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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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> let ' get started here. ' the first casualty of grthe trup white house, michael flynn. so what's next and will moreill document nose start to we haveto it on the run down on the side of your screen. it's woo we're talking about tonight at 5@6:30. if you can tweet us, do so use the hashtag 5 at 6. 30. the story broke last night, talking about it all dayday tonight. it is a stunning fall forall general michael flynn. who will take his place and what signal does that resignation send? >> covering every angle of this story tonight. first let's catch you up to speed. the president asked for michael flynn's resignation late last
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came amid reports that flynnat f spoke to the russian ambassador about sanctions. in his resignation letter flynn admitted to having several conversations back in september. today flynn lied about theut t content of the phone calls to members of the trump team, including vice-president mikeg i pence much there's stilcel a lot unfolding with this story. let's bring in juan williams.lim he's live tonight to break iteak down for us. mike flynn and that sent a big signal that, in fact, mike flynn was in trouble meeting with the vice-president, two or three meetings before, apparently nowo we know president trump requested his resignation as a matter of failure of trust. i'm going to ask you the n
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first let's listen to one of the comments that sean spicer made today when asked about this situation. what this came down to is as matter of trust.rust the president was glad that he was out there conducting his job -- juan, you heard it, you said, the president said it camt down to a matter of trust, but a lot of people are questioningqus the timing of this. was this more about the media running this story once we've learned the department of dep justice warned the trump administration about three weeko ago in. >> this is really now where ther story is going because people are asking on cap l toll hill whether or not president trump failed to act in sufficient timn to avoid what was potentially a blackmail situation where the russians could have been blackmailing flynn because theye knew he had lied in addition to which now there are questions going back to the wholeole relationship between flynn, vladimir putin, remember that famous picture of him sitting next
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the russian interference in the election. democrats on capital feel theyfl have a lot of momentum to pull flynn in for questions but also to probe to the russia ties inis the trump will they have any success doing that because they're going upp against a republican administration. roy blunt said he wants to see an investigation of that.hat. >> i'm glad you raised that. you have people like joy blunt but you also have senator john mccain, republicans and very much influential in terms seniority and their rank on capital hill saying yes, we wanw so know what the russians are dog and we want to know aboutut russia's ties to the administration. i think we have to be aware of this, but the trump white house is pushing back and saying theng real story here is are the leakk coming out of the intelligence agencies, how did ey
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about this conversation with flynn, who was leaking it to the washington post and others. i don't know if them throwing up smoke or if they feel there is a reel problem with the intelligence agency and the administration. let me play devils advocate fora a minute. sean surpriser revealed today that michael flynn talked to 30 dim mats and this is not unusual for people to do this as they'ry getting ready to come into a new administration. he was trying to get warmed upp and sort of make relationships with some of these people. why was it wrong for him to reach out to the russian ambassador. the critical point here is thatt the obama administration after their own probe into russian interference into the election decided to pose sanctions on the russian government and on put in as they were walking out the door. at that point michael flynn formerly with defense, intelligence and all that he had no
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interfere with what the us government and we had onead president at the time, in president obama's administration was doing in relationship was doing to russia. he was saying don't worry bit or whatever he was saying, we're not sure, but we do know thatow russia did not respond to the fact that us was expelling russian diplomates and taking other actions in this country ands that wons usual thatt wo somehow he felt that he could reassure the russians at a point when the united states and the obama administration was trying to say we feel you broke thethe rules and we are punishing you. that's the crux of the that's where he could be in there's a logan act thatthat specifically makes that an illegal action by a privatevate citizen even if you're the in coming national securitycuri advisor. > do you think michael flynnhal did this on his own or do you think he was otherred or suggested that he make that phone call? >> i think you know too muchmuch about this story? i think that's one of the question o
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capital hill tonight.ight was it the case he was simply the fall gian he was told by president trump go reassure the russians tell them not to worry. when did the president know it? >> weave heard that questionques before. > who is replacing flynn. >> joseph g kellog he is the acting national securityrity advisor.advi he's a retired army advisor. he was previously worked as at the pentagon. > as juan just mentioned lawaw makers up on capital responded quickly to the news of flynn's resignation. conscious democrats called for an independent investigationdent into his action while the gop leadership was more reluctant and declined to call for that investigation. i believe we need to hold a public hearing with flynn to get to the bottom of this h. our committee held three or four hearings, emergency hearings one hillary clinton in anc matter oa week or two. and if t
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at this moment in the history of this h country this is the moment. national security is perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president has.. and i think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation. he wasn't fired because he lied. let's make that clear. he was fired because he just wasn't a good enough they were okay with lying to the american people. > a lot of strong words upds there today. >> for sure. on a day about the uncertain future of michael flynn dominated headlines, the president was silent. unusually soilen. his white house pressun secretay got an earful from reporters. a media reporter joins us now. n hardass, gooowd to see you. >> we watched the pressress conference with sean surpriser,r it seemed like almost every single question was about w michael flynn. me, let meed toas
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what was your take away. a president trump was worried about the leaks, not necessarily michael flynn. >> and it's sort of a deflection to a crux of the story. it shows there are some real serious questions about what is going on between the white house and russia that a lot of democrats want to get into. what is sort of ironic donald trump loved all of the leaks of hillary clinton's e-mails ands all the dirt that came out of the campaign and now he's not at huge fan of the leaks because it's harmful to a lot of reporters did ask is how far and how are we going to investigate these leaks? i any that's a good point because when you think about when wikileaks was gaining critical mass, marco rubio said he didn't jump on it because he
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very easily turn on the republicans. we know not much came out on the republicans. it was mostly about i haven't granted we're talking about two different leaks here, as we move forward are we going to see an internal investigation or arenv they gesoing to keep coming back to theep press and say you're nt doing your job and try and find out who is leaking. >> it's a tricky situation for the government to get into because they would be then investigating their own intelligence agency and whatnd does that signal to the rest of the public? that they should not trouble trust the intelligence agencyies.s. the national security advisor for what the white house itselfl said was misleading. let me ask you, the president, as you know, has been veryvery critical over what he calls fake news, with you there was somes o news that came out today, several newses organizations reported that a fake
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account, michael flynn twitter account said he was the scapegoat and that was fake. how do we as the media navigate situations like that when we're dealing with the story of this magnitude? >> it's a story of big magnitude and it's a very fast developing story as we've seen in the past 24 hours how quickly the story changed and develop. i think everybody -- it's a lotto owe i myself i think twice before i tweet now and i doublecheck things a bunch of times over. it can be very hard because it's pretty easy and pretty quick tok trick you, especially somebody who is no longer in the government. they might have had their government e-mail taken away from them. it's a difficult thing to do but if we want to keep the viewers and the readers trust, you need to stop making tweets. good to see you tonight. an
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thank you. > we have all this going on right now. is it going to over shadow. >> we have benjamin yahoo coming to down so much has gone on this week president we have the visii from prime minister true dough,, the prime minister of canada. and then all of the breaking news with general flynn and now the anticipation of benjamin yahoo's visit tomorrow.omor this is the first official visii he'll be making to the united states since president trumpnt t took office certainly am havecet expected and anticipated thaticp this relationship will be a lot warmer than what we saw during the obama white house. now, the prime minister he did e tweet out that he looks forward to the meeting, that he hopes they will speak about security and the relationship between tht two countries, but what exactly will come up? one thing i want to show you, this was an advertisement that was posted in the washington post
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president trump walk with kink david and move the embassy to injure rhys lem. this is what am are expecting to coming up. that advertisement was put in the washington post by rabbi spool i. he's often referred to as america's rabbi, i believe we've had him on our show 5 at 6. 30 he is a leading voice in this conversation and movement. so today during that press briefing, you heard us talkus about it a few weeks ago that they would have these skype questions, people who liveo li beyond 50 miles from the whitet house to skype in. one question came in fromm florida and she asked will thisl be discussed, the idea of moving the embassy to injure rouse lem. take a listen. and one last question, when heeh meets with prime minister national in yahoo tomorrow willa they be discussinhog moving the embassy and settlements. >> on the second one i'm in thee going to get ahead of the prime minister's discussion with the
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after that there will be a press conference. > sean spicer there really playing it safe not giving us much information, but there is no doubt that these two leaders have developed a very close relationship with national in yahoo jumping out and going onog the record saying he supports one of president trump's most controversial policies. president trump is right, ient built atr wall along israel's southern border. it stops all illegal immigration, great success, great idea. that he did this, mexico came out.e they felt that that was not appropriate of the prime minister of israel to do, but he was willing to go on the line te stand with one of trump's mostt controversial policies soo certainly maybe there is an expectation, something in return for that. obviously all eyes will be watching -- will be watching it tomorrow for 5@6:30. back to you. thank you, toon
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let's switch gears right now and talk about the weather on this valentine'ser day out there. a little chilly out there.ere. a good time to cuddle up, right sue palka. >> absolutely. maybe some folks are justst heading out to dinner. it's hard to get a table. but if you are you won't need a heavy coat.coat by 9:00 our temperature 44. 43 at # 1, but this means withh increasing cloud cover earlierlr tonight it won't get so cold tonight. we will fall for the 30s. tomorrow with a bit moree sunshine and a slight chance off a shower especially south ofsout d.c. we should be able to get up to 50-degrees. we were hoping for that today, but the clouds prevented thatevn from 50 from fredericksburg.fred you get up towards frederick, kills and martinsburg it's more likely to be in the made 40s. a look at your seven dayy forecast, our coldest day this week will be thursday and i want to remind you that tomorrow night into thursday we start getting breezy again. those gusts may be up and overvr 30, to 35 miles an hour.
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that's tortious, friday, 48-degrees, a chilly day, but we're warming for the weekend. saturday, 60, sunday 64-degrees and if it's a three-day weekend for you because president's daya is monday you're in great shape. we have a nice warmup.mup. that's your seven day forecast. > thank you, sue.ha wenk have more ahead at 6:30. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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with welcome back, a federal has of course federal appeals courtt in california already upheld a temporary restaining the order, state lawmakers from montgomery and prince george's countyince maryland wants to declare all of maryland aqhñ sanctuary state.t. that's getting a lot of traction. that's for counties like frederick and hartford. tom fitzgerald
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tonight. >>reporter: the question is this, should state government like maryland be passing laws that shield p people fromd p federal immigration laws? the who the topic for us in thishis country right now, especially in maryland right now where concerns are being raised that the state legislature could do something to put it in the site of the trump administrationinis which, as you know, has threatened to revoke federal funding from states or cities that declare themselves as sanctuary. here's what's going on, in montgomery county there's a democratic delegate by the name of maurice per relies.ur she hasic introduced a bill into the house of delegates which has been asking people who have been arrested with their immigration status is or where they were born. it also goes onto preventreve maryland police departments from participating in any federall
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now, republicans in annapolis who are outnumbered say theyay have a lot of concern cans about this. the republican minority leadersr say this is not sensible. it would invite anarchy into the state. nick chem key says simply buttpy if they do this they would put maryland on the wrong side off the law. but the bill's sponsor delegate morales, she doesn't like anybody suggesting that this is in any way any kind of sanctuary state bill. listen to how she reacted if wee asked her what the effect of eff this bill would be to put maryland on that side of the argument. i really have a problem withh that phrase because there is this underlying belief that you are hurting a safe haven or a sanctuary for criminals whichhih then means that immigrants are thus, criminals. studies have known thatt immigrants are actually
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of shielding people from the law, i don't think it's the right approach.ap i do have concerns, too. there are violent individuals in this country who are here illegally. most people support moving those people to their home countries. why are we paying to keep those people in our prisons and housee them here. > now, sean and jim, you know the reality of the politics in annapolis, democrats controlontr both houses.ou right now delegate mor l ales has 75 co-sponsors for thisthis what is not clear at this point is whether or not she would have the 85 votes she would need to override if republican governoro larry hogan decides to vetoeto so a lot remains to be seen as how far h this is actually going to get. thank you very much.uch. fitz. we appreciate the update and the information tonight.n we will be watching. a lot of people will be payingan
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she can't seem to catch a break these days. ivanka can trump shared this picture of herself in the oval office and it sent social media on fire. we'll be right back.
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request you see it, ivanka trump sitting behind the desk in the oval office flanged by her father, president trump and justice true today. a great discussion with two world leaders about theut t importance of women having aav seat at the table. it sent social media into a frenzy. some people gave her queue dose for this note on. others werersw angry said she hadn't earned the right to sit behind the desk.he there has always been protocol in the oval office presidentside reagan you had to wear a coat and a tie. whenever president clinton wascl seen with cowboys drinking root beer, people thought what disrespect for the office. really, she's the daughter, inge the grand scheme of things who cares. there's a lot of people over thr
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chair. this is the social media age. speaking of the family, thefami first lady says she's going to keep the white house garden. mrs. trump said gardeningdeni teaches the fundamentals and evolution of things all whilewhl inspiring us to relax and strengthen our bodies. she continued to say she wouldod take great pride in continuing that garden. >> it was former first lady michelle obama who started the garden. >> enthusiastic they did a lot of growing. after a brief vacation the obamas will be hitting the roado they recently signed with the harry walk age for a speaking session and book deal. we have seen the couple onple vacation in the british virgin islands. pass of
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in case you didn't know, it'su valentine's day. even the vice-presidentdidnva k. yep, he has to get something
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shoppers spotted mining pence picking up flowers at the whole foods in northeast d.c. greta, her husband spotted the vice-president at the cloverve park store shopping for his valentine. she added she hoped her husband would take the vp's lead. greta, we certainly hope thate your husband took the lead, too, and got your some flowers. i was at that whole foods lastat week. >> i was there for a news story. > they were closed down. that's pretty much in in the backyard of the vice presidential residence. not far away.ay. can you imagine, people are saying you didn't have people go do this for you? >> this is their first valentine's day in -- when president obama and mrs. obama would go to some rest trent, i'm really anxious to see. what spots they're going to discover because there's a lot in d.c. social
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take the pictures and post them. thank you for joining us tonight, everybody. we'll see you tonight at 10 and 11.11 have a great valentine's day night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: alanis morissette just got hit. burglars got $2 million worth of jewelry. i think burglars now go to instagram and instagram has become their sears catalog. >> it's alanis morissette and that's not her style. harvey: somebody tell me i'm wrong about the theory. >> you're wrong. this is a collection of her buttons she has. >> trump and the japanese prime minister rolled up to mar-a-lago and hopped into these wedding photos. >> him and the prime minister just hung out for 30 minutes. >> he brought him as a plus one and not melania? [laughter] >> big news, we have finally broken through, the first black "bachelorette"! [applause] look, even the black intern in the back turned around! [laughter]


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