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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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school bus driver in under arrest accused of inappropriate contact with two female students. >> and two high school students in charms county were killed in a fatal accident this afternoon. tonight their principal is speaking out about the teens killed in the crash. >> and shock accusations when hunter biden's estranged wife reveals about hunter's life style. >> a local school bus driver is under arrest tonight accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with two students. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> tony has the night off. >> investigators believe there may be more victims out there, too. and "fox5" tisha lewis joins us live from concernsing ton with the story, tisha. >> special victims investigators arrested 59-year-old salvador rod reeing these morning he was a bus driver and two victims attended
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school. rodriguez has been placed on administrative leave. the district did that as soon as they found out about the allegations. police say they began their investigation two weeks ago. and the incidents reporterdly happened this school year. rodriguez's bus route includes rockville and new port middle school and albert einstein mice. through the course of their investigations it was learned that on three separate occasions rodriguez had inappropriate sexual contact with one victim while paerm on the school bus and detepingt activities say on another occasion he had inappropriate sexual contact with a second victim while she was a passenger on the school bus. and rock view elementary school principal sent home this letter to parents calling charges disturbing and unacceptable and she says rodriguez behavior does not reflect the districts and will not be tolerated and says counselors and psychologists will be on
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on monday we spoke with parents. here's what they had to say. >> it's hard to trust adults you know when your children are in their possession you know? when things are happening. >> alarming and you don't want anything like this to you true or have occurred. you'll see what the facts are so say. >> police obtained an arrest warrant charged with two counts of sx you'll abuse of a minor among other sexual kharps. he confessed to the crimes and meantime big concern tonight is are their other victims. police are asking parents who have children who road rodriguez's bus trout have a conversation with children about anything that may have been inappropriate and call police, tisha lewis, >> a medical examiner is working to identify a body found in a rockville home destroyed by fire thursd
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police believe it is body of the home owner who is still unacted for and the fire broke out at the home along willow lane. fire officials say the home was completely destroyed and investigators are trying to figure out what sparked that fire. tonight we're learning more about a car crash that took lives of two teen agars from waldorf maryland sky fox was over the scene and police state car slammed into a pole near small wood and st. nicholas drive the force of the crash was so intense to split the car in half. desmond cook and colin bithat were killed and 18-year-old caleb marshall was seriously hurt all three attended west lake high school and the prince tall told us it's been a rough year. >> i left the school today with a real pit in my stomach this really hurt. after being our third incident this year and fourth death fatality it's really i think shocking. it hit me hard a
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students and staff as well. so, it's hard to put it in much more words than that other than it really hurt. >> it's still unclear what caused the crash and police are investigating. >> and also in waldorf police are investigating another crash that injured a mother and her two young children the car ran offer the road and crashed into a free 6 p.m. route 301 they had to pull the mother from the mangled car and her children ages 4 and 6 are treated at children's hospital in d.c. and investigators say it appears the driver ror is to plame for the crash. "fox5" in prince george country where the search continues tonight for suspect who fatally shot a teen in oxon hill. jaquan holloway was pawk walking home when killed yesterday afternoon and it happened at the south view apartment complex off iverson street and halloway celebrated his 17th birthday two days before the shooting and has a jr. at potomac high school. >> i
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my son got shot. soy just dropped everything and left work and rushed home. and when i get here there's no sign of him he's gone. >> investigators believe the suspect may be driving light colored suv. if you know something call police. >> also in prince george countsy police are investigating a deadly shooting this happened this afternoon at great oak drive in district whiingts officers arrived they found a man sufficienting from several gun shot wound. pe was hain taken to a hospital where he later died. they're asking anyone with information to call police. >> 48 hours after investigators began searching they recovered skeletal remains of two bodies buried in area of holm park in fair fox county. crews searched of after seeing a tip from the gang unit. paul wagner has the latest. >> the bunnies were recovered from a hill site where a "fox5" cameras recorded ies
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thursday afternoon placing items in evidence bags. a dozenen law enforcement personnel were taken photographs and placing collective items in orange crates. >> it's more than likely recovery of remains that we have to date in this active crime scene will be linked to another set of gang murders. >> just about three years ago police and fbi recovered remains of two gang bhobz were murdered and decapitated within yards of where the bodies were discovered in the park last night. although gang-related the chief deexplained to say who investigators think the two might be. >> this problem is horrible. this is four murders in this park and obviously we've had other murders in the region in the past few weeks and this is getting out of control and we need to stop it. >> the identification of the bodies will be made by medical examiners office and chief declined to say what detectives believe may be the ages or se
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detectives have not ruled out the possibility. the victims could be two teen boys missing from the false church area since last september and 17-year-old edwin mendez and 14-year-old sergio trimino were acquainted with each other and affiliated with gangs and neighbors are more horrified and concernd well gang related is hard that scares me a lot. because the kids nowadays they are subject todd things that deposit happen years ago for -- it was not as common so yeah that is still alarming part of it. >> rally concerned hopefully everything will be much better because we had a bad experience right now and maybe we have to communicate to each other better. >> pep any rose represent this area on the fairfax country board of supervisors.
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it's unacceptable and the other part of it is i've already had conversations with the police and with the park authority director as soon as this all is done and they're finished with the investigation i will be con von ago meeting with senior staff to lock at how we make this parka tracttive for the regular park users and on it up so that there's not the cover for nefarious use. >> they declined to say how detectives led them to the bodies in the park the. paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> and another tush uleapt week for trump administering as president spends the weekend at m mar-a-lago resort. >> and estranged wife of hunt are biden making shocking accusation about her ex. hear what court documents are revealing about their marriage. first a check of the weather
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>> we not only have roller coaster conditions but sunshine and 70s to snow squalls today and temperatures dipping well below seasonal and wind chills. get ready for a cold weekend. you'll have plenty of sunshine. details in a bit. stay with us. we'll be back after the break z29pgz z16fz
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>> president trump surprise spending weekend at his mar-a-lago resort. earlier today was joined by ivanka and betsy devos. he talked about his commitment to reforming a broken education system. the trip is a break from all the political finger pointing on capitol hill these days. fox's joe waldman has more. >> president trump back in florida for the weekend touring orlando kath rick school with education secretary betsy devos both big advocates of school choice. >> education is civil
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>> vice-president mike pence meanwhile greeted by paul ryan in home state of wisdom martin. two meeting with local business owners about the trump administration's economic agenda and vice-president asked do hept on own us of private email account while governor of indian and and if he has any sympathy for hull hill after going after her in the campaign on the same issue. >> there's no comparison between hull hill's practice and having a private server miss handling classified information. >> but dominating week's headlines reports that attorney general jeff sessions reportedly met are russia am bar door to u.s. twice while still alabama senator in 2016 and failing to mention that during his january confirmation hearing. >> i've been in in that chair where you sit through hours of questioning and. >> called indications are that general sessions did not intend
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he honestly believed he was answering the question being posed to him. >> president particularly per teshed with chuck smumer who called for sessions redsition nation earlier until the week tweeting this out. >> senator shumer responding saying he would be happy to talk about the meeting which koops in 20 0 in fuel view of press and pub luck. in washington, joe walden. fox news. >> we're learning details about impending device of joe biden's youngest son hunt are. court papers reveal that kathleen biden asked the judge to have hunts are stop spending money. they separate philadelphia october of 2015 and hunter is sole provider for family and outstanding debts are overwhelming and credit cards maxed out and mortgages on two homes and o
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3,000 in taxes. huntser loves and admires kathleen at mother and friend and hopes their privacy can be respected. he revealed he is dating beau biden's widow. he died of brain cancer in 2015. >> i acheck ever the weather with gwen. i cannot believe we're looking at 30s. what was it yesterday how warm? >> two days ago it was 80. >> i know it was unbelievable. >> i can't believe it. >> i put on my facebook and twitter page gwen talks 5, d.c. what do you prefer, warmer, cold, ready for the warmer earth. i know i am. >> i think because we've been teased for so long i'm like let's skip wirpt altogether. >> exactly forget it. somebody said it would be nice if we had one more snowstorm. >> no. >> in december or janu
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maybe. >> but now no. >> nobody wants to know now. >> we're getting close to easter nobody wants to know about it so you'll have to go to another land for that. in the meantime it's really going to teal like winter tonight. and tomorrow. and tomorrow night we have chill returning and no more comfortable days this weekend at all. they're come in the 7 day forecast but not happening saturday and sunday. stays chilly this weekend. bundle up opportunity heat up and getle woolyes out. overnight 10s and 20s and wind chills on top of that. so you know what that's going to feel like. no shortage of sunshine. bright skies for both days and it won't be quite as cold on sunday as it is saturday and then we warm up again next week so. weather roller coaster things is happen on the weather buffet. satellite radar showing improvement in the sky conditions in tells of snow we awe earlier. passing fact flurries and few snow squalls we're
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and that is out of the way. and there was not a lot in terms of accumulation but here's some of the numbers for you. and under inch pretty much everywhere and cumberland got inch and higher elevations over the mountains they saw more than that and we did not and much more than this anyway and you may have seen a flake or two moving its way around the i 95 corridor. nothing we were expecting to kind of stick around. here's highs for today. into low 40s we should number the low 50s so is it's good indication of how cool we were today. and we're pretty much in the same ballpark tomorrow but a little warmer as i said on sunday. cooling down, 2 now in d.c.. only 27 gaithersburg and same for westminster and 28 fredericks and hagerstown cold 25 right now. and 26 culpeper and we've got 34 at annapolis and 32 fredericksburg and 28 degrees at couple better land. so the other factor are the wind chills as i mentioned and
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in d.c. and look at westminster feels like 17 and feels like 16 in hagerstown and 19 martinsburg and 18 winchester and this is great compared to what it will be by the time we get to tomorrow. it will be even worse. so just prepare yourselves accordingly. winds of course major factor. they've been gusting pretty much all night tonight. and they're going to continue toll and the thing is they're coming from northwest. that's a cold, chilledly wind. right now winds sustained 6 to 18 miles an hour overall. let's take a look at wind gusts for you. fwuingting now at 2 miles an hour dulles and we have 26 annapolis and 25 baltimore and they were a little stronger than that earlier, 3 mile an hour wind gusts d.c.. so some improvement this and tomorrow gusting all over again. so the colder air moving in behind this system and clipper moving its way out and so tonight once again we'll see clouds to clear skies a little later and we'll be into t
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for overnight lows. for tomorrow, ridge of high pressure builds in and that sets us up for all the sawn shine and chilly day i always say don't be fooled by the sun it looks great. you think it's wonderful outside. it will be cold. temperatures into 40s by the time we get to tomorrow night we're talking 20s and 10s. sunday not quite as cold as saturday. but it will be dry day and another chilly day. overnight lows tonight in the 20s and low 30s across the board and planner for tomorrow bundle up. 39 degrees by midday and by the 4:00 hour 43 degrees. wrapping it up for you then 27 tonight adds i mentioned and cold and blustery winds out there. 44 for daytime high tomorrow with all the sunshine and your "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast look at warm-up starts monday 60 far cry where we are this weekend and tuesday is day where we hit 6 starting with 70 degree mark as frontal system comes through and we see showers an
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around 60s until end of week and we head back down a bit into the mid 50s. all kind of things happening there. sarah. >> gwen, thanks. >> you're snacking at home tonight and you know you are. what's your favorite kind of girl scott cookie think about that. we've been having that debate in the newsroom and while many of us like to enjoy the treat with a glass of milk you have ever thought instead of having it with a beer. >> absolutely not. >> no chance. >> this is scene inside the black girl 18th street and special pairing event gave customers to enjoy thin minutes and tag alongs and a cold beverage. >> i think it was a great idea. i've seep articles online about girl scout cookies and wine pairings and halloween pairing and wine. it's time they figured out pairing for things. >> it's childhood with adulthood
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gentleman of girl scout cookies and as speingts of drinking beer it was cool in that sense for sure. >> the taste i want to know for sure fw. >> they pair them up with the best that taste best with it. >> after a couple beers everything taste good your taste buds are ruined at that point. >> one california man putting his feet good use. >> and how it's turn into a full time job. news at 11 will be right ♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through.
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>> okay so you know there's plenty of dog walk areas round if you need one. you see them everywhere
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how about a people walker. it's how a los angeles man it making a living. jonathan hunt shows is us. >> if you're stressed out that's what's going to give i a heart attack. >> certainly. best way to get rid of stress is vent. >> what kind of kvrpings are having with people. >> they are not confessions i'm not therapist or priest people are not telling me or breaking down crying but they're tell me you know if they had a bad day at work maybe or if the traffic was bad or just man it's hot. my client have definitely voiced their ppz on politics. but it's confidentially won't share any of them. >> it feels people need political therapy. >> it is one of the things people vent about. >> i think you like sydney. >> eyes a regular people
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>> he sets the pace. we go faster than i would gofy was walking by myself. >> it's companionship. >> it's a lot of things. that certainly is part of it having somebody to be talk to while walking. >> does it feel like therapy at all. >> no i'm not sag you need therapy. >> oh, >> i don't know. it certainly is talking therapy as far as that goes. >> in los angeles jonathan hunt fox news. >> all right thok will cost you mccarpaly charges $7 per nile do this and he said he thought about walking dogs and deposit want to pick up after them apparently. >> yes. >> that was the thing. >> $7 a mile to hire a straiping to walk with you. >> okay i'll pass. >> how much for a dog walker. >> i don't know. >> no idea. >> more than that i think though. >> they come every day or something. i don't even though. >> i don't know. >> how much time do we have here we -- we have ten seconds, sorry gwen. >> cold, bundle up,
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whileyes out and cold and warming up monday. thank you. >> thanks everybody. >> thanks. >> have a good weekend, bye-bye z29phz z16fz
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harvey: so everybody thought up to this point that kim kardashian's stolen ring couldn't be sold, couldn't be fenced because it's so unique. turns out it's not so unique. >> there's a guy over in italy who has a ring for sale that almost looks identical to kim's. harvey: are you positive that's not the ring? >> yes. harvey: why are you so positive? show me your hands to see. >> i have no jewelry on. harvey: you have no rings. >> what does that mean? >> jennifer lopez, she might finally sell her home in hidden hills. she recently entered escrow for $10 million. nine bedrooms, 12 baths. >> she has that famous dress on a mannequin. >> i want to know if you can buy the dress with the house. >> i would want to wear it as a robe around the house. >> remy ma dropped another diss
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