first up is nicole and she's wearing a slate and willow gown. this has a shy upon cold shoulder look. looking for something a little bit more bohemian, tha is going to give you that look. you have the option of renting it for $70. and you can have it from four tr ate days. not bad at all. what's up next
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>> next up is say a, she is she wearing slate and willow dress. the one shoaled iris verysh flattering atoa the top. this dress we sold for 400, but you can rent it for $70. does that have a pocket. >> you got to love the pockets,, you can put your phone in one pocket and your lipstick in the other pocket. if you ever compliment yourver woman on aco dress, the firste thing she says is it has pockets. >> pockets are great, especially in a formal gre dress like that. >> a full gown. we love it on her. > thank you nicole.e. who is up next. next up we have heather. if you want to add a little bita of lays,d you can do that. this is a little bit different. a full fitted all the way to the ground. this one originally retails for $1,400. you can rent it for 180. you can send you two dress sizes, free shipping to return and we'll even dry clean it four. real
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way to go.. > next up is ashley and if you want to add a little va va room or a little bit of angelina joely. this is from bomb being, it retails at 675, and you can rent it for 64-dollars. amazing here. you look beautiful. thank you so much. are there any trends that are popular that are big right now this year so folks who want to stay on trend if that's what they're looking for. it's all about the shoulders.oud adding a little bit of shoulder. i'm wearing this sash i bombayay dress. i would read off the card for you. and then this is also from rentr the runway as well. they're actually having a sample sale in georgetown where they're
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if you want something for the office, the weekend, you can do that. is there a color that is popular. i noticed that the crests you brought in were black and sortd of teal. is this the who the >> this teal column or is on friend.frie it's a little different than what's been out there. it's a good transition for the spring. we're freezing one day and 70 the next.xt. it's still color he not not to be christmas i. >> thanks so much for coming in and sharing off the inaugeral gown looks. we want to thank you guys for joining us, but before we levy think we have some pretty good quotes:we've been talking aboutl the ongoing boy cots. co we'll be talking quite a bit about this leading up to fridayo with a number of democrats saying they're noting whying to participate in the inaugurationr you're always welcome becauseaue this is your forum as well andll we want you to be her.
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talking about that, but the protests that are expected inauguration day, the womens' march is that coming up the day afterwards, so keep it here at fox5 for the latest. keep it here for the latest at 10 and 11.
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harvey: so we all know that dave chappelle doesn't like cameras in his comedy act unless a black guy says i voted for trump. >> you voted for trump? take it easy, security. he just voted for trump. >> dave jokes around and says we didn't think we would see this tonight, did we? black dude in a room full of black dudes. >> hey, i voted for trump! shh, are you trying to get us all killed? >> we got kendall jenner and kim kardashian on the set of "ocean's 8." they're making a cameo. >> they look like victorian ghosts. [laughter] a haunted mansion, you look down the hallway, one of us! >> putin finally said something about the donald trump dossier. putin said i find it hard to believe he would hang out with women of loose morals.


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