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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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slow down your morning commute. >> meteorologist gary mcgrady is in tonight for gwen. gary, it sound like this dreary can i say the word dreary and it sounds like it will continue, hu? >> at least we get rain out of the deal finally. it's been drizzly and light rain over the last few days. tonight and tomorrow rain moves through. big storm from the deep south that becomes a nor easter and moves along. we had showers out there today. gist showers. notice moving through right now coming up from the southeast and moving towards the northwest. and all of this kind of pivoting around low pressure way down some of us and it will continue to be getting closer to us during the overnight. matter of fact if we look at 1 a.m. now this is future cast and gives you an idea aof what we're talking about in terms of rain and showers and temperatures will number generally upper 40s through 50 or so and by tomorrow morning drop off a little bit. notice rain. i mea
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commute here an we had rain from 7, 8, 9 a.m. and heavier stuff comes through late morning. by 11:00 starting to get moderate rain and southern sections picking moderate to heavy rain coming up and there could be a little thunderstorm activity and most of that will stay down south of us down through southern maryland and off southeast and what else do you see. notice snow back out northwest and i think most of this is cop find to how are elevations and along 1 just inside i 81 could see wet snow late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. temperatures will not support much of accumulation at all except for higher elevations and down through winchester you may see snow mix. mar tipsburg snow mix too and western loudoun country and higher elevations there could be a little bit. in terms of how much rain we get we're expecting before the storm system gets out of here we could get as much as one to
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a couple places maybe two back out further to west and northwest and some of those places could get locally three inches of rain and precipitation before it's all son. big storm system get out of here. woorm up middle part of week. 60 in the fruit toor i think it s i'll show you the 7 day in a bit, matt, lauren back to you. >> sounds good to me see you in a bit, gary. >> president trump hit the ground running days after being sworn into office. this week he is expected to pick the pace more. >> the president will be busy this weekend he and staff stirredp a lot of controversy. "fox5" marina marraco joins us with more on that. >> president trump getting first full week in office with two cabinet appointments confirmed and third mike pompeo he awaiting green light. but the headlines lengthy and plenty. senior advisor kellyanne conway putting an end to a hot contested
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tax returns. calling on release of tax returns garnered 200,000 signatures and white house has 0 days to respond and response was swift. >> white house response is that he will not release tax returns. we litigated this through the election and people deposit care voted for him and let me make this clear. most americans are very focused on what their tax returns will look like while president trump is in office. not what his look like. >> out of the gate only hours after being sworn in president trump made good on a major campaign promise signed executive order stalling obamacare giving federal agencies latitude to change or delay part of affordable care act. kickly policies were overshadowed. >> it honestly looked like a million and a half people. >> his first stop the cia where he made
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>> you're saying it's a false hood and they're giving shawn spicer press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> waits ai minute alternative facts? alternative facts for the five facts he uttered? >> the one he got back four of of the five facts were not true. >> national park service has not released official crowd estimate and neal son television saying 31 million viewers tuned in to draw for the inauguration. senate minority leader chuck shumer said it's time to focus on presidency. >> he's not campaigning any more. instead of talking about how many people showed up to the inauguration he should talk about how many people will stay and move into the middle class. >> president's office chief of staff stopped any news fox sunday.
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legitimate mize this president and we're not going to sit around and threat happen we're going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> president trump's first week stacked with meeting kicking off with call to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and plans to meet with canada and mexico head of state and friday the white house will host the first foreign leader of the administration. >> i think this week we'll talk about trade and immigration this week and have a time of national security conversation about that. obviously with general matt is. >> will they do some of obama executive orders. >> i think you'll see that coming this week. and those three topics. >> and tonight we learned president trump pledged federal aid to florida
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alabama after southern states were hit by severe weather and he called georgia governor and planned to speak to the government before we left. >> investigators say two men robbed a store and as they left a good samaritan confronted them one of the robber's shot and killed the man and another shopper in the mall was carrying a concealed weapon and shot the gun man. meanwhile as the second rob are got away he shot two people as he was leaving. two additional people were not shot. but they did receive medical attention. >> absolutelyless. senseless. this is the second time a good samaritan was killed trying to intervene in a crime to help the victim. the one gunman snot in critical condition and they're searching for the second attacker. >> still to come at 11 a driver speeds past police and slamdz into a tree
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investigation into the deadly crash in northern virginia. coming up next.
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sghv two people dead after a horrible crashed loudoun county and the sheriff office says the car traveling nearly 100 miles an hour slammed into a tree and caught fire in
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telling and driver lived to put passengers. "fox5" lindsey watts has the story. veringttors say the car was speeding down the road and the car veered off and slammed into the tree. you can see there's pieces of the car scattered all here and bodily injury the car and tree went up in flames. deputy on scene was able to rescue the driver of vehicle and not two passengers inside. the flames were too untense before the fire and wreckage here on ever green mills road a loudoun county sheriff deputy spotted the speeding car and says the driver plowed through a red light when he tried to stop him the car was going 90 and traveled less a mile nav before sit hitting i a a tree. they saved the driver brown's two passengers died
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burning car and have not been identified yet. >> there were fire trucks and police all over the place. >> neighbor robin got a look at the aftermath. >> basically the car looked like you could put it on a key train all crunched up and pieces were all over the ground. in fak the radio is still happening on the tree. not pretty. but, scary. >> reporter: neighbors say crashes are common in this area. >> the accidents happen quite frequently sometimes every other day sdm they cannot ma'am inspeeding like that in middle of the night. >> that should not happen and it's very had same sorry for them. >> i feel for the families of the three people that were in the car. >> investigators say at this point the driver of the car david brown has been charged with wreckless driving and they're still waiting for results of toxicology tests. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". "fox5" in montgomery country where a man is accused of trying to kill
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working at a grocery store. police say james odom grabbed a worker and he'll a knife to her side and told her he was going to kill her and after a struggle the victim told police another customer entered the store which caused odom to stop and get away and she recognizes him as a regular customer at the food sces in gaithersburg. odom is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and assault. >> could be a tough commute tomorrow morning with all of the rain. up next, gary has 7 day forecast. >> stay with us
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snv the big question this time of night is what's the morning commute going to be like. and not great. >> going to suck. >> can you say that. >> you cannot say that on tv. >> i am not. >> my mom said i could never say that. >> your mom. >> i'm sorryfy offended anyone i apologize. it's not going to be nice. >> it's not going to be nice. >> and bottom line is, is that it doesn't take much. we all know this. and it communicates everything and you know commute will last until 9 or 10 lk:00 and heaviest of the stuff comes in with all this coming across. so this storm system down to south reall
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nasty and unfortunately deadly as well with severe weather down here and look how big this thing is it has a big footprint and getting wound up here and had a hot of severe weather down through central parts of flora tonight. tornado watch in effect there and cold stuff come around a lot. to we get a lot of lift for the storms and that's where all the severe weather has been earlier this afternoon. we see one, two or three all year hong. five reports of tornadoes and 30 reports of tornadoes yesterday. yesterday was dynamic day down there and we have a few showers here for us moving from the southeast to the northwest rotate ago long that big broad area of low pressure and i just showed you. we mentioned morning commute will not be if you remember out there and very, very wet commute and tomorrow afternoon winds will gust an wind add vusry in place all the orange, tan counties if you will under
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morning 5 a.m. as we prog greece through morning into the afternoon winds gust uponly as high as 45 miles an hour and i think sustained we'll be 10, 20, and then 0 miles an hour sustained and gusts will be stronger than that tomorrow afternoon. it's still going to be windy west so you know each though you're not advisory rights now. highlyer elevations now in the advisory and that goes until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. may need to be sknded depending how fast the storm system moves around and how strong it get. 50 now in town. gaithersburg 48. 51 pittsburgh and 46 binghamton and new york city 45. you know the rain is in forecast tomorrow. and it does look like heaviest of rain comes in late morning through the early pats of the afternoon we coend up 1 to 20" of rain before it's all said and done luckily more than that not west and
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nicer tuesday, temperatures 50 or so and little breezy if we have a shower or tuesday i it willing around sun advise and gets together in the northeast an finally on tuesday we will get sunshine back. won't that be nice. 51 tomorrow and 50 tuesday and with lots of sunshine on wednesday. niceet day and pick of week and nicest day in a while. up to around 59. some places will be 60 plus and then thursday we start koling off again as another frontal system is coming our way and tonight's temperatures mid up up toer 40s. couple spots around 50 and we don't warm up much tomorrow and warm air stays east of us. rain for morning hours. rain lunchtime. it's a little less rainy in the evening. i don't they we escape to dry evening commute tomorrow but i think it will be not as heavy as tomorrow morning and certainly tomorrow late morning so tonight showers come across and this is eight a.m. torm morning late in
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goat moderate to heavy showers across and there's a little wet snow mixing in with some of this west and northwest tomorrow and especially higher elevations as the storm passes it gets a whole lot better and this is late tomorrow night, early tuesday morning. and again tuesday morning's commute we should not have anything falling from the sky. at least not after the sunrises and it looks look it gets whole lot better here tuesday and again tuesday fist time we'll see sun come newspaper white a while that we'll be able to see and wednesday looks great, 59. we cool off a little bit. by next weekend talking about temperatures back closer to normal. >> in fact down to january standard. >> yes, >> i think we get through peb another month and a half. >> it will get colder through february. >> maybe snow sgle not super goal. >> thanks, gary. >> we'll be right back.
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>> give redskins credit they've been doing due diligence putting themselves out there trying to hookup with the other sxy candidates and only to get rejected they knew they had someone in the back pocket that doesn't care about skin's hereing eye as long as in the end they choose him. they're set to promote to defensive coordinator position. he has been with the redskins one year as line backers coach and previously defensive coordinator for colts and 49 ears. he's never had a top ten defense in yards allowed. how about teams don't have any coordinator problems. nfc cham boneship game aaron rodgers looking nice in his coat against matty ice. there's ryan, 3rd down. avoid rush. great one handed catch for the touchdown. 7-0 falcons. 2nd quarter. back
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driving and then this. not driving anymore. fumble, collins makes receipt covery. in the end zone which could have been a safety it was reviewed. not a safety. and assuming possession. ryan scrambles and how do you go for the pump fake when way past the line of scrimmage it happens every time. adding on. look at the catch. both feet inbounds falcons put it on them. i love dan getting gatorade bath. he had no idea. >> two scores and old man with the blank got to get theance out always. 34-1. feels good we have unfin ishdz business in houston in two weeks. >> this may be pet
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this man spent the entire game slipping cheese heads off packers fans. no one got really upset until this lady. watch this lady. not having it. look at the look on her face, no, you did not just do that. all right. will that fan be flipping terrible towels and patriots and steelers. new england in the red zone, brady rolling left and finds wide on chris hogan. patriots up 10-0. this was key player here. bell usually patient runs right into his own offensive line and he's out for game with groin injury. after score 10-6 got to the love the flee flicker he's always on they call him 4/7 always on and patriots win 36
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and move to super bowl on "fox5". here's the match-up in the super bowl. two weeks from today. super bowl 51. already vehicle ago set to pass at three point favor over the falcons, two of the top three scoring offenses in the league. atlanta topped nfl 34 points per game and new england third 27.6 point per game expect entertaining high scoring affair. kickoff 6:30 "fox5". >> how about local highlights to college hard court hoyas looking for big upset of xavier on the road in cincinnati and xavier guard j.p. going in. up and under. plus foul and then later in the half. look good defenseed in by hoyas and they're out running and rodney prior cherry picking a little bit. he takes it up. and that's good. but then xavier well they cannot been i'd.
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not a good name for someone in sports. hoyas lose 76-58. >> sad news for baseball world former major league errandy marti died and venture adjust 25. here's royal's gm dayton moore on the traumatic loss. >> obviously our prayers go out to the o'donnell's family and all his friends and his teammates our fans, everybody throughout the baseball community. certainly our team and our organization is hurting is and it's certainly something that puts everything
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perspective. >> i spoke with reporter that covered dominican baseball he said in off season these players go back home and they're such stars there they feel they can get away are with anything including driving high rates of speed late at night after partying and sadly this happened just about ever off season something like this happened. >> my goodness. >> two of them in the same day. >> yeah. >> back in a moment.
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>> not a great morning commute it will stink.. it could be 1 to 2" of rain before it's said and done. focus on wednesday. >> one year aago this time it was a blizzard right? >> this is not so bad. >> got to be good
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>> today, on a special edition of "matter of fact," president trump -- president trump: i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear -- >> and the state of our union. what is the state of america as the trump era zpwhins we go coast to coast. listening to america. we can all come together and unite as one country. and from new york city, >> soledad:welcome to federal hall national memorial in lower manhattan. i'm soledad o'brien, and this is "matter of fact." ♪thanks for joining us. we're inside federal hall national memorial, located across the


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