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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thomas. good morning to you both. bt weather and traffic come up inon a moment first we want to talk w about the news developingvelopg right now in northernw in no virginia. the fbi is involvedly in thevon search for this missing 15-year-old. authorities believe mikhaila matte she metline. m she was reporter missing missg february 17th after her motherhr says that she never made it to class at forest park high school in woodbridge pol in woop mikhaila has diabetes and herane mother says she is in need ofned her medication.dication. anyone with information isnformn being asked to call >> turning to politics andliticd reaction pouring in thisaction i morning following president trump's decision to liftnging ft bathroom protections forionfo transgender >> those protections had beenti issued by the obamaam administration and at the and center of all this a virginia vg case that was set to go beforeg the supreme court.supreme >> melanie alnwick is live inivi southwest with more this morning. mel. >> reporter: good morning,ep guys.orrn now in a letter to intheg, he nation's schools department ofot justice and department oftmentf education both
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protections, anti-bullying protections for transgenderansnr students are still in place. p betsy devos says thethe transgender debate is best e left for states and individualn schools to decide. there were protests outside proi the white house after tdehis nee ruling came down from the he trump administration reversing g the federal guidance.gudance transgender rights. advocatesads say it was necessary tos nessa protect students from discrimination. the issue rose to the national stage after north carolina carla state legislature passed of a pa bill mandating thating that transgender people in in government owned buildingsgs must use east rooms that th correspond with the gender one n their birth certificate. and a virginia teen fought fortr the rights to use mail restrooms not a separate restroom. stroom. opponents argue that was was federal overreach and violatedva the safety and privacy ofriv of other students. um
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spther said this administration wanted to takestn a clo wseran look at the legal standards. >> the president as i said yesterday has s a firm believer in states' rights. when you look at r the guidance that was issued under thender e obama administration first ofono all let's remember to the besttt of my knowledge that was stalled, never fullymy kully implemented and i think thereand were various reasons i for thah several legal reasons and several procedural reasons.o >> reporter: right now 15 no 15 states do protect explicitlyexpy transgender students. meanwhile 13 states have sued the obama administration and a a texas judge had put thoseut thos guidelines on hold so you canu n see where there was definitelyny al patch work of enforcementnf to begin with.wi so, live here at theere at department of education, i'mucon melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> melanie alnwick reportinganie this morning.morn today marks day two of theya conservative political actionitn conference taking place at plac national harbor. harbor. big names are expected to takete the stage this morning. moning. presidential adviser kellyanne e
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by education secretary betsyreyy devos this afternoon and white housethis chief of staff reince priebus pacific northwest steve bannon willhwes take partba in panel discussionn tomorrow president trump isrr set to address theow p could and presence. u.s. secretary of statef rex tillerson in mexico cityco t part of the mission to build a fence on the border. president trump has insistedfen that mexico umpap yha for a bore wall and has taken steps onstepo illegal immigration. m homeland security secretaryland john kelly is also s traveling separately to guatemala beforetf making his way up north tortt meet tillerson.tillon he and tillerson plan to meetmet with the mexican president. pr >> next week we're and'rend expected to get president trump's reboot on thetrump's oto executive order on the travel ban. the first ban remains in legal limbo. the new order will drop thehe indefinite suspension ofn of sy
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instead the order will likelyi call for a temporaryporary suspension of all refugees from any country until thosel te countries can put in place a a background security test whichw meets u.s. standards.andards. >> president was very clear in his executive order that theseh were countries that we didn't have the proper vetting for pro whenpe it came to ensuring the safety of americans.ameans. >> the new measure will will implement the same 50 percent50e cut in refugee admissions this t year limiting admissions to 50,000. some 35,000 refugees haves hv already entered the country meanintherg e will only be about 15,000 spots left forlefto the remainder of the year. it will exempt permanent residents and the visa holderses from that ban. ba fire investigators believese a five-year-old boyfive-year- accidentally started the firealt that killedhe him. hi. they say he was playing with a a lighter. after that fire
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fire sttarted neighbors triedneo to help find him but no one cool get inside the garage gage where he was because of thebecaf inflame flames. two other people inside gote go out okay. happening today, have a governor terry mcauliffe expected to sign new sig new legislation to combat the opioid epidemic.pidc. legislation includes limitingde the number of days someone can be prescribed opioids unlessribe they fall under certaintain chronic pain categories.ories. >> 4:35 is the mike thomas weather andweather traffic on the 5s. we'll start with you and aand a little check of our forecast f this morning. morg. >> what a.m. forecast it isst ii with temperatures expected toexp be more like, say, april or may than late february here.rua. we got some springlikepringlik temperatures coming thisoming ti afternoon. dulles at 52, bwi marshall arshal little on the chilly side atde 48 but well above where theyre should be for this time
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year. high thin clouds to start theart dane you can see them breaking a little bit out to e west. it will kind of be filteredfiltd sunshine as we head through heat the afternoon here. there is some patchy fog outy fu there. i see one her western wer portions of loudoun county on towards hartford countywa northern portions of baltimorerf county and annapolis you seeee 3-mile visibilities there so vis do watch out for a little bitit of fog here and there. th there's your planner for thelan day today, though.though quickly rising through thehrouge 60's and into the 70's later's l this all right, that's a check ofghtt the forecastha.t'focast. caitlin roth is back thiss bck i morning for some traffic. tr >> that is an amazing forecast. recast. that cannot be beat mike thomas. thomas. already on this thursdayread morning you got to navigate na the roads got to get to work.o if you commute into southernmutn sections of d.c. down around branch avenue use the bottom the of the beltway, the inner loop,l there to get onto 295 you'reo 2e going have some problems. northbound 295 is closedis lose between assumed and malcolm xana avenue due to a crash cash investigation on scene. you cannot access this portion
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all lanes are blocked againked n between suitland parkway and malcolm x avenue. you can seat northboundmalc dely right if you do use 29t 5 you're goinn to want to use some sort of sorf work around to access then thn getting into the district.s looks like maybe you can get yot on branch avenue go up that that way on route four in maryland ma or some other local way. northbound 295 closed. 295 all right. maryland commute, though, is okay on the top of the beltway so far just very light volume v outer loop 95 on baltimore-washington parkwayship 270 southbound delay free fromem frederick county down through montgomery county and 66 y a 66 eastbound you're looking at aune quiet drive from manassas ma through centreville and intoe ao fairfax. that's a look at traffic.raffi more coming up at 4:45. wisdom, good morning. >> all right, good morning to you. we'll see you in just aom, rigl moment.l coming up on fox5 senyoewu sin r researchers say eating moreati fruits and vegetables tond veges greatly improve the quality of f your life.ife. >> nasa scientists announce anoc the discovery of a new soleew lateral system with at least three earth-like planets.h-like >> a live look outside across
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>> time to look to the storieso you're engaging with the most this morning on social >> holly morris joins us with th what's hot on the web.he web. >> he has been confirmed with congress and scott pruittot already in the hot seat because e-mails betweense himself and the fossil fueloss industry have been released.ele. the e-mails revealed he had hd cozy relationships with canh an lobbyists while oklahoma'swhilek attorney gleneral. e-mails were withheld duringhelg pruitt's epa confirmationfi hearings by the state attorneyr general's office and weren'ten't recently turned over. tur nasa announced the te discovery of a new solarsolar system that has at least three earth-like planets withwi climate that is support life. l. they're 39 light years from earth.rth. nasa says finding
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earth is not just a matter oferf if but when.hen forget five a day, eating ea 10 portion os of fruits and vegetables is dramaticallyamat better for you.u. although the recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables today reduces disease risk the greatest the gt benefit came from eating 10ti portions a day. california judge blocks a law that bans web sites fromb s revealing and actor's ages.or the law took effect in januaryjy allowing actors to take downakdn their ages. the law raises ra first amendment concerns.onns. and finally, who emceedo the white house correspondent's dinner alshooso known as nerd prom? normallynol a comedian performs a funny monologue along with theth the president but this year notis clear if president trump evenre plans to attend which is onsiden april 29th.april th. plus, the white househouse correspondent's associationde has yet to annntounce who willhw be this year's talent which wh organizers typically wouldically have known w weeks ago. >> all right. thank you holly morris.rri >> you got it.>> you got >> coming up on fox5
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morning d.c. dell get eleanor holmes norton vowing to fight fi to preserve affordablefordabe healthcare. health >> a fairfax cocaunty policeunte officer is on leave afterafter plowing his cruise near ase nea minivan. >> it's 4:42 and 54 degrees. de. back after this. this >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morningn missing andfox5 endangered.dange the fbi joining local police in searching for a northernnorhn virginia teen who disappearedisp after meeting a man >> live look outside right rit now. the calendar, well, it may say y february but today is going toio feel more like april or may. ma >> no complaints here.o good morning to you t thanks for joining cousng. t u. i'm maureen umeh.m maureen umeh >> and i'm wisdom martin. i'misa it's thursday,rt february 23rd.r caitlin roth two days a rowa rw she's graced us with herhe presence and we appreciate it caitlin. us.ays good to see >> she's not gracing us now.ot o oh, >> there's her map.>> t >> we know she's hehere. h we've seen her before.r we know she's here.we she's awak ke noandw she's reao roll which when she's calleds cd upon. >> she's filling in for erin como who has been under the he weather. erin if you're watching feelinge well soon.ll >> in the meantime we're going i to mike thomas first becauseirss he's got to talk about somet soe fabulous weather.fa we need to come buup with more e words torn describe the e
4:46 am >> splendiferous. >> oh, good lord. >> everybody is happy herehappyr today because it's going to be e feeling like spri. even for erin at home i thinkth she would enjoy thesejoy these temperatures as well.atures 54 here in that be washington,as 56 in manassas, fredericksburgrg culpeper, some chilly spots sps frederick maryland 45 degreeslan this hour.d with all the warmth expectedexpd later today do be aware allergy sufferers tree pollenoln abnormally high for this timehit of year as would be expectedexec with the warmer grass pollen also a littleraen high as well. as well. here's your fox5 accuweathercc seven-day forecast, 70's for the next three days. those temperatures much moreerao typical of early may here. hee. we'll cool it down though onough sunday with temperatures with ts dropping back into the 50' all right, that's a chk eck of e the forecast here.cast h let's head over to caitlincaitli roth now standing by fory f traffic. >> good morning, mike, alreadyg, is busy start ou at there for fr commuters and if you are trying to get into d.c. from gei southern maryland, northboundor 295 is closed between suitlandti parkway and malcolm x avenue.coa
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emergency personnel on scene sc cleaning up, investigating soti you cannot access 295 on thatn h section. follow local detours to worko wr yourself around there if youe iu usually use 295 or just avoid it all together. oget the maryland commute is goodmuti in prince george's county over r to montgomery county and even ad up through frederick as 95bw 9bw park pay top side accident side activity beltway a and 70 southbound are delay free. free. we'll check in on the virginia a roads in less than 10 minutes. maureen. >> out of northern virginia a 15-year-old girl missing after r meeting l a mimanline. >> police learned she had been communicating with a man from estonia.estonia. now the fbi is involve. annie yu ivs live with the the latest on this story. stor >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom andorter: maure. that's right makayla mattei mati turned 15 years old last lt month. last friday her family says it was a typical day. . she left home around 6:45 in45 the morning to head to the bus s stop and she never made it to io class and hasn't been seenen since then. picture of
4:48 am
she's in the ninth grade r weighs about 180 pounds standson about the police department has beenep investigating tharis case andcad they learned she had been communicating were it a stranger she met on thewenger m internetet. on et. now the fbi has joined in one this investigation saying theyga believe she's with thisti man. a this is meiti metsla is stranger her mother police activity her daughter is herty h traveling with righter now andod fears for her life.ife take a lift the end to here end mother. >> i am heartbroken.. i was just sitting across fromom her celebrating and now she's gone and it's just unimaginable.unim i would have never thoughtag on that day that just a mere few ar weeks later she would be disappeared and just gone.on >> reporter:
4:49 am
to makayla's mother she hass diabetes and relies on that medication. y tomoriday tomorrow will be one weekrr sowince she's gone se missing and the fbi says if say you have any information aboutbo their whereabouts, please callpl them. that number is (202)278-2000.2). that's the latest from woodbridge annie yu fox5 locallc news. >> 4:49 is the time right now.n. the maryland woman accused of f using the credit card avenueard missing assemblyman due in court on fraud she was caught on video buyingdg items. it is unclear how she gothe g ahold of his credit donahoe was last seen december 13th at his parents'is' home. >> this morning a fairfaxg a fax county police officer is on restricted duty pending thedinge outcome of a crash the officerf was involved in.was invd in. the dashcam from another car car recorded the officer's marked md cruiser collide with a minivanan on leesburg pike.urg pike the officer was responding toesn a call. a preliminary investigation
4:50 am
with the lights and sirensand ss off. >> well, today delegatede eleanor holmes norton will will host a town hall to protect the affordable care act. act. the event will be held at the old council chambers inmbersin northwest tonight.rthwest she wants to hear fromr om residents who benefit from theee health insura republicans are trying repeals r and replaceying the affordablefd care act. if that happens it's estimatedt 106,000 d.c. residents whots who have preexisting health heal conditions will be at risk of of having their health insurancealh >> this kemorningn a montgomery county police officer is nowic ale o medal of valor recipient much after jeffrey hughes wasffe presented with the honor honor yesterday for his bravery inis last summer's deadly apartmentay explosion in silver spring.n in he was off duty when s he heardd a loud explosion at the t apartments on piney branch road. identssed several res who were jumping from their ahea the ntsb is still stil investigating the cause ofc that explosion.xplosi >> new disturbing allegationstua coming to ligtiht ionn the uberr sexual assault probe.e. >> wisdom, get ready.
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>> okay. >> your favorite viral game g app will once again havelle aga people trying to catch them thm all. >> we're going to break rightakt now with a live look outsideuts across the dmv.across the dmv. the time is 4:51 right now. i was waiting on it. it. fox5 news morning back in a moment. >> the drama. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> we're back at 4:53.e're in world news breaking news newa fromking niraq. iraq. security forces pushed their way into the mosulway inul international airport thisio morning taking control of the runway whilenaking c exchangingg gunfire with isis the advance is part major ma assault that of the is it adat five days ago toth drive isis is from western weste the battle for western mosulsten is the extremist's group'sou last major urban hold in iraq. >> doctor for the american
4:54 am
gymnastic team facing new charges.. lawrence nasir.a court documents say over theumes course ofay several years nasirs abused victims as young as 10as during various medicalmal treatments at a gymnasticsts a club at his home and at his clinic at michigan state. state. >> employees of uber areer sharing more stories of sexualse harassment as eric holderhol investigates the allegations.le. some staff members say sy managers groped themnage threatened them with violence.i. the company has launched alal extensive investigation into culture after claims of sexual harassment came across itsross i offices. >> don't be surprised if yousedu start seeing people playingple g pokèmon go again.n go aga. a major update to the game was rolled out. pokèmonskèmons more for players to capture. >>lly.lly. >> yes, 80 more.>> y there are alseso new gameam mechanics such as berriescs sucs boosting, the amount of candyof a character gives you or toto slow the
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easier to it's also t easier to swap swa between different berries orber pokèmon balls.pokè >> really. >> you got all that. got all t >> no. >> n >> okay. >> people, get a friend. >> i bet you got tplhe,is. t >> no, i didn't, either. are you kiddinge me? jackpot,a one single ticket from indianan won last night's ni 435 million-dollar powerballpowl drawing. when will it be my turn, hm,hm, universe, when? the winning numbers are 10, 13, 28, 52, 2, 61, the powerball number is number two. those don't even look likeen lo number i would remotely play. p this is the seventh largestlaret jackpot win in powerballrball history. hist whoever won the money, heyy, hey a-the script says call me but b i was about to say it. t. ought auntie and uncle ine in indiana call me. m. >> don't hold your breath onur r that. you have a better chance of seeing snow in february.buary. >> never mind. >> but it could happen. >> maureen you've already wonre the lottery. you work here. [laughter] [lau
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job. >> okay. >> hey, let's do a little weather forecast here.her fores. yeah, no snow in february.fb so far this season it's one oftf the least snow i think thirdhin least snowiest winter we'veowie ever had near d.cst. d.c. bus stop forecast for the kidshs as they get off to school thiscs morning, 44 to 54 degrees.4 chilly in spots but generallyspe speaking that'sra relativelylaty mild. also watch out for a littlea l bit of patchy fog but after ar school shorts and t-shirt weather, 65 to me 75 degrees. t here in d.c. 74 for a daytimeyte high. tomorrow just 2 degrees shy of f a record so many 76 degrees 7 for your friday afternoon.fteon. saturday one more day of 70's70s before some thunderstormsome thu rumble through in thendemble th afternoon and knock outhreock or temperatures back down about abt 20 degrees into the lower 50's ' for sunday. fo al check ofcheck of the forecast p caitlin roth rth also winning the lottery thistes morning. >> yeah, who didn't want to dod two jobs when they can do one do or no, wait.ait. right, mike. >> absolutely.>> a >> two instead of one. i'm really winningwo i here. e all right, behind me not not winning here if you're on 95 on5 northbound in virginia just jus
4:57 am
blocking two lanes.oc you can see allki the lightsheht there and just that's about bout it. so, traffic is squeezingsquzing around this but it is going to t cause some backups and delays again 95 northbound just past p one tell i believe crash taking on the il ti a couple of lanes so slowing that's out there we'll continue to showl co it for you. another accident which isit for forcing a closure on 295on 95 northbound we've been talkingveb about all i'll have the latest on thatst coming up at 5:05 with moreh mre weather and traffic.traff but for now, that's it. it let's send it back to maureeno and wisdom.d wisdom. >> thank you caitlin.ou caitlin. coming up on fox5 news up on morning quite a fewe wsmembers e the trump administration willnio be among those addressing theddn conservative political actionitn conference.nfer >> and lawmakers in virginiavira are one step away from issuing s new rules for opioidioi prescriptions across thes acrost commonwealth. >> we're heading to break right now at 4:57re hwieath a e look across the d.c. region.reg. oh, boy, a beautiful dayfua coming up.coming 54 degrees already right now. ar again, your time isdy 4:57.4 good morning.ning. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> today on fox5 news morning, missing and endangered.nda the fbi joining local policei jo in searching for a northern nthn virginia teenager who teenagewho disappeared after meeting ad afn man online. online. >> the trump administrationmi says it is up to eache individual state not thedividute federal government to developo e their own rules concerning transgender bathrooms.transgenrm >> we're looking live outsidengt


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