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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ two days to go. the countdown is on president obama held his press conference from the white house briefly room for the last time. as you can see from the run down, we want you guys to joint conversation, use #5at630. tweet us and let us know what's on your mind >> we're under two days away from the 58th presidential inauguration. today, president-elect donald trump is in new york, that is not of him that is new york governor andrew cuomo. that's who he met with today. they focused on issues concerning new york state including cuomo's ambitious plans to input grade and rebuild br
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airports in new york city and around the state and also the they talked about the affordable care act >> he was knowledgeable about the issues on the affordable care act. my sense was he understood exactly what i was saying. and the magnitude of what i was saying, 3 million insured people would be a problem. we talked about state control. and to me, it's more a question of resources as long as the federal government is providing the resources, so we make sure the progress we've made isn't lost >> the trump administration has been cleared that repealing the affordable care act has been a priority and a republican led congress has already got the ball rolling on that. the president-elect will be back in washington, dc tomorrow. trump and vice president elect pence are scheduled to participate in a wrench laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he will deliver remarks at a concert at the linc couldn't memorial
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the night at blair house which is the presidential guest residence across the street from the white house. president obama held his final press conference and talked about the words we've talk heard so much lately, fake news >> there's a reason we're the only country among advanced democracy that makes it harder to vote goes directly back to jim crow and the legacy of slavery. this whole notion of voting fraud this is something that is constantly been disapproved, this is fake news tom fitzgerald joins us live with more on this one. this was not a see you guys later. he got into heavy topics. >> reporter: typically these last presidential news conferences usually amount to some sort of victory lap. the out going
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it's president obama or bill clinton or george w bush they come out and talk about the previous administration, they talk about what they think their legacy will be but you know, most of all, what they talks about what they think they've accomplished and president obama was faced with was not just this kind of legacy of talking about the last eight years, he was met with real news issues, just in the last 24 hour, we have the situation where he commuted the sentence of army private chelsea manning. manning had been serving 35 year sentence, was in prison for leaking military information to wikileaks. then the president yesterday cuts the sentence down. he's going to get out in may. he was asked about this right out of the gate tonight. the press didn't waste any time. the president said, in his determination he looked at this, he had studied it. he said he looked at it.
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ultimately, the president said on his own, he decided that chelsea manning served enough time >> the sentence that she received was very disproportion it relative to what other leakers had received. and that she had served a significant amount of time. that it makes sense to commute and not pardon her sentence. . >> reporter: now, what was remarkable about that was there are widespread reports in the city that this decision was made over the objection of defense secretary ash carter and some of the president's top military people. so if that bears out, the president has made remarkable decision here to possibly go against the advice of some of his top military advisors. russia came into this in a big
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way. we've been talking for weeks now about russian influence in this election, what they did or did not do in connection with influencing this election in regards to what happened with those clinton e-mails. well, the president, as you know two weeks ago, put the sanctions in, expelled a bunch of diplomats, he made a pitch to donald trump to keep these sanctions in place. what he said was this didn't really have anything to do as much with the election as it did with what he said was russia's influence in ukraine. so listen to this new argument they had here today. >> i think it's important just to remember that the reason sanctions have been put in place against russia has to do with their actions in ukraine, and it is important for the united states to stand up for the basic principle that big countries don't go around and invade and bully smaller countries.
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>> reporter: the president also referenced to the fact that democrats say on congressional reasons that they're going to be boycotting the trump inauguration, he says, he is going to be here, he wish the press core luck and that was it. we cover the president's first prime time press conference inside the white house back in march, 2009. jim and shawn i can tell you that night the president was very quick to his answers, some answers got him into trouble. especially that night when he, said that the police acted stupidly at harvard university. one thing i noticed, the president's answers over the years have gotten much slower, and that proved to be the case tonight. carefully considering every word right up until the end today. >> got to think before you speak. >> thank you, he fitz. a lot of talk about the women's march on washington happening this saturday. it's expected some 200,000 people will be there >>
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tonight, tamika, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> let me ask you off the bat, first off, what is the ultimate goal of this march? did you ever expect to it grow to be this huge movement nationwide? >> i think the goal of this march is to bring together diverse groups of people, some folks who have not been involved in sort of the movement at all. they haven't really been out, you know, advocating for any particular causes, especially not on this level and we're giving them an opportunity to gather together with other like-minded individuals. and really to hear sort of an inspirational word about how to go forward, how to proceed during these times. what is the platform for which, you fall under? where is your passion and how can we help facilitate your engagement in that area? in terms of whether or not we expected it to grow to this point, we knew from
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soon as i was called, which was two days after the initial invitation went out by teresa shook, a woman in hawaii, by the time that went out, we knew that it was going to be big. but we had no idea that it would become what it is today. and we're quite, you know, happy that people are getting involved, but telling folks don't be two excited because we got a lot of work to do on january 22'nd >> this seems like it's giving a voice to people who did not have a voice, there's a lot of people that look at this and say it's just about saying no to donald trump. what do you say to people that says it's an anti-trump event >> it's called the march on washington. we know all the halls of power are here in washington, dc. and so we will be gathering not just to address donald trump, which, of course, he and his administration is a clear concern. also the senate, also the congress. also our supreme court.
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message back to local governors and local district attorney that is women's rights are human rights and we're carrying the entire family on our backs. we care about everyone in our community. we care about the lgbt, qia community, climate justice, racial justice, reproductive rights. we care about all the issues that are happening in our communities and we're going to be advocating for that on saturday >> let me ask you because there has been a little concern. there was a group we talked to who said the new wave feminist, group, a nonprofit pro life organization told us we were removed from your website as a partner and told they were not allowed to march with you guys. here's what they had to say earlier. >> well, certain people at the march obviously are going to disagree with the stance, we felt like we brought a unique voice and opinion to the march. ultimately, that is what they should be creating. i mean, this
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inclusion of thoughts 10 and ideas, how can we represent the full spectrum of women and their belief even if we disagree be empowered by the dialogue and the exchange of ideas. >> i guess we want get your response, they say they were told they could not participate when they say they want to march with the women's march on the 21 it's. >> well, first of all, our platform is very clear. we are pro choice, that has been our platform from day one. if you go to women's, right now, you will see that in our principles, it states that we are pro choice, that that is, you know, really the foundation for which, you know, our platform stands on. however, we have not told anyone that they cannot march with us. that information is clearly just not true. it's not factual. anyone who wants to come to this march who supports our issues is open to be there, they're welcome to come. >> they just were removed from the website but welcome to mch
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absolutely. >> absolutely >> thank you for joining us. we know a lot of people will be in town and we will be covering it. tamika mallry, thank you. are you hosting families or friends are you concernedbout conflict at home? >> well, you know, our next guest is in sort of a predicament. radio personality from 94.7. joined us via skype tonight. how are you doing >> good >> tell us about the predicament >> we're gearing up for the best party this weekend ever or the biggest family mistake ever. i have coming in from new york my cousin and my best friend, and they're coming in for the march and then i have my aunt and as of this morning my sister-in-law and my niece are coming to stay with us. i don't know how much you can see of my little tiny apartment we're looking tattoo bedroom maybe 800 square feet and jammed in here four days >> are
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have you laid down the law since you got people from two different sides of the spectrum coming in. >> we were talking about this morning, part of me want to lay ground rules, we have very opinionated women staying here, and they're intelligent. but on flip side, this is my home i want to feel welcome and put buying up a list of rules on the refrigerator, especially because everyone stayed here before, they kind of know the flow of everything here. >> if no rules then, what are you going to do? have a little wine? you guys stay on one side, you guys on the other? just let's not talk politics? >> there's no space in this apartment. i don't know if you can see the couch, we're going to fit on here for movie night. we got two bedrooms and a blow-up mattress. sleeping arrangements will be the biggest problems i'm worried about. >> thank you very much.
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you're not alone. >> we don't want talk about you on the news. >> let's co exist here. she's known for singing and making political statements what lady gaga is rumored to be up to for the super bowl and the nfl? some people say they may be stepping in.
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♪ ♪ nfl blasting reports that it told lady gaga to leave politics out of her half time show. this rumor started following a report by entertainment tonight that quoted an unnamed source who said gaga was told not to talk politics. >> rehearsal right now from lady gaga instagram account she wants to sing on the roof of the super bowl during the half time show. organizers are considered air lifting the outrageous performer. they're stringing up a lot of controversy, because there's so much focus on the half time show. so jared green weighing in on
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>> good evening, good to see you. >> when you watch the super bowl, obviously, we know what your focus is you're about the game. do we put too much emphasis on this half time show >> i think we do, i'm more excited about her being air lifted. whateverhe's going to do down on the stage >> you ask me both, you played in the nfl. your dad did. do you really think i mean, there were all these rumors the nfl, lady gaga, no politics here. is that something they even care about or would talk about >> the nfl stands for the neutral football league. they don't go too deep or far on any particular issue. because they need to make money and they need to have good ratings. >> jared, there was an article that came out during the run-up the election, a lot of players white nfl players are favoring trump. you know, being in the locker room there, do politics ever come up in the locker room >>
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about politics in the locker room. you have such a unique situation and different guys with different backgrounds and everybody is making money, you're trying to figure out how do i vote? i don't want to vote against myself and my well-being but then i was raised a certain way, we don't get too confused to go into politics >> so back to the half time show. you say we should be more concerned about the football game. let's be real. it's lady gaga. we have beyonce before. bruno mars, when we're talking about it, who has been your favorite half time performer or were you paying attention >> my favorite ever was michael jackson dynamic. the game is all about the commercials and the half time show. football guys like us we like to watch the game. but by the third quarter we checked out >> that's true. >> i was going to say. >> go for it. >> quick, this weekend. predictions >> don't do that to >> steelers. right? >> i want to go for the steelers
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>> you just did. >> thank you, jared. >> thank you. super bowl airing right here on fox, have you nailed down your inauguration look >> not just yet. if you haven't like jim, very swab, we may have a few ideas now, check it out 5at630 will be right back.
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wednesday night, key fashion presidential inaugural fashion show this weekend. schuylkill river director dc fashion week and the producer of the washington presidential inaugural fashion show is here, it's good to have you. thanks for joining us >> it's good to be back home >> tell us about the inaugural fashion show. when is it and what can we expect >> we're celebrating the legacy of obama and the hope for the new administration. doesn't matter if you're red or blue party. no matter what. we have
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doing this saturday >> we brought in some of those designers, their fashions today. >> let's bring them inform who do we have first >> first, we have this is jessica in baby doll pants suit by night >> some people wouldn't think to wear a pantsuit >> i think hillary changed that. you can be the most powerful woman on the planet, you can wear a pantsuit. next we have this is mckenna a red hologram print stretch vinyl gown. and embroidery. washington toneian base designer and been in the business over 30 years. >> love the color, contrast of the red and black. >> who do we have next >> britney, wearing desiree, a red
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inaugural also valentine's day. >> that's coming up, i didn't think about that >> this is a little bit shorter. would think ok for inaugural balls too >> well, also go with the suggestion of the host. the host sometimes will set guidelines for us, for those who don't make it to the official balls there's the night scene and party on the town, we're theth whether you're going to the gala celebration >> this is brook wearing a russian designer black mermaid silhouette with emerald see quens on it >> this is more formal than the last dress we saw, >> in washington, dc sometimes we get dressed differently for the daytime and switch it up for nighttime. depends on
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you're going, to some don't want to get all dolled up or some people want to wear a short dress, some, sexy, depends on your inspirations. >> ladies come on back in here. about to wrap up the segment. so again, if people want to get tickets, they want to come to the fashion show >> presidential fashion made it simple. this is our third inauguration we're supporting over 12 years, fantastic. so we're happy so bright fashion. fashion houses, more about the additional designers on the website, presidential fashion >> thank you so much. ladies thanks for coming in. who's mixing up the best cocktails for inauguration? >> i don't know, but we got good suggestion for you coming up next on 5at630. wait a minute, hold up >> got to get in on this. ♪ ♪
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this town >> you can stop by a low's madison hotel. she's here tonight to mix up some of the cocktails they will be serving up this weekend. >> thank you for joining us. >> i'm going to make it's what we call the deorder based on the speak easy side. a nice blend works well for us because at the madison hotel we have an argentina inspired concept. it's a variation with it's wine from new york and we're using one of our dried mall beck, you can use a mall beck or shariz. we got let me on juice.
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different inaugural cocktails >> directly in front of you while i'm doing this, is we got this right here is called the white house and the reason why it's a variation of tradition. it's gin and vodka. literally our variation on it we use a variation of gin and typical garnish is a lemon and a pair gives it a heavier taste. >> tell us again >> 117715th street northwest. >> not a bad place to be through this. >> this is called the new yorker >> called the new yorker. >> club soda >> that's going to fizz. >> 15 seconds
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>> and do this. >> jim you want to try that? >> i'll take that. . >> all right. cheers everybody, stop down and try it. can i try it now? here we go. >> see you tonight at 10:00. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. >> see you tonight at 10:00. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet.
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harvey: a hall of fame rock and roll band was scheduled to play the inauguration subject to negotiations that went south because they wanted too much money. >> so donald trump, who wants to save as much money as he can, because he wants to donate all of the money they don't spend to a charity. >> did he say which charities to -- he would like donate to? harvey: he did. >> charities like you have never seen it. waka flocka flame had a concert at the georgia theater. there's a fan in the crowd wearing a trump jersey. the fan eventual fan makes his way up to waka flocka flame. he wipes his ass with it. it's the most hardest wipe i have ever seen. [laughter] it is. >> scott eastwood is filming a movie in sydney, australia, right now and he went cliff jumping. the problem is cliff jumping is illegal. >> he looks good. >> he looks so good.


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