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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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island. >> you have to be able to get to it. >> i'll take the million. >> that's right. all right. thank you. >> the news at 11 starts right now. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >> right now at 11:00 imagine getting this terrifying phone call. >> if you want to see him again you do this correctly. >> caller claims he's kidnapped a woman's father and demand a ran some. more of the call and how she figured out it was a scam. >> local jewish community septemberers are caught newspaper a nationwide wave of bomb threats. >> the virginia man who scaled from tower in new york city learns his fate. >> and the man missioned to the moon that blasted off next year. your news starts rights now. >> off the top tonight a "fox5" exclusive. tonight we're hearing a scam artist at work and he tartioned a woman with a frighten
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thanks for staying with us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> he called the woman and claimed he was holding her father and threatened to kill him if he didn't pay up. she recorded part of the conversation. lindsay watts spot to the woman tonight shawn, tony. >> this happened just this afternoon. amber got a call from a man who said her dad was involved in a hit and run crash and here's the twist. the caller said amber's dad had hit his son and then tried to flee the scene. now amber's dad was being held hostage an she had to pay thousands to save his life. >> do you want us to name folks and see him again you will do this correctly. you understanding me amber. >> yes. >> he said someone will have to pay for what your father did and the charges for my son's hospital bills. >> you have two openings you're going to do this correctly and respond and if got i'm going to hang up the phone and
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brains out and you can save the money for his funeral. how far are you from your house, 40 minutes. >> yes. >> keep going to your house now. you are not going to hang up or put me on hold every time i speak to you you answer me don't pick up phone calls or message from anyone. >> now my dad is unconscious from being knocked out by his gun and said he is pleading and they put a towel over his head and putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding but they had kidnapped him and they needed like $4,000. i'm shaking and trying not to cry. and my parents are in texas i cannot go down the street. >> i'm in another town right now. but i'm driving back as fast as i can. >> listen to me you're not going to speed. you're not going to run red lights because you don't want you pulled officer by the police. go straight to your house. >> the man told me if anybody were because t
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obtained and they had his cellphone and if anybody were to call him, that they would know and just shoot him in the head. >> if anyone tries to contact you know what will happen to richard. what you're going to do is go to your house and go to the safe and get money and i'll explain to you how you will wire the money. >> it was horrific for me honestly it rubd my entire day and i could not think. people need to know this stuff could happen. >> it was amber's cousin recording all that. she stopped recording so she could call amber's family in texas and eventually they were able to find out amber's dad was fine but they could not get a hold of hill for a while. nobody wired money but shawn and tony a scary situation for the family today. >> so i know amber called us because she wanted people to hear about this. did she call police? >> she did. she lives in fauquier county and we checked with the sheriff's office and they know this wint on a u
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prosecute this. often times these people are in other countries and it's easy to fake your phone number what's known as spoofing you really hear of arrests in this these cases. that's why we wanted to let people know what to look out for. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, lindsay. >> developing tonight, police are investigating more than a dozen bomb threats made against jewish community centers and schools today alone. those threats forced evacuations nationwide including several schools in the region. "fox5" marina marraco is live in rockville with the story, marina. >> shawn, the jewish community center association of north america says there's been five separate waves of theetz types since early january and they're saying there's been roughly 90 incident like the one we saw today since january across 0 states and two incidents happening today in our area. you'll see video from both centers in fairfax and right in rockville, maryland
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first m bomb threats coming in this morning at the guesser jewish daycare in fairfax forcing evacuation of 00 students and teachers and minutes later a similar call coming into charles e. smith jewish day school in rockville, maryland, the threats have continued throughout the die and throughout the country. >> tombstone after tombstone broke in and knocked over at a philadelphia jewish cemetery. the discovery comes days after nearly 200 head stones were vandalized at a missouri jewish cemetery. wave of anti-semitism prompted trump administration to speak out. the president condemning recent acts as "horrible and painful. >> the cowardly destruction in philadelphia this weekend comes on top of similar accounts from missouri and threats made to jewish community sent areas round the country and president continues to condemn these and other forms of ants a semetic and hateful acts. no one in america should be
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their freedom openingly and willingly. >> phone calls were made to jewish community centers and majority bomb threats n our area similar scenes pull out this morning the jewish community remains vigilant. >> any understanding there's been resources put to this investigation and the president condemned an eye semitism but i would like to see more resources trying to put an end to this. >> and tonight still no arrests in connection with these threats. live tonight in rockville, maryland, marina or marraco. "fox5 local news". >> two young men are in custody tonight charged with killing and up and coming wrapper named swity who lived in prince george county. douglass brooks was killed outside of an apartment complex in suitland last august. they charmed deate brewer and 18-year-old desean watkins with
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his murder. investigators believe the suspect and three other men showed up at the apartment complex on parkway terrace drive because a party was going on there. >> and we believe these two gentlemen were on the scene there to rob this party. and that's when the shooting occurred. we still have three individuals that we think are also responsible for the shootings that we have not identified at this point. >> lease say they want to hear from you if you have any information that would lead them to the other suspects involved in the case. all right. do you remember this crazy stunt from last august. virginia man who skild trump tower pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and discordly conduct. >> steven of great falls made today to the 24th floor before police grabbed him. they told the 19-year-old heeds prohibited from any contact with president donald trump that include
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3450ed why and also must continue mental health treatment. >> and the senate today confirmed president trump pick for commerce secretary. wilbur ross as part of the efforts agreement. and leading role in president renegotiations from north american free trade agreement. and president trump welcomed nation's governors to the white house today. administration was streamlined regulations and defense instra truck tour and appeal the affordable care act. d.c. and mar par has their own but virginia relies on obamacare exchange. virginia governor terry mcauliffe chairs the national governor association. today on "fox" morning news president trump told him he believes both sides can make progress. >> he was encouraging to me and said stay tubd. i think we'll make progress o
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that. the key is we ought to make sure we're not taking away money from something that would hurt people. we need everybody to be lifted up and need to deliver and i want a healthcare system people are treated individually and not like a number on a board. >> governor jerry sandusky toll us he peeling obamacare leave thousands without healthcare and cost virginia 200 million a year. >> tomorrow night president trump will add drs a joint session of congress and nation watch his speech life 9 p.m. and followed by fox news at 11 and 11. >> talk about a vacation coming up the mission to accepted a few tourists around the moon next year. plus, air local school finally reopens following infestation of rodents and bedbugs. school administrators tell us what needed to be done to deep clean the class rmz and if you're not into the latest iphone how about going retro. all the way back to the year 2000, 00
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2000, 000, thousand and, news at 11 well be right back pats pass
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pats pass >> following breaking news out of southern ca
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investigators say at least four people are dead. two more are hurt after a small plane crashed into two homes. this happened riverside, california. the plane was carrying a husband, wife and three teenagers returning home following a weekend cheerleading conference at disneyland. riverside fire chief says one of the teenage girls was thrown from the plane and only had minor injuries. firefighters have not sorted out how many of the deceased victims are from the plane and how many are from the homes. d.c. high school students is accused of taking a loaded gun to school this morning. investigators tell us the 16-year-old student brought the hand gun wilson high school in northwest an a parent told us she got a text alert from the school prince pal explaining what happened and the situation was under control. incident did not impack the school day. no one was hurt. police responded to the school and took the student into custody. >> well, student at savoy elementary
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back to class in their school building today and the school was shut down three weeks ago so crews could cleanp a rodent and bed bug problem. savoy hoeinged app on house for the community and gave us a tour and told us every desk and every classroom was strubd and floor in the main lobby was replaced with and rugs and other items were replaced. >> we don't want to point fingers or lay the blame anywhere. we take responsibility for our buildings and take responsibility for paging sure they're ready for students to learn and clearly theres with a breakdown in communication here. a high level of concern. out of abundance of caution we took coordinate fairy pressures and we would not expect to do this typically but there was abundance of caution of a high level of concern at savoy and we're excited to are have them back. >> since we started reporting object issues at savoy we learned other d.c. public schools are dealing with a similar issue.
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>> and there's a pretty cool story. new at 11:00, mankind is going back to the moon. space x announced today the company will fly two tourists to the moon next year and space x says the two approached the condition with the idea and they already paid a significant deposit. they won't land on surface of the moon, instead they'll circum navigate the balloon headed back to earth and trip will take a week and automated meaning the touristss will not pilot the space craft. >> does that mean no pilot or -- >> i don't know. >> kind of raid riding this thing. >> it willing pass it natureing to watch i'll wait. >> i wish i had the the guts to do it. >> you would be one of the first two people to try it. >> not first two. >> i'll wait a little. >> maybe 25 years. >> i'm not sure i want to wait that long. >> i would love to go. >> i don't want to go next year either. >> if you
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your smart phone for technology 17 years old apparently a lot of people want to do this now you can. nokia is going retro and reintroducing nokia 3310. classic talk and text phone most popular in 2000 the company is trying to capitalize on no, sir tall gentleman and it's still simple. >> you have 22 hours talk time and one month standby time, 22 hours, taken has a snake and it has nokia ring tone. >> by the way that nokia 310 will be available later this year for $50. i mean so i'm look i don't understand it. i don't get it. of course they did their research and apparently some people want it. tony, i mean, full disclosure
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of your flip phone. >> couple years ago. >> some want simpler. >> you want that. >> i got the iphone now. >> it's still -- it frustrates me sometimes. >> joe used to go on ebay and buy flip phones. he's on the iphone too and highly resentful. same he didn't want to get into it. >> i get it. it's too much, too much. >> only $50. >> probably doesn't have internet. >> no email or data plans there you go. >> you know what i say get outside over the next few days and enjoy another warm-up coming and take a picture and send it to you if you have a smart phone or use up some of your nokia. we wasn't down to the tidal basin everybody is talking about the cherry blossoms and our photographs feel like not only are they first stage we watch for but maybe some little floor et cetera starting to come out. doesn't it look like it? and usually there's several stamings and the national park service will mack a prediction on march 1
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usually when floor et cetera like that it means you're looking at average 16 to 21 days until the bloom. p and i love these spotted cherry blossoms king farm in montgomery county. r. j. jersey devil city said he saw these and they look like they're in full bloom don't they? a lot of you seeing flowering trees all over and no wonder we are now looking at february being the warmest we ever had in d.c.. 2017 will get warmer from here and with one more day to go we think it's a lock. february will go outlook a lamb. usually we say march come in like a lion. this year, march will come in like a lamb in the temperature department and maybe a lion with strong and severe storms that may be rolling through on wednesday as well. tonight, though, all about the mild temperatures and still 50 in z.c. and that's our average high for the day.
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rzburg and baltimore 49 and frederick one of the cooler sports 41. most places stay in 40s. because it's more warm air trying to come in overnight and while we may wake up to sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow there's possibility of little increase in cloud cover and possibility of a few showers which are badly needed not only did we have warmest february but one of our driest. we only had one third of inch of rain and moderate drought in our area. we need rain. we'll get some wednesday. but unfortunately it may come interest with strong winds as well. 6 we're projecting for quantico for the high tomorrow and gaithersburg and dulles 65 and mannasas 67 call pep area round 68 just like the district and while we're warm for the middle of week tuesday and wednesday the reason we're expecting atmospheric trauma on thursday is because of a cold shot coming in behind the front and cold enough we can see snow flurry as rounds here on friday as a disturbance passes by to the north. so we'll be talking a
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to end the week. and tonight, a few showers continue to linger just down to the south. very spotty. and can't rule them out overnight. you might find more moisture. severe potential is something we definitely want to emphasize for wednesday afternoon and the storm prediction center already has us in the slight risk for severe weather. damaging winds could be part of that and i wanted to show you as early as wednesday morning look how strong these winds are out of the south. and so it pulls in the very warm air very fast and but if you have thunderstorms with all these strong south winds you could also get spinning in the atmosphere. we'll be watching for rotation potentially on wednesday. so this will be a big weather day and keep your "fox5" weather app handy and look at thursday much cooler and friday flurries and temperature of 45. coming up next caps made a trad
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playoffs. >> and one of the presidents is calling it quits tomorrow on "fox5"will winter mack a come back? tucker is going to be talking to a national weather service meteorologist about what to expect this march and a doctor is talking about the hottest plastic surgery procedures plus mardi gras doesn't have to mean food and thieves in what world where you can party with family on fat tuesday. we'll be back
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>> when brian said last year this was a two year window to win a stanley cup he was not trading. the caps pull the triing erin land whad many believe is the biggest prison the market. this is kevin thatenkirk and st. louis blues tonight zach stanford and package of draft picks. he brings in immediate impact and 11 goals 1 assists and team up with the former blues teammate t. j.
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the trade going phoenix copely who the caps originally sent to st. louis on the osche deal it came down to capitals and ping wins. college hoops virginia teeking so 24 points loss to north carolina eight days ago. big day for cavalier freshman kyle guy. uva up ten. guy with game high 17 and chipping in here with three of his own parantis and watch this unc fan it says it all right here game over. sun out guns out virginia upset unc 54-43 school record 6th consecutive win season big win there tonight and working on d.c. united home underway groundbreaking on audi field shadows of nats park southwest 00 million stadium paid for by the team it will open next year whichma
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d.c. united final one rfk. >> this team need aid stadium for over 20 years and i would have to say after all the ground breaksings this one probably is most special for me because this team always represents what we wanted professional soccer in america to be. >> this afternoon the nats and jupiter florida facing cardinals and nice start for takener four innings four strikeouts trea turner double play first at bat did this next at bat solo homer left field and nats lose 5-4 tomorrow home debut palm beach against the astros with whom they share the stadium and barack obama not only president to ride into sunset 017. nats are now retiring william howard taft as well that's a look at sports. >> bringing in somebody new? >> going with four
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out. >> keep it simple. >> thanks for joining us tonight everybody. >> tmz up
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: warren beatty is trying to do damage control over this massive screw-up last night. >> "la la land"! harvey: not sure this was the best approach. >> he had the card that he read as the leading best actress award. >> why is it so hard to say, excuse me, i have the wrong envelope? van: you can see him. it was obvious there's something wrong. then he realizes i'm way too old to be up here. >> no! >> they announced "la la land." they go up there. ryan gosling, once they announce the mess-up, his reaction is priceless! >> how mad was that dude from "la la land," though? van: he channeled anger into compassion better than anyone. hey, "moonlight," come up here! i want to gi


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