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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> the president. >> america will start winning again, winning like never before. >> the protests. >> the parade. >> and the party. we have complete coverage of inauguration day 2017 and what is ahead this weekend. >> your news starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with a look inside the armed services ball president trump and melania trump are are expected to arrive in a moment. we'll have more when they arrive. thanks for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> president donald trump is wasting no time. tonight he signed executive order that specifically addresses affordable care act former president obama gn
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executive order tells federal agencies to "exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exceptions from or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the act" you'll remember that while campaigning president trump pledged to address the act on his first day in office. now he has done so. >> and also tonight vice-president mike pence swore in retired general james mattis and homeland security and meanwhile other cabinets picks are awaiting senate confirmation. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. first the president and first lady are coming out right now at the armed services ball and this is their third and final inaugural ball tonight they're coming into applause. >> he's made comments at every ball so far. there's a podium
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to say at this longer because it's the final stop. >> well, thank you very much. what a great honor. these events are going on all over the city. we're having a lot of fun tonight. and i want to tell you what a day it's been our first lady has been working very, very hard, very, very hard. and but i just want to thank you on behalf of melania and myself and the family and millions and millions of people all over the world the job you've done is absolutely incredible absolutely incredible and this is our military. this is our law enforcement. this is our first responders you're amazing people you're amazing people and i like you for a lot of reasons. also, i like the fact that you all voted for me right?
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and i just met your joint chiefs of staff and they are incredible and i'll tell you what, they know what to do and they know what to do and they know what to do fast and we'll see what happens but we have a great country. and we want to do what's appropriate. we've been pushed around by a lot of different people and lots of bad things are happening and but i think you'll see a big improvement really and i just want to tell you that general mattis was just approved by the senate. and the first one. general kelly was just approved by the senate.
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something two generals are the first ones with all the people and all the politicians and the generals get approved first. maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. maybe that's the way. and now, we have some folks right now in afghanistan right? and i think think hear me there's about a six second delay but i think they hear me. do you guys hear me i think, maybe, let's see how good we're doing. yeah, they hear me, they hear me. they hear me how is it over there and how is it going? good. go ahead, what question do you have? don't be like these people don't be too tough on me i want to explain what's going on right now. the president is on hand right now for live connection to some of the 8500 u.s. top
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afghanistan they can see him and talk back to him that's what is happening now. >> i would like to say congratulations to your new position. >> thank you very much. that's so nice. thank you. thank you. thank you. that's very nice. thank you. we couldn't hear too clearly but i believe he congratulated me, not me, us, us on this victory and i want to thank you. >> all right. the president will continue it look like talking to some of the soldiers and in african tan stan and rather extraordinary to see that there. >> what's slightly different about this ball they will dance with members of the armed services. she will dance with a gentleman and he'll dance with a young lady and continue their dance
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on the stage. very interesting different from the other balls. >> a lot of things happened today. we want to get you caught up on that. sarah simmons is here with the latest. >> what a whirl window inauguration day. flurries of activity started this morning with first inaugural event st. john's he miss copole church starred by franklin roosevelt in 1933 and president trump headed to st. john's for closed prayer service and church sits across from the white house and has a long history it's known as khur of presidents. every president since madison has worshiped there during the time in the oval office. and then president owe bomb aand michelle obama welcome the the trumps to the white house and in longstanding tradition they hostsed the two for tea and after finishing tea the trumps and
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for the big inauguration ceremonyemony started with the swearing in of vice-president mike pence. the former congressman and governor of indiana took the both of office delivered by supreme court justice clarence thomas on capitol hill. >> and will to the bet of my ability. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> preserve protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> and donald trump becoming 45 president followed by a speech reminisce enters of the campaign trail and saying a new vision will govern our land from this moment on it will be america first. >> so to all americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain from ocean to ocean hear these words, you will never be
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voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our american destiny. >> hours after the swearing in president trump putting pen to paper signing formal nominations for each cabinet pick including legislation clearing the way for defense secretary pick retired marine general james mattis and then off to lunch in congress statue arie hall the large gathering as well with 200 elected officials and dignitaries and after lunchtime to take in the inaugural parade and newly sworn in president and first lady walking on the parade route as many presidential families done in the past and made way to reviewing stand where they watched the parade from there. that's day one here. there are plenty of inaugural festivities throughout the city tonight as well and come monday we'll watch president trump
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lead the country forward. shawn. >> thank you, sarah. >> well, the day was also marred by violent protest that probing out during inauguration and seemed to escalate moments after president trump was sworn in. "fox5" tisha lewis joins us liver from the district with more on some of the protests, tisha. >> well, shawn, at least for now we can breathe a slight sigh of relief. it appears protestsers have disbursed. some in formal wear are still celebrating today's inauguration. i want to go to jarring image from tonight and today of these protesters that really, really had no regard for property. a starbucks vandalized and area nearby vandals dressed in black smashed windows of starbucks store and it was all captured on cellphone video the violence as it up folded. police telling us more than 00 protesters were arrested throughout the
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them were charged with rioting and again lots of confrontation and clashes with police and protesters nearby stores and businesses. they also threw newspapers and boxes and trash cans into the streets. cars packed aalong the street were severely and badly damaged. police again using strategy to move in and disperse cwd and push them in a different direction. again many officers excuse me some officers were hurt and we're talking about a six officers injured and three of them with head injuries and other three with injuries to lower body and we're told they are expected to be okay. and more images limousine again was caught on fire and this happened in franklin square around 13 and k streets. here's what the mayor and also the interim police chief had to say about all this. >> fortunately a small group of people have engaged in nd
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against our law enforcement officers. and this type of destruction and this type of violence against people in washington d.c. will not be tolerated. >> we were prepared to move in, in the event folks broke the law. hopefully we sent them a message and said, hey, list ebb if you come to washington d.c. and break the law we'll take you into custody safely and respectfully as we can. >> and pro teingers who were taken into custody according to interim police chief peter newsham will likely be spending the night in jail. and at least the police chief and mayor they believe many protesters were not from the d.c. area. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> make america great again that's rallying cry that donald donald trump used on the campaign trail. today a sea of supporters wore his make america great again hats. brody logan spent the day on the national mall with the supporters.
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he joins us live with more, hey, brody. >> hey, tone yes, i yes you can see the national mall behind me empty outside of a few stragglers and earlier today an estimated 900,000 people supposed to be here for inauguration. not a record setting number but if there were records stlet were probably more red hats that inauguration than any in american history and we saw supporters all over the mral wearing hats and beanies and all various colors. it has come to symbolize a movement make america great movement that ush eared in donald trump as 45 president of the united states. >> it's best things ever happened in my lifetime politically. i never watched politics because i thought it was corrupt. and until my vote made a difference this time i just felt compelled. i literally told my bossy was leaving and if he needed to fire me that was okay. and he was so jealous he was like, man, i
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i wish i could go. and you'll be back monday, right? >> well if he fires you one of the 5 million jobs trump promised you could get one of those. >> that's right. >> donald trump is here to hold feet to the fire and make sure they don't get rich. >> well he says that's what he's here to do. we'll see. >> will he be held accountable on that. >> yes, by me he will i don't know about everybody else. i can tell you this you know if we the folks in america today don't start holding these guys accountable we' watching america go downhill and you know i don't think we can do that. >> reporter: and tony, shawn, that is what is important. multiple p.m. i talked to here today they're not just taking the new president at face value just taking words they want it to mean something and they'll hold him accountable. >> brody logan reporting from the national mall. thank you, brody. >> armed services ball in ll
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and first lady are dancing right now. >> and there's the vice-president now and his wife karen they're dancing. let's hear just a moment ago they were dancing to whitney houston i will always love you. yes, yes, they are. >> so it's --♪ this is not whitney houston, though. >> and please don't --♪ it's not ironically this is dolly parton's song i will always love you. whitney made it famous again. >> we'll have more on today's events, oh, lauren, hey, lauren is there, hey, lauren. >> what is the crowd like? >> and i will always love you♪ >> it's a really nice moment. all the service members here are so excited to be presented with their new commander-in-chief and we vts first family walking out now. all these gowns are breath taking to
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i don't know what it looks like on camera but i know ivanka trump is herara and melania is in a gown designed by former creative director for carliena herera and everybody is anticipating arrival of the first family. everybody has cell phones out this day and age everybody is filming this and there's smiles on the faces and just sort of looking out to all the people who serve our country so proudly and excited to be in the room with their brand new commander-in-chief and i heard you all talking about the gentleman singing and the cover song here. he -- his name is josh warms band out of fort worth, texas i believe. and he performed earlier. a lot of cover songs and yeah the crowd is loving him as well and i think this is just a pretty amazing moment for
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everybody here. >> it lacks like they're having fun indeed, lauren, don't party too hard, okay? >> i'll try not to and you know, i -- if i n i want to mention this because this is a big honor. you see the president and first lady and vice-president and mrs. pence dancing with member of military pran: marines, air force, army and navy. i know it's a woman from the navy dancing with the president now and they were selected out of a pool of candidates and very proud moment for these service members too what an honor. again wonderful to watch. >> certainly a moment they will remember forever. >> thank you, lauren. >> we'll be right back.
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and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> welcome back everybody. it's time to talk about the weekend weather. a lot of people will be outside. >> dry. >> okay. >> and not too cold. >> don't expect a lot of sunshine though. >> dry? >> it will be dry. >> i thought earlier you said. >> that's all a little drizzle. >> and it doesn't
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1:00. >> and see you were surprised i knew when it started i'm surprising by a lot of things. >> 4 7 degrees in city and now temperature not cooled down much and visibility is coming down in places and there's a couple cool spots out there winchester up to 37 and obviously in 30s and frederick 41 and fred rikdzburg 48. wanted to check in on visibility. just in the last 0 minutes or so some of these really came down and no doubt fog is in the forecast for overnight and first part of day tomorrow and we can still see a little fog. not necessarily a problem here in town. six mile visibility and we showed you live picture dulles down to four. that's not really a big deal either and gaithersburg mile and three-quarters and frederick down below a mile and up out along i 81 for martinsburg and winchester visibility came down quite a bit. clearing skies we get a little clearing skies and temperatures drop off a little bit and we get fog to farm and get
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in sports tonight. cloudy and drizzle and 12, 1:00 we'll be cloudy and dry. and showers will hold off. it looks like these showers will come through especially southern areas tomorrow night will be dry now for first part of sunday and as we get to sunday afternoon late and into sunday evening notice showers coming up from south. this will be rainy all night sunday night before you see all this down in the deep south this gets here for monday and it looks look a pretty potent system and brings good rain around sunday night and monday. fairly dry weekend talking about late showers on sunday. after 4:00 okay and here's the temperature trends. 57 tomorrow. 56 sunday. 55 monday and 53 tuesday and wednesday you don't see it here once we jump back to close to 60 or so. few clouds for us some places have broken out of over cat and that's chilly and 44 for a low tonight in city and tomorrow you see opt miss beingly a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon but it will
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will stay cloudy okay? and 7 day forecast looks like this and keep in mind, late rain showers on sunday and looks like monday most of monday wet and we will warm up close to 60 on wednesday. if you like to golf it will be nice day to get out there. last few thoughts on the inaugural
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>> we want to wrap up with final thoughts on historic inauguration. you know i think having covered three inaugurations before this one in d.c. this is really different for me. we were downtown and there seemed to be sort of early ghost-like feel. >> it was weird. >> it was weird. there were not as many people. it was strange. like everything was moving in slow motion. >> we traveled down and back at the same time i felt the same things. not adds many people in the straets and a lot of police activity jim you were reporting it earlier in the day today.
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but i always love the majesty of the inauguration and peaceful transition of power. >> that was important thing peaceful aspect people wanted their voices heard and it's incumbant upon us in the media but our responsibility is to cover them responsibly and cover administration responsibly as well. >> absolutely. >> you guys are always there. can you actually take it in. >> absolutely. >> you're just there working or you can take it in. >> from where tony and i were sitting right across from us was the reviewing stand where you saw the president, first lady, and their family. so it was fun to sort of watch their reactions because the camera was not always on mem but we could see them. >> you loved barron's reactions. >> i'm a mommy have a son who is 11. so you know i was tickled by him. >> curiosity. >> we thank you for watching us today and sticking with us we appreciate it and we will be back on tomorrow covering the women's march
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>> have a great weekend. good night. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: melania trump, you got to say no matter how you feel politically, she looked great. not everybody looked great. >> very interesting choice by kellyanne conway. she chose a coat by gucci. >> she looks like she's going to make a corn dog. [laughter] >> best reaction to donald trump's inauguration speech, barack obama was not happy with a lot of the things that donald trump was saying. and then at the end of the pspet person that shakes his hand. he says good job. harvey: that's the political equivalent of, let's have lunch some time. >> donald trump and melania's first dance will be to "my way" but instead of one person doing it, it's going to be three. all three of them are out of nashville. they're not huge names.


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