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tv   Fox 5 News Inauguration Special  FOX  January 20, 2017 11:00am-4:57pm EST

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joining us this our coverage continues with foxx news and shepard smith.mi thank you for joining us forni your early coverage.arly we'll be back with paradee coverage. we'll see you then.coyothen ♪♪♪♪ this is a fox news special presentation. sea. i'm shepherd smith from your nation's capital. today, we'll watch along with you as the nation welcomes our next leader to the white house. today is rich with pomp and pageantry and parade right down pennsylvania avenue. it's also a day to put aside
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because no matter how you voted or what side you support, this is truly a moment to celebrate our nation's peaceful transfer of power. with former presidents, as you see, george and barbara bush arriving. laura bush, i should say. shaking hands with bill clinton and wife hillary on hand. we saw pictures of them just moments ago. today is a day to come together as americans united in purposes and united in ideals upon which the founders built this nation. there are some not on board with that plan. more than 60 house democrats say they plan to skip the ceremony. but the woman who lost the election did show up. there she is waving. hillary clinton there with her husband the former president bill clinton on her right. in fact, every living former president is in attendance with the exception of george h. w. bush who has pneumonia and is in a hospital in texas. the former presidents will be on a special
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built from scratch to hold more than 1600 people. joining them guests including members of congress, justices of the supreme court, cabinet members and the nominees. all will watch closely as less than one hour from now, president elect donald trump is scheduled to take the oat of office. it's part of a tradition that began with our nation's birth and continues to this day. donald trump is to place his hand upon two bibles. one given to him by his mother and the other that belonged to abraham lincoln. then the chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, will administer the oath, asking donald trump to swear that he will preserve, protect and demand the constitution of the united states. and with those words at the stroke of noon or there about, donald trump will become the commander in chief of the united states military and the leader of the free world. michelle obama kissing friends and loved ones around the white house good-bye. we watched as they had
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final stay in the white house. we'll show you all it entails, the moving out of one and the moving in of another. coming in to lead this nation, a very heedy position even for a billionaire reality star. we'll watch it all with you. we will hear how workers move one family in and one family out of the white house in a dance that unfolds in just a matter of hours. we'll show you the security, the tens of thousands of officers and agents dedicated to protecting the spectators and protesters alike. and we'll listen to donald trump for the first signals about what sort of leader he will be. we'll consider the issues he faces and those he has promised to fix. from immigration, terrorism, health care and american jobs. as we hear the nations bear witness to the inauguration of donald trump. of course, we'll hear from many extraordinary guests throughout this morning and into the early afternoon on the east coast. with us throughout, associate editor of real clear
11:04 am john bussey associate editor of the wall street journal. next to him national political reporter for the associated press. there he comes the former -- the current president and the president elect. let's listen. >> -- in the last few days. >> congratulations, sir. >> thank you. >> for all that has been made of the stark differences between this incoming president and ones past, between this cabinet and one's past this morning has been pretty much by the book. >> yeah. i think that barack obama has struggled during this transition with a few, you know, unexpected things like this intelligence on russian hacking and things he's had to address which makes it tense and awkward. by and large, he's sent a message to americans that everyone will want donald trump to succeed as hee does because that means
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that he wants to help him in every way possible. as opposite as they are, he's really put some energy into trying to keep donald trump on the phone and to build a relationship of trust that will last beyond this day into donald trump's presidency. >> here comes the first family to be. let's listen. john, there are few within the trump team including those close to him who would portend that they thought they would be here at some point. they did not. it has been an extraordinary journey. >> it really has. and the journey in many ways is beginning. we're going to hear tod
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inaugural address probably some of what he wants to do in the very first days. we'll be watching very closely to what he does. he said on the first day he will take a number of executive orsd. we'll wait to see whether that happens or whether he decides to wait another day, let the weekend pass and get some ducks in order before making some of the moves that he plans to make. in the meantime the words we've heard about this being a civic sacrament a power of the vote in the united states is true. this is a critical part of the american democracy. democracy big day as it's been referred to in which the peaceful transition of power happens in the united states in a way that's not common around the world. >> julie scripted to the t. and yet this is not a man who is one to remain on script. i for one look forward to that inaugural address in a way i may never have before. >>
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absolutely. the fact is we just don't know how he's going to govern. alike will tell us, we're orters waiting to see how he is as president. throughout the transition he held on to some of the same core characteristics that he had throughout the campaign. but there's just something about the gravity of the office that you just don't know how someone will react to it. >> they are announcing the first family eric trump and his family. [ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> they've been really fortunate with the weather today. the weather man had called for rain pretty much throughout this ceremony beginning at about 7:00 this morning. it did drizzle for a moment. the skies are opening up now. it doesn't look like rain is imminent. if anything, we're expecting a few showers. and the temperature for the people who are up on there today, i can't imagine how it could be better. january 21st in 1985 as ronald reagan was sworn in at high noon, it was 7 degrees. that's fahrenheit. in your nation's capital. it was very cold for barack obama's first inauguration eight years ago. if memory serves it was about 27 degrees at this time of day. it was quite miserable. today it will be high 40s. there's barely a wind if at all. five miles an hour. just a perfect day of photograph for the overcast skies. will make all the pictures beautiful. the first family, first family in an
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as we wait for the next round of things. everything is pretty tightly scripted. they're not hell bent on a noon swearing in. but around about noon we'll hear that. >> right. there can be delays with getting some people out onto the stands, account for that. it will happen around on time. donald trump has pledged that his remarks are going to be brief. he wants to do it in 20 minutes, about. richard nixon said the best ones, the ones that are remembered, are the shortest ones. i think he knows that he wants to keep people's attention and move on with the festivities. donald trump is not one to want to sit through the long lunch in congress, though he will do it. i think he wants to get right to work. and you're right, this is quite a blessing. he predicted the sun would shine for him. he's lucky they are not under pouring rain.
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people, dignitaries in the audience and people for whom it's more difficult to move around. it's good for everybody that the weather is cooperating. >> don't let them tell you there are nobody here. the crowds are not like they were eight years ago. the rain may have kept some people away. i will tell you this, in the hotel where we are staying, people were up about 4 a.m. the revelry began at that time. celebrations in and around the streets. we saw a small group of maybe 20 protesters on the way over here. all of this talk of protesting on every street, ky bear witness, it has not happened. there are probably pockets of it throughout the district and certainly in other cities around the country. but largely what we've seen today is huge group of make america great hats. and people from the four corners of this country. everyone i have seen is excited and smiling and just really thrilled to be a part of this process. it doesn't matter where you are
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i assure you, once you get here on this day and pow of this event, it really is -- you feel awe struck really. >> you can't help but just notice it was such an american moment to see the nation's first african-american president greeting donald j. trump, a celebrity business man with no military or political experience who is about to take office. i mean, only in america, right? >> certainly. not sure anybody thought we would ever get here, but here we are. >> yeah. protests are par for the course with inaugurations. you had them during woodrow wilson's day, bush over iraq. abraham lincoln was concerned about security, security forces, concerned about his security coming in as an abolishist. he came in the night before to avoid confrontation in the streets. very democratic thing to have
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not the protests, homeland security is expecting, they could get up to 400,000. that sounds like a very large number to me tomorrow. we'll see tomorrow what the real demonstrations unfold and how big they are. >> 12 years ago for the inauguration of george w. bush there was a bit of a squirmish. some pepper spray in the early morning. call times were very early, before the sunrise. people were out and restless. i haven't experienced that today. >> yeah. >> of all the talk of it, julie, this is a come together, at least for now. >> it seems that way. certainly some of the same parties and receptions that you would expect for any inauguration are happening. >> sure. >> and largely without any problems at all. >> smaller in number each year the district, every four years the district on this, this night, they allow for some bars to stay open later. eight years ago for barack oba,
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given for that. then a fewer number, like 160 four years ago. this year, 109. that is not to say people are out and about. i saw them last night. they are. the celebration is on. it will go later in the evening. three official balls this evening. two in one location, one in another. there are lots of parties all over town. again, the numbers not as high as they have been in the past though. the day after the election, 90% of the hotel rooms that were booked were cancelled. a whole new group came in. hillary clinton fans cancelled their reservations to make room for these. air bnb reservations average $200 a room. they've gone for about $1,000 a night. if you were coming here you needed to have a wheel barrow full of money. ed rawlings was a top strategist for the great america superpact which supported donald trump. he was also ronald reagan's
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campaign director in the 1984 election. he's one of the best feelers of the mood i have ever known in this business. yet on an early night, i remember him saying it's impossible. like everyone else, we were wrong. >> i'm very happy. i think to a certain extent going to have fascinating term here. it's gonna get started quick. the interesting thing, two or three months ago would have said this was going to happen and he would have this all star cabinet, people said no one is going to serve in a trump administration. you see lot of people want to serve, lot of people want to make change in this country. >> what should we expect from his speech today? his inaugural speech? >> i think it will be shorter than the speeches he's given out on the trail, which is important. it is a big audience, obviously. i think it will be his story, where he wants to take the country. he wants to tap
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that he will be a change agent. i have not seen a precopy of it. attend of the day he worked very hard on this. he wants to be a good president. this is not an lark. he was way ahead of everybody else in anticipating the opportunity to change this country. tapped into that great group of people out there that basically wanted change. so i think it will be a very interestin speech. >> michelle obama and dr. jill biden are the next to be announced. let's listen. they're in the ready room. they'll walk down these stairs, make a turn and then out they go. this exact same thing happens with these exact same camera positions every four years. as dramatic a change it is, the intrie kasys of the ceremony and the details of the pageantry are strikingly familiar in every way.
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this must be a treacherous thing. >> it is. it's a difficult walk for a lot of the dignitaries. it's gloomily lit. then when they come out to that same opening. the view they have is of the entire mall. >> wow. >> you see really a symbol of america. there's always that shot of the new president coming and sort of taking their breath as they see it. it will be interesting to see the look on donald trump's face. >> yeah. we can watch throughout. i think you'll notice, as people walk down those stairs, heads are still, shoulders are square. mouths are rarely smiling. when they hit that last step, it's ear to ear. i made it. i'm not going to have the fall moment. rick perry, former governor of texas, with a salute there who infamously said he wanted to dismantle the energy department, but forgot that that's what he wanted to dismantle. he called it his oops moment. anybody who says you cannot get
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renown failure should witness rick perry, who is coming into this administration as energy secretary. secretary of the very department he wanted to eliminate. there's bernie sanders. they are in and around town. bernie sanders has been on a tour with democratic lawmakers. different state capitols holding rallies. now the introduction of the first lady. >> and the wife of the first president, dr. jill biden escorted by kelly fado, mr. paul pelosi. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> the woman arguably -- not arguably,
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rating in washington. she could run for just about anything tomorrow and win it. >> she gave spectacular speeches throughout the campaign. i think that was a big surprise. in some ways because she hasn't been out there quite as much and isn't really a huge fan of politics. boy can she deliver a speech. >> the former first lady, current first lady shaking hands. current first lady worked mighty hard for mr. clinton especially in the later days of that campaign. they poured their political soul out. popularity of barack obama and michelle did not translate. >> actually in the weeks and months since president obama has really not so subtley criticized hillary clinton's campaign for not going to the right places. you can hear it when he talks about how he wished his popularity had translated not only in those midterm elections but in this election. and it's true. ey
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in the end, it was really hard to create an enthusiasm for a candidate who really had so little and had so many sort of liabilities, political liabilities, ethical liabilities and -- but they did it. every time you heard michelle obama out there for hillary, it sounded so ernest and so genuine. even though they weren't always close. i thought one of the great moments of today was just a few minutes seeing hillary clinton doing her quiet talk in the ear of george w. bush. i wonder what that was about. >> to see president carter there. man, he looks terrific. standing up straight. >> cancer free. >> he is completely cancer free. an inspiration to so many cancer patients across the nation. they walked with a quick gait and looked totally into it. >> and still so active in civic duties around the country. all of the various
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does. it's important to note you have a president and first lady going out in very high popularity. at the same time, you have a president coming in with the greatest disapproval rating in a generation. difficulty now overcoming that. he starts with a speech in framing his next administration. >> melania trump. karen pence. and melania trump. i have been watching television all morning. compared to jackie o over and over again. what a transformation in fashion we may get from her. >> yesterday it was interesting because ivanka who has been spoken about as a face of the administration take on some, possibly take on some first lady duties. she was in a grand kelly green dress at arlington cemetery. melania was in sort of an
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funera looking dress. she has her hair in a bun. so elegant. with her gloves. she is, i think she's going to be a picture most of the time. >> ralph lauren the dress i'm told by the voice in my ear. there's been some fashion controversy, which is bordering on stupidity. hardly worth mentioning. the ford back and forth. i'm sure those who are into these things have seen it. they took down the ford clothing from the winn casino in las vegas. >> and beauty products and sunglasses. been a purge. >> things that matter. hash tag instagram. george w. bush has been doing very well. painting down south. been quiet about things. let's listen in. >> mrs. karen pence escorted by julie adams, karen hoss,
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ryan, elaine chow and duty mccarthy. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> i tell you, she looked like she was born for that moment. seriously. >> she is so elegant. she is the most regal posture. but it is wonderful to think about what it must be like for everyone back in slovenia watching her become the first lady of the united states of america. >> there we have it. the outgoing president and vice president. somebody is ready to get to palm springs. you get that sense. >> i was looking on the fox weather app for palm springs. it is not how one
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for your vacation. today 100% chance of rain and 60 degrees. tomorrow looks good. then for the next three days, it's a rain festival in the high desert. i guarantee you. >> he wants to get -- >> what he is most excited, he said repeatedly is not setting an alarm. not tomorrow. not gonna do it. as one of his predecessors might have put it. listen. wouldn't be prudent. former president bush the 41st i should tell you is in the hospital. has a case of pneumonia. they cleared his breathing tube. i'm told by people very close to the family that he's doing very well. he's going to be just fine. so is his wife barbara. let's hope they make it to three or four more inaugurals down the road. i tell you i remember 16 years ago -
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eight years ago. not that old. eight years ago bush the 41st came into the media room in the white house to tell everybody good-bye in the afternoon after inauguration. he and his wife came in. gave us all big hugs. remembered stories about our families. he just is one of the nicest, sweetest men i think i have ever come across. so humble and such a wonderful representation. they sent the nicest note to the obamas. i have a good excuse. they say if i come to washington for the inauguration, they might put me six feet under, as the former president put it. >> always that humor. >> so he is down in houston. ♪♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, the honorable barack obama and joseph r. biden,
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gary mierick, charles e. schumer and house democratic leader nancy pelosi. [ applause ] >> i think we will be okay said barack obama in his closing interview with "60 minutes" and others. he said this is not what i expected. this is unconventional. it's not something for which we had really prepared. but he said i think we're gonna be okay. even though political differences are enormous, the president was clear that u.s. traditions and the level of checks and balances, nobody is gonna run away with this country. i liked hearing it. >> right. i thought he struck a good balance at his last press conference. there were many laughs. he was really dragging out the
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good-byes. he wants to see quiet and stay are urgent that have to do with our democracy, free press and some policy issues he will stand up and speak out. but generally, is not going to be the barking voice of the party. >> bush 43rd, president 43rd just got a wag of the obama finger. anyone who has ever gotten that wag. i got that wag once at a state of the union lunch with the president a few years ago. you're not supposed to take pictures in there. i wanted to sneak a picture. i got the presidential wag. oh, i have seen that before. it was different for bush 43rd. >> you're right. he said he was not gonna -- it signaled that he was not going to be saying a lot. there were things that he was going to speak out on. outright discrimination, as you pointed out, attacks on the press. issues that dealt
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of american democracy. it was quite clear that he was going to be vocal. this is a fairly positive person. people close to him say that he is just naturally positive and optimistic. so i think you're hearing some of that come through. it's a cautious departure as well. one where he says he's not just going to slip into the shadows. >> donald trump with maybe a thoughtful gaze there. imagine the moment he is about to have. he will walk out onto the mall before hundreds of thousands of people with a realization that he is now to lead this nation and the world. astounding. and a man who has been in so many enormous moments on stage and screen and now before hundreds of thousands, facing adulation across the nation. now the transition from campaigning to governing that we are led to believe he got the nuclear code before the day
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over. he will know all the secrets of the united states. what we can do and can't do. as bush 41st put it as well. the good stuff as well. it will be a heady day for him. wonder if we'll get a tweet or two. >> you see him with some of the people who will be so important to making his administration work. paul ryan, the relationships that they'll develop over time. lots of really interesting things to come. >> kevin mccarthy standing next to him. this is a man who has not been in the military. who has not had a government or political job. >> never taken an oath. this is a huge government management job. he is the oldest president to be inaugurated. but you would never know that from that campaign. you had older candidates running. >> vice president elect michael richard pence. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] [ applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ >> opposite of trump in the inaugural invitation as his stern sort of scowl while pence is smiling. >> here we go. >> ladies and gentlemen, escorting the president-elect the staff director for the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies stacey mchatton mcbride. frank larkin, the house sergeant at arms paul irving, the chairman of the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies roy blunt, rules committee ranking member and senate democratic leader charles e. schumer, the speaker of the house of representatives paul d. ryan, senate
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leader mitch mcconnell, house majority leader kennethpelosi. [ applause ] ♪♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the united states, donald john trump. [ applause ]
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♪♪ [ applause ]
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ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint congressional committee for inaugural ceremonies, the honorable roy blunt. >> thank you all. if you have a seat, you can sit down. mr. president, mr. vice president, mr. president-elect, mr. vice president-elect, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states of america. [ applause ] today the legislative, executive, judicial branchs of
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our constitutional government come together for the 58th inauguration of the president of the united states. millions of people all over the world will watch and will listen to this event. 36 years ago, in his first inauguration, it was also the first inauguration on this side of the capitol, president ronald reagan said that what we do here is both commonplace and miraculous. commonplace every four years since 1789 when president george washington took this exact same oath. miraculous because we've done it every four years since 1789 and the example it sets for democracies everywhere. washington believed the inauguration of the second president would be more important than the inauguration of the first.
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many people had taken control of a government up until then, but few people had ever turned that control willingly over to anyone else. and as important as the transfer -- the first transfer of power was, many historians believe that the next election was even more important. when in 1801, one group of people, arguably for the first time ever in history, willingly, if not enthusiastically, gained control of the government to people they believe had a dramatically different view of what the government would, should and could do. after that election that discovered a flaw in the constitution itself, which was remedied by the 12th amendment, thomas jefferson at that inauguration, beyond the chaos of the electionhat had just passed said, we are all republicans, we are
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federalists. after four years ofr, lincoln's second inaugural speech tried to find reason for the continued war when he pointed out that both sides prayed to the same god. he had earlier written about those prayers, that one side must be and both sides may be wrong, but in 1865 he looked to the future and the memorable moment in that speech was "with malice toward none and charity for all." in the middle of the depression, the country was told that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. and president kennedy talked about the obligation in democracy to country, the great question that day was "ask what you can do for your country." so we come to this place again, commonplace and miraculous, a national moment of celebration, but not a celebration
11:37 am
victory, a celebration of democracy. and as we begin that celebration, i call on his timothy michael dollen to provide readings and the invocation. [ applause ] >> the prayer of king solomon from the book of wisdom. let us pray. god of our ancestors and lord have mercy, you have made all things, and in your providence have charged us to rule the creatures produced by you, to govern the world in holiness and righteousness and to render judgment within integrity of
11:38 am
heart. give us wisdom, for we are your servants, weak and short lived, lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws indeed though one might have perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we account for nothing. now with you is wisdom who knows your will and was there when you made the world, who understands what is pleasing in your eyes, what is conformable with your commands, send her forth from your holy heavens, from your glorious throne dispatch her, that she may be with us and work with us, that we may grasp what is pleasing to you, for she knows and understands all things and will guide us prudently in our affairs and safe guard us by her glory. amen.
11:39 am
from the gospel of matthew the 5th chapter. god blesses those who are poor and realize your need for him, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. 6 god blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted. god blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the earth. god blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied, god blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. he blesses those who are pure at heart, for they will see god. god blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of god. god blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. and god blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all
11:40 am
of evil things against you because you are my followers. for you are the light of the world, like the city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. no one like lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. instead a lamp is placed on a stand where it gives light to everyone in the house. in the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see. that everyone will praise your heavenly father respectfully in jesus name. >> we come to you, heavenly father, in the name of jesus, with grateful hearts, thanking you for this great country, that you have decreed to your people. we acknowledge we are a blessed nation with the rich history of faith and fortitude, with the future that is filled with promise and purpose. we recognize that
11:41 am
every perfect gift comes from america is your gift. for which we proclaim our gratitude. as a nation we now pray for our president, donald john trump. vice president michael richard pence, and their families. we ask that you would bestowe upon our president the wisdom necessary to lead this great nation. the grace to unify us, and the strength to stand for what is honorable and right in your sights. in proverbs 21:1, you instruct us that our leader's heart is in your hands. gracious god, reveal unto our president the ability to know the will, your will, the confidence to lead us in justice and righteousness. and the compassion to yield to our better angels. while we
11:42 am
challenges before us, in every generation, you have provided the strength and power to become that blessed nation. guide us in discernment, lord. and give us that strength to persevere and thrive. now bind and heal our wounds and divisions. join our nation to your purpose. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, the psalm has declared. let your favor be upon this one nation under god. let these united states of america be that beacon of hope to all people and nations under your dominion, a true hope for human kind. glory to the father, the son, and the holy spirit we pray this in the name of jesus christ, amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the missouri state university corral.
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♪♪ ♪♪ [ applause ]
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>> missouri state university chorale practices about two blocks from my home in spring field, missouri, so it was easy to find them. we're pleased they're here. [ applause ] also, a great opportunity for me to introduce my colleague, senator from new york, chuck shumer. [ applause ] >> my fellow americans, we live in a challenging and tumultuous time, quickly evolving, ever more interconnected world, a rapidly changing economy that benefits too few while leaving too many behind. a fractured media,
11:48 am
frequently consumed by rancor. we face threats foreign and domestic. in such times, faith in our government, our institutions, and even our country can erode. despite these challenges, i stand here today confident in this great country for one reason. you. the american people. [ applause ] we americans have always been a forward looking, problem solving, optimistic patriotic and decent people. whatever our race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, whether we are immigrant or native born, whether we live with disabilities or do not, in wealth or in
11:49 am
exceptional in our commonly held yet fierce devotion to our country. and in our willingness to sacrifice our time, energy, and even our lives to making it a more perfect union. today we celebrate one of democracy's core attributes, the peaceful transfer of power. and every day we stand up for core democratic principles enshrined in the constitution. the rule of law, equal protection for all under law, the freedom of speech, press, religion. the things that make america america. and we can gain strength from reading our history and listening to the voices of average americans. they always save us in times of strife. one such american was maj
11:50 am
on july 14th, 1861, when the north and south were lining up for their first battle, a time when our country was bitterly divided and facing the future of our country, major balou of the 2nd rhode island volunteers penned a letter to his wife, sara. it is one of the greatest letters in american history. it shows the strength and courage of the average american. allow me to read some of his words which echo through the ages. "my very dear sara, he wrote, the indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps tomorrow, if it is necessary that i should fall on the battlefield for my country, i am ready." "i have no misgivings aut
11:51 am
cause for which i am engaged and my courage does not halt for falter." "i know how strongly american civilation now lanes on the triumph of the government and what a debt we owe to those who went before us through the blood and suffering of the revolution." "i am willing, perfectly willing, to lay down all my joys in this life to help maintain this government and to pay that debt." "sara, my love for you is deathless, it seems to bind me to you with the mighty cables that nothing can break, and yet my love of country comes over me like a strong wind and bears me eur resistibly on with all these chains to the battlefield." sullivan balou gave his life on the battlefield a week later
11:52 am
the first battle of bull run. it is because sullivan and countless others believed in something bigger than themselves and were willing to sacrifice for it that we stand today in the full blessings of liberty, in the greatest country on earth. and that spirit lives on in each of us, americans whose families have been here for generations and those who have just arrived. and i know our best days are yet to come. i urge all americans to read balou's full letter. his words give me solace, strength. i hope they will give you the same. now please stand while the associate justice of the supreme court clarence thomas administers the oath of office to the
11:53 am
united states. [ applause ] >> place your hand on the bible. [ applause ] >> mr. vice president-elect, would you raise your right hand and repeat after me? i, michael richard pence do solemnly swear. >> i, michael richard pence, do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear
11:54 am
and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter. >> the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. [ applause ] ♪♪ >> god bless. [ applause ] [ applause ]
11:55 am
[ applause ] [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the tabernacle choir accompanied by the united states marine band.
11:56 am
♪♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountains majesty upon the fruited plains ♪ ♪ america, america got shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from seas to shining sea ♪ ♪ o beautiful ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
11:57 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
11:58 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
11:59 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to introduce the chief justice of the united states, john g. roberts jr., who will administer the presidential oath of office. everyone please stand. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, donald john trump do solemnly swear. >> i, donald john trump, do
12:00 pm
>> that i will faithfully execute -- >> that i will faithfully execute -- >> -- the office of president of the united states. >> -- the office of president of the united states. >> and will, to the best of my ability -- >> and will to the best of my ability -- >> -- preserve, protect and defend -- >> -- preserve, protect and defend -- >> -- the constitution of the united states -- >> -- the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ applause ] [ applause ]
12:01 pm
♪♪ >> what a great honor to be able to introduce for the first time ever, anywhere, the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ]
12:02 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> chief justice roberts, president carter, president clinton, president bush, president obama, fellow americans, and people of the world, thank you. [ applause ] >> we, the citizens of america, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people. together we will determine the course of america and the world for many, many years to come.
12:03 pm
we will face challenges. we will confront hardships. but we will get the job done. every four years we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power. and we are grateful to president obama and first lady michelle obama for their gracious aid throughout this transition. they have been magnificent. thank you. [ applause ] today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning. because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [ applse
12:04 pm
for too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have born the cost. washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed. the establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. their victories have not been your victories. their triumphs have not been your triumphs. and while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all a
12:05 pm
[ applause ] that all changes starting right here and right now. because this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. [ applause ] it belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across america. this is your day. this is your celebration. and this, the united states of america, is your country. [ applause ] what truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.
12:06 pm
january 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. [ applause ] the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. at the center of this movement is a crucial conviction, that a nation exists to serve its citizens. americans want great schools for their children, s
12:07 pm
neighborhoods for their families and good jobs for themselves. these are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public. but for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists. mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. rusted out factories scattered like tomb stones across the landscape of our nation. and education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime, and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this
12:08 pm
right here and stops right now. [ applause ] we are one nation and their pain is our pain. their dreams are our dreams. and their success will be our success. we share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny. the oath of office i take today is an oath of allegiance to all americans. [ applause ] for many decades, we've enriched foreign industry at the expense of american industry. subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. wee
12:09 pm
borders while refusing to defend our own. [ applause ] and spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas while america's infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay. we've made other countries rich while the wealth, strength and confidence of our country has dissipated over the horizon. one by one the factories shut and left our shores. with not even a thought about the millions and millions of american workers that were left behind. the wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across theor
12:10 pm
but that is the past. and now we are looking only to the future. [ applause ] we assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hall of power. from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. [ applause ] every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs
12:11 pm
benefit american workers and american families. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. [ applause ] protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. i will fight for you with every breath in my body, and i will never, ever let you down. [ applause ] america will start winning again, winning like never before. we will bring back our jobs. we will bring back our borders. we will bring back our wealth.
12:12 pm
dreams. we will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and rail ways all across our wonderful nation. we will get our people off of welfare and back to work, rebuilding our country with american hands and american labor. we will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. we will seek friendships and goodwill with the nations of world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests fi
12:13 pm
we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather, to let it shine as an example. we will shine for everyone to follow. we will reinforce old alliances and form new ones, and unite the civil rised world against radical islamic terrorism which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth. [ applause ] at the bedrock of our politics will be a total aegiance to the united states of america and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. [ applause ]
12:14 pm
the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. [ applause ] there should be no fear. we are protected and we will always be protected. we will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. and most importantly, we will be protected by god.
12:15 pm
finally, we must think big and dream even bigger. in america, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving. we will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. [ applause ] the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of action. [ applause ] do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. no challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of america. we will not
12:16 pm
our country will thrive and prosper again. we stand at the birth of a little millenium ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow. a new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights and heal our divisions. it's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. [ applause ] we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms and we all salute the same great american flag.
12:17 pm
and whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of detroit or the wind swept plains of nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty creator. [ applause ] so to all americans in every city, near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words. you will never be ignored again. [ applause ] your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our american destiny. and your
12:18 pm
and love will forever guide us along the way. together, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and, yes, together, we will make america great again! thank you. god bless you. god bless america! thank you. god bless america. [ cheering and applause ]
12:19 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >> at this time, i call on rabbi marvin hire, reverend franklin graham and bishop wayne t. jackson to provide readings and the benediction. >> eternal god, bless president donald j. trump and
12:20 pm
great nation. guide us to remember the words who may dwell on your holy mountain, one who does what is right and speaks the truth. who knows that when you eat the labor of your hens, you are praise worthy that he who sows in tears shall reap in joy because the freedoms we enjoy are not granted in perpituity but must be reclaimed by each generation. as our ancestors have planted for us, so we must plant for others. while it is not for us to complete the task, neither are we free to desist from them. this justice for the needy and the orphaned, for they have no
12:21 pm
and because the nation's wealth is measured by her values and not by her vaults. bless all of our allies around the world who share our beliefs, by the rivers of babylon, if i forget the old jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. the doer of all these shall never falter. may the days come soon when justice will dwell in the wilderness and righteousness will abide in the fertile fields and the work of righteousness will be peace, quietness and confidence forever, amen.
12:22 pm
>> mr. president, in the bible, rain is a sign of god's blessing. and it started to rain when you came to the platform. and it's my prayer that god will bless you, your family, your administration, and may he bless america. the passage of scripture comes from first timothy chapter 2. i urge them first of all that petitions, prayers, intersession and thanks giving be made for all people. for kings, for all those in authority, that we may live peacefully quiet lives and all godliness and
12:23 pm
this is good. it pleases god our savior who wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. for there is one god and one mediator between god and mankind. the man christ jesus who gave himself as a ransom for all people. now to the king eternal immortal, invisible, the only god the honor and glory forever and ever in jesus name amen. [ applause ] >> we thank you, father, for letting us share this great moment together. let us not take for granted the air we breathe or the life you have given us. we were all created by you with one blood, all
12:24 pm
upon this land together. we are not enemies, we're brothers and sister. we're not adversaries, we're allies. we're not foes, we're friends. let us be healed by the power of your love and united by the bond of your spirit. today we pray for our 45th president, the vice president and their families an give them the wisdom to guide this great nation, the strength to protect it and the hands to heal it. we bless donald j. trump. we ask that you give him the wisdom of solomon, the vision of joseph and the eliteness of christ. solomon who kept peace among many nation, joseph did better for the people and christ who accepted us all. o lord mend our hearts and stitch together the fabric of this great country, in the spirit of the legendary gospel songwriter mihalia jackson, o deep in my heart i do believe the lord will see us through, i do believe,
12:25 pm
victory, i do believe, we will walk hand in hand, i do believe, we shall live in peace, i do believe, o deep in my heart i do believe america we shall overcome. may the lord bless and keep america and make it shine upon us and be gracious unto us and give us peace in the almighty name of jesus, amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jackie evanko accompanied by the united states marine band. please stand for the singing of the national anthem.
12:26 pm
♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs
12:27 pm
gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing while the president and official parties departhe
12:28 pm
you will be released by sections shortly. ♪♪ ♪♪
12:29 pm
>> donald j. trump is the new president of the united states of america. it happened exactly at high noon. they truncated the schedule a little bait. just as the clock struck 12:00, donald j. trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. now the dignitaries leaving. now former president barack obama and his family. move very quickly i'm told. jet off to palm springs on their last trip on the government dime. their return trip we presume to washington where they
12:30 pm
home, will be on their own. now the former president bill clinton, former first lady hillary clinton, former candidate clinton on what is no doubt a day of mixed emotions. >> largely familiar speech in many way from the new president, which reminded us so many here just across from this grand american scene former president bush the 43rd. all best wishes for bob dole there on the back row. mike emanuel is up on the capitol steps. he's been watching along with us. what an incredible scene. >> new
12:31 pm
president, president obama, former president joe biden stopping and greeting former senator bob dole, once the republican nominee for president. now in his aging years. touching moment of bipartisanship. we saw hillary clinton and former president clinton going up the steps behind me just in that direction and being greeted by republicans and democrats. so you see some folks some leader types who have taken the approach clearly that this is much more than being about one man. the visuals are quite powerful. obviously during some of the speeches we heard senator chuck shumer speaking and the trump supporters did not love everything they heard. we heard some boos when the new president was taking the earth. we heard some boos and some jeering. some signs, hangover from a v
12:32 pm
very difficult presidential campaign. >> certainly there was an alternate oath being screened by some in the crowd. there's a lot you haven't seen. we'll get to that in due time. helicopter that you saw on the right-hand side of your screen was what we would until about 32 minutes ago have called marine one. it is now executive one. it will be loaded up with the former first family and the dogs and all the luggage and head off to palm springs. in fact, the former president is at the chopper now. let's look. jennifer griffin is watching along with us. jennifer, hello. >> help low, shepherd. in fact, we're waiting for president obama to be escorted out of the capital by president trump. newly inaugurated. this is a tradition that goes back for many, many presidents. remember the inauguration used to be held on the east front of the capital. it was moved
12:33 pm
by ronald reagan. but it was andrew jackson, another popular president, who started having the inauguration on these steps in 1829. we're waiting for president obama to make his way through the capitol one last time. he and michelle will board what has been in the past known as marine one, but now that the transfer of power, the peaceful transfer of power has taken place, it will be known as executive one, as the president and first lady make their way one last time, a flight over the city. they will circle around the monuments behind us one last time and head out to andrews air force base where they will meet their daughters and head out to palm springs. shepherd? >> jennifer, thank you very much. we don't expect to hear anything from the former president there, do we? it would be a break in tradition certainly. it >>'s hard to hear you, but i think you were talking about plans that the president and first lady had. it's not the first time a president has gone out to palm springs. as we
12:34 pm
president ford went out to palm springs when he left office. and so the president and first lady will be out there. their daughter who is a tenth grader, she will be back in school soon. they will be moving back into a house in a neighborhood here in washington, d.c. it's unusual for a president to remain in washington, but because their daughter is still a tenth grader, they want to allow her to finish high school. of course their daughter malia has had a year off. she will be heading to harvard next year. shepherd. >> jennifer, thanks so much. we'll go back as the former president, president obama, is expected to greet his staff there joint base andrews before flying off with the family. let's bring in stacy stoddard, julie michaels. >> i have the privilege of being right where
12:35 pm
standing in 2001 along with one camera on the east front when president clinton and hillary clinton departed. came down the steps. i was quite taken aback by the time what a dramatic moment it is. when they have just for 20 minutes no longer been president and first lady. or less than. they literally lift off in a helicopter above the capitol grounds as a new administration begins. it is quite a visual. they have to walk down the stairs with their shaky legs of emotion. it's really an incredible thing. it will be more emotional when they get to joint air force base andrews and then they get on a real airplane in california and saying good-bye to people. they want to sort of make this as quick as possible. but it is a final good-bye in officialdom. all those people you saw them saying hi to. former presidents, former senators, former vice presidents. and it is just an incredible quiet moment here on the
12:36 pm
front when the newly former president lifts off the ground with his wife. >> and the current president, the new president, escorting the former president, as is tradition, through the capital. john, quite a vision. >> it is. and that was quite a speech. that was something that was reminiscent of the convention, the republican convention. this painting of america. this painting of america. what he referred to as this american carnage, deprived of all knowledge in the public schools. it was a rather critical speech. but not unlike other speeches that donald trump has given. this was a fairly familiar turf. often these speeches are used to kind of praise the work of the previous president and to call all together. as jefferson said, we're not separate, we're all federalist and republicans at once. there was not very much of that. passing reference to the obama. it was really crici
12:37 pm
establishment. giving the government back to the people. the establishment was out there with him as he went through his litany. just one thing to note, this decree, as we put it, to far and wide, not just americans, but people abroad that from now on there's a new vision in america and it's going to be only america first. that is not the first time he's said that. but it resonates in an inaugural speech. it will be something our allies in asia and europe will be taking note of.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> nowhere in the world does the peaceful transition of power happen so
12:43 pm
much emotion. in so many countries a government is dissolved in the morning and a new is in power and there's no time for reconciliation that happens across the nation. for people to take a breath and watch in homes and villages across america and come to terms with however you feel about the one leaving and the one coming. it is a uniquely american event. spectacular to watch. the rain has largely held off. it sprinkled a tiny bit here and there. for the most part it's cooperated. the vice president and family will now go to union station in washington. a short drive away. if protocol holds they will drive him into the station. there it is. that's the very train that he will be taking. joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden will acela up to delaware, as
12:44 pm
next couple of days. and the former first family now to lift off in what is executive one. they'll buzz the monument, take a last look. you had to have been thinking it. i know you were. what it's like to have been the big dog and you are shaking hands with the next president and kissing the next first lady on the cheeks. i'm sure a nice little something was shared there as president obama reached in and had something to say to the new first lady. now executive one will buzz about the city over which he has governed for so long. he'll go to joint base andrews and meet up with the obama girls who, i don't know, they've been at so many big ceremonies. kind of nice that they didn't have to deal with this. they'll meet up there with the dogs and stuff. i'm guessing next to president obama's seat will be the cleats
12:45 pm
which he will employ with haste upon arrival in palm springs. saturday is supposed to be a glorious day for them. now the new leaders of our nation. standing and wishing them well. some day you must make this trip to this city on this day. and experience this. you'll find it well worth your time.
12:46 pm
>> it is the only bird in the sky at this moment as we look out across the landscape. jennifer griffin was there. jennifer? >> shephe
12:47 pm
emotion on michelle obama's face from the time she arrived at the capitol. we know from past experience and from past presidents and handovers from past presidencies that they spent the morning at the residence, meeting with about 100 members of the staff inside the state dining room. that is always a very emotional moment because the staff tends to the president and to the first lady the american flag that was flown over the capitol on the day they were inaugurated back in 2009. and the flag that was flown today. so they are given that as a gift before they leave the white house. but you could tell when michelle obama arrived here at the capitol, that it looked as though she had been crying earlier in the day. not surprising, given the weight of the ceremony that they were about to witness and participate in. eight years is a very long time. it was notable that
12:48 pm
daughters were not here at the capitol today. i think, and this is just speculation, but the president gets very emotional in talking about his daughters and seeing his daughters. i think you saw on the faces of not just the obamas, but the bidens, that they were really trying to hole it together for this ceremony. shepherd? >> we're watching, jennifer, as the chopper makes one more loop. it would appear now. the far end away from the monument. so many people with cameras out. one thing about washington, if you have ever been here, the noise of choppers and sirens and jets is unending it seems. they've obviously cleared the air space for this event. there are no trailing jets, no trailing helicopters. there's no security detail. there's no marine one. it is but
12:49 pm
with the obamas in it over washington. this is a moment every transition. last one we had was eight years ago. it's just such a powerful changing of the guard. those who led and governed and ruled, if you will, leave the space and off to palm springs. they'll leave the rest of the day for the new first family and all who will serve with them and for them at their request. jennifer was mentioning how emotional michelle obama was today, a.b. >> we were talking about that off camera. the most amazing part of this day was all the majesty and the formality and the elegance and the tradition is the emotion. like you said. not only the picture of them on the steps, but what they had to go through this morning. saying good-bye to the staff. the staff presents them with a present and then a hand crafted box
12:50 pm
from the first day that he was in, the last day he was in. what any departing president and first lady has to hold back this whole day emotionally really is just unimaginable to us. >> she met with some loving staff and friends earlier. >> she's going to see more of them at andrews. she is probably going to see her daughter's eyes and fall apart. i'm sure president obama feels the same way. you can tell in his many, many good-byes, he's been here to see this end. >> they worked very hard and they talked about it openly, to have as normal a life as possible for their girls. now joe biden and dr. jill biden arriving at union station. very quick car ride over there. especially the way they roll. >> sure is. they go right into the station. he is such a big fan of public transportation and in particular tr
12:51 pm
greatest spokesman, unpaid spokesman there. maybe that's his next job. who knows? he has just been a life long proponent of amtrak. i'm sure it's fitting for them. they recognize it's a fitting way to leave the capital city as the former vice president. >> when he was senator joe biden, used to take that train every day so he could get home to see the kids. for decades he talked about it endlessly. i remember back during bush 43rd's administration riding back and forth on the train. the train has its own magazine. on the amtrak magazine was joe biden's picture eating the food they serve up in first class with his thumb up. he is certainly popularized this. those of us who live in this region are so thankful for it. the planes may not be able to
12:52 pm
there. ed rawlings has been close to all of these people and has witnessed this repeatedly with us. ed, the dawn of a new day in washington. the new president made no bones about it. >> it's always a day that makes you very proud to be an american when you see the sides come together in spite of a difficult election. lot of still unhappiness towards who won and who lost. i thought the president gave a very powerful speech. it was about us. it was not about him. it was about him. he will make america first again. i think to a certain extent you think in terms that this is the 58th time this has happened. today's inaugural. 45 men have been e hreubgted president or served as president. makes you proud. there's no
12:53 pm
the end. at least it's kept in a very high plain. it's a very ambitious speech he laid out. there are a lot of things he promised to do. the challenge will be great. lottist will be changed from where we are today. i just think this is a very special day. as americans we should all be very very proud of it. >> thoughts on the details of the speech? anything surprising to you? note worthy? >> i think the key thing, it was about we. lot of promises, which he's made throughout the course of the campaign. very ambitious agenda to make these changes that he wants to do. he's now going to have a different responsibility both as dealing with a congress that has a big role in all of this. we sometimes forget until you see a session like this, this is the congress' show. this is on their turf. we have an equal government. obviously the president is very powerful position. but the money and the control and legislation all thaos be
12:54 pm
collectively done together. >> sorry, go ahead. >> and the bottom line is you've got to stay within the law. the courts make sure you do all that. i think it was a very ambitious program. very populist. he's promised the american public a lot. i think that's a very good thing. >> as donald trump is one to do, he has tweet as the 45th president of the united states. his 20.6 million followers. this began just about two minutes ago. donald trump tweeting today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the american people, hash tag inauguration day. donald trump had another tweet. what truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether the government is controlled by the people. january 20th, 2017 will be
12:55 pm
became the rulers of this nation. it was an america first nationalistic sort of speech. >> absolutely. it's a small thing but is interesting to note. he is really our first major twitter president that we have. as he was taking the oath, his official potus twitter handle went live. there hadn't been any tweets from that. the previous potus user, barack obama, that is all archived into a different account now. he retains all his followers. trump will inherit this new potus twitter handle. it will be interesting to see how he uses it in concert with his very popular twitter account that you just pointed out, has more than 20 million followers. >> the staff will run potus and donald trump will run his? >> the more authentic and real donald trump will come through on appropriately real donald trump's twitter account that he already has. the potus account
12:56 pm
for more official statements and staffed by white house staff and so forth. >> former president obama, michelle obama, arriving at joint base andrews. we have been led to believe the following will happen. they will meet the girls. there will be some hugging and kissing, i guess. i am told they will greet their staff, a matter which we will watch. it's like history repeating itself, john. >> yeah. interesting notion of the populous president. it wasn't andrew jackson 1829 andrew jackson throws open the doors to the white house. to the public. they come in for their own inaugural party. they kind of ransack the place. break the china. they eventually have to get jackson out through a window to keep him from getting stampeded by the crowd. they move the whiskey tubs to the south lawn. that's the only way they can get the people out of the house. it is
12:57 pm
is it? he has a very established cabinet he's bringing in. establishment figures. lot of goldman sachs folks. the same people he was critiquing and criticizing there as he was speaking. >> i thought they were supposed to be drained? >> this notion of giving the government back to the people, i think some of the somberness, there was a fairly stern speech. raised fist at the end from the new president. no humor. no smile. i think some of the strain you saw towards the end, somberness from the departing president was his feeling that it was not just a new power coming in, but a very different vision for america. >> that came through in the speech. there was no platitudes for the eight years we experienced under president obama. it will be very interesting to see how the themes of
12:58 pm
come together as he governs. he needs to work with congress to execute some of these plans. it will be a very interesting 100 days. to see how president trump reacts to the realities of washington and the separation of powers and the fact that, frankly, this place does not move very quickly. >> i thought also that the presentation that chuck shumer gave before donald trump came in to take the oath of office where he does not refer to the new president in his remarks. that was kind of notable. it was not a very galvanizing moment. not a bringing together moment. he talked about, we're celebrating a special day but it was very much in the context, the need for the rule of law. need for respect of freedom of the press. protection of all under the
12:59 pm
there again he seemed to be a shot across the bough. it was remarks aimed at the new president as opposed to a welcome of the new president. >> we talked ab how largely this was a new process. there has been a great deal of demonstrating. some of the entrances to the capitol were blocked today. there were a number of sort of fiery protests. a car was torched on k street, which many of you are familiar with, i'm certain. k street around 13th. franklin park, protesters torched a car there. franklin park protesters had crow bars and were vandalizing. property damage there. some windows broken. there have been demonstrations and counter demonstrations. 60 groups were expected to be here. it felt like the city paused for a bit to listen to the inauguration speech. the speech writer for president clinton and the senior domestic policy speech writer for vice president al gore
1:00 pm
also one of the founding partners from the firm west wing writer. your thoughts on the speech today? >> i'll tell you, there's no day like this anywhere on the planet. and it is as a remarkable day just to watch this peaceful transition of power. the question coming in today, could donald trump be a unifier? in a sense, he was a unifier. there were unified protests across 50 states and 32 countries. it didn't exist until america came on, the right to peacefully protest your government. they speak for half of america that is terrified in some ways by what this president could stand for. they see him as a person who got elected appealing to malice and not to charity. and who watched with concern about what the next four years will bring. that is what americans are willin
1:01 pm
chance. i think the message is we're not going to let any bad behavior go unnoticed. and i think that's what senator schumer was referring to at the beginning, and i think that's what we're going to see over the next four years. usually when you think about generals leading, going into battle, they usually face the opposing army. that truth was directed at the people behind him. on behalf of america, the congress is separate from democratic party and republican party for him are both things that need to be overcome and getting what he needs done.
1:02 pm
>> patriotism. there is no room for presidents. we would say depends on the kind of patriot to practice. depends on working people, women, minorities, and the immigrants and people of color, all races, that's a patriotism we can embrace. what we heard on the campaign, what we've seen in 40 tweets since the election, we want to be believers, we want to give the new president-elect a chance and the president a chance, but we will be watching and we don't want to sit back and be quiet the next four years. >> there has been great change in america over the last eight years, not only economically and socially and otherwise, but much more inclusion and national
1:03 pm
effort to have a more inclusive society and a large percentage of the population that sits today with great concern. we know you are there, we hear your voices. on this day of celebration and great american tradition, those people and their concerns in large part for the president of the united states has kept these divisive matters before us. quite regularly. >> this is the headline today, he spoke to his supporters, donald trump comes in with a soaring approval rating, sworn into office with lincoln's bible, lincoln said with sentiment anything is possible. attacking the establishmentp pointed out saying they enriched themselves, their victories had nothing to do with the forgotten people, little to celebrate for struggling families all across the land, and his attempt at unity was
1:04 pm
the same night sky, and national pride, shared patriotism and a creator, but he didn't go into the 56% of the country that didn't support him, and the voters who supported him at the last minute, those late breakers who told exit pollsters they were scared of him but did it because they were ready for change and had preservation's, so throughout the transition, this reset, this presidential measure, judicious reset never happened. that is what they were looking for, starting today. even his own supporters said this week he has to really send a message beyond the campaign and the people who support him to the rest of the country. it just really wasn't in the speech. >> for those who were hoping for a turn from campaigning trump to governing and leading an intrusive trump, the weight continues. >> i think that's right. let's go back to that comment the guest put out in his speech. it sounded like a comme
1:05 pm
inclusions, but it may not have been. he says "when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice." if you open your heart to patriotism defined by whom? is that the president's definition, the protesters definition, chuck schumer's definition? get in our context and you will be included. >> let's listen. bill and hillary clinton, obviously, and others arriving at capitol hill. mike emanuel. >> what the new president does at this point is he walks from taking president obama and the first lady to the helicopter back inside to an ornate room in the chamber called the president's room, it is where presidents when they come to capitol hill can do business. the new president goes in there, signs nominations of his cabinet secretaries,
1:06 pm
they are because we've been talking about them f them have h hearings for their confirmation, but they're not official nominees until a new president signed the paperwork nominating them and submitting those names to capitol hill. he may also be signing a proclamation recognizing inaugural day, so his first presidential signatures, if you will, on some official paperwork and typically a new president poses for photos with other dignitaries gathered here for this extraordinary location and obviously with this new president, we've seen he has sent some tweets, which he's known to do. his first presidential tweets likely done inside the presidents room in the united states capitol just off the senate chamber where the president gets to do business when he comes to the hill. >> thanks. over at joint base andrews with the first president and first lady speaking to the staff. this is the last moment before off they
1:07 pm
vacation in palm springs as i see smiles on those faces, wonder what the conversation wa was. [cheering and applauding] [chanting] [cheering and applauding] >> there you go. ♪ ♪
1:08 pm
[national anthem playing] [national anthem playing] [cheering and applauding]
1:09 pm
>> please be seated. [cheering and applauding] >> former president obama: hello, everybody! you know, michelle and i, we've really been milking this good-bye thing. [laughter] so it behooves me to be very brief. yes, yes. i said before, and i would say again, when we started on this
1:10 pm
journey, we did so with an abiding faith in the american people and their ability, our ability, to join together and change the country in ways that would make life better for our kids, and our grandkids, the change didn't happen from the top down, but it happened from the bottom up. it was met sometimes with skepticism and doubts, some folks didn't think we could pull it off. there were those who felt that the institutions of power and privilege in this country were to too deeply entrenched. and yet, all of you
1:11 pm
together in small towns and big cities, a whole bunch of you really young, and you decided to believe, and you knocked on doors and made phone calls, and you talked to your parents who didn't know how to pronounce "barack obama." [laughter] and you got to know each other, and you went into communities that maybe you'd never even thought about visiting, and met people who on the surface seemed completely different from you, didn't look like you or talk like you or watch the same tv programs as you, and yet once you started talking to them, it turned out you had something in common. and it grew, and it built. and people took notice. and
1:12 pm
with a sense of hope. and as i said in 2004, it wasn't blind optimism that drove you to do all this work, it wasn't naivete, it wasn't willful ignorance to all the challenges that america faces. it was hope in the face of difficulty. hope in the face of uncertainty. you proved the power of hope. and throughout this process, michelle and i, we've just been the front man and women. we have been the face, sometimes the voice out front on the tv screen in front of the microphone, but this has never been about us. it has always been about
1:13 pm
and all the amazing things that happened over the last ten years or are really just a testament to you in the same way when we talk about our amazing military and our men and women in uniform, the military is not a thing, it's a group of committed patriots willing to sacrifice everything on our behalf. it works only because -- of the people in it. [applauding] as cool as the hardware is, and we have cool hardware, as cool of the machines and weapons and satellites are, ultimately it comes down to remarkable people. some of them just a lot closer
1:14 pm
to malina's ages. >> you are listening to the beginning of the counter narrative, the former president speaking on the left, but the current and new president is signing executive orders on the right, let's listen. [laughter] >> is coming though, right? [laughter] look like you added some letters to your name. [laughter]
1:15 pm
[cameras clicking] >> president trump: here, i would like to give some pens ou out. >> you're hearing this in the background, "i want to go home." one of the little ones speaking for all of us. so cute, right?
1:16 pm
>> come o up. >> how about we do nancy first, is that okay? there is that. [laughter] >> tom price, tom
1:17 pm
[laughter] >> president trump: you know, he's going to be terrific. >> mr. president, mr. president. >> i'll take them. >> president trump: did very well yesterday, rick perry.
1:18 pm
a toughe, their they're learning the hard way. >> signing now for the nomination betsy devos, a hearing that was rocky by any estimation, which frankly is still sort of reverberating across the hill. donald trump sang a moment ago she will be confirmed, and she probably will, but not to everyone's liking. >> well, it's interesting in this discussion about the nomination, schumer kind of spearheading this slowing down and extra scrutiny and everything. all of them will be confirmed, i can't imagine dr. price, the one that chuck schumer said was the most likely to be rejected, probably surprised if he
1:19 pm
make it through. democrats are stumbling around in the wilderness and trying -- and they're trying to vie for influence and leadership, teachers union, the bank haters, the pro-choice people, the environmentalists. as they flood with these nominees and don't just focus on one, they are sort of losing their influence. everyone is getting questions, strenuously, and that's fine. will they really take any out? no. >> thinking of this moment and the just position of the former president and double boxing with president obama saying good-bye on the left, and his good-byes are finished. telling everybody they love him and all the rest. i can't help but remember 16 years ago as bill clinton is leaving office, if memory serves during the signing ceremony, bill clinton was still taking a good-bye lap,
1:20 pm
hand after hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hands. maybe my memory is cloudy and it seemed like it went on for hours, but i actually think i remember brit hume saying this has been going on for hours. they simply would not leave. and the transition, though, to some levels was very clintonesque. today has been much more no drama obama. so we will keep you updated on what the obamas are doing. this traditional signing normally the new president will take the first pen and do part of his signature and another pe pen. you can see, quite a signature. it has high-rises embedded within. >> and he's trying to include everybody in the pen giving. a notable moment between the house and senate leadership and
1:21 pm
the long good-byes, they are integrated into this washington kind of bubble. a lot of people to say good-bye to. you can understand why it goes on for quite some time, but also this historic moment is such kind of a notable day in american democracy, the history books have even lyndon johnson's breakfast written in the history books. somehow the good-bye get accentuated by the fact it is so heavily examined because it is such a special day. >> one thing that is a commonplace, we have witnessed this sort of over and over how obama conducts himself, we know all of his tics, you know, you, all of their the familiare former president and his life and his people, we know how they roll, we can sort of judge what it is they are d
1:22 pm
they will do next because there are patterns. we have no pattern now. we are on an ocean that is uncharted. if anyone knows how donald trump will govern, maybe it is donald trump, but those closest to him in a private moment will tell you we don't think he knows yet how he's going to govern because he doesn't yet know what the job involves. >> just yesterday speaker gingrich, former house speaker newt gingrich who has been a close advisor to trump saying i know what trump is doing friday, he's giving an inaugural address. i know what he's doing saturday and beyond? no idea. he made the same comment he doesn't believe now president trump will know exactly how he's going to find his rhythm until he gets going, and it's an interesting time too because here we are in a big day going into a weekend, which is a little awkward because you could get right to work, but it sounds like the new president will do most of the heavy lifting on monday now that it is the ek
1:23 pm
interview with the publication said just the other day "i think i will make my first day of work monday, right." as if to say that's okay, isn't it? yes, you can do whatever you want, you are the president. and his people were quick to come back to say he's going to sign executive orders on friday, maybe he just wasn't aware of that. in a micro-chasm that might tell us a lot about the early days because there are processes and procedures which must be followed in washington even when you are the leader of the free world, and donald trump is about to be confronted with these and those of us who have followed him closely in the past 15 months most wonder how will he take that. >> one of the most difficult things is not just the constitution and the congress and the court, just governing from the executive branch is really a group effort, and it's what you've heard president obama in these last few weeks try tort
1:24 pm
own, it's not a boardroom, and donald trump is so used to one way of getting things done, he believes he's been very effective. it's been top down, he's the boss, he knows how to shut adil down and knows how to start one when there is no hope, knows how to get one across the finish line, and he trust his gut and he does things from his god, and the problem with fighting the intelligence community is that's the kind of thing where when they come in to talk to you about a crisis in north korea, they don't just need to trust what they're claiming to you about this moment and what just happened, but a context and a history. so it really is kind of a team sport, and that's going to be a big bridge for him to cross in terms of process. >> you know, the other headwind here and it has to be faced by a new administration, this is an administration that comes in with 62.9 million americans voting
1:25 pm
voted for his opponent. hillary clinton got at the end 48.2% of the votes, donald trump got 46.1. this is going to dog him. remind you, historically this has happened before, a lot of very close elections in our own lifetime, they were so worried tillman was going to declare himself the president that grant had him in the night before. if a secret inaugural oath to him. one day there were two copresidents. so, closeness and tension has been in the history of american politics, it's not that he can't overcome it, but it is a headwind will have to confront. >> doug wade is a presidential historian, more than two decades researching and writing about u.s. presidents and families, served as special assistant to
1:26 pm
george h.w. bush. we hope he is resting comfortably at home, mr. president, good afternoon, we hope you're well. thoughts on the day so far. >> what strikes me is we keep on hearing people talk about the smooth transfer of power. it's not smooth, but it's dependable, and that's why it works so well. i interviewed jill ford's son. he said any given moment half the country hates my father and half the country loves my father, and people forget john f. kennedy was hated by many americans, and the morning after he was inaugurated, there were sermons preached in southern churches saying he was the antichrist. there was a televised news conference by harry truman before the democratic national convention saying he would not come to the convention or endorse this man. so, even great presidents, it's not smooth to transfer. lbj you will remember there were
1:27 pm
chants in the street, heh, heh, lbj, how many kids did you kill today? we had trouble times, during the term there were neighborhoods burned to the ground by race riots, tanks in the streets in washington, d.c., and richard nixon's daughter, julie, she was at smith college and people, other students would spit on her when she walked across campus. so i raise this just to say nothing's changed, it's turbulent, it looks scary, people get mad, i didn't vote for that guy, but it's dependable, the transfer of power, and i'm inspired by what i've seen today. >> i'm fully inspired because as you know, historically this has worked as planned as it always seems to at least on the surface of things, but there are differences with the distinctio distinction, 80 years ago the economy was in turmoil, losing 800,000 jobs per
1:28 pm
about to lose some of our biggest industries, republicans would tell you a man is coming into office who has no experience with leadership, and they were very concerned with the state of the world. today we have a president who has never been in the military, never sworn into oath of office, never been a public servant of any kind, and comes forward with sort of a governing philosophy that the majority of americans disagree with. i just wonder if you think historically speaking this is so different in those ways or if we are just caught up in the here and now. >> yes, it is different, but not completely different. i told maria bartiromo, the transfer of powers like landing in denver, it will always be bumpy. we had a dramatic change of andrew jackson, he was against the big banks. i heard some of that rhetoric in donald trump today. it's globalism today, the establishment under barack obama as beloved as he is by all of us, as loved as he is,
1:29 pm
that a very liberal university of california berkeley study that showed the rich got richer, the poor got poorer at an accelerated rate under barack obama beginning under george w. bush but accelerated under barack obama. so there are forgotten people, and they spoke at the ballot box, and here are ones who say i see it, i see it. >> they certainly did, his message resonated, i am from a small town down south, travel extensively over the past 12 months, have met a lot of trump supporters, unlikely trump supporters frankly, some throughout roosevelt and around pittsburgh in the suburbs around pittsburgh, people who worked in the steel mill, whose father worked in the steel mill, grandfather worked in the steel mill, always reliably each time voted democratic, same in the suburbs of philadelphia and such beyond through ohio and beyond. who this time have said
1:30 pm
stay with it, have to find something for change, and i wonder, julie, what you've heard today, what policy initiatives, what plans this billionaire from queens, new york, was never served anyone in his life who was recently a reality television star and at one point a character on the howard stern show, not to belittle at all, but to remind what it is he brings for those people who are counting on him for so much. >> he is exactly the right message for all those people, and he reiterated that today in his address. the line at washington flourished but the people did not is so resonant across the country, and not just to washington, but to the elites, to the 1% we've seen so much about. it's so remarkable this person who's a billionaire businessman in new york has been able to convince so many americans that he understands their fight. i also have to point out this other line in his speech when he said "we are
1:31 pm
american, higher american." as celie who covers conflict of interest, can't help but think to myself trumps own company hasn't necessarily always bought american and hired american workers, so that's another example of him preaching something that he hasn't necessarily experienced or practiced. i'm wondering if he's just going to continue being able to message like that, or if people will look at him after a period of time and say we are not seeing results here, and stop believing what he says. >> when we get to taxes and start talking about taxes and get real tax plans, that may be a key. one of the thing said was there will be tax cuts for the rich on some levels, they also said state taxes will largely be eliminated, which continues to transfer of money within the family, whatever you think about it, that's the effect of it, and i've heard very little about breaks for the middle class aside from bringing jobs back,
1:32 pm
are not going to be coming back. i hope and pray for america he's the most successful president in the history of the world, his actions meet his rhetoric, so far he doesn't have that chance. >> you know one of his biggest will be economic growth and hiring. he believes this very expensive infrastructure plan will put people to work, that's what he said today, with american hands, american labor, new railways, new roads, highways, new tunnels, new airports. he believes that's the first thing out of the gate that has to spur job growth and make people believe again that they are on a path out even if the factory is not coming back into their town. so, that of course brings this contrast and this tension to the floor that more money than congress believes they can spen spend, donald trump doesn't want to touch them, the wall costs
1:33 pm
new spending on military cost money, all the infrastructure cost money, a big, deep tax cut cost money and nothing that is saving money. so there is going to be this tension with this new unified republican government. they want to do all those things too that spur growth, but they don't see eye to eye on how that will be done. he wants a win on the board immediately that spells jobs and hiring. that's why he's taking these sort of little fights with individual companies, what i call donald's deal of the day. it drives conservatives absolutely crazy, but he wants wins. you will see an effort immediately to encourage supporters he is changing washington, but they will not feel repeal regulations right away, they will not feel tax reform right away, and the obamacare thing is making everybody extremely nervous. there is no replacement no matter what the then president-elect said over the weekend.
1:34 pm
>> waiting for the introductions at the capitol and waiting as the former president parts. i keep saying it in a broken record way to the point of making it trivial, if that's the case i apologize, but just witnessing the here we come to do your work and here we go to go play golf, it is all the metaphors are there for you, nobody else in the world can get this right. say whatever you want about america can't get this right, america is declining in whatever way. the truth is america is on the upswing. everybody's not a part of it, but america has been on the upswing for the better part of six years, and that is the man who led over it, and good-bye and farewell. [applauding] from what i know, what i've been told, he's real happy about today. she's worked very hard to try to maintain a little
1:35 pm
normal life for her family and getting off to palm springs and coming back and getting into an everyday routine to as great as you can as former first lady and former president, i think she's into that. i think that will work well for michelle obama. and at the capitol introducing introducing --
1:36 pm
♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. accompanied by chairman willie blunt and mrs. abigail blunt. [applauding] ♪ ♪
1:37 pm
[applauding] >> would like everybody to please be seated. mr. president,
1:38 pm
twice now officially, mr. vice president, honored guests, welcome to this inaugural luncheon. we have been pleased to host this lunch at least since 1953 with president eisenhower. in 1981, president reagan's first inauguration, the launch took its current form and moved from the grand hall to the national statutory hall, which served until 1857 as the chairman of how suburban sedatives. the chambers that lined the are placed throughout the capitol and recognize important figures throughout our national history. the collection and statuary hall don't change very often, but actually since this lunch was held at the last time, it had several additions. rosa parks is now in statuary hall, and she is of course seated rather than
1:39 pm
[applauding] when ms. parks died in 2005, one of the few people who never held any public office or served in the military too late to honor in the capitol rotunda, and several of us were there that day. another addition, norman berg law, the leader of the green revolution. this green revolution was about his great efforts to feed people, the demands in food production, and he was really a leader in that area and talking to governor purdue last night as world food demand doubles in 35 or 40 years and the great opportunity we have their. barry goldwater, a real inspiration to a generation of conservatives was added to statuary hallve
1:40 pm
years, and thomas edison of ohio who discovered more than 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb until he discovered the one way to make that lightbulb. the painting in the middle of the room is from a great misery artist, joel caleb bingham, he did three election series. the painting here, three painting series, one was the county election, and this is verdict of the people. in the 1850s when this was painted, often it was several days after the election before the results were announced. all sort of people are in this, all walks of life, people who are excited, people who are confused, people who wonder what happened and people who wonder what's going to happen or all their. he painted this
1:41 pm
the same time in this very room some of the least successful debates in the history of our country were being held. and of course we paid the price for not being able to find solutions. one of my favorite statues in the building is in a room i have here in the pre-19 right now, had it in the office when i was the whip in the house, it is one of my favorite because nobody knows who it is. i don't mean nobody here can guess who it is, i mean nobody knows who it is and nobody has known who it was since about 1930. couldn't have been in the capitol building more than 100 years before people began to wonder who is this person. i think it's a great reminder what we do here is a lot more important than who we are. we have work in front of us, it is a wonderful opportunity, it is a great day, and i'm asking very
1:42 pm
senate to give us the opening prayer. >> let us pray. eternal lord god, our refuge and strength, we praise you that we have nothing to fear. we can stand fearlessly during this season of peaceful transition because we know your providence will prevail. lord, we are grateful for this inaugural luncheon, and for your providence that has brought president donald j. trump to this milestone moment. you have admonished us to pray
1:43 pm
we pray for our new president. lord crowned his laborers with success, leading him to the destination you have chosen. surround him, his family, and the members of his cabinet with the shield of your divine protection and favor. may president trump seek your wisdom, justice, and grace leading with your strength, which reaches out to those on lights margins, the loss, lonely, last, leased, and left out. may he remember that those who would leave a
1:44 pm
greatness must stride to become servants of all. lord, inspire our president to perform his god-appointed duties with such reverence for you that his tenure will be like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning, like a rainbow after a storm, and like the singing of the birds at dawn. bless our food and fellowship, we pray in your sovereign name, amen. >> from statuary hall on capitol hill, and roy blunt of course the chairman of the capital
1:45 pm
today on inaugural ceremony said they've been doing it in this form since 1953. think of a big fancy party you go to at a fancy house where the caterers would move into the garage a bunch of people would cook for you and pass around, it would be okay. here it is like that, they have a dozen chefs on hand to prepare the meal on site. back behind statuary hall in a makeshift kitchen with stoves and ovens and refrigerators, it is quite the thing. a lot of invited guests, they turn the cameras off so they can eat in privacy. what's worse than having a camera in your face when you're trying to chew lobster? that's a bad thing. i should tell you what they are going to have today because i love reading menus. and if you who have joined us on the fox news channel, when there is occasion to read a menu, we like to do that. there are the morsels for which they should dine. course number one is a maine lobster and
1:46 pm
crumble. because we all need peanut crumble, especially on fridays. they will have a wine pairing with that, of course. a chardonnay, which sounds fantastic. those of you who have been playing presidential inauguration drinking games across the country, i daresay most of you who have not been using that particular vintage, something more in an aluminum can, that is what we would be doing in my house. second course, because you need a second course, grilled seven hills angus beef. and here is an interesting thing, with dark chocolate and junipers and potatoes and cheese. very delicious. and they will have a grouping of wine with that as well. they will have a della cotto, black stallion limited release napa valley, which sounds lovely. and the third course today will be more c
1:47 pm
what's better than course three with chocolate than courses two and three with chocolate? a chocolate souffle with cherry vanilla ice cream. i daresay it is not been at jerry's. along with a champagne that has not been a champagne, but natural special inaugural california champagne. i say california champagne because it is written upon my blue card, i would not normally say that because i know on the fox news channel we certainly broadcast in france and were we to say a california champagne, we would immediately get angry letters in all caps in all french because the french will tell you champagne comes from the champagne region of france and that champagne from california doesn't exist, it's a sparkling wine. but they call it a champagne. since it's america first, it's champagne. so, it is. that's the lunch today, which we
1:48 pm
after lunch they will come out and tell us about how it went. there will be presentations and toast, including just about all the dignitaries there. we will go back to that when they finish the luncheon. let's bring in laurie firestone, the white house social secretary to president george h.w. bush. social secretary works with the first lady and event planning, and it is a fantastic job and of great importance in the building behind me. so great to see you, thanks for coming. >> thank you so much for having me today. >> this is one of those days where i would love to be able to hire a teenager with a go pro on a helmet to wander around the white house even without audio because what's happening back there is a dance i need to see. tell us about it. >> it's a very exciting day, and just as this whole day has already been, but at the white house once the
1:49 pm
then it was president obama, left the white house around 10:00, 10:30, for the capital, everything gets started. and the housekeepers start cleaning rooms, they are scrubbing down the bathrooms, the bedrooms, their shampooing the carpets. at 12:00, at 12:01, once the new president has been sworn in, there are moving vans at the south, and on the west side toward the west wing would be the obamas van, on the east side would be the trumps van. they back up so the two back ends of the trucks are together, and i think it's
1:50 pm
interesting that the commercial drivers and movers can move the furniture out of the van or into the van, but they can't go into the white house. so the white house staff will pick up outside and carry the furniture in. the obamas, as i understand, have been moving out slowly the last week. so probably it is only the last minute things for them. but the upstairs in the family core doors will be totally changed for the trumps. there things will be moved in, other white house things, furniture and artwork that have been chosen from pictures will come in from the warehouse. those things will all be put in place. the
1:51 pm
be stocked, every detail will be -- pictures will be placed around, not only artwork hung, new pictures hung on the walls, but other artwork. in the bushs' case, they had artwork from the children in the sitting room, in their private sitting room, so when the trumps walk in at 3:30, they will be welcomed to the white house, and it will be theirs. it will not be the obamas. >> everything cleaned top to bottom, i have been reading this from some degree because i find it interesting. to me it feels like you wrench the beat beach house in flr the carolinas, this seems like
1:52 pm
we do? no water, no cheez whiz, no crackers. those are the things i would require. in this case the trumps and all their family have been able to tell those in the white house we like this moisturizer cream, this kind of hand soap, this toothpaste, we like right aid toothbrushes, not cvs toothbrushes, and they will be there waiting for them. there is a staff that if they miss any little thing, they will have it for them in a millisecond. in addition to that, the white house florists have come in. they take the flowers from the obamas and have a complete flower extravaganza to the liking of the first lady and the president. it must be quite a thing to see, a spotless place. >> it is exciting, and of course the fact so many of the trump family will be spending the night there, a
1:53 pm
with the bushs as well. there are 16 bedrooms and half of them will be used by the trumps tonight. i might add, while this is all going on in the white house, in the oval office, they are completely transforming that as well, and i don't know what trump has ordered, what desk he wants, but it will be a new desk, new sofas. they will probably keep the rug down because there will be a new one made, and that usually takes time. but even if he wants the drapery changed today, those will be changed, so that when he walks in the oval office this afternoon, it will be his office, not obama's office. >> here and forever more, at least for the next four years or whatever. it's so great
1:54 pm
you come back because what did you think, just before we go briefly, of the new first lady as she walked down those stairs and as she greeted people? >> i thought she was beautiful. she looked so poised and so at ease, and i think she's going to be a wonderful first lady. i think we are all going to be very proud of them. >> we've been doing very well in the first lady category as long as i can remember and the tradition is upheld. it is so great to see you. since we mentioned george w. bush, we think about him a lot around here, we love that guy. i just got an official update on george h.w. bush, and i will tell you the headline is he's doing very well down in texas. there are so many emails now it's hard to find, but rather than reading it to you specifically, i will tell you that they cleared his throat again
1:55 pm
he's still in icu, and stable condition, doing well. we are told he was watching the inauguration a along with members of his family. his wife, barbara, is excited to stay through the weekend as well as a precaution. they think the two of them will be just fine. my guess is the president is watching on the fox news channel, but if you tuned in for just a moment, mr. president, we are thinking about you. on a heavier note, i was reading this morning in politico of all the details of what donald trump has now learned. before donald trump could take the oath of office if anything was pending in and about the nation we didn't know about, something going on like for instance there was a time when bad pigs was about to happen and the incoming president had to sign off on that before he put his hands on the bible and went away because these are things you are now in charge in 30 seconds, so before you are in charge, you have to know, so if there was anything weird out there we don't know about, he knows about it now. he knows the nuclear codes, the biggest secrets, he knows what
1:56 pm
you and i have no clue from, he knows about the gadgets and the toys and the drones and the firepower, he knows about our covert action. if you want to know about anybody entertaining for leaders, foreign dignitaries, what the required secrets are, what their day to day routine is, he can get all that on a drop of a dime, and the presidential daily briefing is just the beginning of it. if they have ufos, he already knows about it. i'm just saying. they have a lot of funky stuff out there. >> i know. >> they have a lot of things they can do a lot of stuff with that you and i don't know, he knows about. >> one of the most amazing aspects of this controversy between donald trump and the intelligence agency is that one day soon the president could likely need or ask the intelligence community to do something covertly that we would never find out about that would really help us,
1:57 pm
country, but help him, and it's not that they won't do what they're asked to do, but that trust is so important, and the fact they feel demoralized by the things he said since december is really a factor because there is a secret relationship there that we don't even know about. not only in addition the time when he will do something that is made public and he'll have to come to us and say i'm doing this because intelligence community told me we have to do this and i believe every word they said. >> will have the ability to see inside the most sensitive and covert programs today with the united states and allies around the world, access to surveillance tools, covert payrolls and personal seekers of foreign leaders, you'll know about blacked out special forces rate and ufo like spy planes. the next generation cyber attacks covering the opening minutes of a new war, and the dozens of secret classified procedures and laws written dow
1:58 pm
predecessors, there is a whole series of laws about which you and i have no knowledge written by and for previous presidents, he knows these now. as president, trump will be 1 on sensitive market moving economic data from the labor department up to 12 hours before it becomes known publicly. so, there's that. as quiet as things are and as husband he full as it has been, don't want to color it improperly for you. there have been demonstrations, some violent and some underway now. jenkins is out on the streets of washington where i understand there has been a bit of something. describe it for us. >> that's right, shep. earlier today through downtown charged with rioting by the police. we have seen a dozen or so arrests. for now the streets had heated up. i want you to see, shep, the police in riot g
1:59 pm
there have been a few pressure grenades. a lot of the protesters are in antifascist group. rocks are going out to police. about a dozen or so. we are having to move back a bit because they are engaging the pulleys and we don't want to get hurt here, but we are trying to show you and keep our crew safe as they are engaging. we are downtown between 12 and k street, three or four blocks from lafayette park near the white house. they started this at lafayette park at logan circle, the police pretty much now are trying to take control of this street. >> this has been going on at one level or another for the past two or three hours, 13th and k earlier downtown. a block away from there there was a car torched earlier, some buildings were broken
2:00 pm
we show you this in small doses because this is just for context. one small area, that's not to say there aren't protesters, some 60 different photos organizations we are expecting well north of 150, 200 people here for a women's march tomorrow in protest. hundreds and hundreds of buses coming from places all over the country protesting what they perceived to be donald trump's lack of proper attitude toward women and beyond, so all of those things are existing at the same time we are covering this peaceful transition of power. it is at 2:00 on the east coast, 11:00 p.m. on the west coast, i am shepard smith in washington atop the chamber of commerce building. been here a while, just across from the white house on fox broadcast network from coast to coast. right now the inaugural luncheon is underway and shannon bream is looking at activities spreading
2:01 pm
shannon, to you, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, shepherd. we are a block closer, i can see the back of your head where you are. that is the white house as folks are gathering here, dignitaries being brought in. that is the first family will sit in the viewing box as it comes by. it is unusual in many ways because first of all it is a 2-mile check from the capitol to the white house. there are a lot of things that happen. some presidents stay in their car, some get out and walk. there are large crowds here, it is a very controlled and secure environment. still, when it is a brand-new president and family walking around, it is extra work for the secret service, they are prepared for that. today the parade route will pass by the trumps international hotel. one way or another we knew a year or two ago donald trump was going to get to pennsylvania avenue, that is were trump intern
2:02 pm
buy that property now as president on the way to the white house to watch the parade. it will be shorter >> we are breaking in here on i our inaugural coverage here onhn fox5.fox5 we are bringing you livevee pictures right now. nowow. this is 12th and l street northwest.. we have protesters that are out you can see police out there as well. we have been hearing about some pretty rough protests that aree going on there you've been bnbe watching live coverage from foxx news channel getting a sense of number of arrests and bigig problem earlier today.. by the way we're looking aroundd 12th and l. l. a group of what were described as an narcotic consists broke be out windows atro various storess various storefronts out there.or but you get a sense of the show of force we're seeing fromfrom police out there on the streetse of the district... >> we have a crew down that as well. alex limon and we'll to get inn touc
2:03 pm
here's another look.k. another vantage point some som people having their faces covered. we understand there may have been some tear if as or o something possibly deployed out there. you can see photographers and everybody out there asograph wet is covering this, and you can see even there as well newspaper stand knocked down in the middle of the roadway. police here in riot gear ready to go in case anything breaks out any further. ronnie mcrae photojournalist fox5 is in the miffled it all... ronnie, you're on the phone.e pn what are you seeing right now.t. >> reporter: right now, i see media, police are setting upu whole line right now and the protesters are throwing rocks.k. just trying to get it under -- um, hold on real quick... i'm sorry.. got to run. let me get here.e. all right.igh i'm good.i' i'm good. i'g good.m i'm goodood.od.. all right.h setting up a line they're trying
2:04 pm
still throwing rocks. a lot of flash things are goingg off right now.ow. right now it seems like thingsig are become, a little bit calm. let's see. see. see let me run over to the protesters. >> ronnie, are you out of breath or deploying tear gas or or something in that area? >> yeah, they were. >> okay.. >> tear gas. probably about like 10, 15 minutes.tes.s. >> let me -- go ahead. >> yeah.> go >> i want to give people perspective the shot is breakink up a littline bit but that's ok. that's the technology we'rere using right now you're seeingseg the man with the mask there. people -- >> ronnie? you said what now?o? >> what are you seeing ronnienie we're hearing bangs in thes ien background. >> why don't you tell us what we're seeing. >> hello.>> h >> what are you seeing and hearing?elu searing? >> hello? it's ronnie. hello?
2:05 pm
we're hearing -- it soundss almost like some sort of rhythmic drum beat instead ofd f any sort of ammunition. >> yeah.. >> okay. >> i can try to get you off some pictures.. live pictures.. >> where are you at right now,w, ronnie. >> i'm actually on 12th and k right now... >> what do you see around you??? >> describe the scene. >> behind me i'm right -- goo ahead, shawn. >> okay. fox5's paul wagner telling usins right now that mpd is indeedy employing gas on protesters. in in what area we don't know. we're seeing people running into the franklin park area.a.a. >> we can see right here as youu take live -- we take live pictures here as the protesters seem to be possibly on the movee here at this point.nt take a listen here a bit.bit. you can hear the chanting in the background. can't quite make out whatwhatt
2:06 pm
that's fox news' grif jenkins right there. can we possibly listen into what he's saying? >> i can hear you, yes.. >> can you hear me. >> grif is talking to theh network right now. >> okay. we're apparently trying get ourr own alex limon on the phone as well.well we were able to see behind thehe scenes she's been in the middlee of it all is well and as jim jim just mentioned a bit ago, we are now hearing that park police or police were deploying tear gasas and some people down there youou can see they're faces coveredr obviously trying to avoid from choking, coughing on that tearer gas. people down on their knees right you can see with their hands inn the air. also, just folks that have been marching around and, you know,o, just trying to make their voicei heard. >> yeah. all right. can we listen to>>al
2:07 pm
point to get a sense what he' seeing. >> we've had pepper spray.y. pressure grenades. some of of the protester gres throwing rocks and now we seem m to be standoff.. we'll try and get you close to o this line but also we're tryingg to remain as careful as we can. you see now the pressuressureure grenades we're going to stepo sp back to be safe, buts auctiontin see there's an engage many going on.on.on. again, this is not all over the streets of washington for our or it is inew a small four block gd but the protesters here whichhih are a part of an anti fashionion shift flog sought to disrupt these streets.ree not just a protest but to disrupt are doing just that. challenging the police if youe u can look with me here, kathy, this is the police line in riott gear and they were about 30 minuting a arresting the peoplee that have been vandalizing the businesses.ness it was under control and all ofo a sudden something sparked an energy in the crowd. some rocks got tossed and now we're in the situation that we
2:08 pm
we've been listening to grif jenkins. we have our own alex limon onn n the phone also in that area.ea. alex before we get going i wantn to make sure you're in a safe location and describe whatt you're seeing and hearing.hearig >> reporter: that's right. righ we're on 12th and k streets northwest. you can probably hear those flash grenades that the policeie are using now and the reason they're using that to spray tear gas to disperse the protesterss because of clashes that started a little while ago.go.. these protesters that are on the ground now approached an areaa where other protesters were being held and processed and arrested by sergeant. let them go and then they started throwing rocks and other things at police which is whyhy police are now taking a more aggressive action ain
2:09 pm
the frosts pushing them back.k. u.s. park police and d.c. police.police.lice some of them in full riot gearrr out here and they continue to try to -- push protesters back.k there are hundreds of them downn the different streets around this intersection of 12th and k street in northwest.est i'm not sure if you're lookingng at our live pictures now but fur see how chaotic it is here downtown. >> alex, at this point becausece we saw you in one of the shots. are you okay? you're safe where you are we hope.. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, the thing is this continues to move and shift directions... as police try to shift back and push and disperse these protester glass sure.sure.e. >> reporter: we haven't seenn any kind of violence or anything like that directed
2:10 pm
the protesters.r everything focused towards the they were very angry that they h were arresting and processinging those other groups of protesters but keep in mind, that otherothr group of protester that is werer being arrested, they were vandalizing businesses and carss and breaking glass and, y know, they were engaging in illegal activity which is why wh they were being held an processed.. >> all we also want to make sure and ad show folks what's going onng o besides here at 12th and k street. also, just the position here off things much more peaceful and quiet, um, along the paradeadead route as we get ready to watchat for the parade, the inauguralal parade to begin... but this what you're taking ae g look at on the right of your screen, 12th and k, alex limon is there at the area where theyy have been deploying tear gas. protesters we understand were throwing rocks. >> you that was there. >> we saw thatt wa you know our own ronnie mcraerae
2:11 pm
as well.el of course, we've seen some of of these protests that broke out last night in front of the national press club.lubb. folks that were down there outside what was called the deplorable just sort of, you know, a prediction possibly of what was to come today which iss really not too far from where we we're looking at right now.ow.. >> when you saw the double boxex there you get a sense of just we're talking not a matter of miles but a matter of blocks away, and you get a sense of the peacefulness on the left sidee e want we're seeing on the rightot side but end again as we heardad from paul wagner there is tear r gas being deployed you saw thatt in the shot with alex and you heard those percussion grenades is that the best why describee them? >> percussion or pressureesesu grenades.grena >> i couldn't understand exactle what they were calling them.nd e >> so you see it's sort of dichotomy you see the mediadia there moving about... you see some of the protesters changing course quite rapidlyapd which makes it a bit difficultlt to follow. we want to stress that we are a doing all we can to make sureure crews are safe out there
2:12 pm
field. alec, of course, one of them,m, and we're keeping an eye on that situation as well.. so we do know tear gas wasas deployed.ed. we saw a lot of people runningni over towards the franklin square area. we're staying concentrated ind n this area and once again this is 12th and l we mentioned... >> twelfth k streets. >> twelfth and k. >> it's about five blocks to the east and then north of the white house. so you kind of get an idea where we're talking about those of you that are from this area.. you can see people are stillll running around at this point. just trying to see it look likee another pressure grenade or that was just fired off, tear gasar s that a lot of folks have beenben you can see covering theirheheir mouths trying to make sure theye don't inhale it. it. looks like at this point policec are pushing them back.e >> um-hmm. >> as we see them moving about,, you know, once again when you see -- you see someone every now and then one of the protesters throwing rocks.ocks >> here we go. >> we see movement right n
2:13 pm
>> do we have any -- can weee listen in on this perhaps audio, we want to hear what's beingeing said. give us our viewer a bit of more of an understanding what exactly is happening down you can see some folks withthh their hands up. obviously police with batonss out.outt. pushing everyone back.ack.k. things kind of seem to be at a a standoff here at this locationn at this point.. >> but much quieter than it wass about five minutes ago.o. >> um-hmm... >> much almost like the caluim before te storm once again. >> do we still have our alexal limon on the phone? is she down in save area we could possibly talk with her? maybe get an idea from where her location is. alex, are you still there? okay. i'm not hearing from alex rightt now. but you can see the police lining up here along 12th and an k streets holding off any protesters or anybody in sighting any violence that could break
2:14 pm
all right. >> things appear to be quitingtg down at this point. >> every few minutes when you see somebody about wailwail something or see those plumes of smoke and you see people ducking and running it's quite jarring.g i think -- is that alex we're seen running in the shot rightit there. >> that looks like ale going back into the truck. >> um, you can see protester there is with their signs. the maybe we can see what theirr signs are reading to get an idea what exactly some of the folkshl are protesting because we're also -- okay.oky. we understand our crews arer cre going back to their trucks to to get protective gear because when you're in this kind of situation, anything can take aaa turn for the we want to make sure they'rey'ee safe as well. wellll. that's our first priority, of o course.course.urse. >> want to give you a sense we were trying to look at the signs, and one thing we had talked about quite a lot in the build up to inauguration day, was wireless access and a lot of
2:15 pm
the police use and the same that ordinary people are using here e which is cell service every nown and then you see the shot freezz up a little bit. our networks are so overloadeddd for all sorts of reasons hereer for the inauguration.atioion. >> so once again, we're lookingi at 12th k in the district.ct. this seems to be the least right now the epicenter of any protesting activity. a so we saw the vandalism early on this morning, and metro police, mpd sent a release they're quite aware of that.hat. they did what they can to too mitigate that.ha we know that 12th and l seemedee to be the epicenter of all of that but we saw people damaging vehicles, destroying property, , um, really just a small sub sett of people who are coming into town making their voices her.he. many people planning to do thatt peacefully.acefully unfortunately, in situationsonsn like this, it doesn't alwayss
2:16 pm
those things that is quiet difficult to stop altogether.he. you have to contain them here he and that's what we see at least at this point... seems this situation has beennn contain at least for the timehee being. >> it's hard to judge exactlyxay how many protesters that we are seeing down there at this point. of course you have a lot of media mixed in as well. possibly just other bystanderss people going down there. they want to take pictures.s.s. this is not something obviouslyy you see happen in washington,gt, d.c. every day as well as anan inauguration.ugu so eighths moment inra timetie whether it is, you know, violent protests or peaceful protests. this is -- this is definitely aa historic day... >> well there are people whopele made it their mission to come to the district for the solee purpose of pree creatingng problems, causing problems.lems. hoping to disrupt what's going on. what's supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power in this at this point, again, everybodyy is sort of standstill.. we don't know -- the protesterer that is were there e
2:17 pm
they've moved on or they've been blocked but it's just veryyy striking to see how quiet it is now compared to a couple of o o minutes ago when we saw some of those again pressure grenades or whatever you want to call themam go off.ff.. as we're seeing right now. >> okay. o you can still -- there was and i don't know if this is one of our photographers or this is fox fox news we're taking a look at from here, but you could see to the left there are still protesters that are there with their signs trying to make their voiceses heard.. the police trying in in show of force trying to make sureure everything stays that way, staya peaceful, but we know from earlier as we saw some of thehee tear gas that was being released that things were starting to bubble up and not be soapiespies full at that is point but right now kind of a quiet moment int n the storm, if you will.l. >> it's striking though just too see the difference in howow quickly things -- as y
2:18 pm
off to the right over there, iti looks like we have more peopleel assemble that photographer is in the way.e way. it shows you in times like this, you don't usually see photographers with flack helmets on. >> no. >> and other armored gear.rmed g that's why our crew alexandra limon was she working withh ronnie?ronnie?nnie >> i believe so.?elie >> okay.>> okay. ronnie mcrae our on theur o photographer was down there whoo you can tell sometimes in a person's voice just the situation. >> um-hmm. um >> you heard ronnie waving ae wg little bit there.rre we see a lot on the streets in i this job. >> um, we als.o understand, you know, there had been somee activity at ninth, tenth h street area as well.. that is all just trying to get an indication of what all the police have been dealing with today.ay.ay. acts of vandalism from earlier that jim had mentioned right now though here at 12th and k -- k - you can kind of hear somethingg happening here.. let's city we can listen
2:19 pm
>> watch the curb.r watch the curb behind you. >> there we go again.. >> firing up. there it is... >> all right. more percussion grenades, percussion grenades or tear gasg canisters being fired off againn at 12th and l, 12th and kd k rather here in the district. not quite sure what instigate the them -- from our vantagetag point it's unclear if the protesters were throwingg something or if unclear exactlyt what set this round of grenades -- pressure grenadesnas off. >> fresh grenades.gren >> they're talking about them. >> it's one of those abo things you're very tact full term.t kind of interchanging we've beee
2:20 pm
every now and then it quietsss down, it calms down, there it it goes again.ain. >> >> it is quiet scary here.e.e. you can see this man here in ini front of the camera looks like,, you know, it's affecting someme people obviously. >> absolutely. >> they're trying to quell the situation. but it is a dangerous situation. and you know you can hear the loud booms in the background. it is startling because when yoh hear it you immediately think,n, oh, my gosh, what is this explosion?sion >> yeah.>> >> it is striking and disconcerting. >> alexandra limon in save spoot at this point. alex, again, what are you are y seeing? is it sort of the samee situation you saw a few moments ago? >> reporter: yeah.eah.h. you know, it seem like things had calmed down for few minutes. we didn't hear flashing, didn't' see any gas being used. relatively calm just within the past few seconds i would evenven
2:21 pm
rt k up. protesters are now sort of rapidly walking, some running because they continue to be pushed back by u.s. press release. dc press who are trying to disperse them. sorry, there's a large rush rush coming in my direction of people trying to spread out thesese protesters who again have been combative with police shoutingug things using profanity. throwing rocks and other thingss at them.hem.m. and so this confrontation hasa been on-going and it kind ofindf flares up and calms down andn ad flares up and calms down. police continue to try to disperse them and push the back. i'm assuming their hope would be that they leave altogether at some point. now, maybe about five minutesn ago or so, we did see additional members of the national guard
2:22 pm
we had seen them before just jut kind of because of the streetret closures and obviously the thehe inauguration. but now we'venaugur seen an addl number of them arrive in thehehe area where the protesters are. >> are you -- alex, are you smelling -- is that tear gas or just those percussion grenades they're setting off? >> it's absolutely tear gas. gas i don't know if you've seen any of hour -- obviously everyone is they're breathing it in. they're using tear >> i want to make sure we alsoo have some clarification on whatt we're seeing and hearing down dw there getting word from greg pemberton with the dc policeolil union clarifying the police are chanting move back and and concussion grenades. >> concussion grenade is what they call to make sure we'ree're accurately talking about what is happening down there at 12th k streets. nonetheless, it is quite thee te en
2:23 pm
up right now in their riot gear. trying to keep the situation calm and peaceful. unfortunately in some areas of the city it wasn't so peacefulal today. now we can see folks running and more of those concussion grow gw gaze going off.gog off. alex, are you still on the phone withs? >> reporter: yes, i am. >> okay. give me -- are you still at at 12th and k. which side are you on? >> reporter: 13th and k. k. >> you're at 13th and k. thing they continue to move these protesters and push themm like you said, the police haveae been shouting move back, moveve back, and trying to dispersersee them.them. so basically every time i talk to you guys we're in slightlyly different location. >> um-hmm. -hmm. >> are police -- not police butt i thought some folks running at this point in another directionn or perhaps that's some of the media trying to steer clear.lea. >> reporter: no, it'st'st's definitely protesters.osters.s. when police start to rush andnd rush at the protesters and use the tear gas obviously p
2:24 pm
uncomfortable to breathe in anda be around. >> can you give us an idea, i i know it may be tough to do, butt a rough estimate of how manyan protesters are gathered aid a round there were are we talkingn a couple dozen... more than that you would think. >> reporter: i would think a couple hundred at >> it is tough to see from our vantage point much that's why w have your ears and eyes on the ground for glass they're spreadd out on every corner of o intersection we've been at. again i'm guessing at this point i would say a couple hundred range.nge. >> at this point we're seeing s somebody in the middle of thedd street withle o a sign photogras taking picture you're seeingseen other signs of police setting upper rim meters, the national guard members we mentionedwe m every now and then it calm alsoo down and it picks back up. up.p. so at this point it's kind ofoff tough to tell if they containedd the situation or just moves on. as alex said it's unpredictablee where they go.
2:25 pm
see -- i see some of the folks l with signs.s. have you been able to get an eye on what exactly some of thesehee signs are reading or what some of the protesters have been chanting? >> reporter: well, the reasonn this all started is because they were chanting, let's them go, let them go in reference to a aa different group of protesters that i believe have been beneen referring to themselves as anarchists. they were causing the vandalisms to the vehiclesth ae vandndal bs in downtown area.a. so these protesters wantedd police to let them go... they have been holding them at t an intersection down here andnd processing them and arrestingin them on the scene.e. so that's kind of how this -- these clashes between the protesters and police got started. also, because the protestersss then started to throw things, rocks, other random things at the police. initially, you know, thesese were -- these are just various random protesters that showed up.up. they
2:26 pm
not my president.nt. um, things like that.t. i saw one guy holding a signn that said "i'm muslim" women's rights. a great are a rave differente dt thing. i don't even think that they were all parnkt t of one group originally, but they kind of joined together once policelice started to arrest those other protesters and that's kind of how this unraveled here. >> have we been seeing any, youy know, any idea, any word if any officers, any employees haveeese been injured? i know you said the protesters have been throwing rocks. any indication if anything hasas happened to any of the officersi >> reporter: hard to kn. at one point we did see also something else that was kind ofo sparked us was the windows to aa police cruiser were bashed or broken by the rocks or the the things the protesters were so that was another kind of o thing that happened very early on. that kind of initiated theseese clashes.aes. >> you heard alex mentioning when they were chanting let th
2:27 pm
go, going back to what we saw earlier this morning with theh protests at 12th and l whichhich turned violent it's unfair to to call that protest those are flaa out vandals early on thishihi morning. >> exactly.ct >> shadowing the windows there. fox news is reporting more thann 90 people have been arrested at this point in the protests in in ensuing hours after president trump was inaugurated. and took the opening of officeee at noon today in the district.t. as we saw earlier, you know, onn on the side not too far away from they're getting ready for an inaugural parade on the other side of the city you're seeing these police officers many ofnyo whom have come from all corneroe of the country deputized by thet city or by the district to keepp the piece and unfortunately at this point it's proving to beine tough order. >> which we did see thatdid seeh swearing inatat ceremony yestery or a few days ago as they didid come in to prepare for this. and we can see our camera, our photographers, moving back closer into the intersectionion here where they had been held
2:28 pm
there ares are of course as alex was telling us protesters on all sides of the intersection therer at 12th and k.. saying this all started from earlier what we're seeing here.. the protesters chanting let them go in regards to some vandalsdas from earlier that we understand that had described themselves as anarchists. they remember trying to call for -- they were trying to calll for police to let them go.go. a lot of these are protesters as she mentioned in this area nown that have descended upon hereree not necessarily part of oneee group, but all having their own each individual message. some with signs saying not my president. others one said, i'm a muslim. and of course some vandalism that has occurred possibly justt within the last, you know,know,, whether it's the last couple off hours but windows broken on a a police cruiser.. no word on whether or not anynyy officers or anyone of had nature has been injured during this but we do not fox news is rep
2:29 pm
been arrest. >> sarah fraser over in the loff with us right now.rit we want to get a sense of thee distance between what you'reu'r seeing right now and where the parade is happening. sarah, what do you got.ot >> jim and sarah, you can seeee from our big map here exactly.y. twelfth and k.. you're getting down here to thee parade route. ro they are getting closer to pennsylvania avenue. so you've got the white houseoue down here, pennsylvania avenue. >> sarah take quick break for ar second.sec we want to show you this. apparently you see small fireses popping up around the cityityy unfortunately. here you have it in the samesame area we were just looking atlook 12th and k area. you saw some newspaper boxes. you saw some garbage cans being set a blaze not very large but nonetheless enough to be distracting as we continue tot see these protests. >> okay.> okay.kay. you can see there just trying to continue to fuel the fires as they throw more. >> literally. >> garbage cans everything onhin top this is part of what we saw lasl night as well. outside the national press
2:30 pm
protesters doing the same thing. i got to imagine here at some sm point we'll see police moving inin trying to put out this fire.e. >> at this point these are when the protesters grogg beingn protesters to vandals p absolutely.. >> we are still continuing to t watch this alex limon is downn there as well keeping an eye onn this scene for us. as we watch things literally go up in flames here at 12th and k. newspaper stands and garbage cans fueling the fire there. >> they're moving once okay we're hearing some people shouting once again obscenities hearing quite bit of that.t.. but again same area we've beenen looking at just shows you how rapidly things keep changing down there.wn tre. calm one minute.te. we see them moving in and now at this point, it's just a lot ofto people taking pictures of garbage cans that are on fire. >> right.. yeah. some of its media down therehere covering it much others are just people that are curious.
2:31 pm
the city on this very big day. >> okay. they're chanting at this point.. >> look like the fire is kind of trying to go out on its own here.. >> yeah. >> here's somebody -- yeah. >> they're throwing more stuff on. >> right.>> >> not really a whole lriot when you think about it i don't knoww what kind of message you're'r'r trying to say when you put a a tree branch on top of it all. nonetheless, we see the smoke from the, again, concussionn grenades.gre >> yes. thehat comes from mpd nomenclature for that. >> yes.. and the police have been chanting move back as theehe counter narrative has been lete them go from the protesters. clearly no place at this pointpo to be letting anybody go. >> no. >> arresting 90 people at this s point that we're hearing fromrom fox news.s. you can see here as we take a look we've got alex limon on the phone with us
2:32 pm
alex, what are you hearing andhn seeing right now? >> reporter: all right... so, again, we're on the cornerrr of k and 13th northwest and it is thick with tear gas here as protesters just continue to to t clash with police. we hear them somebody started a fire actually. we're also just now seeing, though this continues to be a chaotic situation as these protesters holding signs that say, impeach, resist, signs with references to russia and putin.. very charged situation here as again protesters started throwing rocks and other objectc at police officers.s. so over the course of last either -- i don't know, close to an hour now, we've continued to see d.c. police and u.s. parkkk police try to push them back... they're in riot gear using their baton to form line and push protesters back and away from the area where this all start
2:33 pm
just keep circulating around the streets and up the block and and kind of are moving in circleses and nobody is really leaving. they continue to do block thehee streets and lay on the ground and like i mentioned somebodyy started a small fire in the t middle of the street here. so the situation evolving at it's calm and then it spark up u again and people start running, police using those concussionon grenades and tear gas to try tot disperse the crowds, but in thet time that i've been here, we have not seen any sign that people are leaving or planning to at least it doesn't look that way at all... >> all right. we're going to continue to watch this here, alex, in thatt location which is northeast... not that far really when youyou think about it downtown d.c. from where the inaugural parade is getting underway or at least get -- about to. to.o. you can see on the left of your
2:34 pm
that is moving its way near or o along the parade route... >> you wonder at one point, again, just a whole dichotomy oo what's going on in the city so close to each other right now.nw but you see some people throwing some fuel to the fire on the th right side and you wonder at what point do they move in and try to extinguish that or at what point police try to stop ii because let's be honest here,er, what we are seeing are there the police setting up lines andnd pushing back but we are not seeing, you know, out rightright clashes between the two sides.ds police are nearby they're letting these vandals at thiss point, you know, do whatever they like there as they continue to build up this fire down around 12th and l -- 12thh and k.. >> all right. again, keeping an eye here on the information as it's coming'g in to us from d.c. police.olice. they're telling us now that 95 protesters have been arrested so far. two police officers havehave suffered minor injuries in in in clashes with protesters or
2:35 pm
vandals throughout the morningin and early afternoon hours here.. as we continue to keep a live look here at 12th and k as that fire continues to burn.rn. >> i'm hearing from, you know, k we're on we're keeping an eye on socialsc media throughout this because aa lot of people are do you meaning what they're seeing via socialol mode ya somebody brings up arinp good point.od you have the prote pstoers.ers.. you have the people with the the signs who have -- what they'reye point is to get across they're pretty here they're not happyapy with the election of donald trump there are people raisingig havoc whatever seems to suitsui them best similar to what we saw in protest like the seattle maym day parade or seattle may day violence couple of years ago. >> okay. i understand we have rod wheeler from fox news law enforcementcet contributor on the phone with us right now. rod, can you hears? >> yes, i can hear you. >> give me an idea.dea. are you in town for the inauguration? where are you att specifically? i apologize. we were not told where your youu location is.ation is >> right, i'm actuall
2:36 pm
constitution a few blocksy from where most of the protests are taking place. the protests as we know the skirmish occurring right nowt nw right at thenth -- 12th andd 13th and k. >> rod, we're seeing all thisths going on right now.. is this what -- is the end goal here to postpone to disrupt the parade? or are these protesters and vandals just doing this just to do it?? >> no, no, this was a planned event... these agitators what we like tot call them in law enforcement,nt, they went there specifically for one reason and that's to interrupt the events today andyd to cause problems.ems. now, i must tell that you whata we see what you're looking nownn on the screen is really just an isolated incident because foror most part many people that weree downtown in that downtown rightt now that's really a small portion of what we really, youou know, what's really going on down there.wn the. so the police has it underer control.l.l what you also see on your screen probably is a line that the police have
2:37 pm
officers that already made arrests and from what my sourcec are telling me they've alreadyey made at least 50 to 60 arrestsst and now they're trying tooo protect those officers as they try to process those arrests... >> rod, i know you're a formerr d.c. detective as well.l.l. so you're obviously very familiar with this area and covered your share of inaugurations and protests thatt have probably gone along with that. kind of give me an idea lookingg at what we're seeing now compare this to other inaugurations inri the past? we do haveon protestr but have you seen it to this level, this type of vandalism or violence or acting out? >> no, not in the district. now, as you well know we have protests in the district all the time for years we've hadad protests and we the policece department do really good job in terms of keeping those protestss under control... with this one it's a little bit different.ferent.ent. because we actually knew when ie say we i mean law enforcementnt had intelligence that there were going to be individuals coming here with sole purpose to try to
2:38 pm
festivities taking place today.. so it was a little bit different in that regard. and we wasn't sure exactly whaty type of weaponry they were going to bring.g. but with this event today, we w see that these individuals havee been breaking out windows, throwing rocks at the police soo we really haven't had ilit to ts level before any time in theh recent memory to this extent... >> to people who are watching what's going on we're watching these -- these agitators as you used the word setting this fire at 12th and k and justjust throwing fuel on it throwingng newspapers and newspaper boxesos and garbage.. i think people watching think.h we know police are nearby. why don't they meterly intervene in this situation like this? >> well typically they do... what we do, we try to givege people a little bit of leeway to retreat and to get back and ifff you notice the police eve allowed some of the protesters to come forward. >> yeah.>> >> sometimes if we give them gim space between each other, thiss is actually a tactic that use. sometimes if we give them space, you'
2:39 pm
begin to disperse but in thisiss case today, that did not happen. what was happening you had moree and more people began to become violent and throwing rocks andrk bottles so that's why the police decided to push the protesters back. the agitators back and actually start making several arrests. >> now, i don't know if you're seeing the same thing we are at this point garbage cans the fire in the middle of the road there. at one point before do they -- do police allow this to go on before they try to go in andnd break something like this up or because right now they seem toto be surrounding this small little fire but police don't seem to be moving in? >> well, as long as there's no other individuals in that areara that can be harmed or property,t any major property damage occurring, you know, again, weee try to give individual as little bit of leeway but obviously we're not going to let them completely tear down the city and our businesses, but we do d try to give them little bit of leeway.way. we won't will it go on too long.
2:40 pm
enforcement officers andrs andnd military in the area.a so we have plenty of police toct put the cap on that situation. guys.guy >> was there anything that youtt were a part of during your timem with mpd that parallels whatt we're seeing today?y? >> not to this level.el.. that's an excellent question.n. never to this level in thehe district.rict like i said, we've had protestss we get protests in d.c. all the time. but we never see it get out of hand like this and we try -- our special operations divisionisiso which really heads up protestss and things like that, they do a pretty good job at keeping thess situations under wraps so i'ves never seen a situation like this in the district.. >> are you seeing -- i know youu said you're at third and t constitution.hi any word or any site of protests getting closer to the area of the parade route? or is it mostly centered in this 12th and k area or 13th and k? >> well, no. here's what i'm seeing.g. actually i'm moving trying to move about as i'm down here.ere. it's very difficult to movemovee about as you can imagine.
2:41 pm
that this group disrupt j20 what they're called, this group iup i think they're tactic is to have several small groups of individuals start thisiss agitation, if you will, and so o we see what's going on now att 12th and k. but what i'm watching for and ii know the police are watching for are other small groups like thii to kind of get some thingsinin stirred up in other parts.rts what they're trying to do to to keep the police officers running from one area to the that's just a tactic that we'vee seen them use before. >> now, you know we are able too so what's going on down there at that location n intersection.n. can you kind of give us an ideaa what's going on back at, youyoou know, central command command oo whatever where everybody isve keeping an eyerybo on things, yu know, kind of -- what's beingeig done in the background behind the scenes? >> oh absolutely.elyy. there's a lot being done by thee scenes a lot that you actuallyyy can't see.. there's several helicopters
2:42 pm
we have several officers ononn rooftops so we have a pretty good view of everything andd everyone in the downtown d.c. area. however, at the command centerer we're monitoring this,, continuing to get intelligence, and we have reserve officerss actually in several parts of the city that can come and assistt those officers that you could y actually see on your scent now.w things really got out of hand.d we have various layers, multiuli layers of officers as far awaywy as the stadium armory where we have officers ready to respondsd if we need them. >> talking to rod wheeler fox news law enforcement contributoi former dc this insight is great. i don't want to keep from you anything, rod. we appreciate you staying on thh phone with us because as we see this, you know, this is our eyee and ears here at least whattt we're seeing on the screen but perspective you give here quitee helpful a lot of people have hae sessions what goes on here. >> right. rit.ig right. and like i said, you know, the police, we have a number of of o police officers here from alllll around the country.
2:43 pm
military folks are here.e. i'm just trying to get -- trying to change my location what i'mhm really worried about is whetherr or not some of these agitators are using that tactic that i was just talking about becauseuse earlier this morning there was another little skirmish that haa occurred very similar to what we see happening right now at at at 12th and i have a tendency to think it was related the tactic they used was a planned tactic so thesese are individuals like i said guys that came here for one reason and one reason only, that was to disrupt the events that werethae taking place here today. >> yeah. yeah.eah. so as we were talking to ouro reporter earlier, alex limon,mon down there, she was saying thatt currently they were hearing thee protesters say, let them go as police were saying move back. they were saying let them go in regards to self describedided anarchists from earlier vandalizing the 12thth l areath i believe it l what you're saying all these people are working togetherrr whether they have differente di signffs with different message you're saying they're all in inn this together?
2:44 pm
as a matter of fact we know for fact just a couple of thesese groups that came here, they're organized.nizedd. i called them rent a mob individuals.ids. rent a riot individuals theyy come here for one reason.on. most of them are not even fromrm this area and they came here to disrupt the events.s. i'm going to continue to try to change my location and if i gett more information i'll let yout u goes know. >> please do. >> keep an eye what i would tell the viewers keep an eye out for these type of skirmishes popping up in other >> rod, thanks very much. very former dc detective and fox5 law enforcement contributor.contribo stay safe out there asr.or wells you move your location.ion.n. feel free to stay in contact and let us know what's going on outt l thank you.l thank you. >> okay, thank you.ou.. >> once again as we look at thee split picture you're seeing onon the left people assembling forgr the parade. ironically in front of the trump inter hotel on pennsylvania avenue.avenue.enue. on the right that area stillll around 12th and k where we saw some skirmishes.i i got to tell you sarah as weee keep looking at these picturescs maybe the perspective we have he out there, it's kind
2:45 pm
that you seeg almost more at soe points more photographers morep members of the media. >> right. righ >> smaller concentrated force of protesters causing a lot of this problem. i keep saying protesters. i feel like at this point it's ' crossed over to vandalism insm m that area. a >> it's tough to know too if we're talking about vandals, protesters because you have sohe many people that have a camera or small phone that they're iphone or whatever... they could be journalists. they could be just bystandersnds wanting to see what's going on. they could be protesters, vandals, so everybody kind ofndo mixed in -- mixes in at thathat point.. again, on the right of yourght u screen you can see police standing guard there at 12thh and k, and on the left there of your screen as jim mentionedoned everybody lining up for the he inaugural parade here, which is clearly not getting underway att this moment. everything is kind of behindhind schedule we unat this point. >> usually seems to happen.. you get to -- the importantant thing getting that inaugurationn off at noon.on getting the oath o
2:46 pm
there on out so many movingng pieces that's the reason we have a giant police force in the city with all the ones who came ine n from out of town deputized to serve today.ay. you imagine that many of themhm were brought in for the expressed reason you'll keepp these protests at bay andnd keeping the piece at the paradee that's why you have such a big g force coming in town for such aa big occasion but as you hearderd rod wheeler say, i mean, it's -- this is what you prepare for.par you have the intelligence saying this is going to happen.n. just a matter of how you contaii it and move forward. >> right.>> him saying, you know, i thoughth it was -- interesting choice off words they call them agitators.. and a lot of folks do this.s. they, you know, come in from other areas of the country to protest so these are not necessarily, you know, your local people that are in townow because we do know there's's thousands of people that are inn town for tomorrow's big event ee the women's march. >> march on washington filmngn i we're expecting massive numberss for that as well.ell.l. even people that are already ini town last night... so you can imagine we may see se
2:47 pm
>> all right. let's -- try this again.. sarah frasier over in the lot ot we want to give the perspectivee where everything is going on.s sarah, we may pull away if we we see things happen... sorry to interrupt you before. go for it.go >> no problem.oblem.m. our line is kind of moved overer here k and 13th... you can see pennsylvania avenuee down here. very -- the protesters are not far.far. .6 of a mile as you guys have been talking about.ut so when you see it on the bigg map, you really realize how owow close we really are to all the action. so just to give you some perspective this afternoon for our map. moving this line over and the te white house of course down heree pennsylvania avenue along the ao parade route which young guys ha been talking about.. so it is very very close sarahah and jim we wanted to give you perspective. >> sarah, you've been working ii this town for a good number ofof years. you look at it from a differentt perspective than we do as when you see this going on you see the act on the streets.goin. i mean, what's your take away?a >> i thought rod had really good point.point.
2:48 pm
times it's people from out off i think when the dust settles i'll be curious to see how manyy people were local and how manyy were kind of coming in specifically to be disruptive.. i mean it's always you know, i love washington.ton. it's hard to see it and it'ss hard to see today, you know,now, when i'm sure as you guysuys remember four years ago, eightit years ago, much more of a celebration. so it is tough to >> well i think in the grandnd scheme of things when you look at this receipt now there are people who come into town whoher want their voices heard.ea they have every right to doy rio that. it's just when it startts gettig violent. when it starts gettingti disruptive that's when it starts to turn it feels like we're all --l -- >> this is very much a reflection though i think of the election and the campaigningng that we saw.w.. it was so divisive. so much anger.. so much frustration and you'reor seeing it play out here as well on inauguration day.. a lot of those folks that wereer not happy with the way the election turned out, and there's been so much talk about the election results, and
2:49 pm
involvement from russia and possibly influencing those results in some way, shape or oo form it's been a real powder keg you could kind of say i think waiting to kind of go off hereer in d.c. just with so much emotion surrounding this election and this inauguration.. >> i'm looking at the top right corner with that shot becauseaue again we have the differentnt shots kind of moving aroundd here. trying to get a sense of wheren that is asof opposed to everythg else. for a second it look like wewe were right near metro station.. with the green space i'm i'm wondering if that's near thes e franklin square area.rea.a. i know there were folks at the washington post overlooking that area who were sharing live video i almost think that's in that area right near washington --n right near franklin square... but if we hear anything, if anybody can give me a direct idea.ea it's tough.ou.. it's tough in situation. we have so many moving piecesiee down below as we see here -- >> look you can see some vehicles --cl >> this is vandalismes.
2:50 pm
>> yum. you can see -- alex told uss earlier there was a police cruiser that had its windows bash in this appears to be limousine park along the side of the road here or was it park.rk is this guy trying to getg through? in his limo? it's unclear right now.w. what exactly is going on here.e. other than the fact clearly weee have vandals that have been doing their handy work. >> yeah.>> clearly you don't realize thisis stuff is on tape and peopleplepl could be identified down thethe road. >> two things.wo first of fall you're watching t. this and wondering why you're not seeing the parade yet we'lll keep an eye on this when thee parade starts you'll see the inaugural parade knots entiretyy because, again, that's also what's going on in washington, d.c. i want to point out this is from d.c. police and this ishisi what we just got from them.e they're telling us officers have not used tear gas only pepper spray and crowd control devices so you wonder in situations like this i mean could it be i thinkk when you roll with thoseo concussion grenades and see the big plumes of smoke easy to say that's tear gas but in this case that would make sense.
2:51 pm
spray.spra isn't we do appreciate the >> right.>> r that's important to get out there because -- we continue ti see, again, this is fourfourfour pictures of the same city right now.w. you see the luncheon you see nancy pelosi speaking to toto president trump and vice-president pennsylvania.ani >> and helicopters above.e.. >> from all eyes all vow pointss we're seeing what's happeningeng here in this very historic day. people are making their voicesss heard.he >> all right. let's go to marina>> all march . wee trust you're in save position.on. tell where you are and whathat you're seeing.. >> reporter: marina.. are you there... >> hey, jim.hjim. sorry. pretty loud out here.ouout >> no worries.rr i have echo in my ear quicklyly i'll tell you we're just along a the parade route i want to show you over by doj and kennedy building you'll look up and seee eyes there looking on the ground as you know the parade has been delayed now and i'll tell was,s, it's chaos outside the secureure zone but in here it is calm. they've got this all underer
2:52 pm
lining the area where we arere right here at the nationaltional archives more eyes and binoculars up snipers just behind that mpd has been doing rounds up and downown the parade route with k9s with commanders making sure that this president, president donaldd trump once he walks down andnd comes down this parade route he'll be safe. about 9:30 this morning secret service knew that these disrupt j20 guys were out there theyre were here to cause trouble andnd they did not let them in.n. this is a navy memorial.. they had permit for 10,000 protesters. there were probably about 2,0000 because majority stayed outsidee and you saw what happened on 12th and k complete chaos andn here not that scene.ene. in here it's been calm... they've been chanting.. they've been screaming.. but no violence.c they're not going to allow thatt in this zone. secret service has this all alll under wraps you see the crowdswd up above on the balconies all waiting for the
2:53 pm
underway.rway.ay we have not heard a single marching band start and that'ss when you know the queue thathat this going to get underway.y we are still it could be quite some time still. >> marina the people around you, i sense that it's a differentret world over you said how quiet and calm and peaceful it was. i mean you're not seeing any --- you're not seeing any sort ofof outbursts from the secure zone?z >> reporter: no. none whatsoever. i think that was the queue heree and the clue that they were nott going allow this to get out ofof hand and that's why we saw thatt the crowds never really grew inside the secure zone because they were not going to allowow these people to come in and d that's exactly what happened a a lot of signs, a lot of people angry there. that's their first amendment right and that is being, you you know, warranted. they're allowing these people to say don what they want as longa as they keep it peaceful andnd they've been very watchful we've seen a lot of k9 sweeps throughh here. but for the most parthe, everything under wraps ands andd everyone who looked like theyey were going to get out of handd they weren't let through.ough.g.
2:54 pm
we saw the crowds protest up onn seventh street go all the wayway from pennsylvania up to the verizon center.ter.r. they were just not letting them through. >> okay. we see marina's location thereer navy memorial.morial we see marina on the right of your screen marina's area much more peaceful. on the right of your screen youu see where we have been talkingtg about 12th and k the fire still continues to burn as protesters are throwing things on it as we continue to watch that. >> any chance anybody nearby marina might be able to have a word about what they're they'rer seeing any attendees here at the parade? it might be tough off f lapel microphone people.eople.e. >> this is the largest contingent, jim, protestersers again this permit for 10,0000,00 people as you can see. there's quite a number of themhe but not from the protest. how, life on fox5 today. can you tell me about why you're out here.e. i see your sign never myy president. >> let it be known where wee wee stan. we're not about this... >> we're not going to be quiet.. >> hf
2:55 pm
vote for this guy and we'll lett it be known when he comes byb we're against him.ains >> reporter: did you come fromfm far?? >> we came from la. laa. >> just for this? >> yes. >> yes.>> >> i see your eyes welling up.. this means a lot to you.ou. >> it does mean a lot.lot. this affects everyone's lifefe it's a big deal. d it affects my kid's live.. my life, women' lives.ves it affects minority lives. it's real live changer for a lol of people and i think it's a's a really dark day for all of usus and that's how we feel andnd that's why we're here. >> what time did you come inou n through security? >> oh, 12:00 o'clock. >> 12:30. just a long time. a long >> was it because of the protesters? >> um, no, no.. it was just security i think was taking a long >> reporter: not disrupt j20 people.. >> no.> >> jim there you have it. some people seem like they you h didn't have a lot of trouble coming in through the mags.agag other people did.. and very upset the media wasn'tt covering it. we are covering it. covering it but not in here because they'ree not allowed inside.. >> i'll say this marina. the strin
2:56 pm
the screen here and we see thet top right corner of the screen, and to be quiet honest with shes was very passionate. but very respectful. >> and seeing a lot of the samem trump is not my president signs. she was holding as well.l. a lot of folks that are not happy with how the electioni turned out, and very emotional about it as you saw there fromom her coming all the way from la and this meant a lot to her atrt the same time this also means aa lot to people who came here and in celebration of donald trump's presidency.. they are happy and glad to beee here for it as well and they ses this as a chance to move the country in a different way. but this does again speak to you how divided this country hasry s been you can see the number much protesters that have come into town for this and as we spoke with rod wheeler the former d.c. secretary just a little whilehie ago, mentioning that this is one of the more i
2:57 pm
the word he used, violent -- >> agitators... >> agitators at least he had had seen in his career.. so this gives you an idea wherer the country is at this point,, and how everybody is kind of just, you know, on pins andd needles. >> yeah.>> ye.ea >> again, it just goes back to, you know, the whole idea of of expressing yourself.. this morning during the oath ofo office when you took those shots of the crowd you saw a sea of the make america great again hats that was a differentffent situation.on. these are people who wereho were ticked.tick they were allowed in there. the. they certainly were there to --- many in favor of the presidentpe who supported the president during thesthe eprlection.ion. when you look at the crowd nowww you see some of the red hats out there but certainly much more diverse crowd on the top left lt corner of your screen but also much more as we moved on well-behaved. they're the luncheon going on right now it looks like-behavher paul ryan speaking to the president and the vice-president at this point. once again, you can't have a parade without the president and vice-president.residen >> right.>> that's why we're not r in parad
2:58 pm
coverage at this point. >> they're still there. >> still inn s stiigllh.igh. i believe what they do if i'm not mistaken after the luncheon that they go out and say a a couple things about how it went. they may have a couple commentss then we move on with the parade. you are not missing if you'reyoe tuning in for parade coverage,,, we will bring that to you in its end tear are the.t we have to point out that thishs also a fact of life.l this is what's going on in washington, d.c. right n. so as we go -- as we follow the peaceful transfer of power, we also are following what is not t so peaceful at times the expression of free speech andspd maybe a little more of that. fox5 tom fitzgerald on the phone this morning.. fits has been out all morning.. fits, you are live with us right tell us where you're at and whaa you're seeing. >> reporter: we're still hereee up at the capitol, jim... the reason i'm joining you is is because i want to talk about ata conversation we had with thed e interim police chief peter newsham yesterday at the dcc armory yesterday about 3,50000 police officers from across this
2:59 pm
district of columbia. the reason they were broughtught here and marina just talk aboutt it a moment ago they were swornn in as special us marshals. now, we asked the interim chief newsham listen, what does this mean, why dough do you need aed force this big? and what newsham laid out yesterday wass scenario that we are seeing play out right now. now, they had a security plan in place which this is designatednd as a national security incidente because of the fact that this is the president of the unitedtedte states in coming outgoing.oing.. they had the united states homeland security departmententn involved with this, the fbi as well. however, there were going to bee other pockets throughout thishis city that needed to be policedc and that's why they brought all of these other officers in. now, there were also nationalall guard that were deputized over e fed he can field yesterday. mayor bowser was involved in that as well
3:00 pm
and the reason being here, we asked, listen, there are police officers in washington, d.c. who are very well experienced ind ii dealing with these kinds of o large scale protests. we saw this in this city back at, you know, early 2,000s ins n the world bank protest which became violent. very violent at times during that case... we asked interim police chief,f, listen, are these police officers who are coming intoio this city prepared for what they are going to have to deal with? emphatically, chief newsham said yes.s. these are all sworn officers off the law from their respective jurisdictions.ti you know, we had officers in oe here from baltimore you know and we all know the fact the city oo baltimore went through some very violent demonstrations and riots last year.r. we also have people we sawaw yesterday from seattle. seattle was one of the firstirst jurisdictions in this countrys n that dealt with larger -- large scale world bank protests. so, yes, these are police officers from out of
3:01 pm
that are now tasked with withith quelling some of this violencee and demonstrations right now. but the police chief wanted tot make the point to us that these are police departments thatt across this country have experience with dealing withh these types of demonstrationss and these large scale an ann narcotic cuffs types of demonstrations especially those departments like out in seattlee and western parts of the country. we have had protests of course in many regions of this country. missouri over the last couple oe years.ars. we saw in ferguson.on. so this type of trending is a regular part of policing now.. they drill on it. it. they practice and you know, putting it in inn action here today, we are seeing some of these tactics that work. you know, as we go through this afternoon, what is becoming apparently clear right now is that if they have delayed this parade in one respect some off their objectives have been mete in distracting attention fromm what was supposed to be day thaa was dedicated to donald trumprup
3:02 pm
presidency of the united states. >> fits i want to get this we got up from d.c. fire and ems. alex limon on screen right now.. here's what we'll going to do. . we have confirmation lawaw enforcement person not sure if it's mpd or somebody else was struck on the shed by a settlement.le officer conscious and walk toal the ambulance. two d.c. police officers. two struck by one fell off a bike.. one the aft effect of peppererr spray.sp i want to make sure people knowo what is going on as we stay ont the topic of law enforcement.nt >> that's critical and troubling update. what that is, allegedly that isi exactly what happened.ned that is not a protest.est. that's a crime. >> right. >> exactly.xac >> assaulting a law enforcementf officer is a crime.orcer is a so, yrioume know, the firstirst amendment was put into place for people to voice their opinions, not to hit police officers the head with concrete. >> tom, we'll interrupt you foro a second.ra because we want to go to asleex limon... back at that scene we wer
3:03 pm
talking about.. alex, let's talk with you. you.. are you still at 12th and k in that general vicinity? >> reporter: 13th and k now.ow you can see there's a very large group of protesters here now and let me tell you. when these clashes between protesters and police started,r, it was only a few dozen protesters or so i would say. well, it has grown.wnwn. i would say there are definitell hundreds of people here now and as these clashes betweenesetwe protesters and police who have been using concussion grenadesns and tear gas continue to happen, i feel like i've actually scene this crowd of protesters grow. now, here you can see smallll group of protesters who startedd a trash can fire. we've seen additional vandalism continues.ue some of these limos and security cars that are also in this areaa that were vandalized earlier this morning. they continue to vandalized. now, obviously you're hearingrig some of that profanity
3:04 pm
of the things protesters arers e chanting much we see people s po holding sign that is say impeach, no racist police.ic all kinds of different things. now, we were here mye my photographer and i were theree when this all kind of escalatedd and began.. so let me take you through that. what happened is that policeicec were holding a different grouprp of protesters on the corner... they were processing and arresting them.e these so-called anarchists because of the vandalism thatt had happened earlier in the the morning... so this smaller group of protesters at the time started shouting let them go, let them go and then started to also throw rocks at the officers. they broke some d.c. police windows and that's when thingshi kind of escalated. >> they started shooting thehe pepper spray at us.s. >> so protesters who are in thee middle of that saying actuallyll the police started throwing tear gas. what's your name, sir?? >> i'd rather not give it. it.t. >> but you were there.ther
3:05 pm
>> we were telling -- we werewee asking the cops what do theyy think about what they're doingog right now and asking them howngo they feel about it i guess theyy got upset and somebody tappedped one of them on the back of thehe shoulder then started sprayingyg us and shooting us with flash.. >> people weren't happy they were arresting hap other people. >> they that people blocked in corner one person out of that ot group of 30 broke a piece of glass. >> all right. so that gives i was little bit of an ide>>a o allfs wlihat's n here on the ground.e i'll zen it back to yougr. >> alec limon, again, stay safee out there as we continue to follow that and again, i want to clarify what d.c. police are telling us contrary to what that gentleman said, no tear gasas deployed it was pepper spray at this point. pepper spray and crawled contror devices when you cease thosehose flumes of smoke, it's more likely as a result of they're saying again no tear gas and pepper spray similar effects you would imagine. >> exactly.a trying to diss per the crowd wee want to get to also aclu -- >> monica maxwell.well
3:06 pm
give us some perspective monica. where are you at right now for inauguration day?ay >> well, for inauguration day, our office is actually watchingi mobile justice app folks are video taping and weary viewingwg those until the end of day or possibly tomorrow so --o- [ inaudible ]in >> that's what we're doinga today. >> before we head out monica d ou us a quick sense here. aclu, what are you seeing out there? i know we're familiaramr with the mobile justice app streaming incidents out there te back to the aclu.o aclu what have you seen today? >> well, i mean, what we've seen today is exactly what you're reporting. we've seen a variety of civil
3:07 pm
disobedience from people just sitting down and, you know, locking themselves together andd that form of civil disobedience obviously mpd and lamb agencies are used to that type of civil diss owed queens in the district of columbia and take measuredasd response but i think as joe had mentioned earlier, that has kind of escalated the tensions between police and protesters to things that kind of crest overr into -- cross over into vandalism and crime which is a different as spec.. >> you talk about civil when you talk about vandalismm and we saw that this morning ana we had reports of some protesters clashing withshwith officers and officers struck by some settlement works were involved in some sort of altercation.rcation.atio i mean --me -- >> look at this right here.e. >> looking at this. monica, stand by as we want to tell people what we're seeing here
3:08 pm
this is vandals from earlier i street north we have this is not far from the location where we saw protesters flash vandalsands these are vandal what is we'reee looking at right now starbucksar as people are breaking in theree i street northwest.. this is not a peaceful protestot this is ridiculous... this is not what -- this is not what this is about.ut you can show your displeasure for what is happening in this ts country without destroying other people's property. >> well, and in the case of our hope would be that, um, we takee a measured approach to isolate those individuals or that that small of group of individualsals and don't shut down the entire group of people who are engaging in demonstrations and civil disobedience that actually islys protected activity. >> when we look at video likekee that with the vandalism you cano safely say that is certainly not the kind of
3:09 pm
acl uconn don'ts?'ts?s? >> that is criminal activityityt that falls into a different statute area and isn't actuallyl protected by the firstirs amendment.en >> all right. monica, we appreciate youeciateu talking with us.. giving us your perspective onn this as well.lll i know there are also attorneyss from what we understood yesterday that are volunteering, you know, free of charge to represent any folks that are arrested during these protests. monica, do you by chance know of any of these attorneys somesom people said these are peopleeo that are going to be out therehe and possibly are part of these protests? do you know anything about this? >> the attorneys that arer volunteering are actually legall observers through the nationalia lawyers guild black lives and are actually observing but then also have a jail
3:10 pm
number so if people are arrested they can be hooked up with ann attorney who can help review their case and provide assistance.. >> all right. monica, thank you very much... we appreciate it and again, monica mentioned this mobileobi justice app. marina did a piece on it lastast week it's an app they wereere urging protesters or anybody whb was going dobb out there it live streams what they're seeing back over to -- back over to the aclu offices if there were anywere concerns about safety or or or misbehave your.r.r. >> we understand as well, mayor bowser, dc mayor muriel bowsersr will be holding a pressssss conference at 5:30 thetheth assumption of course is that shh will be addressing the upheavall that is occurring in some partss of the city that have been from earlier today and even right now as we speak as we so we anticipate she will be addressing this as well as the arrests made some of theof thehe injuries that apparently have hv occurred to some officers downw there on the ground as well. and as we talkb
3:11 pm
can see all the different thing. up there on the left things are getting ready to move from the luncheon as you can see peoplepe moving around there to the right on the top of your screen the te trump hotel where the people are lining up for the parade route as we wait for that to getg underway and then of course down here on the left and right protesters out there on thehe streets. >> speaking of the parade, fox5's paul wagner is out there along the parade route. we're getting ready for that asa you see the luncheon dispersingg on the top left hand corner much your screen.ur s let's go to paulcr right now. paul a tale of two cities it seems rye now.rye >> reporter: it is, i'm here at archives and i'm on the south side of pennsylvania avenue. i very good view up towards thee capitol but across the street you can see there's a lot of protesters across the street onn the north side of pennsylvania avenue. there's thousands of them.m. many of them carrying signs earlier we heard them saying trump must go, trump
3:12 pm
all chanting in union any son... there's lots of people carrying signs.s one said federal bureau of incompetence.mpe there's all sorts ofte signs tht are being shown here.ere. just to give you little bit off perspective that across the street is the navy memorial, and back during george w. bush's first inauguration, that's where there was a lot of trouble. there were anarchists who said they were going to come andand cause trouble and they did. and if i'm not incorrect, this is the area where george w.w. bush's limousine sped up at oneo point because they were so concerned about passing this now, on the side where i'm at,a, on the south side of pennsylvania avenue, mostly trump supporters that are here. we're hearing chants of u.s. a, usa, a lot of people wearingarig make america great again hats, and mostly they're on the trump it's on the on the side that we're seeing mos
3:13 pm
protesters.esters.ters. but as i look up pennsylvaniaa avenue here towards the canadian embassy it look very calm.m. we're getting some rain you've got all of the these laww enforcement officers that are lining the route basicallyly there's not more than two or 3 feet between these officers ready to jump in that case case anything happens whatsoever. does seem a little bit late forf the parade.the rade doesn't it guys? seems like itt should have started offed. >> absolutely.olu i think very late.k as you were talking pauryl we're watching on the left side of our screen here, hillary clinton and former president bill clintonntn leaving the luncheon right now. perhaps, you know, a sign things are starting to move on towardsr the parade perhaps. she has quite the smile on herer face considering the tough election she went through withh this now president trump... >> also back in 2,000 it was awkward to sit behind george w.. bush as it went tod
3:14 pm
leaving the luncheon as well ass they move on. >> um hup. hup.up. >> on the right side of yourf yr screen everybody lining up.. paul, if you're still there,e you've covered inaugurations, of course, in the past.. do you remember anythingernyth starting this late parade this late before? >> reporter: paul uh-uh stilltil there.e. >> i'm am err sorry.. no. it seems very late to me, guys.s i anticipated that the parade would start about 2:00 o'clock.. we have the swearing in ceremony at noon.oon.n. they go to have the luncheon... they come out.. they get ready and they get get ready to role.ole. so to start here well after 3:00 seems to be something iss not quite right here.e now i've been listening to someo of the radio channels some of of the law enforcement channels ass i've been out an ad about, i'vee walked basically from 18th and d k street all the way up here too where i am here at seventh and pennsylvania and there's u.s..
3:15 pm
overhead keeping an eye on everything.hi just to sort of give yougive y perspective, most of the protesters especially thee violent ones, seem to be on thee north side upper around franklin park, 12th and i streets up in that area. we did hear there were a numbere of them walking down independent avenue at some point andmeoi smothentrs coming off of 395 but i've not heard any chatter about them lately. so most of the trouble appearspe to be on the north side of pennsylvania avenue.ue. i'm on the south side again. but perhaps what's happeningn here they are concerned aboututt over here the navy memorial where there are thousands and ad thousands of people that are carrying signs that appear to be anti trump folks, and there is a lot, a lot of law enforcement that are lining that area in fact there are sometimes two, three stacked back
3:16 pm
that fence we'll see ifof this. just to the left of this gentleman here you can see right there in front of the navy memorial it's not just one onene officer standing side by sideee next to another. there's two, three standingg behind them. so that appears to be a pointnt where they are obviously concerned and again -- concerned and again this is an area wheree i recall there was a lot ofas at trouble back during george w. bush's first inauguration..n there were some anarchists thatt were climbing the navy polesoles there and tried to pull down a flag. there was some pepper spray pepe going on over tr sphere with u.. park police officers that were trying to control the situation. so that's the scene as we'rere looking at it here. now, the rain sort of stopped a little bit. but it's still wet out here butb everybody is calm on this sidee of pennsylvania avenue.veve everybody just kind of sittingos here waiting won
3:17 pm
going on. >> yes. >> a lot of people just waiting. you know, paul you were talkingg we've been talking about these protests, vandals that have been going on, i know this is something you cover on regular basis.. things that are happening likele that in the city. when you hear in whatht's happ, in certain parts of the city, during an inauguration liketioke that, what goes through your mind? you think it reflectsts something we haven't seen beforr here? >> no, we ha?ve seenhe this bef, sarah.sara >> we've seen it with the worldr bank protests. we've seen it with globalization, um, there hasasas been anarchists that have comecm to town that have caused this kind of trouble. of e. they have smashed they've attacked police withlich rocks and bottles.le. this is something we have seenee before.. >> okay. >> in other, energy otherth protests.otestests this does not surprise me in the in fact, the story that i didid last night at 5:00, i had o
3:18 pm
these spokes people for drupt j20 saying on the record that they were here to cause troublee and we didn't have that backk during george w. bush's firstst inauguration.ti they weren't coming out andomin saying to us, outhis it san whae going to do. d we're going to cause trouble bub we're not going to tell wasl was we're going to do much thesehese people said they're going toe g block the entrances to the security zones and they did. and they did, they said and didd exactly what they said they were going to do. so -- sure go ahead.. >> you figure, i mean,n,n, difference from back then to now these groups have more ways to o get their message across.s they can live stream it on their own. they can get their -- they can n control their own message it itt seems like, you know, they don't need the media filter and tooo some extent the same excuse that trump administration makes... >> not even just that, paul, more emboldened as we look at it as a country as a whole howhowow there has been this anger against law enforcement that hah
3:19 pm
al last couple of years.. especially since, you know, what we have seen in different cities throughout. that i think people just feel emboldened they can make these tack almost like a dare... i dare you like to try to takeak me down.own. this is my message and i want t get it >> reporter: keep in mind, also, violence brings youo attention.tten >> yes.>> >> reporter: we're giving them m attention and that's what theyty want, too... so whenever they do this kind of stuff, they're getting so that's the social media,te t, because you can record on youru phone or you can live stream on your phone.ourhone. >> sure.. report roaring everybody isiss seeing it all over the world.ld they don't have to go throughthg our filter.. >> paul wagner we'll check backk with in you a bit.. we'll stay on the theme of the parade. shawn january see and tony perkins, give us a sense what you're seeing up there, >> hey, guys, thanks so much for joining us tonight. we're live right now rightig across from the white houseouse right across from the presidential viewing is it at a stand right here on pennsylvania avenue. it is fabulous.a we've t
3:20 pm
history in the making right now. >> literally the best seat inst the house aside from the s the president's seat right across the >> right.>> r.ig >> in terms of what we're seeinr here, you know, we've been monitoring the coverage throughout the last couple ofupe hours of the protests and what t we've been seeing in parts of of downtown washington a veryton ae different picture here as youryu can imagine this is a veryry secure location. the presidents vice-presidentdt and their families members ofoff the would be cabinet will be be here as well congressionaln leaders and a like. a very secure area. very quiet >> yes. >> in the moments before theoree parade is supposed to start g i'll tell you the thing thato sh struck me that has been incredibly different, because ii was here for the last several inaugurations in this sameee location. and the crowds in the viewingin stand are very very small. so we keep looking thinking more people will come but at this point, it's just a scattering of people here in the viewing stands that are right near the t white house.housee. >> we do want to let you know as far as the schedule goes and
3:21 pm
through on the the course of the last couple of days with thehhet inaugural committee and all of that. and we hear the talk about theth parade starting late.e.e. based on a schedule that we received once we got here,e, things are actually runningnni close to schedule.dule. isn't right.n't right.ght. >> they're pretty much right on time.time.. according to the schedule that we saw just a short time the expectation was that the president and his party would arrive here at the viewing stand about 3:45.45. so seeing the pictures of themhm preparing to leave the capitol. their running -- they're running a few minutes late but'r be asen the most recent schedule they'rr close to on ome. >> they'll leave the capitolhe c they're actually going to go too the white house for few minutese to sort of get themselveselvesvs together and then they will actually be leading the parade and a lot of people areare wondering when they actually get out and walk the parade route it started to sprinkle a little bit heavier just a short time ago.g. it will be interesting to see if they do indeed get out muchh that's what people come down here.
3:22 pm
they want to see the president and first lady the to get out don that wave.e >> obviously with some of theom events going on in downtownntown washington the secret servicerev may weigh in on that.that.t. once you get here to where the reviewing stand is, and just besides the white houseou obviously things are very very secure. obviously there's strongongg security all along the paradee route as well secret service mam weigh in whether or not theyor t want the president to get the o. >> i just noticed you can lookok over our heads. that is the presidential seal. if tony and i just lean to the e side right there, you can actually see that is the view vw this right behind us is whereere the president, the first lady,d, their children, their family also some other lawmakers and dignitaries will come and joinn them in the secure box. box.ox. of course, it is glass proof.. it is to protect them certainlyy not just from the elements butut bullet proof as well... but they will be under thatt glass and they be able to watchh the different acts or groupsupss that will come together who aree participating in the parade this afternoon.ternoon.oon. >> w
3:23 pm
shawn mention add few moments ago, the stands, the reviewingig stands that are right here.ere. these are the best seats. i'm not talking about thethe presidential stand but the reviewing stands to either sidee of that stand.nd.nd. not a lot of people yet. i don't know, you know, i don't know if there's a hold up innn terms of letting people through or notth, but they're fairlyyy empty. we'll see if that changes during the next 30 minutes or so. so. i suspect more people will beee coming in. >> good news.od i know a lot of people are n a wondering this parade we're tolt is going to be a little bit shorter than parades in t so it is cold out here.ere. [ laughter ]aught >> for everybody that's out here in the cold and the rain, wewee will get back in little bit sooner perhaps than we have in previous inaugurations. but that is the very latest from out here.out he.he we're looking forward to bringing you live par coverageee from the parade coming as soonsn as they start.ey srt. >> jim and sarah. >> i nostalgic you're sittingttg right where i was sitting backkk in 2009 having that view as well. it's pretty awesome to turn around and see the new president sitt
3:24 pm
watch the parade. so little jealous although iii know you're wet and cold.ld. maybe i'm not that jealous... >> don't be jealous, sarah.h. >> warmer where you are.. >> it's out here.e. >> i know.>> i guys, thanks. check in with you later on. >> all right. >> let's get back what we were mentioning mayor bowser willl hold a press conference at 5:303 we'll carry it live.e. before we get to marina mayor bowser sent a couple of tweets out.. new way for government officials to get their messages across. respect the rights of protesters who will not condone crime andad vandals in which are the what we hope to accomplish today iy support d.c. police and other law enforcement who have come tt d.c. to support our officers as they've handled crowd.d. i respect your right to peacefully protest but thet damage that is occurred today is unacceptable and not welcome inn washington, d.c. that's from mayor muriel bowser. >> all right. we are taking a live look hereee as we are waiting for president trump of course to enter the motorcade as they will get reada to make their way to the whitete
3:25 pm
they'll be watching the parade from that location where you saw shawn and tony broadcasting just a few moments ago. meanwhile, marina, we want to check back in with her showsws down near the navy memorial station, and she was surroundedd by more peaceful protesters there, and are we going to check in with marina or stay with this? okay. marina is there... could we, marks recent in a. there we are. >> reporter: sarah, quickly iy i want to show you park policecee chopper just above and this is i how we know things are startingg to get underway here because chopper now hovering much closee to the parade route than it hass in the past.t. you heard paul wagner talk about how there was a third line ofnef law enforcement here on theere t parade route and we saw theme walk out. out.ut. they were walking out with appsp in hasn't as well secret servici inaugural detail.. they're in plane clothes and they're checking in with secrett service agents who are in uniform to make sure that people they'v b
3:26 pm
is in check up above on these federal buildings. national archives, do injuring the kennedy building there area eyes watching closely with binoculars making sure thatt everything again is underer control.con so that they can get this parade underway... the rain is starting to come down.down. not very heavy but it is steady. steadier than it has been in the so, of course, again, that willl be a decision that will be madee by secret service will president trump walk at least a portion of this parade. still unknown at this point butb if we do a 360 here you'll seeee the crowd.rowd.wd. it is fairly large and for the most part protesters against president trump although thereur are a futrum and same pa thighsh sorries for the most part theyey were protesters here earliere with the answer coalition.tion.n they had been granted a last lat second permit to protest rightht here at the navy memorial.l.l. they are expecting close to 10,000 people of the unfortuna
3:27 pm
stepped by at the gates bye gaby secret service as things turn violence once disrupt j20 showed up and we saw how that went doww just north of where we're standing here.e. i have someone raising their hand.. is there something you want toto say sir.say sir. >> it sounds like they wereey we actually keeping some people out so they would would have moree e protesters here than they have now. because they selectively weretie letting trump people in and kept out >> reporter: of course, this is story of two tails and howh you see things. secret service saying that they saw a lot of these protesters acting violently. other protesters out hereee earlier in the morning sayinging that their first amendment rights were being violated and d they were being direct selectedd who could and could not come inn through the gates. so, again you see that thehat te crowds here have gathered park police chopper again hoveringerg very closely to the parade heree and doing that all for the pastt at least five minutes here of course... you probably have better picturc from the us capitol as how hoow things are happening there. thee
3:28 pm
the trump sympathizers blo here. >> i think that's a good point. where you are marina.a goode justmana. to see the perspectivo people because a lot of people signs who were clearly not innn favor of president trump but you see the crew behind marina right now with the red make americaria great again. aga that gives us a sense of of composition of the crowd. they're definitely beinging peaceful there for sure unlike other areas and here's th i mean this as we talk aboutbout they were expecting this.this. you know department of homeland security said 99 protest groups were expected for this. that's more than 10 times the average number they've had in i past inaugurations... so they knew this was coming,in, and were expecting 63 demonstration groups on both boh sides of the issue here pro and con.. so they have been also monitoring social media anda and seeing those who have said that
3:29 pm
parents pating as well. >> we've and been weighing forgf the start of thisor parade delad a little bit. holly morris is along the routet at freedom plaza right now witht a look at what she's seeingng around her. holly, how are you.u.. >> i'm doing very well. v people that are not happyery at this because we sure, talk about the tale of two what a difference not even justt a street makes but perhaps ann area of the street.t so here freedom plaza, and as aa you can see, it is very quiet.t. we don't have any protesters here.. yeah.h >> president trump is walkings g out right now as we take a look get ready for the start of theoe parade.. there's president trump has wife melania, mike pence, karen pence all assembled as they get readyd to move on here. >> yes.. it's quiet as they get ready too walk down the steps here. we watch as, you know, it's such an interesting time in washington. such an interesting election and so -- seems chaotic that it sorr of a peaceful moment as
3:30 pm
them walking to their vehicless as they get ready to moveoveov through and watch the parade. >> striking just to see what'sts going on in one part of the city and here we are in another part of the city.of the c let's go back toity. -- shall wo back over to holly? is thattt what we wanted to right now? ow let's go back to >> reporter: hey.ey. >> it's been while, holly.holly. >> reporter: our producer justtt said holly, sorry, the president trumps you. >> i said ha, ha see what diddi you there. that's fun actually i think the peoplehe pe where i am will be very happy to know that perhaps the presidente is on his way because people have been here in this locationn for some time lined up... as i was saying before as you a can see it's very peaceful here. very quiet.uit.uiet now, not to say that there aren't people that are antinti trump here because we have seene people who are carrying signss that obviously are not for the current administration.ation but the good majority of peoplel that are lined up here are for the change that is happening ing the city. they've bee en waiting to see ti inaugural parade for some time. we've seen security.ty. it's very heavy just like paul
3:31 pm
down near them.hem. and like tony and shawn wereer saying when you look up at the stands, they're not jam packed they're definitely not jamy notm packed. i've been at many inaugurations before where they've beenenn shoulder to shoulder and peoplee have been clamoring to get aa not the case here. small riser over thererere definitely still space. s.ce bigger risers that are set up behind me that you can't see and there's also room will.ilill. i don't know if people were planning to come down and nowanw they've seen what's beenwhat's e happening on the news and mnaybe that deterred them or if they never wanted to come in the first you know what right now we'll go ahead and listen in to the bandd because the pomp and andnd circumstance of the inaugurallal parade is getting underway.. so let's take a listen.n.. ♪♪♪♪♪♪
3:32 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
3:33 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
3:34 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good afternoon everyone. welcome to our coverage of the inauguration 2017 parade.
3:35 pm
trump is about to get into i guess what will now becomebecome called the beast.the he will actually start b the parade which will come downn constitution avenue.nue. he will end up right here behind us in this viewing stand followed by what i understand is about 8,000 people who will be marching in this parade various organizes, groups, fromfmro different barges of the military.mi supposed to be spectacular show. >> a lot of theliacul militaryay presence you'll see early onrlyn although there are differententt divisions to the parade andar there's a military presencead eh division of the parade.e. i think there are four divisions much but of course, marchinghin bands from high schools across the nation.. a lot of folks a lot of pom many and circumstance and that is all about to get underway as the president and the vice-president make their way into theirr limousines and begin the process down towards the white houseouse here on pennsylvania avenue. >> one of the big things folks have been concerned about allnel week is the weather, and howh will it be during this parade? we can tell you right now it's little chilly out here and it is misty and rainy in some parts... let's check in
3:36 pm
phone out what we can expecttec throughout the next few hours. sue? >> hello shawn and tony.ony. i've been down here.ere.e. i am by the way just to set thee scene i'll get you caught up on the weather this is the stagingg area for the parade these participants have been housed down here in tents and watch some of the festivities on big screen tv's and ready to go for hours.urs right in front of me here thishs is the mississippi high school marching band.and. they are ready to go. we've had lots of military units head on out as well.l.l. in terms of rain let's show youu radar really quickly becausea we'll see these little waves off light rain moving on i think this one that we're seeing right now, though, which is kind of concluded for the moment, seems to be gone.e. so we're hoping that the rest of the parade will be dry but intermittent light rain can be e ruled out maybe a little bit of drizzle as well.. temperatures still in the 40s.n. it is chilly.40sit i but ifs ly you wear your layersu can get through it. wanted to talk a little bit b about some of the military units that have been down we've had i tell you i'm in theh
3:37 pm
surrounded by military everywhere and this i'm going to have you introduce yourself ieli know you're with the us coastast guard. >> i'm chief david with the usus coast guard marching element.nt >> nice of you here tell mel mee about how the parade is set upup and who has already gone out onn the street. we have a lot of people as youou can see there mike show thememm everybody is waiting, weighing waiting because we're little bit late.late how does this get set up and who goes out first... >> we follow military protocolco it starts with the army iy i believe it's followed by theby e marines, the navy, air force and the coast guard we are the last division for the u.s. military.. >> that's because those are the order in which all military was established in our country, right? >> for the most par y.y.. coast guard established 1790.79. kind of re-established in 1915.. i believe air force 1947.47. but we fall into the departmente of homeland secnturity because f that, we fall fifth in thehe protocol we're happy to play clean up. >> all right.ean upig good. we're running a little latega le today, right?ay, rig?ight? >> i believe we're pretty closes to time.time.e. weather is holding up we're pretty happy. ev
3:38 pm
they're bellies are full andnd they're ready to get out hereree and march.d >> how long have you been here.h 2.5 hours. >> have you been too past pastas inaugural parades.l parades.des. >> this is my first i would say about 75% of the the coast guard marching elementemtn this is their first time ever marching in the inaugural.. >> impressions so far? sfar?fa >> excited. ex a lot of pomp and circumsctancee which is what we expected. just very nice experience for everybody. once in lifetime opportunity... >> well said.aid. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. >> all right. keep yourself warm andhe youpprn see again as we look down our parade route, everybody is ready to role. i believe this is the last division getting ready to go out we've had five divisions and and everybody is already probablybl out on the streets.s.s. this is the fourth division,n, okay. so you can see. are you ready tupolo. >> are you going to represent. >> yes.. how long have you been in d.c. >> today. >> what are you going to do? >> um, i think we're going to go on a tour.our.r. >> have you been to d.c. before?
3:39 pm
>> what do you think so far.nk >> it's great. >> you're so cute. all right. i'm sorry it's rai sn ia lt'ite bit.. we'll do something about that, too. tuba players representing muchgu you ready to go. >> yes, ma'am.s, m.'a >> good.>> what's your favorite thing about d.c. so far? >> um, definitely not theot the weather.wea [ laughter ]uger ] >> i mean, it's just differentnt from what i'm used to. i'm used to being in mississippi and seeing normal stuff.ff down here everything is different. i mean you never going todi see the same thing.e thi just really like -- i'm enjoying myself.. >> do you feel like you're part of history today. >> i think soyou' wreitishtory w president, 45th president andesd being a part of this i think i'm a part of history.toryry. >> what's your name. alan.. >> how old are you 16.ou 16.6. >> we're so glad you're here.'re >> i love those they wereose so cute surroundig the palm also that were withh them because they were freezingg and it started raining and andnd mississippi probably a lotot warmer today, right? >> possibly.. [ laughter ]auter >> all right. that's what's going on down here at the parade route.oute.te. we have another big divisionn that will be coming on
3:40 pm
we are division four waiting too go. a logot of folks already out onn the street as you know andand coming up they'll be another anr division and then we're going to follow them down the paradead route and make sure they'ree staying in order and not getting too wet along the way. shawn and tony, that's what'sas going on here. near the eclipse ellipse as we continue to wash everybody they're ready to step off and get this party going.. >> i can imagine. >> absolutely.solu a little bit muddy here... >> little bit muddy but they'ree ready to -- i saw kids doing jumping jacks little while agogo the high school here was doingog their flips as they were waiting for instructions to get started but again they have have beenbee able to stay warm in the tents.. but for the last hour or soo they've been assembled and ready to step off. sp of >> that is good news. all right.all right. we will look forward to seeingo them as they march by the reviewing stand shortly.. thank you, sue.e.. while sue was telling ustell about the weather a littletlee murray of activity here. behind us. a couple of bus
3:41 pm
and we saw a couple of members of the inco administration -- new administration's cabinet we saw rick perry get off the bus.s. attorney general nominee jeffef sessions.ns.. >> yup.>> >> and they actually got some cheers from theally g crowd.owd. people recognizing the folksolks coming off the buses and thene getting going into the presidential reviewing stand.d. >> there are number of other o people moving so quickly and wee were trying to face this way but we could hear the cheers as thet got off the bus and went intoto the viewing stand behind us. so the tradition of an an an inaugural parade dates back ak long time ago, tony.tony.y. all the way back to 1789 in neww york city.. >> new york city was the first, the very first parade althoughhh they tend to call it a procession.. >> right.>> >> it was for george washington, and what happened is, as georgee washington made his way to neww york from mount vernon, different regimens of military personnel followed along w
3:42 pm
them and for all intents and and purposes created a parade. >> absolutely.olu >> that's kind of how the trndadition started but o tf hes been a procession or parade for every inauguration. >> and today is going to be noto different. again, about wit 8,000 peopleple are expected to follow behindnd the president.dent.nt. the parade itself officiallyy kicks off once the president,t,, the first lady, the vice-president get to thehe viewing stand behind us.behind they essentially are the leaders of this parade. again, just taking a quick glance behind me at the standsss where the public is invited to o sit or where they got ticketskes from members of congress, right now they are still actually pretty empty to my right, and starting to fill up a little bit to my left. i don't know again if this isift because of thehi weather or juss maybe people didn't want to come out this year but it will be bee interesting to see all the different acts as they march by. >> we are showing i was couple of different views of the paradd route.rout it look like things are on hold right now at the capitol.tol there's all of this is precisioo timing here. so they
3:43 pm
because we do have buses behindn us so they've got to get thesese buses out here so that the restt of the parade can come in. in. let's go to tom fitzgerald muchc he has spent the day at theth capitol where he got a bird's eye view of the tom, give us a recap how the day has gone so far.e so far. >> reporter: tonyar, this isis s precision timing they need to gg out and get newo watches. because --a [ laughter ][ lauger ] >> reporter: we are running way behind schedule you know, what's been interesting about this, we're actually on the opposite side of what you're seeing there on thee east front of the capitol, andd this is both symbolic and andnd purposeful as well. now, you saw that swearing in ceremony here on the west front of the united states capitol.l that's where all these have been done since january 1981 when ronald reagan moved them to thsi side of the capitol. that is in essence the transfer of political power in this country... what you have now seen on
3:44 pm
east front with this limousinene you're looking at right there,, the scene earlier today with former president barack obamaba and the former first lady michelle obama getting into that helicopter and then taking off and then the president donaldldd trump and the vice-president mike pence then were viewing these troops, that was the departure of the commander inann chief and the incoming greeting by the united states armedrmeded forces of new commander chief. have takenaken, we the united states capitol on onn both politically and militarilily completed thisthiss cycle today of this transfer of power from one president to thee new president... so what we're seeing right now n is as they line u and we were able to actually see a long line of motorcade motorcycles rightig now with their lights on, theyty are starting some of the parade units down over on pennsylvaniaa avenue as their going downn constitution and heading that way. i think we can
3:45 pm
long focal length of our cameraa as long as it will go and maybee try to give you a bird's eyee view of that, but a lot of whata we have been told about whatt wt this parade is going to to represent is a visual element of the things that donald trump s s has been talking about throughout this campaign. you heard him say several times in his inaugural address thath this administration will now be about you, the american people.. so it is going to be very heavy on law enforcementmentnt representation, very heavy on the military, the marching units, the military washingtonn you're very familiar here ine in this city, the old guard, us usu hammer drill team.eam.m. other units from the united theu states military, and the marines. will navy, air force, they all be very large part of thishi because that is the messagesa donald trump wants to send both symbolically and practically asy well as he a takes over today as the comm
3:46 pm
those processions you talkedke about dating back to the time of 1789 with george washington,,, also served a purpose in exerting a show of american power as well because remember back in 1789 the united statesas was mott that very old of a country and they also wanted too send very clear message too adversaries that this neww commander in chief would beef we ready to use those military forces if deemed necessary. so while this is all very nice to watch the soldiers and thesee airmen and these marines and these members of the unitedute states navy go by, it is also a practical show of the unitedd states military power... keep in mine, just recentlyently donald trump had said he woulddu like to see military parades because more of a regular thingg in this country even though we e only get treated that this fourr years or maybe on the fourth ofo july or memorial dayf, if it's p to our new commander in chief,, we might be seeing a lot more of these kinds of pad
3:47 pm
so, you know, they might want to get their reps in today becauseu he might be putting them to worr a little more than they're usedd to.. >> all right. i would agree they got to geteyg used to it if this is what'st's going to be going on.on. one thing is interesting here, we are looking herere at the presidential limo. this been dub the beast. this is actually a brand new cadillac one limousine. it's debuting today this is not the same one that this actualle whole fleet replaces the fleet of nearly a dozen limos to serve president obama sips 2009.9. this costs $1.5 million.n. >> hmm. >> it does look like a beast>>,t doesn't it.mmdoes >> , yes it does.s it it's got to be the most heavily armored and secure car in the world.. >> it's stocked with weaponry,, tear kansas innocence, bulletllt proof windows and doors, bottles of the president his blood typee in case of emergency.y. gm gill this exclusively they've been building these limousines exclusively for the president since 1983.983.3. >> so you're t
3:48 pm
the beast... >> the proceio way slowly down pennsylvanialvaa avenue it's funny in the modern era people in the stands heree can see this on their phones. so they're as soon as the carc started moving from the capitol a cheer went up then as well.l. because they knew it wouldn't be long before we see the parade begin in earn we were talking a little bitlitt about the history of these parades, and it wasn't until 1873 the inaugural parade of crew little sis s. grant thatnt the parade became part of the e post inauguration festivities.i. before that, it was all about the procession of the presidente or the president-elect from the white house to the capitol.ol that's when you had and it was s very much a military thing att that point in time.e.e. there were no floats and all ofl that could have thing. ofave g.n that came later. but before that it was all abouo the procession from the whitehie house to the capitol.. not until
3:49 pm
that press grant changed it and had it after the inaugurationtin and instead of coming throughinh the streets coming back to the e white house.use. so that people could see theirtr new president.. >> certainly there's such a ricc history among us as we were looking over some of the history of the inauguration parades. in 1865, that was the first time that black people were alloweded to actually participate.. bray hamlin couldn't was president at that time duringimr that parade for the very firsttt time four companies a blacklackk troops a lodge of black odd oddd fellows and that's what that was their name and alsoo african-american masons join the procession to the capitol and an then back to the white house after the inaugural.. since then we've seen a variety of different people and over the years certainly the number of participants has become more diverse. >> you're seeing some of ourur live shots here, and it is striking --
3:50 pm
now. at least this van top of pointin we're seeing right here on theer left side of your screen ae s we look off to the left of the presidential limo, not a lot of people standing along there.the. >> i can't see the on the side of the streets... >> if you can here the cheersthe behind us i belieerve if i can c look closely there -- nope.ope.. i thought that was clarence top mass much it is not.tos not supreme court justice.e.. i'm trying to see they're cheering -- they're cheeringerin right now every time they see -- that's ben carson. i'll sorry.'ll ry. far away distance there.. that is dr. ben carson who isis coming up right now. now.ow. they were cheering for him every time they see one of the nominees for the president's's cabinet as they get close. certainly the crowds who are in these viewing stands which aree close can actually see and recognize these nominated -- nominated cabinet members. >> this is an aerial shot you'rr seeing of a police escort and i
3:51 pm
years.. they are quiet impressive. the display that you see from the military, the police, those who are enthusiastic about in in some cases not just celebrating a new president but celebrating our democracy and as -- has been mentioned many times during theh day today, the orderly transition of it is something to be hold.old.. it is something to be cherish,, because in a lot of parts of the world, this does not happen. >> no.o. i mean we witness recently whatt is happening right now over in africa where we had a presidentt who conceded there and then came back a week later and said no, i'm not going leave and then wee saw military force go in to tryy to remove him. so this is always been sort off the model for the rest of thehe world to look at what we do here, because this doesn'tsn't happen every place just like this.. >> you were mentioning somem firsts earlier. the first tim
3:52 pm
took part in the parade 1865.86. believe it or not it was not until 1917 that women.n >> can you believe that.ieve >> first took part in th >> seems unbelievable.rnbieva 100 years ago.o. >> i know. know.w. my goodness.nes all right.all we have come ari long way.ay. certainly and hopefully we willl continue progress wig that. that was during presidentestnt woodrow wilson's second inauguration -- that was hisis first inauguration and then atnt the second one, um, presidentt warren harding became the firstt president to ride in thehe procession in an automobile.bil. so a lot of different firsts.s. that was in 1921.11 my and the first time a parade wass ever televised, 1949 that was the inauguration of presidentent harry s. truman. >> the picture that you're seeing now if i -- if i am seeing this clearly, i believeve this is the motorcycle divisionn and the color guard of thehehe washington, d.c. metropolitan police department. interim chief peter newshamh would be part.d i won't speculate whether or noo he's riding
3:53 pm
he's part of this procession and they are leading the parade.. >> there are a number off different as we mentioned before the military all the branches oo the military are representednt there also there the joint taskk force national capitol regionion which is led by the us army major general bradley beckercke whose commanding general of the military district of washingtono national capitol region. also, represent us army there laura richardson representing the us marine corpss major general john broad meadow andn representing the us navy is rear admiral gene price deputy commander of therice u d.s. flet cyber representing the u.s. air forcee major general darrell burke andd representing the us coast guard is rear admiral james ren don.n. all there representing the various branches of the militarr as they lead the procession. >> we'll keep our eyes on the parade procession. we do want to talk to i thinknk lindsay watts who is reporting from capitol hill. lindsay? >> reporter: hey, shawn andandnd
3:54 pm
we are here at the fox news dc headquarters on north capitol street, and for the last 15t 15 minutes or so, we have beenn watching as the parade comes through right in front of the capitol.. beautiful look over looks like there's a little bitt of a we're in the seeing too muchg th action on the street now. also, not too many people watching the crowds are prettyyy spares here.s here the good news, though, unlike what we're seeing elsewhere in n the city, it's very very peaceful here on capitol hill.i. union station is right in frontt of me. it's a place that weof did seese some protesters earlier today.a. that has remained very quite as well. i was as i mentioned this is fox new headquarters some other media outlets in many buildingig it's been an interesting spotss to be there are reporters here from all over the country. dozens of local reporters thists is a popular spot for media. also seeing interesting people come through. i've weren't wandering aroundund through the building ran into scott baio in an elevator.. tried t
3:55 pm
here.he he wasn't really feeling there.e cold. he also seemed very upset aboutt the protests that are going on.. he mentioned that.hat.t. looked like it had been long dad for him.m. just little while ago i was able to talk to the reverend jesse jackson.jan he came up and spoke and i asked him about the protest that ist i were seeing.were seeing. i showed some of the video that we have been broadcasting to you, to get his perspective as someone who is a civil rights leader, and he would not condemn the protests. he did say, though, that when urare soaring to violence andnd breaking the law, it does dilute the message and it's not something obviously that he'ss happy to see going on.n. he's in town for the women's march tomorrow.w. so we'll be seeing more of him m at that time.e. but, again, it's been very quiet here on capitol hill.ll very peaceful at union station.. and we're continuing to watch the parade as it goes by.. back to you. >> thank you lindsay.ay great view there. you can see the capitol behind
3:56 pm
again, live look there as we wee watch this incredible show, the sea of red, white and blue flashing lights there as theyhey head the procession which will officially kick off the start ot the parade when president trump gets here to the viewing stand right in front of the whitethe e house.use. that's a good point.ood poi. that is the -- we're seeing a aa procession now.essi that is theon official start of the parade. when he's here to review everything. obviously, the president and the vice-president did review the military guards going by at the capitol but then once he gets here to the reviewing stand,nd, he's able to see the entire parade and everything else that goes with it. it. all right. r we'll go to melanie alnwick whoo is along the parade route and can tell us what she sees fromro there, melanie.anie >> reporter: tony, good to see e you and hear from you.u. we're seeing the military bandss coming by.. definitely some lots of shouts and cheers here on our side, and trump supporters shouting down anyone who is saying any
3:57 pm
negative here about this parade. long long wait hks anticipation definitely growingw but no see all of the cell phones up. everyone here wanting to capture this moment as we are seeing the army, the navy, air force and ad the marines and the coast guard with their color goredre contingent coming down thee parade route now here on seventh street. further down pennsylvaniavanani avenue, closer to the capitol,o, we are seeing those big flashing lights growing every closer here as the star of the show so to to speak the president now and vice-president coming down pepss avenue making this long two-hour, works hour i shall sas felt like two houharsll, 2-milee stretch. is he going to stop, where will he stop betting he might make a surprise stop there in front off his hotel with former old postpt office pavilion. we're at seventh street down att 12th street so not too too far away
3:58 pm
but so far i can tell you on our side i know you guys have beenee covering protests and violencen has been happening on the north side of pennsylvania avenueuee here. we are stationed on the south side at the archives things have been very calm. everyone in a fantastic so many trump supporters here. when the national anthem was being sung they were singing they had their hands over their hearts.. many were wiping away tears and hugging afterwards. so definitely a show of patriotism here as they watch this most american of ceremonies and traditions here one onn pennsylvania avenue. back to you.back to you.u.
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
>> something i think is interesting the inaugural committee signaled this particular year the parade would be shorter. we knew that. this parade is expected to be 60 and 90 minutes. contrast that with president obama inauguration it was two plus hours, second inauguration shorter, this one will certainly be shorter. >> tha
4:01 pm
that parade seemed to go until 10:00 at night. >> it was not that late i was here. >> four hours. >> i was here for that it went quite late it was dark when we left i can tell you that. >> the other interesting thing, you know, and i don't know for certain why this parade is scheduled to be a little shorter, but it certainly goes in keeping with what we've been hearing about when president trump was president-elect that he was not too, you know, he kind of wanted to get to business. he kind of wanted to -- he was not really enthused about the luncheon on capitol hill and didn't want to linger there a long time and wanted to get to the white house. >> then you remember there were also a lot of people who were asked for invited who did not want to participate or there was controversy over certain schools. >> true. >> who were invited to participate and maybe half the band didn't want to come and half the band did. we knew there was b
4:02 pm
forthwith exactly who was going to participate in the parade today. >> you're looking at presidential limousine as it makes its way down pennsylvania avenue headed from the capitol to the white house. that's a great shot there. where we are across from the white house and across the street from the presidential reviewing stand. it will take time because this motorcade moves slowly so people can get a view of their president and vice-president. holly morris is along the parade route and can tell us what she's seen from her vantage point. >> yes, that first parade for obama we were still reporting on the parade when people were coming back out for inaugural ball. it felt like it went forever. nonetheless it was memorable and this is memorable in its own way. we have a great vantage point of the trump hotel. it's right there. there's the old building we are freedom plaza
4:03 pm
pennsylvania and it's at 12. that has to be interesting moment when he drives by as president of the free world and looks at his own hotel. a lot of times this is the very location where the president and first ladies are may get out ever the limousine and walk. we never know if that happens or not. in the modern era, most presidents have. in fact, i think it was jimmy carter, who was the only president that actually walked the entire route in and of itself it took 40 minutes we know we'll not see that. i think president reagan and nancy did not get out actually on their first parade. they waved from the windows through the sun roof i believe and then, of course, he did not get a chance in second one because it was so cold that inauguration the parade was cancelled. but the bushes got out for both of theirs in fact one of the inaugurations of george w. bush the weather was horrible and it was raining and they got out and walked a
4:04 pm
both of theirs. that is always popular. having seen what we seen today with a lot of unrest who knows what will happen. i heard you, tony, comment about before that the secret service may weigh in on that. i'm sure they will. will the president listen? we don't know. it remains to be seen. right? nonetheless, we are expecting this parade to be han hour to 90 minutes i think there's 40 different groups taking part and 34 of those are local groups that traveled in. 22 different states will be represented. six groups are national groups. and then there's strong military contingency you talked about. it's bifurcated parade. first part of this parade is where the president comes down and has his escort and then, once like you say and said he's in possession and then the second part of parade divided to five divisions will make their way and each division represented by a branch of military, five branches here in the d.c. area, specifically. and i will say i
4:05 pm
this will happen but i know on "fox5 news morning" when we had new announcer he said one of the things he revealed on our show first from rehearsal there would be not one, but five flyovers by each branch of the military. that's nev been done before. now, given the low ceiling with the weather, i don't know if that will be affected or not and i don't know how that works. that's one thing i was looking forward to. my fingers are crossed that will happen. who knows. but, in terms of long parades i feel like we've been waiting a long time for the parade to start. we have. i think we can be assured it won't be like president eisenhower to this date still goes down having longest parade which was 4:32 now that's a parade. nonetheless, you know the day is going by and you're right they need to get it in and they have all those inaugural balls they need to go to tonight.
4:06 pm
let me step out of the way my t from where you are and you have other cameras to go to as well. you can hear the announcer that is addressing the crowd and telling them what they're seeing and i believe the first band there if i'm not incorrect is the u.s. army band. it is starting to feel like inaugural parade now as we hear the music and seeing one group after another march down pennsylvania avenue it's pomp and circumstance that has become associated with the transfer of power that we see every four years. or if someone is reelected reinvigorated when sworn fwhook office. the people are quiet and taking it all in. like melanie said they have their cameras up they're trying to record this moment in history because it's always memorable no matter what your political beliefs are. shawn, tony. >> yes,
4:07 pm
been talking about the transfer of power. earlier today we know twitter has become certainly a big power we saw that transfer of donald trump to the potus handle and donald trump switched to potus -- barack obama switched to potus 44 back to the original handle is this thing still on michelle and i are off on a quick vacation and we'll go back to work. the power of twitter no matter if president or now former president, being used right now as we talk about that transfer of power a little bit. >> i think holly was right, the picture we were seeing a few moments ago i think it was percenting's own they led each parade as official escort of the president. of course, they are based at joint base meyer henderson hall in arlington, virginia. and you know they create a beautiful sound. they really,
4:08 pm
how you know something official and a big deal is going on when you hear that band. >> looks like secret service is moveing a little bit. there i was wondering if we were going to see if the president was about to get out of the car now which we thought he might especially when you goat trump hotel i guess there's somebody there taking the picture of the president as he gets out in front of his own hotel. i'll tell you security forces from previous inaugurations have dubbed this walk or this drive here from the capitol over to the white house they call this their two-mile nightmare. they don't know when the president wants to get out and possibly wave to the crowds and when he will stay in but you know they've all got this job it's still a two-mile walk there. >> and it certainly is a moment that people hope for. they wish for. they would like to see the president up close and not looking through the glass of a presidential limousine
4:09 pm
obviously there are always security concerns and that, of course, you know, that's the most important thing. and certainly, with some of the activities today if you were watching earlier you know there have been some violent protests in the district during the course of the day. there's great concern about that. you can seat amount of security along the parade route. of course, it comes down to the commander in chief himself, does he feel like he wants to get out and greet people up close. we know that president trump enjoys pressing the flesh as they say and enjoys the crowds. so, we'll see, don't be shocked if it doesn't happen. >> if you're from the washington d.c. region or not it's fascinating whenever one of the presidential motorcade go by you can see people stop and they always look and sometimes people grab cameras they're hoping for a glimpse or perhaps the president will roll down the window and give them a wave. so i know on this day especially of all days all of those people who have li
4:10 pm
of those people who have lined the parade route are either roll down that window, or stop and get out of that car and wave to them because they just want to get a glimpse of him in person. >> reading signs we were seeing in the image there there's a fair number of anti-trump people along that part of the parade route as well. so, that could delay whether or not he gets out of the car. and we want to go to sue palka, sue is at the point. >> here we go. >> parade proper begins. once the president gets here then they start releasing processions from where sue is, sue, you can tell us what is happening there now? >> hi there, i would be happy to, tony, shawn, and first of all i can tell you it's dry. we're really happy about that. we are staging on the mall. and if you missed our earlier broadcast you see a bunch of tents here. they had food in here and televisions to watch the proceedings earlier and everyone comes out of the tent and lines up and this is where
4:11 pm
the whole shebang gets starte all the way down here this is one of the last divisions i believe and those are coastguard cadets and they'll be coming out and staplinging here and walking down the street and this, poor, freezing group of girls here, they are from naples high school. and we're going to -- let's talk first to the guy in charge here, you can see the sign here, it's palmetto ridge high school marching pride naples, florida, oh, my gosh where is that naples weather we could have used that. >> i think the kids are is manying that weather. >> what is your name. >> john brensglak what do you do for the high school. >> principal. >> you have been here before. >> no it's first band for any county to come. >> did you apply to be part of parade. >> we submitted applications and process in september and submitted in november and we were lucky one chosen to be a participant. >> what is the forecast in naples today, just curious. >> i'm guessg
4:12 pm
upper 70s and a lot of sun. >> poor girls are freezing thank you so much. we talk to your band. >> sure, if you like to. >> let's do it mike we're on a short cord here soy want to find out, you guys look so cold. how are you hanging in there? >> we're not. >> we're not. >> we're cold. >> we're not hanging in. >> you're not hanging in. >> do you feel like you've been waiting a long time. >> yes. >> yes. >> what are you doing to keep warm. >> hand warmers. >> ear warmers. i saw people wrapped -- >> thermal tight. >> i think i have on way more layers than you and i'm cold. did you know this was warm for d.c.? >> what? >> really? >> really? >> you givrlz from been in florida too long. >> in the mornings it's cold and then -- >> all right, sue we want to jump in quick and look right now it looks like the president is about to get out of the vehicle. and which we thought he might get out especially once
4:13 pm
close to his hotel there along pennsylvania avenue. you can see the secret service agents walking back to surround the vehicle that has been dubbed the beast. let's take a look right now. of course, it is certainly chilly out there and damp out there and we can tell you we know it's cold [ cheers ] they moved plaque et cetera into the -- through see him there. president donald trump as he's walking the parade route there with barron trump. >> holly, talk to us. >> all right. so it looks like they're a little down from us because from our actual vantage point we still see the motorcycle. they're what is directly in front of us now and it's definitely slowed down considerably and if i look down the way i can see them walking along the route and from our vantage point right now, of course,
4:14 pm
necks and leaning that way because they want to see him and they want to see the new first family and, of course, they all have their fingers crossed he will stay out of the car and continue to walk and make it all the way down here more near freedom plaza where we are. so, it looks like they're right out there on the street and they're literally going to be in front of obviously the trump international hotel. so, how amazing is that, right? they'll be walking by. >> i can't -- you know i would have to guess that this was probably on purpose here. what a great photo on. you're looking at the new president of the united states donald trump holding hands with wife first lady melania trump and 10-year-old son barron trump is wave with them and waving to the crowd. the crowd is enthusiastic they wanted this the whole time. donald trump pumping his fist at the crowd and we are seeing some of the other trump children start to join the walk be side them. i believe
4:15 pm
let's see if we can see here. >> while we're seeing this picture right now this is really pretty extraordinary in every inauguration has its own flavor and moments but i think it's quite striking we're seeing the president, the first lady yes, you're right, shawn, some of the other children now coming behind, barron with them because it's become where's barron he's walking right there with melania and his father. >>fy contrast this back with the inauguration parade, barack obama's last two, sasha and malia were in the viewing stand and came in with grandmother and sat down so they did not actually walk this route with their parents. so this is something that we're seeing that is a change with tradition right now. and you can see barron trump is waving to the crowd along with his mom melania trump and it looks like they'll get back into the vehicle dubbed
4:16 pm
beast" to finish the parade route. >> to show them but they're very close to us now as the metro poll tan police force we told you the motorcycles now pulled up right behind us right in front of the presidential reviewing stand and so, we are just moments away from the president arriving here at the reviewing stand. obviously you saw for a few moments there got out of the car and took time to wave to his supporters and big smile on his face and you could tell he was pretty excited. melania with a smile on her face as well. and it looks like they are now getting back into the presidential limo. >> i don't think this is just exciting for the crowds. the crowds that have come out today to sort of watch and see this. i think this has to be pretty exciting for a 10-year-old little boy who you know certainly sure he's used to a life that most of us can only dream of, but this is huge. his father is now the president of the united states. he is 10 years old. and he's waving to all of these people who came out just to see him and hi
4:17 pm
>> it's something that we've heard some say you know, once this day arrives, it all becomes real. >> right. >> and it's, yes, they've had quite a lifestyle. hides one of the richest people in the country. but, when you're the president of the united states, you get this kind of attention, a motorcade like this security personnel and all that there's a shot of the trump international hotel, it's a whole different ball game. >> absolutely, it looks like some i don't know if that's employees of the trump international hotel or certainly supporters with the big pan banner there that said thank you. of course, the first family got back into the vehicle and will continue here down the street to their viewing stand in front of the white house. we saw just a short time ago to give you guys a feel for what's going on here, it is cold out here and even though they are in a covered area we saw staffers walk in a short time ago and pull out
4:18 pm
they've got a little believe, there's blankets in the chairs in the viewing stand and they can wrap themselves in blankets and stay warm and we're starting to see the vehicles and weeks as they pulled down here closer to us as tony mentioned the first family is not far away. i want to tell you it's interesting, too, by contrast, where we are, media viewing stand. all the members of the needia have gotten up you out of the seats they were sitting in and look you guys, we are viewers and spectators to history and it is fascinating to see everyone who is in the media. they have kind of gone over to the side of the viewing stand to got a birds eye view like you guys at home. you guys have the cameras. you can see it close up we cannot. >> there's an suv going by black i can't see who is waving but the license plate is trum it says trump. >> the license plate says trump that black suv we'll try to take a picture of it a
4:19 pm
can. yeah, i'm not sure who was in that suv. again we're starting to see the marching band as they come down. this is one of the military bands that is leading the president. we're going to pause for a moment. as we take all of this in right now♪ ♪ you guys at home are still watching the president's vehicle here where we are in front of the viewing stand we can start to see the military band adds they pass by. ♪
4:20 pm
all right. we'll let the music play while we get the technical issues fixed and we'll be back in just a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to our special coverage of the memorial parade. i'm holly morris. that first limo there is the vice-president of the united states, mike pence and his wife and then right behind that "the beast" you've been hearing shawn yawnsy talk about cadillac one and it's holding new president, president trump and melania and son
4:21 pm
of course, they're disappointed he got out ever the limoy e but close enough to him on the route they could see both of them waving through the car. and then we have the others just following along behind. you could hear cheers here and hear people starting to chant. it's energized this crowd. of course the announcer just announced they will be coming through as well. it's been a little quiet here at our location. but right now, it is full of energy and they're very excited to see the new president come down pennsylvania avenue and make his way to his new home the white house. this is what many have been waiting all day to see. literally hours upon hours and they've been braving rain and cold and now they finally gotten what they wanted and we still see a lot of people cheering and we see people holding up signs that are anti-trump as well. but for the most part this is a jovial crowd in support of
4:22 pm
administration change. we see people on rooftops here and snipers on the rooftops and actually onlookers on some of the building's rooftops looking down at all the majesty and pomp and circumstance surrounding the parade. and obviously it's always history in the make when you get to witness something like this. you can probably hear the announcer talking over me. they're -- >> joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies is who he is announcing now and giving due to people that put this together. this is no small task. now, i will say -- >> yes? >> i was going to say we were looking at one of the presidential -- one of the vehicles. i was trying to see, we could see someone waving. i was not sure if that was first lady or actually second lady waving in one of the vehicles. but the windows are not completely blacked out. so as people are standing there
4:23 pm
in the crowds they can at least see folks waving to them from inside of those vehicles and again, we can see the vehicles getting closer to where we are here where this presidential viewing stand is set up. we just had the first calgary division and i infantry division go by us a short time ago. i guess all that is left is to wait for the president and vice-president and first family to pull up and it looks like they should arrive here shortly. >> we can tell you rather miraculously the viewing stands that are to my left there are many more people in those stands there now there than there were before the first viewing stands the parade route is going past here in front of white house not many people there at all. again i don't know if that will fill in. but it's pretty empty. nonetheless the folks here are quite excited to see arrival of the dignitaries and congressional leadership and
4:24 pm
vice-president of the united states. >> i believe right now coming into view are the motorcycles, motorcycles that led, are right in front of the president's vehicle that were part of this. we're going to come back to what's going on here in just a second. >> let me just tell you what you are seeing on the left side of your screen. from what i'm told this is limousine that has been set on fire. do we know where this is? this is northwest washington. and this is going on now. again, this is not here. >> you can hear me? >> not here at the white house. alex, tell us what is happening. >> we're on 13th and k street where clashes between protesters have been happening near franklin park and what we just saw was that limousine that you've seen on your screen throughout the morning vandalized was
4:25 pm
the protesters as well as suv. it looks like it is likely a marked lease suv set on fire by protesters you can see the thick, black smoke surrounding us because it appears they're now putting out the fire. because at one point -- oh, a news suv i'm hearing. >> you can say that again, alex. >> alex, you can say that again what kind ever suv or limo was this? >> we're not shurks you know, sure. it's parked behind the limousine you seen on your screen over and over i'm not sure if it's unmarked police suv we're hearing possibly news suv that was set on fire and now the flames have been extinguished and you can see the thick smoke surrounding us now. >> alex, we'll come back to you in a l
4:26 pm
we want to return to the parade coverage here. thank you ry again, that happening on 13th street. not here at the white house. we want to make that clear. we continue to see the parade make its way into the area of the reviewing stand just behind or i should not say behind but just here on the other side of the white house. we're seeing more police vehicles make their way >> wow, that's old fashioned metro bus. >> i'm not sure who was on that bus now. we can tell you this parade will include more than 8,000 participants representing 40 different organizations and they include high schools, university marching bands, equestrian corps and first responders and groups from all across the country and the parade will officially kickoff as soon as president trump is down here in viewing stand. he and first family will watch from the viewing stand and they will be able to review or watch every group as they march
4:27 pm
these stands. tony mentioned again,iasones toe relatively empty. there's only a handful of people. this are a handful of people inside. the crowds here are starting to get excited, though. because they've announced that the president is close. so, i believe we will see him getting closer to us. you have a view as he's coming down right now. there's alws this hope once he gets closer in front of the white house he'll get out once again and walk and i'm certainly sure that's what the crowds are hoping for. >> all right. as we continue to watch this procession. you can see, yeah, the president's limousine getting close to us now. as you watch the procession you can see the excitement level picked up considerably here with the folks in the reviewing stands and president was just announced. so a big cheer went
4:28 pm
ago a take a picture he came from outside of the reviewing stand to take a picture of the procession as it came in. so it's not just regular folks who are excited about the pomp and circumstance of inauguration. >> it's very fascinating. you have rick perry the longest serving governor of texas, 15 years i believe. and he also was a presidential hopeful for two of the past election cycles. and now he's been nominated to be the head of the energy department. it's fascinating to see everyone come out because this is fascinating for them as well. something i thought interesting this year. no d.c. public school marching bands applied to be in the parade. this is first time in 0 years it happened. we certainly missed some of those key d.c. bands like certainly we always see blue high school marching band.
4:29 pm
there will be a number of other hoolhing also a number of colleges from around the country. we can tell you 24 of the 4 groups chosen today to perform have come from counties that the president-elect actually won. so there was a lot of decision making when it came top choosing which groups would be performing today. >> all right. shawn yancy, we are awaiting -- here we go. it looks like the president is about to get out of the limousine once again. you can hear the cheers. we can hear the cheers go up. that's not far from here. and as the secret service gathers around the presidential limousine. it looks like the first family will make their way out again. tell me, my picture is not completely clear. did i see the vice-president mike pence also get out of his vehicle? i'm not sure if i did
4:30 pm
but there is president trump wavingnc the people here. >> all right, so we heard thepn announce our 45th please of the united states donald j. trump he holding hands there with first lady melania trump they are out of the car and walking the last bit of this route where they come up to the viewing stands here. the crowds are certainly excited. barron trump is walking there by his father's side waving to the crowd an excited crowd. >> that's the first time i've seen barron wave to the crowd as well. he's getting into the spirit of things, too. >> certainly they're used to leading a very public life. certainly this is more public than barron is used to. he has older siblings
4:31 pm
a lot about. you are seeing barron and eric jr. a ivanka and her husband jared kushner and everybody seems to be here walking with the family and they're starting to come into that our view as we stand here right across from the white house, right across from 1600 pennsylvania avenue with a very excited crowd. happy to be here just to watch history being made. >> this is a crowd here, shawn, that you know, it's been a long time waiting for the parade to make its way here. it did drizzle a time ago. so we saw the ponchos coming out everybody sat down and huddled together and everybody is on their feet now. everybody staring just down the street here waiting for the first glimpse of the new president of the united states, the new first family. and vice-presiden
4:32 pm
family as well. and no signs but, everyone clearly excited beginning to wave as they get the first glimpse of the first family making its way here. >> what's fascinating is to see all the people in this day and age, everybody has a phone or camera. but everybody's cameras are out and phones are out and they're waiting to get a glimpse of first family i believe they are -- are they getting back in vehicles again. maybe they will drive the last -- >> we've seen the -- you've seen pictures of the reviewing stand the presidential reviewing stand so that the president, members of the cabinet and in-coming cabinet, family members and other he distinguished personnel could stay dry during the crosses and stay a little bit covered up. although they're still exposed to elements many of them. the first time we had a glass enclosed stand to protect the part from the cold and from elements
4:33 pm
or not earlier that many would think with president mckinnley. this is a tradition that has gone on sometime. >> the crowds here are starting to yell. there he is. they are fascinated and he very excited to see donald trump and first family as they come down now. if you can hear in the background, people are starting to get excited. and they are clapping as we know the president and first family are starting to get a little closer to us. >> let's go to holly morris. we'll go to holly morris for a moment and she can tell us what she is seeing from her vantage point, holly. >> it's interesting, guys, because as soon as the president passed here we actually saw a lot of people leave. that's all they wanted to see was the new president or wanted to make sure voices heard to the new president.
4:34 pm
of people leave the area. it's cold, and 3457b many of them have been out sometime i understand that and people are obviously very excited for the actual inaugural parade to get underway. you can see the start of division one led by oldest and most senior branch of military, united states army. but they actually stopped. they're not moving at all. they're paused here along pennsylvania avenue. and i'm sure that's because obviously the president and first family are getting in place in the reviewing stand and doing what they need to do so they can sit and watch and enjoy all the groups that have come to celebrate the new administration. and it is a diverse group. it will be taking part in the parade. they've started to move again. that's good news here. you can almost feel this collective sigh of relief because people want things to keep moving, right, they want to see the different people that will perform and march down the way and but, it
4:35 pm
diverse group. there's some 34 different local groups that vavld in and i think i was reading that 24 of those 34 groups came from counties that trump actually won. so that's really no surprise there. obviously those are the people that wanted to apply to be part of the parade and the ones that want to celebrate the changeover. so a lot of those people that will be marching are happy to be here today and probably pretty happy too even though we say it's cold we know it can be a whole lot colder come january in washington, right? >> absolutely right. >> right? we've sxirnseded it before. i often think i don't know what you think about this but we talked about the first inaugural procession really when it was george washington going mount vernon to new york. i note that was on april 30. now, at what point did they decide dhink january 30. that's what i want to know. april now sound good, don't you think? >> holly -- >> it sounds fabulous to me,
4:36 pm
and what someone told me was a change and it took a long time for newly elected president to get back there. and once we had you know modern ways of travel they were able to make that change. holly we want to talk for a moment the presidential limousine is here in front of the presidential reviewing stand it stopped in front of that limousine and now the president it looks like the president of the united states is about to get ut of the limousine here where we are. photographs coming out as well and we'll see which of these limousines he's in. the crowd just a few moments ago was cheering, trump, trump, trump, >> it's fascinating from this vantage point. >> there he is. >> crowd is
4:37 pm
you might imagine. >> there's president donald j. trump and his son barron and first lady melania. and this crowd is very excited. the president surrounded by secret service personnel in front of the photographs and walking backwards as they record this moment. the president and the first lady and barron walking in front of the stands that are have more people in them still not full but a lot of people
4:38 pm
there more of the first family following behind. >> you can see the other trump children following behind. ivanka and kushner and their children and eric and children and wife and donald jr. and certainly his wife and children and certainly we also saw tiffany trump and barron trump with parents in the front as they finish this last little walk here they will go into the white house. i'm assuming to warm up a little bit. they'll emerge back here in the viewing stand and then the official parade will kickoff once they're seated and what that means, to officially kickoff the president has to be in the viewing stand so he reviews each group as they go by and traditionally they'll wave at the group and give them a nod and as we're told there's signs here that tells some of the groups in the parade to keep looking forward. they're not technically
4:39 pm
you can't help but look. we always see someone who takes a peek over to look at the president and the president waves at them. >> it may seem silly our other reporters have seen these vehicles coming by already and this is our first chance to see them up close. i don't know how they do it considering raining and drizzling these cars look fabulous there's not a spot on them they're shiny and they look absolutely impressive as they come. >> that's what you notice? >> well, you know, they're pretty nice cars. >> i have to point out wenessed a shut time ago she's been a figure throughout the campaign amarosa who started off on apprentice and later by him a trump surrogate has been a supporter and will now be un one of the liaisons. >> i understand holly morris
4:40 pm
vice-president, holly. >> yeah, in our script it says president and vice-president were next to each other. they were not. that first whole motorcade was president. there you're seeing him and melania walk there and obviously their family members and they have a large family. maybe they need aid couple limb sdeenz. we just saw come by freedom plaza here mike pence and his wife and their limo and they had the secret service walking a long side the limo like we saw with president trump. we could see them waving through the windows here. alas when i said the actual parade was ready to start, i don't think that was the case. because we still have to get the vice-president and his wife and family there and in the reviewing stand. so that then the actual official start of the parade can happen and so, as much as they said they wanted this to be 60 to 90 minutes i'm not sure
4:41 pm
all is said and done. it's the least to get everyone in place. though i will say for all the people that lined routes and i'm sure you can attest to that they're at your location as well they're going by quickly and everyone is getting ample chance to see them and be enveloped in the moment an take away from it what they want to. >> and that's certainly is what is slowing things down now. but, again i don't think any folks mind that at all. it's their chance to see these folks up close and in person. if they did not do it before or attend a rally before or campaign event they only seen it on tv. and i will tell you you tell by the crowd here everybody is on feet and. >> holly you still with us. >> i sure am. and i have not seen in pictures. did mike pence get out of
4:42 pm
>> he was still in his car. >> gotcha. >> he never got out he was waving to crowd and of course, people were happy to see him waived back. >> okay. >> very good. >> very good. >> all right. again, as i'm assuming as we wait for mike pence and his family to get down and get in reviewing stand at that and we have what is supposed to be shorter parade as you mentioned there's probably not going to be as short as it would be. >> it will be interesting to hear the response for him as well. because as you know, as far as true conservatives are concerned, they're thrilled he is vice-president of the united states. and those who had some questions as to just how
4:43 pm
really is and payman houshmandpour conservative leadership will be and people are very, very happy that mike pence was chosen as vice-president. >> what you are seeing now is vehicles heading baca round to white house and first family will have an opportunity to get out and sort of freshen up before they come out into the viewing stand and again, we're certainly waiting for motorcade of vice-president pennsylvania to come down here we suspect he'll come out of car and wave at the crowd and give them a glimpse so they can see him in person. he'll also go around to white house and freshen up and they'll come to viewing stand and this parade will get underway. as i look over in viewing stand now we can see some of the members of president's cabinet or some of the people nominated. i can see senator jeff sessions and dr. ben carson and we mentioned earlier we saw former texas governor rick perry and host of other people
4:44 pm
waiting for the president even first family to arrive. let's go to tom fitzgerald he's been on capitol hill all morning long a birds eye view of everything happening there. fitz what's your take on what we're seeing this afternoon. >> morning, noon, night, shawn, as we cross into our i don't know how many hours it's been now, well, you see this scene here right now with the new president about to we suppose get out once again. you know it's interesting where they choose to do these moments when the president gets out of limo. and i can remember back on january 1977 yes i am that old that it was remarkable thing that jimmy carter had done it back in 1977 because. >> tom, tom, >> there he is. >> we want to mention there's mike pence he's gotten out of his limousine and where he is as compared to us and the
4:45 pm
mike pence and wife karen and their family members as they begin to walk down the street now towards the reviewing stand. >> it's been a big advantage with the newscasters covering this with the hairdos of the president and vice-president they're easy to spot in large crowds. mike pence has a remarkable gleaming whitehead of hair on him he was easy to spot on inauguration stand today and you know obviously what has not been said about donald trump's do over the years and it makes them easy to spot in large crowds when they're out and about like this. >> yes, you're absolutely right, tom, i want to let our viewers know on the left side of your screen, there, you're watching official start of the parade now. >> yes. >> we see there start of the parade is kicking off and mike pence and his family are walking along a little bit of the parade route giving a
4:46 pm
a glimpse of them in person. they're waving to the crowd. the crowd enthusiastically waving back. and again this is a parade expected to happen in front of 8,000. i believe this may be first gal gary division. i'm not really sure. we'll check and see. there's so many different members of the military or all members of the military all branches of military will be represented through various marching bands and equestrian drill teams and different group throughout the parade trying to get a handle on who we're seeing now. let see if we can go back to mike pence okay we don't see mike pence now if we see him here in person any time soon i'm lo
4:47 pm
stand we don't see trump family there yet but they should make their way in momentarily and we'll show that to you once we see them. i want to mention that as far as parade goes inaugural festivities we're told that now president trump has been quite involved in the process and you know a lot of times you think that well, new president doesn't have time and seems to be a fairly hands off type person at times and we're told he weighed on many details and presidential chair tom barrett said he's been in every detail of everything and he says i beg him all the time to run the free world and let me focus on the table setting stuff so he's been a part of it all. we interrupted tom fitzgerald. tom we go back to you now. >> that's not how it works, tony, you know, i interrupt -- i don't interrupt you. i'm the one that interrupts
4:48 pm
because you're staged. we're just along for the ride with you. no, what you're looking at there elements of the united states army and ceremony units you're seeing especially with army you can tell by hooking at the pants gold aarmy and red stripe is marines and those are ceremonial uniforms you'll see in washington d.c., of course, the old guard, the guards that tom of the unknown soldier and those that handle burials at arlington. in this city throughout the year not only with performing bands army military bands but ceremonial units that perform at white house functions throughout the year. nypd marching proudly down with the drum corps tonight. and one thing that has been interesting about this,
4:49 pm
a scene, something that goes back to donald trump's childhood he had not had any military experience barack obama had not and according to pieographys of trumps years at new york military academy this was one of the things he took seriously he wanted his own flat an as a student go through those military style drills at the new york military academy with precision and accuracy and you know according to mark fisher's book that came out this year donald trump as student and cadet of new york military academy was a stickler for details about this exact kind of thing you're looking at now all right. tom, thank you very much. very good points there. and i want to point out as tom mentioned we saw new york police department represented
4:50 pm
division of parade we see a number of representatives from new york, of course, home state of president trump and new york police department represented and nassau county firefighters pipe and drums you saw there a moment ago and new york military academy will be represented here and disabled american veterans, of course, and the president has reached out to veterans groups all throughout his campaign and now we're seeing the nassau country firefighters come through. >> yes. >> so that's their pipe and drums there out of actually east meadow, new york, that's their pipe and drums division you see marching through right now. again we have got 8,000 people expected to be here today participating in this parade. i should note there will be national groups including boy scouts of america and disabled american veterans and again as we noticed
4:51 pm
representation fromache on righe the former indiana governor and former congressman walking a long with his wife karen, and their children audrey, michael and charlotte as they make their way in front of the white house. we're seeing the escort first in are motorcycle officers beginning of escort and mike pence and his family taking last bit of this route on foot. they will continue the walk here in front of the presidential reviewing stand. and they will also make their way into the white house to sort of freshen up before this parade officially begins. well, many people along this parade route are seeing members right now in the parade. there you see the new york military academy a glimpse of the new york military academy members coming in right now. >>
4:52 pm
because you are seeing on your screen the parade that has officially begun and where we are located these folks have not made their way here yet. you're hear ago announcers i believe along the parade route announce what's happening and who you're seeing and more announcements now here in front of the presidential reviewing stand. we can tell you this right now the vice-president he mike pence and family and wife karen are walking by the presidential reviewing stand. here they come now while you watch part of the parade making its way on pennsylvania avenue. >> they're also receiving the same warm welcome that donald trump received and the people who were in the presidential viewing stand which i imagine are other members of their family, members of the cabinet, are on their feet and they're giving them a standing ovation as they walk by
4:53 pm
again what we are seeing here is what has been the transition of power. it has happened and now it's time for what many call, what is the celebration of that transition of power. >> this is the crowd again very, very excited waving, i see a few american flags being waved here and there as the vice-president and his family walk this part of the route you're seeing that. you were seeing that on the right side of your screen and again as someone mentioned a few moments ago they will make their way into the white house. they'll join the president and first family and then they will come out to the reviewing stand here. >> i should mention, it's not raping any more out here which makes this a little easier for those of us out here and all of the supporters or people that came out the curiosity seek others to see what's going on. it's chilly out
4:54 pm
is blowing just a little bit but it's not raining anymore. there does seem to be a celebratory mood, people are excited. you guys right now on left-hand side of your screen seeing the start of this parade and on the top you see vice-president mike pence and his family as they prepare to head into the white house and get fresh entered up and they'll all come back out into the reviewing stand. >> i'm trying to get caught up where we are with the parade now because i turned around to walk mike pence walk by. we saw -- okay, let's see. >> i'll tell you what we are seeing, red, white and blue a lot of it out there operate six for this inaugural -- patriotism for this inaugural parade celebrating our country's newest president. one of the many marching band that
4:55 pm
around the country. >> these are the texas state university struters. >> from san mark's, texas, tony. >> did you say that, i'm sorry, i missed it. >> that's all right. >> and i'm sure they're not used to being in weather quite this chilly. >> no, they're not. behind them we got the talladega college band from alabama. first let's watch the texas state university struters let's
4:56 pm
bands historically black college they actually decided to come and participate in today's inaugural parade. it took two weeks for it to be announced that they would accept the invitation to play. talladega president received two petitions one voicing concerns about participating and other encouraging the school to perform. ultimately the band decided to come out and perform. again this is historically black college there were members of the band that were excited to be here and others didn't want to come and participate and i believe the band director left that up to each individual student. as you can see right now there's quite a large group here from this historically black college from alabama.
4:57 pm
made the decision to go out and do it, started go fund me account, fundraiser so they could afford to get all of their band members here today to participate. >> this is is one of the final elements of the first division of the parade, finally more support earlier, there will be five
4:58 pm
that will go by. each of those divisions has military representation, each of the divisions has members from local communities, around the country. that reported donald trump's campaign, of course you'll see many veterans, as part of this parade. many police departments represented, as well. number of high schools, and colleges, again, the estimate original estimate for the lent of the parade about an hour to 90 minute, and judging by what we see so far, probably 90 minutes. >> absolutely, i mean, we still, as i glance behind me, just check out the president al reviewing stands, we do not see any signs yet of the president, and first family, but we will let you know as soon as they do. i would imagine that the cameras point them out as soon as we get them. there you go. this is like -- >> boy scouts. >> bow scouts. >> the bow scouts of
4:59 pm
represented, as they're making their way through. >> spec to go see boy scouts of america. a group of, looks like, about a dozen young boy scouts. >> this is the national capitol area council boy scouts of america bethesda, maryland. >> there go. >> caring state flags, as they enter the united states in the order that they, let's liste in.
5:00 pm
(backgrounds parade noise). >> and we want to welcome you, and thank you for joining our coverage. this is fox5 news at 5:00. our coverage of the inauguration of donald trump continues. you're watching right now the united states marine corps staff element coming in. the bands is playing right now. we are the parade is now in full swing. right here, we are waiting for the arrival of president trump and vice president pence in the viewing stand to actually view all of the groups in the parade. >> we will transition now into fox5 news at 5:00 and continue with our inaugural parade coverage. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >>


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