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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  January 22, 2017 8:30am-9:00am EST

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. i donald john trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute >> that i will faith fullly did execute >> the office of president of the united states >> the office of president of the united states, and will to the best of my ability >> and will, to the best of my ability >> preserve, protect and defend >> preserve, protect and defend >> the constitution of the united states >> the constitution of the united states >> so help me god. >> so help me god >> congratulations, mr. president. bribes
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real estate mogel is now at the 45th president of the united states of america. i'm ronica cleary >> we started this over a year ago, i believe, this weekend, or coming up soon? >> give or take. >> came quickly >> back when we started, people kind of just departure despairingly said that donald trump will create a distraction in this race and he was there to be rip link the waters and eventually an establishment candidate would go and take that republican nomination. here we are a year later and rippling that water turned into a tidal waive and as we saw, donald trump is now president of the united states. he wakes up in the white house and we all wake up on what shapes up to be a very interesting four years ahead of us. the president is finding out this morning as w
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washington, it's the city of different opinions at times, and also heavy criticism. this is a little bit of a what went on yesterday. (chanting) >> i'm hoping it will empower people. i thought i was alone and i was so frustrated and so angry. >> i believe in all of this, i think it's critically. we do need rights for women, and everything and equality but this right here, it's wonderful to see >> the word is from the organizers they say they had an estimated 2.9 million people participating in the women's marches across the country in dc, about 600,000 people were there. you were out in the middle of all of that. what did you make of it? >> it was an incredible piece of history to experience and be part of. we started at the capitol. walked the march. it's interesting. one take away that
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is worth noting being inside that crowd, there was literally no cell phone service, which would not be the thing you would think i'd be talking about. killed me but fascinating to be speaking with the women inside the march who were worried and concerned that no one was talking about it because they were not -- many were not able to connect on social see what was happening. it was shocking to me. we stepped into the museum for part of it we wanted a get a look from above. we want to the sixth floor terrace to see some of the crowds, connected to wifi, saw how it was being covered, but when you were out there you couldn't, and the women were saying we're so glad you're here, because there were not a lot of reporters, and i said trust me people know it's going on. >> that sounds a little silly. you couldn't turn on a television anywhere >>
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that because they could not connect to anything. >> one of the things in watching all of that, you couldn't be not struck by the numbers out there. you wonder where all these people were on election day. i know we were talking about jerry mandering and voting disparities. when you look at the crowd on the street yesterday, i worth how many got up on election day thinking that hillary clinton had that in the bag and maybe they did not have to head out to the polls. had that happened, maybe they wouldn't have been out on the street >> even so, 600,000, 500,000, hillary won the popular vote. it is hard to say, i will say one of the things i was think about this morning reflecting on the preparations for the women's march i knew i
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covering. one of the stories was a pro life that was originating requesting to be a partner with the march. then there was a lot of backlash from pro choice, they were removed as a partner from the site and for all of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who were welcome there, there are certainly hundreds of thousands if not more of women who would, you could argue not be welcome, and this morning, a statement came out from the trump administration, it said that it was ashame that the march for life next friday will not get anywhere the same amount of coverage this march got and that those pro life marchers were not welcome at this woman's march and i will say when i was out there i did get tweets from people saying, are you going to be there at the pro-life march next week giving it the same amount of coverage? so it's -- i think it's an unfortunate divide within feminist and female community. i always thought that being pro
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choice meant that you could also choose life and it's an unfortunate thing to see happen >> there were concerns about the name of the thing to begin with: you label something women's march it denotes all women agree way whatever it is you're saying. clearly that's not the case. the trump administration, i think we are going to go see a pattern now of them chiming in on what they think they did or did not get enough covera. >> you think so, tom >> last night, the brand ly minted white house press secretary got things off to a really chummy start down there in the briefing room with a little back and forth about the size of their inaugural crowd. >> he did accuse the media of actually lying about the size of the crowd during friday's inauguration. he insists that the audience was at largest ever to witness an inauguration. clarifying from the crowds and on
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he says that media intentionally framed to minimize the crowd the photos, photos show that the crowd did not extend to the washington monument. he also pointed out that those, i guess, i don't know what they are, wooden slats along the mall >> to protect the brand new restored turf >> says it highlights more so than in years past. that was something that spicer point out in that briefing. he also rightfully criticized that time reporter for posting some things incorrectly >> this is the first time in our nation's history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass and mall, had the effect of highlighting areas where people were not standing while in years past the grass eliminated this visual. this was also the first time defensing and mag tom meters went as far
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preventing hundreds of thousands of people being able to access the mall as quickly as they had in inaugurations past. >> clearly we have an administration now that is going to check mate everything they see in the media. i do not think this is a fight they need to be fighting. if you like donald trump, if you to support donald trump, if you were down there on friday and enjoyed the inaugural you had a great time and surrounded by people you wanted to be surrounded with. why do you care how many people the media says were or were not on that mall? it's a silly fight. it's a waste of time for them to even -- the power move here, if you're this new white house is to say, you know what? we're going to do our own thing, talk about the plan we got elected on, which was jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, and putting people in this country back to work to get dragged down now into this, you know, he said, he said, about how many peopleer
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you know, a long time ago, we had a family event, and i started an opinion to my mom about who was not there's god rest her soul. norma fitz reminded me thomas worry about the people who were there not about the ones who were not. there were plenty of people down at the mall. if hillary clinton were sworn in she would not have had as many, so put this aside, get to work. >> i have two thoughts on this. you know, we've seen throughout this campaign, you know, from the size of his hands to the size of his crowds, donald trump is very focused >> where are you going with this? >> that's it. that's all i have to say about the first one. i truly believe that donald trump is campaigning for 20-20. it's a negative headline he feels it's false. and he's not -- >> he's not stopping campaign. it's clear they're not
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get out and >> when you say why get in the mud because he's ready for 20/20. the numbers did come out. based on reports he did have more viewers than president obama's inauguration in '13, not more than 2009 but 31 million, we have the tweet, here's the tweet that he posted and while you take a look at that, you know, i kind of step back and say, who cares, because he had more viewers than former presidents bill clinton, george hw bush and george w bush, but viewer viewers than the first inauguration of former reagan and president obama, we're getting into a silly conversation but i think the purpose behind it is to check the media and say, if you're going to say things we feel are false we're going to check you and start campaigning for 20/20 >> when you lay out that you were so easily provoked by saturday night live or by alec baldwin or what some network says, everybody is
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at you. they may want to invite this. let's remember, the reason a lot of people went to the poll and believe in donald trump was because he is ready to take on a lot of these establishments. establishments like the media, establishments like the united states congress. he didn't call out democrats in that inaugural address. he called out politicians that he said a lot are leading cushyjobs. every time they strike one of these blows they're reconnectioning with the people that put them in the white house in the first place. however, there is work to be done and now not campaigning for this job. you got it. you're the administration. you're the president. you know, some of this was fun and enjoyable for some of us in the media too to go on and tweet stuff like that. here's
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the one thing they can't lose sight of is the reason he put them in in the first place he spoke to those forgotten people who up until this point didn't look at a politician that way they look at donald trump today >> we should talk about the people he spoke with first >> he goes out to the cia, which is one of the relationships he talked about being damaged because of the tweets and back and forth over the questions about russian influence. he goes out to virginia yesterday at the cia headquarters across the river, gotten a lot of flack in the media for blasting intelligence agencies wondering if some of these came out of nazi germany but the president struck back. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> as you know i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on ear
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and they sort of made it sounds like i had a feud with the intelligence community and i just want to let you know, they're really your number one stop is exactly the opposite. exactly and they understand that too. >> you think he's also the number one stop because he appeared to have a feud with the intelligence community? he was trying to right that, remedy that? >> one tweet said nazi germany. the media didn't do that h they reacted. but i don't think i've ever heard a president of the united states say that he loves the cia. that was remarkable to hear. you know, i think all of us at some point have to just realize this is the new normal. this is a president who is to say things that establishment washington will rear back from and say my goodness, how can you say that?
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behind closed doors. we don't know the relationship he has with the intelligence committee. we see the surface, the tweets and statements. we don't know what's going on in these briefings, that's conjecture by the rest of us. if this yesterday made a positive step toward reestablishing a good relationship with the cia, that's a positive note. >> there was a lot of push-back on the fact that he mentioned the media. he went on to talk about the crowd sizes at the inauguration in that announcement and those remark that is he made. but donald trump also spent a significant portion of those remarks speaking to the intelligence agency. i don't know that i believe it's a fair criticism where you read the headlines saying that he took this entire opportunity to speak to the cia and the fbi to simply criticize the media >> it was an odd turn it took. you're standing there in front wall of
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represent a fallen cia officers who's given his life for the country. and then to start off with the comments about the crowd and the media >> saying he had this horrible relationship. the transition made sense to me >> you look to that statement in that moment to some inside into the new president's view on intelligence on national security, on matters of state. not whether or not his uncle was a professor somewhere. typically, i will say, when presidents go to these departments and he'll go to other departments. this is more of a friendly kind of getting to know you kind of thing. in that respect, it did fit the model if you go back and look at some of president obama's first appearances in a lot of these departments. it had some of that same kind of casual get to know you feel. it's not supposed to be a big policy speech. and that certainly
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but it did go to places i think you wouldn't normally see in the cia lobby >> as donald trump tends to do maybe it went off script, snl couldn't resist. we're going to take a look at that before we go to break, fox 5 on the hill coming right back. >> i'm glad to see many people showed up to your inauguration, wait, that's the women's march. here's the inauguration.
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♪ ♪. one of the first orestes of orders of business is to repeal the affordable care act. well, he had said the president has a plan for when the healthcare law is repealed. he says everyone is getting insurance under him. what do you think >> tall order. one of the things you have to do is to disentangle this right now, if you get rid of the mandate and people don't have to buy it how is the underpinnings of this stand up and especially if he's talking about giving healthcare to everyone, i'm going to guess there's more than a few republicans who rear back in their chairs a little bit when they heard that. heretofore, we had kind of been saying we were going to have a healthcare plan that kept the 22 million people that got insurance on the roll somewhere. now if you're talking about everybody, again, the q
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becomes, sounds like how do you pay for this. >> the talk of no break, that the replacement would be plemented immediately with the repeal and somehow accomplishing that within the first 100 days when right now at least we have not seen a plan or way to do this. you do >> one of the complications comes in the tax system, one of the cases the three cases that the supreme court took up to allow obama to go ahead was this question about whether or not mandate became a tax. d that's one of the things the supreme court was ruling on. of some of the things again might wind up before the supreme court if we, you know, again start dismantling this thing and find out some of the parts don't fit together as well. let's talk about something that wasn't in the hundred, plan >> russian hacking, follows throughout the campaign,
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are going to be hearings on capitol regarding all of this. what is next. off the gate is whether president donald trump will keep in effect the sanctions that president obama left in place when he left on friday. is president donald trump now under any kind of pressure to leave all of that in place until these questions and these hearings are finally settled >> when he came out in his own way, he had -- he -- in some way acknowledged that there was hacking. he also pointed to china being part of the hacking. he said he was going to point this 90-day team to start at the foreign hacking in general. i think that the president does have the opportunity to quietly leave those sanctions in place until the hearings are complete. because i don't think this issue is something that he feels attacked by anymore. i think he just sort of acknowledged it. lumped it
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from around the world. said he'll address it with his group and if something comes out, certainly we'll see him overturn >> seems like they come to the well, they've had hacking. the one thing that the president has been correct about in saying is that this is not just a russia problem. you know, this is a problem from china, you know, you talk to former congressman frank wolf who had his can computers hacked on capitol hill. you look at what north korea was able to with sony pictures a major corporation not only in this country but japan as well. the ability they had to get into major corporation's database and kind of run them into the ground for awhile and embarrass them, the top executives. this is a global problem. this is not just a russia problem. they're probably wise to start viewing it that way, it ain't just russia that's involved in all of this. >> i completely agree with you. if we're looking to those first 100 days, obviously,
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affordable care act was that major conversation on the campaign trail, fighting isis, but what about building that wall? i was looking at the donald trump contract with the american voter his first 100 day plan, i thought to myself, it can't possibly be built in 100 days. he does mention that the wall would be fully funded with the understanding that mexico would reimburse us in those first one days. >> it occurred to me they could take parts of what we saw in dc during the inauguration, which they walled off the entire mall and just picked some of that up. >> there you go, tom >> move that on down to texas, some of it is prebuilt. we just got to get a truck >> that's our plan. that's fox 5 on the hill. >> just like. >> there you go, tom >> be right back, fox 5 on the hill. .
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we leave you with a look back with the inauguration of donald trump >> it was big weekend. stay tuned fox news with chris wallace and the new chief of staff reince priebus. ♪ ♪
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>> i donald j. trump do solemnly swear that i will faithful execute the office of president of the united states. >> so help me god >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. mr. president ♪ ♪
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. donald trump takes office as the 45th president. can he unite a divided country? >> today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and getting it back to you, the people. >> chris: but hundreds of thousands of people march on washington in cities across the country, protesting from policies. we will look at the dramatic change he promises and the executive orders he starts


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