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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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you can tell talking to these guys how much he means to this organization, the way in which he treats them. holds them to a high standard, gives them some flexibility within the rules. he's built a culture that has brought some real teamwork. >> joe: here's hundley keeping for the first down out just short of the 25. are trying to encourage these guys to spend more time together. >> troy: he gets the ceremonial dunk. >> joe: his second year, a 5-0 start last year as a rookie head coach. an 8-8 finish and this year an 11-5 record, the number two seed. and they'll represent the nfc. falcons started 4-3 this year and they will end this portion of their season having won
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11. i'll say this, in a few hours, either keith butler, the defensive coordinator of the steelers, or matt patricia, the defensive coordinator of the patriots, is going to have a lot to worry about preparing to take on these atlanta falcons. >> troy: there will be a lot of late nights for whoever ends up facing these falcons. and like we've talked about, as many ways as they can beat you, the thing they do best is they don't beat themselves. so you play smart football, don't turn it over and then you have the explosive players you've got. >> joe: michael, nowhere to go. and that's it! the atlanta falcons, nfc champions! on to super bowl li.
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>> joe: let's go down to the field and chris myers. >> chris: a most valuable performance, matt. congratulations. a career hurdle cleared for you and going to your first super bowl. >> excited. we played great today, all three phases showed up. we did exactly what we've been doing all year. >> chris: i know it's human nature when you have a 24-0 halftime lead to ease up, but and your team did not. >> no. we knew going against green bay and going against aaron, it's never over. he's such a great competitor and such a great player, we just kept battling the entire four quarters. >> chris: whether it's tom brady's team or ben roethlisberger's team, you'll be ready? >> we'll be ready to go for sure. >> chris: just a thought on the way this team approached it. in your wildes
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think you would dominate like you did? >> you never know how they are going to shake out. you expect it to be down to the last play or two. i'm just proud of the way we competed and excited for two weeks from now. >> chris: have a great time in houston. congrats. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> joe: the atlanta falcons become the 12th different nfc champion in the last 16 seasons. and it's matt ryan going to the super bowl for the first time with head coach dan quinn. the state farm postgame show coming up. congratulations to the atlanta falcons.
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welcome to the state farm postgame show. >> curt: well, in the biggest home game in the 51-year history of the atlanta falcons' franchise, they get one of the most lopsided victories in the history of the nfc championship game. 44-21 the falcons beat the green bay packers. they are going to super bowl li. time now for the presentation of the george s. halas trophy.
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>> terry: thank you very much, curt menefee. here we are in the georgia dome. i'd like to now present the george s. halas trophy, emblematic of the nfc champion atlanta falcons. the representative is warrick dunn. present the trophy. >> on behalf of the national football league, it is my honor to present the george halas trophy to the nfc champion's owner, mr. arthur blank. >> congratulations, mr. blank. >> thank you. >> in your 15-year ownership, your first super bowl, your last game in this historic building. what does that mean to you and to this fabulous franchise? >> well, it's a great credit to our coach, dan quinn, our general manager, thomas dimitroff, all of our players, all of our staff. but mostly it's a great credit to
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rise up, rise up, brotherhood. rise up, sisterhood! rise up. thank you. one more week to go in houston. >> terry: last week we saw you do a little dance after the victory. tonight do you have anything you want to show us? >> i'll save it for the locker room. >> terry: angela, how are you doing, dear? coach dan quinn, come here. you came in today, your football team even at home facing the hottest quarterback in the national football league in aaron rodgers, and your defense got after it. >> well, we knew how hard it was going to be, as tough as they come. but more importantly today, we can't be more thrilled for arthur. we can't tell you how fired we are, so that's a good job. so all the fans that have rocked this place, that was for you! >> i thought perhaps there were always changes in the game and i thought jalen
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and the recovery could have easily swing 10-7 going in at halftime instead all the way down you go in 17-0. >> they have been good at it and so have we. that was one of the things we talk about, the ball and our [000:11:22;00] brotherhood. >> matt ryan. mvp of the league? is this your mvp? oh, yeah, stir 'em up, there you go. i've got to say, i've got to say while watching this game, i did not know you were so fast. >> yeah, i don't think i knew either. i just wanted to make some plays outside the pocket today. our guys did such a great job on the offense, defense and special teams. i'm proud of our guys. >> you came in with julio jones a little banged up, but you had your other guys to go to. this offense is as good and potent as any we've seen in the
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national football le warrior, man. how about julio. he is a beast. showed up, he's been hurting all week. no doubt about it he was going to play and he played awesome. >> terry: how do you feel, you're going to the super bowl, man. has it sunk in? >> we've got some unfinished business. we've got to take care of business in houston in two weeks. >> terry: julio, come here. so many questions about whether or not you would play in this game yet today. over 170 yards in receiving and just made one big play after another. how in the world did you do that? >> my teammates, the brotherhood. throughout the week, we put that work in. these guys came out here and battled for me and today i didn't practice that much throughout the week but today i came out and gave them all i had. >> terry: how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> terry: on down to houston. congratulations. >> thank you. >> terry: and on behalf of the fox network, we'd like to say congratulations. we'll see you in houston!
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super bowl li! >> curt: and so julio jones, arthur blank and the atlanta falcons are going to houston, winners of the national football conference. jimmy johnson, as we take a look at this, we'll see the 44 points they put up today, but this was an all-around beatdown by this falcons team. >> jimmy: actually atlanta played like they have been playing all year long, very consistent. top scoring team in the league. matt ryan will be the mvp of the league. julio jones probably the most talented receiver in the league and then you look on the other side. green bay had an outstanding year but they came in here, they were a tired football team with a lot of injuries. >> michael: i think you hit it right on the head. this atlanta falcons team has been healthy at the right point and right time of the season. when you talk about julio jones' injury, if he has two weeks to heal, it's going to be -- there's dr. blank with a little work out there on the dance floor. get it in there. that's -- i can't even talk over
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that. >> howie: well, the things that dan quinn brought with him from the northwest was a mindset on defense. he wanted speed, he wanted people flying to the ball. i think this young defense filled with young speed turned the corner the midway point of the season and has really peaked at the right time, their ability to get there today was a big key. the defense was more overshadowed by the offense but not today. >> curt: this defense has played so well to get the team in the playoffs but because they put up such huge numbers on offense, they're averaging 39 point a game. everybody looks at the offense but the defense has played well. >> when julio jones has two weeks to heal and they have two weeks to prepare for whatever defense they're going to see in the super bowl, it could be another big story, high-scoring game. >> two defensive coordinators,
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whether pittsburgh or new england, will have a lot of sleepless nights. >> curt: good job, t.b., up there. >> terry: team, bro. >> michael: the brotherhood. >> curt: they have got a brotherhood here with the falcons led by brother number 2, at least his uniform, matt ryan. he's our dodge top performer of the day. 392 yards, 4 touchdown passes, ran for one as well. top performer of the day brought to you by dodge, domestic, not domesticated. back with more from the georgia dome when we wrap up the nfc championship game. it was all atlanta. more as the celebration continues right after this on the state farm postgame show. ♪♪ bro, (imessed) your stuff is on fire!!! someone better call the fire department! woo woo! (imitating fire truck sirens) state farm knows that for everyone of those moments, there's one of these. bro, (concerned) your stuff is on fire...
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crest whitestrips are the way to whiten welcome back to the state farm postgame show. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> curt: well, something tells me this party will go deep into the night. jalen collins, the falcons
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corner, with a big moment in this game. 10-0. you get the strip, the fumble recovery, the turnover and really this defense, people look at the scoreboard and see 44 points but this defense is a big part of it. congratulations on winning the nfc championship. >> thank you, man. it's unbelievable. this is unbelievable. the work that we put in all week, to go out here and perform like we did today, just speaks to our team and what coach quinn has brought to this program. >> howie: the mindset dan quinn has brought, you can't help but draw similarities between what seattle did up in the northwest and what this young football team is bringing here. dan quinn's mindset of fly to the ball, play fast. >> yeah. that's what you want in a defense. a defense that's going to go hunting, fly around and give it up for the man on the field with them. you've got to get the ball to win. >> howie: 23 years old, he thinks it's easy. >> michael: enjoy this but don't take it for granted, believe me.
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>> for sure. this game and hear so much about the packer offense, what do you think was the biggest threat that you tried to take away from the packers? >> aaron rodgers in the pocket. if he's still alive back there with the ball in his hands and receivers running around, you can do anything. he can find open guys and make crazy throws. >> jimmy: i know your head coach, dan quinn, likes to talk about fighters, the great muhammed ali. defense having a little bit of a fighter's mentality? >> of course. we treat every series -- it's another round in boxing. we've got to go out and win every round. if we win more rounds than the offense, we'll probably get a win. >> curt: the super bowl is in two weeks, you are there, young man. these people over here have been waiting to celebrate. we'll continue with you and them for quite a while. congratulations once again. >> thank you, thank you. >> curt: for every victor that gets to celebrate, there's always someone on the losing
6:52 pm
side. packer head coach, mi mccarthy, was kind enough to speak with erin andrews a few moments ago. >> erin: you mentioned at the half mistakes and not getting to matt ryan were hurting you guys. in the end could you also at the look at the fact that emotions of last week and the injuries mounting also played a factor? >> i think first and most important congratulate the atlanta falcons. they were outstanding today. their performance speaks for itself. but i'll just say this about our football team. i'm proud of my guys. you know, we ran out of gas in some spots and it caught up to us. so based on the way the game got away from us is really a credit to the falcons. but really proud of the things we were able to overcome this year and they gave it everything they had. >> erin: an incredible run by your team. your quarterback played out of his mind for eight straight games. what did you just say to your guys? >> that's really for us. but i'm proud of them.
6:53 pm
i group. we were able to dig out of the hole we were in. we had a great win last week and i think it's just we couldn't get up to where we needed to be today to perform with these guys. the falcons played great. i mean they were outstanding. >> erin: really appreciate your time. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> curt: all right, thank you so much for mike mccarthy. that team was 4-6 at one point and made it all the way to the nfc championship game. well, the atlanta falcons have won the nfc championship game. we'll be back to preview super bowl li in just a bit. but a reminder that fox's and samsung have teamed up to bring you the rave, exclusively on samsung vr. don't forget to tune into the premier after the super bowl. one minute! you can go all the way around.
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i am home, i am home, i am home t minus 14 days until super bowl li on fox. >> curt: well, we know one team that's going to be there in two weeks. super bowl li right here on fox, the atlanta falcons will go in as the champions of the nfc. guys, i want you to look at the big picture here. the afc game is just about to start. pittsburgh at new england. which team do you think atlanta would rather see or matches up better with. start with you, jimmy? >> jimmy: the thing about
6:57 pm
atlanta, they are so good scoring a lot of points, they just do not turn the ball over. for that reason, you've got to have somebody really good on defense to face that outstanding atlanta offense. i would think new england patriots play a little bit better defense it seems than pittsburgh, have a chance to match up well. >> michael: well, i would think the same as jimmy but if i'm the atlanta falcons, i don't worry about anybody. this team have adopted this mantra, it's about us, what we do. it's about how we perform. tonight with an offense like they have, i wouldn't be afraid to face anybody. >> howie: and you have to think both pittsburgh and new england have something they need versus this atlanta team. they can both run the football. >> terry: i think it will make for a most exciting one as good as in houston and it was carolina playing new england. what a game. >> curt: i tell you what, the atlanta falcons will go in as hot as any team ever to go in the super bowl.
6:58 pm
first team in nfl history to have 30 or more points per game all six of them going into the super bowl. they are rolling right now. so the falcons are in the super bowl two weeks from today in houston. next time we see you, we'll all be right there. we can't wait to see you 14 days from right now. yippee! here are today's chevrolet most dependable plays of the day. the falcons are flying into the super bowl as they return for the first time since the 1998 season. they look to bring home the lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history as they await the steelers or patriots. brought to you by chevrolet, the most dependable plays of the day. fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to as l as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. [sfx:]clap, clap, ding
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