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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 24, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EST

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>> today on "fox news morning" the first 100 days. this morning president trump is scheduled to meet with the big three auto makers to discuss revit lidzing the auto industry. >> still wet out there. and roads will be slick. impacting your morning commute. good morning everyone thank you for joinin
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for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris sdmrl today is tuesday, january 24. we have the gang all in and michael thomas telling us if we'll ever dry out and kit lynn roth telling us about the roads. we'll check in with them in a few minutes. right to the news this morning. president trump plans to meet with detroit big three auto makers when he moves on promise to create big manufacturing jobs. >> and poised to confirm another. >> live at the capitol hill with the white house mel. >> his calls yesterday trump's call yesterday for border and import tax we'll hear are about that. that will have significant impact not only on united states auto industry but global auto industry. meanwhile on capitol hill republican lawmakers are giving mr. trump cabinet victories already. last night alobe it was kansas congressman mike pompeo sworn in as next cia director after 6
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in as next cia director after 66-2 snrot senate than comes at times the administration has been at odds with intelligence community. ran palo posed the confirmation because of stance on torture and surveillance. meanwhile mr. trump secretary of state nominee exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson who when has come under scrutiny for dealings with russia lasts night he cleared a senate committee vote which means he'll move to full confirmation vote in the senate. we don't know the calendar on that just yet. however, our sources are telling us that that senate vote for rex tillerson confirmation could come as early as next week. live on capitol hill. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and with a stroke of the executive pen donald trump fulfilled essential campaign promise and killed a signature president obama atrade deal. that drew criticism from john mccain and trump signed two executive orders one implemenng
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federal workers and other reinstating mexico city policy pro hobting federaling funding for foreign non government organizations to promote or provide abortion and he met with major business leaders and he says he has ten point plan to combat illegal immigration yesterday the white house said trump asked for money to build a wall along the border with mexico. the existing fence is easily walked over or under and covers 50 miles out of 2,000 and the president promised to end obama administration catch and release programment for illegals are app hadn'ted by border patrol and released while awaiting hearing with immigration judge. >> swiftly returned and when that starts happening people will get the idea it's not easy toe show up here and claim asylum. >> white house did not at dress deporting illegal pam familiar i there and said the the new
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illegal felons. >> and under fire from democrats for support for tearing down president barack obama healthcare over of haul. in the wall street jurpal they reported price traded more that 300,000 worth of shares in 40 health related companies even if pushed legislation that could affect the firm's values. >> also happening today on capitol hill the fight against obamacare. lawmakers have two hears on affordable care act. republicans are trying to figure out how to repeal and replace obamacare as president trump has asked them to do. yesterday a group of gop senators propose aid partial replacement of obamacare which would allow states to continue operating under the affordable care act if they want to. >> d.c. and u.s. park police are sue for arrests made during the inauguration day riots and class action lawsuit centers on
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where police senior ounded fwrup of individuals after rioters caused property damage and threw items at the police. demonstrators were arrested without warning or dispersal order from police. >> 5:05 is the time now. chilly, wet, 39. i have to say. i think yesterday was just one of the yuckest days that i can remember for some time. >> definitely recent memory. soggy, wet, code, windy, chilly. >> wendy. >> and it's like that again this morning. maybe not as much as soaker today. roads are wet and we still have light drizzle out there. there's satellite and radar. again it's really, really light stuff coming through and it looks worse than than it actually s do keep in mind for the next couple hours here we would be dealing with light drizzle out there. that would keep the roadways wet as caityln roth will tell you. traffic this morning will not be fun. 39
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washington. still staying relatively chilly. 36 gaithersburg and westminster 34, baltimore. annapolis 41. fredericksburg is at 38. with a little bit of wind it doesn't take much with temperatures this chill hi and winds still blowing out of the north and west today and will be all day. it feels like 30 in washington and 9 gaithersburg and 27 west mipster and 26 dulles and 24 in winchester. so your forecast for the day today. morning drizzle will get rid of it later this morning and be cloudy and maybe a little sun before all is said and done today. 49 your daytime hygiene we'll keep it breezy through the afternoon. >> and all right that's a quick look at the forecast. let's do traffic now with caityln roth. good morning, caityln. >> mike, good morning to you, luckily weather sim proofing and yes, still wet roads throughout behind me 270 southbound at montrose road. light volume starting to pickp a little as the
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always does around this hour. you can see, though, rotdz are a little slick. our camera is picking up on that and definitely need the light as we get to sunrise. be careful throughout with lingering drizzle early this morning. let's go back to the maps. most of the major are okay. this is how we started out yesterday morning, so, luckily, no wind, no debris in the roadways to slow you down and all it takes it drizzle on the roads and can cause some delays to stack up pretty quickly. 95 northbound, dale city to the beltway quiet early this tuesday morning, 395 northbound within the beltway and etsell to 14 street bridge good. 66 eastbound is fine and also westbound good too. if you head out to early morning flight 267 dulles toll road no reported delays there. and for the airport as well. same with reagan. and maryland commute looks g outer loop 95 and baltimore washington parkway not seeing much volume building although that changes quickly and finally, we showed you the camera view, and 20 southbound looks good all the way
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frederick to germantown and montgomery county and approaching the spur. some drizzle throughout this morning we'll keep you you updated if weather becomes a factor within the morning commute. for now, 5:07 let's accepted it back to power and and olly. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" wisconsin could soon allow concealed carry permit holders to bring the guns inside college campus buildings. >> and plea seats in the white house press briefing room will be reserved for journalists tuping in via skype. >> ands with we head to break a live look across the d.c. region and it's wet out there, 5:08 and 39 degrees. back a little with pour after this.
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>> minnesota governor mark day stone said to be doing much better after collapsing while
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dliving state of the state speech in st. paul. 69-year-old daytona period. conscious as he was helped back into a room. dayton's chief of staff says the governor is expected to keep plans of releasing detailed state budget proposal later this morning and certainly scary moments there. boy. former u.s. secretary of homeland security has returned to work as president of the united states of california. she was hospitalized last week after side effects from cancer treatment. the university is says she is back to her full schedule and is doing "extremely well" she served adds homeland security secretary during obama administration. >> lawmakers in wisconsin is trying to revive a bill they say can protect lives to make schools safer. it would allow to bring guns inside campus buildings inside university of wisconsin lacrosse the majority of the constitutes say they do not support the bill. concealed permit holders can bring gp s to the campus built not inside buildings. >>
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to describe a diverse group of journalists to ask questions at briefings. four skype seats will be designated in the briefing room designated for outlets that may not have resources to hire a washington correspondent to weigh in with their questions. >> cincinnati bengals as apologized for adam "pacman"jones arrested after altercation at downtown hotel day after the seasonnded it was captured in a video released monday. he he was charged with the confrontation and allegedly spitting on a nurse. he has denied charges. >> and later this morning the ka academy award nominations will be announced, "la la land" and "moonlight" are expected to be front runner and amy adams and ryan gosling and emma stone expected to have names called. if you look for long shots some are betting on "deadpool". >> jimmy kimmel will host the oscars
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>> i think kevin wrote the script. >> "deadpool" is the only one i had seen. >> and despite the fact they sent us. >> 5:11 the time now. coming up on "fox 5 news morning", intersects a word you may not have heard before but added. >> intersex. >> and johnny manziel operating twitter advice to president trump. >> johnny manziel offering advice on anything is interesting to me. anyway a live look across the d.c. region at 5:1 on tuesday morning, 39 wet degrees. we'll be right back after this.
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>> coming up on 5:15 traffic is moving well despite the wet road out there. be careful. mike thomas you're talking about it's not over
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we're getting there. light drizzle leftover. big, big storm system sitting right off the coastline here throwing all this snow back into the interior north east. here at d.c. we generally missed out. although some mountains got several inches of snow yesterday and again this morning mostly light drizzle a lost pave wave offer energy coming down from the north here. we he eventually clear and dry things out later this afternoon. look what the storm is doing there's center off knowledge energy and follow the arrows here. cool there in the north and throwing it down and wrapping it around the storm and we're on cooler side at 9 in washington and richmond 3 and pittsburgh 35 binghamton new york it's snowing 30 deagrees and new york city 3. chilly start to the day here. again as that storm continues to creep the way off to the north and east it will dry out here. we'll keep it breezy through the afternoon, though, eventually, later today, i'm talking after 1:00 we'll start to see
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the cloud and we're setting outself up for a wednesday. there the highs are later today. 49 in washington and 46 gauge rzburg and 47 frederick and 51 quantico and 52 nation. those locations south and wet will get more sunshine than the friend to the north. how about tomorrow, setting ourselves up for a great wednesday. another storm system pushing into midwest and high pressure sitting off southeast coastline and nice southerly search. we're just one day here and look at what we're expecting. temperatures low 60s from d.c. south and west. and tomorrow afternoon with a good amount of sunshine. and so you're waiting for a good day. tomorrow is the day to get out and about if you have plans. 49 the daytime high today. early drizzle so far. drying things out second half of the morning and expect roads to be wet through the duration of the morning commute. and as we get towards the evening hours here, we will start caring things out. it will get chilly, 40. with the winds gusting out of north aming west anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour, we'll
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than that. killly night coming up we'll keep it breezy and we are sitting ourselves up for a fantastic wednesday. let's do the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 49 today with early drizzle tomorrow best bay day of the week so far get out and enjoy if you can, sunny, mild, thursday morning maybe a shower or two. few and far between. temperatures dropping second half of the day that will cool us down by end of week. 45 for a high on friday and weekend is chilly but seasonal. 44 for saturday and 45 sunday and by monday we're colder 40 with a snow shower or flurry in the forecast. all right that's a check of the forecast. caityln is off. walking in to done traffic. >> is it okay i'm looking forward to the snow shower. >> yes, it's january it's been too warm and rainy. >> each to his own. coye use snowflakes out there. so, any whatever you like. we have it in the forecast. this morning, at least better than yesterday when it
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the weather conditions. still wet roads with a little mist and drizzle out there. be careful. tuesday morning commute beltway looks okay. late lynn roth twitter and one accident on the outer loop of beltway pushed offer to the shoulder as you approach the 270 spur. it doesn't look like slow downs or traffic to build. volume is light at this hour and again that has been pushed off to the shoulder. and 270 southbound also delay free if you are you early commuting to fred rigor montgomery county good. within the district southbound 295 yesterday was awful. one long line of traffic all morning long. you take a packed road and add in the wet weather and wind that's what you get. route 50 to 11 street bridge now looks phone and coming in from northern virginia dale city to beltway here looks good through woodbridge and even toward springfield as you heat the beltway. inside through arlington 395 also smooth etsell road to 14 street bridge. let's check 66 eastbound and light volume at this point, not
5:19 am
rul of it 95 northbound back to northern virginia. coming out of stafford just a little bit of volume here. the commute begins. that starts to lessen as you get past route 17 there. so doesn't look bad after that. all right. that's a look at traffic. let's send it back to holly and maureen. >> caityln, thank you, 5:19 stories you're engaginging with on social media the realtime news tracker. >> what's hot on the web, high, whiz. >> if donald trump knees a social media director he should talk to johnny manziel for the job. he offered advice on how to deal with tritics. in tweet johnny manziel suggested president trump stay away from the notifications section on twitter. saying it will drive him cries crazy and to lead the country and let them hate. >> meanwhile, three dogs give after lavrn. rescuers hope. the dogs were found under tons
5:20 am
accuweather forecast plan. struck a hotel. 20 people are missing. three more bodies were located raising death toll to nine and first survivors of deadly avalanche were released from hospital and finally belgium model fwaby odla is one of the first to come out as intersexed, born with uniter sex traits. people with these traits may have chrome zones that don't fit typical ytdz of male or female bodies. back to you. >> i have no idea what you just said. >> you know what i was sitting like how do you react i don't understand that. >> it's all about the chromosomes. >> i'll take you back to class over the next commercial break. >> so is she x, or xy, or xxy o. xyy o. xyz i don't get it. >> like i said i'll tell you during commercial break. >> that means he doesn't know either.
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>> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> i don't know what's hard to understand about chromo sdoms. >> in person name the letters. >> coming up on "fox news morning". a number of volkswagen dealerships about to service a an flex of sglach and we're going to break. let's look outside. it's wet. traffic thick eping up out there isn't it? 5:21. 39 degrees. back after
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5:24 am
the company believes agreement with dealers is important step in commitment to making things right for the u.s. stakeholders. >> executive ike legit vetoed a $15 an hour minimum wage measure passed by county council last week. legit says more studies need to be donna long with exemptions for small business and youth workers county executive says unlike citys with lots of tourist tax dollars to fund increase montgomery koumentsy taxpayers would shoulder most of the burden. legit says he still supports raising minimum wage to 15 by the year 2022. >> and person help the historic women's march on washington may have been a man. the column in the new york column says hedge fund george thoroughs may have ties to those that sponsored dem vacations in the district. a former "wall street journal" reporter stated march was women for anti trump and
5:25 am
call march non partisan grassroots effort. he once called trum a would be dictator. >> could apple on a new factory in the u.s. the company of fax com who assembles iphones in china is suggesting it could happen. his company is senior considering building $7 billion flat panel screen factory here in the u.s. >> 5:25 and when you wept to bed it was wet and when you wake up it will be wet. >> the sun could come out this afternoon. >> by the time you got to bed i can almost guarantee you dry. >> good news there. >> and by the time i wake up tomorrow lots of sun sheen and 60s in the forecast. we have to get there first. storm trainger radar showing drizzle this morning and especially looks like wovt of it will be anne arrundel and northern calvert county there. patchy drizzle across the radar.
5:26 am
that's where the worst of the drizzle is this morning. 39 degrees. current number here at reagan national. with the wind it feels much closer to 30. dulles 36. bwi 38. here's planner for the day today. by 10 a.m. i think dry. still good amount of cloud cover around, 43. mostly cloudy 45, 1:00. and by 4:00 starting to see sun poke three up to 48 and should be dry by then. all right that's a check of the forecast. caityln roth has traffic this morning. >> thank u. mike we'll start with a live look on 270 southbound here behind me volume fixing up and roads wet thanks to persistent drizzle overnight. 20 southbound montrose road you see the taillights not bad in either direction and could start to pick up obviously as more people start to leave getting closer to 5:30 now. northbound 95 prince william parkway seeing decent amount of volume m this hour. doesn't look look many people hitting brakes yet and expect slow downs as volume build. give yourself extra breaking
5:27 am
danz distance and those roads with wet and risk of hydroplaning. beltway itself looks good. we take a wide view checking in on maryland here. 97 souk a little slow down. otherwise outer loop it fine. no reported accident or delays. that's a look at traffic. holly and maureen. >> thanks, indicates lynn coming up. new research offers a look at cervical cancer and impact on one particular group of women. >> and president says he has a 10 point plan to deal with illegal immigration. >> going to break now as we do a live look outside across the d.c. wreath on everyone getting up and going on tuesday. let's make it terrific despite the weather. we'll check in with michael thomas on the other side. fox news is back after this
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sghv this morning president trump is meeting with big three auto makers for revitalizing the auto industry. >> and bridgeet hearings to bring about end of obamacare. >> and d.c. and park police arrests made during the inauguration. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, januy
5:31 am
>> today is tuesday, january 24. >> mike thomas talking weather and indicate lip roth talking traffic in a moment. >> right now stories making headlines on this tuesday. another meeting planned today at the white house. president will meet with big three auto makers as moving on his promise to create manufacturing jobs. >> this comes as one of president trump top appointments confirmed by senate and another step closer to being confirmed. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the latest on this story, mel. >> wisdom, holly, no doubt a big topic of breakfast meeting with detroit big three will be president trump call for border and impact tax and could have significant impact not only on u.s. auto industry but global. meanwhile on capitol hill republican lawmakers giving mr. trump cabinet victories. monday night congressman mike pompeo was sworn in as next cia director after 36-22 vote
5:32 am
senate. democrats and one republican kentucky senator ran paul opposed confirmation because of his stance on torture and surveillance. here's what some had to say. >> pretty confident based on conversations i've had with mr. pompeo that he knows how to fix that relationship and it's a great asset for the president. >> i hope the new administration will not try to return to mass surveillance programs that don't work, aren't supported by american people and invade our civil liberties. >> also, mr. trump secretary of state nominee exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson who we know has come under criticism for business deals in russia and yesterday his nomination cleared senate committee which means he moves to full confirmation snrot senate next week. potential t'eo not a surprise that maryland democrats voted
5:33 am
virginia democrats cane and water both voted for pompeo confirmation saying they believe he does have experience to lead the agency and that he will keep it impartial agency. >> live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> time now 5:33 with stroke of pen president doneal truldp fulfilled a campaign promise and kill the pacific trade act and hiring freeze on federal workers and prohibiting federal funding of foreign non governments organizations that pro poet or provide aborgs and trump met with major business leaders. >> we did talk about the border tax quit a bit and sorts of industries that might be helped or hurt by that. look, i would take president at his word here. he's not going to
5:34 am
>> in first official white house briefing shawn spicer indicated executive order beginning process to renegotiate nafta may be ahead. >> president trump says he has a ten point plan to combat illegal immigration trump already asked for money to build a wall along the border of mexico the existing fence is easily walked over or under and covers 350 miles out of 2,000 and the president promised to end obama administration catch and release program where illegals are apprehended by border patrol and released while waiting tore a hearing with immigration judge. >> swiftly returned and when that starts happening people will get the idea that it's not so easy to show up here and claim asylum. >> the white house did not address deporting illegal immigrant families and said new administration would go after "criminal aliens. >> also happening today on capitol hill the fight against obamacare lawmakers have two hearings on affordable care
5:35 am
and republicans trying to figure out how to repeal and replace obamacare as president trump asked them to do. now yesterday a group of gop senators opposed partial replacement of obamacare which would allow sites continue working under affordable care agent. >> and park police sued for arrests during riots that occurred 12 and l where police sure odded individuals after rioters began causing property damage and throwing items at police. attorney leading lawsuits said demonstrators were arrested without warning or dispersal order from police. and 5:35 now time to get to mike thomas to talk weather. >> come over we're having a good time. >> nice of you to invite us over. >> make yourself at home. have a seat. >> you know what was bad about yesterday. >> what? >> you could not hold an umbrella it was so windy. if you were out it was
5:36 am
ridiculous. >> wovt of it is this morning because it's light and blowing all over the place. >> you cannot keep dry. >> hope is on the horizon. >> yes and sooner than you think by this afternoon a little sunshine coming out. >> i'm not comfortable standing like this i'll go to my own place. >> you out stayed your welcome. get back to the news desk. temperatures outside 39 with light dprizle reported at downtown d.c.. wind out of north an west sustained 15 miles an hour gusting over 25. so whipped chills are down to 31 at this hour and stronger gusts feels worse than that. 2 your latest gust reported at dulles and 28 miles an hour quantico and fredericksburg 20. there's that drizzle. keeping it around the next few hours and drying things out. 49 today. tomorrow looks floorious, 60. we'll talk about it coming up in a few minute. that's weather. traffic time with erin como. >> i'm sorry caityln roth. >> mike, mike,
5:37 am
>> i'm sorry. >> we work together. he thought we were friends. guess i have to wait for wednesday. we'll see if we get it right then. 95 northbound fairfax county parkway where you start to see -- i'm sorry prince william parkway down in northern virginia 95 northbound volume building and in fact looks thicker than ten minutes ago. few brake lights. no accidents reported as we go to maps it's just volume at this moment. tuesday morning communicate lynn roth "fox5" on twitter and we have an accident 295 northbound when you get on ramp to 11 street bridge police are on the scene days and they're back to the suitland parkway. update on that in less than ten minutes, wisdom and holly. >> thank you, caityln. >> 5:37 is the time. >> a group of teenagers responsible for flash robberies across the region. >> let the hight again we know
5:38 am
from disney. >> a live look across the d.c. region time 5:7 temperature 39. back in a moment
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> bac
5:41 am
in the disstrkt a man shot in northeast early this morning. live on the scene right now. police continue the investigation. the man was found around 2:30 this morning 4600 block of hunts place the victim was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. >> flash mob style robberies are popping up around our area. a large group of people rush into the business and rush out after robbing the place. d.c. police released surveillance of one that happened key exxon in georgetown last week. group of teens pulled up to the station on bikes and entered station all at once and started grabbing things off shelves and ran out without paying. and earlier this month montgomery country police released surveillance of a similar flash style rob rob jenningsry. two females and three males walk in. police say they start filling empty gash annual bags with bags of clothing.
5:42 am
>> sobering noise about cervical cancer death rate may be hirerer than experts thought especially for african-american women. african-american women are dying from cervical can senior at a rate higher than thought. for white women 47% higher and african-american women were more likely to have cancers caught at later stage and more likely to receive radiation instead of is surgery. >> 5:42 fox news morning the face of redskins franchise will be present and accounted for at the pro bowl come sunday. >> and metro transit gets ready for crowd-filled weekend >> and as we head to break, live look across the d.c. region. is it your birthday today. i hope it's a good one. 5:2 is the time now. 39 degrees. fox news back after this
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z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy
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>> kirk cousin will suit up in the pro bowl in at lap ta replacing aaron rodgers. tackle threats williams is expected to join cousins. >> and♪ look at that. >> i heard this this is swavrpin
5:46 am
>> what's that? >> i don't know the original. >> name that tune in five notes. >> maybe a lift from somewhere else that's the song i know. >> look at his little head back and forth. >> all right. that's a good way to start the day. now i'm feeling good. >> i with do the weather 15 more minutes and i need a nap. >> let's do it. weather this morning. clouds and drizzle that will wake you up tuesday morning here. clouds and drizzle through the morning hours here. mid to late morning we're actually trying thing out. we'll keep it koud kli kane breezy first half of the day and second half, latter half of the afternoon we see sunshine here in d.c.. working its way from south to north. and tomorrow, best day of the week by far. you have outdoor plans. doing it tomorrow. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s here in d.c. and portions of south and west. cold does return. we're not done with january or winter just yet. temperatures much more closer to where they should be we'll see as
5:47 am
this week and starting last week of january. all right. sat light and radar this morning lots of snow interior northeast. new york and boston not much in the way of snow. all interior north east dealing with know and ice and rain and locally in d.c. on the back edge of things wrap around drizzle and that starts to deteriorate here over the next few hours. temperatures outside right now on the chilly side. bundle up if you head out. 39 this morning here in wash done. dulles at 36. winchester 34. and leavitt town good morning to you 37. fred ricksburg 8 this how. you factor in winds feels colder 31 washington and 29 gaithersburg and 26 dulles and chilly 24 out in winchester. and again with that storm system sitting off northeast coastline now becoming ovlly nor easter we're going to kind of have stronger breezes this afternoon. once again. not as bad
5:48 am
gusts over to 20 to 30 miles an hour still possible from time to time. still relatively breezy and cloudy day we'll help and feel chilly. 43 by 10 a.m. and relatively cloudy 45 and break out to sun, 48 by 4 . we she winter is coming back. yes, here it comes. cold front swinging through early thursday morning and by thursday night we're back towards that winter feel temperatures in the 30s and 40s as we head through friday, saturday, sunday and next monday again you see that in temperature trend and then let's get you to the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 49 todayment early drizzle breaks to cloudy skies and eventually sunshine. sunny and 60 tomorrow enjoy it here comes the cold as we end the week. >> all right. that's a look at forecast. caityln roth. >> good morning, mike thomas. >> who no longer likes me. >> it's already you can redeem yourself tomorrow. there's always another day. behind me right now inbound 50 we're starting to g
5:49 am
heavy volume. this is landover road all the way back to the baltimore washington parkway. heading into the city on 50 just volume but wet road and it's slow morning jammed from landover road. let's go back to maps and show you a crash site we're dealing with this is crash ramp northbound 25 trying to get to 11 street bridge. accessing part of the bridge here you have that crash site and police and you got very heavy delays stacking up northbound all the way back to suitland parkway and more moderate delays further on northbound 295 and southbound 295 building as well due to volume at this hour. maryland commute outer loop 9 a5 baltimore washington parkway and outer loop looking okay and 95 bw washing way all right and mod rad stroll um beltway and little 97. otherwise we look all right. 270 still at this hour delay free. although volume is starting to build. frederick down through gaithersburg and germantown before you hit there you
5:50 am
some tapping brakes. 95 northbound etsell road to 14 street bridge looks okay and on and off volume 66 eastbound no reported accident or delays on 66. this is just volume 95 northbound coming out of route 17 through stafford county seeing light volume build. that's a look at traffic. we'll keep you updated on 295 crash as we go through the recollect of the morning,ies with dom. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has a warning for president trump on infrastructure spending. mcconnell told the president that his infrastructure man needs to be paid for and not added to debt. trump discussed trillion dollar infrastructure plan. one of the few areas his proposal sounded policeer to democrats than republicans. >> metro getting ready for a big event. it will have more trains running friday to accommodate the thousands of people headed to d.c. for moore. for life rally. trains will
5:51 am
minute during the midday hours. anti abortion march is biggest yearly demonstrations on national mall and it's held every year on the app versey of supreme court decision legalizing abortion. this year it was pushed back and several names are expected to speak including kellyanne conway. >> happening now jerry brown declared a state of emergency for 50 counties drenched by winter storms and declaration covers counties up and down the state that were hit with nodding, mudslides, erosion, and brown says damage is estimated in the tens of millions of tlarz from the california storms. meanwhile in baltimore a disastrous combination a massive oak tree from neighbor's yard is shuting a home in half. crashing down monday morning during a strong storm. no one was home at the time and thankfully no one was injured as you can see for yourself damage is significant. >> it sounded look a
5:52 am
neighborhood and lasted 20, 30 seconds and it will be a lot of hard ache you know family items. photographs, things important to the family are lost. >> and just four homes down from that house. two other tall trees toppled and both landed in the road and missing nearby homes. >> time 5:52 let's look at stories you're engaging with on social media with realtime news tracker. >> maureen joins us with what is hot on the web. >> president trump insist he would have won the popular vote last november had it not been for 3 to 5 million illegal votes. he made that climate a reception at the white house last night. mr. trump repeatedly claimed widespread voter fraud caused him to lose popular strot clinton although he clenched presidency. >> and merger in health insurance industry will likely not happen.
5:53 am
between aetna a humana saying the merger would hurt competition and raise prices for consumers. researchers are warning mining, fracking and construction can trigger earth quakes and found most he earthquakes were caused by miping and reservoirs behind dams and other activities mighten include building heavy super structures. >> next "star wars" s movie had name episode eight will be called "the last jedi" referring to luke sky walker in the last awaken. "star wars" fans rejoice. only a couple more months before the next is out. >> luke skywalker is a jedi and. >> he was -- she was not a jedi. >> but born a jedi with jedi powers. >> look what happened to anakin he became darth vader. >> and so was kyla so
5:54 am
not the last jedi. >> maybe we don't know who it is. >> they're referring to luke skywalker that makes it untrue. >> this could be shocker to you that script could be wrong. >> yeah but that's -- sometimes that happens. >> all i know is -- >> sometimes that happens. >> all i know kyla is a jedi and maureen is gone. >> let us know what you think. tweet us. >> bye maureen. time now is 5:54. saturday night live writer suspended indefinitely after tweeting of trump's son. she sweeted par ron will be the first country home school shooter and later apologized and former first daughter chelsea clinton showed her support for barron saying he deserve as i chance every child does to be a kid. >> 7th annual razi award nam nations are out. all contenders for worst hollywood had to offer in 2016 leading pack zoo hammer
5:55 am
superhero show down. robert deniro and julia roberts picked up worst actor and actress nods and academy award nominations will be announced later this morning. we should have those live on "fox news morning". tune in for that. that means now five minute before the hour it's time tore face back fan of the day. awesome picture. daniel black stone turns 7 this month and nominated by mom rhonda who says this picture sums up how they feel about "fox5". >> now his mom says daniel told her some day he wants to be important enough to be on "fox5". daniel that some day is today. we think you're pretty important regardless of whether our on "fox5"or not you're important. thanks for watching every single morning. >> are you important every ing isle day don't ever forget that. let talk about the weather and when this yuck will clear. >> daniel looks like a soccer player he
5:56 am
about and play soccer. not today. grounds wet. drizzle to start the day here. especially right across the d.c. metro and now looks like portions north across howard country and anne arrundel and we get a few hours and maybe by the afternoon sunshine out there. bus stop forecast 3 to 42 throughout with light drizzle from place to place and after school a little better. 44 to 53 and sun breaks through the clouds in washington. 49 daytime high today. wednesday, 60 and sunshine. and we cool it dup as we head he towards the weekend with temperatures back why they should number the mid 40s. let's check the forecast. beautiful, tall presidentialed, wonderful caityln roth coming in. >> i see someone trying to make up for something. >> i love you please don't hate me. >> okay, mike, get it right tomorrow. i no, i you. you're still my best friend. thank you, mike, tuesday morning commute not as mastery as yesterday. however, that drizzle out there just enough to cut
5:57 am
caityln roth "fox5" on twitter and major 295 on ramp to access 11 street breath. back to suitland parkway. 295 southbound side building delays due to volume. that's a look at traffic. more coming up 6 a.m. when fox news morning returns after
5:58 am
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snv another packed schedule at the white house. and minimum wage hike in montgomery country vetoed. why the bill was returned to council members a week after they pass the measure. >> a live look outside, tuesday morning, january 24. we will have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. straight up 6 right now though. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steven kazmierczak. >> welcome do mosh morning morning. >> a live look at the white house. >> imagine the white house if you will. >> you know what it looks like.


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