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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> today on fox5 news morning, countdown to tfohex5 58th 5th presidential inauguration.augur president-elect donald trumpelec is in town for a full day ofor f public appearances leading up u to his swearing in ceremony. c >> number of roads are closedcld and offer limits.r erin como has all the information you need to knowin e toed to kn avoid any drivingdi headaches. >> live look outside. liv we're expecting another dryy and warm day. temperatures are expected toexpo once again climb into the mid m to upper
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and gentlemen. >> because the bottom is goingtg fallut.t. no, kidding., kidding thanks for joining us i'm 'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. erin como will talk about the ab traffic, a lot you need tou n know we'll get to them on the 5s.5s. >> if you're just waking up at 5:00 a.m. let's get you caughtog up on today's top stories.sto we'll begin with breaking newsgn out of italy where as many as a 30 people are missing after anat avalanche buried a mountain hotel. tel. rescue teams reached the sitee overnight and they're diggingan through the rdiubblegg forr survivors. 20 guests were staying at that hotel which is in the samee area where three earthquakeshre hit yesterday.rday. at least seven staff wereere working at the hotel when theent avalanche happened.appened. >> we're also followinge're breaking anlsewo s from iran wh 30 firefighters are dead and 75 others injured after aa highrise residential building in the capitol city of tehranehr collapsed after massive fire. take a look at the shockingsho scene that unfolded on liveive tv
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called to the scene of the burning 17 story building.ding. officials fearing many peopleopl are still tracked many trappedat inside thera burning rubble ru which was among the firsthe irst built in that city.ity. devastating news out ofstato india. a truck crashed head on into a a school bus killing at least 24 4 children. two dozen other children were we injured. all of the kids were between the ages of three and 12 yearses old. old. visibility was low because of o dense fog in the area.e the truck driver was taken tofo a hospital where we're hearingeg that his legs had to be amputated. >> former president george h.w. bush remain in intensivense care this morning at a know a kn houston. mr. bush is recovering after ara procedure to help clear hiscleas airways was successful.ce the former president had the t procedure yesterday afterure having been in the hoyespital since saturday battling pneumonia. barbara bush was also admitteddd yesterday as a precautionrca after suffering fatigue andand coughing. >> with just one day to go one o until his inaugurationnug president-elect donald trump and vice president elect mikerei pence are preparing tode
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>> today's public events will begin and end at the lincolnhe memorial which is where wehich e find our melanie alnwick thislns morning. good morning, mel.rning >> reporter: hey, goodter: hey morning, guys. so, wern are here one heron constitution avenue and all avel along as you're driving around n the city today you're going to see police officers, roadad closures, a number of securityci apparatus around. you can see here just acrossust the lincoln memorial and even over here tond where they've goo the security screening tentsin set up for today's event,e that's 10:30 this morning ats mt the lincoln memorial it's i called voices of the people. pe it will feature bands and a performers from local schoolsscs and civic groups.and cigroups. now, last night there were twowe dinners sort of kicking offkic the inaugural official events. mr. trump flew into d.c. from.c new york for an. event honorino vice president elect mikeesiden pence at thet national portrait gallery and then there wasn thes another dinner featuring his cabinet nominees at theinees ate library of congress.con now, later today, at arlingtonnn national cemetery 3:30 this:30 s
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really begin in earnest. mr. trump and vice presidentsidn elect pence will be doing adong wreath laying ceremony at theng cemetery there. ctery there. the pair will then head backheak here to the lincoln memorialncoe for the make america greatrica e again welcome celebration.leion. mr. trump is expected to make me a few short remarks there andd thank supporters.pport the concert will feature toby ty keith john voight leeig lee greenwood three doors downd thre military bands an fireworks display. la then a later tonight 7:30 this3s evening actually, black tietie candlelight dinner at unionuno station for trump and pence too thank their campaign donors.doo. also last night, when thee president-elect was in town, his motorcade apparently madede an unscheduled stop at theduleda trump hot telth where he was greeted to cheers from his cheef guests there at the hotel ho bearing his he then flew back to new yorkack last night o tn his privateate plane, then later today he returns to washington to livelie
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duration of his presidency.sden. live at the lincoln memorial,olo i'm melanie alnwick fox5 localca news. >> all right, 5:04 is the timete and as many democrats say theyay aren't going to attend at president-elect donald trump's inauguration, one localgura democratic lawmaker saysti he will. maryland representative elijah e cummings says he'll attend.atte. maryland lawmakerrers anthonynty brown and jamie raskin are not attending. president-elect donaldid trump tappingen sonny perdue too serve as his agriculture secicue area. he's a business other than an veterinarian who referredn himself as georgia's ceo o during his eight years inht yean office. because of his focus on savingoi money and improving service atva state agencies.cies. >> in maryland attorney general ryan fresh is leadingl ae coalition of democraticemocrt attorneys general from six from states who are urging the he senate to reject r president-elect trump'senlect ts nominee to head the departmented of justice.ju the group float a letter that tt they believe senator jeffnator f sessions of alabama has stoodamt
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mission of the justice ju department and called him unqualified for the job. job >> president obama holding hisds final press conference lastnfent night at the white house.hoe the president touched onouche several things that haveal happened over the past eight tht years. he also talked about recent headlines from russia's russa's involvement in the election tooo his decision to shorten the sentence of army privatemy priva chelsea manning. ma he was asked how he thinkse t president-elect donald trumpelec will do and here's what he had to say. >> i don't think we'll know until he has an actual chancehae to get sworn in and sit behindhd that desk and i think a lot ofnd his views i t are going to beigo shaped by his advisers, they hid people aroundvi him which is why it's important to pay to attention to these confirmation hearings.irma >> president obama says he plans to do somedent writing,wr, spend some time with his family. he'll do that when he leaves leav office. >> the washington nationalsionas have their first hall of famer. ivan rodriguez played hisd hi final two major league seasons a with the nationals and an ye
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member of the 2017 hall of hallo fame clas joining him are formerfor montreal expo tim rains and the astros' jeff at well. >> 5:07 is the time but mikebute thomas you're always on timeayse with our weather forecast. and it's a good one today.oday. >> yeah, maureen i'm excitedi'mx to bring this forecast today because it's going to be a pretty good one especiallyhis iy mid january standards. some clouds out there to starttt the day though. day however with winds out of the north and west that t withl wlil in drier air and much likend mul yesterday by the time we get to the afternoon we'll clear things out and get sunshine.gets 30 south of d.c. though culpeper manassas grab the the jacket you're below freezing'ree to start the day as is fredericksburg.fred 38 for quantico, 41 atat leonardtown. near d.c. we're at 43 degrees.3 little bit of a breeze thiseezet morning so it feels like 30's 3 here in washington.asingto feels like 35 at fredericksburg, 34 this afternoon it's going tooino feel rather pleasant.pleasan. 56 degrees with a good amountamn of sunshine come your wa
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all right, that's a quick lookil at the forecast. the we'll have more in just a f jusa couple of minutes but for nownow let's get to erin como witht to the traffic. ethtr >> on-time traffic brought toro you by toyota. toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:08. this is along constitutioncons avenue as you pass 15th street northwest. inauguration closures.noguralo some in place already.alr and as you can see traffic traff getting by here but it shoulditd be shut down very soon you canon see a lot of trucks and barriers getting ready to get t set up.set u. by the lincoln memorialmemorial closures already in place andn as youplac head down to the whie house national mall and aroundan the washington monument youment can see traffic still tryingc st to get through that area. ar. now the red zone is right now. parking closures but again agn they're getting ready to close e all of them. lots going onem .this morning. . aside from the inaugurationaugui closures in the district as in you try to head thfrom baltimore
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have a southbound crash on bwbw parkway at 175. 175 left lane is blocked and we'ren seeing about a 10 minuteminte delay. if you want to avoid gettingettg stuck in that as you head down towards laurel your best beturel take 95 southbound or route r one southbound will save you some significantig time this morning.time this mo metro operating on a normalnom schedule today.heduleod service kicked in atrvice ki int 5 o'clock. no delays right now.ays righnow. tomorrow morning however metro o service begins at 4 o'clock to'o help accommodate all those heading to the inaugurationto te celebration. i is now thiound right now th crash did clear. c right now traffic is flowingfc with no delays.dela back to you. >> thank you erin. you eri. coming up on fox5 news morning g mail users we have a v serious warning to tell youg tol about. >> and as we head to break,to b, live look at the national mall o lincoln memorial there, pretty picture. of course they're getting ready for the bigrse thday tomorrow. a lot of events though though starting today. we're going to keep you in theyh know when it comes to the inonguration. 5:09 is our time right now. 45 degrees is the temperature. we'll be back reightra after afr this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:10 right now. another round of threats to jewish facilities across the>>rn u.s. u.s. yesterday 27 jewish communityo centers in 17 statesm includingc maryland reported receivingecvig bomb threats. the telephone calls prompted evacuations but no explosivesx were found or injuries reported. ed. no one has claimed
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the calls which first targeteda 16 jewish community centers in nine states on january 9th.tes . >> an ice storm shutting downorw highways in oregon andren and washington state.washta one highway was shut down forowr about 45 miles in an area rea northeast of portland andland ad again farther east due todu t blizzard conditions.itio. transportation officials had no immediate plans to reopeniatp the highway connecting oregon on and idaho. >> update on the condition ofono a baltimore mother whoer who survived a horrific fire lastift week. katie malone has been upgradeded from critical condition tond good condition.dition. in a facebook post shefacst detailed how the public can ca honor her six children thatil were killed in the fire. fi she suggests honoringring 11-year-old bridget by makingol art speaking brout againstagai injustice for 10-year-oldyear-od amelia solving a problem for f three-year-old twins amandayeara and zoey and being helpful too remember two-year-old billy.bil and smiling and laughing toing honor eight month old daniel.el. wow.w. okay. if you use g mail, listen up.p. hackers are trying to stealg to users' log in information byby
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here's how this one works.orks. the hackers send you an e-mail a which includes an e-mail seems to be from one offo your existing contact.con you click on an attachmentattaht that leads to you a fake google log in page. p that's where they steal yourur information. informatio beware.n. >> how do you not open a mailail if it's from a real contact?conc >> that's the tricky part. pa >> or is it just clicking onceii you open it. >> i think you got to go the step further. yeah, hopefully we'll hearstho more as the morningpefu goells s and give you the information.for i know a lot of people aree are wondering. g. >> 'cause i have a g mail account. accoun coming um congress beginsngg debate onre a bill which would punish universities whichh protect illegalun >> for the first time sincee sne president reagan was in officeas no member of the incomingoming administration will be of b of latino descent.escent. >> as we head to break livewe h look across the d.c. region,eas. people up and going on this on i thursday as you can see rightrit there. 5:12 is our time right now.
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in fact it's supposed to be apoa pretty nice one mike thomase ths says. we'll check in with him on theh other side of the break.f the b don't go anywhere. >> ♪♪ ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back i'm annie yu. me baannie addition to tht closures, we have bridges that d are closing as well and metro eo stops that you need to beat youe aware of that are closing for fr security reasons. reas right now we are on ar constitution where several sevel blocks will be closed startingdg today. it's going to be a big mess downtown around the nationalhe n mall p-lincoln memorial and other parks and so we wille have all that coming up forp you in just a little jus back tlio you in the studio. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> 5:15 is our time right there's a beautiful picture ofcf the lincoln memorial, everyoneee just easing on into what looks to be a pretty g
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right, mike.t, >> yeah, not bad at all holly. . look at the headline.headlin best day of the week.f the we by far i think today is goingday to be a good one. ne yesterday wasn't bad.sterday wat we got some su bnshine in thenen afternoon with temperaturesmp here in d.c. at least pokingpoki um into the low 60's. 6's. could potentially do thato hat again today. ag we're starting off cooler.ooer. manassas 30 degrees, d.c. 43. gaithersburg 43 as w there's a light wind chill outli there so it feels like upper upr 30's here in washington.ingto take that into account.t into an grab the jacket as you head he out the door but maybe by thisb afternoon you can get rid ofnet the jacket because it willcket i feel rather mild especially e with the full sunshine coming f your way lasuternshi on this ths afternoon. satellite and radar out there this morning shows se omeand cs trying to sneak in from thesn soh and d west. we'll kind of start mostlyart sy cloudy to partly sunny but tpars with that northwest breezebre that's drier air getting kindetn of sucked down from the northd and that's going to help usdownp clear things out. out. much like it did yesterday yday afternoon. so here's your setup forup today. high pressure going to take take over this afternoon and agains f with thatet northwest breeze ite will be rather pleasant.plesant. lots of sunshine coming our comr
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i'll go 50's here in d.c. i won't resume out 60 -- rule out 60 degrees. 6:00 a.m. clouds maybe spotty st drizzle especially north andciad west of d.c. we roll into thwee 10:00 a.m. hour we're seeing that raineeinr get a little closer and yes, prime time right about theme ri swearing in time, sab again agi that's a little faster than it was yesterday. we're going to continue toing to watch this as w ce move throughu the next 24 hours here. her good news is it's a pretty ptty fast moving system and itsyst looks like we get it out oft here by the afternoon though ihi can't rule out drizzle for thede parade so we'll keep our eyeep e on that. let's get straight to yourr fox5 accuweather 7-dayccuwe7-da forecast. 57 today. 57 t tomorrow cool cloudy andlouda showers in the afternoon 49.erno back up into the 50's for the fe weekend. all right, that's theall righ t forecast. erin como has got th e roads onro on this friday's eve.f >> that's right, mike andike and 5:17. take a look at this.k h if you're coming up 32 u falmouth virginia 95 on the 95 t southbound side by centreportret parkway you can see the policeee activity blocking the righting t shoulder and right lane andht that is from an e larlier crashr so
5:18 am
the brakes heading southbound sd on 95. let's go ahead and switchead a things over and show you a ove look at our maps.aps. another crash as you make your r way from baltimore towards thet capital this is api look at thist accident right now at 175 blocking the let me keep it to m the right and to avoid getting g stuck in about a 10 minute0 mine backup leading towards thatds tt crash location 95 southbound so wide opened route oneue one southbound also looking good.lso as we forward things over to at look in gaithersburg 270thersrg southbound right now thisight nt crash is still blocking thecki left lane out at shady grovet sa road so we may start to seeto some congestion picking uppickig from germantown towards gaithersburg. ep it to pared to ke the right and watch for that tht active crash scene. s did it not yet clear.did not aside from those problemsblem we're dealing with for ouror thursday morning commute the mor beltway looking good.nigood. problem free on the beltwaybelty through largo looking bottom bo side through oxon hill top side through college park quiet commute. once you get into the districtqt keep in mind parking restrictions and street andtreet closures already in placeures ac inside that rede zone. z they'll be in place throughace u monday morning.ay mor the green zone parkingrking restrictions begin at begint 7 o'clock.
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fox5 d.c. on twitter.. on twit just keep in mind we're here'ree to answer any of your your questions. it's a large area of closures co that span around the nag mallh white house as you make youruse way out by the conventionout bye center as ntwelioln as unionl an station and the lincolne linco memorial. we're here to help you gedp ou around as we gear up for theup inauguration celebrationslebrats later dan tomorrow.late maureen and holly, back to ba you. >> thank you erin.>> thank y time isou e5:19. let's take a look at theok at stories you're engaging withgag the most this morning onmo social media with our realtimese news tra >> wisdom joining us now with wh what's hot on the's h >> good morning to you.otmornin first up forget sanctuaryatuary cities sanctuary campusesca could be the next heatedheted debate. dozens of colleges andco universities say they willsi protect illtiegal immigrants im unless they're fmorced not tooto by the law. california republicanublica representative duncan hunternca introduced legislation thislatii month saying congress should strip schools of billionsh of dollars in federal financial fin aid unless they startar cooperating and this could potentially cost schoolsost shos billions of dollars.doll ever since ronald reagan'ses presidency there has be
5:20 am
latino in the white housee hose cabinet until now. now if president-elect donaldsit trump's cabinet members arere confirmed, his cabinet won't w have a democrat, just three juse women, one african-americanrica none latino in any role. re. that ends a nearly threearly the decades streak of latinoatino secretaries top ambassadorsbsads and administrators.istrars. meanwhile a new proposal thattht has bipartisan support inport in congress would have employees wu put upld to $2,000 in health savings or flexible spendingspeg to use towards fitness clubitneb fees, sports equipment and n youth league l the goal is to reduce thegoal i nation's long toterm r healthcae costs by encouraging moreg more activity and fitness.fitn and finally, a foreclosedord pennsylvania mall once worth wo $190 million was sold for onlyol $100. $100. the mall foreclosed becauserecla the owner didn't repaypay 143 million-dollar loan toli wellson fargo.rgo. ly. ly. >> thanks, whiz.hiz. coming up on fox5 news morning o american airlines now offering o a no frills scaled
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ticket. >> the next time you have aleeth long delay atave abwi you actuc might be able to get a workoutwt in. >> oh, okay. as we head to break a liveve look across the d.c. region. 5:20 is your time and it's ait a very comfortable 45 degrees5 d for january. fox news morning back afterbackr this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 5:23. amazon could be getting into the self driving car they gotng a c paratent for a roadway management systement syt which deals with self drivingdrn lanes and reversible lane.versi it would communicate the direction of the lane to self sf driving amazon hasn't announced newo plans to make the system a systa reality. >> getting the cheapest fareea on american airlines will meanle leaving that rolling carry onry bag at home.g at hoe. american airlines says it will w unveil its version of a basic bc economy fare that should coste o less than coach tickulets.d ach. the idea to bring down priceso for travelers on doa budget butt customers will only be alloweda to cry
5:24 am
fits under their seats and noann wheeled carry on bags.arry on b. happening today, if you'reg' looking for a job food lion isls actually holding a job fair in waldorf. the grocer is hiring for is hinf various positions includinguding produce managers producero associates meat managers ands mg others. if you are interested headntered down to the hilton garden inne in walter dorf and make sure mar you take your interviews will actually be b held on site. that's happening today fromtoda 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. p.m. >> looking for a healthier wayey to spend your layover. yes, your layover.our layer. bwi is set to open a new fullull service gym with treadmills stationary bikes weightsnary bik showeress and even renderablen n workout gear this month asar ths part of a larger initiative ati the airport to keep travelersral healthy while on the go n2014 bwi was ranked the bestes airport in the country foror health full meal options. >> wow. >> i could see that. i c aaf people you get little stir crazy you want to get your craworkout in. i >> as long as they got
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>> yes. >> before you get on that nextut leg.hat >> don't sit next to me. m >> let's talk about a good god thursday 'cause that's what itwt looks like we have on tap.have >> you're absolutely righte soly holly. it's going to be a gorgeousorges thursday afternoon here in theee d.c. region.d. r satellite and radar does showdow some clouds to start and it'sd s definitely chilly out there soou grab the jacket but no rain inri the forecast leave the umbrella at home.hoe. temperatures around the regionon 43 degrees currently in in washington. washin manassas down to 30gt.on 3 31 for culpeper.culpep north and west actually warmerwm than some locations southth today. 43 for frederick 42 for 42 fo hagerstown to start the day, 44 currently in baltimore.are your planner for the dayay today, 50 degrees.. we'll be dry this afternoon.s a 54 by ft1 o'clock with more me sunshine in the up into the mid to upper 50's later on this afternoon.tern again just absolutely gorgeoustg thursday coming our way.ur wa how about we skip tokip to inauguration day here talk are little bit about your friday. does look like it might be onigb the wetter side of thing. if you're planning on headinghed downtown i believe i heard youeu cannot take umbrellas butut maybe have a poncho readyncho ry because you may need itmay tomorrow afternoon.
5:26 am o erin como has got a cf hecth k ofchec the roads early this thursdaythu morning. >> 5:25 mike. we're already busy.we this is a live're look from our vdot cram in falmouth. cram in a 95 southbound thelmou off ramp o centreport parkway blocked.bloc you can see a lot of policeolic activity. tractor-trailer crashed blocking the off ramp. you'll have to detour around tor-trkingetour that a andun tdhat's slowing's g traffic on the southbound sideun as you make your dway fartherarr towards richmond so please bease prepared to add a few extra extr moments there.moments the a busy morning already unfortunately. southbound baltimore-washington parkway crash at 175. e is blocked.bloed. take 95 southbound down w towards laurel to savelaurel t yourself some time thise timis morning. 270 southbound gaithersburgaith another crash moved over toovert the shoulder at shady grove. ato just a littleve slow zone past t that l you can always take 355 if youe5 want to get around as we move over for the rest of your thursday morningm commute outside the beltwayhe by looking good.looking good. inside the beltway we'ree' relatively quiet northwest but t don't forget so many roady rod closures in place alreadyalready along pennsylvania avenue andlvd around capitol hill. hill. also for the inaugural welcomeoe celebrat
5:27 am
road closures begin at 5:00gin 0 a.m. so they kicked in alreadyay about 26 minutes ago aroundr lincoln memorial constitution c avenue between 23rod and 25thd 2 and then as you make your wayura out just keep in mind along 22nd, 21st, 20th street.stret. tweet me at erin fox5 d.c. if. you have any questions. qu if you plan on taking uber or ur lyft make sure you call that ride outside of the perimeterpem closed down. july to walk a little bit buttlt we got you covered with anyed wy questions you may have aroundrod getting around today andoday and tomorrow. back to you. >>hanks ererin. 5:27 right 5: coming up on27 rig fohtx5 news g a number of attorneys general gl around the country are urging ur the senate not to confirm onefme of president-elect donaldsi trump'sdent nominees.nom >> dance party protests breaks out at vice president elect mike pence's e nprew neighborhoo >> and as we head to break,b let's go ahead and take a liveiv look outside across the d.c. region. 5:27 is our time, 43 degrees. d. mike thomas says it's going to be the best day of the week weather-wise so get out and
5:28 am
jo more news headed your way on the her r side.head don't go anywhere.side. anywher. fox5 news morning continues. co. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morningonf the d.c. region gets ready fornr the 58th presidentialrestial inauguration.i a number of road closures arere now in place. p president-elect donald trumpt-el is in the decistrict to getto ready for a full day of events leading up to his swearing inrii singe rick perry gets readyrickt for a s confirmation hearing for a job he openly admitted tomited knowing very little about.ittle. fox5
5:31 am
now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mo >> good morning to you.ood thank you very muchmo for r joining us, i'm wisdom martin.m. >> i'm holly morris today. oday. is thursday january jan >> erin como talking trafficg ic mike thomas talking weather coming up in just a moment. first let's get to the news thes headlines at 5:30.. inauguration ceremonies donaldoc trump he's going to kick it into high gear theod'say g. tod. two events happening at theen lincoln memorial.memrial. also across the river ativert arlington cemetery and evend v over at union station tonight.o >> now all of that leading toto major road closures in d.c. c and some of those have already begun. our annie yu is going to begin e our team coverage this morning i live on the streets ofs of downtown washington.hington. how's it out there thishere morning, annie? >> reporter: inhey, goody morning, holly and wisdom. good morning, i'll tell you what.u what. everywhere you look downtownw there are flashing lights.lghts. there's a lot going on thiss early hour. hor. they're working to shut downrkin the roads.road right now in front of this isf
5:32 am
one of the closures that hasat already taken place and so youpu can see they blocked it offckedf there and then we just cameme from constitution avenue where they were getting ready to o shut down the roadways theren because parts of thconstitutionn will be shut down around the national mall. so, we saw a small army of trucks with cement barricades ready to lay those down forto l the closures.ay g ththeie r way way through the district to close ce down the roadways and i'm and telling you, it's going to beg e very tough getting around theune district not only today but bu tomorrow of course and thennd te even into the weekend because be we have that big women's march h on washington still so pleaseple keep that in mind. i want to get to the maipn thath shows you basically aically perimeter of a red zone andnd green zone. zo and so if you look at that,at you can see the list of things closing. clos basically it's the whole swathis of downtown that you wants to avoid and also onow n outhr webt at fox5 d.c. we have theseve the closures as well as some metro o stations that are going to beino closed tomorrow for theosedrow o inauguration due to security reasons.
5:33 am
events going on, we're going we head over to melanie alnwicklnw who's got that side of thef te events covered.ts good morning, >> reporter: good morning,r: go, annie. and here on constitutionon avenue we are also seeing se quite a lot of activity.e occasionally we'lla see a motorcade of golf carts goingol by with security and othercsecur workers in it. you can see just like you mentioned, the cementthe barricades going down,own, entrances tots lincoln entrances to the ling m an an event called voices of the people will feature bandsll andd performances from localnces fm l schools and civic groups and and then a c bigger event thisevenis evening but first, todayto president-elect trump and vicene president-elect pence will got o arlington national cemeteryonaly 3:30 this morning for a wreathgr laying ceremony shortly aftererm that then they'll hey ad here td the lincoln memorial for theal make america great again welcome celebration.lebration. mr. trump is expected to maketok a short speech here and thank tk supporters. it's a big it will feature toby keithby k
5:34 am
three doors down and others and after the concert --oncert - they're not expected to stay s for the entire concert.c they'll head to a candlelightcat dinner for donors at 7:30 this3s evening. evenin mr. trump will head back tod bak new york tonight and then toheno washington for the bigg inauguration ceremonies ce tomorrow. that is the latest from here test frore in northwest, i'm melanie'mla alnwick back to you wisdom andod holly. >> in maryland attorney general brian frosh is leadingln a coalition urging the senatee e to reject president-electresidtc trump's nominee to head thead department of justice.rtment of the groupju wrote they believebe senator jeff sessions of alabama has stood for policiessi against the core mission ofsionf the justice department and called limb unqualified forn thjob.b. >> meanwhile tough questionsuess define the day on capitol hill yesterday as four ofour president-elect trump'select tr' cabinet picks began their senate confirmation hearings.fia trump's pick to head healthad and human services and the epaea and his choice for ambassador to the un and commerceand secretary and today it will be
5:35 am
former texas governor rickrnor k perry's turn in the hot seat. st where he's going to fieldg tofid questions over his nominationomn as secretary of the energyrgy department. ment. >> a group of protestorsprotests danced their way through viceh president-elect mike penceent- neighborhood last night inor support ofho lgbt rights. ri they are concerned bopeeps'opees record on lgbt issues. iss the group says the party waspar about making their voicesr vo heard and their presence felt. l the dance party took place outside of the home pence renting in chevy chase d.c. >> holly yesterday.e >> yes, sir. >> i got a story for both of of you. >> value i sit down.>> >> i'm sure i'm going get v age wrap on this. basically the girls' girls' basketball team by daughter'saus 13-year-old basketball teamr- they came out yeolsterdad y aftr the game wearing just theirust r uniform in the cold.the col now to me it was cold. cold. was it cold to you guysd yesterday. >> the moral of the story isal they're heartier than you. than >> that was the point of thewa whole this ng.wh >> i will say this.say t i will d
5:36 am
i did not feel like it was ass warm as i thought it was goingw to be in amy mind. mind like it didn't feel like 60 to o me. >> yeah. you know, it honestly nevery ne felt much like 60 yesterdayyeera but did i go for a jog wayog short sleeve t on.short sl on. >> did you. >> were you chilled.yo >> it felt good.ut felt good >> he thought about it.outi >> i don't understand how yout young people don't get coldunopd like we do.on't glike we do like we adults do. >> well, let me tell you aboutou us young people. [laughter] >> holly will explain it whilei you do weather. >> i wish. get to fore to the forecast here. we'll talk more about thate abot later because now i only havey h 30 seconds. 43 in washington.was high pressure takes control this afternoon and still a day y where it's either going feeloine warm to you if you're young ornr maybe not so warm if drew not dn so young. 50 degrees -- upper 50's later r on this afternoon.tenoon. 57 later today with a goodh a go amount of sunshine.nine. enjoy it because tomorrow theecu clouds are back and yeses t, soe afternoon showers just in time for the
5:37 am
49 degrees for a that's a check of theth erin como has got's a tra ffic. t >> that's right, mike, 5:36 536 right now f you're headed outou in takoma park marylandakoma pal tracking a building fire.f flower avenue near pineyy branch road that's causing bigcg slowdowns on piney branch road in that area. ara. i'd suggest detouring keep itket to carroll avenue or 195 to t get around. we'll keep you updated.p we have a crew right now ont n their way to takoma park topar o check out that fire.fie. aside from that it's just afroms busy morning all around.d. tweeting out updates for youateu to help you get around. ar you know the just a lot of road closuresosurs downtown. or the're heading out for the inauguration events they'reth prepping right now.prg street closures began at at 3 a.m. including portions oftioo pennsylvania avenue capitollvani hill and around lincolnund lincn memorial. aside from that for the welcome efrom celebration, these all the closures in place p already and keep in mind the ine memorial bridge systemystem currently shut down. do other bridges in the area area closing as well. wl. as early as tomorrow morning. mo any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. help youing help you get around. back to you. >> 5:37 is the tbaime.7 is the . coming up on fox5 news
5:38 am
morning, the national park service enjoys a recordrvic breaking year. >> and a 65-year-old drugold dg designed for malaria is nowa isw being used on a brain cancercanr patient. >> live look outside across acrs the d.c. region.the d.c. rion. time is 5:38, the temperaturetem 43. back in a moment.moment. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> we're back now at 5:40. president obama denying a clemency plea during his finalal days in office attorneys for native americans leonard peltier. peltier. the president was granted moremr commutations than any of his predecessors denied that t request the office writingfi that it wasce "not warranted."rd >> a drug designed more thandesn 65 years ago to fight malaria.aa now it's helping patients with brain cancers.brain ca researchers at the university tr of colorado cancer vendoro canco actually testing a drug.d they say when added other other cancer fighting drugs it has as had success in slowing down the growth of tumors. >> well, for the first time inr straight year national parksth have seen ae earecorr dna numbf visits.. tourists packed yellowstone rocky mountains each sites sawi four to 6 million visitorsn vi last year.sst yea. some waited an ho
5:42 am
cars just to get throughrou entrance gates.entr some park officials areffials ae considering a reservationes system for park entry and the daily visitor limit as well. we. >> coming up on fox5 newsfox5 ns morning a beloved 90's sitcom returning to the small >> metro transit announces itses plans for dealing with threewit days of inaugural crowds and protests.protes. >> as we head to break a liveea look across the region on this thursday morning,ng, inauguration we're atau 5:42 right now,w, 43 degrees. looks like it's going to beeg aa pretty pleasant thursday forsdao mid january and all.ary anall. fox5 news morning coming rightmg back after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> there is breaking news to is get you updated on as many asony 30 people are missing after anft avalanche buried a mountaintain hotel in rescue teams reached the site overnight. 20 guests and seven stafff members were at the hotelthe h which is the same area wherew three earthquakes hitthre yesterday. there are reports ate least onee guest managed to get out along g with a maintenance worker.ker. >> we're also following break news from iran where state media are fearing 30ea firefighters were dead andig several others injured afterhtea huge highrise residentiali building in tehran collapsedcol after a massive fire. take a look at the video rightrt here. the shocking scene unfolded onon live tv. ve tv. at least 200 firefighters wereit called to the scene of thece the burning 17 story building.buil officials fear many of theany oe people are still trappedtillpped insidet
5:46 am
that highrise which was amongh m the first built in that city. >> ♪♪ >> oh, let's give the boy ahe oa hand. i love this song but of course e we're hiring for our boy mikerim thomas.ikthomas. >> yeah. >> is that the year you were w born when this soundtrack came e out or something.mething. >> what year did this comet ye out. >> it was in the 80's.come [laughter] >> no way i was born yet. y >> do you know what this is from? >> you don't know either.ou dono >> i'm so disappointed in you, , wisdom. you should know. you probable were anyo infant in diapers. >> "foot loose."ose kevin bacon. bacon. >> i couldn't go to the go to te movies. >> if you want to reminisceo ree about an awesome movie tweete et me. we'll talk about "foot loose."l i loved this. >> what was that.>> what >> it had to be in the mid 80's, 83, 84, 85, something, like that.hat i was in middle school beca
5:47 am
i sang this song at a chorus concert.concert. true story. >> how was it? i wasn't borni n yet. love the song though. temperatures outside thisside ti morning 43 degrees washington, g 37 pirettsbuesrgh. we have not been belowen b freezing in a long time. let me show you what -- thist -s is not a typical january at jan all. only six days so far thisthis month have had a temperatureempu where here in d.c. we fall fll below the freezing mark.w thfrei we average in a typicaltical january 20 of them so we're one pace for the few west in about 19 years since 1998 if we're wer able to get a few more at theat end of the month.d of the. there's none on the seven-daynev forecast so quite the warm t wam january we've had here so far.ea satellite and radar showingowing some clouds sneaking in fromud the south and wes st. we these will come across duringcr the morning hours but will bewil short lived and we'll get backge to the sunshine later on thistes afternoon. your forecast for the day,d partly cloudy skies later on,loe 57 degrees for ar daytime high. very, very nice daye ay considering where we are foringr this time of year. ye let's skip ahead to what can you expect if you're y heading downtown for theou e big day? 9:00 a.m., lots ofot of cl
5:48 am
drizzle here and there. thre. does look like 11, 12 o'clock2 c now that those showers willwers start pushing across theross the district. showers likely by the noon y the hour. hour that's unfortunate for kind ofof prime time there for thee tihere inauguration. the goodthgoodime news now is it looks like mostlo of the rain is moving outer.g o. still won't rule out some spotty drizzle here and thereer but as least things look like t they're improving in thatron regard. all right. this weekend what about yourkend weekend planner? looks likeks k saturday we keep it dry aroundyd here but with an on-shore flow w we'll cloud it up during theoud day saturday afternoon but it i believe the women's marsons ma saturday and you should be allnd right for that y.ou st. sunday's the wet day.he wet day we got another system comingcoig up from the south going toh goi bring us two days of rain oninn sunday and monday.sunday and m you'll see that here in thet heh fox5 accuweather 7-day 7-ay forecast. fo so, a chilly 49 tomorrow for inauguration friday.. saturday mostly cloudy, 50'sosts are back, 56 on we'll keep the 50's rollingo right into next week and we'lld dry it out by next tuesday. tue all right, that's theall t' forecast. erin como, busy on the roads roads already this morning.alre >> oh, yeah, wead hay ve so many closures downtown we need towe e
5:49 am
district plus we're dealings wei with some other issues. i as you make your way out in ot takoma park a building fireng ir causing traffic flower avenue netrar pineyar piy branch roa watch for police and fire response there that's slowing us down. t us aside from that as we forwardfor our maps take a look here hee southbound bw parkway crash atat 175, left lane still blocked. bc few miles of backed up trafficdc about a 10 minute delay 95a southbound will get you towards a much more pleasant drive.waort keep that in mind for d arinvefa alternate. as we move things over to thev lincoln memorial for the for t welcome celebration, roadon, roa closures already in placepla around lincoln memorial circle, constitution avenue and those aren't the onlytitue l major ones.ymajo take a look here.h a lot of these roads closingcloi today for the all the eventsevn going on and in preparation ofpr the inauguration events tomorrow. to fourteenth street bridge hovmo lane stree closed. cl memorial bridge know traffic bdg getting through there. third street tunnel that closes at 6:00 a.m. eton frida. ninth street tunnel 12tht tu street tunnel and.el a street tunnel alreadystreet closed. tun a lot of closures already inlos place and thenal keepre
5:50 am
independence avenue, ohio drive, portionsen deof rock crek parkway. want to help you get around.r any questions at erin fox5ue d.c. on twitter.stio back to you guys.o you gu. >> 5:49 is the time.9 is the te. friday's inauguration will notnw be the end of traffic and hugead crowds in the district. in moreth than 200,000 people havee pledged on facebook to attend saturday's women's march on washington. wash now t-the rally stage will beine on third street andtree independent avenue by thepe national museum ondfen the money indian. organizers say their mission thm is to sends the message me women's rights are human hma rights. speaks include angela steinemelm angela davis and actresses ashley judd and scarlettd scarlt johansson. the rally starts at 10:00 a.m. . the group plans to march too rco the he'll lip at 1:been.1 >> because of the inaugurationan and the women's march metrowome announced trains will run on n an enhanced saturday stations will open at 5:00n at50 a.m. and more than a dozenthan a trains will be added alongdded a both the red and orange linesl to help accommodate the crowds. service is expected to runun every four to six minutes ates a all stations in downtown d.c.n . >> time now is 5:5.
5:51 am
stories you're engaging withga the most this morning onmo social media with our restaltime news tracker. tracer. >> maureen is back with what'sth hot on the web.eb. hey mo. >> jp morgan chase going to pay $55 million to settle attlea u.s. justice department the company is accused off discriminating against minority bore we ares by ares allowing mortgage brokers tors t charge them more for homere loans. denver starting to work ontartin becoming the first city in the e nation tool how marijuanaa clubs and public pot use inlic places such as coffee shopsfe yoga studios and artandrt galleries. voters narrowly approved theoveh social use measure last ast november but the ballotbalot proposal didn't spell out manyid rules for how tn'he marijuanaa could be consumed beyond consum saying it can't be smoked inside and patrons have to berot over 21 years old. mozilla got a makeover.akr. it settled on new logo. it has a colon punctua
5:52 am
mark and two forward apple facing a class actionfacia lawsuit demanding the companyhem add lockout systems to theystemh iphone to prevent textingte while driving.ile dring. the lawsuit also alleges thato t apple is putting profit beforeie consumer safety.consumer sety. according to the u.s.according department of transportationas 1.5 million people are textingpg and driving on public roads ato any given and finally today nbc hasc a made it official.t o one off america's favorite's te shows coming back.b "will and grace" is set to air 10 new episodes soon. the original cast will bel ca we featured in the series "willei and grace" aired from 1998 to 2006 won emmy awards as best bes comedy series for its stars s and those are your trendinge yog stories this >> thank you mauorreenie.m there are reports that amal clooney human rightsrihts attorney and wife of georgef gee clooney is that pregnant reportedly expecting twins. no word on a due date. >> hollywood's biggest starsgess shinily brightly at the t people's choice awardseople's ci jennifer lopez tom
5:53 am
christian bell and john stamos wowing on the carpet.rpet. they name fan favorites in music movie and big runners included ryan reynolds britney spearsynolds br melissa mccarthy jenniferje lawrence and kevin hart.kevin ht >> running out of time to visit bao bao.o the zoo is preparing to centertr the three-year-old back toear-oo china in just a few weeks.t a it's all part of the zoo's z deal with the china wildlifei conservation association.socin. all cubs born at the zoo havezo to move to china by the timeeime they turn four.f bao bao turns four this year. y. however, we'll get to keep visiting bae bae for a few w more years.s. >> wisdom they grow up soisdo fast.m >> yes s,o they do. ♪♪♪♪ >> 5:53. time for our facebook fan ofcebo the day and today it is jackie castillo and her beautifulet family an beautiful picture. >> yes. jackie posted this photo tos pho our page last month. m at the time she was due tot give birth to her baby at anyab time and now she's a pr
5:54 am
of two. daughter and a newborn son.son. so congratulations jackie. a if you would like to be our woud fan of the day post you lrost yr picture below this one. o >> that was anti-climactic. i totally thought all of aly t sudden we were going to see a picture of the baby, right.e wee [laughter] >> we'll have to get her to send us an updated family fmily photo. just in case you werese youw wondering mike it was 1984 1984 when "foot loose" came out. >> i was negative six.egatx. >> my >> bus stop so, yeah -- sorry . [laugughter] chilly to start the dayth d here at the bus stop so bundle e up the kids as they head out heu and about but after school, ifcf you are like wisdom's kidss maybe you can go in shortin srt sleeves. sleeves. 50's to 66 around the region. ah it's going to be a pleasantle thursday afternoon.ftern. unfortunately not the case foryr inauguration on 49 degrees for daytime high.yti it does look like showers nowrsw might come through righth during the ceremony so we're w'e keeping an eye on that.n tt. saturday a good amount of o
5:55 am
dry with temperatures gettingtet back into the mid-50's buttio ti then the clouds and the rain,e , they come back. back. sunday rain looks likely inoks k the afternoon.e aftern that continues just about alltal day on monday.ony. maybe even into the very earlyr morning hours of tuesday before we finally start to start clear things out and get thegett sun back. ba things to note on the on th seven-day forecast here. we don't have a singleigle temperature lows in particular in the 30's.30's. in fact, some of thosef those temperatures just about all oftf them are above where ourur average daytime high should be d for this time of year.y all right, that's a check ofhath the weather.the erin como's busy already one this thursday mng. >> yes, 5:55 and look at that.oa some breaking news right nowow tacoma maryland.ryland. tracking a building fire.uildin flower avenue closed in both bot directions at piney branch road. huge fire presence and police response team at that location working on gettingeam everythie under control there.. if you're waking up in takomap a park you may encounter smoke smk and see a lot of flashinglashing lights. keep it to universityiver boulevard and notice that hugeah pr
5:56 am
breaking news active firee ire scene. that's not the only busseyon thing going on.thing going on. southbound bw parkway crash at a 175 left lane still blocked. keep it to the right andt lane e delays are just gro rigwing ashg more folks hit the road comec do you know from the baltimorewi beltway. etter ahbound such a b bet to get you around b thatnd t one. as we move over to closures inln the district, you know thenow drill, just basically avoidy avd the city if at all possible.po union station if you arestatione taking the train today, mainay,n entrance is closed. that will be closed throughill e tomorrow. c you can takelose the westporthe w company entrance. that's your better betco to to access union station and for inauguration day.inaugu this isra tomorrow, these these following metro stations willatl be closed archive federal triangle mount vernon squareerno pentagon and smithsonian. a today however right now metrondo is onw m time and all stationst are opened. we want to give you a gooda goo heads up if you're planninglanni your travels tomorrow duringls d inauguration day. also forin tomorrow capitalorr l bikeshare we have two mainave corral to help you get around.u. if you want to try to bikey your way around theay around e
5:57 am
as for today, right now plentyle of closures in place aroundarund the lincoln memorial and a lotma of major routes are closed including 14th street bridgebrie hov lanes memorial bridger third street tunnel is openedre right however the ninth street 12th street and e street closed. c we're going help you get gt around today. arou we'll be back in just a fewnd.a. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead at 6:00,ox5 g waking upah eato a lot of changa in there district as the city c is one day away from the he presidential road closures overnight tos oveo tell you about, plus if you're headed to the national mall for the big event you mightbi want tog pevaenck a poncho.pon. the timing of rain changingangi just a little bit.bit tucker will fill us all in.n good thursday morning, i'm allison seymour.r. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste first up at 6:00 let's headhead overseas. breaking news in italy where whe as many as 30 people are trapped inside a hotel afterafer that hotel was struck by anb avalanche. 0 guests and sevend seven staff members were at theatthe hotel which is in the sameich ih area where three earthquakeshres hit yesterday. there are reports of at least le one guest who acknowledged get out along with a maintenancemain worker. rescue teams have been tryingmsv overnight to help save those victims. >> also following breaking


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