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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> right now at 6. new details after three people were found dead inside a home in fairfax county. tonight were learn who they are. >> president donald trump spent today talking on the phone with several world leaders and more on imfak of executives orders. >> no doubt about it beautiful day out there today. gary is standing by to tell us if there's more great weather in the future. thank you for joining us at 6, i'm jim lokay. >> and i'm brody logan. >> we begin with the latest out of fairfax county where police are investigating the death of three people. >> they were discovered yesterday afternoon inside a home windy hill road in mcclain after a call from a family member a short time ago police identified the three victims
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considered a double murder-suicide. tisha lewis on the story tonight she's live with the latest, tisha. >> well, jim, as for motive police are describing this as domestic related incident. if you look behind me you can see the support coming in from the community and growing memorial here where police say hong chen fatally shot his wife, shirley shu and son james chen we spoke with a family friend who is still in disbelief like so many people in the community. >> we don't believe because they just came to us january 1 for party. but just -- policeman was -- i really don't believe it. [ crying ] what a nice couple with kids. >> very emotional int
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here's where the bodies were discovered friday accuweather forecast a neighbor found unresponsive body through the window and when police arrived three deceased were found in the house on the 1300 block windy hill road in mcclain and we're told the family moved here from china and were well liked in the neighborhood and have a daughter in college who will return home to this tragedy. police identified the victims as 16-year-old james chen and 52 here hong chen and shirley chu. >> she was so warm, yes, very kind-hearted person. so shocked, so shocked you know? yesterday evening is so-called new year's eve the days for the family reuun. that's why this morning i cannot believe wife is day for family reunion. >> it was anything bu
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mcclain neighborhood happening on the chinese new year. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragedy asking anyone that has information about thing dents to contact them. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> president trump signed more executive orders today and the one he signed yesterday is causing controversy in vetting measures for refugees the hoping to enter the united states. two iraqi refugees were detained in new york airport. we hear from brian yen is. >> let them in! >> dozens of travelers being detained at airports across the u.s. and more stopped before getting on plane as broad in accordance with president donald trump extreme vetting executive order the order signed friday puts a four month hold on admitting refugees to the united states and pars travelers coming from syria and sixot
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countries for at least 90 days. and being applied broadly had you covers green card holders and visa holders from seven countries in the president's van and it's being challenged on constitutional grounds by lawyers for the di taken hes and civil rights advocates. >> i have a visa and passport me and my family because i work with the u.s. government. i support the u.s. government for the war. when i came here they say, no, they treat me as i break the rules or do something wrong. i was surprised. >> prosecutors and elected officials gathering out jfk are all calling for end to ban and showing support for the detained. >> this whole thing is shame full, obviously. these are people who are no threats to the united states that worked with the u.s. armed forces for years who were given visas on those basis and they should be admitted. >> it is a sad day
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american people. this is not who we are. and this is an affront to our american values. >> iran has responded to the president's immigration order by instituting their own ban barring u.s. citizens from traveling to their country in retaliation. john f. ken didn't national airport, brian yen is, fox news. >> i want to take you live to jfk and this is a sense of massive crew the massive crowds that showed up to protest these actions in fact it has gotten so heavy there at this point they had to stop all taxi pickups at the airport and you have to imagine you are flying to jfk and new york city you cannot get anywhere at this point. that's making it difficult for anyone to get through. no sense how long they plan to be here or how long police plan to keep the peace there. we'll keep an eye on this. we saw pictures coming in a while ago it's interesting from erin como she was at dulles there
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show their support for ref ufwees and foreigners trying to come to the u.s. and a group help orsed niceed a demonstration and virginia governor said the executive order the president signed is not the america he knows. >> discriminatory tactics breed hatred taken will breed hatred to our nation and to americans around the globe. our message for the people here today this is not the united states of america that we know. we're not going to tolerate it or stand back and we here in virginia are on and welcoming to everybody. >> the governor says he's asking attorney general mark herring to look at remedies the commonwealth can pursue to allow be people to come to the united states. >> jim you mentioned earlier "fox5" erin como arrived at dulles airport earlier and sent us photos of protesters or in this case well wishers. the first sign says "i'm glad you're here.
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another sign "immigrants are welcome here, racism ain't ." >> and then here's live pick of protesters at dulles airport, they all have signs and jim, as you saw, it's been interesting to see how theetz protests have grown. there's been a call on social media especially jfk airport when we saw brian yeni ses report now. >> in these case it's seems the crowds were big. they're not getting out of hand at this point. there have not been reports of major problems out there aside from the inconvenience of people being out there and this is dulles aand you can sew a large picture there. a smaller crowd and nonetheless the message. >> it seems the message you can see the signs area sent it's more well wishes to immigrants coming in and saying you are welcome here not necessarily protests. >> it's more peaceful at dulles an jfk. and
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people flying from the u.s. to other kuptyes saying they're trying do deploy lawyers to the airport so they know legal remedy and urging them not to sign anything. at this point the president said earlier today he's satisfied with the pro side you're to far asked this as me signed other orders and he said it's working out nicely so far. we'll keep you updated on this throughout the news. a live look at dulles international airport. >>. >> in my first few days as your president i met with the leaders of some uv our nation's top manufacturing companies and labor unions. and my message was clear, we want to make things in america and we want to use american workers. >> meantime president trump delivered first weekly address of administration and president franklin roosevelt was first chief executive to address the people over america and of course fire side chats and reagan revised it. every president since continued the
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>> besides dliving weekly address he spent part of his day on the phone spoken with several world leaders and first was with vladimir putin. the two discussed many international issues, including middle east, israeli palestinian contact and iran nuclear program and korea and crisis in ukraine. in in addition to putin he spoke to ed ers of germany, france, japan and australia. >> we'll be joined by gary in in orderling job ger for a week back at the first week of office and what the future may cold. >> let's turnl to a different gary, gary mcgrady is standing by in the weather center after a good day out. there cold sometimes. jackets on of some sort. the good news it was not bad at all, question is what do we have in store. >> not a bad january day right? actually a little above normal jim. i want to show you we'll start and give you an idea.
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wow, i mean, temperatures wanted to be a little warmer. they actually got up to 49 degrees and this was high temperature for national today. not quite as warm at dulles and still once the sunshine came out it was g and this afternoon, late, after 3:00 the wind really diminished off a little bit. it was not quite so breezy out there. a little chilly. obviously the wind was not blowing to tear bally bad. we will keep an eye on some clouds coming back into the picture overnight tonight and a lot of snow up to the north kind ever rotate around low pressure and cold air diving through the lakes and in the lee of the lakes on east side of lakes the lake effect snow is kind of still piling up. there i mean they're talking about several inches of snow and it looksic like at this rate several more inches of snow up there at least not for up us maybe tomorrow night. 46 the temperature now here at town. it's not bad. even with sunseting, culpeper 42. winchester dropped down to 30s. martinsburg and hagerstown
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you guys are around the i 81 corridor getting cold. in terms of evening forecast here's what i think. 44 at 7:00 and generally cool and chilly 9:00 about 41 and chilly sun and clouds we start in low 30s to mid 30s around here and out in the suburbs actually we start in the0s and by lunchtime tomorrow 4 2. chilly out there and more clouds in the afternoon. and there is a clipper coming tomorrow night into monday morning. we still think nothing really changed from yesterday's forecast here. we still think snow showers sunday night to monday morning and could be problems with mondayp commute. we'll talk more in the full forecast. all that coming up in a little while. right now, jim, i'm out of time. >> thank you. >> and brody. >> coming up, new information revealed in the investigation of an ellicott city teen shot and killed on new year's day an
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about the man charged in her death. >> and we'll also take another look at the executive order signed by president and how it affects the affordable care act. we'll be right >> as we head to break another live look at dulles international airport people assembleded in response to the president's executive order we're not hearing of any major protests at dulles like we're seeing at jfk. peaceful there but you see someone with a bullhorn. we'll keep you posted it anything happens out there but for the time being watching "fox5 local news" at 6. pass
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>> d.c. mayor bowser is committed to keeping people safe and the mayor held a community college stewart hop son middle school in north east and she wanted to hear about people for safety concerns and find out what is working and maybe what is not in the community and one person urged mayor to examine issues that drive crime espia
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young people. >> it's certainly not just a police matter when you talk about public safety and letting young people know that we care about them and make investments in them and put policies in place that will give them access to opportunities. >> and last year the city saw a 9% drop in crime which includes 17% fewer murders than 2015 and 13% drop in robberies. >> and staying in the district, d.c. police need help find ago man that robbed a bank northwest f street. this man passed a note tote teller and demanded money and left with cash. the man did not have a weapon. no one was hurt in that robbery. new details now on a new year's day murder that rocked ellicott city community. howard country police announced today they found no evidence of any personal relationship between 16 year oldo charlotte and her accused k
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and her accused killer 15-year-old shawn kriser. anjali hemphill has more. >> the montgomery knolls community is where charlotte and shawn lived. police they were on only acquaintances. while there is no motive for his killing police believe they is the neighborhood where several other homes were duringized why the weeks from charlotte's murder. >> we don't know why he was at charlotte's house tonight and we don't know we ever will. >> after a month-long investigation howard ount i can police don't know why 15-year-old shawn crieser broke into neighbor's 16-year-old charlotte zeremba's home before murdered. >> certainly they knew of one another. what we were looking for is any indication why this may mapen and in that search for text messages or email communication we didn't find anything there. >> crieser shot and killed charlotte after she came home earl hely new year's day and he was in the bedroom wearinga
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mask and he shot and wounded charlotte's mother before turning the gun on himself and died a few days later. >> we have confirmed that shawn crieser was alone at charlotte's house new year's morning when this happened. >> he stole a gun used in shooting from nearby home off mary beth way and they now believe crieser and two other teens may have duringrized as many as 7 homes in the wookz leading up to shooting. >> most of what we were seeing in terms of burglaries that shawn crieser is believed to have committed were some unusual things women's under garments and family photos that were taken offer the wall of a home and some other items. and what we're seeing in other burglaries involving our other suspect is watches, jewelry, other things. >> and regards to break in a 15-year-old from ellicott city charged with burglary and second team expected to face similar charges
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hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> to vir vr now where state senate is back ago bill that would ban the box. it removes questions about criminal histories from job applications for most state jobs. senate passed something similar in 2015 but house of delegates vote today down. month later terri mcauliffe signed executive order to allow the provision and now two years later state law makers in taking the issue up again to make batch the box the law otherwise the executive order will be overturned when the new government nor take over. >> "fox5" has you covered with all things political, notional, right before "fox news sunday" with chris wall case and week nikd politics with the twist on "fox5". adds we head to break we go back to new york city and live look at jfk. this is look at massive
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outside the terminals terminal four and we cannot control the shot you see the crowds of people on the ground they're happening out the sivdz parking garages protesting president trump executive order on immigration programling down on people going in from seven particular countyes and we're keeping an eye on this situation for you and will talk about it more at 6:30 when gary joins me for a conversation about the president's first week. you're watching "fox 5 news at 6".
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sghv kevin mccarthy has seep all of them and here's his reviews on the latest batch of flix. hey everybody, kevin mccarthy here with this week's brands new movie releases up including a dog's purpose and residents evil sixth movie. and first up is "a dog's purpose" the idea behind the film it's k-9 spirit that lives different life times in different dogs bodies. the only problem with that you have to deal with the death ever the dog four times in the film. that to me is a little hard and as a dog person i lover dogs beyond believe and my wife and i have a dog we rescued for for me it was touch to watch the machines but the connection between human beings and animals is really portrayed. what i lovdz through it the through line of the story.
6:23 pm
you see the character here fall in love at a young age. there's the dog bailey and then later on in the film, that dog comes to more of the character and somehow connects them back at their older age. and it's a really beautiful idea i love that aspect of it and dennis quaid is fantastic in the movie. it is unsetsling at times there's times where middle story lines to deal with the deaths of the dog that to me bothered me and i could not get through some of that. as you reach the end you realize the powerful message of the movie and for me i think it's hard to watch animal character get hurt on screen than human character get hurt on screen. it's weigh weird to say we're desensitized to violence in film when you watch a dog get hurt in a movie it feels different because they're so defenseless. i love josh glad who voiced dog he did olaf in pros ep and give the movie 3 1/2 out of five love beginning and end and middle sections didn't care for. 3 1/2 out of 5. if you're a dog person see t know
6:24 pm
unsetsling scenes. next up residents evil final chapter. listen these films were around since 2002 based on video game franchise i enjoy the movies a dumb, mindless action movie and i lover mila josavich. a. scenes are amazing that's what you go for. paul w.s. anderson who directed the movie brings back the famous laser hallway from the first movie. that's the idea of the movie this is return to the hive. and raccoon city and the character trying to do her final battle. it's a very, very violent film over the top and dialogue is cheesy and that's the problem and plot doesn't feel much different than the other ones you've seen and so if you're a fan of the fran choose i recommend seeing it i had fun with it and don't think it's anything new. but for me i had fun seeing it and i say it in 2 d. here's the thing i'll see it in
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3 d imax and i'll tweet whether or not that extra $6 is worth it. i gave this movie 3 out of 5 fun matinee nothing special great action those are reviews for this week tweet your reviews @kevinmccarthytv i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. >> so, jim, a dog's purpose the dog reincarnated spoiler alert at the end it becomes air bud it's a light harded ending the dog is dunking. [ laughter ]. >> i was checking to see if kevin was still -- you got me there. >> i was checking to see if kevin actually saw the movie in 3 d he has not yet. keep an eye on that one for you. >> i'll be on watch. >> stay tuned a look back at president trum's first week in office. >> jackie ibanez tells us what to expect in the week ahead. >> sunday, beauty queen as around the globe compete in 2017 miss
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steve harvey is back do host the show and getting help from super model ashley gram. the show airs live from the philippines only on "fox". >> thursday, president trump is expected to reveal his supreme court pick. the court has had only eight justices since justice antonin scalia died last year and it's time for a visit in everyone's favorite weather man it's groundhog day. punxsutawney phil will emerge from sure borough to tell us if we can enjoy spring or six more weeks of winter. >> national wear red day started by the heart heart associationtion to raise awareness about heart disease in women. it's number one killer of women causing death of one in three each year. is it a is world cancer day. sponsored by the union for international cancer control and today aims to find solutions and unite in the fight against deadly you disease and we can, i can
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>> and that's the week ahead i'm jack jack, fox news
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>> republicans instead of focusing on raising wages and creating jobs the first actions this year moved to repeal at fordable care act planning to slash and burn medicade teen destroy the sacred medicare guarantee that pro teched again raiings of seep jurors unleashing longstanding republican plan top
6:30 pm
affordable care act made immense progress. and republicans plan won't make america great again will make america sick. >> that was house leader minority leader nancy pelosi delivering this week's democratic address the trump administration announced they had withdrawn $5 million worth of ads planned for final days of open rolement for affordable care act. helm and human services says it's a money saving move and obamacare reporters call is sabotage as republicans are taking a clear look at several possible plans in hopes of replacing obamacare. fox's mike emmanuel has the latest tonight. >> reporter: just about every republican wants to replace obamacare and challenges is doing it right and quickly. california congressman come mcclintook expressed
6:31 pm
his colleagues. that will be called trump care. republicans will own in lock stock and barrel and will be judged in the election less than two years ago way. while tennessee senator lamar alexander asked people to focus on lang term solutions lowering costs and saying the goal in my opinion should be not a quick fix we can did it rapidly but not a quick fix. >> i think the president is on to whatever we can pass that solves this problem this is not the republican's problem. this problem is caused by the democrats. we feel obligation to fix it and committed to fix it. >> dr. tom price president trump isp nominee to lead health and human services has been offering a con sevktive approach. price would fully repeal obamacare and offer tax credits based on a person's age raern than income. and grants to states for high risk older and sicker polllations and the concern is his plan might not ensure as many as obamacar
6:32 pm
and another medical doctor senator ran paul offered own plan in recent weeks and his plan focuses heavily on tax credits its and health savings accounts and abolish many central components of obamacare and encourage allowing inexpensive insurance. >> let people buy whatever insurance they want and that will drive prices down. >> most moderate alternative is ovd by maine senator susan kolens and louisiana senator bill cassidy that also happens to be a doctor. their concept would give states the option to keep obamacare, choose new state alternative or design a solution without federal assistance and crap the individual and employer mandates. and some suggest it's too close to obamacare. one expert satisfies the key for republicans is setting realistic expectations. >> the big hang-up for them is to not get into the trap of rolling back coverage. if they end up with a plan
6:33 pm
leads millions of people not having health insurance they could ends up in political cul-de-sac from which it would be hard to distract themselves. >> leadser shn hours is not a 1,000 page bill and some will get done in the repeal processes that requires a simple majority. big changes come by trump administration scraping thousands of payments of regulations and final component would be bills that require 60 votes in senate areforms sources predict some democrats support. in washington, mike emmanuel. fox news. and joining us now to talk about this and everything else the president has done is gary norlinger at george washington university. >> great to be here. >> 7 days in already hard to believe. >> yes. >> a lot has happened. >> big week. >> big week in washington. let's talk about the executive orders. she has made the president made good on a lot of promises and first things first what we're seeing today
6:34 pm
immigration order give us insight. >> what he's been doing with both memoranda and executive orders are the things he's campaigned on. but with immigration one he told us he would do that. but i absolutely feel sorry for the green card holders and visa holders that are trying to in some cases get home. >> we see executive ordersen the screen now we'll get to a few more of these. when you take about the green cards we heard the phrase the muslim ban that's what came out and a lot of people are call this a muslim ban. it's not. if you go by sem is man tucks it's not all encompassing ban but it's a way to carve out leeway so you can keep some people from getting into the country and kind of pick and choose choose. >> i think so. and also i mean obviously syria for example is where the huge refugee price is is within the arab
6:35 pm
about pipelines. another thing the president said he wanted to get moving on keystone xl and moving on few others, what was your take away from that. >> what he has been doing is basically putting on the paper what he's been campaigning on. just because you say you will do it doesn't mean it will happen. keystone pipe lane for example are all the environmental reviews completed as required we law and is the private sector interested in the price line given changes in pets role yum. president obama's first executive order was to shut down prison in guantanamo bay. he never made it happen. >> one of the things at the end of president desy he promised and never delivered. >> he could not because congress told him not to. >> speaking of congress we have republican president. we have is republican house and republican senate this doesn't happen a whole lot. >> no, i did the math it's been 64 years
6:36 pm
eisenhower entered the white house. of that 64 years 36 were republican presidents. of those 36 years, six years did they have both and house and senate to work with. they have amazing opportunity to get things done if they prioritize their legislation and handle the tactics-wise. >> what would be if you look at all the issues you're talking about repealing bow am bama care or pipelines or immigration, what would be number one on that list. >> oh, gee i would have to say i mean obamacare they have to do something about. i mean you know the good news they're not going to repeal it they seem sincere about repeal and replace. i cannot bounce 20 million people off healthcare. then i would say the next most significant thing would be taxes. you know there's a loft consensus in both parties about cutting corporate tax rate to try to you know get capitol return ton country. those are the two things where i would start. >> when you mention about the healthcare plan and i think
6:37 pm
for reps to refer to it as obamacare because no matter what happens you want -- the president to whatever system is in place. >> sure. people are more likely to oppose obamacare than they are individual components. the individual come bone rents popular. >> yeah. >> and you know no preexisting conditions. >> keeping kids. >> keeping kids on insurance until 26. >> let's talk about the wall. >> uh-huh. >> documentation and order signed on that. >> that is when you think about it that was one of the most memorable things from the campaign going back to early days. 15 million is not a lot of money when you look at it when you look at the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars we spent on drugs and law enforcement you can say it's worth the investment if you keep the drug throw out. >> president trump is good for photo on and
6:38 pm
must have cord order tlep there's people that see that say this is my chance to sell steel and get workers involved. the optics some who supported donald trump that resonate them. >> when you say south access that's an area to use economic development. i think the wall will not be some massive concrete or steel structure it will involve a lot of electronic sensors like the white house. you have the fence around the white house but it's really electronics. >> no bought about it today he would is vladimir putin. >> among others. >> yeah. normal day. >> nothing like speed dating here. >>mccain was not happy about the dialogue between vladimir putin and a lot of people are worrying is
6:39 pm
it's worth giving a car a cry. if you wawpt on important relationships on one hand russia is clearly one of them. the question is, you know, is there something we can do with rush yat that does not end up benefiting russia. it's worth a trial. >> i think diplomacy -- >> talking is always a good first step. >> and i think during the campaign when it was brought up about wanting to enlist russia in the fight against isis is subject of executive order nice to. >> it required help of china and eu. those were not u.s. sanctions. >> we have one week down and many more to go i'm sure we'll you have back. stay tuned we'll be back after this
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is >> irate dairy queen customer was sentenced to two years in jail because of getting violent in bacon.
6:42 pm
cursed the employees for putting bacon on his burger. he approached sims to calm the situation and took him to the grounds after he pulled a knife. >> sitting there enjoying a meal and door came on and gentleman came in using very vulgar language taking they put pork on his hamburgen and he deposit want pork on it. i walked up and asked him to quit using profanity in front of my wife and daughter and he said, you know get out of my face or i will kill you. >> sims then led police on high-speed chase after leaving the restaurant. lesson here, just get a blizzard. that's not a bad way to do it. >> who gets a burger at dairy queen. >> it's not bad. >> never had it. sorry. >> get the best of both worlz. >> warning from the better business bureau about the latest phone scam. >> by answering one simple question k you can wrap up the phone bill or have your identity stolen.
6:43 pm
>> it stwharts phone rings and there's a stranger or the line. >> what if i said you can hear me would say? >> i would say yes i can hear you. >> with that simple word yes, the better business bureau says a scam is born. >> they want to you say yes or i agree or say something that they can later use. >> turns out the bad eye on other send recording your yes but all they have is me saying yes. >> sure but they'll create a script ahead of that where they'll talk an say are you interested in whenever product or service do you agree to purchase and then they you have saying yes. >> from there they can charge you as a third party or steal your identity your credit card and even if you spot change. >> it looks and sound like verbal contract when that happens it becomes a he said, she said si
6:44 pm
how scammers makeoney. >> several reports came into the bb it today and you won't believe this. >> in the lasts couple days our offices received a couple calls directly from scammers. >> they've been calling the better business bureau. >> they don't know who they're calling they dial numbers. >> satly most were not surprised. >> we used to beg and nows it's the other, bank account and otherwise. >> it's a straight thing but doesn't surprise me. >> it let an unknown number go to voicemail. if it sounds suspicious when you pick up. >> it's okay to not be polite and pick up the phone. >> even to well meaning reporters. >> tell me your name. >> diana. >> and your last name. >> you don't have to give it to me if you don't want to. >> it's amazing something so simple saying yes you you can have your identity stolen. >> if i don't recognize the numb
6:45 pm
understand. >> yeah i slully assume it's a contest i won and then i'll answer. most of the time i will not i'll send to voicemail. >> gary is back with a full look at the forecast. >> don't go anywhere the news at 6 will be right back.
6:46 pm
every tv doctor knows that when it comes to hospital romances, the more complicated, the better. i love you. but i love him. i love him, too. so do i. they also know you should get your annual check-up. it could save your life. it's a new year. schedule your check-up today to learn your four health numbers and start the year off right. cigna. together, all the way.
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all right. another saturday around these
6:48 pm
nice out there. >> gary this could be all winter. >> brody doesn't like winter. >> no, this is florida. >> this is florida winter today. >> that's good i see where are you. i'm from houston. i hate winters myself a little is good i like the seasons and whatnot and i love a good blizzard. other an that. >> are we talking oreo or reeseyes pieces. >> and i'm talking about the other kind like last year 2010, right, matt? yes, thanks matt, 2010 i like those kind of winters. other an that i like winters to be in the 60s. 4 this evening at 7:00. it will be a really good evening. probably good one for the super bowl too, that's next sunday i think. 41 at 9:00. chilly conditions and we drop to the 30s. nothing falling from the sky tonight. but that's not going to be case tomorrow night. light snow in the forecast. 37 winchester avenue martinsburg 39 and fredericksburg already dropping to 40. the winds are calming down. soit
6:49 pm
wind chilly out there this evening but it will be cold and look at this, brody, check this map out, because this is not winter. i mean, minneapolis right now. >> that's whippeder. >> 76 degrows. >> that's probably true. >> and at least sleeveless i would think. salt lake city 27, international falls positively balmy, 20. wilmington 45 and tampa don't you know is sitting at 53 this evening. lots of snow flying up here through the midwest though. for michigan, up and out across lake eary you have a lot of snow still lakes, lake effect snow piling up. mild winter, lakes don't freeze. cold air comes across and those snow belt areas get covered up in snow. tonight we're in 20s suburbs and 33 in town. it's defendant in thely cold. generally fair skies. we'l
6:50 pm
breeze no big deal. colder suburbs and winds out of the southwest about 5 to 10 miles an hour good morning, everybody in city 33 degrees. surprise and clouds tomorrow, not so breezy, winds west, 5 to 15 and high temperatures look like this we'll go 47 for a high tomorrow. 43 mannasas and 42 dulles and definitely cool side. i think as we progress through the day tomorrow we'll have increasing clouds out. there here's the deal. okay, tonight we're all dry. we don't have to worry about any snow you see back out to the west of us and by tomorrow evening this is 5:00 tomorrow and notice we're seeing snow back out to the west of us there's a clipper system and alberta clipper fast moving comes out of alberta and up into canada hence the name okay and they're tricky to forecast. they come along quick and don't have a lot of moisture to deal with and generally speaking light snow from them maybe dusting and sometimes it can enough up to be more than that. this is 1 a.m. tomorrow night. early, early monday m
6:51 pm
anything heavy here and by 7, 8:00 monday morning it will get to east of us. but it could be just enough snow. we're not thinking it will be much. it could be just enough snow here to actually cause a few problems monday morning. right now calling for spotty dusting. that could become more of a coating. i want to watch a little more model information coming in. again, really tricky here. we think there will be a little snow passing by and as we get into monday, late morning, early afternoon, we should be in good shape to start drying things out. that's the only taste of snowfall that we see and we're in a bit of snow drought right. >> is that a thing. >> i guess so, sure. >> no snow that's a snow drought. >> i don't mind it, 4 monday, 50 on tuesday. what the heck what's going on. 47 on wednesday and then we fall back as we start getting into february we will get back a little colder. still a little something on the map fourth and sixth of february. >>
6:52 pm
have now. actual winter is coming. >> he were 61 day before yesterday. >> gold. >> gold. >> back after this
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> it's one of the greatest sibling and sports rivalries of all time. venus faced off against serena in aussie on. a packed house turned out to cheer on the williams sisters. this is first time venus faced her sister in four years. they she seemed nervous in the opening set each losing on serve to each other as the match wore on serena able to break sister's serve a few times went on to 6-4 set win. and second set, both venus and serena held their serves but eventually serena broke her sister and captured by the second set the same stosh of 6-4 and this was historic for serena. rd grand slam victory now has most women's titles in the
6:55 pm
serena fails margaret court who holds record most grand slams. >> somewhere in loss aching less for nhl all star. >> ovechkin was named one of the most 100 greatest players in history. as he became the 84 layer in nhl history with 1 240us points. >> saturday, saturday, saturday. at the verizon center you may not know their names you probably know their trucks. this weekend the annual monster jam taking place at the verizon september are a sneak peek before the show got underway. we will talk to amy hood one of the first to get behind the while of a monster truck. >> i got into -- i raised 24 years i was born on dirt bike
6:56 pm
first bike. it's been a long process as i get old are i wanted to do more. >> that is very ipt cat hood. one of the monster yams shows that played this afternoon two more performances and one tomorrow at 1 . super bowl 51 just offer a week away with atlanta falcons taking on new jersey. >> fox's lindsay henry gives us a peek of how the host city is getting ready to welcome thousands of fan attics. >> looking at downtown houston you notice it's different. >> i looked up and everything was settle. >> we have a friend in the super bowl committee she hooked us up. >> and if you walk through discovery green you may being able to tell whawz going on. nfl live sets are going up as well as nfl experience and even 26 hadit own news
6:57 pm
fox news. >> i flew in a night earlier to come out and try to experience some this before i go to work. >> several people working the event and out of curiosity are checking out all the fun things to see helmets and banners. >> low-goes took a couple in front of us. and my team the falcons will be there. >> you can see it from the highway drive ago around. you know hey something big is going down because they have signage up around downtown. >> along the smith the houston native says even show she beat the crowd they're go down to experience them as well. >> it happens once every so 10, 15 years so see our city come to life and everyone travel here and experience it i want to come back and see that. >> how cool would it fb d.c. got to host the super bowl. we'll see what happens. it's incentive to build a new stadium somewhere. >> aall three areas vying
6:58 pm
potentially have a super bowl. >> how is it looking. >> chilly tomorrow and pretty nice for january. >> well that does it for 6 we'll soo you later tonight at 10. >> and for news at 11. have a great night
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
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