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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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by the afternoon sun rolls in and it will be breezy today, erin. >> well, right now tracking breaking news out of quapt quo. big crash scene that could put a damper on the compute. >> right now at 4:30 happening today there will nobody school for prince george county public school students after the school decided to close because more than 1500 teachers requested leave for the day with the women's strike. >> decision to close was paid late yesterday and third school system in the area to close. melanie alnwick is live in upper marboro with more on this story, mel. >> good morning, guys, prince george count question here is by far the largest school system to be affected by this call out. a message went out to school parents and the school community by email and it was also posted on the web site. around 7:30 last night that is not a lot of notice for now 127,000 students who do not have a cla
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today. in a letter from superintendent kevin maxwell he apologized for the inconvenience noteing a call-out was urged by action of women's march on washington. 1700 teachers and 30% of transportation staff requested that personal leave. maxwell said schools simply don't have the staff or substitutes to fill absences and also said the board of education takes no political stance on day without a woman demonstration. board memberal exing ander member alexander wallace understands the action. >> as a person, proud feminist. i understand the call of the organization's mission. and i understand the dire need for that statement to be heard. and to the employees that requested personal leave off from prince george county public schools your message was heard loud and clear to this board member.
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explain the school district like we heard from alexandria public schools yesterday cannot deny the personal leave when it is requested that is the way that the union bargaining agreement works. that's agreement they make. they don't question that personal leave. this most clarification and schools are going to be on. but not to students. so other employees they either have to come to work today or go ahead and request leave through the normal procedures. live in prince george koumentsy i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you very much. be sure to keep it on "fox5"later this morning on good day d.c. we'll talk live with ceo kevin maxwell with more on the decision to close schools today. meanwhile alexandria city schools are closed today for the same reason and we know all six locations of the center city public charter school in d.c. are also closed due to staff shortages related to the women's day demonstration. meanwhile a conservative group is organizeing a positive counter movement t
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without a woman protest. >> group right to speak want women to continue working the counter movement is we shoyp. they want women to continue doing what they love and post online about it with #not my protest and we show up. members of indian tribes across the country in d.c. this week to protest and raise awareness of issues that affect american indians and he vengt include a prayer service at the white house. friday's march is led by standing rock su tribe. they've been at the center of the dakota ak's pipeline. >> a watch star group claims mayor becauseer accepted illegal campaign donations in 2014. in that complaint they claim there were more than $30,000 nil legal contribution. we spoke with public citizens as well as mayor bowser for the comments. >> there should have been immediate apology from the mayor and funding should have been returned. i'm
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happen that's why we're pursuing it. >> why does that money exist and you refinanceded other money three years later. >> i don't want to get into the details with you of dates and times. >> would you get in the details with anyone about that. >> i think my treasure fully answered your question. >> are corporate interests running your agenda, mayor? >> no. >> they reached out to the officer for campaign finance for comment and we're waiting to hear back if them. >> president trump's travel ban getting state push back. hawaii plans to file a lawsuit to block the executive order. court filings say they plan to file the motion today. new executive order bans foreign nationals in six countries from entering u.s. 90 days and refugees 120 days. >> several lawmakers are announcing opposition to gop bill. they began trying to set legislation at cur
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now the new gop plan would repeal the current laws on popular fines and people who don't carry health insurance. it also would replace income-based subsidies which the law provides to help provide millions of americans pay premiums. >> 4:5 let's get a check of the forecast with michael thomas. >> maureen, remember yesterday, we talked about three rounds of rain coming through. one yesterday morning. one yesterday kind of evening and now this is kind of round three rolling through d.c. as we speak. it will not last too long and once it gets through we'll start to clear things out quickly and have sun my and bright afternoon. there's stormtracker for now in you hit the roads in the next 20, 30 minutes you will encounter showers there and wind as well. check out the wind gusts 33 d.c.. winds annapolis and quantico 45 in baltimore. cold front coming through brings gusty wis
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dropping temperatures once the sun comes out later this morning into the afternoon hours temperatures rise to mid 60s. 62, 1:00, 66, 4:00, we'll remain breezy through the day. let's check the forecast, airport erin on the roads busy already. 4:45. wet roads and happening now if headed to quantico 95 southbound is at a stand still as you pass joplin road because of a huge crash involveing a tractor-trailer. let's forward to our other camera and show you the crash scene. a lot of flashing lights. they had vdot all lanes shut down and they let traffic get by on the shoulder. as you can he see because of miles of backs up traffic take route 1 southbound around that and we'll keep you posted on the crash scene. again a crash involving tractor-trailer 95 southbound by quantico causing huge problems this morning. any questions "fox5" d.c. on twitter and any questions that may pop up.
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>> another catastrophic breach for the intelligence community as wiki leaks posts thousands of documents and files to show you how the u.s. spies. >> and white house visitors. >> and a live looking outside the dmv. time now is 4:347, temperature 55 degrees. we want to leave you with more of your reaction to prince george county schools late decision to close today because of the day without a woman march. we want to hear from you as well. what's your opinion about what is going on and hit us up on facebook. fox news morning back after
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>> time to lock at stories you're engaging most with in social media. >> good morning, everybody, wiki leaks back tat again leaking thousands of documents apparently taken from
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release appears to provide eye opening look at intimate details of cyber espionage tool kit that includes them to spy on you through your smart tv or phone. they have a long track record of releasing top secret documents. >> house oversight committee chairman is saying a seat for saying americans may have to give up buying new iphone to afford healthcare. lawmakers are getting rid of individual mandate and americans need to make sacrifices and invest in their own healthcare. people attacked him after he was spotted using an iphone. >> president trump surprised first white house tour group popping out from behind a partition as they admired hillary clinton's first lady portrait. he beckoned children to come forward are for a photograph. one took him up on it the two posed photographs and shared a determineder hug with the portrait
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>> nike has taken a step into lucrative islamic market by a he jab for muslim athletes. it was tested by athletes including figure skater, it is made of light stretchy fabric that includes tiny holes and a elongated back so it didn't come untucked. >> and mapest and healthest place in america, drum roll please, naples, florida. number one spot for second year in a row in fact. in case you were wondering for the smith, arkansas, came in dead last. my great aunt lives in naples perhaps i need to visit her. >> happy lady. >> 4:41 is the time. jewish centers around the region force aid deal with more threats to violence. >> tense moments during the confirmation for deputy turn general. >> a live look across the d.c.
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we're leaving you with more reaction to prince george county school late decision to close today because of day without women's march. we want to hear from you. what is your opinion. hit us up on facebook. fox news morning back after this
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>> today moving forward lawmakers on the hill begin the process of transitioning to affordable care act to new gop friendly bill. it's shaping up to be a near perfect end to winter and start of spring like day. >> good morning thank you for join tion is i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, march 8. erin como will talk about what is happening on the roads and mike gifts us an update in ten seconds or less about the weather. >> ten second or less. >> or five. >> and weather-wise we're watching out for -- we're not watching out. it's training out now. later today sun comes out. we'll clear it up later. and so yes, see, i have more than ten seconds this timing. >> that was update you did that in ten second you're good. >> that's funny. >> and feeling like spring. later this afternoon and for most of the day tomorrow as well spr
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forecast. enjoy. it one thing i can garn teen you we will get colder friday, saturday, sunday. looking at future cast there's rain outside this morning. watch how fast out of here. 10, 11, full sunshine and we keep that around 2 days. lots of nice weather today, breezy, up to 66 later this afternoon and look at tomorrow, sunny, beautiful, 70. get out and enjoy if you can. because friday we have a little system moving through in morning hours and may bring wintry mix here. that should not be a big deal accumulation wise in d.c.. saturday building the clouds throughout day. sunday watching for a chance ever snow. again details hazy on that. we need another day there as we head to next week. temperatures hanging out in 40s maybe a mix next tuesday. all right. that's weather let's head to erin como for
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all right clear we we're having technical problems. 4:46 is the time now. big news this morning is closure of schools in this region because of day without a woman protests. so many personal leave requests of prince george county schools will be crossclaimed today. school ceo said there would not be enough bus drivers to get them there and not enough teachers to provide a safe and productive learning environment. staff that did not request leave are supposed to report to work. schools are closed in alexandria, virginia for that reason and all six campuses of center city charter schools in d.c. are also closed. >> and much more debate than usual last night over confirmation of a man second in command at the justice department. rod roseenstein would be the investigator into trump and
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ties to russia. the federal probe dominated confirmation hearing of deputy attorney general. >> you pledge to continue to pursue any ongoing investigation by the justice department to russian interference in the 2016 election. >> shutsly i would support it. >> rod roseenstein is politically neutral. 27 years before ainterest positiveed u.s. attorney generally george w. bush and being retained by president obama. veterans affair shul beingen asked to extend healthcare coverage for veterans. it was put in place in 2014 and offers access to private care and choice plan expires in august choosing va to lose a billion set aside for that program. lawmakers want to extend the coverage and use that money to help veterans. >> police are looking for a person responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon
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arrived they found a bhan several gun shot wounds. they're trying to determine how many begunmen may have been involved. >> and more bomb threats at jewish community centers nationwide. 7 reported threats. ants eye defamation league officers in northwest were also evacuated following a bomb threat yesterday. federal officials are investigating more than 100 threats against joy wish organizations in three dozen states since january. >> kids are being targeted because they're jewish. that's the only reason. i don't know if it's harassment or hatred. but, in this day and age, this should not be happening. >> we deannounce these latest anti-sem metic and hateful threats. as long as they continue we'll condemn them and look for ways it stop them. >> a letter signed by every senator was september by the trump administration to sin koingz. >> 4:39 is the t
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medical examiners reveal what killed ing iser george michael. >> and two favorite things consumed are blamed for contributing to thousands of deaths. >> as we head to break a live look across the region at 4:50. temperature 55 degrees. more comments and reaction to prince george county school late decision to close because of day without a woman march. we want to hear from you as well what's your opinion about this leave comments on facebook and we'll try to share as many as possible. fox news morning back after
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and alcohol to women before sex. june 5 trial surrounds case of former temple university employee that claims cosby drugged and molested her at his home in 2004. the pair had consensual sex cosby said. >> we know how pop scar george michael said he died of natural causes as result of heart disease and fatty liver. he died new england land. he was 5. he shot fame in the 1980s as duo hit wham wake me up before you go go and careless whisper. >> if you eat large amount of bacon or skimping on nuts you may want to rethink your diet. linking ten foods for death for heart disease, stroke. good foods under mean nuts, foods, salmon, fruits and vegetables and over eat salt, processed meats, red meats and sugary drinks. over
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relates in half the deaths. >> peace, love, hope and unity. korey stores designed a mural that will remain up until ben's chili bowl decides would will be featured on the wall. they covered up the old mural saying after five years it needed refresh entered and repainted. you can vote on how wow like to see on the new mural or write someone in by visiting ben's chili bowl web site. >> i think they should do the fox news morning crew. >> you should write that in and see how it goes. >> don't insult me as they throw it out of the way. >> i'm not sure i would look good on the wall. >> let's give it a shot how do you know. >> i have taller than gut insglinkt let's look at the weather inside. spring weather coming in next couple days and winter weather colder temperatures moving in for the weekend. still unsure about the weekend storm system. we'll talk more about that in
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satellite and radar showing this band of showers moving across d.c. now that's a cold front swipinging through. also look out to the west. i'll draw the line on the map. look west of that map clouds clearing out quickly here. we'll go from clouds to sunshine this morning. pickup time at the bus stop feeling chilly and breezy. clouds breaking up after school. lots of sunshine. staying breezy. warm, and 60 to 68 around the region will be a pleasant spring march average here. tomorrow better, sunshine, 70 for thursday afternoon. and then the roller coaster ride starts going downhill from there. 51 early high and temperatures fall 5u8 day friday and slop pi mix in the morning and nothing that should stick around. watching sunday again lots of question marks about that particular system and need another day or so to hammer out the details on that one. there's a possibility we could see nothing at all as well. we head into next week and start moderating a bit and chilly, 4 monday and maybe a
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the mid 40s. >> all right that's a check of weather let's head to erin como for traffic. >> 4:55. breaking news out of virginia of the all lanes 95 southbound temporarily shut down south of 6 19 because of big tractor-trailer crash. right now the left lane is getting by and there's two crashes in the area. another one closer to quantico. we're dealing with big delays. if we move things over to the camera we can show you closer to joplin road. traffic is ate crawl. it's moving better now that the left lane is getting by then what we saw 15 minutes ago. slow drive. there you may want to exit 2 4 dumfries road take 95 route 1 southbound and hop back on closer to quants co. we'll keep you updated oween the slow downs. let's look at the map and show you what we're dealing with long line of yellow and red south of 234. montgomery hills 97, george aavenue southbound side overturned tractor-trailer causing problems the t
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a big crash scene. we'll keep you updated. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a divide within the republican party could sink the gop helm bill. >> and travel ban about to face a first lawsuit challenge. >> a live look across the d.c. region 4:57 and 55 degrees. fox news morning back after this
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>> today on "fox news morning" prince george county schools are closed and while teachers observe the day without a woman march. it was the right call by school leaders. >> accusations of illegal campaign contributions. mayor us becauseers is forced to answer some tough questions. today is near perfect end of winter spring like day. hm, once you get past the wind this morning. good morning to you thank you for joining is i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, march 8. >> mike thomas will give us weatherhead lines and erin como with weatherhead line and mike let's hear it. >> we have winds out there. that is the story throughout the day. shower and clouds this morning quickly break the sunshine probab


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