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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 25, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ahead at 7:00 this morning president donald trump on a roll signing executive actions and big announcement about the wall on mexico poureden and plus word of temporary ban on muslims from entering certain countries. >> and terrifying scene for children waiting to ar school bus in prince george county they watched as a man shot a woman. that suspect still on the run this morning. >> and ahead a montgomery county principal is apologizing to these cheerleaders after hurling an insalt their way. >> comment that has them fired up. >> giving you live look outside wednesday hump day folks, january 25. warm-up also on the way. get out and enjoy the sun today. little warmth. weather and traffic coming on the fives at 7:05. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us
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wednesday morning. we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> the president set to move forward with another campaign promise today. mr. trump says he will take executive action on immigration and is expected to impact refugees and visas. >> melanie alnwick is following latest from outside the white house, mel. >> good morning, steve, allison a significant amount of security penning around the white house on pennsylvania avenue right if front but later today it will be another kind fence or right arm a wall people will talk about. >> the wall is coming president trump in tweet last night "big day planned on national security tomorrow among many other things we will bull the wall" the president is expected to make announce presidential and perhaps sign executive order at the department of homeland security later today. clear priority according to whait house.
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can to direct agencies and congress to commence with that work as soon as possible. >> it was something he promised again and again on campaign trail. >> on a physical tall powder full beautiful southern border wall. >> and trump may go further targeting so-called sank tu are cities that refuse to cooperate with federal government enforce immigration laws and may talk about stemming flow of refugees. >> his executive agencies already riled ritics and the president last night signed an executive order to pave way for the keystone pipeline xl and he has clamped down on executiveations communications including epa. and three likely supreme cou
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gorsch, prior and hardman. >> we will pick a great supreme court justice and i'll announce sometime next week. >> steve and allison we won't know the details of those immigration proposals and border wall how will it get paid for until after the interview and meeting at the dealt of homeland security later this afternoon and it's sketched for 1:25, 1:30 later today. live at the white house, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you very much. it's 7:0 this is scene outside white house last night hours after president trump signed executive orders giving green light to keystone and dakota access pipe lines. native americans believe that oil considerate pipeline could spill cows environmental damage to tribal land they're calling with new administration to work with him bef
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>> talking about the silence in check chick talking about bringing in the feds" if they don't have the carnage going on. check chick mayor rob emmanuel's office fired back with a statement saying "the mayor has addressed how the federal government can address violence several times. >> back locally we continue to follow disturbing news from oxenville, maryland. a man shot a woman while he waited for her daughter at the bus stop. >> and unfortunately many people saw it. >> good morning, allison, steve, everybody, this is stush stushing country police tell us the incidents played out 15 kid standing near the bus stop and it happened around the same time right now yesterday. this is man police are looking for. is
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and it's believed he is armed and dangerous and detectives were able to have arrest warrant for himen including charges of reckless endangerment. ard coming to witnesses he squumpied out of the bushes and tried to grab the girl at the bus stop and the mother said you are not going to take my child. he shot the woman once and she was grazed by a second bullet and survived and we understand she's in the hospital getting treatment. thankfully none of the kids got hurt. now police tell us they knew who the shooter was early on because this was domestic situation and investigators decided not to release his name and photo until just after 6:00 last night and we asked police why they waited to release information and we're told that they just didn't feel as though he was a threat to the public. an immediate threat to public and so again they're looking for 42-year-old eugene sims and he's believes to be armed and daevrping russ if you
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whereabouts you're unl stod call prince george county police. 8-66-411-tips. you can remain anon us in. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> and thank you northern virginia man behind bars this morning channeled with trying to kill a fair fax country police officer. hermine don police arrested ve he rde monday night. police say they have evident that ties him to surprised's shooting in great falls. and fairfax couldn't question police say he fired at officer through his whipped shield and when that officer attempted to pull him over the officer was not hurt. >> 7:06 now checking in with tucker should be nice change in the warm today. >> one day social yes. >> good news upper 50s to 60s. >> like what time. >> 2:15, 2:17. >> and lasting an hour or so. >> couple hours.
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>> that's why i'm asking specific i don't want to miss it. wonderful wednesday weather. i can't say that three times fast. 46 washington. 44 dulles. and preez freezing temperatures outside the beltway. >> sound nice, thanks, tuck. let's see if traffic can match. hi, caityln. >> we had a slow start due to nrakt were no wet roads out there and volume and crash picking up this morning live view of outer loop topside of beltway jammed from connecticut avenue to 95. dlly looks like things looseningp a bit and three car crash at the connecticut avenue exit with emergency vehicles on scene and two left lanes blocked and traffic being dirt
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this looks like like i said moving a little more than last check and count on long ride 95 to connecticut avenue from outer loop crash. back to maps. trouble spots around there and as a whole topside of beltway not looking good there it is 95 to connecticut avenue couple more crashes to relay southbound baltimore washington parkway rights after you hit exit 14 you have crash here jams you back to arundel mills boulevard. still following this crash southbound 95 still one baltimore washington parkway you get inside the beltway and still on 295
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>> you are pretty stacked up beyond shevly to the 295 itself. upper loop delay branch avenue to wilson bridge you can see that crossing from maryland over into virginia and you're very heavy brand of avenue trying to get on bridge and break free on maryland side and 6 eastbound we have heavy volume and volume 234 all the way to beltway and 395 northbounded in the beltway and heavy etsell road to 14 street bridge and that is always pretty heavy. 95 northbound dale city to beltway. volume there and finally 270 southbound heavy volume i 70 down to clarksburg rod and pretty much through montgomery county at least moderate volume you're moving but it is slow all the way to the spur. that's a look at traffic. steve, allison. >> thanks, caityln. time now is 9 minutes after 7 and this morning fairfax country police are looking for a hit and run driver in annandale. we're told a car hit a pedestrian at the intersection
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green lane and kept going and the victim is in critical condition and no word on a sfwription of the car. >> following developing news out of somalia. violent islamic extreme rebels ran into a hotel after a car bomb exploded. as of now, no word on injuries or deaths. this morning des strat search underway in george afore a missing 2-year-old missing since the tornadoes devastated area the other day and mean while authorities continue to reunite families and asis damming from the storms that killed 20 people across states and 15 people killed in georgia alow pressure even more in mississippi. >> and also des strat search this morning from young virginia mother and two children that disappeared after a blind date. >> take a look at screen right now. this is 29-year-old monica lamping and 9-month-old and 7-year-old child they were last heard from
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in jeep cherokee. it is suspicious because her home burned down over the weekend. if you had seep lamping and her children or her children call police. >> one day after fainting at his state of the stated dress says he's fighting cancer. he plans to undergo radiation or surgery and he plans to return and he learned of it last week his fall on monday is not related to the diagnosis. >> congressional gop members headed to philadelphia for tomorrow and policy retreat and donald trump speaks at the event as will british prime minister theresa may. a foreign said head of state will address the gathering and football star payton manning appears. first time in nfl,000 people are set to protest outside of the retreat. >> and searize of of tweets from witness are that
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the post came from former employee that was not allrized you use park twitter account. it's gotten national attention on social media but series of tweets between frozen veming -- -- including epa. >> and still ahead a secret battle sportscaster erin andrews and what kept her going for a couple few months. >> and montgomery county high school principal is under fire for what he called cheer squad's routine. >> more information on the story next. >> brought evil back with us. bri on fox. >> you can to the predict the market but there's good time
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line trains from mark suspended today a heads up if you commute via mark all lines suspended today due to fate tallty. keep in mind camden line ticket et cetera available on penn line but not camden line today. we'll get you details what we find out more. >> all right. >> 7:15 on wednesday. >> you ready to get gorgeous. >> yes. >> i've been waiting for this. >> january makeover. >> gorgeous man. >> and 37 boston. >> spinning. >> most of cold last couple weeks can you believe it's been two weeks since hitting freezing mark at reagan national. >> fine with me. >> that's out west. you can see the teens there denver, 13, 1 boys question and we get in on
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end of week and not the case today. mammoth moun than california, 20 feet of snow. >> most snow ever received in month. >> good nobody is working out there. >> nobody is skiing you have to do snow removal with 20 feet. >> clear skies, quiet companies and beautiful wednesday. upper 50s to 60 and sun will be back gets up in let's see three minute and 45 seconds. cool weather this weekend. that's money. >> three minute and 40 seconds. >> yes. >> we're official. >> hi, caityln. >> steve, going aalong with the tweet you showed a couple minutes ago yes we did get world same tweet from mta maryland due to fay tall take. you cannot access any camden line trains all day
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pep line. all tickets will be honored on penn line throughout the day or of course use d.c. metro. again we'll keep following this but you cannot access camden lines on the marc trains. crash after 174 and you are jammed to arundel mills believe boulevard. we had several crashes over the past hour. started as quiet morning and became increasingly not so quite. crashed jokd 410 going from south east southwest freeway westbound we have a crash main avenue and you have delays extending back to 95 at least moderate delays there and then also southbound 295 route 50 to 11 street bridge one long line of heavy volume traffic and inner loop branch avenue to five on southern maryland and all
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and still spilling ton owe bridge itself you break free once you cross over to vir sir side and looks like 295 northbound heavy as well. 56 eastbound volume 234 to beltway that is just volume no accidents reported 66. a long line of traffic. 6 we'll have more warm and traffic at 7:25. >> principal of spring book is under fire for telling cheer squad that rifle at basketball games with a little too get owe. >> boycotting own athletic departments because of comment. bob barnard joins us from silver spring with the entire story, bob, good morning. >> hey, allison, steve, good morning to you we're outside spring brook high school and get started 7:45 and no doubt talking about controversy which basically arose from last week's game versus paint branch high school. spring book was
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brand envelope basketball. here's why it happened. we'll show you video of cheerleading squad and principal of paint branch high school approached the spring brook proyps pal saying the routines were too ghetto he relayed that to cheering squad and because of that its reaction is to threat tone boycott this afternoon's game versus northwood high school. and adding to all this the athletic director here at springbrook allegedly told the cheerleading squad that hbcu culture has no placeness montgomery country public schools well the cheerleading squad said it gets inspiration from historically black colleges and university. hear reaction from springbrook high school students. >> do you think it's fair to call them ghetto. >> no. >> because what they're doing is like just coming into our how can i say this.
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>> yeah, our culture. >> that's like saying there's no room for black people and their culture. that's racist. >> they try to stay away i don't know why it's called ghetto. >> now in a statement to cheerleading squad apologizing for comments dr. art williams called comment inappropriate and that they did not renrepingt the school's values. and the school system montgomery country school system put out statement saying diversity and uniqueed lived expense of our students are important part of what makes our school system great. and both school system and dr. williams say key plans to -- he plans to meet with school community here in coming days guys to talk about this issue to continue as an apology and see if he can't come up with ways to strengthen the community which is strong to begin with and had a little hiccup
7:21 am
because we were watching this story yesterday in my house before reporting and it it's true principal at spring brook who made comments is him savl a black person. >> it's a woman, yes. she is african-american. dr. art williams is african-american. and the confusing -- and i'm not able to talk to either prince pal to to story. whether he simply relayed what she told him principal of paint branch or she shared those thoughts and feeling and expressed them personal hi himself to the cheerleading squad. both principals african-american and cheerleading squad predominantly african-american as well. >> thank you very much. >> not end of that story i'm sure. >> no doubt. other news governor of virginia talking about redskins and why he wants stadium moved to commonwealth of virginia. and now asking for privacy from the media
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first time and follows recent social media attacks and former chief of staff to first lady laura bush joins us and she'll talk more about that. 7:21.
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z290ez zi0z y290ey yi0y >> 7:24 a lot of reaction after nfl reporter earn andrews revealed she was dying notion wtd cervical cancer last year
7:25 am
in november and is cancer free. she did not miss one nfl game during all this. >> speaking of nfl making claim about redskins and how far they might have gone if the stadium would have been in the commonwealth of virginia. now ronica cleary got a chance to chat with gone nor and ask whether much discussed stadium move will come to fruition. >> we is a great place for it in virginia and what i've told mr. snyder and other folks we can do this in a way without taxpayer dollars and work development rights around a new stadium that works i have to protect taxpayer dollars but i -- it would be great for redskins and commonwealth of virginia and if they were in virginia this season they would be going to the super bowl. >> chief redskins in washington brings them back to d.c., that's how i feel about it. >> i'm not a fan of current location it's not easy to get to for a lot of people. but it would be
7:26 am
>> they can put it somewhere with public transportation nearby easy place to be -- >> and redo rfk just like that right? >> there we go we solved the problem. >> hi, guys, i'll go anywhere where i don't have to pay $50 to park my car. that's my first rule. you should not have to pay $50 for privilege of parking car. 46 washington and winds out of the west at 8 and we're looking at beautiful, beautiful day sun up 630. upper 350 to 60 quiet weather for day. cold front out to the west and cold weather tomorw and it's a one day special and oh, so sweet later today. 60 fwlorious degrees. enjoyment early shower tomorrow and cool it down towards end of week and back to normal here. freezing temperatures at night by this weekend. hor a? >> oarray. >> yes. today obviously nice treat. we have problems
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over train station college park reports of person struck by csx trains so this looks to be stopped train here as results all camden line trains or marc are suspended and we're live at college station. no other details why or how the person was struck. but as a result with investigation ongoing this looks to be all day thing. usually if you take the camden line on marc train you cannot today as we good to maps we will show alternatives. that's a live scene of the station itself and mta maryland put the tweet through saying all tickets will be honored on penn line and you have option of d.c. metro. we'll have a full look at traffic. we'll be back after this.
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we talked about delays onke marc trainsd ab camden lines ths morning. parental person was struck by a csx train. she share tracks in college park we're wait dealing tales on at that. but as far as commuters this morning, while we are talkingin about fatality of course therse news for commuters this morningi is that camden line service has been suspended on marc train. ta we'll check in with caitlin get to the details in a few minutesn there's live pictures fromrefro skyfox where the investigationhn is underway after a person per apparently was struck by a csx train on the tracks.ras. that csx shares with marc trainn let's get to our top storiesoprs this morning.thisning we go to prince george's to county the search is on for af a man who shot woman at a schoolbus stop in front of 15 elementary aged children in oxon hilld .ch the man they are searching for eugene sims is armed and dangerous.da witnesses say he tried to grab a little girl and when the motherm tried to interveneot, she was shot. if you have any information, yoi are asked to call police.. also developing this morninr fairfax county police looking lg for hit-and-run driver in
7:31 am
we're told a car hit a pedestrian at the intersection of green berry lane ande evergreen lane and kept ont on going.go that victim unfortunately intely critical condition.ti. no word yet on description oftif that car. c president trump is again on on twitter one of the late nighteig tweets last night saying big dad planned on national securityury tomorrow.morr among many other things we willl bill the wall. wl. that came out last night. night today he's expected to begin b rolling out executive action ono immigration including theudin measure to jump startta construction of the wall.on of also lay out his plans details s on plans to restrict refugeess coming to the united states. st. now just few minutes ago, back b on twitter, hitting back at bact critic of the popular vote. he just tweeted out that he will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraudea in all caps including those thoe registered to vote in twotw states. those who are illegal and evenve those registered to vote who are dead adding for a long time. depending on the results we'll l strengthen up voting procedurese and then he also had one more me tweet after that saying that hea will announce supreme court pick next
7:32 am
allison?allison? >> all right. steve, thank you very much.hank well the white house y has issued a statement asking the at president trump's son barron beb kept out of the politicalal spotlight.spotlight. barron has gone from virtually unseen to square in the glare of the harsh spotlight, but is a child fair game for public scrutiny. >> what goes through the mind oo a 10-year-old on the night hishh father wins the presidency? or on the morning that his father r takes the oath of office? ice? barron trump appeared to haved v little to say on either of those occasions, but he became theecae target of some online sniping nevertheless. saturday night live writer haswh apologized for taking a swipe at the first son.on chelsea clinton among those whoo went online to defend barronn trump's rights to privacy.. presidential children haveree received unwanted attention before. jenna and barbara bush weree criticized for allegedly dishing their secret service agents and for being cited forward fwa underaged drinking.drinking. president obama's daughters
7:33 am
got online scolding over the leapt of their skirts. skirt this goes and on. joining us now someone whosene been inside that fish bowl anita mcbride former chief of staff tt first lady laura bush. bus thanks for joining us once again. >> sure. thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> always happy to be with you. >> so the main we queppsty ionto here is barron trump all the firstirst children, are they off limits? t >> you know, this is the hardesh part for any first family andaml the the one thing that first f lady cares about the most ist is protecting their children.hire you know it's hard to be completely off limits in thisitt forty four/7 news cycle we live in. in. there is a sense ofe sen responsibility that readyt rea organized media needs to have te very careful to not criticize,z, particularly when they're youngg very >> right. elementary school age person per little boy, and it struck meuck when we were talking about thehe first daughters little older sos the skirt length and, you know,o ditching secret service. servi.
7:34 am
barron trump were particularlyrl dangerous.erou >> um-hmm. >> in my opinion. what did you think>> a ibout th? >> i thought it was very unfairr i thought it was hurtful. exactly the kind of thing thatht the children coming into whiteoe house worry about.usou how is this going to affect my y life? how is this going tooing change my life? in fact there'e that famous quote that laura lau bush uses all the time that whew george w. bush told hisge w. daughters he'll run fors hel ru president, they said you're're going to ruin our lives. >> right.>> right. >> because they were teenagers.e they were worried about it, and you know, of course we haveourse examples in history where firstt families particularly thees parh president and first lady haveani done everything that they could to try and protectth and shield their young children from this.i so i hope that there's a certain level of respect. >> right. >> for him as welch this has got to be toughwe.lctgh >> what's heartening to see isre former first children come toe t the defense of the current first children.ildr. i remember when the bush twinsh came to the defense of the obama girls. >> right
7:35 am
said that they lookedd disinterested at some event. ev. and then most recently chelsea s clinton coming out in defense of barron. >> because they understand. thea they have walked through they know what it's like.ik and to a certain degree, thatt they can give a new, you know,w, first family, first children, a, little bit of preparation at tht end of the day try and just tell them look you know who you are,, you know who your family is, focus on that. tha surround yourself with great gre friends and try not and let thii get to you. >> there was talk of first lady melania keeping barron in neww york for while to finish out tho school year.ea what do you think about that?u >> i think that that's athin grt decision for them and we know that mrs. obama considered there exact same thing when they werew getting ready to move here in 2009.09 she truly contemplated the girls finishing school in chicago. so, you know, this is all aboutt making the choice that is workas best for your family and all off us care about that.. so i completely support
7:36 am
adjust to her new role.ew r think about it. she's only been an americann a citizen for 10 years now she's e the first lady of the unitedlady states. >> right. >> they all need to adjust to neo that. >> quickly your thoughts on theu first -- we're only ir nth day v of new administration.ation >> yes. >> it feels like we've been at this for thoughts of the transition.sitn. >> well, it's been boy, i know from having workedge in the white house three tee different times throughimes thr transitions you are working 24/7. there's no rest for the weary. >> >> and there's an expectationxpi you'll get lot done in thatin t that's exactly what they'rectlya trying to do.t cbride thanks for thanks joining >> any time. >> we do appreciate it. t. tucker over to you. you. >> thank you allison. allison. we are looking at a beautiful -- we're looking at a beautiful dad in fact daytime highs about 15 degrees above normal.grees ab get ready to enjoy lots ofovotso sunshine that's the other bonuss today.toda 46 now in washington.hington. do want to mention parts of thep area remain in the low 30ing sos there are a few cold spots thiss morning.rnin culpeper, manassas thinking ofnk in you particular. parcula 37 up in boston. all right.
7:37 am
this morning.or sun got up about 15 minutes agos and it should be a nice bright h quiet day for us with daytime di highs as mentioned well above a normal.rm so enjoy a nice, nice quiete iet wednesday afternoon. 60 degrees. sun is back back. l riright. seven day got coolerday got cool temperatures on it. o when will they arrive? i'lle? l have details momentarily. caitlin, hi.lin, >> thank you. hello, tucker.ll thank you so mh. listen, don't have it on the mam behind me yet.behind me yet. this is sky fox behind me college park station, but i juss want to say right off the tophet here we are just getting wordngd about protests in downtown d.c. and as a result we are getting word i believe claim to crane as a result downtown d.c. we have a lot of street closures.res 15th street i believe. we'll have more details on thata coming at 7:45. but first, this is skyfox overxo the seen of a person struck by a csx train at the college park station. st and csx trains which share the t tracks with the camden line marm trains have now been suspended.d so you cannot use the camden cae line today. you can see the on-going
7:38 am
investigation right on the traca this. is. there's the csx train right toit the left of all those people peo milling about on the tracksabou where the investigation ist ves taking place. so your alternates there are a either to take the penn line ifn you normally take the camden cde line. penn line will honor all tickett today or you're going to have to take the d.c. metro. metro we don't have any more details i except that just a person was struck.ruck assuming somewhere along theomeg tracks. we'll pass those along as we get to them. let's go back to the maps firstr because that is big problemgbl probably on the rails but like i said it you want to use metro oo you want to use the penn line. n all right.ig wednesday morning commute, tweet me caitlin roth fox5. fox that of course is what just camm in from mta maryland real quick southbound baltimore washington parkway crash after 174 jamalmee to arundel mills boulevard and southeast southwest freeway are crash at main of a delays toayso 295. we'll have more informationfor about those dc street closures e coming up in less than 10n minutes. allison? >> i'll play the role ofole o allison, caitlin much perfectlyy fine. let's switch
7:39 am
twinkie lovers. if you are onetw, now you can gt your hands not just on the pastries themselves but yourr twinkie flavored ice cream, tooo here's question. when your kids are sick, do youy send them to school any way? w you might be surprised to find d out how many parents say they do. we'll be right back. back. we'll talk about those stories s 7:39. 7:39.
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♪♪ 7:41. when apple>> announced
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headphones with no cord that go directly into your ear thehe internet immediately freak outut about how is it going to be lose to these ear buds which was faii considering they cost more thana $150, but apple is now quellingn those fears by introducing a new update that will make it easier to find your pricey headphoness using the find my iphone iphon locating app. a if the headphones are in rangenn the app will show where you toyt look for them. saving the day, your sanity,r s, your wallet, too. t so the boston celtics couldd be making changes to their the uniforms according to espn the team set to announce ance a partnership agreement withment t general electric sometime thisi week. that partnership w ould includede adding a ge logo to the jerseys. remember last year nba approvede a pilot program where teams could put space on their jerseys reserve that space for logos. ls of course the big celtics news they lost to the wizards bigig time last night. night >> that's good news for us. >> yes. >> twinkie lovers this one is for y
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go bad have turned into icentce cream only for a limited time te though. the twinkie and snowballno flavored ice cream are onlynl available at dollar general from february until may. >> you'll have to do to work to get them. s know whatit let u you >> i will.. >> bring some in if it's you.ou >> it will be that kind of day. we hear a lot about themt am this time of year. nettie pots because people are getting sick, right. rht the change in the >> i like how i you wrinkled yor knows. >> i cannot bring >> how do they work anond newt w guidance from the fda. >> plus a daddy/daughter duetr going viral this morning.viral h wait until you hear this little one sing, baby. ♪♪
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>> 7:46 right now.>> taking a look right now what's happening when it comes to the marc camden line right now.ook i now i know you're saying that'st not a nmarcsayi train but it ix they share tracks and unfortunately someone was strucc by that csx train in the college park area.parkre so that means no marc camden cam line service today.. so we're still trying to getryio information on the investigation into what that person was doing on the tracks or what happenedpe there, but bottom line forin f commuters this morning, in addition to the investigation,ti is no camden line service on see marc trains today. all right.all it isr 7:46 right now. n let's get another check on cn what's going to be pretty niceri day. tuck, good morning.tuck, good >> going to be gorgeous day m.b. that's right, allison, wonderfue wednesday weather.ther. daytime highs upper 50s to
7:47 am
60.60 you saw it in that live shot. st the sun is out this morningng that's another bonus today a taa full day of sunshine.she it should feel pretty good.tty o 46 now in washington. now let me mention that parts of tht area here are still pretty chahl toll start your day.tartr da manassas now 29.ow 30 culpeper.r 32 in 35 quantico so got a little ltl pocket there of some pretty coly air just off to the south andtha west this morning. mni but everybody else quiet coolquo here. 34 in leonardtown.leardt north and west hagerstown is i 40 degrees. 43 this morning for you in martinsburg.insburg that is a quiet satellite ansata quiet radar. nothing locally. l not expecting any precip from the sky today.e sk it will be ny ice quiet dayie general al sunny day as well. as the next area of storminessrs this will not be impacting usacu stay well off to the midwest but we will have a cold front which will emerge from this laterat tonight and get into our regiono overnight tonight and earl ellil tomorrow morning may kick offk o few showers.few that's your set up for today. and this particular weatherr w pattern favorable to niceo n rnoornoon for us. so sunshine and daytime highs let's see about 15 plus degrees
7:48 am
above so enjoy nice can't believe it's been two beeo weeks since we've hit thesinc'v freezing mark at reagan national. very warm period of time here and today will end that as thi sm peri as this front comes through tonight,onht cooler weather arrives tomorrows back into the 50s tomorrow andnd then 40 ace round here chillyll and breezy by friday, saturday a and sunday. good news lots of sunshine insh the forecast for much of theh oe next seven days. d maybe few snow showers onew snow monday. that doesn't at this hour look'a like a bigt th deal. d that is a weather update. caitlin who has been relaxingax chilling doing neither.g dog ne >> kicking back. no longer.. >> really no longer.onr very busy morning, yes, thankes, you tucker.tuck nice to see that sunshine.e nice not to have any weather wtr related issue on the roads butos plenty of other issues much thih one just in from downtown d.c. protesters seemed to haveto hav climbed a crane forced closurefc of 15th street.5th reet that is between l and m we got t word from d.c. police that istht closed until further notice.otic as police activity are on the scene.scene all right. outbound route 4 here in maryland, alsoound closed. close second closure of the mor
7:49 am
here. it's on route 4 marylandte 4 man outbound when you hit 301 which is also crane highway this is ht overturned dump truck you canouc see the forced closure around an both sides of that truck. truck so emergency personnel heading g to the scene. sne for now you cannot use route 4ou closed right at crane highway.h. wednesday morning commute commue caitlin roth fox5 keep the the tweets coming everything thatgha comes in just in case we don't d get to them every time i'm on the air find them on twit.wi top side of the beltway stackeda up from 95 all the way toay t connecticut avenue where we hade an earlier crash but that hast s cleared. and one of the big things we'veg been talking about this morningr all camden line trains are a suspended for the whole day due to person struck at the collegee park station.. your options are going to be tob either taking the penn line alll tickets for camden line will bei honored to the penn line ore o there's always the d.c. metro.. southbound baltimore washingtono parkway crash right after 174rer you are jammed there.d there all the way back to arundelel mills boulevard. southeast southeast freeway few still got an accident here at main avenue it
7:50 am
295. southbound 295 you're very heava 50 to the 11th street bridge. 50 itself eastbound heading inti the city very heavy, and reall quick, just getting word yell yellow line trains expect delaye to huntington out atl galleryal place due to earlier malfunction. steve and allison. a statewide fight underwayy in maryland to fight the opioidi crisis. maryland governor larry hogan lh and state officials say the s t issue across the state is is getting worse. focusing on treatmentnt enforcement an limit on how many painkillers doctors can prescribe and how long they can prescribe them to a patient. coming up in the next hour we'lw speak with wes adams the annenne arundel county state's attorneya for more about this problem. >> he shares how it impacted hih personally as well.persal >> right. i think those are excellent measures. the amount and the length thatet you can be >> i love >> hee'
7:51 am
when your kids are sick, do youu zen them to school any way? ay? turns out many working parents do. out of the 625 moms who responded, 70% said that theyt e have sent a child to school evel if they had a fever, diarrhea or were vomiting.g. only 43% said they felt guiltyui about doing it. nearly skate% said their job waj too important to stay home with a sick child. no we understand folks need theirer jobs. it's hard. 's exactly. >> he is special physical you're in a situation if you don't go,o you don't get paid. p so many people are. are. >> it's a complicated issue. iu. >> no doubt. we recently talked about ear candles home remedy for clogor c ears.ea somebody volunteered for that.ol i did it.did it >> we talked about it. it. you did it. >> i did it . >> it's a team effort todayort we're talking about nettie potsp for your clogged knows.gged kno. >> today steve is going to doo o it. it. >> maureen is joining us withh guidance from the fda. fda >> you drew the short straw. stw >> well i may try.ry i'm not saying i'm not.'m n i might. i might you know what they are, if you
7:52 am
of objects that you fill withilh water and salt to clean your y sinuses. they've been around for years and years.been a oanf people swear by themr by m but there are a lot of thingslot you need to know about nettieutt pots before you decide to give eight try. nettie pot enthusiasts say the e simple device can help fight off colds and sooth allergies asootr well. but the explosion in nettie poto use is leading to a warning. wai you have to know what you're y'e doing before trying this at home. some people swear by them. aren't a bit shy about postos their nettie pot videos online.n we found dozens of demos on youtube alone but the food and o drug administration says a little caution is in order.. using a nettie pot without wit following all the safety steps e could lead -- leave you with a nasty nasal infection or worse. two fatalities brought on by onb improper use of nettie pot. okay. okay what's the proper protocol herer use only distilled water. not tap water.ater. there can be bacteria in there e that your stomach can handle bul
7:53 am
if tap water is your only optiot boil it for about a minute andue then let it cool completely com before using it.t. do not use table salt.. iodide free salts such ass sucha canning salts is okay.g is oka you can also find a variety of nettie pot salts at health stores. use as directed nettie pots aree considered safe for frequent usf but doctors say if congestion ce lasts more than a couple weeks, put down the pot, pick up the phone, make an appointment witht your doctor.yo i think that's the best bet.t b we have a photographer here whoo swears by nettie pots getting oi me to give eight try because iau have allergies. i'm always couldn't jeffed. >> it makes sense, rightways. c. >> i just can't bring myself tot do it. >> i've seen that video.en thatd i can get myself to do it.o do . sorry if you're eating breakfase this morning. >> i was going to say. o >> tucker says he uses it.e us . >> i use it all the time. it alt you look cool, too. >> you look cool leaning over a sink way nettie pot.sink way >> you got to try it. n y got >> not to be disgusting does it really flush everything out.thgo >> do you feel relieve afterelve using it if you use it properlyl >> thank you, dr. tucker.u >> i think the best tip, don't d put the boiling water in yournou knows. knows.
7:54 am
>> you know what, glad you brought that up. k thell tpoint out in allno videos listen let the water cooc at least get to like bath like temperature water don't godon'to scolding your nostrils becauseos you're trying to get out aryingt little congestion there.n the >> i say i wouldn't do it i'm im the guy who like leans over thee pot of steam with a towel over l my head.ead. >> and the 56 vaporub. vorub >> when you don't feel good youd do what you got to do.o >> thanks, me. >> thank you dr. tucker.ker time right now 7:54. 7 little over an hour away from ar the big show on good day.good here's what we're lookingt e lo forward to today.od. the woman who started the oscarr so white hash tag what does shes think about this ye nominees. why her twitter feed is oh active on the topic r tw.topic >> we've got some laughs, too,,, on good day when comedian joeyoe vegas stops by, and as we countdown to friday's weddinged right here at fox5 on the air, r we're showing off some of theffm latest hairstyles for brides byy a couple of women who that's ala they do is beauty for brides.ri that's all they do.ll the d >> not a bad business, right. r. >> they know what's going on. yeah.know w yet to miss awant to miss a local woman's weight losst los journey.. she lot of half her size. you go.
7:55 am
magazine. how did she do it? we'll find out together she'll join us on o good day today for tips for tipf everybody trying to do the same thing.g a moment between a fatherntn and his little girl did s is going viral.iral. this one is a heart melter. >> ♪♪ and as the years go by a friendship will never die... >> she's a great little voice. e they sound great.. that's david crosby and little l claire and they're version ofndt you got a friend inhe me which h tear jerker to start with from the classic flick toy story hash millions of views on millions.millns the father/daughter duo have a v number of disney songs on their you be to you page previouslyo o made headlines foru four-year-o version's part of your worldor from the little claire even has her own own instagram page she's known as k the tiny musician.cia >> good for her. her. >> she sounds amazing. >> she's got pipes. >> hear a lot mr. about her.>> >> soab cute. ce. >> tuck, you're
7:56 am
>> it's tough to follow that.olt >> if you sang the forecast thet every day, tuck, let's be honesh n would be pretty awesome. >> uh. >> we'd be ting. >> one time and we wouldn't hav any viewers. 47 in washington.shin we'll be 60 today or around 60. upper 50s to about 60. aut and lots of sunshine. nice, quiet day weather wise. w this is a one-day warmup.. cooler air starting tomorrow inw fact there might be a shower with that cold front when itn comes through late tonight early tomorrow notice the cooler temperatures. enjoy today, sunny and mild and 60. 60 doing my let's see if caitlin is make ugu happy on the roads. >> afternoon plans mr. sunny ann 60 tucker.r >> probably go to a park and sun myself. >> watch out park goers.oe [ laughter ]er ] >> tucker will be sunningll be n himself. what he'll be wearing unknownnk but let us know.. also, i want to go back fiv stories ago real quickly. nettie got endorse that.ha. it's holistic but it works.t w >> all right. all r. >> yeah. eastbound 66 behind me atd me a suddenly road a few camera --
7:57 am
camera shots. sho out on the roads here.ds her just volume on 66. look at this you see an a emergency vehicle maybe a police car or at least just one vehiclc off on the shoulder there. earlier accident which has h cleared and it's just volume v right now slowing you down 66 at sudley the whole stretch reallyl next camera and we're taking arn look the inbound 14th street s bridge. jammed from 395br all the way bb to the pentagon.engo finally last camera, 295 jammedm all morning long.. 295 southbound from route 50 to the 11th street bridge.dge. there we government there's thas jam. one long line of traffic tryinga to access the district. d all right.all that's a look at traffic. look t more coming up in thera 8am houu stick with us.s fox5 news morning will be rightg back. ♪♪
7:58 am
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don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. good wednesday morning. i'm allison seymour.n seymour >> i'm steve chenevey.neve thanks for joining us this morning. 8:00 a.m. on wednesday a.m.d january 25, 2017 much here's he' what's on the fox5 news morningi menu. we will build a great wallal along the southern border.n bor. [ applause ] moving forward with hisorwa signature campaign promisegn pro president trump taking executivi action allowing construction ofo a border wall between u.s. and mexico those details coming up.u >> and happening right now, in n the district, a group off protester
8:01 am
to crane in northwest.thwe they're at the site of the old washington post building. build. police are on the scene and so s is our melanie alnwick. awick she's telling us that what thehe protesting is all about. aut she has it ahead for us a in lyle report.t. >> high school principal facingn backlash after calling thishi group of cheerleaders getset tomorrow the response from the s parents and students coming upet in live report as well. well today we'll experience aerie winter warmup. but willwi it last? live lookoo outside right now.. we'll have your full forecastors with weather and traffic on thef 5's. >> we'll start with breakingtar news coming out of cbrolleeage p all marc camden line trains are currently suspended after a a trespasser was struck and killee by a csx train earlier thiss morning. they do share the tracks.track marc is advising all riders toio use the penn line this morning m or use metro. to avoid delays because the the camden line is not operatingti this morning. morning. we'll try to get more on thetoem investigation as well. so two major things coming out of white house.of president trump answering critics about his claiment tr on massive voter fraud and thevoteu president set to fulfill a
8:02 am
campus promise on building ain border wall. >> let's start with the fraudrt claims, steve, that has thes the president busy on twitter thisis morning. president trump continues toiest stand by his belief thatf at millions of illegal ballots coss him the popular vote. vot despite a lack of evidence. >> let's take a look at the tweet that came out just take t 45 minutes ago. minut ago the president saying he'll bet ' asking for a majorll investigatn into vote fraud you can seeu c right behind us including thosee registered to vote in two i states, those who are illegal and even those registered tored vote who are dead in parentheses and many for long time.ime. follows say depending on thedine results we will strengthen up up voting procedures.roceres. during yesterday's white house press briefing press secretarype sean spicer addressed thepiceadr president's claim.. >> he stated his concerns vote v fraud and people votingle votg illegally during the campaign cg and he continues to maintainai that belief based on studies and evidence that people havece thae presented to him.te him >> exactly what evidence? >> national associate of associf secretary of states say theyay y don't agree with the president's assessment.
8:03 am
>> i -- as i said the presidente believed that for awhile based s on studies and information he has. has. >> the press secretary onlyresse attempt to support theo suppth president's claim was to pointpt to 2008 pew research survey that showed a need to update voter registration systems. meanwhile president trumpnt set to move on another campaignn promise rolling out morete executive orders.e ors. the president says he'll take tk executive action on immigrationn also expected to impact refugees and last night, president trump tweeted, big day planned onnn o national security tomorrow among many other things.. we will build the wall.. president trump also als introducing 10-point plan to to quote put america first a pledgg to end saj to you areas citiesas that refuse to cooperate withath federal immigration officers o looking to remove undo youdo meaned immigrants by cutting ofg federal funding.di. in our area several places coula be impacted including the entire city of washington, d.c. prince george's county, alexandria, arlington and fairfax county.y so pretty much everything withi
8:04 am
the confirmation process for tht president's cabinet nomineesin continues to crawl only the defense second, homeland secretary and cia director havee been confirmed. some democrats say those picksis were the least controversial thl nomination of betsy devosos continues to raise eyebrows.yeb. democrats accuse her of having v business conflicts of interest.s the senate judiciary committee was set to vote on senator jeffj sessions but democrats delayedel that vote until next week. wee >> president trump's choice tohc lead the fight against thein affordable care act or obamat oa care is running into oppositionn in the senate, but likely not n enough to block his confirmation. it will be the finance committee that will vote on his fin nominn and its republican chairmanhaira blasted the attacks on to price. in a show of bipartisanoftia ship, the senate overwhelmingrwn approved south carolina governor nikki haley to become the u.s. ambassador to the united unit nations.on the vote was 96 to four evenurve though haley lacks foreignorei policy experience.
8:05 am
head to do philadelphia tomorroe for the annual policy retreat.. >> president donald trump willil speak at the event as well as aa british prime minister theresasa may and it's the first time aime foreign head of state willill address such a gathering.ri. also, going to be there football star peyton manning.anni he plans to appear. nearly 3,000 people are set to o protest outside the all right. also president trump will makeil his supreme court nominationatio next thursday.y. so keep an eye out for that. tha with want to get to melanie mel alnwick in d.c. downtown wheren some protesters apparently havev chained themselves to crane muce what's happening, mel? >> reporter: we can tell you the entire block is blocked offf by d.c. police.ole a very large presence, all alono here and i want you to take a look at why. so take look at this very largel crane starting in the middle wee see one person, then just abovea on the platform someone lying li down. . then go up one works, three, th, four, five, six, seven, eight,i, nine, 10 stories all the way upp we see movement f
8:06 am
these climbers up here.bers up r we really don't know what theire purpose is. we have not heard from d.c. police why these people aree here, what group they are with.t we do understand someone is i saying they do have some sort of equipment with them so, again, a we're watching this person maken something moves right now.tow then you see all along theng t extension of the arm of the crane other people positioned.oe it look like the person on the far end has dropped some kind of rope. we don't know again what their t purpose is.ose is. i can tell you that this site it the former washington post building, and it is beens b demolished because a very larger new downtown complex is going tt be coming in here and we do know that fannie mae is going to be b moving its head quarters from fm northwest washington to thishi complex here.x her we have no idea if that has anything to do with the purposeo of these people up on the cranec this morning. mning but, again, it really is just j kind of
8:07 am
knows what to expect here.ter we don't know if dc police havev been in any kind ofd o communication with these peoplel if they have made any kind off indication twos what their tir intentions are so we'll bere'll standing by here see if we canwc get some more information fromnf dc but it's definitely causing some traffic tie ups you will also in the downtown area.e downwn are if you're planning on heading hi downtown anywhere around 15th and l, 15th and m, i would sayay best to find another route ander avoid the area at least for thet time being. b back to you guysei. >> might be position to release signage or banner up there. the. have you seen any sign of that or just people at this point?s t >> reporter: we haven't. i mean i think that's what we're assuming that that could happene again just based on the facted a that we're seeing a little bit of rope drop here and it looks like some ropes have been strung, but we just don't know at this point, steve.we jint, s. >> all right. thanks mel. appreciate it. keep us posted. 8:07 right now. good morning. morning. going to be beautiful day.autif. >> >> upper 50s do about 60.0. >> perfect to me.o m >> going to be nice to >> let's get it beto.'s it t 47 now at rea
8:08 am
temperatures already above wher we normally would be for daytime high.. 43 dulles. 53bwi marshall a few spots offto to our south and west thisthi morning we had clear skiesarki overnight touching the freezing mark. ma sun night and bright and beautiful well above normal temperatures later.esat soaring like eagle into theo the upper 50s.uppe to about 60. >> nice.. >> seven day doesn't look quiett as mild. md. i'll have it in details in alsna minute. >> including a little bit ofnge snow, maybe, yeah? yea >> few snow showers, we'll talk about thatw . >> all right. caitlin, get a look at the roadt and rails. >> that's a cause forhat's use celebration that forecast,n right. >> like a party or something we need today. just so nicerty outsior all right. right hey by the way not a party onaro the roads.thads we have so many crashes that mas have been coming through herehrh and there over the past hour, hu outer loop crash behind me righg here this is in virginia on thet outer loop at van doren streetot you can see at least threesthree vehicles pushed over to the side there.. and you've got delays heavy on
8:09 am
to the springfieldll interchang. they are spilling back on to 95 northbound. there's look at that delay a del stacking up all the way from van dorn back to the springfieldield interchange and again 95in 9 impacted as well.s well. let's go to our maps and i cannn show you that, too. you we've also had many ot issues. many other accidents around the area. there's that issue on the outer loop down in ccidene issue virginia aa a approaching alexandria.xanda route 4 closed.lo this is in maryland at 301.01 crane highway due to overturnedr dump truck. you can see heavy delays backinc up towards route 4 as a result l of that closure. southbound 295 very heavy route 50 to the 11th streettr bridge as well as northbound 292 delays beltway to the 11th 1h street bridge.t brie. 15th street like melanie saidiei between m and l remains closedle due to the police activitye it there. all right. that's look at traffic. steve and allis'son l?ooon? >> outrageous attack at att hoololbus stop. a woman shot and a group of groo children watched it all happen.n >> annie yu is live in oxon hill with the latest on the searchea for the man police say is armedd and dangerous. annie?
8:10 am
steve and allison.e anallison. good morning, everybody., eve well about an hour ago, handfull of children were picked up fromm their bus stop right behind meid at chester street in oxon hill, and i can tell you after talkinl with a parent that it's a smaller crowd today. tod again just less than five kidsid out here at the bus stop. perhaps, you know, many of theyh parents became a little ltl concerned and drove the kids tos school but normally the parent n tells us it's a really quietiet neighborhood new york cityk ty issues friar this snip veryni concerning an lot of neighp bors stopping by and letting know kno they are concerned about this obviously. but prince george's countys couy police did release the photo ofo the man that they are looking li this all played out aroundd 7:00 o'clock yesterday in frontn of about 15 children.hild who you're looking at a 42-year-old eugene sims it's it' believed he's armed andrm dangerous and detectives tell ul they obtained arrest warrant fot this man on a shrew of charges. including attempted first degree murder as well as reckless endangerment.. now, police were out here here yesterda
8:11 am
and according to a witness we spoke with sims jump out of thee burbs, tried to grab a youngab y girl at the bus her mother was nearby. she was overheard saying you'rey not taking my child. cld they got into a fight and thenhe shots were the woman was shot once, grazede by a second bullet.t we understand she is going tongt recover just fine. thankfully none of the childreni were hurt. hur. but there was a bit of a gapap between the time this happenedsd and the time that paleosolalso actually released someome information about the suspectn inabcludingou his name and thist photo. so we asked police why the gap?p why didn't you release this t information immediately? and they tell us that initially thee did not think that he was anas a immediate threat to the public.p and so they did not release thee information. but once they did, they addeddd that he was armed and dangerouss and not to approach this man, to call 911 immediately.te again, they're looking for 42-year-old eugene sims stillil this morning and he has a extensive background on his h name. we look it u some assault charges dating bacc to the '90's and so if
8:12 am
any information about hisbout whereabouts, you're urged torgeo call prince george's countynce r police that numberge's is 186-61 tips. that's the very latest here frof oxon hill this morning.this a and meow fox5 local news.ew >> annie thanks.nk still ahead tim tebow affectingg politics in virginia.ginia. why a new bill is bearing his hs name.. >> and a controversy swirlingsyl around a montgomery county highh school principal.scho fox5's bob barnard with thathha orory. bob? >> reporter: hey, allison.llon montgomery county high school so basketball team's cheerleadingg squad been too ghetto on the court? that is the comment that is sparking that we'll lean into it when we come back. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪♪ 8:15 right now this is breaking news coming from downtown d.c. right now we call it downtown the area of the old washington post building. some protesters have found their way on to crane so there is police activity in the area. police have cordoned off some of that area and we don't know a nh thisers point if they pla tno p unfurl somlae typne of banner,fe looks like there's something int that person's backpack rightight erere. but some protesters have found d their way to the top of the thit crane high above the d.c. streets.stre so melanie alnwick is downlnwicd there. she's getting the latest detail and devethlopments for us andlo she'll let us know as soon ass she finds out some more info. >> all right. >> 8:15 right now. n hi, tuck. >> if i'm going to protest i'llt keep it on the ground. ground. >> very dangerous.>> verdang >> seems much safer that way. >> all
8:16 am
day. yeah, my mike is on. >> hey.>> >> shall eileen in?>> s >> you guys have to --o -- >> i call him old pretty eyes. e i know that's not his name. >> technically it's divinet's christian. >> all right.>> all right. >> his grandmom has been tryingt to get him on the air since 2012, tucker.. so his my first five time ise i running out because i believeele 2012 was almost five years ago.a my gosh. gos so guess what? >> super duper cute. cut >> he made it. >> yay! natural born comedianian besides being a joy to histois family he loves loves loves l watching miss allison and fox5ox morning crew every day with his grammy. gr >> hey, divine.ey, i love all these small ones with grandparents each day.ach d >> that's how my kids were. yeah.h. >> beautiful. >> yup.ut >> shout out to the grandparents ouift ther e making t io t easier for the parents to live.e. it's amazing.. >> what does this young scholars like to do, tucker. tker. >> he loves to read books and ba watch pj >> all right.>> all r am
8:17 am
blessed day. >> thank you. >> yay! >> yay >> what a nice looking younga ng man. >> we love it.>> w i'm not just saying that becaust they mentioned me in the thing. serious -- sincere.inre >> what great looking shirt.loo. stepped us your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. send it on in.n we love it. l i >> great pictu let get to weather. weather 47 now in washington.hiton we are featuring mild conditions, sunshine, sun sign g will be really nice we haven'tev seen it in days and days, and temperatures 15 plus degrees above normal today.ab so get outov enjoy.nj get to the playground if you get a chance.e and just enjoy nice afternoonftr because we got cooleroole temperatures on the way quickurs look at that seven day o.. i won't stick around too long. 60 degrees today and we arend w going to turn cooler maybe aer y shower overnight tonight earlyhe tomorrow and then here come normal temperatures the end of e january by the weekend maybekenm freezing at night. >> ew. ew. i forgot about the weekend inndn red. what's going on.'s on. >> right. nothing. >> the weekend. a after all these big events recell tntly, now we maybe justj relax.rela. although valentine's day right
8:18 am
it will be here soon. >> yay! >> hi, caitlin. >> and then spring then memorial day. >> do you like valentine's day? lot of think it's a made upad u hallmark thing. tng. >> absolutely. you know what i love the candy that it offers.hat thatoffe >> i know that's right. i k. >> every year i'm just loving y those chocolates.olas you guys are fans are no. no. >> i am.m >> i know people love to hatee h but holidays are holidays.olids something to look forward to orr not. no all right. outer outer loop delays continup around alexandria from van dornr street back to the springfieldpf interchange.interchang there was an accident on thes an shoulder at van dorn you can'tvc see it but very heavy jammedvy e traffic on the outer loop andnd that is spilling back on to 95nt northbound.hb let's go back to our maps ands d show you a couple of otherf othr delays out there.delaysut t which we've had plenty.y if you're just about to head out into traffic top side of theide beltway looking tough and 395 3 edsall road to the 14th streettt bridge there's that delay by tha way on the outer loop here ine n virginia. but if you are just about tout t head out, maybe the thought ofuf nice afternoon awaiting does help a little bit.. okay. outer loop route 4 is closed clo here in maryland. maryland. this is right where you hit 301.
8:19 am
spilled over took out all theout lanes. police activity on scene.y on. had to close all of route 4f r right at that intersection ofcto crane highway. so if you usually use those roads, follow the local detourss around that. real quick in the districtisic southbound 295 you are jammedre solid. route 50 to the 11th streettr bridge. that's look at traffic. steve and allison. >> ♪♪ new this morning, the, baltimore mother who lost her six children in devastatingasti house fire is out of thef hospital now.ow katie malone was released fromdo johns hopkins on friday. her three children who survivedd the fire were released from thet hospital malone took to face bock to fack thank everyone for theiror tir thoughts and their prayers. she said their family must now t plan a funeral that quote is frankly impossible to fathom. the cause of the fire is stillss under investigation.tition. the virginia house ofthe devilegates pass add billrg oppp to by governor terry mcauliffe f that would allow home schooledeo students to participate in highh school sports known as the tebow bill name after
8:20 am
quarterback tim tebow home hom schooled as a child but heled as wanted to participate in high a school sports.scho the virginia high school league currently prohibits home schoolers from participatings affrter the eighth grade. in maryland, frederickyld, f county public school updatingpdg social media guideline after ana employee made headlines forheadf being fired after bantering witn student about the spelling ofthg the word tomorrow in socialn media.di employees will now receive a a mandatory training session thatt addresses how to properly usew e social media and the systemshe e guidelines now include a noteote that social media should not bet quote mocking disrespect rude,tr mean or dismissive.ssive speaking of schools montgomery county the principalc at spring brook high school under fire for allegedly telling his cheer squad its routine at rival basketball game was quotee too fet ghetto.he >> tonight the cheer team isis boycotting its athletic athti department because of thatnt bet comment and more.ha barnard jcooins us nows n from silver spring with theith e whole story. e bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison andona steve g morning to you.rnin yes, this started during lasting week's game between spring broo and paint branch. bnc
8:21 am
its principal dr. miriamiam yarlboro toll the principal herh dr. art williams during thatt game that your cheerleading squad's routines are too getty.t we can show you some video tapet of the cheerleaders here att spring spring brook.gro that was then.thatas the that message from the paint branch principal who'sal w's african-american to dr. dr. williams who'swims w african-american passed along tg the cheerleading squad which isc predominantly african-americania and their reaction was to say, , all right, well next week when w we play north wood high schoolh which is this afternoon we'renow not going to participate.. since then dr. williams has apologized to the cheerleading d squad and says he wants to meete with them.m. to kind of smooth things over. adding fuel to this allegedlyegy the athletic director here at spring brook high school toldh l the cheerleading squad that the hbcu culture has no place inlace montgomery county schools. sools now the hbcu culture historically black college andnd
8:22 am
cheerleading squad says inspires them. here now reaction from studentse here at this silver spring highg school. >> i think they should justouust listen to the principal, like, k at the end of the day he's ins charge, and he has the final fin word and if you don't want to dd it, then you don't need to dotoo it. no one is forcing, but i just think they should.hod seems ridiculous that they thint they could stand up to thehe principal, but they do have the right to protest.rote >> do you think it's fair toit'r call them ghetto? >> no. because they're doing is like -k just coming into our, like -- l how can i say this? tradition.n >> our >> that's like saying there's nn room in montgomery county fory black people and their cultureul so that's racist. >> they try to stay away from sexual and everything. i don't know it's called ghettod >> what do you think about the u routine. does it seem too ghetto to you?u >> no. i personally don't have problemm with
8:23 am
but then i'm not in charge. >> reporter: now n a statement t to the cheerleading squad, apologizing for his comment,nt, dr. art williams called hisalle comment inn appropriate and did not reflect the school's valuese so again we're not sure if he if agreed with the other principall guys, and said, yeah, that was s too ghetto or was just relayingy her comments, but either wayr w it's kind of gotten him in hn trouble and they'll try tol try smooth things over in meetingtig pretty soon here at school.. >> it's a very interesting story. as a graduate of historically black university, i'm troubledub by it so i'm looking forward to what comes after this and, you know, all experiences of higherh education should be embraced. that's my i'm interested to see yourou reports moving forward, bob.rd,b >> reporter: sure. s and this is the principlenc meeting with students and a parents from this schools community.mmity >> exactly much all right, bob,, thank you very much. appreciate it. theack, te come back, reason why 1dc firefighter'sefir
8:24 am
president donald trump have h sparked review by fire f department officials. plus -- - he's a great quarterback. great quarterback. one cab driver in d.c. goter int surprise of his life.surpf he went on on talking to rider d about his favorite nfl quarterback. guess who was in the back seat?a we'll let you think about it bub it's pretty obvious. obvio the story is coming up later ont fox5 news morning.ning.
8:25 am
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>> frantic search at thentic see virginia zoo in norfolk, virginia, for that guy. that's red panda sonny. sonny is missing, al.ia zinia, sonn'sy redy m tisooksi off. of sonny was last scene when thee t zoo was closing on monday bydayb yesterday morning zookeepersg zr could not find that red panda.a. when they checked her habitat. they're hoping sonny is justng i hiding somewhere or exploring o checking out some of the other exhibits in the zoo.oo they're warning neighbors makei sure to keep an eye out for herh just in case.. norfolk police helping usingng thermal camera to search for tht red panda and of course we alle remember what happened when wha rusty the red panda decidedt to take little stroll out of thehe national zoo in d.c. ended up in adams morgan much he's doing a little bar hopping i think. thik >> that was in 2013.s in 2 >> couple years ago. >> okay. o they like to wander perhaps. pps i hope he's safe still ahead a federal agency facing a media
8:28 am >> governor larry hogan taking a serious swing at maryland'sylan opioid crisis. c new rules that could impactouldi prescription policies for thousands of maryland errs we'll talk to somebody very much involved in this both personalll and professionally.nally. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:29 am
♪♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
8:30 am
>> 8:30. let's head down to 15th and l a look at breaking news we have been following. heise are frosts who foundad t i way up on to
8:31 am
15th and l handful of them of te climbed up on that constructiono crane. this is the site offed old o washington post now as a result streets in thatt area are closed off. o so watch out if your commuteom takes you that thay. still unclear what their plan is. again, or what exactly they'recy demonstrating against.ns all we know they climbed up k there and they have set up somev type of pulley system so perhapa they can hang something from tht top of ofha you see one person on the rightg in the little box apparently start to go lower themselveshe from that crane or at least kind of hanging out there.of hanng don't know o what kind of wha kf statement they're trying toen make. they're there and it ist th toti impacting traffic this morning.. ♪♪ 8:31.. and let's take look now at thea seen outside of the white houseu last night. just hours after president trump signed executive orders giving a green light to the controversiav keystone and dakota access pipelines.line nave american tribes believe oil from the dak access pipeline could spill causing caung environmental damage to their t tribal lands. lands. they are calling for the new new administration to work
8:32 am
before approval. the president meantime meant freezing new epa contracts and d grant awards raising fear that a is states and other recipientss could lose search funding for fr drinking water protection,ion, hazardous waste oversight and aa host of other programs.grams. this as communications blackout left them dangling in uncertainty with e-mails to-mais staff banning press releases blog updates or posts to the agencies' social media accountcc contributing to the information the house meantime passing legislation that bars the use u any taxpayer money forr money abortions.s. so-called hide amendment and prohibits federal agencies fromf using funds for abortion rvrvices. the measure approved on tuesday would -- yesterday would make wk that amendment permanent. pma it comes just days ahead of thet annual march for life.or life. one of the biggest yearlyea demonstrations on the nationalel ll.l. maryland governor larryar hogan says illicit drug use hase become a crisis in the state ofo maryland from smallest towns tow the largest cities.t cit the governor
8:33 am
the creation of a central command center to combat the problem and he said he'll push h for law that limits access to prescription painkillers to a seven-day supply. sply now also speaking at theat the governor's news conference wasfw wes adams the anne arundel arund county state's attorney.y he wasn't just therere professionally but alsout a personally as his family recently suffered a loss andsnd mr. adams joins us live frome fm annapolis this morning. i appreciate you taking the timn to join us this morning.g thhisi i do want to talk about some of the ways that the state plans tt move forward, but if you would,u first, if you don't mind sharini on a personal level how this is directly impacted you and yournu family. >> certainly. good morning, steve.teve nine days ago i buried my my he was good kid, college educated, had a job he actuallya managed money, family, two-year-old and he after abouta eight or 10 years ago start the with prescription pain meds, um, unfortunately about two years ago it tran zigged into heroin
8:34 am
use and despite getting into the cycle of recovery, he got cleane two times and then this third th time he had been in 28-day indai patient program came out was 99 days sober really working hisngs program well. unfortunately he relapsed andele that one relapse killed him.. >> it's heartbreaking to hear ta and unfortunately in the stateta of maryland ain't cross theyl country it's not just yourand o family who are impacted we hearh this story more and more times.m a lot of it goes back to the t prescription drugs starting with that and then that leading todin something >> sure. >> so now despite your personala loss you are charged now withit trying to cut back on this thi problem. what do you start? >> we start, you have to attackt it from every position. whether it's prosecuting dealere which we do, you know, with every piece of tool of law of la enforcement that we own. o whether it's working in the t schools. i'm consistently now talking tot seventh and eighth graderht g throughs our our country that'
8:35 am
with seventh and eighth gradersg we'll manage our the addicted ae population right now we'reht we' working with them on our drug od core program but the real win on this is in four or five yearsiva when we can teach 13-year-olds-o who know right now as they talkl to me that they shouldn't put at needle in their arm.le inheir we need them not to pick up in i five years that's really wherelw you're going to see long-termerm effects and real wins and reductions in this opioid crisis. >> mr. adams, i think that your personalms story you share, d re helps a lot when people hear thr problem of heroin abuse i thinkk typically they make may picturey one segment of the populationen and nott of another. ano i think your example shows whatt the problem seems to have beenoe leaning toward recently which is in a lot of cases and i thinkndi it's controversial when it comes to prescription drug out there,t but a lot ofio pn eople are sayg they start with prescriptionre drugs that are very expensiveatv they look for cheaperk chea alternative next thing you knowy they're hooked.e hoed so with this new legislationegin this plan moving forward, whatr, type of impact might it have ith should you be able to put limitations on prescription
8:36 am
dsds? >> well, what the hopefully whaa you'll see is less supply in and around the house. less opportunity to for kids tot get into them which, you know, we hear oftentimes kids tryingig to self medicate.edice. they look for something in a pan's med zen cabinet.. you hear once kids are startingt to use drugs, that they aret tha going to friend's houses andses looking in their friend'srid' medicine cabinets. so we've started prescriptionsco drop box program in arundel county at all of our police polc stations you can drop off unusee medications so that they aret ey disposed of properly.pey but hopefully by limiting themin you'll do a couple of thing.hi one, patients will only get to t use what they really need. two, once they're done with de their course of treatment, theye won't have any extra lying around and, you know, three,ee hopefully the smaller quantitylt will keep them from ever gettint hooked although with some of these opioids they're hooking og their instantly addicting to certain people and we reallyeea need to keep that in mine ase a well. >> finally before i let you go,o mr. adam, and i u
8:37 am
you are the state's attorney foe anne arundel county. count but being there in thein centerpiece of governing pourngu the state of maryland it has ais huge influence and impact on the rest of the state. but the problem that youou described just so that peopled t are clear about it, we led intot this thing this is problem goese from from the largest cities toc the small towns.e l town is that in fact what you find ii anne arundel county and across s the state? >> well f you look at my countyu is a perfect cross second.ond. state. st from our, you know, lowestes social economic neighborhoods to our rich chest, it doesn'tit dot we have opioid deaths everywherr throughout our county. we have a map that we map everye opioid overdose and death throughout the county, and there's no place in our countyy that's not touched by this crisis.cris down in, you know, in my hometown we've had 17 or 18 1 overdoses last year.. with deaths. deaths. they're everywhere. >> mr. adams, we appreciate youu efforts, your time this morningr and you sharing what's becomesem very personal to you
8:38 am
>> thank you. >> thanks much. 8:37. let's check in with tucker tucke barnes and talk about what's w happening outside.ppen are we seeing sun yet. yet >> sunny and daytime highs upper 50's to 60. let me mention there'stion temperatures still in the 30s as this hour.ou sunny, bright, beautiful. high pressure southwest breeze z and it will deliver a picture perfect wednesday for us enjoy a nice afternoon.fteron nice and dry for you. you temp 15 degrees above normal abn little later today.od mild air won't last.'t l i'll let you know when it comesm to an. wee look at the seven day comini up. caitlin, i was looking for yourr facebook page. what is it aga >> it is same as my twittertter caitlin roth fox5.ox thank you i'm trying to up my facebook game.ok gam not done it in while. wle please visit me there. the we're doing traffic videos evere day and of course caitlin roth t fox fine on twitter letting youu know about any of the problems y out there. out th outer loop delays 95 toer georga avenue typical volume at this at hour.hour look a the a at that bright blue sky. sk beautiful day.betifu i el
8:39 am
in forever. unlike red wet roads the sun glare might show you down.ou let's get back to the maps we do update from marc for the all camden line trains.s pedestrian struck fatality atalt the college park station on a csx train, and that had suspended all camden lineden l trains. we are just getting word thatuse two trains are running fromng f green belt to baltimore.alti 8:44 and 8:46 trains that's goog news the they have opened two of the camden line trains although they are running on about 15 minute delays. delays. wednesday morning commute has been tough with many cy ramosh s out there. tre one closure that's still remaini in prince george's county outbound route 4 is closed at 301 crane highway due to due t overturned dump truck follow thw local access detours around a there because you cannot accesss where four and thirty four see t one hit. southbound 295, very heavy route 50 to the 11th street normal delays within thes withie district itself and northboundrn 295 you're heavy with on and off volume beltway to the 11th1 street bridge.rie. finally let's check in on 270.70 haven't so much today.od heavy volume yes in some spotsos you bu
8:40 am
loosening a bit not so bad untiu you hit germantown down throughg the spur. spur. we'll have one final look at at 8:55. steve. >> ryan gosling gets a lot of a attention for his movies outs ms doing very well, thank you veryu much, but also getting attention for something else.for some >> it's not his recent oscar nomination. it is not because of -- he gote snubbed. did he get snubbed or just thebt vie.e. >> the movie set rec. nothing to do with oscar.. it's for his new wax figure.igur is it cute or is it creepy? we'll be right back. ♪♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
do you see this trendingou s online yesterday as we look at the bottom otefrd your screen. e we shall note that's the livehev protest going on right now righw protesters up on crane downan outside the old washington post building. but the big picture on the screen actor rice ryan gosling i who made headlines yesterday foe his oscar nomination for la hadl a land which set a record forsos oscar people can't talking about his wack figure a lot of people cale creepy. cree now online, al, a lot of people trying to figure out why it's i creepy. hairline and a lot of peoplefeo said the eyes the eyes are are darker on the wax figure thanigt they are perhaps -- >> dark eyes creepy?y >> there also may be the eye brows see how it's arched on the left gives that evil look. l some people say this is his evis twin looking into the feature.tu >> some people can' captured. >> people like to talk about thing and this is what's e lig happening in berlin and fansandt
8:44 am
him. hi >> tucker is handing you hanng y information. >> i'm sorry, i confused thefusd star of dead pool -- what's hish name? >> these two -- ryan reynolds. o somebody else -- they did lot of acting.acti so that's when i was say the snub much he's la la land guyd g and he's -- get nothing snub. >> somebody joked on twitterjott that if ryan gosling and ryanya reynolds is baby this is what is would look like. there you go.. >> doesn't quite look like him.i >> let's check in with holly, wisdom and maureen find out what's coming outpatient goodnt day d.c. probably not everybody. we can't see you yet. >> there's breaking news rightwg there on the corner of your screen. >> let's move over so you can see it m.ove see you can see it. we'll continue to follow this,y steve and allison you just you j talked about. this is a protest happeningest n right now. we're going to continue to follow several developing stories including the protestere on crane in d.c..c no one knows what will happenwie next. but we're live to consist.. reports also following the e massive manhunt for the suspectt who shot a woman this happened e at a local bus stop. >> plus up in montgomery county principal apologizes to hispal l school's
8:45 am
keep it here for all those lifeo reports. >> let's put up the good day pu guest list. we have a lot more to bring youy this morning.orning. including a woman who startedn r the oscar so white hash tag.. remember that? what does she ds think of this year's nominees? n we'll talk to her about that and why her twitter feed is still ss active on the topic. we've got last two on -- o laughs too when comedian joey vega stops by and as wese countdown to this friday'sriday' wedding right here on fox5,, we're showing off some of thefff latest hairstyles for brides.s. >> and you won't want to miss this.ou a local woman's weight w lonosss journey.joury. she lot of half her size and waw just featured in pe magazine. how did she do it? we'll meet her right here on good day. e do ood hit d it, wis. >> also imitated, never duplicated, boy do they try, good day dc moments away.wa >> looking forward to it, gang.. thank you very much. appreciate it. ack we come back the reason whn one d.cas. firefighters socialol media comments about president e donald trump have sparked a review by officials. >> erin andrews sportscasterrtas
8:46 am
we'll talk about that next asboa well. it's 8:45 ♪♪ ♪♪ we'll talk about that next asboa well. it's 8:45 ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ we'll talk about that next asboa well. it's 8:45 ♪♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now 8:00 you're looking at active visitst protesters who have climbed thit giant crane 15th and l streetse5 the old washington post building site there along 15th. we're hearing now actually thest are green peace folks.ol this information coming fromomif green peace itself that they are grease piece active visit this unfu
8:49 am
word resist on itner . so that is what they areth a claiming at this point.. so that's what we know. we also know that it's affectinc traffic in the area at 15th and lf your commute takes youak through that part of downtownnt dc, just be aware.. green peace fighting for environmental concerns, food, climate, ocean. o we'll stay on that, of course.a. >> all right. ntimyou he meantime you can see no clouds in the sky hyped thata person let's get to a check on c our weather now. of course as we we know thiss time of the morning, al, wel, w don't go right to tucker.uc >> you got to wait for it. 10 seconds. welcome back. nothing but good news in the weather department today. wonderful wednesday to look forward to. daytime highs upper 50s we mighu evenl hit 60 degreeupsper h50s erwee inn washington later this afternoon. 47 now in town here. h 35 at quantico. i want to mention a little a
8:50 am
south and west this morninghis m developed and freezingdeved temperatures overnight placesiga like culpeper and manassas nowaa in the mid 39 in hagerstown.n 43 in frederick.deri so a cool start but certainlyutr not a cold start. sta it's been two weeks since we've' hit the freezing mark at reagana national very warm period of peo time dan that continues with sunshine, quiet conditions,ondii we'll take the sun. sun we haven't had much sun for thet better part of a week, and, should be just a very veryeryer pleasant afternoon across thes area with a quiet weather wea pattern dry as well today.ern y all right. cold front out here. fnt out her that will roll ie.n tonight. t it will bring us a few showersee overnight and early tomorrow tho breezes will pick up tomorrows and we will be for awill coolerc weather pattern the end of the o week and the weekend but noo major storms on the horizon h there's your look at today and again we're living large hereg e with temperatures nearpetures na 60 degrees and lots of sunshineh and then later tonight this cols front will come through just few showers for us.or u it will be just shower activityt and temperatures overnightesrn remain above freezing so we are not concerned with icing outcing there then it will turn noticeably cooler with a breezeb out of the north and west and w tomorrow and then look at
8:51 am
weekend. highlighted red saturday sunday but all about sunshine andine cooler overnight lows close to freezinn around here in time for the for weekend. that's an back to you.backo yo >> thank you very much.nk yery h 8:51 right now.8:51 a member of the dc fire f department under fire for a facebook post written on inauguration day. now fire officials confirm oneom of department's fires fe investigators wrote this it read "where is john hinckley when yoe need him?" well the fire department released a statement that says officials are aware of thetateae facebook post made by one of iti members on inauguration day.naug the situation is under review. v the statement went on to say, this smatter internal personnel matter and thus the departmentsm is precluded from making any further of course 1981 john hinckley a attempted to assassinate asssine president reagan outside of thef washington hilton he wounded thu president and three others ander was later found not guilty byui reason of insanity and recently released from saint elizabeth'si hospital where he is now living in williamsburg, virginia, full, time with his
8:52 am
a lot of reaction thision morning after nfl side linedined reporter erin andrews revealed e that she has been battlinging cancer. she was diagnosed with cervicale cancer last september and had h surgery a month later. she underwent another proceduree in november and she now says sh is cancer free.r f during all of this, she didn'ti' miss 1nfl game. meanwhile, the death rateate from cervical cancer much higheh than previously estimated withet an alarming diss par rat betweee black women and white women a wm new study shows the rate that rt black women die from the diseasa is comparable to that of women in many poor developing nations. ♪♪ time for our facebook fan ok the day. let's say good morning to 19 ma martinez. >> good morning. >> she loves fox5 and she would life to be fan of the day. so glad we could make that m happen for you this morning. mog miss nina. ss nina. hope off super day and if you'dy like to be the fan of the day, d just post your picture below the
8:53 am
lovely nina's. ♪♪ 8:53. we are back now with breaking news. this is happening in downtownk gppenind.c. a handful melanie reporter outtr there on the seen about six orur seven protesters climbed a a construction crane this is neara 15th and lne streets northwest e if you know the site of the old washington post building. build that's where it is.t is as a result, streets in thatn t area are closed off.ff so watch
8:54 am
takes you that way. w it's unclear exactly what thesee protesters are demonstratingin against right now.t now but we will stay on this muchhiu it's also very dangerous looking situation so of course we'lle wl stay on this for several reasono again happening downtown d.c.n c right now. well, another surprise.pre. this time for a server waitresss at bus boys and poets in d group of customers in town for the t inauguration they left rosslyn harris a $450 tip on a $72 bill. >> that's nice. that's >> my heart is like explodinglog right now.ght n they also wrote a note on the on receipt and that note said "we e may come from different cultureu and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone woulde u share their smile and their tir kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come com together as one people, not race, not gender, just americana god bless "one of the customerss told harris he's a dentist fromm texas and hey, he liked her he like eight whole lot.t wholel >> i love the fact
8:55 am
willing to help out somebodyp od else. >> i think it's beautiful.nk it' >> all right.s beau>> a right good stuff.. let's get back to tucker with aw check on our forecast. glorious day today. tay >> what's the highest tip you'vv ever given because somebody iss amazing. >> i can't afford $450 dips.s. maybe 20. >> nice. >> you go, tucker.. >> thanks, allison.on >> very generous man.ergene >> 49 at reagan national. dulles 47. bbi.i marshall yeah. ye okay. there's look at yourerlook satellite/ we're clear, we're quiet. qui we're beautiful.. we're near 60 this afternoon.. i wish i can take credit for it bats the best gift for all of us. we need the sunshine and get ang chance to dry out.chan if you love winter weather signs of it on the seven day.. maybe snow showers by next monday. nday. caitlin is back with last look at roads.oa >> i think this weather calls for a field trip,ds t don'this u >> um, oh, yeah, we going onng one. >> i believe so. good day d.c.>> you'll have toat stick around and watch for why.y not just nice weather there's actually a purpose to it.erly ar all right.
8:56 am
cal city. speaking of crystal city, crystal blue skies gorgeousgeou morning, sun glare out there, gt though, that's an issue wee w haven't had in quite sometime. m this is look at 395 northbound. you are jammed glebe road to the 14th street bridge.14th so all the w saytree through the pentagon down to crystal city. yup, one long line of traffic.rc let's go to our maps and a summarize some of the nasty conditions we've had thishis morning on the roads despite tht fact that the weather has been b fine top side of the beltway btw jammed solid 95 really almostylm all the way to the 270 spur just volume. 95 northbound improving dalerovl city to the beltway but then bhe once you get inside the beltwayy 395 like we just showed from you that view of crystal city, 395 3 through arlington very veryy ver heavy.y northbound 295 you've got heavyy delays on the 11th street bridge also have the southboundo delays to the 11th street bridge. no accidents there.. just a lot of traffic.raff and it looks like coming in on 29 southbound very very heavy 99 southbound very heavy and the a whole top side of the beltway bw outer loop there one long lineg of jammed traffic.affic that's a finl
8:57 am
steve. >> caitlin thank you very much.a moment between a seattle fathery anden a his s little girl goingl this morning. al it might melt your heart, o too. >>ere e it is. >> "as the years go by, our friendship will never die ♪♪ >> aww.>> aww >> sweet, right? >> david crosby and little lit claire their version of you'veei got a friend in me from therom class classic movie toy story ii has millions of views i' talking like 27 something thousand -- 27 million views. ve so many i can't even keep trackn of the number.ber. the father/daughter duo have a e number of disney songs on theirr youtube page previously made headlines for the four-year-old's version of par of your world from the littld'se mermaid. claire open has her ownre instagram page she's k onopewn n the tiny musician.ia she's got quite a voice too.oico >> almost time to take the showo on the road, right.oad, right. >> so cute. > love
8:58 am
almost time for good day we take our show on the road right nextn door. >> good day is next.da next. stay with us.h ♪♪ ♪♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪♪ straight ahead on good dayha at 9a, president donald trump getting to work with tworeside r developments overnight from the white house.ite h. targeting his allegations ofns f voter fraud and making good on o his campaign promise o


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