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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now at 10, a three yearar old is dead after choking onon food at daycare. for how long did it take forke them to realize he was suffocating.suff personal information, privateora files passed along with a sociao worker with a heavy load to ato total
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the exclusive details and why she's still on the job. plus, show me the money.ey. thousands of people in one maryland county are about to see a jump in pay. the details right now on fox5 news at 106789 we begin tonightw in the district where a threethe year old child died today afterr choking on his food at a daycare, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. it happened inside the labor department. fox5 spoke with the child's grandmother about the tragedy.rb as a parent, i can't imaginean' what this family must be going through. >>reporter: a lot of grief,ef, shawn. they want the answers because of course they weren't there and they want to know how exactly this all went down and if pand protocol was followed.foll both local and federal law enforcement agencies were involved. it all happened at the department of labor at a childcare center within the billing. tonight the family wants to knon how their son, a healthy three year old
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classroom under the supervision of two teachers. this was sterling mere. his mother unaccount ad here att the department of labor. she dropped him off this morning at the child's building development center where theere child had been going for two years. while the mother worked just a couple of floors above here. the mother was away from her desk when the school called and by the time she came downstairsn the three year old was already inside the ambulance afterce a choking on a i'm demanding answers why and how long did it take for them to realize he was suffocating and he wasn't breathing, where the teachers were. sterling was very loving, very energetic. he loved playing with his brother. he even helped his mom with his brother. he played with his cousins. he was a normal three
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he was just at my knees baby shower. he ate meet balls there. we even have a video there. so how big are these meet ballss claiming that he choked on? and why are they feeding children i not watching them, not protecting them to make sure? we reached out to department of labor's child development center and they say, quote we are shocked and deeply sad end as we grief the sudden death of our student today.ay our trained staff responded immediately to call 9 # 1 and perform the i'm like maneuverth andi' cpr.. the child was transported to childrens' hospital by hos paramedics and passed away. we are devastated by this tragedy and our hearts and con doll answers go out to thishis family during this unimaginable time of grief.of we do not know the cause ofhe death at this time but are fully cooperating with authorities following this tragic loss, end, quote. the center would
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further.furt as to the employment status, thh two staff members who were wer caring for the child citing the ongoing investigation. live tonight in downtown d.c. i'm not sure if you know this or not, i know you said that the staff members said they performed the i'm like maneuver andi' cpr, are they required byw to be daycare workers to know that and have that sort of >> they are, shawn, especially for daycare centers under d.c. r law. of course this is a federal entity, we can only imagine how much more scrutinized these employers and staff members are. we checked in and they are accredited, fully accredited ana we got this statement from thete daycare center saying that their staff is trained.aine so i imagine that they not only are trained but also are following other protocols because according to d.c. r law the ratio for that age group there should be one teacher fore every ten students and there
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so were also following protocol as perco that regard. under investigation by homelando security as well as mpd.pd. our hearts are breaking for that family. thank you. developing tonight, a forme t george mason universityason professor is accused of recording intimate moments witht a woman without her consent. james feld camp of arlington was arrested back in november and charged with unlawful filming.ln the victim told police she had a consual intimate relationship with the professor for sometimee but then on december 25 she discovered that he filmed some of their private moments. police obtained a search warrant for his home. they are still > let's take it outside rightse now, the good news is the rain is gone but you may see a little fog out there. let's check in with sue palka tk find out what you can expectou c when you wake up in the morning. hopefully a lot of fog will bel gone when we get to the morning. i have to tell you a
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advisory have gone into affectft for many areas north of the city t. for a while tonight your visibility may drop a quarter blow or so it's really mild out. it took all day to collect about a quarter inch of rain, what ist left tonight mainly north of the maryland state line with a few showers here and there, but itt still feels kind of damp andnd it's a little bit misty in spots, but we are seeing skies clear north and west which has lead to the development of thete fog. again, these are some of thehe visibilities right now withw frederick down to a quarter mile, martinsburg down to a quarter mile and winchester down to a quarter mile. some of the areas in this dense fog advisory include western loudon all of howard county andt most points north and west of that will go until four in the morning. possible it might get expanded. you know what else is going to expand these very mild at 55-degrees at 10:00 that's the warmest we've been here alle day in the district. we may even touch 52 to
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objectest. dulles is up to 52. that's the warmest they've been and the mild air is going to slowly continue to try to push. 60-degrees down in rally. still a little cold, though, toward new york city but all the mild air is going to be moving on in.on dense fog advisories will bewill going into effect, but we hopeo it will be gone by morning. because we do believe the breeze will continue to pick up after a frontal boundary crows. if there areontal any clouds og left in the morning it will break for sunshine, a milder day. we're going to head forth upperp 50s tomorrow. tony. all right, sue, thank you much. this is a story that you'll see only on fox5, a college studentn says she was e-mailed files containing everything fromning social security numbers toumb medical records after she responded to a job posting onon facebook. she says her new employer handled social work and sent over everything without as much as a face-to-face interview or background check. fox5's teisha lewis joins us
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tonight with the story. >>reporter: it all started when she went to this job connects and hookup page and saw this posting. it was a friday night and a l could edge student in capital heights was surfing the web w looking for a job that wouldwoul give her some extra cash. she responded to this posting and less than two hours laterter she had scores of case files ins her bin. it all started with this wit facebook post under the alias summer rose love saying i'm rudy giuliani to higher someone to do my notes for $150 every two weeks. college student -- it soundedndd like a good job to do. it sounded like it was typingypn something up. but sequential a pre-law major sensed something was wrong when she interestly received a dozen case files with name, birthday, social security numbers and most shockingly medical diagnose '. >> iin
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them and i realized that maybe you shouldn't be sending this to somebody that you've never meant with out any background check oo anything. it came from inner city family services in southeast.n she called the center's directoc to report the case worker. she is like, wow.w. she's here. i will deal with this. if i need anything else from you, i'll let know. we're still t waiting a response from inter city family services although we did explain the case worker is an employee. the case worker has been harassing her via text. she texted me and said you've ruined i would have never done like this to you.o that could have been a case of identity theft. several cases that you can keepp going back to, credit card theft. so for her to take the initiative and be no, this is wrong. i need to let somebody knownow because this could happen to any of us. inter family
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private social services agency. we did speak with the center's office manager who did confirm the case workers em atlantic wor city. however, we're stillntic waitini hear back property center's director as to whether the center will face any disciplinary action. several of the case files belons to people diagnosed with mental illness. teisha lewis, fox5 a local news. are they contracted? out ou through the city? how does this work? they're a private suggest agency but who do they work for. >>reporter: we did check with d.c. family services and this is important to note they do noto contract with the city or theth government or with any w government entity.vern > still a lot of questionsf there. teisha, thank you.ank > well, we learned the name of the man blamed for shooting in a police stand off monday iny fairfax county p. police say mow whom add azimmerman got side got into an
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gu the situation escalated when he pulled out a gun and shot hist two brothers. he took his roommate hostage and. an officer shot and killed him. owe, my god. the officer who shot difficult sky is on routine administrativi leave. the hostage was treated forated smoke inhalation.alat the shooting victims are expect to survive. president obama has commuted the sentence of chelsea she is the army soldier to leaked secrets in 2010 to wikileaks. she was sentenced to 35 years ia prison for the crime. but now she'll be release in may. fox5's jim lokay joins us in studio with more on her story. there's a lot of layers to thiso we're going to try to get you through the key specifics of this. chelae manning started in 2013 but
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it was back in 2009 when anan unhappy manning reached out to wikileaks offering thems of sensitive documents and a videoe of soldiers killing iraqi i civilian the next year. manning was ared and charged with espionage. it was already. a day after her sentencing manning announced she wouldld transfer from male to female and seek gender surgery. while a separate case altogether while manning went through trial snowden was a traitor who fled, wikileaks found that us extrication after mansion commutation, this topic big talk. this came who said manning is a hero who exposing the our constitutional rights. snowden next. next up we saw this one comingci from
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ventura, said president obamat b did the right thing with chelsea manning's sentence today. i'll be honest i don't think we should celebrate chelsea manning, i think seven years in jail might have been enough, but she's not a pelerine chelsea manning's technology did i mute americansc at risk.isk and this may summit up best,st, deer liberal twitter followers, if you how we got donald trump as president look no further than the manning pardon situate. you get a sense from both sidede of the issue. others say she is a traitor. this is a story we'll be following and chelsea manning said to be release from prison on may 17. >> thank you, jim. > coming up tonight large crowds of people are expected tp be in d.c. for president elect donald trump.rump tonight, they're coming up with
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to attend the inaugeral event. . fox5 news at 10 will be right back.
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we're back with a little good w news iitf you work in montgomery county, m. the county council voted to approve the bill that will race the minimum what is to $15.5. it passed with a five-four vote. mosquito leg it might veto the vote due to its negative impact on businesses. if he does they will still need six votes. the minimum wage is $10, .75., it will go up to 11.50 in july.j hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend upon d.c. for the presidential
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ome inaugeral committee is trying to avoid some of the problems that have been experienced during past there are new guidelines now foo ticket holders. sarah simmons joins us tos explain it all. >>reporter: hey, tony and shawn, if you're heading to the inauguration metro of course is going to be your best bet, itt just always is any time you head down there for that event.even you need to pay very close attention to some specific instructions, the color coded map that you will find on their website it details which station you should get off depending onf which column offer ticket you have. there's six different ones.ones it shows you which road to be be walking down.own. these are very specific becausef they need to make it veryvery detailed after all the problemse they've had in the past.t. the presidential inaugeralinau committee was really kind of paying attention specifically ti what we're talking about back in 2009 during president obama's first inauguration.ugur several hundred ticket holders with a purple code were stuck in the third street tunnel sent there by police only to be pol
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to see the inauguration. it was just a logistical nightmare if you you you wereyo here and remember that.hat. it received a nickname theic purple tunnel of doom so they're trying to i void that. they are warning people to study up before following out. they're all color coded. the colors coordinate with theco specific metro stop. we're suggesting that the peopla comingt to the celebration follc thee directions that were given out with the tickets or they can visit our website 58pic2017doddd org to get more information onre the tickets themselves.hem somebâ– ? people had been skeptict about whether or not they wouldt see the types ofhe numbers thatr they have in the past for this year's inauguration, but there there are some conscious law offices that say they have exceeded the demand.and. some of them running out ofof tickets having to get them from other offices that still had
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some. if you're still looking for some of those free tickets you can try to get some through the inauguration's committee website. you can contained a link to that on ours, sarah simmons, fox5 local newsment elect donalden trump it actually here in thee n district tonight for a black tie invitation only dinner. the dinner's purpose is to introduce foreign dim mats to the in coming can trump administration.on. about 500 guests interior attendance. it is being held at the andrew w melon auditorium. dozens of people gathered in prince george's county tonight.y maryland lawmakers held a community forum to discuss thehe dangers of repealing the affordable care act. speakers told the crowd obamacare has expanded access to healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people in marylandn and it is simply a matter of life or death. see this sign, it says make
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america sick again. it doesn't make america sick again, you repeal it, peopleit, actually die. what they're doing is repealing the affordable care act and not telling you what's coming next because they don't know what's coming next. because the affordable care act has worked. president elect trump has vowed to repeal and replace obamacarec talk about inspiration, a locall woman began her battle againstai cancer more than a decade ago. now she's turning to her passing to help race money for cancer research. not me traveling the world. the ' not me proving that i cani do this.s. we need to find a cure. her goal is to run seven marathons in seven days. that's coming up next at 10. tomorrow on fox5 hgtv design star will be here to preview the capital home show and tv producer turned historian and the did i act will joi
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talk about melania trim's role in the white house.s fox5 news morning starts at 4:25:00 a.m. we'll be right back.
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> new at 10, a virginia woman is preparing for an incredible race that spans the entire world. bet and tell ford will run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. fox5 lindsay watts joins us with the story. >>reporter: it seems like an incredible feet. >> absolutely. even more so because she hashe brain cancer. she's been fighting it for more than a decade. she's raised more than $800,000 to find a cure for cancer and she hopes donations from theserm next races get her to the million dollars mark. bet and tell ford says it was during the marathon that she got the first sign of the tumor inor
10:26 pm
it was marine corpse marathon in 2004. mild 19 and i felt a huge pop in my head almost like going up in a plane, but the hardest thing in msty life so far was tellingy parents that their child was probably going to die from brain cancer. since then she's kept fighting and kept running. i've gone through several brain surgeries, had to learn to talk again, walk again. you know, slowly jog and thenhen run. right now she's in we spoke to her via skype as sh prepares for the run of a it's called the world marathon challenge. this is video from last year's race. seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. tell ford isse doing it to raceo money for pediatric cancer research and to show cancer patients what's possible.ssib i am here to show that thoset with cancer, be it walking a mile, walking farther around the grocery store or the
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can be done with cancer 679ance here's a look at her journey, the race starts in and the arcca then goes from chill lee to madrid to maracco to dubai andan ends in sidney, australia. temperatures range from 90s inn dubai to negative 20 in antarctica. tell ford will run more than 180 miles total and spend about 60 hours in the air making allll that even more difficult.ficu i'm blind in my left eye. i have not driven in 12 years12 because i seizure. is on have a major issue with my bladder. due to my brain cancer my bladder shutdown several yearses ago. but after countless hours of training, wow. she says she's ready. she'll be rotating 14 pairs of shoes designed by child cancer patients. i just have to look down or remember all these kids that i've been blessed to come i
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contact with and know that's what this is all about. it's not me traveling the world. it's not me proving that i can do this. it's -- we need to find a cure. as amazing as it will feel to cross the final finish line, tell ford says the reel race will still be far from over. when you tell people on the news that we found a cure for cancer. the nonprofit she's raising money for is called accelerateer brain cancer cure here in d.c. and tell ford starts the marathons on monday. this is crueling on anyone whono is healthy. >> for her to have cancer andcac all the other issues she described, how do you do that? >> right. done it, is it,ve so difficult. you need days to recover andecov then you're going to keep ongoing back to back. incredible. we wish her the best. > when we come back tonight,igt two more
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cabinet picks face confirmationf hearings. we're going to take a closer look for nomination of secretaro off state.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories, a threere year old boy choked on his food and died inside his daycare. marina. >>reporter: shawn, a three year old did choke to death rightgh herein side the department oft f labor on site child development center according to familyamil members he choked on a meatball while he was eating the lunch, the death under investigation by local and federal lawloca enforcement al gencies.en the centert says the i'm leak maneuver and cpr were performed, but the family questions the level of supervision while the child was eating lunch. teisha, a college student responds to a job posting on facebook and
10:33 pm
case files in herein box from a social worker at a private agency. files including names, social security numbers and medical records. the case in question is apparently -- the case worker in question is apparently still onn the job and a social servicesrvc agency at the sent of it all isl not talkingment the college student says it could happen toe anyone and while she could have kept quiet she chose to speak out.ou confirmation hearings continued on cap l toll hill today for two more of donald trump's cabinet picks. lawmakers grilled educationucat secretary betsy devious and ryas zin key. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel hasmn the latest. >>reporter: i share president elect trump's view that it's time to shift what the system thinks is best for kids to what moms, dads and kids deserve
10:34 pm
education secretary a target for the left. ahead of today's hearing, massachusetts senate elizabeth warren sent a 16 letter ripping devious' qualification writingli quote,fi there is no precedent r a nominee with your lack of experience in public education. devious for school choice and charter education has angered the teachers' onon. she spent 30 years defunding public schools, railing against them, fighting against having an investment in them and fighting for having private for profit charters. and the record is a bismal. the fellow republican education reformer says did he rosss d represents change and is thes right person to fix our schoolss she has worked with children all over the country. she understands what the problems in education are and she will go right at of what i
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which is the mess of interest that clog up the education system. ryan zin key had hishis confirmation hearing to be the next interior secretary. vermont senator bernie sanders grilled him on climate change. euploid the climate is changing. i think where there is a debatee what can we do about it. i am not a climate scientistient expert, but i can tell you i'lll become a lot more familiar with it and it will be based on science. a bit of a break from the president elect who said climate change is a location.chan he went withge that answer onwer climate change and i should note the retired navy seal is not considered one of the moree conscious trump nominees.inee on capital hill mike emanuel fox summer zeros is suing donald trump for
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zervos joined by her lawyer asn she filed a lawsuit this morning. it seeks to hold trump accountable for false statements she made in response againstinst him. she accused trump of groping her and kissing him during a job opportunity in 2007. she even took a l polygraph test to back up her claims. the lie detector test was administered by a veryy experienced and recognized recognized.liggographer.gniz she passed the lie detector test. the polygraph examiner concluded that ' was telling the truth. t zervos wouldhe be willing toto dismiss the lawsuit if trump agrees to take back his comments and admit her allegations against him are true. tr we're learning new details tonight about the d.c. grandmother who was killed yesterday on her way to a neighborhood store.tore we'll explain how the murder did not occur the way police origal
10:37 pm
sisters went missing they've been safe halfway across the country from their childhood home. the details when we come back.
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> tonight, we are learning evea more aboutre the wheelchair boud grandmother who was shot andot killed while she was on her wayh to the corner store. d.c. police are looking for the gunman who killed vivian marrow. fox5's paul wagner has the latest. >>reporter: when vivian marrow was killed monday morning making her way down this sidewalk to the corner store, d.c. police say she was not caught in the cross fire of a begun battle as they first said. instead detectives now believe a gunman who had no regard for where he was firing hit a 68 year old woman loved by many iny the complex where she lived. the womanso
10:41 pm
simply as miss vivian, whilele others knew her as the candy lady. a ground man who apparently had some kind of beef or dispute with someone else felt it was okay to fire multiple shots in this neighborhood. well, guess what, that reckless behavior has resulted in thethe death of a beloved communitymuni member. the shootin g took place just after 10 in the morning on a clear, cold day. within feet of a d.c. policepoli crime camera.mera but chief newsham declined to say with it recorded the gunfire. if somebody has some specifics regarding a motive or what this beef was about, you know, the only thing i can tell you now is we do not have a motive in thiss case. one of vivian marrow's threeree children was in the room to hear the chief's remarks today. william marrow told reporters his mother deserves justice. especially my grandkids and my children. last night i had to
10:42 pm
my grandkids about this situation and they way littlette kids. you know what i'm saying? marrow says he wants someone to come forward with the wit information detectives now needw to close the she did a lot of stuff for a lot of people.ple. she always had her door open where people can come in here and sleep if they have no place to go, all that kind of stuff. so i know that if somebody in that complex knows something, they going to talk.. i'm wishing and praying.ayin > at the apartment complex near elvins road special policeoad officers were checking the ids of every driver arriving at the gait. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > today the family set up a go fund me page to for vivian's funeral. the goal is $5,000.000. you can find a link on our website, > after nearly 30 girls two girls reported missing fromg rhode island have been found. kill and kimberly affiliatesimbe
10:43 pm
mother who did not have custody of her children allegedly abducted her children when theyn were ten months and three years old. a tip led them to houston the mother is nowen route to rhode island will she will be arraigned tomorrow morning.morr last night we introduced you to some parents hoping to find the nurse who helped save their son's life following a devastating car accident.atin the nurse got theg message ande today she was reunited with the greatful patient. the story is next on fox 35 news at 10. tonight at 11, what type of airline passenger drives you crazy? maybe someone who hawgs the armrest, someone who talks too loud, someone who kicks the seat. the top five most annoying behaviors. before we get to that, we wanta to know what you think. tell us what is the most annoying behavior to you.u. use the hashtag flight behavior and tweet us. that's coming up at
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good news is getting a job was your new year's resolution, a lot of companies are adding workers.wo walmart is going on a higheringg spree, the retailer planning to create 10,000 jobs in 207. the new positions will come from store openings, store expansions and new he commerce services. general motors is pledging to invest another build inn factories here in the us helping to create or regain at least 1500 positions.ions foreign auto payingers areinge getting in on the action, too. hyundai and kia vowing to spend more than 3 billion-dollar in america over the next five years. that's 55 percent more moneyperc than the previous five years. no word yet on how many jobsy that will create. but apparently money can buy you you happiness especially in a work praise. a new survey finds the culture and values of a company are the largest predictors of employee satisfaction. the least important factors f paying benefits.efit that's business,
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pain. pain.
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > we have a followup now on aoo story we brought you last nightt at 106789 it was an emotional reunion this morning as a gaithersburg family reunitedil with the nurse who helped save their son's life over the weekend. 20 year old matt gault's parents or the nurse who helped save their son's live after a terrible accident. today the nurse, kate met up with them for the first timest since the accident. matthew crashed into a guardrail saturday while trying to exit from 495 onto interstate 270. i a portion of the guardrail brokr through the car and severed his leg.le had it not been for the nurse who drove up on the scene he most likely would have died. and his friends were like is hee going to die? is he going
10:49 pm
going to die. i was like shut up. stop freaking him out. he looked at his leg and he said his leg was gone. i covered his eyes and i said don't look at it. i was like if you need to hold onto me, hold onto me. i said it's going to be okay. i'm not going to leave you untiy i they put you on the stretcherh matt's parents used facebook to track down the nurse that saved their son's life. even though he lost the leg he e did not suffer any other seriouu injuries. thank goodness she was let's talk about the weather forecast. tonight's the night you want toou w be careful driving because we have a little bit of fog and north of the city visibility may be kind of poor, roads are a little bit damp, but the rain is over. next chance of rain, friday. inauguration day. friday afternoon. frwn. you, i'm shedding because it's been so warm.warm i thin
10:50 pm
today, tone initial a quarter a inch or so, but stretched out over several hours. hou not the heaviest rain, and iand also think the first part of the day will be dry. we're going to show you the inaugeral forecast coming up inm just a a you can see as we look live outi here on the beltway, a little b bit foggy out there and the roads still look a little damp so we haven't quite dried up yet, but it sure is mild outout there. let's look at the dense fog advisory. it's not for the district or points south, although i wouldld not get surprised if it gets expanded. it include s howard county, western montgomery and points north.ts we know visibility will be poore tonight and it may be down less than a quarter mile which is why you see those getting issued.ssu frederick down to a quarteruart mile, baltimore down to a quarter mile, martinsburg,rtin winchester and cumberland all down to a quarter mile. d.c. still not bad with visibility around five miles and nap last a
10:51 pm
that should disburse the fog before the morning rush hour gets started. we'll keep an eye on all that. if the front slows down that could be a different story. wednesday is looking nice, a mild day, sunny and dry. but you will notice the breezyey after the frontal boundaryth swings on through ite will be t of the northwest between 15 andw 25 miles an hour in gusts at least. that will definitely be a noticeable breeze. thursday also looking nice soe the run up to the inauguration with a loft people coming intoio town really does look good. there is a good lukely hood of o showers, if not rain on friday i afternoon. we think it begins between about p noon and tonight's showers mostly northsy of the border here and there we still have a little bit of mist and drizzle. at least it's not what happened up here through upstate new york and new england they're getting snow and ice up there. we got a little bit more cloudoe cover and the fog to get bottom line the next two days in thne upper 50s, maybe a few spos south of d.c. getting into the
10:52 pm
little bit of are chill in the air, especially north and westy ofno d.c. thursday's temperature about 57-degrees, a little bit more, sunshinea and little l less breezy. temperatures right now are mostly in the 50satur to upper . we did drop just a little bit ib the district.dist we've been going back and forth all night. a frontal boundary has made it pretty much to the potomac river and temperatures will stay steady and rice just a little it's been above normal over mucv of theer country this january. wednesday afternoon, 350s, 60 down to the south. we keep it rolling into thursdai early morning weng have the frot that comes so if there is any cloud coverlo or foggy think the front will disburse it quickly.ckly it creates a breeze but it willt be at least a mild day. the gusts could be over 20 miler an hour. upper 50s ought to feel pretty maybe north and west you stay iy the upper 40s to near 60 involvement want to jump over to inauguration day.
10:53 pm
but very similar to today to there's going to be a warp fronf passing from south to north timing can tricking, but we do believe that showers will becoming more noticeable andicea more widespread in the afternooe between about the swearing ineai and the beginning of the parade. here's what we're thinking, 9:00 temperature, 4 # degrees.erat by noon about 46ur yeahs and bys 3:00 the showers are around.ound those showers should begin closer to 1:00. i think 48 is about as warm asr we're going to get on inauguration day, which is still a bargain, believe me because there have been many colder. we're going to rap wrap it by looking at the weekend. a dry day with at love clouds,cu sunday late day showers with a temperature of 58. we're still staying mild atd least through most of next week. so very unusual januarynusu temperatures. sure.s for > tone initial shawn, over to you. thank you, sue. well, one former red skin assistant is
10:54 pm
for a head coaching job.. can another do the same? ande what would it all mean for kirk cousins? jim lokay is up next with sports.port and we want to send a big old happy birthday to comedian and act rest betty white she turned 95 years old today with an interview with katie curic shese wakes up every morning at 6:30. and she likes to keep busy.y. it's not hard to find things you're interested in, enjoy them, indulge them. happy birthday, betty white. we'll be right back.
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> moving on up to the sky. we're clapping
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and having a good time, aren't we. a a little bit of moving on up. the redskins they interviewed greg ma news ski for theews defensive coordinator. this is a guy who had a about it of the history with the redskins. he played for the redskins from 1988 to 990 and then he bounced around the league a little bit. he is a coach with the red skinn he has moved around back in his playing days.ayin this is a guy who has beeneen around the block. he knows the system. he did play for a number of teams and then decided to get out of that and go into the coaching game.coac a comb with the team. he was a defensive coordinator with the colts in the post-payton manningerror. he is the first internal candidate to interview for the job of defensive speaking of the 49s, a familiare name is 49s reportedly in line e take on the head coaching job there, kyle shanahan. former redskins offive
10:59 pm
coordinator. he would be the niners third t coach in thehe last three years. right now shanahan runs the falcons offense and that is a team prepared to face the packers in the nfc championship games. if that happens then two former redskins assistants with ties to kirk cousins will be coachers on the west coast. and guess what, both are cousins' fans and both teamss could be possible landing spotsi if the redskins don't slap the franchise tag on cousins or fail to work out a long-term-ter contract. so that is the big if. if that happens, could that be a landing spot? i think you can make an argument for the 49s.s. i think the rams are set with jared golf. weja have to think about it. you have to fill an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator. you have a quarterback situation to think about.nk you have to lock down the quarterback. you have a lot going on. any time a
11:00 pm
california, i worry. we're talking about michigan,ga, too. who knows. cross our fingers.ers. fox5 news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, tragedy at a local daycare, a three year old boy has died after choking on his food. and a major milestone tonight in the project that will impact thousands of drivers in northern virginia. and local lawmakers tell us whyy they've just decided to skip the inauguration. your news starts right now. a d.c. area family is heartbroken tonight after theirr three year old choked today at a daycare center and died. thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. it happened at a daycare located inside of the department of labor.


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