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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  March 7, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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repeal and replace. house republicans out with theih plan to re place obamacare, but it's running into some resistance from both sides ofbo ththe aisle. you see it on the side of your screen. it's what we're audit committing about, as always tweet us withth what is on your mind.ur do you have any reaction on that new healthcare plan send the tweets along. republicans have unvailed the replacement plan for the affordable care act as it begins to wind its way through congress this week it will likely facekey some resistance from democrats and likely some fellow republicans. here are three things you should know. you will not be required to have insurance anymore. the individual mandate gone, employer mandate gone. they have done away for the penalty for not having coverage that was introduced in the first affordable care act.le c one of the features will stay the same.e young adults can stay on their parents' insurance until 26. number three, planned parenthood
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reimburse people people kidpeop reimbursements. a conserve group of lawmakers come out today and auditut committee t about how they weret happy with this either and the white house saying this is ourur plan right now but they did sayd this is still a process and they're working through it.h it was crafted by the republicans in the house andin t then the president this morning signed onto it calling it a wonderful plan.fu he talked aboutl negotiating and we'll get into that a little bit. we'll see how that works its way out. the democrats are upset with some of the language, especially the stripped federal funding for planned parenthood and the restructure of medicaid.of the president, though, is tanning by the bill. i think really that we're going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. this is the plan. and a we're going to have a tremendous -- i think we're going to have tremendous success. it's a complicated process, butt actually it's very simple. it's called good
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wants is good healthcare but i t think they're going to have anae up hill battle l with the plan as it stands right now.w. even the american hospital association today announced it's not happy with it and hopes for some sort of a change or some sort of a compromise in there. let's get to tom fitzgerald. he is live on capital hill withh reaction from this new healthcare plan.he >>reporter: jim, you're right, it is a lot to read. i'll tell you back in 2008 they8 had to bring the democraticrati version of the first version of obamacare into a lot of those press conferences literally in a wheelbarrow. there were thousands of pages to go and democrats were free to admit that they had not read all of this. the bill that was presentedsent today, what is now called the american healthcare act roughly comes in only at about 100 pages. preserves some of the more popular parts of obamacare. yes, the individual mandate on employees and individuals isis gone. that penalty, that tax penalty you'd have to pay the
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not having insurance, that is gone. but preexisting conditions that survived. the ability to have a 26 year old adult child on your insurance, that survived. all of this today is being viewed as a first version of this by the demo oh republican authors of this today, but the person who really crafted thisfd bill when he was a congressman was dr. tom price. he is now the secretary of health and human services and it is his job now to shepherd this not only through the congress, but also implement it if it is getting to the point where p president trump is going to be able to sign this into law. this is how secretary tomorrowsr price described what the goal of this effort is today. the goal of all of this is to patient centered healthcare where patients and families and doctors are making medical decisions and not the federal government. for thend the house introduction of the billl yesterday and we look forward to working with all individuals in this
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> now to be clear about this, though, not all conservativesera are on board with this. bright barton news tonight calling this obamacare 2.0. senators ted cruz, senators rand paul, senators mike lee all having very big concerns about the costs of all of this and the fact that this bill was not scored by the congressional budget office. theice. that is the non-partisan officee up here on capital hill that tells congress how much things cost before they go and vote on them. s that scoring has not been done yet. but the big picture here from the republican standpoint is that they said that they wouldey offer a repeal and relays plan. they have one in hand nowd tomorrow morning we are told the two hearings are requesting to begin on this bill today. the democrats have not been shyn about blasting this. nancy pelosi today saying this bill couldn't be worse if they
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tried. chuck smaller in the senate, the democratic leader said from noww on you should stop calling this obamacare and call this insteadd trump care. if the final product out of the house looks anything like this draft, the senate should consider it immoral. but you know the thing to remember about all of this is that president donald trumpside trumpnt when he was a businessmn called the art ever of the deal. trump himself during theng campaign saying that was one of his supreme talents as a businessman, offering and makinr a deal.a the president in his own tweetn today said that this bill is up for negotiations and jim and shawn that is a very importanty term coming from this president. he didn't say take it or leave it. he didn't say this is the finall bill. he said this is up perfect negotiations. so look for whatever the ende version of this to be very different from what we are ar seeing tonight. it's got a long way to
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> let's bring in dr. lisa palmer.palm she is founder of the row new center. > hi, lisa. >> hi, how are you. > let's talk about what we saw today. what is your take away from the news that came out of capital hill today.y. >> it's absolutely a relief that they're considering preexisting health conditions because i know that that wases on a lot of american's i know iert certainly was on my mind because 52 millionause americans have pre-existing health conditions.itio it's actually very common. i mean, as you know when you go to a dr. and you have a problem they send you for a battery of tests and you might even come out normal the at the end but because you have those tests on file if you go in the past to, you know, look for insurance they would deny you. a lot of people who can actually be very healthy may come out looking like they have pre-existing health problemsng h because of their tests. so i'm glad to know that the new plan is definitely considering
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pre-existing healthcareex conditions very important.istia. > lisa, i know that you dealw with a lieutenant ofth people wh a lot of different issues. in addition to pre-existing conditions what were some of the other good things that they enjoyed with obamacare that they're hoping will still stick around for this next healthcare plan? >> well, i think having healthcare in the first place ie so important. i know that a lot of the issues that i treat such as eating disorders require longer term care. there may also be a lot of health problems associated with problem and a lot of people havl found that they have lost their healthcare or their healthcare has cut off kind of prematurelyt to what is clinically necessaryy so for even those people who did have health insurance for them to get the kind of treatment that they needed for those typee of problems let alone people who couldn't afford even to buy healthcare so at least obamacare offered those people
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to have access. > do you think that when they pass the affordable healthcare act and mr. were a lot of things about preventative care and ire think working in the same fieldm that you work in right now, looking at people taking ownership of their own health destiny in terms of making sure they take those proper privatioi cautions, making sure they get the proper care, making sureng s they ask the right questions, has it made people take a littll more active interest in their healthcare. >> gyp, i hope so. >>finitely certainly it has. i believe ga lot of people to look little further into takingo responsibility for themselves. i think we have to do a lot mort of that as americans really take responsibility for ours, our health because being healthier individuals will help to create a healthier nation as a whole. hopefully the obamacare plan did that for some people and also that will continue on as plans get revised because nothing
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and plans do have to be revised over time. i think this could be a good opportunity for trump to look at it and say, you know what has worked, what hasn't worked aboud the previous plan and again going back to really servicingvi people who have preexisting medical conditions to be able te have access to healthcare is the most important.port and also, helping doctors totors stay on plans because a lot of doctors have dropped off plans. >> definitely. >> yeah, it's been hard for people to find plans that have their doctors on them and if they want those plans then they're paying more money for those plans and there also has been a concern with people onle the other hand who are on group plans through their companies that those plans, their premiums have gone up. hopefully president trump p cans consider all of theseiden diffet factors in his future planning. > and the conversation is just beginning. we certainly appreciate you
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dr. lisa palmer, thanks so much. >> the white house standing by claims that former president obama wire tapped then candidate trump during the 2016 campaign. > ronica cleary join us today.. they seemed to double down again without presenting any more evidence. >>reporter: it was fascinatingt to watch this press briefinging unfold today.un jim and shawn, the majority of the questions hands down were about this new introduction a nw bill to repea il and replace the affordable care act by far. but there were a few questions kind of snuck in there about what has been talked about since those series of tweets on saturday morning where presidenw trump accused president obama of wire tapping his phones in trump tower in october just prior toor the election. now, on sunday the press secretary did release a statement. he called basically this very troubling concern.oubl but then at the end
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for an investigation. i and at the end of that statement it basically said they will nott answer any more questions aboutt this. so it was interesting to watch, you know, reporters attempt tomt still ask questions when then press secretary made it very clear that he was not planning on doing that. but you know with these seriesrs of questions that were asked we did get just a little more information. as you said, really doubling down on these claims, press secretary said that thee president has no regrets about putting those tweets out, but again emphasizing that this investigation is what they want to take place and to happen. let me tell you a few things as we sort of read the tea leaves of what information we could ged from the press secretary today. again saying that the president is not walking it back.k. one reporter asked shawn of sean spicer if he himself had seen evidence of this wiretapping. sean spicer said that that was above his pay grade and not something that he
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he saw.. and then again an interesting question from a reporter basically saying that if theyey are saying that we cannot ask questions about this, could the press secretary confirm that the president will no longer tweet or speak about this until i guess this investigation is complete. the press secretary said that he would ask the president and get back to us. we'll certainly be waiting for that. back to you shawn and jim. > thank you, ronica. it is full steam ahead of the kay without women. 24 hours ahead of the nationwidi protest. we're going to be talking aboutt this coming up, 5@6:30.
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hey. umm...sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the savings in bloom event is going on now at havertys. life looks good. > welcome back. 5@6:30 international women's day is less than 24 hours away and many people are calling it a day without women. protests in our area, cancellation classes tomorrow.oo hundreds of staffers requested the day off. this is not about politics, but
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consideration safety of students with under staffing. students will not have to make the day up. the decision prompted plenty of reaction from our viewers onwers social media so we decided to talk a little bit more about it and decided to bring in a group of women who are also moms. the mission is engaging and empowering and equipping millenial moms. ladies, thanks so much for joining us. be here.o > we're going t start this way and bring work way down. this born out of the women's march. what's your take on it and will you be participating. p >> i will be participating by wearing red.wear i think that any time a minority group feels like there's no upward mobility, especially for women in this country or that their needs are not being heardg they absolutely need to take matters in their own hands tond express that as long as it's consistent and effective. we talked about the mother angle and a lot of people are saying -- the people who don't think when the schools canceled old classes
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they have or what about the moms who are out working tomorrow and may have to take the day off to keep an eye on their kidss because school is canceled in i think people are looking at this as something that effects maybe in a way that they haven'ty thought of.thou what's your take on that? doat you agree with the parents who say the teachers need to stay in in school or they're fine protesting. >> it's a little bit different ttle i am anse entrepreneur so i do have the choice of keeping my son homee with me.. > what about the moms who don't have that freedom to choose when they go to work and who might be told if you don't show up tomorrow you could lose your job in. >> i think we have to remember whenever -- there's never been an impactful movement without being there some consequencesequ somewhere and it might be uncomfortable, but i think sometimes in order to see changs that is necessary we have to be willing to be uncomfortable.. i'm a teacher. and so -- and a mom. a a
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i look forward to being with my students and explaining to them why this is something that is happening, why it's important, why it's necessary and how it might even effect my girls who are my class. > so instead of taking the day off you're going to use the teachable moment in thee classroom today. >> absolutely. > i think the word femme nice many has come back over the last couple of months especiallyecia leading up to the womens march.s is femme nice am alive and strong these days in. >> you know, i do kind of concede to that notion. however, it boils down to this, women's rights in 207, it's time to recognize that women's rights are simply women rights and women rights are simply not optional. the same way any other type of fundamental right that we thinkk that we are endowed with by the constitution or whether their rights are being substantive that we have creed out of ourr interpretation of the
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of still all boils down to thewt fact that these are simple basic rights, being able to support your family without killing yourself, being able to stay home and nurture your youngung child. you know, a lot more moms are in the workforce now and i think it's time for our workforce,kfor it's time for our industries to make that shift and keep up with the time. this is part -- we are millenial moms and so it's time to make that connection and make that transition easier for women. > absolutely. district mother. it's always great to have you. >> thanks so much for coming in. > thank you. we're back after this.
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for all those pokers,
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d sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. > all right. so alec baldwin, i don't know io you heard this his says his days playing president trump ong pr saturday night life are likely numbered.qs,6jddq (p&dwito
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he's not sure how much more muc people can he's not going to be the impersonation much longer and hd called the president bitter and angry and lacks any kind of sport manship. i don't imagine any tears will w be shed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> either way on that one. > yep. did you see this? president trump surprised the first group t take a tour at the white houso today. the crowd of people burst notchers as soon as theno president walked in. i want youtchepr to take a lookt that picturement the tours were put on hold during the ho inauguration and transition period. behind him -- do you think he realized that hillary clintonryc was right there.t >> you know what? i'll bet he didn't. >> i also feel like what thehat headline is going to be that thh media was focusing so much on this moment as opposed to the moment
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> the president actually being there to opening the white house. >> right. > and yes, there are folks here in the kitchen if we want toant tease that. >> we can be there, kimberly. we're talking to our producer kimberly right now.ow. that moment was fun. wasn't it in it was interesting to see that happening.appe it's been a while since the inauguration. i think they waited a littleittl while, about three months and some change. > imagine the surprise ifmagi you're one of the first people and you walk in and you see thee president. it's not every day that that happens. that was a cool moment for them. 5@6:30 coming right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what? there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. it's just three kids, right? > welcome back.> we are in the kitchen with a banana smoothie and frozen ohioe curt ofs could.ld we've been talking a lot about international women's day and they're making something regardless of where you standand it's kind of interesting that's right.
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it's all about bringing awareness to gender air wases. lid days it will cost you 80 cents, men it will cost you guys a dollar. how are you doing in knowledge i'm good. thanks for having us.or h what is the commonsense smooth i. >> the commonsense smooth i is s really to bring attention, the kind of piggybacking off your last segment with attention to the wage gap that currently exist between what men makeke versus mom. there's a 20-cent difference, a dollar versus 80 8 so in research with our companyy we also discovered that with thh world economic forum that it would be like 169 years or something that they're forecasting when the gap would actually be closed.osed >> right. > so we actually think thatat that's really a long time. >> that is a long time. > so we have our commonsensemm smooth i here. >> you're going to whip one up
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whip one up. > are you giving us the secret of what's in it.. >> of course. we start obviously with some ice and a little sweat honey water. it's sweat. it sweatance it up a little bit. and i've doubled the rest pee so we could feed some fdas folks here. peanut butter.ut b a little >> perfect for commonsense. so whose idea was this? what sort of reaction are youacti expecting to get from customers tomorrow when you walk in? will your staffers explain hey, this, is why we're dog that? >> yes, the word is out there and staff is well versed on how to explain it. > i'm still imagining -- iff you're a guy like me and you're going to pay a dollar for a smooth i that's still a pretty good deal.good >> oh, yeah, that's an treatmently good deal. you added strawberries in there, strawberry, low fat vanilla yogurt, ice and peanut but
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are the key ingredients. it's a little hard to hear right now. >> we're good. > you guys have more locations. >> we're located at -- we haveve in the leesburg premium outlet center. we're in the towson town centernter mall. so whoever is around, stop inop and we'll be more than happy to serve you up some great smoothies.ooth > here comes the common centson smooth i for you. >> jim, that will cost you a dollar. > mine is only 80 cents.80 just a little sip will do you. > all right. you can have as much as you want. >> bananas, thank you so much. > thank you so much for bringing this in. 80 cents and a dollar. > 80 cents for her and a la dollar for me. come by and enjoy. love to have you. > thanks so much for coming in. thank you guys for joining
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coming. we always love those. and in in the meantime we're back tonight with more news at 10 and 11.t ca we'll be right back here tomorrow at 5@6:30.powe make it a good one. [000:28:15;00] get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios
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♪♪ announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump thought he was doing a safe thing. what could be wrong with going out and surprising kids on the tour of the white house? >> he's coming out towards the crowd, he has to pass by the hillary clinton painted portrait. harvey: smiling down on him. >> his big moment, hey, kids. and there's hillary clinton right over his shoulder. >> another big celebrity burglarized in l.a. this time was l.a. dodger superstar yasiel puig. this guy likes to flaunt his jewelry on social media. harvey: now people are going to get scared to buy jewelry because they're getting hit. you're going to see people like zales and places like that saying if you don't wear jewelry, the burglars are winning. >> nobody's breaking in to steal your open-heart pendent, ok?


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