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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 27, 2017 9:00am-10:58am EST

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>> ahead on good day at 9 a a presidential first. president donald trump said to host his first world leader at the white house today come ago mid growing backlash on who will front the money for the wall around mexico border in the united states. >> look it's simple. we have to have a wall. >> another massive gathering in the nation's capitol as tens of thousands arrive for march of life. this year rally taking on new significance under president trump administration. it's an age old battle cat versus dog and they may be positively adorable when it comes to smarts which gets the treat. >> and latter, due to wedding bells. our live wedding extravaganza just moments away. from the press to the ceremony it's all about love in the loft today. good day at 9 a starts
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there's a massive event taking place here and we mean massive as in love. >> aww. >> love is massive on this friday. >> love is a holy place today -- the loft is a holy place today. >> that's a little scary. >> being honest. >> thank you for being with us we have a big day planned here. friday, january 27. super excited here in the loft this morning. not only is it friday. we're also gearing up as you saw for the big wedding live in the loft. >> preparations have been ongoing all morning long and the loft is transformed magically to all things wedding and big sayre moan write will take place in 90 minutes. 10:30 is time grid and groom are getting ready right now. we'll check in with them in a minute. >> we weren't you to be a part of the big day. in addition to tuning in we want to know what your marriage advice for the beautiful
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couple, tweet us useood day d.c. >> and it cannot be don't do it we don't accept that. all positivety on this friday. >> also on the show today reigning miss universe about to give up her crown this weekend. this we're's pageant happening sunday nights on "fox". and we'll talk with miss universe tia worthstock and back stage host archly game. >> and the cold weather and cold winter temperatures are back. after a nice few days i need the coat this weekend. that's cheerily obvious if you look outside. checking in with tucker barnes inside with the sleeves rolled up like it's summertime. >> working hard. >> wait a minute is miss universe coming into the studio. >> no. >> then simmer down. >> i can do weather now. cooler temperatures. jacket here and if i had not had a wardrobe malfunction i would be
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coolederd weather pattern for your friday afternoon. and for your weekend for that matter as we had some snow off to the north and west this morning and as close in as let's see martinsburg, front royal, hagerstown, western maryland, pretty good snow in western maryland over fight and you mighten count are a flurry in unof our western suburbs here today and for the rest of us partly sunny, brisk, mid 40s daytime eyes and good breeze out of the north and west and north and west will lock in the child forthe afternoon and i want to hear the sneak peek at the weekend forecast we keep it cool through the weekend. maybe snow showers monday. coming up more weather at 9:30 looking forward to wedding next hour. >> all are invited. >> 9:03 is time right now and it is, of course, been a busy week for president donald trump and today would be no different said to host world leader at the white house. today
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may. >> both countries are undergoing major transitionsen including u.s. couldn't very over building a border wall. >> donald trump sa lieutenants and walks the stairs of air force one the commander in chief getting ready to his ride. >> beautiful, great plane, really beautiful. >> this tool of international dip mromcy will carry trump in a world realikeing something that will become clear later today as he meets with british prime minister theresa may shaping her own country through negotiations with the european union. she spoke at republican gathering. >> because of that great victory you have won, america can be stronger, greater e. and more confident in years ahead. >> while the relationship may strengthen u.s. ties to me.
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a visit was cancelled next work because trump is moving forward on border wall. >> people want protection and wall protects. >> how will he pay for it. white house. voting idea of voter tax to force payments from mexico and that may go over with a thud with many free market republicans in coming gress to say nothing of the democrats. >> and just minutes ago president vump tweeted this. mexico has taken advance taj of the u.s. enough. it must change now. we've also learned that president trump will vl first official conference with russian president vladimir putin and the kremlin confirmed overnight they're set to speak by phone tomorrow and the call will be the first the two have spoken since he congratulated president trump on his victory shortly after the aelection. putin promed to mepd ties.
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over how many people attend trum's up iing rawtion. the day after swearing the in president akd acting director of national park service to tro duce photos of the clouds. the pictures may prove the news media headline in reporting actual attendance numbers. >> the other big event in town is annual march for life. thousands of anti abortion activist will be garaged on the national law marching to the supreme court. >> before you head to the march youth rallies kicked off at the verizon center and "fox5" annie yu is at verify son center where things are wrapping up, annie. >> good morning to all of you we are here at the verizon center erin everything sort of kicked off:1 or so and they're run behind schedule because of tight security you're looking at 18,000 young adults f
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across america gatheringerizon. 8,000 in total. this is put on by archdioceses of watch ton and other 10,000 are at d. r. armory. here at the verizon you can see the students are mostly 8th graders or middle schoolers holding signs some saying i stand for life and other signs reading children are mevr a mistake. they were singing and had a concert here and now they're in middle of mass and everything is supposed to wrap up again they got delayed around 9:45 and then they will all be bussed down to the national mall. and these are groups from local schools the ones opt floor here are from the local catholic schools in dioceses and as you're also having the students from over 100 u.s. cities and so a lot happening here under one roofer the objective is to get them under one roof andener rate epere and passion until it take place on
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take place on the national mall.which is three hours away. once this wraps up they'll head to national mall. the 44 year for march of life is taking place around 11:45. i can tell you that around noon they'll start music and festivities and there's also going to be vice-president mike pence sneing year and then also kellyanne conway one of president trump's top advisers is expected to be there. we've been told security will be super tight and so they are going to start things off at noon again musikfest activities and around 1:00 the marchers will march from the national mall down constitution to capitol hill and end at the supreme court and so a big day here in washington. back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you very much. and there was an unfortunate turn for a youth group in town for today's march and they say a group of about 20 teenagers attacked them wednesday night near the congress heights metro stop southeast they were headed to assumption catholic church
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group was from texas and assault lasted 20 seconds and leaving some of their members battered and bruced happening today a man convicted 20 times convicted 0 times for sexually assaulting women in the district will face judge again. >> it has many shaking their heads probably you, too. how could the same man be in jail and let out so many times to keep targeting victims. bob barnard joins us live now with details and i think it's a fair question, bob. >> yeah, holly. i think the problem is a lot of the crimes are merchandises so the judge will say, okay, it was not expressly violent ut out go and then gets arrested again. this is gentleman michael hiliard 57 years old due in court d.c. supreme core court. arrested most recently two days agog on 7th street and basically, this one a felony charge for attacking for sexually attacking a woman. i
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from surveillance video of this man. his back again 57-year-old man who apparently has no known address so he may be homeless. a man by our account our search has been arrested 6 times over the past 3 years. and some of them for traffic violences and other things and as you mentioned quite a few of them for sex assault type groping incident. and his arrest two days ago was second of this month. and he's charged with three misdemeanor sexual offenses groping women in the logan circle and thomas circle and u street corridor areas all like north of downtown area. and he is still awaiting disposition on those three charges when he was arrested again two days ago, guys, he's been in jail appearing before a judge this morning we'll let you know how to goes. it's outraging police and obviously people in the community who say this guy is serial groper.
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also today a preliminary nary hearing is scheduled for the yar tricia mccauley and adrian wayne johnson was arrested and will appear in court today. mccally was strangled to death and may have also been essentially assaulted. >> a canned lights vij sill held tonight for friends and family of it askesha hughes coats was shot and killed earlier this month on good hope and hill crest hight and her family contacted detengt activities shortly after seeing the sketch of her face on tv. the vigil is set for tonight 8 to 10:0 good hope road temple hill. >> and funeral will be held for laurel department of public works employee marcus kolbert was struck by riding on back of trash truck this is the city's first on the job fatality. services begin at noon in laurel bethany church. >> and i a stunning admission of the lack
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his apartment. top fix that prob limb. >> age old debate of cats versus dog and once again taking center stage. this time okay. are these two equally as smart? we're going to. >> good question. >> that's what was answered here. are they equally as smart? and of course, today, we are excited because we're having a wedding in the loft. there is a live look at the ladies getting ready those are sarah's bride maids. girls you're on tv. look. and there's bride herself getting air all done up. we're super excited and it's all going to happen in second half of good day at 10 a. you can see the loft is set. hey list inbe a part of it send us in your wedding pictures and send us in your best he marriage advice and make sure you use #good day d.c.. we're back after this
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. we're here today because over there where we're normally set up it's called a wedding this morning. we hope you stick around all day and deal with us. news headlines now. prince william county top police officer the top cop admitting there's a problem with his department
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doesn't look like the community it serves. >> minorities of the population and the police department is overwhelmingly white. tisha lewis spoke with the chief saying diversity is a top priority. >> our police department is not where it needs to be in terld of diversity. >> this video on the face back page highlights most recent recruit three latino three african-american and three asian. numbers are up for the current class and all agree this does not reflect the community it serves. >> this is an issue for law enforcement across america and here in northern virginia. >> prince william lease chief barry bernard says there's many challenges competitive salaries from other jux dictions and finding home grown talent antenational dialogue an race and police confrontations is proving to be a tough hill to climb
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>> perhaps conversation has something to do with it you know in terms of recruiting fo who theimagery or you know of the police work you know people questioning wow is this really what i want to do, officers are you know perceived there's some time where they've done something that garners great national attention and through social media so strong is that a concern for people when i think gee he want to get into police work. >> beyond diversity they're tackling a jarring statistic homicide rate more than doubled in 016. >> certainly we have to do everything we can to focused in on gang ak toughty and drugs and we'll continue to focus on those issues and domestic violence and gang activity and drug dealsers and guch s an issue of course and so we're going to do everything we can to have a positive influence on that. >> and social media savvy agency will look
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platforms which chief admits continual crime updates may contribute to people feeling unsafe. he assures us they are safe. >> i want them to be safe. but i also want people to feel safe. this is my community. >> chief barnard says he's hiring and they're hosting a career fair saturday april 1 the western district station in mannasas. if you want the information on our web site go to and they're doing something to better reflect the community they serve. >> first step is recognizing the problem. >> that's right. >> good. >> new this morning we're getting first look at body camera footage from fort worth police officer suspended for wrestling a black woman and daughter to the ground and we should warp you it may be owe fen stoyv some viewers. >> this footage was proceeded to associated press from attorneys representing jacqueline craig who called police to report that a neighbor had choked her
9:19 am
one of her daughter's videoed interactions between craig and officer william mar tip and post today online and fort worth police have denied media request to release martin body cam footage and lee merit said in email that she received the video from a trusted anonymous source. >> and so basically the neighbor if you're not familiar with the story the neighbor calls -- the neighbor surprise set because the young boy allegedly littered and so he then proceeded to put his hands on the young boy and then when the the mother said don't touch my son then basically the neighbor who complained -- oh, nobu the mother called police and when the police fwot there it turned on and -- turned on her she called the police for help. >> right she said what are you doing and he said well you should teach your son not to litter and you see the neighbor standing by looking at it without a care and watching this woman get wrestled down. >> yes. >> it's ver
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right there. >> all right.iting to >> and 9:19 is the time. parent of trayvon martin are releasing a book about his life titled rest in power the legacy of trayvon martin. they say the book is more than just what they both went through following the death of their son. they're trying to help people cope with loss of loved one and features things you may not have known about trayvon martin. >> 9:20 now. donald trump's plan to build a border wall may have impact on price of things we buy every day. nasa launches new look for astronauts and heart-warming moment between two mom's caught on camera. >> and lightser, beer ban. why you won't find one popular brand at one convenience store ahead of sunday's super bowl. >> in the meantime all about love in the loft. love.
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right here in the loft. >> oh, no when you right. okay. >> we don't want -- >> back all about love. wedding preps, there will be a wedding here on "fox5". stay tunedment marriage advice. if you want to send us marriage advice send it to us. good day d.c..
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on offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads. now you might think it's a little odd that the wilsons have a half house, but they think it's a little odd to pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> 9:23. >> sunshine looks nice. let's leave it
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sunshine looks nice. h good news wall street. keeping the dow well above 20,000 deklainz in healthcare shares under pressure now and dow record pace right now. hold on to some brair owes let's not get too carry away. tack he'll a, margaritas could they all get more expensive. possibly. it would suggest to pay for the,000 mile wall with mexico con border with 20% import tax on product with mexico. beer, avocados, flat screen tvs could be hit with a big price increase. members of congress tweeting about this and others saying hold on it's proposal at this point nothing set in stone. >> developing overnight faa investigating after a plane that took off from dulles was forced to make emergency landing in nashville after one of its engines caught fire. now the plane was safely evacuated and officials were able to extinguish the hot spot and r
9:25 am
close and remains closed. >> nasa it is a nod to the future, light weight, highly mobile, innovative. it will be worn by astronauts on mission across the bowing star lining space craft. during launch, is anteand reentry and will be customized to maximum protection, capability and comfort. >> if you sit next to everybody else you don't need orange to spot them we're okay with blue. >> yes i think it's okay. >> originally it was white. >> good call. >> back in the day. >> despite metages to limit sodas and suggest ray beverages most american kids drvrping a lot. according to cdc from 2011 he to 2014 two third of kids between and 19 drink one sugary drink a day. that account for more than% of their total caloric intake. kids between 12 and 19 have highest intake of these
9:26 am
>> you can see that. >> i think you're lucky if they drink one a day. >> next video warming hearts around the world xtd shows gracie the dog picking up puppies all 11 of them and then gently placing them one by one into her foster mom's lap aww. >> there you go foster mom. >> that was twist i didn't know what you were going to say. >> yeah and then gets another one. >> oh, my goodness. >> and the dog mighting feeling unsure right now about being a new mom and she wants a little help maybe at least some love and reassurance from somebody she loves and trusts who is her foster mom. so she wants -- >> different version of mom's group. >> she want to share that joy and responsibility of the puppies. >> that's amazing. >> that's amazing. >> and i am interesting just about the breed it looked like pit bull or something like that. >> yes. >> it's showing tweeter
9:27 am
>> and mama's instikts. >> and it also shows how intelligent dogs are. >> yes and all moms connect. >> see, holly -- >> now you're a dog and cat mom. so right i do have an opinion. >> okay. >> i still have opinion about that question. >> okay. >> which we'll discussion coming up. >> which we'll discuss coming up. mreptsty more ahead on good day including special hon for or a local fire department not only do they help keep us safe every day this it they have a big part in keeping last week's inauguration stave. >> cat versus dog debate as old as time. is it really a debate. something new to debate. which one is smarter, that's the question. we'll break it all down coming up. >> we'll not answer that question. >> we'll give you new fuel for the fire. >> yes. >> we'll stir it up and then leave it happening. >> and leave it on the stove. >> because that's what we do. >> of course at
9:28 am
wedding live in the lost and bride sarah and groom cory getting ready right now. let's do the sweet wedding song, right, we're doing the same thing in the loft getting ready with final preparations underway and we're excited. don't miss the wedding extravaganza it's now less than an hour away. stay with us.
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sdmrvr welcome back. a lot of activity taking place is last man standing and ezekiel elliot eliminates them and 'tis off shirt to eliminate. dodge ball, dodge ball. >> tucker forced me to watch a little and texted me when it was on 7:00. kirk cousins was part of dodge ball. obviously did not make it to the end. >> when dodge wall ball was eliminated from schools i rejoiced. >> i'm with you on that. >> i did not want that red plastic ball burn on my backside. >> our school was so old we didn't have a gym and we had to play in the holloway. basically as far as away as we are it leaves a mark. >> lesson comes down on tablets. >> way to
9:32 am
>> way to carve them ourselves. >> and when you get graded for >> bad. >> you nailed it. >> controversy over sam adams beer brewing up this morning after a liquor store in gainsville georgia die hard falcons fan pulled the beer. the owner made the move in response to column by boston globe sports writer that appeared to belittle atlanta football team and sam adams is boston lager for falcons fan the decision was probably a no brainier. >> i like a friendly back and forth. >> you have to talk trash before the big game. >> i thought you were going to talk trash. >> no. >> what are you talking about. >> not going to watch it. >> are you going to watch basketball. >> to basketball. >> how do you you know who your favorite team is. >> i'll decide in the 4th quarter with ten second on the clock. >> john wall made nba all star game he was voted by
9:33 am
be eastern conference all star riding 1 game home winning streak and nba all star weekend february 17 in new orleans. >> i will say something about the wizards early on in the season they were not very good. >> i was a boughter. >> i talked to our friend david aldridge and he said they would do this he called it early said they're not bad it's a playoff team he has expertise on the matter. >> here's the headline you were wrong. >> yes, shocker first i'm i've ever been wrong and i won't admit i was wrong. early on -- >> i think we all realize there was more responsible than displayed on the court. >> there you go. >> they're winning now. >> that's all that matters. >> much luke tucker barnes, winning, winning, winning, every day. >> good morning the best part are of the skills competition was how serious the comment taters are. >> who d
9:34 am
>> and they had a flow a flag on one of the big sleds they pushed. >> did they do instant replay at all. >> all the time and drone dron wisdom. >> favorite part was drone done. >> 41 washington. cool temperatures. they're here to stay for friday and in fact for weekend much cooler weather pattern setting up here. we take a couple weeks off from wintry temperatures and they'll be back. they'll not be extremely cold but back to the where we should be here end of january. 38 dulles, 9 leonardtown and 41 culpeper and winds not gust of 50 like we had yesterday and still pretty persistent out norm and north and west here 20 to 25 and gust of 8 washington and 28 dulles. breeze is with us this afternoon and that gives us wpd chills. few hevt yov snowflakes had a few
9:35 am
won't amount to much whatin th i and overnight lows near freezing tonight and let's me mention both saturday and sunday look the same. we'll get plenty of sunshine this weekend and temps in the 40s and freezing temperatures at night. maybe snow showers by monday, guys, with temperatures in 0s. all right that's weather update. back to you. and captain dogs. >> okay. here we go. where did holly go. i need her. >> she had wedding stuff to take care of. >> oh, man. >> we're on our own. >> time for a little debate. >> this is for bop the cat and dog lovers ut there which animal is smarter, cats and dogs. >> don't say dogs until late esh. >> a new study says cats are just as smart as dogs. beruk shimtof tells us why. >> are cats more intelligence
9:36 am
or dogs. >> i think cats. >> i thi smarter. >> dogs smarter. >> he's completely trained in everything he can dance, circles, jumps on hind legs. >> dogs much smarter. i never had a cat that taught me anythinging. >> scientists in japan determined that cats have episodic memories reflecting details about precise nopts time. >> a cat will not go into a certain room because something happened there a long time ago. yeah, a cat, cat therapist carol willburn says her interaction with cats i have learned a lot if cats. think of all the places cats hang out. that takes stamina and intelligence and memory. it takes everything.
9:37 am
and a cat is the tire. >> whether it's the canine or feline you can assure your best friend is smart. >> the basis of the study they did the back story here they basically tested cats and wanted to see how good memories were and if they could remember basically dishes they aits or had whatever it was and they're using that as basis. it really was not a can you train a cat to do tricks. catch a frisbee. >> detect cancer. >> different level of intelligence. >> seeing eye cat. >> right, what they were testing them on. >> take puppies from one thing to foster mom, okay. >> they were testing remembering where food dish was they were equally intelligent. okay? >> i could have the best marina marina marracory and not be smart. >> i understand. >> all i know dogs are smarter. >> i don't know about this study but dogs are smarter hands down. not even close.
9:38 am
not worm discuss. >> that makes them unsmart. >> they may be so smart they know somebody will do it all for him. >> we only had 20 seconds to talk about this and holly you desserted me and you're gone for a better reason. >> dozen are smarter. >> dogs are smarter i agree. >> anyway, let's talk about the biden and wedding party. the girls are getting ready here. this is the third time we've checked in. if you follow along you will be mazeed it looks like smk special is happening. this mom in the hot seat now. mommy want to know did you ever extreme your daughter's wedding would be on tv. >> never in a mill oryears. >> what's your best piece of advice for her. >> try to be best friends. try to be on and honest and just be flexible and always try to remember u
9:39 am
to remember you're best friends. >> aww. >> anrride. has she expressed that to you before or first. >> i think that's the first time. >> i'm glad i asked the question. so you know steve had a great question he checked in with cory right a little bit ago i don't know if you saw that or not. >> yeah. >> you did? >> yes. >> he said if he could say something to you because you guys have not spoken today what would it be. if you could say something to cory what would it be. >> i can't wait so see you in less than an hour and get married and start our life together. >> you have like 50 minutes. >> and start a family sometime not terribly soon. >> i was oh, my god we have breaking news. >> soonish. >> so you have less than 50 minutes to be single. >> oh, >> oh, >> see that put it all into perspective didn't it? >> i need a thing of champagne or something. >> whole bottle sister we have it upstairs it's chilling. quickly as one of the bridesmaids what are you thinking today. >> i'm thinking about in college when we picked out our dresses
9:40 am
okay. we're headed back up to the loft next time you see him. it mighting almost time for the big someday. back to you guys. >> well, listen everything is getting ready to go up here busy, busy right where we are. we can see it right now. that's exciting we'll have less than an hour now. still ahead. >> special honor for local fire department their fire house in southwest g. c. not only do they help keep us safe every day they had a big part in keeping inauguration stave. we'll talk with them next.
9:41 am
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>> to celebrate those in the khunty and we get ready to kickoff the weekend it's time for fire house friday we honor responders who keep everyone safe. >> for fire house friday we head to southwest d.c. to engine 13, truck 10 for foam unit task force. they played a big role in last week's inauguration ceremonies and caitlin roth is hanging out with them this morning. hello, caitlin. >> hello there allison. yes, we get all to the role in inauguration last week. i'm down in south west d. drrks engine number 13 and joining me is captain mitch camary. thank you for speaking with us this morning and all men
9:44 am
assembled around us as we like city and communities and dunkin' donuts is here and we just wanted to bring you guys dunkin' donuts wanted to bring you thank you in form of coffee and donuts. thanks for having us here. tell me about the station because it's one. newest ones in the districts right. >> that's right thanks for coming up out this is brand new fire house we moved in may of last year and have not been here a full year yet. it's lullly new concept we have fire house nrivrt floor and hotel above us. so we work with our partners with the hotel to make this agreet facility for us. >> it's also known for housing foam units. >> right we have foam units here and those runts are the one that go out any time there's a helicopter land are or president or vice-president to stands by and make sure everything is safe and make sure if anything happened we're there to asgliingt where are they thosed here behind me. >> right over there. >> great. and all right you house all the foam units here and big part and stat
9:45 am
inauguration last friday tell me about that. >> we had two separate groups of firefighters that went out we have one group that went out soley with foam units out at the capitol with the president while he left the capital and offer to his row occasions and another group here staffing truck and apparatus here to take care of anything on the southwest side of city. >> are you or men ever participated in inrawing ration before or first tell me what that was like. >> first we have been involved in many inaugurations a lot of guys here have. it's something that comes up and another day for us and sometimes busy here and couple different challenges but it's what we do every day. it's what we do sxw we can't ignore your every day tutees and everything you do like i said for city and the foam units we had historical pictures which hopefully we showed of what they are and how they changed over the years to come. and i mean what can you speak on behalf of them yourselves. >> the foam units they're really a critical part
9:46 am
whole safety and security of the landings t them operate them and they're especially trained and they're especially equipped on those apparatus and those are soley focused for that one specific aspect. so it's a highly trained unit members work hard to make sure that the units are kept up and they keep up up training and proud to have them here sgle thank you. we appreciate the time speaking to us. >> and for coming out we fwot you a tee shirt from the foam unit from presidential task force and we want told share that and thank you and dunkin doe donuts. >> this is great thank you for the shirt i appreciate it so much and thank you for your service we appreciate it and happy to feature you guys in southwest d.c. engine 13 station 10 here in washington and thank you so much. great fire house friday, guys, and we'll send it back to you guys. >> i think you got the better end of the
9:47 am
donuts. >> that's cool. >> thank you. >> and we're inchingclser and closer to live wedding ceremony here he on the the loft and preparations are underway right now. they're going on all around us. >> yes this say live picture of pin stripes in georgetown where the reception will be after they tie the knot here officially in the loft. and we should say, too, this this whole wedding in a week thing could never happen without mix 107.3 and washington wedding experience they're the ones that helped pull this whole things off. there's cafe. >> if you saw that view of pin stripes there folks can sit and watch they had us on the big screen they can watch the ceremony while at pin stripes and bride and groom will head down and join everybody. everybody gets to be a part of it. >> i was down with the bride and when i came upstairs guess who i ran into. >> groom. >> groom it became so real at that moment when i saw him he looked handsome. >> and -- >> we
9:48 am
>> legally binding. >> binding. >> we remember it's a big this is huge deal. we hope you're watching. >> basically look at the audience not audience look at guests they have. >> entire dmv. >> send them good love. >> all right. >> 9:48 is the time. is it ahead reigning miss universe as she hands over her crown to a new miss universe we'll talk live and back stage ashley gram what we can expect from this year's pageant.
9:49 am
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9:51 am
in three days women from around the world more than 85 countries will compete for the coveted miss universe crown. comedian steve harvey is returning as host and model body activist ashley gram. now of course last year's competition is marked with unfortunate announcement of incorrect winner and it's a you? year. and a new set of ladies and what can we expect in 2017. joining is now current miss universe and
9:52 am
good morning to both of you. they're johning us live from philippines. >> all right i'll start with you and your reign is coming to end and obviously you're probably one of most memorable for not winning but really then winning. so what has this year been like for you? >> it's been great. i feel like i learned so much this year and grown so much taken was more than i expected it to be and it's a lot of fun actually and the one thing i really learned about miss universe it's a job. it's a 24/7 job and what people see on tv they see a girl get crowned and think that's it and she goes home and then she throws party it's actually not the case. you go straight to work right awe and whoever the winner will be i hope she does the same. >> ashley you definitely will be working speaking of work you'll be back stage
9:53 am
the good behind the scenes stuff. but i do want to ask you about the global voting because there's been a lot of talk about and and actually who we see perform as parts of the show this year. >> yes. okay. you're going to see flow 'roider and boys ii men i am so excited. and it's really also exciting that everybody at home can get involved. you can go to and you can have your fan favorite and we'll talk about it throughout the show and you'll know who everybody is voting for. >> maybe miss philippines again. >> it would be the fourth time. it's a super big deal there and obviously being hosted there this year that would be bigger. ashley, i'm interested to talk with you a little bit you are such a leader for so many women. i mean you recently posted on instagram hey look had this is my cellulite we all fwot it and you believ
9:54 am
you are and many would argue that's exact opposite of what like the miss universe pageant conveys. >> yeah i think you know some might argue that. at the end of the day what miss universe is trying to portray now is that women of all ages, ethnicitys and sizes can be who they want to be and when they want to be all of those different things. because what's really great we have athletes, doctors, lawyers, we also have miss usa who is in military and right back there in d.c.. so, you know, really it's realtyly awesome what miss universe is doing now. >> what would be your best piece of advice for the newly crowned miss universe? >> for the next winner my best piece of advice hm actually you would be guided
9:55 am
anyway i know you'll be in good hands but i guess one really useful thing is that please back up your phone all thetime. because i lost so maybey pictures of my miss universe mem i wheres because my phone crashes and i lose all photos. to the new winner be smart, back up your phone. >> good advice. >> that is unexpected advice i have to admit pia i would not have thought of you're right that's good advice and i have to ask you ashley, too, now, did mr. harvey have any advice for you like making sure you gets everything right? >> no, no, no. i had advice for steve. you so you know you see how it goes. making sure she says the right name this year and no, steve is great. steve is fantastic and he just told me to be me and i told him to be him. >> there you go. you both you laid questions are gorgeous and we thank you what you did over the last year he pia serve ising as miss
9:56 am
are and continue to be for a lot of women out there. thank you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and miss universe pageant is this sunday on "fox". >> let's go miss d.c.. >> obviously -- >> and also she's been here several times with us. we wish her the best. that's great useful advice. >> a lot of times live every day to fullest and she's like no, no, no, don't lose pictures you will want them. back up the phone. >> once they get into the cloud. >> cha is the cloud. how do you access it. >> here's what we know the wedding is coming up next don't go anywhere that's coming in the 10 a.m. hour oh, ghiness prettier every moment backing up his phone doesn't want to lose wetting photos. call me time on good day d.c.. here's the facebook page to enter the contest. one lucky winner selected random.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> ♪♪ >> going to the chapel and we're gonna' get married ♪♪ >> you are cordially invited ind to a live event at 10:00 a.. tara and corey planned wholeanne wedding in a week.dding in in a matter w of minutes they're going to get married live live right here during our show. o >> so exciting. >> love is in the loft foror this very special good day atial 10:00 g a. >> circle of love.e of lo >> it sure is.>> it sure is >> we prob
10:01 am
the circle and let it go back b. >> our guests are being beg ushered in.heredi we have the live ceremoniesive r here, we have cameras down in in georgetown. that's where the reception is going to to be. all done with mix 107.3 jack7 diamond is here of course, the wedding -- washington weddingweg experience also helped pullencea all of this off so it's going g to be quite a memorable day. >> we'll say good morning tol s everybody who is not in pinstripes. they're watching us on the big screen where they'll be able to watch the wedding.weding there's a live picture oficture what's happening there,pening te traffic, they're working their way down here and here's her what's happening right here inig the soft.the soft. hi everybody. goni morning. >> what'ngs up? y'all excited?x y'all nervous?s? [laughter] >> they're fine. fridayida ready for a party. >> have a good time. >> we're goingav te oa have fun together and we're glad you'rege along. everybody is
10:02 am
i'm steve alongside allison, holly and wisdom. wi we were talking about theng abte wedding in a week and this has been a long time coming soingso we'll talk more about that. >> what -- >> we want to get right to kellyanne >> she's not coming to theto the wedding. >> but everyone is invited.inte. >> she could be watching.atchg. >> via the magic of television. le >> kelly an conway is not, she is not here forn co any more criticism of her -- excuse me -- 3,600-dollar gucci ensemble, let's get that number right. this red white and blue numberle it was her inauguration coat. c. in an interview with a a hollywood reporter kellyanne conway says she's sorry to "offend the black stretchlack sh pants women of america byica by wearing a little color. first of all right there, there, that's over --that's >> that was offens oive.ffense. >> that's over the line.hat' let me get back to the script. c athe
10:03 am
reporters they are coat was wa trump revolutionary wear.r. so, does this mean conwaya conwy doesn't care for yoga pants? p what are you trying to say. t >> i don't know. but i find any time you say iyo don't want to offend in issuefe but you're going to -- t >> very specific.> >> i'm sorry to offend ofend followed by an offensivefnsive comment. comment. >> right. >> plus if their whole thing is theyif're relating to the regular people, regular ladies are black yoga >> can't afford a $3,000 suit. >> i'm glad it's over.lad pumped takes on enrique pena nieto. niet his first lady wife melaniaelan trump gracing the cover of vanity fair mexico. there she is, mrs. trump seentrn posing with a about of jewelsf w and the cover line promises to o reveal how she deals with herh r presidential husband and hownd she may b
10:04 am
kennedy t now, here's the deal. she was not photographedwa specifically for this magazinesi ors maga actually even interviee specifically forwe this th publication. both the photo and the accompanying interviewco originally appeared in gq magazine last spring.s >> if she wasn't interviewed for it how can she addrsess howw she deals with her husband as the president.e presi >> if he becomes president.iden. >> interesting. >> doesn't seem like a timely ti article. >> doesn't seem like a fair a article i don't think.ti >> i agree.cle >> interesting.>> >> let's talk about this new study the. talstudy t. it shows girls as young as six x years old are less likely than boys to label people of their h own gender as "really, really smar"." another word for brilliant obviously. researchers said experienceer suggested. it takes place pivotal pointi in childhood around first grade and can that influenceluee academic and career choices.eer. some people say it can be teachers, could be historyould books that mostly feature men
10:05 am
which causes children to thenil assume that women are largelya absent because they were less intelligent rather than theath real reason if you learnedear about history that the lawst and the social mores at theore time treated women as secondaseo class citizens.c >> could be history books or history. . >> right. is being , history taught that but then they're not understanding that it'st s not that way any. y >> history, though, meaning the social norm at the time. tie but look at congress.but who, at the makeuplo here. hre women are still making stridesak when you think of the laws andln the body that covers and thend e guidance where we go as aas a country so it's not hard to -- t i know a six-year-old isn'tis't looking at --ing >> what are you learning atg six that you're not learningning at five. why would it be that pivotalthat year. to ghen you start to go intoly first go riaden your subjectsous change. the younger years it's more ore lot more play based and thingsn like that. you literally start getting into subjects and soily.ects >> like the president.e presiden >> so then, you know, itknow, i starts to turn the corner.
10:06 am
>> i've always taken theaken the philosophy with my girls asgoryo say and you have the historyisty books, you're in school you sc know what they say but don't dot let all those things definengsee you. the world is wide opened.pend. don't stay in lanes. la don't let other people define you. you can do whatever you andn want todo w do. don't let sexism racism ageism stop you.op yo >> parents said the samets saide thing. they said don't let anything any restrict you. you can do anything that youhin can set your mind through butyo unfortunately there are a lotatl of people that tone feel thaty l way. t that feel people need to fit f into certain roles in society. >> this is eye opening for me.p. especially at the age of six i'm thinking that, you know, kn later they showed that things tn start to divide more and whatever so i was surprised byiy how young.w yo >> how early it is it >> how early this dividedivide starts: so i think the good thd thing about this system itthis t highlights a problem
10:07 am
>> define a specific time.ine >> you need to be checking h , k you're -- >> get to them early. >> and reinforce.rce. >> good for parents in theyf did also say inor there that itr wasn't that later that girls gis didn't think they did as wellasl in school.cho you believe your own genderu does well in school but theyhey didn't and associate that withtt brilliance and that's whathat'sw then leads to the jobs of to thf being a mathematician or an engineer orphysician or iniciani physics all those kind of jobsfo that you associate with really e smart >> we've got some work to do.omo >> we do. start early. ear >> we're failing our f somewhere along the waymewhere h they're learninge wasomethingeg differently than walls thel truth. >> you're right. you can't start too earhely. >>ight.t. >> and you can't do it enough.u you got tocan' reinforce.orce. >> right. also this morning looks like being late to work iss mo becomg an recommend mick.. career sayscom says 29 percent of workers respectret late at least once a month.ont 60 percent say they're late atae least once a week and thosece an numbers are up from last ye
10:08 am
the survey also revealedso reved bosses are showing a leniencyeny to tardiness saying it's aboute productivity not hours.saoduc but here are tisomvie ofty n thd excuses for being late.for bein. first, i forgot it wasn't theite weekend . >> [laughter] >> that's a tough one tola buy.. >> that's a hard sell. sell. >> next i put petroleum gel inte my >> i can believe that. reaeally. >> lauren simonetti spoke ton sk this earlier and said how some s ladies, i do it too, holly iho don't know if you do take off our eye makeup.. >> with vaseline.aseline. >> it really works.w >> for the record i have nevervr done that specifically but i have torn contacts, i've lost -- dropped contacts downntn the sink lost them and thennk you have to try to find litos. you irritate the eye andye you're like i have to give to gi this 10 minutes top wash out. >> just resolve itself. it >> i can buy that one. >> what i learned from this his whole discussion is i need to o get some >> i'm not touching that.
10:09 am
how about another excuse.about u [laughter] >> we're going with another excuse. another excause.anotheexcaus >> awkward. change the subject. >> mychan mother-in-law wouldn'- stop tailking. >> if that is an excuse icuse wouldn't say it out loud.ud >> exactly and finally i wasal s cornered by a moose.a >> you know what's happened towh me a couple of times.ouple of t. >> what's that. >> is that my gar>>age door doo sometimes is kind of sensitiveee and you -- it's like we're wre outsmarting ourselves.our you can't get out because it's s electronic so if the power pwe goes out it remains one of myf y big fears.fea >> she's not making that up.hat. >> right. ig >> i do recall --ea >> you're never going to this th happened again. >> i can't find my car >> nobody ever used the excuse s i'm stopped by the police? polc no. >> i feel like that's one i don't and want toeel li attemptt >> that sounds real.t sounds >> that is real. that's a real excuse.exe. stopped by the police. >> were you stopped by there police recen ytly.ce rtl >> not recently. i haven't b neenot late recently but in my past.t. >> i've gotten stopped in thegot last few years on the wayen in. >> on the way in you have.h >> on the way in.y in. b
10:10 am
late. get some vaseline so goodbye. >> had to go back there.hre. >> made you late for otheroter reasons. re >> just hours afterust hours afr mcdonald's gave away 10,000 10,0 bottles of its trademark bigrk g mac special sauce as part of aoa big mac promotion because nowaue they have big macs in macs in different sizes -- did yousizes know that holly?hat holly? >> no. >> i did not know that. >> there's a big mac jr. now. o. >> don't get it confused withonh the whopper jr. it's the big mac jr. >> a big mac is an oxymoron.xy >> they have a couple size center city. bottles though are being sold. i they were free. away but now bu now some and people put them onthemn ebayand they're being sold beins for as much as -- is this right 100,000? i think it washs lower.wer. >> like 15,000. 1, >> it's still tens of thousands. >> for a bottle of thousandstho i'll
10:11 am
for $15,000 or $30.r $30. >> you decide.ide. >> or $15 as you said. >> $30 was about the cheapest. >> is it notth just thousand island. >> how much is a bottle ofof thousand i'll glandules than gnl $30. >> you want to hear the sadestes thing. >> all this time i thought its o was a speciual >> no, it is special sauce.peci i was raised vegetarian soeget when my and friends would go w to mcdonald's and stuff i would get the big mac and i biga would hold it. i wanted the experience. >> then she got special sauce lettuce cheese onions on sesame seed bun. >> madonna facing more backlash. >> i liked burger king as well because i didn't like catsupikep and mustard on the burgers brges
10:12 am
condiments and burger can do it your way. >> i like mcdonald's.e mcd i'mo not into the flame broiled. broiled. >> i like the flames.flames. >> now can we move on too madonna. >> yes. >> yes >> madonna facing more backlash this time from as timea fellow pop star. >> the wait is over. taylor swift and zayn malik releasing their 50 shadesir 50 s corroboration. we'll share it with you comingo up next. is ourbig thing is our wedding. our wedding is coming up in upin just mome please stay with us. can't wait.t. >> it's a legal collabo.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
>> ♪♪♪ >> 10:15. time for the good day d celebrity dish.di >> let's serve it it up. we'll talk with cindi lauper. she won't let it go when it it comes to madonna's speech atat the women's pennsylvania. during an appearance on watch what happens live theap petarrut colors singer said her fellowfe pop icon's controversialversial address didn't serve ourveu purpose because anger is not better than clarity andnd humanity. that is what opens people'sopl minds. nds. lauper commented scarlett johansson's speech whichwhih detailed personal
10:16 am
at planned parenthood startingao when she was 15 when you andd 5d want to change people's mindspln you have to share your reaclr el lauper says she thinksin emotional speeches help the cause but yelling does n. >> i'll bet. >> i would agree with her. >> good >> disappointing because outinti of all the things thatll the thg happened downs th there, that's, what's getting the most, the cursing tirade is what got the most headlines. >> that's for people in thatopl position have to andsiti understand. moste mt have the eloquent speaker in the worldrld but if a celebrity saysebr says something nine times out of 10ne that's the one people are t the going to liste onne p toeo. to. >> that's the one we're stillill talking about.ab >> i didn't see madonna did speech. i've seen it since whatevern' but i did see n it s the scarlette scarlett johansson speech.on seech. she's absolutely right.ight. she gave of herself and told o what she really thought fromy when she was a young teenagerter living basically on her own inwi new york city and how andho planned parenthood wasned paren basically her thdoooctor and its not just all abortions.ortions. >> public speaking too if youtoy saso
10:17 am
relate to and find ainda connection to i impactful. >> otherwise you're justou're jt another high paid person.peron. >> just some words. w let's talk about wendy wndy williams. wendy williams is not one to to hold back and she andsheand certainly didn't when it camen'e to paris jackson.jackson. after checking out michael jackson's daughter's shockingsho rolling stone interview the tvhv host found issue with the 18-year-old's thoughts on race e particularly her race. rac. speaking on her show wendy w first and explained she is notpe made her mark on her own. o you cannot be on the cover ofero one of the most prestigiousst ps and influential magazines inial the world and just be the be t daughter of michael jacksonchae and tell your story inside butst she took it even further by fur calling out the teen foren or considering herself black.f bla now in response the t 52-year-old ranted i get thattha she considers herself blacklak and everything but i'm justi'm t talking about the visualal because, you know, black isnow,k not what you call yourself. it's what the cops see whenee they got -- when you go -- g when you
10:18 am
>> when they got a gun -- gn -- >> when te got steel to yourl neck on the turnpike is whatwh they see. >> totally disagree with youh ou wendy. we >> yeah.nd >> i totally disagree withisageh you. she is -- look, when you look at paris jackson you might seese a white woman because therecause are questions, the conspiracy ty people and the rumor mill that t she is not michael jackson'sacn' biological child.biol i get that but here's the deal is that michael jackson was anhs african-american and if shesh identifies as that as far as fa we know she's biracial.bir what was the difference when di halle berry said she's a blackbk woman or whatever and also, ao, too, she is the daughter ofof the biggest pop star inar in history. her story is a valid one manyidy people do want to hear from heaf her. she's had a very rough road road and i totally disagree with wih wendy but it's not the first fit time i've disagreed with disagrh wendy. >> i don't get the whole pointo when wendy was like, you know,k, just because you're the daughter of michael jacksonof m doesn't get you on the coveron v of a prestigious mag
10:19 am
>> apparently it did. dd.ant di, yeah. >> i think she's 18.he18. she's telling the story of these world as she knows it at thisat point in her life.t in her life. >> she's had suicide attempts.t i know i'm passionate aboutt this michael jackson topic butiu she's been through a lot.ough a. she's not just sitting in an a corner being pampered andd ad getting money off of theff michael jackson name.l jack she can help somebody with her e story even though she is very wealthy. >> talked in the article about her dad continually talking to o her about her race and whereande she came from and he wanted her to always connect andnect a identify and so if that's what her dad taught her wendy who are you. u. >> how dare wendy to tear ity tt down. >> there are so many people -- you talk about the so talk aboue unauthorized lifetime movies ovi all the time, the biopicsbiopic people are like oh my goshke oh that's so wrong.goth here you have the personou hav living the story talking about it and you're still ll questioning it. i don'tqu get that.tht. >> we love you wendy.wedy. join wendy after the show.
10:20 am
[laughter]e. m >> sane malik former 1d member, remember.eme >> yeah, sure do. o >> and taylor swift release aela highly anticipated and muchnd ch talked about music video for their 50 shades darkerdarke collaboration. it's called i don't want to want live forever. more zane. no? okay.? k the passion fueled project wasfl shot at london's saint penn renaissance hotel and the result is dark and smoldering. look at taylor with the dark lip. okay. as they belt out the lyrics to l the song that's about love and n heartache. hear malik who ista dating swift'swi bud d.c.,, are they still dating gigi hadid? smashessma glasses against the walls of as room asa a lingerie clad swiftla sort of -- we don't see it here but trust just watch the video. i feel dirty even saying that.a. [lter]ter] >> walking around right now. n
10:21 am
has anybody ever thrown a glass against a wall in a fit it of angoike fun.aven't eitit >> it looksike fu >> mariah carey did it on an a reality show poking fun. f >> oh really? maybe i'll domayo it when i get home. >> no. >> don't do it in your ownr own home wisdom. you got to clean it up. >> not a great anger relieverel if nobody is hurt.rt >> get like a styrofoam cup.oamu >> not the same.>>ot the s you need the glass.lass. >> nobody is at my how manyy ho times everybody is at schoolybo or work. >> you have to clean it up.orto. that's my point. poin >> that's what i got the kids for. did i go too far? too soon.oo o >> step back. bak. >> we're 10 minutes away fromawm the big moment our livee wedding extravaganza here inher the loft. you're looking at the loft onkig the left of the screen. at th on the right you'releftf the lt pinstripes where they'll headd after. there are folks watching downfo twahere.tchi good morning, everybody. our lovely couple sarah and corey tying the knot right knott here on fox d.c.x d.c. don't go anywhere.t go you have a chance to asnyhare a your best marriage advice
10:22 am
our soon to be needs send it via twitter #good day d.c.
10:23 am
10:24 am
>> it's a beautiful dayt's outside. it's a gorgeous day.'s as it's a wonderful day to get marr.ed. s are a magnanimous outstanding today it to geting e married. >> oh. >> any day is a great day tot do get married if you've made thede decision and you're confidentouf
10:25 am
be celebrated and that's what wt we're onoft. the everything is all wedding all al systems o. we want to check in with with tucker right now find out now ft what's happening for those who o are outside. everybody is invited to theto te wedding tucker through theugh e television its >> i think a wedding indoorsin is probably ideal.ida >> a little windy. >> feels like wintertime. make sure you bring a jacke ltie as we have wind chills in thelln 20's and low 30's. 30'. 43 is the actual air temperature. it feels pretty brim out there. gaithersburg, 41 leonardtown.leonarown. in hagerstown and winchesterncht both in the mid 30's at this ati hour. ho winds gusting again.gain. not 40 or 50 like yesterdayke but more like 20 to 25. there's your currents wind outes of the west and north and west t at about 26 miles per hour andad giving us wimp in the 20's andmi low 30's. that's why it feels so brisks out there. partly sunny fridayan afternoon for you.oon for u. hey, honestly saturday anday a sunday partly sunny as well. wl. but all three day
10:26 am
to feature some cool col temperaturheesws back to the 20's and low 30's. 30' look at all that snow shower sno activity up into pennsylvania early this morning. few of those have beenp intoeart sneak south into parts of of maryland and west virginia early. maybe a flurry for parts offor r the area here north and westnd e today but for the most partpa we're going to be dry. partly sunny brisk cool andcoold breezy with again daytimeaytime highs expected to remain nearr normal. e lieve it or not this is where we should be for theit o e of january and early february.fu heads up, some of our computeroo models have trying to give uso s some snow showers mondayo morning that might be in time for the morning commute and an it's possible that if it getst s its act together there couldr th be lighter accumulation.cum keep an eye on the forecast for the weekend.thwe all right. all systems go for thesyst wedding. can't wait guys. back to you. >> oh, yes, it's definitely peesak., itpe.way as we sca don't go anywhere.anyw our live wedding event right ri here in the loft is getting ready to happen.ha the
10:27 am
been the parents of the groom have been sat. be there's our officiant walkingalg in and there's our groom.'s ou m corey is getting ready to gettot married. >> ready to roll. ol. >> don't go anywhere.ywre. love in the loft and it's all ll happening live next on goodon day at 10:00 a. >> ♪♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> ♪♪ >> all re loft is setisset and ready.and ready. the moment is here.e. i hope you have your tissues in hand. you in h corey and sanarah with the helpp of mix 107.3 and thed the washington wedding experiencedig they planned a whole wedding in a he can woo.e cawoo. their very special ring bearernr jack diamond is here and nowno it's time. let's get married. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
10:31 am
>> ♪♪ >> and who gives this woman to o be marrie >> her mother and i. >> thank you.. >> you may all be seated.. on behalf of sarah and corey i i welcome all of you here today to and i thank you for bearingring witness to such a sacred s moment in their lives.ives sarah and corey are are soare so very grateful to all of thel ofe viewers at home that chosethchoe them to have this dreamm wedding experience and theyrienh are so honored to have thehe opportunity to have their vowsts witnessed by all of us. so, as witnesses to this unionun you're each charged with acharga very special
10:32 am
support and to encourage thi years to come. coe. and so there's going to come a point in this ceremony where you, too, will be askeder toskeo join in and to share your yr declaration of love andnd support with them. thm. now, each of us knows that aat marriage is not created by a bya law or really even by the ceremony. but, rather, it occurs in the hearts of two people. and it grows out of loving anda caring and sharing ourselveselvs with one another.another. so, in witnessing thisnessing ts ceremony today, we'reday,we're observing only an outward signwg of an inward union thathat already exists between coreycory and sarah. sah. and today they've come here to publically of a official their i love and to promise to nurturene themselves, each other and this union.unon. and this moment we would likeene to take some time to rememberrer those who are not here with he h us. even though they're not here hee physically they're part of the e foundation that makes sarah and corey t
10:33 am
are today.toda and specifically we would like toical remember the groom's stepfather, randy and the an groom's grandparents and the bride's grandparents and thend e bride's uncle scott and uncle ul randy. we hold a space for them today o and for all of the loved onesons who have passed with wi remembrance and gratitude forrat the profound effects on our our lives. and corey and sarah, thesa commitment of marriage, it's not meant to be entered into lightly. with a certainty and with a mutual respect.espect and your love for one another and your willingness to accept each's strengths and strengths d weaknesses with insight and and with consideration will help wil cement the foundation for a fou strong and a lasting marriage. so, learn to respect yourspect r individual outlooks.utoks. and share your thoughts and your experiences
10:34 am
dreams with one another. cherisy the understanding that onlynly comes with the passage of time. time and remember in life that the little things are the bige the g things. thgs. so, remember that love isveis about saying i love you butbu not just when you want to say it. sometimes it's just when your yo partner really needs to hearher it. and it's about not going togoino bed angry.ang and never taking the other for granted. gran and it's about continuing this beautiful courtship.ou it's about all of your years yes to come. come. and standing together hand inhan hand just like you are right rht now, but to face the whole whole world and it's also about aout doing things for each otherother but it's not in an attitude of duty or of sacrifice butbu instead, it's in the spirit of love and of giving.giing. so appreciate each other andherd show each other your gratitudere
10:35 am
and remember that luckily forkif all of us marriage is not about looking for perfection pen in each other but instead,iad, it's about being flexible andxid patient and understanding and it's about laughing together and learningughi to laugh at yoy selves and most importantly ipoa think that it's about forgiveness and compromise.ompri so remember that although yourlo love and your need for one f one another is mutual, you're each'h individuals so you have hve different hopes and differentnd dreams. so respect this and learn tot adapt to each other's needs without forgetting who you arego and what's important to you.toy and corey and sarah today there is a vast and an unknownun future that is stretching outtco before you and that futurefuture with its joys and with its sorrows is hidden from youren fo eyes but it's a great tribute to your love and to your faithoh in one another, that you're
10:36 am
uncertainties together.rtaint may this love that grow stronger and even moree secure with every passingerassig year. now it's the moment we've allena been waiting r time for the two of you to to share your vows with eachws with other. so, corey, if you would pleasel answer me this.t do you, corey, take sarah to sao be your lawfully wedded wifed wi from this day forward to have and to hold for better, for worse, for richer and for for rr poorer in sickness and inn i health to love and to cherisho h all the days of your life. >> i do. >> and sarah if you wouldh if yd please answer me this. ans do youwe sarah, take corey to be your lawfully wedded husband hus from this day forward to have and to hold for better, for worse for richer and forfor poorer in sickness and inan i health to love and to cherishto all the days of your life.
10:37 am
>> and may we have, please. rings. so from the earliest times theee circle has been a symbol ofof completeness and it's a sign g of abiding so, an unbroken circlen crcle represents a commitment ofen a i love that is never ending.endng. so these rings will nowill represent the ties that bindthen you together as husband and asas wife. so, as often as either of youfou looks down at these rings i rini want you to be reminded of this enduring covenant to lovein each other thatg you're makingg right here right now in front in of your family and friends andre tons of people at home. [laughter] no pressure, no pressureres, at nalo l.l. corey, as you place this rings n on sarah's finger please's finge repeat after me.rme. i corey.ore >> i corey.ey. >> give to you, sarah.ah. >> give you to sarah. sara >> this ring. >> this ring. of my vow.f m >> as a sign of my vow.f my vow. >> to love. >> to lovloe.>>o >> hon no are.>> h >> honor. >> and
10:38 am
>> and cherish you.ouyou place s ring encore re's finger pleasesi repeat after me.ftere. i sarah.arah >> i sarah.>> i saah. >> give you to corey.corey. >> give you to corey. coey. >> this ring. >> this ring. >> as a sign of my vow. m >> as a sign of my vow. my vow. >> to love. >> to love.>> to ve. honor.r. >> honor.or. >> and cherish you.u. >> and cherish you. you. >> sarah and corey wanted to feel the presence of love withvt family and friends as they they made their this life longis commitment today. as i told you earlierco you eac have a very specialpecial responsibility so i would likely you to now verbally share your declaration of love andoveand support with this couple by answering we will to thel to following questions.uesions. so, will each of you do thathat everything that you can tong support and to care for thesetoc two anard people in their marriage? >> we will. e will. >> that's a lot of support,upp, great. so i'll encourage you to t always choose love in yourose ly thoughts about and in yourd in r interactions with sarah and witd corey. come to the
10:39 am
peace and not judgment andt jude honor their marriage.rrage and continue to show them yourn kindness and yotou srho supportd your loving hearts.your and it's on their behalf thathaf i thank all of you. u. so, sarah and corey, i knowi that this has been a whirlwindww of a week for you and just two u weeks ago you had no and ideandi that today was going to beas go your wedding day. [laughter] or the start of yourtart ofr married life together.together and, you know, even for andf couples who have more than a whv week to plan ae mo wedding, when the day comes, it's still still seems to just fly by. by and i don't want that to bethae the case for you. y you have given all of us your family and friends, your your family and friends at the reception venue and everyone watching at home, you've givenv us all a very special gift today. the opportunity to reflect on this divine
10:40 am
so now i want you to takeke a d. just take a moment to be b present with everything you'revh feeling right now. feel this love. l it's your wedding day. d this is it. it. don't miss and i invite all of you, you everyone witnessing this hi ceremony to take a moment to reflect on the love in your ur own lives.lies that love that surrounds us in i every moment seen and unseen.ns. that same love that is being bei reflected for us right now byowy corey and sarah.ah. thank you two for letting usings all feel a little more lovedoved today. and on that note, i remind allal of us wherever you are
10:41 am
whatever you do, be in so cory and sarah, having witnessed your vows of loveloe and faith to each other by the power vested in me it's my joy m and my privilege to pronounceprc you as husband and wife which wh means you may now kiss youri bride. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. corey and sarah munn. [cheers and applause] >> ♪♪ >> and there they go. they got married.arried. and we all witnessed it.ed
10:42 am
we're going to talk to thetalk happy couple on the other sidehe of the bre oak.of the be don't go anywhere. mr. and mrs. corey munn and their first live interview as husband and wife coming up next. >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver internet speeds differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half the headroom, half a hallway, half the closet space
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>> ♪♪ >> this is the one day i t really love this song. >> that's right.hireal>> thas rh [laughter]t. >> i know. >> mr. and mrs. corey munn everybody. [applause] lause] >> oh, my gosh. wedding,mazing
10:45 am
right. so, to cry,tocry, oh, the father of the bride,the you starthted -- i saw your back going like thi yeah, okay. so what were you thinking. ust delighted.ted. i couldn't have a better son-in-law. n-in-l >> corey my favorite moment of i the wedding it really is when in the groom sees the bride forthe the first time. that's my favorite moment and my you did notfavorite momen disap. so, what did you think whenwhat you first saw your d beautifulal wife. >> can't believe i get the chance to marry her. er >> jack you nailed it as the ring bearer. berer. >> didn't lose them andose the they're a beautiful couple.ople. >> well, they are and honestlyho we have all the people in hereee but we have all the people ate e home and we've had some people e that have been tweeting in.eetii we wanted to share some ofre sof those, right? can one of you of all down there see that. >> yeah. this is best marriage advice ade is communication always.
10:46 am
the best spouse accentuatesaccat you, doesn't define you.fine never go to bed angry. an seem to be hearing that quitengt a lot. >> i know, right. >> that's kind of hard to do t o but okay, all right. rig. okay. >> same line of thought communication is key. key. without it you have lost half hf the battle. >> reverend laura you werea yowe amazing as well. w >> my gosh. reverend laura cannonnd lauraann everyone. are you for hire because youirb are -- i like want to getog married again just to have herah officiate it. ficiate >> one more, right. right. don't take each other for granted. treat each other with and w kindness respect and never gove to bad mad with each other. >> i don't know how y'allon't never go to bed mad k.o bed ma i would be up for days i'mr daym just going to be honest. h >> this is one specificallysc for the groom. for the perhaps you can explain as well. hey this is fluffy. l you coached me now. i'm going to coachyo you. keep her smiling and happyr good luck in life. fe. >> we want to pass this out. u here you go. go. want you to have your first hav thank you,, s was it everythingou
10:47 am
>> yes. y yeah.h. >> right. like -- i don't haveke - words and that's unusual. [laughter] >> who wants to give the toast.ast. >> wisdom. >> oh, sure. the man who doesn't drinkoe alcohol giving the all right, so here -- pass it down. >> toast to the bottle and to i'll just pretend because i don't drink alcohol.nk aco so to many, many, many happy years of love, peace andve, pecd happiness between the two ofthef you and just remember, the th male always says yes, dear. [laughter] >> you'll go a long way in love. cheers. >> cheers. >> congratulations.ulations >> cheers. >> fantastic. >> i always wish that yourat o worst married day is still issti better than your best singlenge day. that's how often it is.ften it . >> there you go. you >> when you find the right rght person. >> is it on me? [laughter] [lau >>
10:48 am
amazing one in front of all of f us and i loved when reust take e and just take it in and that'sta what it is.what it . just remember the big picturei and know that there's noh quitting if.if you're together now.ether now. whatever you need to do to to make that day better moment b better or theett argument.argme. just know in the tend you'lle be together so work towardswors that. do you know what i mean? how is that at the end. en all right steve you get theyou final record. >> my final wordfina is i havent taken the plunge yet so let me e know how it [laughter] >> and we'll go from there. we'e enjoy every moment of it and iai know that you guys will.i you're off to such a great a rea start. >> did you just see your future he dreid? you can haveca your wedding here in the loft steve. >> don't go anywhere.>> don't gw we're going to sendh them off of in style to the reception.ce coming up next our liveive coverage of this wonderful monumental day for mr. and mrs. munn continues after the break. >> cheers. [cheers and applause] ause]
10:49 am
what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack.
10:50 am
okay. yeah. mmmm. shhh hey i'll share my yoplait custard if you share your yoplait dippers? al.hh deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> ♪♪>> ♪ >> oh, how fun. f welcome back.e we were just chatting with our r bride and groom. gro and they're school teach terseht its an in service day at their r school today. t a lot of students could be watching a lot of your friendsyr could be at the reception down w at pinstripes and you had thes o day off to get married whichrri is good. >> it worked out. have>> to say we kind of f got in on your party because be this is something 107-point107-n 3-d how many times have youy done this. >> this is our seventh lucky lck number seven. happy to say all cubs arebs ae couples aretogether and happy. a they have babies.av a you believe can sitting inttig front of us picked a baby upaby and handed the i didn't know who they were. kny [laughter] aughter] >> your heart stopped. [laughter] >> what. >> lisa we have six. six. [laughter] >> and it was their child andcha she's a teacher as well. w we've had several teachers soo congratulations. i did want to
10:53 am
happy wife, happy life. le. keep that in mind everythingeve will be forty eight. b >> you do this with the do thist washington wedding experience. c >> yes. wonderful people.nderful pele. absolutely. absolutely all of their vendors andnd caterers we literally puty put together a $37,000 wedding wed that we're happy to gift you because they're so many fortyhe' eight people that we have a chance to work with withpeoplehh washington wedding wire and i highly recommend by the waythe a wedding planner, doesn't have't to be an expensive over theovert top wedding but it really relly helps pull things together.togt. >> it takes the stress out of ts itight.t.tre >> yeah, yeah.h, y >> are you guys doing a honeymoon? >> either prhoobably spring spr break or the summer. s >> do you have a destinationu ha in mind. mid >> someplace tropical andnd beach chi. >> i think i heard you sayu sa bora bora 'cause that's not exotic. >> that's the dream.s the dr >> viewers and listeners werers voting on parts of and your wedding. were you ever worried they would pick something that s wasn't your first choice.ce. >> no. honestly each option i liked lie all of them
10:54 am
dresses, i'm picked three that im pi like. li this up befores you go. you keep talking.alki. >> the best part about yourtut u wedding today it is whening todn you're actually married and you can go party, right? rgh we're headed to pinstripes in pn georgetown. >> yes. >> okay. walk this way because we want to give you a special grand exit as well. well. just follow that guy that hash the camera on you, you two beautiful people. mr. and mrs. corey munn, everybody.ev [cheers and applause]pplse] >> good job. [laughter] >> we're going all the way goinl outside. follow around to the door arount 'cause you got tohe d travel inr style when you leave your when wedding venue
10:55 am
>> ♪♪ >> there we go. g. whoo-hoo!oo-hoo! look at that. >> congratulations.>> >> who rides in c a limo whenim you can ride in a limo bus, bu, jack, right 80 there you go,ou , everybody, come on in.n. oh, my gosh. it's a party bus. even better.betr. i hope they have room for uss steve. >> we're getting on board, nooa doubt about it.tit. keep the celebration going.n >> we are going to keep the kee celebration going and mostand mo importantly we hope that you tht keep your love going for afo a lifetime of happiness.p laugh along the way becauselong you'll need it. >> are you going to -- wheno you get to school on monday how will you describe this.l >> quite the [laughter] [lau >> no, you say, well, i just i t got married this weekend, what did you do? you know, right, right? nothing will >> starting off monday i'lloff o see how the kids did over theove weekend. >> you'll let them start.
10:56 am
[laughter] ter] >> lee bryce. b i don't dance.don' >> that's another lesson.t's ans listen to her. her. >> go on in. i >> you can go on in the van, van take a seat, enjoy. enoy. we're getting ready for you toro go. we want to see you board. we want to see you drive offo to pinstripes. go ahead, get on, getto on. it's a party bus. if you y'all don't get on, i'm getting on. >> all you need is love. >> you can get throughhrou anything. >> all you need is love an need is le good no, i'mtt kidding.. another day, another day. day. >> okay, is everybody on the he bus that's getting on the bus? >> all right, fine, fine. fine. o, no, no, no. >> are you going.>> are you >> i got to go pick up the up e kids. i can't. >> okay. are you getting on the bus? bs >> i'd love to go.
10:57 am
van off, good luck mr. andmr.d mrs. corey munn. go ahead.. head off to your reception. head off to a blessed life.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] thank you!


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