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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 10, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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reinstate his travel ban.vel ba >> this morning president trump is calling the ban a this "political decision to keepion k the nation safe." sfe." the administration expected toed take the case to the supremehe e court. meanwhile homeland security secretary john kelly is visiting themety sec u.s.-mes border this week.his week. today he's making a stop int san diego.n diego yesterday he visited federalis facilities along the border in arizona. there he discussed efforts byis president donald trump tocuesidd improve tsecurity along thealot border during his visit he metee with arizona governor douggov doocy and custom and borderbordr protection officials. >> president trump will meetpl with the prime minister of themn japan. they're expected to discussd toc the united states' role inn asia now that the unitedthe ited states has withdrawn from the pacific trade pact.pat. on saturday, the two arey, thewe expected to play golf atgolf president trump's club mar-a-lago in florida.florida. >> happening today, secretary -- excuse me -- excuse education secretary betsycretarb devos is that expected tovos is pay a vi tsithat to
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middle school academy in in southwest. but she will likely be met by protesters. the washington tea chers unions will that reportedly hold a parent and teacher vigilrent ant outside of the school to showhe their love for public schools. devos is a strong advocateadvca for charter schools.for arter so >> despite the unsure futurepitt ofhe obamacare, more than 12 million people signed uplioni for coverage this year. year. the new trump administrationa and congress are committed tocoo replacing and repeeling the law. when and if that happens is a unknown ndrigh it now. o many people return to theo te program despite an increase incn premiums rising deductiblescti and less insurers to choosensuro from. >> this morning police inice prince george's county are geory dealing with damage control after a.m. complaint was filedp with the department of justice alleging racial discriminationai unfair promotional practices pri and disciplinary actions actions within the department.dep the complaints was sent to thel doj last december and reportedly filed on behalf of fo more than 90 officers.offers. yesterday prince george'sst county county police cerhdaiefl hank stawinski said he's beene's trying to contact the doj forojr more info
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any yet. yet >> i worry about the 2000the200 members of this department andr i don't hold anyone in anyany different view because they express a concern. cer the reality is that we musthat work to improve thisrove institution. we have evolved tremendouslyremy in 10 years, in 20 years. ye the only way that works is ifs we all reject the status quo. q. ly. ly. >> stawinski also addressed adde several photos that are parte pt of this complaint.his one of the photos is a training dummy that those a thaa black face pasted on it and an a afro wig at its feet. stawinski says those are frome m training equipment that hasn't t been used since 2015. >> administrators say theydm have no plainnsi to shut down.t now the problem here is thatre s as many as 80 students are absent because of stomachaches, fever and, fever n vomiting. health officials say there arehr symptoms that are consistentistt with the norovirus. nirus arlington county publicunty publ schools sent a letter home to he parents urging them to kee
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their kids home if they show sow any signs of sickness.ckness. >> whole foods market in glover park closed for healtheah violations. councilwomanouc. mary cheh this store is in thein 2300 block of wisconsin wiscons avenue. it was closed for failure toe get rid of rodents andnts an insects. we reached out to the company cy for comment. no one has responded.resnded it's not clear when the store te will reopen.reopen. >> you might want to check outmt the sky tonight. tog the snow full moon and a lunar eclipse are expected to make s.pearances. the eclipse is known as pruberial eclipse.eclpse. the sky will darken but not butn completely. the term snow moon comes from fm native americans becausemericaus february is the month thenth heaviest snows tend to fallie and thenst s early saturday s morning there may be a chanceerc to see a passing comet. co there you go, mike thomas.t would you care to elaborate on anything that i just u sacaidsti right now. >> snow moon. >> i thought you wereri extremely scientific wisdom.ic i wasw
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>> i was impressed, too. to. >> impressed by your wisdom. wim >> glad to know i impressedimpr two people this morning.o >> that's about>> a personal best for tyou.r you [laughter] >> yeah, so, about the eke the crisp, it's not a huge shadow so so it's going to be a little bel tough to see out there and weere may have some clouds aroundr this evening. now about that comet. ce best chance to he sao ithe it 3 a.m. tomorrow morning andrnind it's kind of out of naked eyef n distance. it's going to pass at at 7.4 million miles so if youles want to see it you'll need aa really powerful telescope.werfue not everybody has one of thosefh laying around and also because the full moon is the same night it's going to block itloci out a little bit because of b the brightness.bri going to be tough to see that comet but cool things going on tonight. reagan national 24 degrees,4 re dulles 21, bwi, 20 degrees.0 drs single digit wind chills north h and west. d west. dulles at eight checking in at a 8 grees.s. martinsburg eight.ight. gaithersburg seven, here inseve d.c. it feels like 12 degrees12e as we step outside
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there's your planner for theor day. it will be a cold one.col town start 20 degrees partlytart cloudy at 10:00 a.m. we rise through thecl 30's 30' through the day but we'll alsols build the cloud cover by 4 o'clock, 41 degrees underre cloudy skies. all right, that's a check ofes ght,ch the forecast.the fo erin como take it away withay ih some traffic. >> 4:35 i'm looking forward tok a warmer weekend.eekend. bundle up today.ndle up to as for our friday morningay mo drive problem free in all in a areas around virginia marylandid and the district very light lght volume around town on our on ou roads. not seeing any secondary orndarr interstate issues.te iss. 395 northbound edsall road todso the 14th street bridge we arebrw at speed without any slowdowns. and that trend continues con across the freeway east andast a westbound as you head by the third street tunnel.unn love what we're seeing there.ei. problem free on 210 in fort fort washington. southern maryland looking good and that drones on 295.on 95. metro service picking up atup t 5:00. >> all right, 4:35 is the time e right now. righ as we mentioned earlier e president trump is vowing top i fight back against the federal a court's decision not to reinstate hits travel >> that's right. nwick iselanie alnwick isate live at dulles airport withairpt more on what'
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controversial debate. >> reporter: hey, good>> reporte morning, guys. yeah, what a difference ine contrast right now.ight ow. the stanchions are still upre s here because you never know as s things can change any momentny e and protesters may decide theydt need to come back out hereout h again but look at the international arrivals board,tin lots of things coming in hereine still on time this morning. mni. so, what this means is thats mes the 90 day ban instituted byban president trump is still onl on hold and internationalternationa travelers for now are able to at come and go freely. the president's response, seees you in court. the security of our nation is i at stake t but that was not the opinion of the three judgee panel rejecting among otherl things the administration'sreje argument of an urgent need to u restrict travelers from those seven majority muslim nations.n. the judges also said that theide state's argument that the ban th targets muslim raised "significant constitutionalcanta questions and ruled that otherer courts could considerco statements by president trumpen andts b hi
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motives behind the executive order." we know many internationalonal immigration lawyers do still plan to come theme dullesme airport even though there ishers not the large need that there was in the past.atwas in past they're still monitoringng making sure that their services aren't needed becausedb the situation is still very tenuous and we're waiting to t hear at any moment today weodaye think about whether thethe administration intends to takene this to the supreme court orme r wait to hear what the lower lwe courts very to say.vy live for now at dulles, i'm at melanie alnwick, fodux5 local5 l news. >> mel thank you very much. you. 4:37 is the time.>>4:37 is coming up on fox5 news morning, another a-listnot celebrity couple not named n jay-z and beyoncéot they'rehey'e expecting twins. >> and theex producer behind onb of the year's hottest songs isti facing a lawsuit accusing himsus of stealing the beat. stealing e >> as we head to break rightbrer now here's a live look outside i across the dmv at 4:37 in the morning. rning. 24 degrees is the temperature.e. >> a cold 24 degrees.4 >> it is old. it's brutal. bral mike thomas says it's going to t get better. >> yay! mike thomas.
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>> ♪♪ >> sometime 4:39 and we're going to take a look at theim stories you're e take a engagii the most this morning onst t social >> let's check out what's hots on the web. kellyanne conway has been be counseled for promoting ivankana trump's fashion line during angn appearance on fox news.ew. lawmakers say that's nothat's nt enough and that she crossed crod the line.line. republican congressman jasonon chaffetz and elijah cummingsumgs both asked for the office ofe of government ethics to reviewthice the matter.e mattr. >> overseas it's a race toace t save stranded whales in new in w zealand more than 400 whales 40e are stranded on a beach. more than 200 have alreadylrdy died. hundreds of tourists andand farmers are racing againsting ag time to keep the other whalesthw alive by putting them backem bac into the water.ter volunteers then create a humanh chain in the water to try and stop the whales from swimminges back onto the shore andhoand stranding themselves again. aga. >> passing the
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when it comes to commentary.mme. bob costas is leaving the prime time bench and mike cirico will take the lead. lead. he'll be.. >> d jcal lead got a lawsuit for stealing the beat.. he was sued by producer chris hill who claimed to have metm khalid in 2008. 20 he said it appeared in a cd d that he gave khalid at anat an atlanta nightclub so hot issue e there. there. >> finally double the joy. j george clooney and his wife amal expecting twins. the babies are due in june. jun. no word yet on their gender.ire. the couple has been marriedmarre since 2014. congratulations to them.sis to m >> yeah, congratulations to con themor coming up on fox5 news morningmi hundreds of children northerniln virginia will be able to to receive free dental care this cs morning. >> pepco is taking steps tokings make sure ate number of d.c.. residents stay safe during theer winter months. >> as we head to bra
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a live look across the d.c. region. region rihanna singing it keeping uskes moving this friday morning.morn. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news fox5 morm police complain a group ofplai prince george's county police officers say they are thege's
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their brothers in blue. blu >> and a live look outside.uts first it was snow and now it's s the subfreezing temperatures.pra winter has returned in a bignedg way. the question is how long willonl it stick around?arond? and we saigon to you.gon to. thank you so much for joining us. i'm erin como.i'm erin >> and i'm wisdom martin i wisda today. is friday february 10th.bruar mike thomas here to talk abouta the cold weather that we're thar having and the warmu that'su on the way. the way. >> please tell me it gets get better tomorrow.tom >> oh, it gets better tomorrowot and then it gets even betterbett on sunday so we went fromt fm spring to winter over thever course of the past couple daysos and now we'll make that progression back from wind tobak springtime as we head throughthh the weekend but not today.toay pack the jacket.he jac you'll need it's considerably colder.colder. look at this 24 hour hu temperature change compared to yesterday 24 degrees moment d washington 16 in gaithersburg gg nearly 30 degrees down towards leonardtown, 27 degrees colder,s there in c fredericksburg.cksbu. so, again, you'll notice itotcet the minute you step outside.uts. it's 24 near d.c. but with theue winds still blowing from the west-northwest at about 13 miles an hour, the windh
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basically as you step outsideoud near d.c. . for our suburbs to the north nor and west feels like singleingle digits. satellite and radar here againre we'll have sreome sun to startsr but then clouds will kind of kif move back across as we workewo our way in the afternoon hoursrh so we'll call it a mix ofixof clouds and sun for later thisr s afternoon. here's your fox5 accuweather acr 7-day forecast, 42 today but toy yes, that's not a look at that weekend, startsstas chilly on saturday but by the afternoon 63 degrees.egre. sunday will depend on how muchuh sun and how much showerw much sw activity is around but could hit 70 degrees during theing the afternoon hours of sunday sosun looks like al pretty goodood weekend all things that's a check of the fork. erin como back to you witho youh some traffic. >> i like the weekend and t i like valentine's day not loving today.not bundle up. le u grab your big jacket hat boots that was good stuff before youdt head out the door. out the waking up in bowie traffic onafn 50 inbound is moving alongg ang without any problems.any i also really like what i'mi' seeing in beltsville. problem free on bw parkway.par let's hop outside.utside. look at that light volume on
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not seeing any issues on the inner loop or outer loop asr lop you make your way down throughon oxon hill.oxon hil same story top side through college park.collegpark. metro service picks up atce pict 5 o'clock. metro is running on time as well. we'll let you know if thati changes. if you have any questions att erin fox5 d.c. on twitter buttwb a calm start to our fridayrr morning commute.morn the time now is 4:47 and the chief of prince george'sri county county police isty cnty e speaking out iabouts a.m. discrimination complaint within the department. >> we're talkingin tabout sevev disturbing photos that arethat e allegedly part that ofrt complaint. fox5's annie yuco is live at police headquarters with thedqua latest in this story. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, wisdom andor erin.erin. well, the chief is addressing ag these photos believed to be part of a department of justice complaint filed bycomp some of its own officers alleging racialallegingacial discrimination. there are reports that updi tot 90 officers filed this complaint, unfairf disciplining, there's also unfair promotional pnirngactices between white and minoritynd miy officers, that is all part ofar th
4:48 am
now, the complaint was the cplat apparently filed in march.marc. however the chief says hethe cha learned about itys in octoberocr and he's still waiting for fr details from the department ofdf justice and there are a numbert of pictures included asded a examples of these allegedeged offenses including a photo ofotf a training dummy depicting aicta black man with an afro wigo w beside it also al photo of a license plate which you justwhit saw reading gfy and what lookshs like obama and gfy is an acronym meant to be offensive.oe they were legal plates on angalt officer's car. they were removed immediatelyimy once the chief learned of lenedf them. chief stawinski says he'she's working with the president ofref the local fraternal order of or police and they have a panel in place to identify whetherwher these are isolated incidentsincs or is this a systemic problembem within the department and says s if they find any problems,o they will work to fix itfi i immediately. take a listen.en. >> i worry about the 2000he000 members of this department andtd i don't hold anyone in a
4:49 am
different view because they express a concern.onrn. the reality is that we must must work to improve thishis institution. we've evolved tremendously iny i 10 years, in 20 years. yers. the only way that works is if if we all reject the status quo. we restructure.resuc we we bring impartial people inlen to look at issues and tell uslus where they believe we haveeve we problems and then we act. >> we will continue to monitormo this investigation, to ensurenue that our members cooperates cooa with this investigation, to ensure that things of this nature are not allowed in theowe workplace and we move past pa this. >> reporter: now, the chiefi says if they find anyian wrongdoing, he will be, he will addressing it to fix the ix the problem. meanwhile, the federal federa government says it has nos o comment regarding this matter. . that's the very latest here from palmer park maryland,mar annie yu fox5 local news. news. >> annie, thank you very much.uh 4:49 is the time rightme rit now. today a loudon county man whowho pleaded guil
4:50 am
material support to isis willupo bert sentenced.. mohammed baylor jala was a former virginia national guard man. he said he often thought ofhougf carrying out an attack inkn support of the islamic state.ta. >> happening today, another todr court hearing for the manaring n accused of shooting inside aidea d.c. pizzeria. edgar welch has pled nots pled guilty and is currently ins curn jail. he's accused of firing shotsd os inside theho comet ping-pong inn northwest d.c. after reading adi fake news story that claimedst the restaurant was at thore center of a child sex ring ring organized by hillary clinton'sls presidential campaign. >> pepco teaming up with themini d.c. fire department to helpnt p keep residents safe.idents saf the power company is donatingon 1,000 smoke detectors to the department's smoke detectord give away program.rom. residents can call 311 to set st up -- to have a smoke detector r installed in their homes. their. >> speaking of free, hundredse,h of kids in northern virginiarn n will have access to free fee dental care
4:51 am
the give kids a smile programmie will offer dental care to more than 400 preschoolers.schools. they will be seen by dental e hygiene students and dentists ds for evaluations.u teeth cleaning and fluorideg and treatments, the program beginst at 9:00 this morning at theornie northern virginia educationucatn campus right in springfield.pri. >> coming up on fox5 newsfox5 n morning, a rock and roll halll of famer announces that she'sats going to retire.etie. >> and police in paris haveha come up with a very unique wayua to keep the eiffel tower safe se from potential terror attacks.aa >> as we head to break right now at 4:51 in the morning,orng, 24 degrees outside.ut we're back in a moment.momnt. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress.
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>> ♪♪
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>> authorities say a woman wases visiting the environmentalronmea protection agency.otection age now according to federalo fderal officials the woman became agitated so staff members mb called security.lled secu the security officer arririvedid and tried to calm the woman down. officials say she grabbed for the officer's gun csaay usingsht to discharge.isrg >> in france, the country ise cs taking a major step to protectpt its iconic eiffel tower.tow the mayor of paris proposingris to build an 8-foot glass wallal around the tower to protect ittt against terror attacks. attacks. if approved the project couldjet start later this year. yea the french capitol has been oncn high alert since 2015.205. terror attacks then left more than 100 people dead. de >> al ward season continuesd seu this weekend with the biggest tt honors in music. the 59th grammy awards.a crews have been working allkingl week getting ready for sunday sy night's show in los angeles. now, yesterday host james cordon he ceremoniously rolledel out thele red carpet. >> the 74-year-old queen of soul says she's retiring buthe'i she's doing itng slowly. aretha fra
4:55 am
detroit tv station this week wek that she isn't quite ready torey put down the microphone yet. ye. she says this will be her last t year doing concerts and she'llad make just one more after that, franklin says sheaye will limit herself to some select things for just part ofsf the year. i cannot wait to hear her last s album. albu >> okay. my favorite -- one of my m favorite songs. >> yeah. >> one step. it to me.o sing >> i can't sing.>> >> come on, whiz.>> come >> one step awayon, from heartbreak. away from misery.misery. >> see, mike thomas, wisdom martin serenading us on this ts freezing cold friday >> i canid aytell my ears are ee bleeding. >> aww. s encouragement.ouragemen >> the hate is real thisealhis morning. mo that's all i'm going say. say. >> little friday hate.frid >> i'm going to throw him ahima bottle of hater aid. >> wisdom you can be my palentine. bus stop forecast out there,t 18 to 25 degrees for the kids
4:56 am
but with the winds factored inin in some locations it will feel like single digits especiallye north and west.north d we after school chilly 32 to32 o 42 degrees an little bit morele cloud cover around bfor those e afternoon hours.hour take a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast.foret 42 today, 63 tomorrow so we so have a weekend warmup come ourmr way. yes, if we get enough sunshineun 70 degrees easily doable onble n sunday. do have to watch out for a few w showers in the afternoonternoo though. gh we head into next week, wee 52 degrees on monday, 53 onday,n tuesday and then back to the bao 40's we go as we work towards ts the middle to end of nextxt week. all right, that's a check of th thea forecast.o erin como i'll send it back to you for some traffic.for someff. >>6.:56. while wisdom composes himselfhi from your insults i'll dolts i' traffic. friday morning right now and you can see the beltway stilnill quiet. problem free out in suitland. su suitland parkway inbound isla pw cruising. inb the model of this morning isi if you can get out early gety ge your friday started beforeted 5:00 a.m. you're in prettyu're i good shape.good sha metro service begins at 5:00
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reported and the top of the beltway looking good.y lookingo. early flight on your way to bwi traffic won't slow you slowu down. same story on the way to reagan national andtory dulles. any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter. on wi i'll keep you moving as things start to, you know, pop up andpn slow us down this morning onrnin twitter at erin fox5 d.c.c. wisdom. sdom. >> 4:57 is the time. 4:57 is ti. coming up on fox5 newsnew morning, newly sworn in education secretary betsy devos' plan to visit a d.c. dc. middle school could be met m with demonstration today's.n ta. >> parts of the northeast of tht shoveling out from underm under nearly 2 feet of >> as we head to break right igt now here's a live look outsideoi across the dmv. d. the time is 4:57.4:57. oh, there's my song.son >> there you go. look, a full moon and somend slow j >> i was listening to that this morning on the way in. on h >> i think we need to slow dance our way into the break. >>♪♪♪ >> you tell them, whiz.hiz. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning fox5 n fox5 president trump blasts applets a late court's ruling not toping reinstate his executive ordercur banning immigration from sevenon majority muslim countries. >> looking live outside winterie is is back and it came back back with a


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