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right now at 11, tragedy at a local daycare, a three year old boy has died after choking on his food. and a major milestone tonight in the project that will impact thousands of drivers in northern virginia. and local lawmakers tell us why they've just decided to skip the inauguration. your news starts right now. a d.c. area family is heartbroken tonight after their three year old choked today at a daycare center and died. thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. it happened at a daycare located inside of the department of labor. fox5's marina maracco spoke with the child's grandmother tonight. marina. >>reporter: tony and shawn, the investigation now being handled by both local and federal law enforcement agencies and the family demanding answers. they want to know how their healthy three year old son
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classroom right here at the department of labor child development center with 12 students in that classroom and two staff members. now, this picture right here, this is three year old sterling mere, his mother an accountant inside this building. she dropped him off every morning at this daycare center which has cared for this child for the past two years. the mom works just a few floors above the center. the family says that mother was called by staff. she was not at her desk. they left a voice male and by the time she came downstairs that three year old already inside an ambulance, unresponsive after choking on a meatball. i'm demanding answers, why and how long did it take for them to realize he was suffocating, wasn't breathing, where were the teachers in sterling, he was very loving, very
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brother. he even tried to help his mom with his brother. he played with his cousins. he was a normal three year old. he was just atonia knees baby shower. he ate meatballs there. we even have a video there. so how big are these meet balls are they claiming that he choked on in. > and why are they finding children in not watching them? not protecting them to make sure. now, in a statement the department of labor's child development center said, quote, we are shocked and deeply sad end as we grief the sudden death of one of our children today. while 'ing lunch the child showed difficulty breathing. they performed the i'm like maneuver and cpr. he was transported to children hospital and passed away. our hearts and condolences go out to the family during this unimaginable tim
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death at this time but are fully cooperating with authorities following this tragic loss end quote. the center would not comment any further as to the stay the us of those two staff members that were inside the classroom citing the ongoing investigation. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we turn to fairfax county now. there are new details about yesterday's deadly police standoff that a double shooting and a house fire. it happened on a home in covered wagon lane in herndon. 32 year old muhammad assume dice sky got an argument with his girlfriend. she called her brothers. he pulled a gun and shot the brothers. he took his roommate hostage and shut the house on fire. an officer later shot and killed him. the hostage was treated for smoke inhalation. the shooting vince tips are expected to survive.
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for one gunman in connection with the murder of vivian mare on. the 68 year old woman was begun downed in southeast yesterday as she was head together corner store in her wheelchair. detectives believe gunman got into some sort of dispute with someone and started shooting. marrow was an innocent bystander. a go fund me account has been set up to help with her funeral arrangements. you can find that link on our website, now to a story you will see only on fox5. a college student p responded to a job osmosing on facebook. she got hired, but says her new employer sent her over files containing everything from social security numbers to medical records with out so much as a face a to face interview or even a background check. fox5's teisha lewis joins us with the story. >>reporter: this is the facebook post that the center of it all. it's on job connection and hookups page. the capital heights college student says the f
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inter center services. the department of behavior health lists them as one of their service providers casting even a wider net over those who may be impacted. >> you don't know who i could have been and you don't know who i was sent to me before me. it all started with this facebook under the alias summer rose love saying i'm trying to higher someone to do my notes for $135 every two weeks. college student brianna jenkins responded. it sounded like a good side job to do. jenkins a pre-law major sensed something was wrong when she instantly received a dozen case files in herein box, with names, birth dates, social security numbers and most shockly medical diagnoses. i initially took one look at them and i realized that maybe you shouldn't be sending this to somebody that you've never met. like without any background check or anything. jenkins says the
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inter city family services in southeast. she called the center's center to report the case worker. she is like wow. she's here. i will deal with this. if i need anything else from you, i'll let you know. we're still waiting for a response from inter city family services, though they did confirm the state worker in question is an employee. sin the incident jenkins says the case worker has been harassing her via text. she texted me and says you've ruined everything. i would have never done something like this to you. that could have been a case of identity theft, several cases, credit card theft. so for her to take the initiative. i was like, no, this is wrong and i need to let somebody know because this could happen to any of us. this could impact several families across the district even though inter city family services insists that there are private social services agency, again, they are listed on the district's department of behavior
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community-based partner. we did speak with the center's office manager who did confirm the case worker's employment. however we're still waiting to hear back from the center's director about more on this and whether the case worker will face any disciplinary action. several of the case files belong to people diagnosed with mental illness who live in d.c. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > new at 11 there is a battle over immigration buying in howard county. at issue here is a sanctuary bill that will allow the county to protect undocumented immigrants. hundreds of people showed up at a county council meeting in ellicott city to debate this proposal of the it would ban from asking the people about deportation. county government must demonstrate their commitment to the education and well-being of our most vulnerable students bien coding into law provisions that wou
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sense of safety and security. do we really want gangs like ms13 setting up shop in howard county like they have done in other nearby sanctuary cities in maryland in please resist the urge to harm howard county and let the officials perform the job we pay them to do. for us and local law enforcement it doesn't matter, a victim t is a victim and a witness is simply someone who may be able to help us solve the case regardless of their status in this country. there is no connection with the enforcement of civil immigration and your police department. a vote on the bill could come as soon as next month. also new at 11, a major milestone on interstate 66 inside the beltway. over the next few hours, crews will be putting up the first of ate gantries for the toll lanes that are scheduled to open this up ser. the gantries will hold the camera and equipment to
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transresponders. once the toll system is complete it will cost you to drive on the belt kay during peak times and in the peak direction. this advertise an all electronic system similar to what you see on 495. you would just see a transresponder in your car to be able to pay your toll or declare yourself as an hov rider, which is a non revenue trip and then you would move through the gantries and the computer system would ping your transresponder. crews putting up the gantry tonight are closing all lanes of 66 between exits 71 and 72 between midnight and 4:00 a.m. for at least four ten minute periods. the money collected will be used to help improve roads and other transit projects in northern virginia. > here's the thing, the cost of everything continues to go up and up and up and up and most americans' salaries aren't going up to
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>> right. > coming up next, find out why president elect donald trump was in d.c. why two local counts congress men are skipping the activities. a lot of action at the capital, especially on friday and a look at it tonight. you can barely see it because the fog has been moving in even to the district. as a matter fact we do have a dense fog advisory in effect for many areas north of the city, including northern and western montgomery all of howard, western loudon. could that get extended? it could, you'll notice it only goes until 4 in the morning. we're hoping a front will come through and chaise this out of the way before you have to dry, but visibilities are a little bit poor at this hour. we'll have the rest of your seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. this is a good question and we got some good answers from you. what type of airline passenger do you find the most annoying, the one that sits next to you and can't stop talking, screaming baby, coming up, a survey ranked the t
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let us know what drives you crazy on an airplane, tweet us with
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> today, president obama commuted the sentences for 209 people, including
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manning. manning is the transgender arm soldier who leaked fate secret in 2010 to wikileaks. she was sentenced to 35 years in prison and has already been incarcerated for six years. shell ' now be release in may. the white house says the president decided to grant cream situate because she had expressed remorse for her crimes. she was known as bradley manning at the time of her 2010 arrest. president elect donald trump made a preinauguration appearance in t d.c. he spoke with the chairman's global dinner. the dinner was a way to introduce foreign dim mats to the new administration. about 500 guests attended the black tie invitation only dinner. we are getting word also -- dan schneider was at the dinner. >> owner of washington's football team was mr. . also two more local lawmakers are boy coting, anthony brown, dan buyer both say they will not attend
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of president elect's twitter freud with senator lewis. brown and buyer talked about their decision on fox5 morning. i wrestled with this and after months and months of hearing disparaging comments by mr. trump, the tipping point was the remarks he made about representative john lewis. it wasn't the insults to john lewis the person and the civil rights hero, but he disrespected the office. all this last week we've had these intelligence reports coming out about how much the russians intentionally and maliciously tried to steer this election in trump's favor, that adding to the lying again and again without apology, the huge disrespect for women. it's one thing to respect the presidency, it's another thing to normalize annually jet myself a man's values from
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hold deer. they say they respect the presidency and will attend the state of the union address when the president presents his plans to congress. > some fog developing out there across much of our area. we saw how much it can change within the span of a few minutes. the capital, the visibility has dropped here in d.c. to about two miles now. but it looks like it's gotten a little bit worse. that's going ebbing and flowing throughout the night. i'm hoping by morning rush hour this fog is out here. we do have a fog that will come through and get rid of it. if not, check out your window and check out mike thomas the first thing tomorrow morning. he'll let you know if fog is slowing you down. right now we think it will expire at 4 in the morning. have you noticed that we are slowly adding daylight. i love this picture picture sent to us. we added 1 minute 33 seconds. tomorrow the sun comes up at 7:24 and goes down at
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daylight savings time begins march 12. meanwhile it's hard to see around in a few spots because visibility in a few places like baltimore and annapolis credit has dropped to a quarter of a mile. a quarter mile in martinsburg and winchester. take it easy out there and do know that tomorrow i expect the breeze toic p up which would get rid of the fog. it's going to be a milder day, a dryer day and eventually a sunnier day on wednesday. but you'll notice that the breeze which will be out of the northwest at times gusting to 20 miles an hour will make it noticeable. if there's a little bit of cloud cover left at 8 in the morning i don't think it will last long much our temperature will be mild overnight. we'll be really close to where our temperatures are right now, not dropping, even rising a little bit. by noon 55-degrees, breezy, by 4:00 58-degrees. some places south of the city could hit 60s. maybe north and west you stay in the upper 40s. still all of these temperatures are above average for this time of year.
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a few more showers skoog across the mason dixon line. certainly a little bit of mist and drizzle. we missed out on that part of the storm system and we've got the warm front coming through tonight. we've dropped a little bit in the district but we've been going back and forth between the upper 40s to low 50s. warm front is pushing on through to the north and it will be a mild day for us tomorrow. still a few spots have some trapped cold air which you could see here out towards the mountains, pittsburgh 53, new york city still cooler at 38 degrees, but everybody warms up tomorrow. the frontal boundary will swing on through and allow high pressure to brighten things up but to also brighten things up. leonardtown about 56, frederick 536789 i wanted to point out we're expecting a few showers around here, a little bit of light rain, maybe moderate rain friday afternoon. the wettest inauguration we've ever had was rooselt
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they got 1.77 inches of rain. roosevelt had a half of inch of rain as he drove down pennsylvania avenue. and the temperature at noon was only 33 degrees. it could be worse. our forecast forth inaugeral 48-degrees with some light rain beginning about 1:00 lasting through the evening hours. for the weekend, dryer for saturday. monday heavy rain possible, 58-degrees and tuesday about 356. we're staying mild most of this week. tony and shawn, that's your seven day forecast. >> thank you, sue. well, it is no secret thatfullying can be frustrating especially because of other people on your flight. never you, it's other people. >> of course it's the other people. the travel site ex media is out with its airplanette quit stud definitely it ranks the most anothing behalf. 54 percent ranked kids that kick the rear of your seat as the most problematic passengers. also rounding out the top five,
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the in attentive parents or the people who wear way too much colon or perfume also the audio insensitive. you know the people who talk really loudly or listen to loud music or have loud conversations. >> i don't want to hear your conversation. and the number five, the bossies, the drunk and disrupt them on flights. > we asked our viewers on twitter tonight what type of airline passenger drives nuts. we got lots of responses. francis reamers, people that get super aggressive to be the first person in line to board. hashtag calm down. this came from tamm, she wrote don't fly often but it rei hate when they refuse to check bags and use the overhead. chronic bee have you ever seen. this one is from stieve nelson that person that talks your head off at the gait and then does the same thing when the
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right next to you. on a flight to hawaii, listen to the flush and the slam all night. that would not be fun and not pleasant for a number of reasons. > definitely for a number of reasons. > thank you guys for sharing your thoughts. up next something you don't see
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> there's a good chance you don't care who is the head cope of the la rams or the 469 #* 69s. believe it or not they could have an impact. the rams picked the offensive redskins coordinator mcveigh. he's not the only form especially redskins assistant to make its way to the west coast. there were reports the 49s will offer the job to kyle shanahan. shanahan of course coached under his dad here and remember, mike
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shanahan was the one who drafted both robert griffin and kirk cousins. the younger shanahan likes cousins, so does mcveigh. the skins also need a defensive coordinator and today outside linebacker greg ma news ski was interviewed. he began his coaching career in 2001. he previously served as defensive coordinator for the colts and niners. jason tarver will interview for the same job. people say tennis is a contact sport. i beg to differ. stand well far court, less and, a possible shot. that wasn't the knee. no, no, not the knee. replays show it was elsewhere. he gets hit in let's say the tender parts. he accepted the
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he advances to the second round. hockey fights are rare, goal i fights even more rare, but not recently on the east coast hockey league. boom, good night, michael houser taken to the ground with a straight right and that is a look -- that's ugly. you don't see a loft goal i fights. there you go. you don't see a lot of news people fights. not until we're off the air. ready to rumble. that does it for us. stay tuned, tmz isssss
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