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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this time tomorrow donald d j. trump will be the 45thhe 45 president of the united states s and these next few hours fors fr him will be busy.busy. >> do you know what the j t stands for. >> yes. >> john. >> john. knows. knybody donald j trump he likes that lit initial. in today marks president obama'ss last day in the white house and you can see from the runpren down on the side of yourde o screen these are the tophe top stories at 6:30 tonight.ight. tweet us what's on your mind use #5at6:30 we'll share those thoughts. the president-elect spendingen the final hours beforet- hisbefh oath of office attending atendia series of events throughout d.c. end traded in that in that beloved private plane red ed black and the gold trump for a
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down at joint base andrewst base today he saluted the air forcefe officer who welcomed him as hes stepped off the plane with wife mel ya'. y >> the president-elect beganside official events with thehe wreath laying ceremony atlayi arlington national cemetery.emr. the vice president-electen andhis family joined in to watc the event.vent. >> ♪♪ >> from there he and vicend president-elect mike pence moved on to the lincolnn memorial. later tonight they'll attend a candle lit dinner.. >> sort of a thank you mike pence soft trump spoke offtf the cuff fore quite bit.t. had some nice things to say toao people and moved on.nd moved. >> 53 percent of americans hadtf an unfavorable view of donalddod trump. there's a brand new poll out o today that shows that may be changing.
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>> latest rasmussen telephoneuse online survey shows 52 percentw of lik ely u.s. voters share aa favorable opinion of trumpe op compared to 30 percent with a very favorable one and as wene e move on 48 percent unfavorable and 37 percent very very unfavorable so two separate tw polls i'm thinking 52, 48,2, 4, that doesn't add up. u two separate polls.pol >> two separate polls.wo s >> we've been talking about polls been this whole electionn cycle and there's anotherhere'ar example of how one says one thing, one says another thing. i don't know what we're going to do movingsa ysfor awoward wh. >> yeah, something we have to revisit at some point. p >> yeah. >> thousands of people tens ofpt thousands expected to attendtted the women's march one ma washington saturday.aturday. >> but what happened next,ppenex what happens after the march.mac dr. brandy faulkner politicaltil science professor fromess virginia tech joins us vias skype. thanks for joining usus dr. faulkner. >> thank you for having. me.m >> let me ask you, we knowe ask, there's going to be a number of different celebritieslebriies a-listers who will take partt in this. a lot of people are excited ex about that but how do you get g beyond this march? what isrch? the bigger picture here? whate? did th
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>> ideally you will have the group that is present begin tot organize amongst themselvesmong and figure out what exactly exay they want to pursue over the the next four years and beyond.b what is the actual agenda,a what are the policy pocy objectives. >> i i've seen people pe characterize this, as an as a anti-trump march but it seemschb like there's so many differentif issues that's getting thrownin into the mix here so how do you characterize it? is it an n anti-trump or pro something else. >> no, it's a pro women's andn' gender equality march and theane march has been organized in response to direct policyt poliy threats we hear coming froming m the trump administration, so,tr, it's definitely not an antit a trump march. we're talking about matters ofef public policy.pol >> let's talk about some ofout f those issues. is what are some of the public policy issues that this group will be marching to make sure stay in place or change? whatag are they fighting for specifically?
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>>huh.huh. well, one of the rallyingrl cries that we've been hearingng is women's rights are human rights so it's an ovrerigallverl movement to ensure there women w respect actually seen as humanhu beings and not objects andec that they are treatetsd with respect and dignity, that that everyone knows that thatne knowt sexual assault is not acceptable and that theret should be a progressiveprogr movement toward equality in pay, in housing, in healthlth insurance, in care and thee like. >> donald trump has said quite a bit throughout the campaignhoc about women.about wo one line we heard quite a bit is nobody cherishes women as che much as irish do when it comes s times to talk about certainetain issues pertaining to do you buy g that.tha >> absolutely not.>>olutel so on the one land with hearh what we expect to hear inar terms of political rhetoric but when we watch his behaviorea and past comments they the indicate an entirely differentit person. >> all right, dr. brandyr faulkner thanks so much forucfor joining us. jo >> thank you for having >> absolutely.bsol on the eve his inauguration h president-elect donald trump
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tapping former georgiaorg governor sunny perdue a a 70-year-old ago gray businessu owner and veterinarian.eteri there you have it.have it. one thing that was brought upoup which is a stark differencerk d this is the first cabinet nowbin that we have the whole cabinetct forum that does not have a hav a latino since the reagan >> we did start seeing somemiome backlash or people who were aa little upset today saying let's see more diversitydiversiy within this cabinet so i don'tot know how he'll respond toespondo president-elect. if maybe we'll seepr somes appointments in other places.s n >> we also know that the president-elect is keepingeeping about 50 members of the obamabaa administration in some sort of capacity maybe underer secretaries other people whos oe weren't in those direct cabinet posts but they'ves moved quickly on trying to fill some of theseickl cabinetct posts for sure.s >> the president-elect we knowdt is a fan of fast food. ffa he talked about it though his full medicalfull medc records have not been releaseded dr. oz pointed
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president-elect is slightlysl overweight. >> so what can we expect expect because times have changed.d. he's the oldest incoming president. leonard, how are you. you >> i'm fine thanks.than thanks for having me.or >> give us this tak he.a a long time ago when you saidu we're going elect at a 70-year-old president it wouldst seem a little daunting butnting times have changed. ch life expectancies have changed h in this country.untry. >> yeah, 70 really isn'tly isn anything anymore.ny i don't think anybody reallylly calls 70 too old to do anything. people run marathons, they run big b corporations and now one ofnow f them is going to run thee country. un >> take out the age, take out ou the weight fac are there any positives thatosit are going for donald trump here? re? >> well, i think, you know, he e has normal bloop. blood pressure, normal blood cholesterolod though he does take statins.tatn he appears to be in robust r health if you look at him.u lom.
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campaign which was pretty darnrn rigorous and he came through ro it pretty well. well too look at him you would sayu y there's a guy who could do do this. >> the other thing i thought that was interesting iser thi he doesn't drink and he doesn'toest smoke. those may be positives for hims as well. >> absolutely true.ely tru so, all those things are goingio for him.m. the question is once you're 70o0 years old it's a little bit liit more difficult to predict what your health is going to ltbe tge like five years from now or one year from now or 10 years y from now.from n >> i think about john mccainmcc when he ran back in 2000 and a 2008. this is man who beat cancer a a bit older than what we hadr th been accustomed to but this isbi a situation where you have ha donald trump who doesn't seem sm to have a history of chronicchrc illness or disease like cancer in his background his dr. saidd specifically there's no family e history of tharet or of heart disease. and although we do not havee tremendous amount of records reo from donald trump, you know,now, going inn on what this doctorsoo said we don't seem to have anyoy of that stuff in his family
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background. his mom lived to 88, his dads ad to 93.3. they're doing pretty well. pre >> i remember when the rem doctor -- whenem his personal pa doctor put out that letter andte it said he would be thebe t healthiest man to ever assumeev the presidency, now we knowwe ko that donald trump likes superlatives.supe is that a stretch to saya strety something along those lines.aloe >> i wouldn't say it. i don't th iink w thereou are tr many doctors that would go out t on that him and say that.and saa how do you make that comparison? how do you enneagon make that.neagon make h >> thank you for joiningat us. . it will be interesting toingto watch over these next four nexto years and find out -- if youi yu remember correctly billrect clinton liked to go toked to gto mcdonald's. we'll see what donald trumptrmp likes to sneak out and get ineau the middle of the night. >> we will. wi >> leonard thank you verynard t much. >> let's talk about the weather. everybody wants to know whatet's it will be li tk ewa tntomorrowtomorrow especially in inn you'really heading down to watch theg dotc inauguration and the parade.a >> gary mcgrady standing by.gra you said at 5 o'clock it's it's going to rain we just got to figure out out exactly where and to what
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extent. ere'saknow tomorrow there's a good likelihood showers willd si be coming through the mall at some point. we think we have it narrowed down to late morning,soe haeary afternoon. 1 o'clock wouldcl be the most likely time toe to actually get a little bit oft of rainfall.ra here's your forecast for you. u. everybody wants to knowybod tomorrow we start off at 9:00y f a.m.f there could be a showerat 9:0d e possible arorund during thedurig early morning hours but very, ve very light.ry ligh. we still think again fromfrom 10:00 to 1 o'clock that's the greatest likelihood of gettingge showers crossing across thes the district and then later on inte the afternoon perhaps the the parade will start around aund 2 o'clock or so.o it will run three, usuallysully about three hours so during that time frame i think wef could start to dry up.rad starty it is going to be there's going to be a littleng bit of drizzle in spots but i don't think tzzle i it's going e overwhelming and temperatures t will be general about 47 toto 48 degrees. here's a real quick look atquic what we're thinking. thin 10:00 a.m. you see the showers to the west and then come come right across the mall butmall ut starting to get better by 3, 4y4 o'clock out there as the raine n moves off to the east.he eas so that's what we'r
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jim. you've got -- narrowed mearrowem down, okay.down, okay. and you're going hold my feetmy to the fire i'm sure tomorrowrow evening, aren't you?en't y >> yes. >> absolutely. >> well, shawn i know you you will.will. [laughter] [laugh >> jim is on board now.rd >> we're still getting used tolg each other gary. you know how it goes. goe. thank you we're gearing up for theeari changing of the guard and saying farewell to presidentng p obama. >> dj little bacon barecon are tonight mixing up some tunes. ts and we're also drawing farewell portraits as well.ll. but wait.wait. there's even more.m 5 at 6:30 will be right back. b let's go see these portraitshes right now.po farewell portraits, we've got music. mu >> we're getting it done tonight. >> 5 at 6:30. >> look at that. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> dj little bacon bear spinning it for dj li us tonigha 5 at 6:30. that's a delicious name. [laugh
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>> spinning tunes as ourpinn farewell to obama partywell to t continues.y ntinues. >> yes. >> first we'll talk a little bit about this. heyou're going down to wte'hel national mall to seetosee president-elect trump swornent- into office tomorrow.elin >> if you do there are thingstoo you have to consider beforeffic leaving t to consig home matt ackland with our top fiveto things you have to know for inauguration day. >> reporter: it's going toin be an exciting day tomorrow.tom so many people involved in theve inauguration. ou.or yave some tips for y let's start with number five.u security officials want to youff keep in micind that it is goingo to be tight tomorrow when it comes to security measures. that's why they're saying's whee travel lightly. make sure you leave your bigurb bags at home and also if youo have special inauguralnaugural tickets, don't forget yourt r i.d. at home. hme. number four, be prepared topareo walk quite a bit tomorrow. remember, some metro stations sa will be closed down tomorrowto because of security reasons so n a really good idea, leave the th dress shoes at home.t home instead bring some nicee nice cotabltable ones. number three, we might get a little rain tomorrow.morro at first officials said noaidno umbrellas allowed at all butall they changed their
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this morning. morning. small umbrellas like this oneth are allowed.llow. number two, if you do plan ono n taking metro tomorrow, makeorroe sure you plan ahead. ah put plenty of money on your on r smart trip card. the last thing you want to donto is wait in a long line before you actually can get on theet oe train. train. and number one, the most m important thing that you canng h do tomorrow is leave your carurr at home. already 24 hours out, no parking signs all over the national mall.ll. also, don't think about takingg bikeshare. bikeshare. take a look behind me.nd me. no access to bikeshare in thises area. >> good tips. >> absolutely. >> if you want more tips oryou i information you can always goo to our for survivalu guide. >> i have a lot of peoplepeople coming from out of town whon aren't aware of any of thiss sending them to the web siteweb saying do your research before you get into town. our farewell president obamaidet party going on. we have some farewell port
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little dngttle drawing of the president. o it's kind of cool to see thatoo and the first lady of course. o. >> there she is. all right, let's see> if we can sneak around and take a looklook and see what she's >> wow. she's making good progressma there. >> you know what that picturekie is >> that is what from.hat >> i believe that is from one fr of the inaugural balls backguraa during the inauguration.aug >> that was during the bangshebg era. [laughter] >> changes up from time to time, jim. >> back after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> playing here on five at 6:30, yes, our presideyintialnge portraits are going on righte gt now on one side of the room. oo. we've got our dj on the other side of the room. >> dj little deb oaconf bear. . >> whoo-hoo! [laughter] can't for that get thatr that t name. >> all right. >> welcome back. acee get ready to new president we're sayingreing goodbye to the current one. today marks president obama's last full day in the white p house. >> presidential historianresi dr. toby troy is here with udesu tonight. thanks for joining us.ks for joi >> thanks for having unks >> as we look bfoacr k and we te
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what will people remember himmeb for most?most? >> well, obviously he was thet first african-americant african- president. >> absolutely. >> number one thing in his obituary when that happens many years from now. whemany ye number two i think thenow. two i healthcare reform is going tom t be mentioned even if it gets repeal it was a historic pieces of legislation.gislaon. number three his use ofhree hisf twitter and his use of media mea really set the stage for donald trump.snald trump. you never had obviouslybvisly twitter didn't exist before't e but president obama was prettyoy active on twitter.i he would use the letters bo too signify the speech wasigni t directly from him and now president-elect trump and soon a to bend president trump usestr twitter as part of hisof conscious at a time joeci paterno it's a real opening upos of how to a rea use media that s followed by his successor.sccess >> the internet explodedexpoded during bill clinton's time inin office. when you look at larn necessarying the power ofl the f technology before did clinton ci do it better in the nascentn years of the internet or did did obama through twitterw organizing on social media and d the internet did that --et did a >> absolutely obama.ely obaa the most famous thing from bill clinton and
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is that the star report wast th loaded so oftenst that it shut t down a lot of web sites.f >> i remember that day.y. [laughter] [laugh >> so, obama was really groundld breaking in this >> when you look back i meanngy obviously we talked about some of the key things that president obama will beoba remembered for, what are some, of the small are things thatwhst maybe people don't know aboutt b all the time there will be,e wi you know, parts of his legacyley where people are like, yeah, he was that he did that. >> yeah, so i think he gotgot involved in a lot of local lo issues that some people didn'tpd like. some people did like when helike mentioned the trayvon martin shooting for example or when wh skip gates the professor atat harvard wases t arrested outsidd his house and commenting onng o those local law enforcementnf things. it was a polarizing thing.t >> what about will be barack obama's biggest failure ases president during his eightring years. >> hard to say yet but there bue are two candidates.two candidat. number one i would say is the it debt it exploded under hisuis watch and it grew as muchs mu under him as it had under allun previous presidents.prious pre the
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what's going the happen in theai world situation but if isis isis becomes a real problem even even bigger in the years ahead heheah kind of was there for thes therf beginning of isis.begig of isis. >> you mentioned this brieflybry even if obamacare getsacare repealed. will that take weigh from his from h legacy if it gets reed.tsreed. >> absolutely. there are really only threear majors pieces oe freally legisls passed in the obama era.era one was the affordable careare act two dodd frank and the stimulus. stimulus was short term thing short term t and if the acahing goes away tht the legacy is much diminished.uc >> your book is right here.t h you have two books you brought t in. what jefferson read, weekrea watch obama tweeted and shall we wake the president bothesideh available at your local bookok seller. dr. toby troy thanks for coming in. co >> thanks for having me.r havin. >> you're stick around for there party. >> absolutely. >> can't throw a party withoutht a little cake, great five ahotft 6:30 coming right back. stay tuned
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. what a great way to kick the reaty off tonight. as w wey ofmf entioned on 5 at, this of course is our farewellae obama party.a >> yes. this is -- i remember the dj dj little bacon bear.on bear. how did you get the name byu geh the way. wa >> my bother andy reid labelande called bear club. >> perfect. >> yeah, bear cfelctub.b. >> how did bacon get in there. . >> i like bacon.on >> bacon is good wither.od >> i'mh she's smart.t. [laughter] >> all right so tell us how did you start -- how did youow u get into the dj business andss what are some of your favorite songs? >> whew. this is a favorite son g.. my dad is a deejay brother is also a deejay so i come home hm from a long line of deejays. >> absolutely. >> excellent.> >> where do you play? what's your -- >> wow. actually -- - >> plug yourself. y >> yeah, little bacon >> there you go.>> there you go. >> no, but i'm
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guard this weekend for theor the million women march.ll make sure you come we have a open bar and funand fn stuff like that.stuf >> thank you. keep the musichank y going. oi we'll check out everybody else here for our celebration.elebr >> thank you. >> marie has been drawing feverishly through the last half hour.ha that's right. a stethp in the way.the i don't want any dance relatede injuries on president obama'sprs last day.ay. >> no. >> all right marie so tell usels a little bit about what you'rewu doing. >> look at that.>> look at we're. >> we're doing a quick sketch s from this photograph from the second inauguration.tion. >> okay. >> and just as a goodbye.o >> you did this all in just 30 i minutes here. mi >> in abonuut 10tes minutes ti, real quick.uick. >> like no, she wasn't shee no wasn't 10 minutes.n how long have you been doing he this and where can people findoe you. >> about 25 years and i can bede found online at big heads hes little >> big led little >> she's a caricature artist. a marie cheeks, fabulous. >> that's amazing.mazing >> it looks great.grea.
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>> marine thank you for coming n in. thanks for celebrating with us s tonight. again, we're going to keep the party going here. got a little you can't have a party withouttt food. >> we've made so many goodve friends and s mo many recurring guests and especially when shels comes in with cup cakes.p cas. >> pretty girl cup cakes. c >> you can't beat >> pretty girl cupcake re.upcak. how are you today.t >> great. created a. what you >> farewell obama cake. c president obama has been knownob to beam a junk food junkie weodj have popcorn lollipop. i hope she'll let him have itlet tonight and have some funme fun because we can say bye to ourur 44th president and we just jst have some chocolate chocolateshs here, a vanilla cake andake and chocolate cake, blue for our, bo president and we just top itp i off with some sweet t. excellentnt. >> awesome. >> let me ask you, you do custom cakes like this for alll kinds of occasions.inds >> this is o
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occasion which is somethingon w that maybe we'll start doing at some point.hibe we'poin >> okay. >> okay. >> but just kind of have hadve d some fun with this today toodayt honor such a great president prd that we've had.e've had >> wonderful. find yound yos because we know you've been aw ' friend of the show before.bfore where can we find you. y >> we are at the national harbor 128 water front streetnt oxon hill maryland and we are pretty girl cupcakery. >> things are blowing atare b national >> things are going good.e goin. tonight there's a ball soere's s there's a lot of people overa to there so we've had greatha people here for thepeople h inauguration, folks are inar in town ready to >> excellent. >> and they've been orderinghey' cup cakes so that's great.hat'sr >> that's popular. >> that's what it's all about. >> folks want to eat, drink,d party get their pictures done,ne mr. restill putting the finale touches on her picture over on there. >> a little dancing, too.e dancn >> let's roll bag,ck over herere see what we >> what you e got jim.t jim. >> okay, see, now she's adding the stars. sts. >> oh. >> nice action to this. n that'sice beautiful.e >> all right. >> you know where i'm gog,
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>> you're going to >> i'm going over here. gary mcgrady came in the studio. >> i heard bacon, i heard bacon. [laughter] >> all right.. he's here.'she >> i don't smell any sizzle.l >> gary. >> you feel the sizzle.sizz >> you got to feel the sizzle. z come on gary, come on gary.g all right, so, jim won't dancewc on camera but gary will.i >> he we go.o. >> last but not least -- okay, that's why you guys shouldn'tsho dance on camera. >> whoo-hoo!,. >> ♪♪ i i told you that's why don't dance on this show. shw. >> when there's extra time ati t the end of the show.. >> what can folks expect as he a had head out tomorrow.morro >> take the rain gear andear a little umbrellas.le u you can take that tomorrow somos i think we'll have showersk we moving through.moving thr especially around the time ofti the actual ceremony, theemony te inauguration and then probablyoa for a little bit of the paradeae as well. >> all right. >> thanks everybody.s everybody >> thanks for coming in. >> marie,. >> have the party going on.. >> dr. troy he's somewhere here and little tro bacon bear..
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at 4:00 a.m. with fox5 news news morning. rn >> keep it going everybody.oingb stick around tonight.k ar we'll have the latest on fox5 news at 10:00 and 11:00. 11 >> of course he goes for the cake. >> bye everybody.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: tyler perry is kind of hopeful about the next four years with an asterisk. >> stop tweeting and just start paying attention to the american people. harvey: twitter is a fantastic way of communicating with the american people. >> it's fine if you also have -- press conferences. >> donald trump wants to close the press room down. somewhere he did say that. >> they can have the room. they're just not going to come in it a lot. >> that's how the press conference is. >> we got judge judy and we talked to her about the big thing where obama reduced chelsea manning's sentence. >> i didn't think it was a wise judgment. harvey: the question is, judge judy, the most popular judge on television, the most recognizable judge in these united states of america, judge judy's reasoning was -- >> i gave you my one answer. [laughter]


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