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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news a at 10. right now at 10, groups of are descending on d.c. for tomorrow's march for life rally. tonight a warning after a youth group from texas was attacked. controversy on campus. a george washington university u hired in spite of his ties to terrorism. now he's caught with cocaine and that's the not all. we have the
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full story. and the push for diversity in a northern virginia police force.i i have been very very clear and very out spoken that our diversity is not where it needs to be. >> fox5's exclusive sit down dow with the top cop in princeop george's county county.unty > i'm shawn yancy and jim lokay in for tony perkins. >> thousands of people p areands expected to visit the district this weekend for the march of life.fe > we have everything for youor that you need to know to get around. sarah simmons starts us off. u >>reporter: we are at georgerge mason university where the big rally is underway right now it is packed tonight.acke just so you get a visual outside of her. look at all the tour buses that have shown up. there are other parking lots as well just packed with the vehicle also.lso. this is the evening of prayer rally. it is put on every year by the
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the diocese saying 8400 people. they are calling it a sold outsd event for a concert and prayer and speeches to get everyone excited for tomorrow's big march. i talked with those who attended the they say this isn't an antiti abortion rally, but a chance toe have all voices her. regardless of who is in the white house and regardless of what other proteases are happening we want to make suree everyone knows what it means prs life is. we respect people in all aspectc of the term from natural conception all the way too natural death. we've been doing this for 44 years and the women's march in washington got 129 hours of press conference coverage. i fret so 10,000 people areople going to be at the march
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voice ise heard, that's a win fr me. here is what you need to know if you're heading down for the march for life it actually starts at the washington monument. somewhere near 15th and constitution. f begins at noon and there is music that startsrt at 11:45 before that much the march begins at 1:00 and ends is front of the supreme court.rt. there are no tickets needed ford this event. everyone is welcome as we always say in most events take metro. they will be running additional trains for this and they wantt you to get your smart trip cardd beforehand because they are expecting thousands again foror this big event tomorrowment that's the latest at georgege mason university. sarah simmons fox a 5 local news. > a youth ministry in time for tomorrow's rally says a group of teens attacked them right nearr the metro station in southeast. marina maracco is live on the national mall where that rally will take place. >>reporter: this
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pretty familiar with their surroundings. staying at the assumption church for the past three years every time they come to town.n. following last night's violent encounter they're going to be reconsider their routine. it lasted for 20 seconds. but in 20 seconds a pack ofof teens was able to do somesome serious damage, a broken nose. a part of the eye docket fractured due diligence.tu the other adultre leader, as fas as we can tell or what i've been told is some type of concussion. he has a little bit p of memoryf loss as far as he remembers upup to having dinner that night. and then after that details aret a little fuzzy on 22 teens and two adult chaperones got off here at thehe congress heights metro stop.stop they started their mile trek where the group from texas is staying. just minutes in, one of the adult chaperone was in the backk of the group was attacked. when the rest came back t
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by a pack of teens hurling racial slurs armed with a knife an ad ready to steal their belongings. the victim's cry for help at a nearby firehouse they saysay despite the scare and physicalnd injuries they'll be out on the mall for the march for live a trip they'd made for the past two decades. nobody is going to rob us of the joy, the true meaning that we're here even when something horrible like that happens, we're still going to be juvenile. the group saying they will not be walking fro msayi the metro stop past the church. ash. of tonight still no arrestn in the case. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news news. > new at 0 tonight several green piece protestors are scaling a construction crane inn downtown d.c.
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they unfurled a flag that says resist. the protestor are charged with burglary, unlawful demonstrating and destruction of property. if convicted they could facece hefty fines and up to a year and a half in engagement it has been incredibly windy today and i god to tell you, as i was walking, in the wind picks up and you get little particles in your strong trees knocked down inin bethesda bringing it down on a man. the tree broke at the bottom of the man who was hurt is expectee to be okay. i guess it just shows how powerful those gusts have been today. sue palka, are we still seeingll those gusts tonight.on >> it's not as bad as it was earlier shawn and jim, but gusts 45 to 50 plus. a couple daysing a we also had that. some of these trees are a littlt bitr stressed and that's always my biggest fear when we have the big wind storms. keep an eye on them much itselfm neat going to be as bad tonight and tomorrow a bs a it was toda, but it will still be breezy andy
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some gusts 25 to 30 miles againi tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. here's a sample of what we saw earlier today. catholic university, 48 miles an hour, fairfax, 55. hyattsville in prince george'sen county had a gust of 46 miles an hour. let's check where they arc right now, it is considerably better but it's still mighty chilly out there and winchester still has a gust of 30 and hagerstown not picking p a gustp here in the district but it's's definitely still quite breezy out there and you can see itan when you check out the temperatures because at 46 you would sa46y that's not bad for r this time of night especiallyeca when it's a couple degrees above our average high for the day. you factor in the winds and itt feels like 36. 33 at martinsburg. so what should you expect tomorrow we should be dry.dry. i think the sun is going to be back, but these wind gusts will also bese w with us. seven in the morning, winds gusting at0, 25 miles an hour. not as bad as it was
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afternoon, but definitely notable. by the noon hour we're still picking up some gusts up andnd over 20 miles an hour and that continues into the afternoon and evening. that means you will need tone prepare tomorrow.omor the winter chill is back, gyp. we'll talk about whether thatt extends through the weekend andh if there is a chance for any snowplowies in our forecast. we'll that i a bit later. the top cop admits there is a problem in h his apartment. minorities make more than half in prince william county. the police department is overwhelming white. teisha lou is talks with them about p this and more. >>reporter: jerry bernard justj became chief in june. we first reported about the department's diversity challenges last month and manynm of you had questions much so we went one on one with the chief and here's what he had to say.a.
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where it needs to be in terms of diversity and i recognize that. this video posted on the facebook page highlights its most recent recruit class, three are latino, three are african-american and three are asians. numbers are up for the current class, but all agree thiss doesn't reflect the community it serves. here in northern virginia. prince william county policecoun chief berry bernard says there are am l challenges, competitive challenges from other jurisdictions and the nationalni dialogue on raisin police confrontations is moving to be a rough hill to climb. perhaps the national conversation has something totin did with it, you h know, in ters of recruiting folks who the imagery of the police work, youu know, people questioning, wow, is this really what i want to do t? the officers are perceived if
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they've done something that garners some great national attention, so strong, is that a concern for people.r pe i want to get into police work.r beyond diverse particular the te department is tacking another jar statistic. its homicide rate more thann doubled in 2016. certainly we have to doto everything we can to focus in on gang activity, drug dealers. we're going to continue to focus on those issue, domestic violence, gang activity t, drug dealers, guns are an issue of course and so we're going to doo everything we can to have a positive influence on them. and the social media savvy agency will likely post on its platform which the chief admitst the continual crime updates may contribute to people feeling unsafe. he assurance us they are same i want them to be safe, but i also want people to feel safe. this is my community. and chief bernard goes onto say homicide rates have always been up
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counties but he doesn't thinkn' that is reflective of any greg problem. he also tells us that he is hiring. they are hosting a career fair. you can apply on site or right now online. we'll put the information on our website, > teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > some eyebrows were raised at george washington university last year when they learned a former islamic scream is. this man was arrested again, bue i doesn't have anything to doo with terrorism. the story is up the entire senior management team at the state department stepped down. what this means for the agency'g future. later in the show, rememberembe this, the ionic mural on the side of ben's chilly bowel? itt is no more. barack obama, chuck brown, bills cosby, their faces have all been painted one of them is going to join usn live with reaction you want to
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record it. we'll be right back with fox5 news at 10.
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> new at 10, a fire burned up, cars in aa parking garage at westfield montgomery mall.ntgo you can see it did a number onue some of the cars.s. it was around 7:30 tonight inht the garage near the forward store. the flames are now out. the good news is no one out. george washington university made headlines last september islamic extreme is. the school is in the news one lauren demarco is on the campus to explain what happened. wha >>reporter: hey there, jessie morton was hired by the university to work on a think tank to help counter terrorism experts gain some insight andht learn how people were being recruited. george washington took a big chance onhing him, but now he hs been arrested, accused of drugug possession while attempting to meet a pros t think taught. the decision
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washington university to higher jessie morton was met with a good deal of skepticism. he spent several years in prison for being an al quada recruiter. he was a radical and he got out and to helper expectative would help them understand how to understand the groups. he meant to have any relationship with students. when he was hired he spoke with fox news about how his youngerr years lead him into the world of terrorism. during that time i went to jail and was radicalized by a preacher in jail shortly before 9/11 1 #. by the time 9/# 1 happened i had sort of a natural inclination to adopt the world few of jihad isj it came me an opportunity to express my rage and frustration through a counter cultural movement, albeit a
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again, morton pleaded guilty in 2012 to conspiring to solicit murder and other terror-related charges. he was release after servingserv less than a third of his 11 andd half year prison sentence andnc then went onto be hired by ggw. he had been working with themth until this latest arrest. it happened during a stingting operation on december 28 inmb fairfaxer county. police say morton answered an ad for a prostitute on back and had drugs on him when he showed up at a hotel to meet her. we spoke with several studentsnt tonight and whilse they have soe varying opinions about thehe original decision to higher him they're also concerned aboutbout this latest arrest and charges. just knowing that his presence was around was kind of unsettling with our faculty andy their high -- all my professor are very aall astute and have t back
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but to have somebody on campus like that is just -- i don'ton' think it's right. and now with these additional charges.char >> it's even worse. wo people can change after going to jail and become a better person and learn from that, but to come back and then be charged of something completely different, that's a lot. in a statement, gw tells us jessie morton is no longerr providing consulting services for the program on streamism as of january 2. the statement goes on say that the reasons for his departure are unrelated to his work with the program on streamism and a he is due in court in fairfaxur county int april.. lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > mexico's president canceled a planned meeting with president trump in washington next weekn over thene rising tensions about the president's border wall. president enrico pennsylvaniansl nato said mexico will not pay n for the wall and
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his meeting after president trump said the meeting should be scrapped. to get mexico to praetor the wall is a 20 percent tax on imported goods. the associated press reports chief mark morgan was asked to leave and then decided to step down. he was named chief back in june, took office in october. morgan clashed with the board of patrols union was endorsed donald trump. the state department's entire senior management team is out of a job.b. they have resigned. four offerings responsible for the department's dailyy operations is out. it's unclear whether they were forced to leave by the administration. however,ad former state departmt offerings described those departures as abrupt. it is pretty unusual to ask a whole slew of people to
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place to have people there to replace them. president's george w bush and barack obama appointed the official. meantime to philadelphia where massive crowds gathered to protest president trump ahead of his remarks.hi they rallied at tomorrow as pain plaza near city hall. they marched to the low's hotel where republicans are holding their annual retreat. they're outraged over the president most recent executive orders. the president took the stage addressing am of the issues and laid out his plan of action. now we have to deliver. enough all talk, no action. we have to this is our chance to achieve great and lasting -- the republicans went onto say -- the president went onto say republicans will deliver on their promise.
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dozen metro employees handed ping slips and shown the door. the results are made be p much the accusations the former employees are now facing. someone robbed several marylandd drugstores early this morning. what police have learned abouthe the crime. as w e head to break, it's a story that will you make you say why didn't i think about that. some nebraska stores tell customers which check outlinesui had the shortest rate. the green light indicates one or less customers in line. the orange means three or more customers are wait rang the redw means get away.ait we're back after this.
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fox5 is in montgomery county. m thisontg cvs pharmacy is one of three drugstores targeted by robbers earlier this morning. just before 3:00 a
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suspect robbed the store. that store was open 24 hours a day. no one was hurt. the cs in bethesda and one in silver springs were also heldld up. right now it's not clear if the cases are connected. the virginia is expanding a bill that could be treated with marijuana oil. the bill allows people with hiv, crohn's disease to access the prescription with the law. right now it's only availableilb for people with epilepsy. a man behind a series of break-ins in fairfax county is now behind bars. police say nicholas correspond may broke into the homes in the glenn wood whose c he's convicted of five counts os grand larson i. a neighbor's video helped trackl him down. the mural on the side of ben's chilly bowel, people got a surprise when they saw
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paint covering the mural is no more. >> what? >> yeah. stick around we can tell you how you can help decide who will be featured on this new mural. also hear from one of the famous fames on this mural being mur covered up. it's all ahead on fox5 news at 10.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. we are back now with the top stories tonight. a group of visitors in d.c. for the march was attacked. >> marina maracco joins us livee with the story. >>reporter: thatwi group has bn visiting d.c. for the past two decades in order to' tend the march for life. they say they were violentlyentl attacked as they were heading to the church where they're staying at and two of those church members were hospitalized for a broken eye socket as well as a concussion. texas says thee violent encounter will not stop them from marching tomorrow down
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shawn. > george washington university made headlines last september when it hired thisshingtines l m radicalized islamic extremist. they. morton no longer works for the university. > teisha. prince william county's top cop admits there is a problem with the department. minorities make up more than half of the population in the northern virginia county, but the police department there is overwhelmingly white. chief barry bernard says there are many challenges including competitive salaries from other agencies and even finding home grown talent. he's doing whatever it takes to fix the issue.e. the department's next job fairar is on our website, > who is ready to ditch the big winds? i know i am. we are not going to be as windy tomorrow but it will be on the
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we're going to forecast a bright and brisk friday. at the bus stop tomorrow morning it's going to feel a lot coldert than it has. a range of temperatures between 30 and 36, but nice and brightgt even if it is going to be chilly. keep in mind the wind chills are going to be much cooler. the breezy will continue.tinu it mayo educational gust between 20 and 30 miles an hour, especially in the afternoon, but we're not going to see gusts between 40 and 50 like we did today.toda friday morning at 7, wind chills generally from about 27-degrees, so dress for that chill.ll. grab the sunglasses and the heavier coat.heav by 1:00 we're still looking at wind chill temperatures in the low to mid 30s so you'll definitely feel that.fini again it's going tote be a dry y and for everybody who is town forth march for life you've been here in colder conditions. by 6:00 we're feeling the conditions drop down to to the lower 30s. thank you, nue.
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to d.c. you got to go to ben's chilly bowel and you look y outside than aou you see thee mural, it's hard to miss. it's been on the side of the building for five years, but today ben painted over the faces of chuck brown, done i simpson and barack obama and bill cosby. they talked to the owner to find out why. >> new year, new mural. the words have replaced the faces that included chuck brown, done any simpson, barack obama and bill cosby. >> it's been there for five years.year it's kind of weather bent and worn and we decided let's just do something spanking brand new for the next five years. virginia alley who has owned been's chilly bowel since 1958 with with her husband says it's time for a change. they have been serving up a dose of controversy after declare they
10:33 pm
thate portrayed bill cosby following the allegations of sexual abuse. even now that the mural and bill cosby have been removed, peoplee have mixed opinions. >> i'm thinking, we're not the united nations, we're just ben's chilly bowel.el. > for now, ben's welcomesmes people to put their own messages on the wall much there's just one rule, no negative words, they're going to be immediately whited out. the whole country seems to be changing. let's see what most importantly what the community wants up there. they have a commu long list of s that ranges from rosa parks to eleanor homes norton to prince. even names like rachel ray or jimmy falon made the cut. you or you can write in your own candidates. people vote that they want to see donald trump on there. >> a at this point
10:34 pm
i don't think they're going to decide that. alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > look who is here with use wi tonight. one of the faces featured onured that a wall. magic 102.3's own done any simoon. what's your reaction? this is really painful for you you? >> done any, i came from detroit from the alleys of detroit toit the alleys of d.c., i've come so far. let me just ask you -- >> you want me on that wall. did they give you a heads up in. >> yes. knew. >> yes, i knew. it's all cool.ol it's all's > were you surprised, though? because there is a the look of out cry about it today. >> you know, i figured -- some people aren't going to like it. some people will like when theyn do what they're
10:35 pm
done any, your good friend tony couldn't be here tonight. >> i feel so much better, especially this time of night. before we go on we want to talk about this. we want to show folks, you and somebody else talking about the wall reel quick. >> are they ever going to put me up on this wall? guess what, that's morning dj russ par right there. >> he was late upset that he wasn't on the wall. >> now he's chance. he's got four slots. > we have to you about that, i, pulled up the list today where it says all the names that you can vote, russ' name is on that vote. >> yours isn't. >> them not put me on there >> why?>> >> i said give somebody else a chance. you know.. there was a lot of t
10:36 pm
certain faces one thear wall, should they remain there or not. it doesn't look like that's the case moving we don't have to mention names. did any of the names surprise you. >> i heard rachel ray. that's a weird one.. >> i'm just hearing whatever. i did my time. they said theyey want people to name six people. who would you like to see on there? >> i would like to see -- me. there's one. >> it's hard to see obama a come down. >> does russ deserve a spot up there. >> absolutely not. > how about a woman. let's see a woman on the wall. people were talking about dorothy height. her name was also mentioned. she is one off the greatest people i've ever met. i absolutely loved
10:37 pm
there's so am -- michelle obama. >> there you go. she would be amazing. or michelle and barack. that would be incredible.dibl > two for the price of one. or the fox5 evening team. she's really pushing for that one. kelly and conway.nway >> to each his own. there's a the look of names out there. they said they're going to let the people decide and the newe mural will pop up in the spring. > do you think you'll still go down there. >> that's my on. there is no wat i would not go down there. i love been's. i really do. it was anionor to be on the wall for so many years. as i told my mom in detroit. i said i kept really good company in the alley. barack obama, chuck brown and bill cosby. i keep really good company. whatever they do is cool with meaning i will missis seeing yo face. you can go to ben's
10:38 pm
remember site and even though his name isn't in there you can write them there. >> we need a mill women and a ad few good men. you want me on that wall. > it is always a pleasure. >> thank you so much for coming in. > thank you. bye, tony. we'll be right back.
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this week before the fifthbefo anniversary of his deaths, trayvon parents are releasing a book about his parent. sabrina fulton and tracey martin say the book is more than what they both went through their son's they hope it helps people copeoe with the loss of a loved one. it also features things you may not have known about trayvon.
10:42 pm
>> it has the parts that society don't know and what we want society to know about him and what we loved about hip. this is our entire life. this is our life. if you wrote a book about our life, this chapter would be in that book. so it becomes important what we do after the death of our child. then during legacy of trayvon martin hits book stores january january 31. tonight, believe or new jersey transit, there is a university offering a courseg on what they call the politics of kanye west. the course is being offered at washington university in st.y louis much it's an in-depth looh into genius as an artist.t. 75 students are currentlien rolled in the class, but others, are on the waiting list. jeffrey macaroons is offering the course, the way for students to connect polits
10:43 pm
this is not the first class. it is a not the first class. facebook is continuing efforts to shutdown fake news, the social media site updatingting trending stories. it will no longer be taylored te individual users, but regionon specific. what drew the most shares or comments, now it will containtan topics that are covered by multiple media outlets. tsa precheck is expanding.andi we'll tell you all about the new list of airlines to partner with the airlines to make your security scans a little faster. it can tell if you're drinking. it can help you catch a ride home.home we'll explain tonight at 11.. the new year feeling more like ground hawg day, accord
10:44 pm
poll, around half of americans made the same resolution they made in years past. about 60 percent say it is difficult to stick to whatever rest lugs they make. here's something we haven't seen this year, higher mortgaged rates, the rising for the first time we're just blow 4.2 percent. that's up, but keep in mind it's still historically low. meantime, it turns out a lot of you had the urge to sludge for christmas.chri around three out of four americans made an impulse purchase during the holiday shopping season and are for some workers it's better late than never. according to a new survey three out of ten employees say they're late to work at least once a month. that is up from last year. and bosses are getting some wild discusses, including9; one workr forgetting it wasn't the weekend and another saying the sunrise was so beautiful i just had to take it in. that's business. that's david as
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more changes for metro of the f transit agencyor release its fil report on the system-wide track inspection.. paul white feld a announced nearly two dozen employees weres let go for a derailment relating to the derailment last summer. other employees were either suspended or demoted.ed the situation is still far from resolved 6789 when the public supports, if somebody is falsifying a record, i don't care why they're falsifying it, they deserve to be we're still in the process of investigating it. it's an ongoing investigation on my i don't want to get too in-depth on firings because we're stillre going to have to defense the workers. metro official also revealed it was operatorrerror that causedd the doors to o
10:49 pm
away from a track on tuesday.esa a little good news for you planning a winner get away. the tsa is partnering withh eleven different airlines.nes. they can get their security screening in less than five minutes. aruba airlines, em ritz air and spiritem airlines. tsa precheck is now offered by 30 different carriers. it cost you on you owe. >> it variation in price.atio > so it's not 17-dollars a year >> someone is trying to land a plain back in the studio.udio we did. that's not bad, 17 bucks a year. it varies. it is $17. it kind of varied depend ought program you're involved with.h. there's different ones outut there. anything to cut down
10:50 pm
there are probably not too many lines to get outside tonightde because we've had a big changee in the weather pattern. hard to believe that earlierier today we hit 61 today. this is crazy.. that was right around the noon o hour. most the high temperatures occurred around noon and they've been dropping ever while it looks like good on the thermometer that says 46-degrees it doesn't feel like it. the chill is back in the it started with cka loot at high temperatures 61er at reagan national, more typical of early april. dulles 57 and bwi also coming in at 57. this patter change brings us back into typical winter cold with temperatures near 40 to 45-degrees and that chill will be around for the weekend as well.ll. you can weak little disturbances
10:51 pm
pretty quickly. including one that could bring g few flurries. 37 for winchester, the coldest night we've had in sometime. westminster 39, 46 for d.c. again, with the gusts still noticeable. as they were todaye when they gusted over 50 miles an hour in someplace. generally right around 20-mile an hour wind gusts every whereer else and so that makes it feel quite a bit cold. bit it feels like 3 # in the district, 32 for gates but, 30t3 for winchester. we're hanging onto the last of the warmth. still boston at 3 # degrees. as we take a bigger picture here you can see that chicago is down to 31, fargo 60. you can see most of the country now is going to be feeling thelg effects of this pattern change and that includes your overnight temperatures well we ' have a range of 30 to 36-degrees. that's the actual air temperature, but
10:52 pm
colder tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 30s. that remains with us through the weekend. the breezes will probably be w around throughout thei day tomorrow especially in thee afternoon when it gusts over 20r or 30 miles an even if we do get into 40s, it feels like the 30s. again tomorrow morning, gusts over 20 to 25 miles an hour as we go through the afternoon, about the same, now, again not here 50 miles an hour so it should feel better, but what we're finding with the winds iss also transporting moisture offte the great lakes and we've got some snow expect in the herelle vagues out to the west.ut it t could be on the order of to to four inches and the closer in in suburban areas but out here closer to west virginia it could be four inches of snow. here's your planner top, 8:00 a.m., 38-degree, chilly, wind chills in the 20s. by noon, 43-degrees, wind chill in thewi 30s.
10:53 pm
bright day the breeze will makel it feel like it's in the 30s even though the air temperature might get as high as 36-degrees in the city. upper 30s we think for many ofra the suburban areas to the form. quick check of the weekendnd forecast and onward to the seven day forecast. p it in the to kee mid 40s, the clouds will increase on sun, very night sunday night into mondaynday morning. it is possible we could see a few snow monday looks chill can i with a temperature of 40. we're in the 20s at night. tuesday, wednesday, we're back into the mid 40s and then a little bitan chilly again on thursday with a temperature of 42-degrees. that's your sevenat's day forecast.fore by the way, tsa pre-check it's 17 bucks a year but you have to pay 85 up front. i just wanted to get that outt there. kirk cousins showing off his skills on the site of the proe bowl in orlando today.ando what did he have to say about the pending contract negotiations with the burgandy t and gold? we're going to hear from number 8 still ahead in
10:54 pm
sports. let's get married. >> are you talking to me?? > it says jim.m. >> jim, it says i'm happily married. >> owe, yes, you are. >> not us, we're talking about them. all week we've been planning a wedding and tomorrow is the big day. > get your tissues and join the morning crew live in the loft.. sarah and corey are gettingng hitched on good day d.c. > we've got to t talk with whoever wrote that.
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thousands of low prices. my giant. the redskins until have until march 7 to me negotiate a term a deal with kirk cuss before he can start talking to other teams. march 1 is the last day they caa use their franchise tag.e with cousins that could be close to $24 million if the redskins were to tag hip for the second c year. if they tag him for second f straight year, i will
10:58 pm
did last year, i will sign it sg and play with it with. wi i am not afraid. i would like to say for thehe record i am also not afraid of making $4 million. he should have plenty of suitori with on or without the tag. he spoke about his pending free agency and today's pro bowel package. there's a lot of guys that don'g knowu was he ' going.. in my situation i know there t will be a lot of peopleeopl interested. a lot of us go through this. i've got a great agent. michael mccarthy has done a good job, pretty much calleduch everything before it's happened. i trust mike to do the job, protect me. it's important and we started to develop that in washington.ashi i'd love to be able to help build washington and bring themh back to the days of the that's what we're striving for.. under the right set ofet circumstances i would like to be
10:59 pm
cousins wasn't talking to the media he was showing off his hi skills in the pro bowel competition. most importantly, he was part of the main event today. yes, dodge ball. bal full on, pro bowl dodge they got way into it. cousins and his nfc dominateed. he does what we all do, he tookt his shirt objection to the formb if you're lookingje for some sam adams for your super bowl party, don't go to the companion c station in gainesville, georgiai isne refusing to sell brew for e super bowl. they caught wind of this stunt u and they replied thusly saying it won't be their only loss.oss. they also have said they have not stopped drinking coca-cola. >> thank you, brody. br > fox5 news at 11 starts right now.
11:00 pm
right nowt 11, hundreds of of thousands of people are flooding into the district for the marchm for life rally. what you need to know for to. plus a church group in town foru the march attacked. this is ath new one, the toes to tid owes chip bag that can telll if you've been drinking and cand even help you catch a ride home. and the doom's day clock takes k in historically how close are we to at apockpock lips. your news starts now.ow. we begin tonight with the march for life rally. it sticks off tomorrow morningoi right here in the district. di hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend. thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins. what you need to know about the events, plus there's a warning'a for visitors. sarah simmons starts us off. eagle bank arena is packed pa tonight for this life is goodgod


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