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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> thousands are packing nationwide because of trump's. >> critics call it will religious sgrim naixingts you can see it on the side of the screenment people are talking about it at 630 today. use the 5@60. >> political battle over trump administration sban not dying down. immigrants and refugees from 7 muslim countries having trouble getting into united states. it caused confusion across the
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countryen including here as dulles. >> protesters are gathering outside the supreme court. wow, look at the scene out there. >> it's a large crowd here, shawn, and large contingent of democratic party that walked over from that capitol over to the supreme court and you see here several protesters i would say hundreds of them rather gaermed or the steps of the supreme court and jr. senator for new jersey corey booker just speaking to the crowd here and there's a the lot of people we saw on saturday when this ban effectively wept into effect and you saw congress woman nidy watkins for new york at the airport at jfk and saw elizabeth warren senator nor massachusetts out at logan airport and here are protesters saying that this is unamerican and in essence and here with me tell me about you coming out you have fairly large sound and chaptering probably one of the largest and loudest voices out here your thoughts on this executive ban.
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ban on muslims is clearly unconstitutional and mean-hated. mean-spirited. there's women and children dying in these wore-torn areas caused by the united states invasion of iraq. and invasion into afghanistan. we need dip mromcy and needed to allow refugees more like europe is taking. there's millions of refugees in jordan and lebanon and europe. united states is taking a trickle of this. and they're responsible for breaking middle east. they should be accepting more refugees not less. >> thank you. you can see pretty loud out here. it's hard to keep thoughts amongst this large crowd here. this crowd stark contrast to today's poll that came out. 57% of americans saying they support executive order on this travel ban and crowd here however you see they differ with the opinion, shawn, jim,
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and since inrawing ration protest likely to continue at least through the days to come. >> you mentioned those reports and quinnipiac poll that support what we should point out tenant of the ban that 7 countries included on list the poles were taken before executive came out it was concept but you imagine there's a lot of people who support bans and also tonight a lot that don't. that's where's we are at this point in country. >> country divided and have been that way quite sometime. tonight we'll talk with separating fact from fiction against the immigration ban and who specifically ais infected by the van. valid id i fact imgrant and non imgrakt and they include iraq, syria, iran, sudan, libya, somalia, and yemen. >> there's been multirl reports of green holders and
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after they arrived in u.s. or as they boarded planes overseas. each incident is reviewed on case-by-case basis and this is what he said for grown card holders going forward the order does not affect them if you're moving inen out of seven countries you'll be subject for more questioning. >> does this order single out muslims specifically. >> you heard the man she talked to saying muslim ban. >> that's what we heard on the campaign trail with the president. here's how it works people with visas and green cards are one part of executive ort. processing of other refugees is in order. and in addition those targeted countries are majority muslims. however the reason they ended up on that list is because government officials have said ongoing terrorist training take place in those countries. president trump issued a statement denying he ordered a
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ban specifically against muslims. >> and if you read the lang want of the executive order and where people were deriving muslim ban from there's a line that says when they start allowing resettling of certain refugees they can pursue some priority of people of religious minority. people rig that it's like christianity over islam because in those countries islam is minority leader. >> what we heard from him on the campaign trail. people will log on to or clinic to the words. >> and also people in the administration and michael flynn your son of national security director sweeted out muslim ban and that's who that were you father said this was and it went away. >> semantics of it all. >> going back and forth. >> yes. >> and good evening. >> thanks for having me. >>
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extent was coming and deposit expect it to happen quickly. what is your take away so far. >> i think the executive order is very unfortunate. smab i think that has been characterized as mole avenue langs tinged with incompetence is very mean spirited and unconstitutional and executed in incredibly sloppy way and wide disagreement among the trump administration officials about what it means and who it applies to and there's worry about corridors that came since executive order was issues not being enforced. violation of authority of u.s. jushry. it's potential conty constitutional crisis for us. >> does the president, he does have the ability and power to exclude certain groups of people though. >> right but the president cannot be arbitrary. we -- our conty constitution is
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document that controls even him, i hope he understands that. and attacking people based on religion equal protection clause and establishment clause, there's mrult pl problems executive order an violates the statute of immigration and nationality act as well as international law. and yet it seems like nobody in the trump administration actually gave it a thorough vet. the lawyers were not brought in from the department of justice. the homeland security department was not brought in. nor was the pentagon. it was done in house by people in the white house without appropriate oversight or without what the constitution requires. >> and how do you respond to people that say look the president was doing what he had to do to protect the quuptry. >> as a softball question why would you exclude the countries that produced larger number of terrorists from your order if that was what that was about. >> we're talking about saudi ar
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arain why and egypt and countries that were. >> -- ask exactly if you wanted to protect america wow have a broad base ban and you would not include the people vetted in the small children and the elderly and people in wean not have had impact of green card holder and people with high level and important jobs in science and technology. student who are going to be future leaders and you know it's just both under inclusive and doesn't include people who might be coming from terrorist bases. >> caroline let me jump in quick we're almost out of time. what do we do next. how do we make this right. >> i mean so fist of all i applaud everybody with who has been to the airport and particularly lawyers in the courtroom. who have had success in getting the judges to rule that these rx as unconstitutional and tem rare restraining on
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encourage everybody out there to get such with legal organizations to lend help and raise your voice. i think it's so important that people understand the president in particular this is unacceptable and this is not the america we believe in. >> president of the american constitution policy for law and policy thanks for joining tonight. >> thank you. >> meantime tonight as you heard moneyed hundreds gather add kos the country to protest for the three month ban on refugee travel for the united states. >> ronica cleary has been at dulles international airport. ronica are ut crowds out there and lawyers out there offering free services? >> and they are, actually, shawn, jim, the crowd died down for sometime. and the crowds are back. they're actually just started break into song they were chanting before we went live and one woman came with her family i wants to talk to her
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sheva muslim american and you live in the area right? >> yes, >> tell me what brought you here you got emotional and were afraid to come on camera. tell me about the feelings you're feel right now i wanted to come for my children to let them know to teach them that we have to stand up against what's wrong to make them understand that we do believe in unity that we do want good for everybody what does seeing these people of faiths and background coming out to show support and demonstrate against this temporary ban. how does this mack you feel and it's according to the administration it's not a religious ban but many are calling it that. so how is it that make you feel as a plus lump american? >>
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makes me feel like these people are here with their hearts after being tired from work at this hour and it just makes me so happy that humanity in us is still here even though the world there's so many bad things going on but we're here and we're together and we're doing this together. >> tell me what your sign says what do you want people to see when they got here? >> soy picked this sign up over by where the lawyers are that are helping pro he bono and says diversity our strength and honestly that is the what united states is. it's all of our cultures getting together. it's mixing bowl. it's salad. it's all of those things we were taught when younger. that's what made us amazing. and that's what other nations saw
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attracts them here because they know there's equal right here that they can express themselves dean it in a safe place. >> thank you very much i know that was emotional and hard. i appreciate you sharing that with us. hopefully that will be something our viewers can learn from here. thank you very much, sheva, i appreciate it there you go hearing from one protester he who feels obviously very emotional and affected by all this back to you. >> ronica you're the -- we had a lot of reporters offer the weekend this is the first we had you at the airport. you see all the people with the signs. are there anybody it are there people showing up that support the president at all? >> so i saw one exchange with somebody confronting protesters and pointing out what a lot of people are pointing out that comparison need what president obama executivororder was in
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demonstrator here saying it's not the same. we spoke with senator time kaine about that who also argued it is not the same. it was not official ban. it was a basically lessening of awarding that to iraqi refugees and reveting iraqi refugees here in the united states. it's a different example. but people are pointing to that as comparison. that was tun tomb i saw something here today that got a little heated. >> thank you very much. ronica, we appreciate it as maria pointed out earlier there were polls down before we saw the protests sdlxt there's a level of support. >> the majority americans supported ban so it will be interesting to see if their opinions change once we've gone through all the days of protests. >> polls were done before in any event protests and before the language was hard out. president said all along this is what the president said he would do. and i think we as a country are sometimes used to not seeing a president follow through.
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>> follow through on promises. >> he did what he said he would do. >> ow are college campuses responding to president trump actions on refugee and immigration. >> campus live from the campus of gw university tonight we snow shawn spicer is speaking over there tonight and let test your take on this you're on college campuses quite a bit. what are you seeing? >> well i'm seeing harsh environment for donald trump. i've been on campuses throughout the entire election sayingle. one thing i found clear is young people get information politically from two main sources social media and professors which is not good news for donald trump social media is same repeated talking points with maybe stream media not exactly fiveable and from the classroom a lot of information from professors that are maybely rib ral. >> let's talk about social media. if anything that's beegi
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-- that gifts voice to a lot of people that deposit have voices before and i get what you're saying from the professor or's vow point for sure. >> absolutely i think on social media they get stuck in echo chambers where doe then the follow pundits and they're not political mind. the only people following trust are traditional main street media news sources and those are more liberal leaning. i think while we may number d.c. where we see free change of ideas i think average are not seeing that much. >> this is also impacting students not only at gw but universities nationwide. what are you seeing. some of these students are international and foreign students who right now i believe we understand there's students from gw having trouble or cannot come back into the country because of this and the president there put out an email saying we're trying to work and figure this out for you. you can understand this is
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president of the university. >> absolutely we're seeing a lot of immigration talk on coege campuses young people i'm talking to are discuss is really and leadership to campus reform this past week i made a video at g wx asking students about sanctuary campus movement and making campus a free space and safe space so they cannot be deported while attending and there was overwhelming support. on campus around the country we see growing sanctuary where students want to make sure ice and immigration services cannot come in and deport students while here and really a lot has to do with the professor teaching our students that immigration laws can avoid them and we saw one at rutgers who sechbility mail to whole student body uming students to lobby for bridge khakt would help cam bus make
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places and it's really setting a dangerous lesson to students you can pick and choose laws to follow and ignore based on your personal experiences. it's a moral thing. >> let's hope what they're learning is free low of idea and looking through to think for themselves not listening to proves ors and what you see on twaiter. i hope that's the case going forward. >> want to hear with you
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>> associated press and president trump saying acting attorney general justice department during her watch will not defend the refugee order in court and you mentioned this accounting attorney. >> sally yaits acting attorney
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is not confirmed yet she was parts of obama administration. we'll see how long this plays out for. but that coming through on associated press. we'll talk about that later on tonight. in the meantime the trump administration made it clear taking on the media. >> tom fitzgerald is liver at george washington university tonight. tom, we know the new white house press secretary shawn spicer will thereby talking about the trump administration war with the media. what's going on. >> we were supposed to hear from the president press secretary on media now and we're now on trump time. they're quickly presenting that these things don't happenen own time. what this is tonight is probably one of the most explosive relationships we've seen in probably 40 years between white house and media environment probably going back to the watergate area. shawn spicer his very first day in white house briefing room wa
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almost battle between the trump white house and media over crowd size. if you watched any of these media briefings shawn spacer has been involved in since that day it has been more ever the same even leading up to a briefing today where shawn spicer was pretty much laying out what this executive order was today in comparing it to executive order that president obama put in back in 2011 where he suspended immigration from iraq. now this is not an accident. this is not any feels of trump administration and senior counselors said they view media as opposition party and they're treating them as such. when you go to briefings and we see this relationship back and forth between media and trump side there's a real conflict going on right here and the trump administration knows it's a way around the media. they have a president well adept and has millions of
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followers on twitter and age it get the message out on his own and this white house we'll hear from shawn spicer tonight. do not think they need to rely on the traditional media outlets as their soul source of getting out to the american people. >> they don't, thanks, fits, we'll have more on that tonight. >> and meantime, washington took center stage in hollywood. sag awards were almost overshadowed by politics and we'll look at speeches when we come back.
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>> because i love this country i'm horrified by its blemishes and immigrant ban is blemish and unamerican. >> hollywood taking on washington during sag awards last night and one of the eachs by winners and presenters in light of recent executive actions. >> there were a lot of actors
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and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> continues out being president has a lot of signed signature a ball put a signed baseball on the block and got 27 bids and final price 2082.50. prior to president the baseballs from trump would sell in the $1 to 200 range. >> stock gone up there. >> i'm curious obviously president throws out first pitch at some major league baseball i wonder if it will be here and happen this year we'll see. >> could be at the washington nationals game. >> couple more tweets coming in here and this is something ronica mentioned we were asking fem if they agreed
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executive order clinton did same then and obama did not shut down immigration and severe liqueur tailed it. >> lot of difference. look it up yourself. >> sue you tonight.
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finity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so what this protest needs is an anthem, and madonna may just be the person to sing it disco style. >> bruce roberts. he's a songwriter. he wrote the song "enough is enough." wants madonna to record new lyrics for an anti-trump policy type of song. harvey: is it too soon to do the song "enough is enough" because he's only been in office a week and a half. >> it's been enough. >> he's done plenty in a week and a half. inions.rotesters voicing their harvey: it's pretty powerful that, you know, gigi and bella hadid are now mobilized. >> oh, my god! pretty girls are interested! >> so "stranger things" won best


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