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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 27, 2017 6:30pm-6:55pm EST

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less than week after the women's mark, another massive rally thomas on the's national mall. clouds gathered for the 44th annual march for life. tweet us with on your mind and use #5at630. the event got underway this afternoon with
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washington monument. ronica roony and sarah. it ended here on steps of thehe tremendous amount of opportunity da they wanted to make the point to compare this march to that women's march, because i think they anticipated that the media would. now, obviously we can't get numbers any more than, the national park service is not take numbers of those rallies and events. this march has been going on for 44 years. that was something they held a great amount of pride to highlight and know. now, one thing today, that was very significant, is the fact that the vice president spoke, vice president elect pence he spoke at today's rally and that was the first time in this march's history that a sitting
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mike pence did note this wasn't the first em that comparison to the women's mar comparison one that's fair and could a woman participate in both marches? take a listen to what they had to say. >> i think in my book, you can't be pro choice and woman because about half of those babies that are aborted are girls. >> you can be pro-life and pro woman. i agree everybody does have their opinions and everything should respect those. as a woman, i walk i will protect women's rights and be pro-life for those daughters that do not get to be born. i heard that some people from the women's march were saying people like us are not festivities. that's not true. you can beeminist
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pro-life. >> reporter: we spoke with congressman chris smith. he is the co chair of the congressional bipartisan pro-life caucus and i think that name in itself might surprise some people. there has been so much controversy and really divide the mark between the two marches. then there is a bipartisan caucus to fight for the pro-life mission. >> one of the reasons this is such a controversial issue, as we saw today, is there are many, many, many people who do believe abortion is wrong. and, you know, as you said, they've been holding this march 44 years. i know you talked to a lot of these folks dreck
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did some have a maybe with the vice president there maybe this feeling brought by both of those speakers this is their time, the opportunity to with the president we have in the white house, that they feel they can make -- make strides toward the pro-life mission calling the current generation of young people saying in this march and speakers that this generation will be the generation to make moves in this pro-life mission and goal. so you definitely felt that energy and really excitement amongst those who attended today. >> ronica, i know there was a lot of concern from the folks in town for the march for life rally. about coverage. i went to a rally last night to prelude to this event and their concern was that, this rally has been, that is us march for life has been going on 44 years and they didn't feel like they had gotten the coverage like with the women's march. do they feel as though they got the coverage this career as they deserve >> that's an interesting question, sa
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speakers, he kept rep bringing home this message that he wanted this message to be to the marchers now. but we've reported on it quite a bit. but i can only imagine after 44 year, maybe the energy or response from media may be different than a new march, the first women's march on washington. but it is also fair point that they would want similar coverage. there were 10s of thousands of people marching for something. and for me having attended both marches, it's an incredible opportunity to hear and listen to people on both sides of this controversial and divisive issue, something that i think it would be important for more people to do. >> absolutely. very good point. thank you so much. meanwhile, president trump met with his first foreign leader as xhaern
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chief. he welcomed teresa britain, mil financial, cultural and trade deal between the u.s. and the uk is in the national interest of both countries. and we'll cement the crucial relationship that exists between us. >> leading us to talk more about the today's meeting is niles stand ige. what was your take away >> i think there were a couple of issues, sarah. obviously, donald trump did affirm the special relationship that frankly tends to be more important to british politicians than to american ones. one of the interesting points of difference between himself and prime minister may was regarding russia, where she was assertly suggesting that the
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should remain in place against suggestion that he might be open to end the or easing those sanctions some time soon. >> this was president trump's first meeting with the foreign dignitary as commander in chief. how did it go? tell me what the feeling was in the room, and was there a consensus as to whether or not he seemed presidential and did a good job. >> i think president trump was more subdued than he often is, tony and i think frankly that probably came as a relief to teresa may. and the atmosphere in the room was an interesting one, it was obviously quite taut atmosphere because it was his first big news conference with a foreign leader. when he started talking about torture. there was more of excitement in the room. it was quite a subdued performance by president trump standards >> there are
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both of these, you know, trump and sae y same time there are the differences you're talking about the enhanced interrogation techniques. how is it reading, i guess, for the uk, the people over there across the pond? i want to say what are they looking at this meeting and saying. >> i think that they are relatively relieved that on one hand it went smoothly and on the other that teresa may did not marry herself too closely to donald trump. this has been a problem for british prime ministers in past. tony blair was perceived as an excessive closeness to president bush. teresa may got through that part and got through a fairly uneventful press conference >> thereas
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that the reporters from the uk had trouble gettiwi how they wr days out as opposed to americans. did that get worked out >> i think it did. thankfully i have gone native enough and done it in the american fashion but certainly for some british, right away you a problem and british people put the month and the day in a different order. which was a problem. >> we're glad you got in. >> exactly. >> thank you, niles. let's take it to gary. gary mcgrady. why did i forget gary's last name for a second? maybe it's the cold. >> no doubt about it. here's what's going on. this weekend is typical. we're going to be breezy and kind of a mixture of clouds and sun, so january is back. this looks like it will stick around. it will stick around for the end of the month. 46 tomorrow, cooler on sunday, more clouds there, sunday night monday morning will
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coming along, so you know what that mean, little bit of light snow mayhappen. the windchill is 33. step out this evening walk it's dog or be outside. and it's really going to be on the cold side as the temperatures are coming down the sun is setting and the wind remain. clouds tonight 20's for the burbs for lows. we'll be down around 33. wind west at ten to 15, gusty day tomorrow, sun and clouds, winds west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we can have an occasional gust 25, high temperature 45. look at your seven-day forecast will lock like this in terms of what we're talking about here. seven-day forecast is coming up right now. three, two, one. yes, there you go. you're talking about 46 and 45, there's chance monday morning for few light showers, cooler but little warmer but still cool for tuesday. lots of sunshine back up to 48 degrees. so january settles in and it's going to feel like february when
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it gets here, too, guys. >> we've had it also look ahead future may hold when5at with tom right back. >> donald trump's first week in office, we discuss his meeting with top world leaders as u.s. president. what this could mean. >> get your game faces ready, because the countdown to super bowl 51 begins? snow flurries headed your way. how will it affect your morning commute? monday on fox 5 news morning.
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♪ ♪. if you had to sum up the first week in office in one word, what word can you use >> we brought in jack berk man and brendan daily to help break it down. thanks for coming in tonight. >> pleasure. let's start with you brendan. tell me what your thought is i guess on this first week. how did he do >> well, depends how you look at it. discussing very busy, he really went to the base and did what he said he wo
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executive order, whether trade or immigration, abortion policy, any, obamacare, any number of big issues, he really did what he said he'd do. he also got distracted because he's trump on the crowd side, on the crazy talk about illegal voting and investigations. but that's who he is. that's who he is >> i'll make kind of a -- i'll make a broad sweeping statement. i have never seen a president in u.s. history, including even fdr and reagan, who had great hyundais, who came out of the box as strong as trump. he has literally hit every box in the campaign, he got immigration, healthcare, planning the supreme court. he's got environmental stuff, the pipeline. like reagan he has a graphic sense, reagan used to hold up an executive order and he shows it to press it's very graphic then reminds people of how it creates jobs. reagan did all of this, it's very graphic. presidents have not done
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it's a master full job. some extent.n he con ke that beyond, be beyond the first >> yes. now, the -- the rub, of course, will be healthcare, hasn't going to be the hard part. what i would do, my best to paul ryan, i don't know if he'll take it is to do the original plan which is to repeal it three years in the future. if you go this route it will be hard as obama, this could be trump first big crisis, i'd like to avoid the and put it off. i don't know what the president will do. trump made a smart decision not persecute people who supported ted cruz and marco rubio, he effectively granted amnessty. that's important. he's doing a great job bringing the party together. >> i don't know about bring the country together. the march on washington that we talked about last saturday. that really is, i was down there with my daughter and it was quite
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people there and the energy level >> you weret of the excitement the crowd had and i do think a lot of people who normally maybe wouldn't necessarily come out. jack and i were talking about whether this would affect the election in 2018. it's a hill to climb. there's the house there's a number of things to make up. but i do think there's energy on the democratic side you didn't see before. >> maybe viewers don't know, on both side, it's not just democratic but republican protesters these are bought and paid for by consultant, people like brendan and i go out and structure these things and you have subcontractors >> some is genuine. a lot of it is genuine. >> spread through social media. >> yes, t
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there's genuine enthusiasm, without organizatmoney, you wout >> how do you capture the energy and turn it into political action and get people to vote and focus on certain issues that will move the needle also i wanted to talk about the border wall that he's been pushing and saying, you know, again, mexico will pay for it. mexican president was supposed to come for a meeting and saying i'm not coming. this is dangerous did territory. how is he going to make mexico pay for anything >> that's the question he doesn't know. he sort of floated this idea of 20% tax on i guess can coming from mexico and people in text are like, hello? that's not going to work here. i think that was just sort of a trial balloon and i don't know how he's going to do it but he's sort of backing away a little bit on the paying for it part. he wants to move forward on building. whether it actually gets done or not is still an open question >> politics of the wall are tu if you ignore it then you open the door to guy like cruz to primary you in
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start building it, then you can't complete it, so you're 's made a strategic decision that you have to do little piece in targeted areas so he can we did something. >> i want to ask you both a question get your take on this, i had a great conversation with somebody who likes trump, this person's concern is the people around trump. a lot happened this week, a lot of it has been signing executive orders, and things of that nature on a blank desk which is -- nothing on the desk and this guy was wondering how much of this is -- i mean, obviously it's trump fulfilling some over the things that he said he would refill. this guy was wondering is it the people around him saying ok, now is our chance we got to do this now? we got to do this now. >> there's some of that. also he said he would do this, he's trying to get it done. the rub comes when he has to work with congress.
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same party. they don't agree with a lot of you can't write your own speeches. trump for an american president is heavily hands-on involved. this is, yes, he can delegate but he's very hands-on. i think he'll use the same strategy he uses in development, which is to go through all the minute details. i believe he's doing that. >> thank you. >> happy to be here. stay with us. >> we'll be right back.
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media. taking office, now the president's chief strategist is joining the party. the media has been humiliated by what's happened.
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he says keep their mouth shut and just listen for awhi. levine associates politics editor. what effect do you think this has on what mr. bannon said and the public interview towards the media >> i think this is just an extension of what we saw from trump during the campaign. relentless focus on attacking the media in an effort to really undermine them. the media is -- group that attacks it that can under mind this credibility as the president. evy time he attacks them he turned in mines people's ability to criticize him >> are you surprised there seems to be in the administration, steve bannon, sean spicer, there's so much attention being paid to the media and what they're saying want they're not saying? >> no, it's not surprising to me at all. this is a strategy that we
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overnd over from the trump campaign during the speaking a are such nasty people and a way whose job it is to look at him critically and when they -- when he undermines confidence in the media, it makes it hard for them to fact check in and do their job. and that's, you know, a big concern moving forward. that's what the purpose is to fact check. what does this mean moving forward i guess for truth really getting out there then? >> i believe you're going to go see news outlets still go after trump, as hardat this we only have a chilling effect and it's the responsibility of every reporter to hold the trump administration just like they would hold any other administration
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does the administration have a point in by and large ha liral bias and you on election night, you rea reaction like, my god we can't believe this is happening and can barely get the words out. >> i think everyone was stunned on election night. lots of republicans have said they were surprised and hoped that hillary clinton would win. i think it's the responsibility of the media and something that we do every day is to go forward and look at the facts and call it like it is. >> absolutely. that is our job, sam levine, associate politics editor for the huffing ton post. that's for talking with us >> we'll be right back
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dramatic example of it o andut statement you can. >> that's an excellent choice. my dcdown of the week is related, you talk about free speech. dcdown perhaps the epa, national park service and any other entity that now find their ability to communicate with the public being limited by the trump administration as you know it's been reported in the news this week that for example with the apartment any of their scientific status have to go through a political
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we know what happened with the national park service that's ir everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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on madonna last night. president trump: honestly, she's disgusting. i think she hurt herself very badly. >> i am not a trump fan but i agree with him. she went too far. >> does it give you pause that he's been president for less than two weeks and ruined our relationship with mexico? >> of a cad oast will cost so much money. harvey: your takeaway is avocados? >> and tequila. >> literally right outside of gigi's new york city apartment is her huge campaign with stuart weitzman. >> do you think she says, come over to the window? and she says, look over there. >> what a beautiful day. >> oh, my god, look out the window. look at the sky over there. >> we have whoopi goldberg in


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