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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cigna. together, all the way.
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this is fox5 local news at 5:00. right now at 5:00 a dangerous and dramatic show of activism. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> a group takes an unusual step to protest president trump. the charges police say they're likely to face when they finally come down. we'll have a live report. the secretary of homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin meade construction of a border wall. >> president trump making a degrees i have move to tighten the nation's immigration policies. how dc mayor mural bows is her responding to the news, a mid her promise to remain a sanctuary city. >> and ... cheerleader controversy. a local high school cheer squad may be taking a seat at tonight's game after a principal calls the routine ghetto. the news at
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>> thank you for joining us everyone, i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm jim lowe kay. new protest trump today, to scale 270-foot crane, put up huge banner with the word resist on it. >> here is a look from on top of that crane. this is go pro video from one of the protesters. the group posted the video to their facebook page today. you can see just how risky and high this was here. the incident getting a ton of stairs, caused traffic delays throughout the day, as well. >> fox5 paul wagner live in northwest where law enforce. are still waiting for that group to come down. what's going on, pam? >> reporter: yes, jim, sarah, did. c police have called this a daring and dangerous stunt carried out by green peace to get the attention of the white house, what's going on right now, about quarter of the way up the crane you will see two people, two men, that are sitting there. they've been there all day long. their job was simply to block
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could not come up after them. police decided earlier on that they weren't going to do it because they said it was too dangerous. now, let's take up to the top of the crane. it is about 200 feet up in the air. there are five protesters up there. they've been up there since very early this morning. and what they're trying to do is roll up that banner. they had unfurled it earlier today. now they're trying to bring it back in. they're going to unhook it, and they're going to bring it back down with them where they're going to be met by the police once they do come down. let's show you some video that we shot earlier today. what we know, from law enforcement sources, is that seven protesters with green peace broke onto this or broke into this construction site sometime overnight. we're told by law enforcement sources that they're going to be charged with burglary, too, when finally taken into custody. what we know is that it was about 6:00 this morning, dc
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there were three men on the crane who shouldn't be there. that's when police arrived, and then they learned there were total of seven people on the crane, and then already making their way up to the top. according to dc police at that point they then connected that banner up there, which seysure cyst, and it took hours for them to finally get it unfurled so that it would be facing the white house, so that people at the white house could actually see it. now, in order to do this, it was extremely daring. they had two men who rep he'd down from each side of the banner, so that the banner could stay stiff in the wind so that it wouldn't be blown back so far that nobody could read it. and for hours they had two protesters sitting in mid-air by rope holding that banner in place. once they were
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like they had gotten their message across, both of them then rep pell back up to the crane, for the last several hours now we've been watching as they've been trying to pull this banner together. now, according to green peace these men are all have been recruited from all across the country, have technical skills in order to pull this off. and you can see from the way that they were doing this today that they definitely have the skills that rock climbers have in order to pull something like this off. they clearly have taken a lot of time to make sure that they do this right. and they do it safely. but down here on the ground we have seen number of people all day long, lunchtime crowd, were out here, they were watching what was going on, street block off, right now, only l street block off. now, let's couple from today,
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glover, with the sod division, dc police, the second one is jason swarth, he's with green peace. here's what they had to say. >> safety is our first for most mission this morning, we want to do everything we can to preserve everybody's safety. if that changes, we have the fire department here to assist us, as well. >> well, it sort of hard to see from this angle. but you're on the south lawn of the white house would you see this banner framed against the white house, of course to demonstrate is that this resistance is about -- is about standing up to an administration that threatens the safety of communities across the country. >> now, maybe a coincidence that president trump came up with those proclamation cents, to start those oil pipelines again out in the midwest, because green peace said that they've had this plan, this planned protest, under
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planning, in the planning works, for quite some time, months is what we were told. we're live on 15th street northwest. paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> as i've said repeatedly to the country, we are going to get the bad ones out, the criminals, and the drug deals, and gangs, and gang members, and cartel leaders, the day is over when they can stay in our country and reek havoc. >> that's president trump right there tweak tweeting today the homelands secure tip, on border security and i am graduation. the order jump start construction of us-mexico border wall. border patrol forces, and order increase in deportations of undocumented immigrants t also calls for strict funding for sanctuary cities. the district you heard before is sanctuary city meaning it doesn't arrest or detain undockment the immigrants. fox5
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this very issue joining us news live from the wilson building with more tonight, matt, what did they have to say? >> reporter: sarah, did i seek the mayor before this executive order was signed today. she didn't really want to talk about it until she could actually see for herself. listen, this could really financially affect many of the jurisdictions in this area, talking about the district, prince george's county, montgomery county, even the city of baltimore, all sanctuary areas. i want to show you a tweet, though, that i discovered today. this came from the budget director here in the district of columbia. and it got my attention it, says the district received over 1 billion per year in federal grants, everything from senior nutrition to refugee resettlement, anarch grants. we asked the mayor about the pain this executive order could cause here in the district. >> we want to be able to go, look at anything that is coming out of the executive
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we want to know what the congress would have to say about it t and i would need an opportunity to examine its impact across all of my agencies. >> reporter: so we're still waiting on the mayor for a comment. we did from prince george's county executive, baker, he was asked about this today. he said we believe the county following the law. we are going to honor that. so we're not changing, we're not afraid of what the president said that he was going to withhold because we think we're doing the right thing, we are following the law. and it does appear that this situation could end up in court, and many states across the nation, here in the district, they do have a rainy day fund, so that could be used, if federal dollars are pulled away, some of that money could be used to supplement the money that has been taken away, once again the mayor told me earlier today, she is wait to go see the executive order, w
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away, how much it will be, we'll stay on top of. >> this for now live at the wilson building, fox5 local news. >> meantime president trump making aggressive move to tighten the nation's immigration policies. one of the planned executive order aims to crackdown on muslim immigrants. draft of the new order shows will restrict immigration from syria and block from other middle eastern and african countries, also plans to suspend refugee admission to countries 120 days after that, the us would only except refugees from approved countries. today the council on american islamic relations talks about their concerns. >> religious a portions on our government agencies, many of whom are now in policy-making positions will not make us safer and would instead send a very negative message to muslim that are not welcome in america. >> there is no word if the drat
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revised but either way president trump is expected to sign it later this week. >> let's take it outside now, where it has been a beautiful day. the sun -- >> almost got you singing about it. >> little bit. i would love to hear you sing in the sun. >> we got the piece yesterday. >> i know, couldn't resist being outside in this, still chilly. >> you know, another 10 degrees and i'll ditch the coat. but at 58 degrees, not so much. but i'll tell you what, a lot of people are out here in northwest washington without their coats on, sarah, jim, what extraordinary day, and specially when you contrast it, to last year, when we would have had 17 inches of snow on the ground, maybe 24, 25, in the suburbs, as we cleaned up from the blizzard of 2016. so in contrast, by hitting 661 degrees today, more typical whatever we might see around here in late march, early april. so you know with a we will give this? a report card. and for cloud cover it, gets an a. we didn't see very few clouds
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morning. a-plus for precipitation risk, afternoon temps get an a. skinny dipping, a f. even if you were wearing a bathing suit, i don't think you'll enjoy that very much. i understand the polar plunge for special olympics is this weekend, that ought to be nice and cold. overall grade a, wow, how nice these temperatures are. almost got to 63 degrees, bwi60. couple of other spots, though, got to 70 degrees today, including down toward the charlottesville area. some of the numbers haven't come in yet. i know culpeper, fredericks berg, charlotte ville, mid upper 60s, charlottesville hitting 70. one of the cooler spots, 58 degrees, hagerstown, how nice we're still looking at temperatures that are mild. to be sure it is cooler, closer to the water, annapolis, 47 degrees, leonard town, 54. even those numbers are higher than our average for this date, which is 44 degrees. and this is some eight to 18 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at 5:00. so, quite enjoyable indeed. i even got a note from our allerg
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little bit of tree pollen showing up, just little bit. it is on the low side. so we keep the skies clear for the time being. but there are couple of little impulses that will be coming in our direction, and one is frontal boundary that could produce a few showers overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. not a lot. but the frontal boundary is important. because it will drop temperatures tomorrow, and as we go through tomorrow afternoon, the winds is back, it will be getting cold. so we'll focus on the present. because it is quite lovely out here. 54 degrees at 7:00. mild, by 9:00 partly cloudy and cool at 51. more clouds roll in though later tonight around 11:00. the temperature should stay right around 50 degrees. so enjoy this early spring preview. because winter is getting ready to come back in not so much with snow but with colder temperatures, more seasonable temperatures rolling back in by this time tomorrow night. it will feel whole lot different out here. sarah, jim, a lack at your forecast, the seven day a bit later. >> a
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some breaking news now out of hollywood, legendary actress mary tyler moore has died. she passed away in the company of her family and friends at a hospital in connecticut. moore gained fame of course in the 19 60s on the dick vandike show, later won four prime time emmies for her work as a tv news producer on the mayor i tyler moore show. as type one die beth i can, moore suffered from variety of health problems, survive by her husband and four dogs. mary tyler moore was 80 years old. >> we are learning new information tonight about the man accused of shooting a woman at a school bus stop in front of all or in front of several kids. >> roland simms turned himself into prince george's county police. family members told fox5 simms is the farther of the young girl who witnesses say he attempted to grab standing at the bus stop. this happened yesterday morning in chester, also say the woman who had was shot had a restraining order against him. now faces several charges
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degree murder, none of the student standing at the bus stop were injured in that incident. tonight a rockville man has learned his fate in court. life in prison plus 20 years for raping his older and mentally ill neighbor. >> it was a haneous crime that happened in november of 2015. fox5's alexandra lamb own has details about what happened in court and what the victim's family has to say, al next. >> reporter: the victim in this crime did not give victim impact statement. instead, her brother spoke about her mental illness, and how the violent attack, sexual assault, had affected her. asked the judge for the maximum penalty possible. >> and in the future, when and after the fact ever released, we will be in fear for her life where ever she may be. >> given these facts, our family would like to see the defendant incarcerated for as long a time as possible. >> the victim's brother didn't want
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but he showed powerful words he red to the judge on sentencing day. twenty-five year old, the man convicted, for four counts of sexual assault. after raping a woman in rockville. southern tens dollars to life in prison plus 20 years. >> i think that judge, who gave very appropriate sentence in this case, i think that she was struck by the premed takes, and then the planning that went into this. >> court documents and transcripts, questioning, reveal he lived in the same apartment complex as the victim, and believes had dementia, which is why he plotted to rape, and broke into unlock window. pieces of evidence that sealed the deal for prosecutors for his fingerprint found at the crime scene. in addition, he had a history of violence. >> he was dismissed from the military after
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of four different incidents, each of which apparently involve some form of domestic violence. >> court document show he also threatened the victim at knife point, and said he would kill her if she reported the rape to police. montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy said he underestimate that victim and thought he would get away from the crime. baltimore mother who lost six children in a devastating house fire is now out of the hospital. katie malone release from the johns hopkins friday. her three kids who survived the fire were released from the hospital already. she took to facebook to thank people for their thoughts and prayers. she said now the family must plan a funeral, quote, frankly impossible to fathom. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. straight ahead at 5:00 location, location, location. >> and you know what? virginia this season, they would be going to the superbowl. >> we're going to take the take on
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in on the chances of bringing the redskins to virginia, and he said it wouldn't cost taxpayers a penny. >> also, a website apologizing for bizarre picture showing michelle, president owe bamm, a beyonce, jay-z, transformed into caucasion. >> not necessarily shocked, but just humbled. >> and dc waitress is overwelmed by a generous tip. and a warm message left by a group of trump supporters. the message it is sending tonight about the country uniting at one, when we return. return.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> oh,
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you know, the song itself kind of leads into this. this has so many people talking and really feeling pretty good tonight. dc waitress in this weekend, women's march on washington got a big tip from a tourist who was in town for president trump's inauguration. >> bob barnard shows us, it is what the men left with the big tip that's priceless. >> one worth $450. >> i'm so, in a way, not necessarily shocked, but just humbled. >> a server here at bus boys and poet on 14th street northwest. on monday a west texas dentist and two friends here for the inauguration left rosalynn an inspiring note and a 450-do
5:23 pm
their $72 lunch tab. >> what a smile day it was actually spark a motive in someone that was really, really, really beautiful. >> i asked her to read the note. >> we may come from different cultures, and may disagree on certain issues. but if everyone would share their smile, and kindness, like their beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people, not race, not gender, just americans, god bless. >> i ended up messing up someone's order, because i didn't get any time to process it. the simple fact that he didn't tweets create a scene, but just wanted to let me know, you know, that this was a great experience, this is what he hopes for people in general. it was really touching, really, amazing, makes me want to go about my interactions with that kind of energy more often. >> the dentist's gesture has touched a nerve. >> i
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i would have to say that i agree with what they wrote on this ticket there. like her smile just definitely stands out. >> most hearing about it on social media heralding the bridge built here, but jason reynolds, has a different view. >> i'm not going to applause these guys for being decent. just can't. right? and i think i recognize the gesture, i commends them for extending themselves. but it is not necessary and it shouldn't have to be necessary for to you see me or anyone who is unlike you as just like you. >> rosalynn is a prince george's county-born 25 year old college grad, and professional dancer. said she was at the women's march saturday, the day after her anonymous gift giver went to the inauguration. >> we came together, had an encounter that, you know, was so beautiful, and has created
5:25 pm
from everyone around, that i think it speaks volumes for what we may need to do as a country. >> yes, the power of a smile, paying dividends, in this time of great division. in northwest, bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> and guess what? we were able to track down the generous strange here left the tip for rosalynn. >> joining us right now zika skype, doctor white, doctor white, i'm sure you didn't expect this kind of attention after all this happened. >> no, not at all. i mean, you know, in a way to get back to west texas, and share my experience about the inauguration, and seeing the women's rally, and i had to get right back to work, as dentists we have to put our hands in people's mouths. >> doctor, well, that's true, got to get back to work, but doctor white, tell me what it was? had you planned on leaving this tip? was this something that you knew were you going to do once you came to washington? what moved you to do it? >> no, not at all. just the
5:26 pm
overwhelming for me. i mean, on friday, for me, it was just a big patriotic american experience, on saturday, for someone like myself, live out here in west texas, where we really don't see the extreme, i don't know, disagreements as much, we respect each other so much. and i was just looking for a really cool place to eat lunch. and before we took off to reagan national to fly home. so we ended up at bus boys and poet. which was an unbelievable place. >> it is a great place. i'm sure you've seen over the last couple of days, aside from your experience at the restaurant, when was your take away from the vet -- the city and the vibe of the city? >> the american spirit was real. and it was real with everybody, whether were you trump supporter or were you there to be a part of the women's rally, i think what struck me most though was the tomb of the unknown soldier, and
5:27 pm
is there and he is disciplined in what he does, and he's protecting him, you know, he is protecting our freedom, while it doesn't matter whether there is inauguration going on, or whether there is a protest. our freedoms are protected by the young women, junk men and women of our military. so that part really kind of brought it altogether. but i was very proud of washington, d.c., and how they handled everything, and i was very proud of the fact that the notion there was going to be a lot of, really, there wasn't much problems at all. i mean, i saw a lot of respect from everybody. >> all right, doctor white, from west texas, came all the way here, and sound like awed great time and very generous of you. >> column back any time. >> i would love to sit down with her and get to know her better. >> absolutely. >> she seems like a sweet woman. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a good one. >> i love that. >> i do
5:28 pm
>> great story. all right, coming up: we've got the cheerleader controversy. a local high school cheer squad may be taking a seat at tonight's game after principal called the routines ghetto. we'll have a live report next. but first, ronica? >> reporter: hey, jim, sarah, you know i'm always out here talking about politics. but tonight i'm talking about football. why? your local leaders are talking about moving the redskins stadium, and we'll have that after the break.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> a deadly crash on the interstate in maryland, not long after motorcade from the district passed through. the crash happened at the
5:32 pm
near frederick, state police say one person was killed. two dump trucks, and passenger car, stopped to allow the motorcade to pass, and third dump truck rearended the car motorcade on its way to west virginia, but not clear who all was in it. >> no one seriously injured after amtrak train collided when tanker in virginia. skyfox over the scene in dumb fry, where intersects with cherry hill road. ninety-five people were on board the train, traveling from norfolk to new york city. amtrak spokesperson service had to be suspended for a short time after that crash. >> skyfox will the over the scene in prince george's county where person was hit and killed by a csx freight train. happened this morning near the calvert road station in college park. park train service along the camden line suspended while police investigated. passengers had their ticket honored if they instead used metro or other lines. judge calling this
5:33 pm
cheerleading routine ghetto principal at spring brooke high school since apologized for comment but many are still upset. now, all eyes are on spring brooke cheerleaders, to see whether or not they will perform at the school's basketball game tonight. fox5 marina morocco following the story, she joins us live, from silver spring with the latest now, hey, marina. >> hey there, czar, a the principal did apologize on monday, but apparently not enough for these group of girls, who up until now, have boycotted the team and refused to perform, because of those comment, that principal allegedly saying to the coach of the team, quote, the routine is too ghetto, tone it down, and those allegations were first reported by the school's publication, the blueprint, now, judge for yourself. here is some video of the girls routine. for the most part step routines, you see them, on their social media page, their twitter handle sch cheer. now, according to the school newspaper, the blueprint, the squad then told their own
5:34 pm
inspiration from historical black colleges, and universities, the girls were in response told that hbcu had no place in montgomery county public schools, and since then the cheer squad has refused to perform at any scheduled game, since last week's controversy. now, tonight, we reached out to montgomery county public schools. they say there is a boy's basketball varsity game scheduled right here at spring brooke, against northwood high school. and before that game, the cheer squad is scheduled to meet with the principal, and they'll meet face-to-face and discuss if the cheerleaders will return once again, back on the court. live tonight in silver spring, rena marco, fox5 local news. little battle over redskins should call home. virginia governor terry mccullough, and muriel bowser are both wearing in. >> fox5 reporter ronica, live with the skins, with more on this story. hey, ronica. >> repor
5:35 pm
over the past few months, we have seen nfl teams jockey for new homes, with two teams moving to los angeles, the raiders, they could be on the move to las vegas. are the redskins next, and what is it going to cost you? well, governor terry mccullough, he has made it very clear, that he would love to see virginia call the redskins, the redskins call virginia home. he says it is not going to cost taxpayers a penny. >> we're very interested in having the redskins come to virginia, you know their headquarters was there, summer training camp is in richmond, headquarters in ashburn, all of the players live in virginia. vast majority of the season ticket holders are virginians. so we've a great place for it in virginia. but what i've told mr. snyder and the other folks we can do this in a way without taxpayer dollars, we can work development rights, around a new stadium, but i would love to have the redskins. i'm worried about their future. you know what, had they been in virginia this season, they would be going to the
5:36 pm
superbowl. >> well, as you know, the current stadium, it is in prince george's county. so at least there it is not up to 2027. out even though we're more than a decade out, governor mccullough said he's in active negotiations with the team's owners. now, earlier today, i had the chance to ask dc's mayor, muriel bowser, for her reaction to governor mccullough's claim that he could take the team to virginia, without any taxpayer dollars. well, she was skeptical. said that the governor is not taking into account the taxpayer burden associated with the necessary infrastructure. >> i don't think that there can be in any case, dc, maryland or virginia, a stadium built, without taxpayer supporting infrastructure. >> well, county executive baker, he has made it publicly known that he would love to see the redskins stay in prince george's county, even if it is not their current home, in fed ex field. so, where do you want to seat redskins cal
5:37 pm
and are you willing to pay for it? you know where to find me. facebook and twitter, at ronica cleary. we're sending it back to you. >> you may have a better smile than me, ronica, thanks very much. massive voter fraud affected the 2016 election, getting to the bottom of of it. president trump saidel seek major investigation on alleged voter fraud in the november election. fox5 fox fitzgerald live tonight at the justice department with more on this one. it is the topic that won't go away, fitz. >> reporter: well, you know, twitter is a fountain of president trump tweets, and today was no exception. this came over here, as most people were getting their breakfast this morning, the tweets saying i'll be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud including those registered to vote in two states, those who were illegal, even those who are registered to vote, who are dead, many who have been so for a long time, and we are going to do something
5:38 pm
strengthen our voting procedures. now, what this is, is a direct challenge to the president's critic election officials, other politicians, who say sat gore i cannily that not only was there not widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election, but that there is no evidence in their opinion to support that. however, the president, president trump, told a group of congressional leaders at the white house, on monday, that he believes anywhere from three, to 5 million illegal votes, were cast in the 2016 election, and president trump's opinion, that accounts for hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote. now, over the white house today, under heavy critical questioning to the white house press, press secretary, look, the bottom line here for the white house perspective, they'll try to get to the bottom of what did and what did not happen
5:39 pm
election. >> i think in terms of registration, where folks on rolls that have been deceased or moved or registered in two count ills, this is just about the 26 election, this is about the integrity of our voting system. >> and this is not going away any time soon. another complication in all of this, remember, the attorney's for the trump campaign after the election, when the green party was trying to mouth those recounts, that they raised all of that money for, well, trump campaign attorney said in their opinion that no election fraud took place. the white house says today that what they actually meant was they didn't get a full encapsulate g look at the entire country, places like california, places like new york, no investigations were launched in all of there. so the white house point of view, they'll try to get to the bottom of any of it. live from the justice
5:40 pm
fitzgerald, fox5 local news. thank you, fitz. the website wiki apologizing over cartoon illustration of beyonce, jay-z, anbar ac obama. >> all three were drawn as white. illustration went along with the article how to become a congressman. beyonce fan accounts tweeted the illustration alongside the actual photo it was based on, in a statement wiki house said when we saw the whitewash of obama, beyonce, jay-z, were a shade, should never have been on. the image has been removed. they claim the illustration made three years ago by a team with one person who sketches, and another who colors, and that the colors did not know the race of the model. >> if you need wiki how to run for congress. >> ya. >> maybe don't run for congress. >> coming up: frantic search is on after red panda went missing from the virginia zoo. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ a fen
5:41 pm
die ♪ ♪ >> oh, i love that duet. how cute. going viral. the story behind this adorable father-daughter duo. >> i don't know what makes you smile that. that or the weather we had today. temperatures up around 70 degrees. your choice. your choice, okay, on that. listen, full forecast is coming up. finally, we will get back to where we should be, this time of year. we'll talk more about that, the full forecast, here soon. >> all right, gary, thanks. and as we head to break, we are following that breaking news into the district here. police are on the scene of three separate shootings right now, two in northeast, and one in southeast. fox5's lauren demarco headed to the scene right now. we'll have a live report coming from her straight ahead. stay with us.
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>> had your any now for these great offers.
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a red panda went missing from the zoo in norfolk. sunny last seen when the zoo was closing up by monday. by yesterday morning zoo keepers could not finds the red panda when they checked their habitat. hoping sunny somewhere inside the zoo. but they're warning neighbors to keep an eye out for her. norfolk police are also helping using a geothermal camera to search for the red panda. what is it with the red pandas? like fuse years ago, on the lamb for awhile, like whole thing? >> still? maybe sunny wanted to be in the sun? >> i hope they finds sun. >> i i'm sure they will. >> we found our sun today. >> we did. >> no doubt about it, listen, beautiful shot there. how about that? clouds are coming in, okay? so we got the day done without these clouds coming in, making it overcast. it is real unusual, in january, to get such a brilliantly blue sky, and very little cloud cover. so not only was it unusual temperatures, up in the lower 60s today, but with all of the sunshine, too, look, here is the deal in the next
5:46 pm
days. tomorrow we are 56. that will probably be one or 2:00. we cool off in the afternoon. winds will kick up, frontal system comes through, couple of showers tomorrow morning, early, early, probably right around sunrise. hopefully they won't affect the morning commute, too terribly much n terms of where we are going to be going here, i think what we will end up with, definitely with the cooler air on the way, and that's going to make things different for friday. because we will only be 46 degrees, on friday, for high temperature, and little cooler, i think, start headed into the weekend. how about tonight? mild at 7:00. fifty-four. the winds not going to below until tomorrow. so be real pleasant out there this evening. with temperatures dropping into the 50's. overnight lows will be in the 40's, right now, in the 50's, not too terribly cold up to the northwest, with the region, but along the front one band of showers. and then there is few showers coming in our direction, now, look, this is 8:00 tonight t looks all dry. we will just have more clouds coming in by 11:00 or so. so mostly cloudy here. and then tomorrow morning, not a lot, our in-house model not showing mucha
5:47 pm
most of us stay dry. this is 5:00 a.m. of course free at sunrise, by 8:00, 9:00 most will be east of us. sunshine will start picking up. have good sunshine tomorrow. but the winds will be strong, out of the northwest, okay, and snow, higher elevations, then the western facing slopes, they'll get good snow there. none of that will come across here. but the colder air just kind of keeps settling on in for the next 48 to 60 hours. and so that means basically as we get into the weekend things will be much, much cooler around here. mostly clouds tonight. then by tomorrow, and early shower possible, but i think most of us probably don't have to deal with that. and then breezy afternoon. winds out of the west northwest at ten to 20 miles per hour, have some gusts, though, up around 30 tomorrow. here is your seven day forecast. back to where we should be. if you like this kind of stuff. forty-six on friday. weekend we are talking middle 40's, next week, on monday, really cold. i think temperatures will only be 30's to maybe 40, for high temperature, and then we are in the 40's on down. so with the exception of tomorrow
5:48 pm
where we should be, guys. january returns. >> i know, enjoy this while we can. >> yes. >> thanks, gary. coming up in sports, unique way to celebrate a major upset in college basketball. >> and the redskins head coach, curt cousins future, in burgundy and gold. sport next.
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
>> last sees own the whole speculation about curt cousins, was he going to stay put, but really, it is intensifying this time. here we go again. once again, will he be franchise, will they let him go? i don't think they'll let him go. try to keep him in the fold, if not, there would be sort of trade worked up. but here we go again. and it is always some drama with the redskins this time, again, with the
5:52 pm
>> always. >> it is always the quarterback. >> yes. >> and if you were like a corner, no one would care. we're 11 days away from superbowl here on fox5. local fans are wondering about another day, march 9, free agency, and the first day of curt cousins free agency. now, i have heard the team will present cousins with a long-term contract. if that contract includes numbers, cousin wants to be to remain to be seen. add speculation over interest from the 49ers has put cousins status with the skins up in the air. if you ask jay, and team president bruce allen, there is no question who will be their quarterback next year. >> we totally, come back from the washington redskins, and we're excited about two very good years, starting quarterback, third year justin to watch him grow. >> scale of one to ten, next year, ten? >> yes. >> can i put ten on that? >> go ahead. you got a pens i am or pen? >> i got a pen. i got a marker. >> i can put down 11. >> kurtz is quarter back, he played well last two
5:53 pm
and i know there is other speculation, but doesn't come from the redskins. >> who is calling, kurt? if you thought were you going to get a reprieve from deflate gate talk, sorry. whole new list of deflated ball angles, biggest of the bunch, what will it be like if roger goodel has to present the lombardi trophy to tom brady who he suspend in the his part in the deflation. perceived riff between the league and the patriots. today goodel was asked, if there is any beef between he and the paths. >> i can't agree with everything, at every moment, and i shouldn't. you know, a lot of these issues can be issues between teams. we obviously, in many cases, have to discipline our clubs, that's part of the process, and we do that with a large number of our clubs when their violations with policy. but it is not personal. it is professional. it is make sure we're doing everything to protect the
5:54 pm
it. >> it is not personal. so we all love a good jaunt. watching the player might have liked it too much. robert, throwing down a dunk, then look at the bench, wait, uh-huh, oh. >> oh! >> back to the bench. >> oh, no you didn't. >> (laughing). >> celebration. >> (laughing). >> heard of hair raising play, hand splitting play? >> tennessee got the win over four, kentucky, i mean, named the volunteers because of davey crocket. >> good thing for sure. >> did i really just do that? >> hey, i didn't do it. did he it. >> thank you, broked. >> i this daddy daughter duet went viral. >> sort of melt your heart probably. stay with us, back in three.
5:55 pm
>> probably. >> probably.
5:56 pm
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>> welcome back, hot on the web, seattle father and his little girl duet going viral. >> this will melt your heart for sure. >> ♪ ♪ friendship will never die ♪ ♪ >> oh, my gosh, this is adorable. david and little claire, their version of you got a friend in me from toy story, millions of you saw this on youtube. the father daughter duo have a number of disney on their youtube page, too, made headline for heart of your world from the little mermaid. oh, even has her own instagram page known as the tiny musician. i think they have a
5:59 pm
>> adorable. >> she's just got that presence. >> she is into it. >> about her, that's great. thanks for being with us. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 6:00. we're going to start tonight with breaking news from the district. >> multiple shootings happened in northeast and southeast, we understand number of under age children have been hurt. let's get right to lauren demarco, live in southeast. lauren, what in the world is going on? do we have lauren? okay, we apologize, we will try to get back to lawyer never just a minute. you can see three different scenes, minnesota avenue northeast, southeast, melon street southeast, again, several shootings. we will come back with the very latest as soon as we can. >> in the meantime president trump is making good on a number of campaign promises include that promise to build the wall. the president signed executive orders today, one of them,
6:00 pm
cities that don't arrest or detain illegal immigrant. >> dc mayor has stood firm in her decision that the district is safe place for immigrant. fox5 matt atkin starts us off live tonight. >> just heard from the mayor's office within the last ten, 15 minutes. she is planning to hold a press conference on this executive order, that was issued by the trump administration today. just to update you on this, this is something that a lot of jurisdictions in the area are very concerned about. we're talking about dc, prince george's county, montgomery county, even the city of baltimore, all concerned about the financial impact. in fact, something caught my eye today, we can take you to this tweet that i found earlier today. this was from the budget director, from the district of columbia. she says the district receives over 1 billion per year in federal grants, everything from senior nutrition, to refugee r


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