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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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ying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. more major developments with the trump administration today. a firing, a hiring cabinet confirmations and that is justai for starters. we're just getting started herea the music, there you go. you can see on the side of yourf screen this is what we'rewe'r talking about tonight at 6:30. as always tweet us what's onon your mind.yo a lot going on tonight with thew supreme court which we'll talk about in a moment.mome use the #5@6:30 this was a big story last night when the announcement came when the sally yates says she wasn't
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she was fired. they replaced her with from eastern virginia. meantime today, democrats on the senate judiciary committeeud delayed aic vote to approve jeff sessions as attorney general. committee is expected to resume it's hearing wednesday. meantime a senate committee approved betsy devos for education secretary. devos is expecteetd to be confirmed, but thousands of teachers and students across the country are hoping that doesn'tt happen. they've been protesting the pasn couple ogf days.ys. the bill air businesswoman hasbi been criticized for her perceived lack of knowledgef about public education. president trump is expected to announce his choice to fill thee vacant seat on the us supreme court. the front r
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such and thomas hard man. he said he had a list of 20 judges or so and now we'll see if it comes down to what the reports lead you to believe. jeff letterer letter is on skype. jason up on skype. did i get that right.ght. >> you did. we have the two names floating around for the supreme court, any surprise >> you never know, it's donald trump. there could be a head fake going on with these two.wo. however, i do hear many conservatives, many conservative groups confirming that it's for sippy think that's because they really want him to be the nominee and he very well couldwl be the appointment that donaldpn trump there's a lot of good reasons for both of these picks.ks. chief among them really just start at the very beginning isg their age.. they're some of the youngest ones put up for
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quite sometime and that meansns that they will be there for many, many years to come, many decades to come. let me let you jump in there and comment. what do you think about these two. >> i think one thing we can all agree on is that by partisanpart cooperation is out the door with this administration, with thiss congress and with these participants. that may not lead to a supremeue court pick that we all agree on, but it's certainly not going to solve the problem of bipartisan government that the american voters should expect.xp well, let's talk about that because it kind of works both ways we as some deps, jeff americalyr threatening that they're going to filibuster or block the nominee of president trump as they said they weren't going to about president obama's.obam today i don't recall a lot
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obstructionism, during presiden obama's by republicans at thatui interest post office.inte the democrats arere adamant that they don't want some of these well, there's certainly been a statement by president trump and by other republicans that there has been a lack of cooperation between the democrats and the republicans, all of which i agree with. and that is continuingcont dramatically in the first tenirt days of the trump presidency. > jason.on. >> that's absolutely false. can't even say that with ait straight what's going on here are thethe democrats are acting like a purple faced toddler flailing his arms.s ar i've never seen anything quiteyi like this.this we've never really had anythingy like this. when you look at the confirmations that the senateat has t done for the last 40 year of presidencies, donald trump has the least and mainly this ih because of
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obstructionist walls at every corner, at every turn of the proper process certainly not for a lack of donald trump trying tt pass initiatives, put people up for nominations. the acting attorney general -- exactly what she deserved.eser start with richard nixon as president. so the fact that she was an obama holdover is not a partisan issue. i don't think it's just the fact that she was a holdover, it is that ' did not up hold what the president ordered her to do. > that's absolutely right.ig there was nothing -- she did not have any legal basis for her resistance to president trump's' -- we can't hear youear when you're both talking at thet same time. jason let me finish your thought and then jeff we can hear from you. >> sure, it wasn't
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type of a legal argument whichwc would be in her job description. all it was was her not really believing personally or on any kind of quote, unquote moralquot grounds that she wanted to up hold the president executive order. in position or in any other a position that would be grounds for firing and that's exactly what happened.happ > jeff, we'll let you finish. go ahead. i think attorney general affiliates was wrong when she focused on the policy and notnd the law. but it's an understandable humanerror of judgment. the quick roleout by the trump administration is also a human frailty and until we get to theo point where we're all willing to give each other the benefit ofbe the doubt we're not going to lnt on the people's problems. >> gotcha. > all right. we'll leave
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letter letter and jason kelly, thank you for joining usus tonight. a good scussion there. thank you. disyou. there's a lotto owe i want tot point something out to dan a been take you also appointed by president obama in his positiont as us attorney. we should point that as well.el. there's a lot of confusion over the execution of the immigration order. tonight we have a little bit bit better idea of how security plans to carrie it out. tom fitzgerald joins us with the latest on this. >> good evening, shawn, good evening jim. what this is about is this 72 hour story that's been going on about the secretary of the department of homeland security, the story being was that retired general john kelly was somehow either forced out, blocked out, frozen out from this policy making, executive order that went into effect on friday.frid now three days have passed since this thing was signed. today was the first time we
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kelly himself and what he told us today was a very differentife version of this narrative that has been going around town since friday. now, contrary to all these media stories, general kelly says that number one, not only was he not caught off guard by this executive order, but that homeland security staffers notae only helped write this, but that he himself saw two drafts of this first on wednesday and then learned on thursday that it was going to be signed on friday. the general says the bottom line in all this, if people are out there saying that he somehow was somehow not involved in any of this, listen to how he put this. he says, that was not the case. we did know the eo was we had people involved in the general drafting of it. you know, clearly it was -- this whole approach was part of what
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about for a year ortud two.two. so we knew all that was coming. another point about this. shawn and jim, you know how you've heard over and over again, the critics of this havee called it a refugee ban.. >> right. it an immigrationigra ban. we got some numbers today. i it turns out the actual numbers from customs and border protection in the department oft homeland security, there havehee been hundreds of refugees fromeg these seven countries that havea come in and part of this is on the white house because they put out a statement that only 109 got in yesterday. it turns out that was not only wrong, it was way the numbers we got today, 872 rev geez have been allow in under the individual waivers. these numbers are going to up as es
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homeland security said they're going to update this. typically have media conference every conference calls to plane this. none of that.ha as they've been roling this out, as they've been roling this outs they didn't do any of this.this they should have done it because a the mr. of the misinformation is out there is on their ownwn house right now because theyey didn't explain this thing before they roled it out on friday. a lot of the people in thiss building didn't know how this was going out. they admitted today that thethat communication on this has been terrible. not only to the public, butubl inner agency as well. and also to these airlines. somehese of of these people hado work on getting flights. they are three days into thisths better than they were on friday. but they still admit today theyy have a long way to go. chalk it up to there's a learning curve here. they're all new at this. > the white house we he m
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controversialette executivexecu action on immigration. they may issue new guidance that would soften changes to the president's executive order charley queue mar, you support the immigration ban, tell us why. >> that is correct. the number one responsibility or the president of the country isy to protect the lives of his citizens. the first time we have a president who is following what he actually said in the campaign, that we need to dodo extreme vetting. we should not allow rev geez, even though he's allowing some from syria because our enemy has openly declared that they are going to infiltrate refugees ane send the terrorists in the guys of the rev geez. so to me it's pretty obvious, pretty simple that the number one job for the president of the country is
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of his citizens. critics will say if that was the number one job and that's what the president wanted to do thish would have included pakistan, afghanistan and saudi arabia. >> i agree with that. i think these seven countries got picked from a time before where obama had also selectedl these seven countries. we are of the opinion, republicans in the coalition isa definitely of the opinion that i both countries i arabia and afghanistan and pakistan shouldt be included in that list.t one of the items that a lot ofof people who oppose this are,are, they're going back to the whole idea that there is a test for, a litmus test for religion when it comes time to activating thehe refugee program and testing people who are religious minorities in these countriesoun which would be anybody but muslims. this is a religious issue here?e it's not a
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really a war issue. they have declared a war issue on us. it's pretty obvious if you have a christian there in those countries and you are a victim of terrorism -- using that logic if you were a pieceful muslim in those countries and you're alsoo dealing with the same hardships there, shouldn't you be given gv consideration as well? well, i mean take it case by case theyhy are probably having resolutions case by case as well. overall these are seven countries where, except for oner i guess iran that has decared a war on the united states and israel. that country in itself is thatt way. but the rest of the countries are pretty much without government. there's so much law less in in those countries so it is really not effective functioning government and how could youyou expect any of those to do anyto kind
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vetting, which our presidenthich wants to do. > all right, kelly queue mar w, appreciate you coming on kel ann sharing your thoughts.ur >> thank you very much. > thank you. thank let's talk a little bit morelk a about the the forecast. another pretty warm day outday there for the last day of january. >> she can't help but notice tom fitzgerald in his live shot had gloves on. >> he wears those all the time, though. it is a little bit breezy. i would say that, jim and shawn much as the sun goes down and even though we may still be in the 40s and 350s. >> he's a hand model.el. > does he know that because itt think that would please him greatly. >> we had a mild day, but the b wind is picking up a little bit and these nights still are chilly. we're going to head down to the 30s that is for sure. we did top out at 56 after starting the morning in the 20s with some light snow across theo northern suburbs that did not cause any problems. bwi52 and it's more typical ofil what we might see around here ia the middle of march. so
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it's been a pretty easy month to deal with only 1.4 inches of1.4 snow at reagan national so far. i'm not sure what's up with the gloves with tomorrow, but you're right. i'd be wearing gloves if i wenti out right now, too.too. here's a look at tomorrow, more clouds around, but not as coldas of a start. we'll have 46-degrees by the noon hour. by 4:00, around 50-degrees some places may top out in the 60s.. not as sunny or as warm as todaa was. > we'll send it back over tok jim and shawn.. we know that president trump is a businessman and he's also tell you that he's a who he man and he's building up anticipation as he tells us his pick for the supreme court. we'll tell you everything you need to know about those
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less than two hours we know thc president's pick for the us supreme court. sources have confirmed the two finalists are judge for such anh judge thomas hard man of the third circuit in philadelphia. fox's ronica cleary outside theo supreme court with more on thisi one. >>reporter: we have an idea, of of the two finalists they seem to be rumored as what thethe president had selected and thend on monday, just yesterday, the president spoke about the fact that he said he knew who he was going to pick. he told us just a little bitjust about that person, whoever it may be. take a listen to what he said. we have a big decision that i may have made, a very big decision on the united statesd supreme court that is going togn be announced tomorrow night fror the white house at
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a person who is unbelievable highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this person. > not telling us too much, but certainly saying the person is credible and venerable.vene let's take a look at the two names you mentioned a little bit earlier. these two federal appeals courte judges who have been reportedly the final two in the selection process. the first judge kneel for such,e to tell you a little bit his crucial. he has ruled in favor ofor companies objecting to religious grounds of obama mandates to provide female contraception. a controversial ruling from fairly recently back. and then judge thomas hard man he has supported gun ownership rights. he serves alongside president trim's sister, judge mariondge trump barry. there's no surprise that th
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issues like gun rights, supporting those churches and organizationings that have religious objections to things like obamacare mandates. of course the democrats are saying this is not going to bee an easy process, really responding to what the republicans made a quiteuite difficult, after nominating mere it garland they're sayingthey they're going to fill busterbust whoever president trump names tonight p if it's in the going to be meric garland.garl > that seems unlikely. thank you very it's going tok be interesting o see. what is interesting about those two gentlemen, they're both relatively young. p one of them is indeed confirmed they could be on thed supreme court for quite a long time. > donald trump's sisters mariop trump's barry, federal courturt judges are forbidding from politicking. if you never knew he had a
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sister, that's why, she can'the did it.di now we know. > pop star madonna has not should away fromas politicking. she's been very vocal about thee trump administration. what she's been asked to do ahead at 5@6:30
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call today. comcast business. built for business. from the women's march to the w top of the billboard charts,omet well, according to tmz songwriter bruce roberts who penned the duet back in the 70s has asked madonna a disco hit. it went to billboard hits.s. roberts wants madonna to rewrite and sing the lier recollection l to show her opposition.siti no word yet p the material girl is on board. it all goes back to the thingth about certain movements isis they're organic and you see people joining forces.forc >> right. people said thea
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people who had no doing in thete race who were living in statesin that maybe voted for president trump they only took madonna swearing on stage. >> i don't know how much thatmuh will really go to help. >> the celebrity impact is notct what it used to be and i don'td' think there's a lot of peoplelo who let's talking about ellen degeneres. she's using finding dura. president trump, his family and the white house were inside thee white house. voice by ellen degeneres who de also voiced her disapproval of the immigration ban. (applause). now, of course finding door i is about a fish named door i and door i lives in as you rail yeah and these are her parents and they live in america and i don't know what religion they
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her dad sounds a little jewish.i it doesn't matter.tter door i arrives in america with her friends marilyn and kneel owe and she arrives at the marine life institute behind abi large wall and they all have toe get over the wall you won't you believe it, but that wall has almost no affect in keeping them out. > there is ironry there. >> there is a lot of it. i haven't seen this one. i saw finding kneel owe. i did fin not see finding door . if any of you ever go to disney world and you see the finding kneel owe live show, my cousin christina isador i. she's been -- disney world or disneyland. disney world. loves it. live on stage. 5569:30 coming right back. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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see this former vice-presidentme joe byr deb made a surprise vit to the goddard school in
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bethesda the impromptu stop was very precious to these teachersc and students. he even took time to take a picture. thanks for joining us tonight, we'll see you tonight at 106789 [ alarm clock beeping ] weather. ♪ ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so rob lowe is in the market for an assistant. 70-k a year and a laundry list of requirements, including -- >> make sure that you're able to lift up to 25 pounds. harvey: why 25? >> i think it's just to carry his ego because of some of the other stuff, it's pretty ridiculous. >> arnold schwarzenegger taking a bike ride in venice with a never look back t-shirt. harvey: that is a clear statement based on what he did yesterday, because essentially he said what donald trump did was stupid with the muslim ban. >> that picture i would argue the most famous immigrant of our time. >> jean-claude van damme. [laughter] >> oprah is coming back to tv. she's apparently going to do several segments for "60 minutes."


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