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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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virginia. tractor-trailer crash causing major issuesaile or n the beltwy interchange at springfield.prngf straight ahead, the workaroundod and how long this closure isloss expected to last.ed to last >> plus, an all night marathonan on capitol hill going strongg this hour. lawmakers going back and forthbh discussing the new proposal topt replace and repeal thet affordable care act.rdab >> live look outside though ono this thursday morning it is march ninth. welcome and good morning i'mgo allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.alx first up a5 tnews m6:o00 we wao get right to caitlin roth on a a crash that's causing a lot ofusf issues in springfield. in good morning.spri >> steve, good morning.od yeah, we've had this crash allha morning overturned tractor-trailer which isr-tr righted now.lerghted now. it's being towed out of the towe way. goodbye tractor-trailer. that was overturned blockinging the on-ramp to 95 southboundsout and forcing that closure onlosre the outer loop right aroundht ad springfield. so, trying to access 95 southbound you had to use 644you and it looks like those thos emergency vehicles at leasty vei the last of them arecl nowesare pushing away.away. despite this,
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that 95 southbound on-rampboun would be closed through the cloo rest of the morning rush.e morn. so, as for now, even thougheveno we're seeing that scene beinge g cleared, i would just use 644us4 westbound as your workaround.rod as go to maps i'll show that s you to get around the issue.i here it is, again vdot sayingay we're going keep that closed for the morning rush so maybema for at least another hour,our that being said sai tractor-trailer has been towed away. if you are in the springfieldrid area maybe avoid getting onto o 95 southbound by using 644. otherwise, we haven't seen tooet many delays building as aelay result of that and no lanes on the beltway are blocked s soat that's good news.'s good ws. that's a look at the outerat t loop crash. will i have much more on metroeo and some other issues on thesuee majors this morning coming uprng at about 6:05.6:05. steve. >> all right, also developing overnight out of princegh george's county polt icepolce investigating a homicide inatin capitol heights that appearsg ia to have happened at or near a laundromat along marlboro pikelp just before 11:30 last police say an officer onffi patrol found man suffering from some sort of trauma toof to his body. bo he was pronounced dead at theno scene. so far no word on a motive orv
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>> happening right now inw i montgomery county, policeli still on the scene of acene of possible burglary at thehe united gun slop in this is a live picture fromctu that scene along randolph randoh road. police say they responded justp before 4:00 this morning afterme the store's alarm system went wt off. it's unclear if anything was taken.ken. >> ♪♪ own overshow down over healthcare playing out in thet e a marathon debate overnight oner capitol hilnl. lawmakers in the house goingusgo head to head all night long. lo. >> even though this new plan faces opposition from frm moderates and conservativesvatis within their over party part republican leaders arers a confident it will >> reporter: good morning. morn. lawmakers pulling aning all-nighter into the early the y morning filling up on pizza asas they tackle overhauling obamacare.. they still have a long way to go. conservatives in congressin c voice opposition to theon to t republican plan to replace
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obamacare. during the bill's obmarkup withh the ways and means they say the tax creditsre included in the legislationgis are entitlements but house hose speaker paul ryan is throwingrog his weight behind the plan. bd >> we are going through what ih would call the sort of typicaltl growing pains from being anpaina opposition party fightingfig barack obama and nancy pelosi and harry reid to a governingov pavement president trump is prei expected to campaignpect throughout the country onut then behalf of the bill as well. wel. >> the legislation that waslatiw introduced in the house thisuses week, i think the presidentpridt said we're certainly open to improvements but this is theis framework we believe that will l begin the process of repeelingre and replacing >> reporter: hawaii fileswa its lawsuit against the president's travel ban.avel ban >> a lot of people think the executive order might be anmighn improvement and it is from thefe first one but unfortunately itut still has some seriouseriou constitutional defects.t >> reporter: the presiutdentres is now flexing more muscle inemu the middle east as he sendse marines to sy
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terrorists. >> he ran on obliterating isisis from the face of the earth andtd not getting america involvedvold in any more interventions.rvens. those are often in conflict.conf >> reporter: this comes as mr. trump picks jon huntsmanhuns as ambassador russia amid accusations of ties betweenns o the white house and thee house e kremlin. >> he can provide a calm cm steady hand in moscow.dy h >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on theorter: te healthcare bill in the next two weeks before it goes g before the senate in april.aprl. steve. >> thanks maureen. mau documents in the meantiment obtained by the inwashington post show the trumpmp administration is consideringsi more than $6 billion in cutsin t to the department of housinghoug and urban development.velopment. and it would slash nearlyn $2 million from fundsund dedicated to public housing.hou. hud's budget would be cut cu about 14 percent.ercent. a spokesperson says the th document is still "a new york progress" and says the trumpys p administration is expected toexo announce its overall budget bugt plan next week. >> encouraging u.s. jobs jo report for february.bru u.s. b
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jobs last month, the most insti three years.yea construction mining anding and manufacturing all grew atg all e their fastest pace in severalevl years with construction addingdg the most jobs it has in 11 in11 years. this is all according to a survey measuring privater sector hiring. president donald trump very happy about the numberssecn tweeting "great news.n we are only just beginning.begin together we are going to make america great again ." >> ♪♪ >> 6:05. good morning tucker.u >> good morning.d mor yesterday turned into aed into a beautiful day. >> did it? okay, yes, it did. d >> a little windy.>>tl >> i have to remember.emer. rewind. >> windy but otherwise -- utth >> lots of sun. su >> lots of sun.ots of sun. today lots of sun but we'll get rid of those winds that were blowing at 30 miles perng a hour and about 70.ut 70. >> sure. >> my advice get out and lovendl today because we got muchoth colder air for the fd >> okay. >> and by much colder i mean plain old coached we'll take aaa look at the current numbers and cool out there but notnot terribly cold. cold
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47 dulles in baltimore or uprup at bwi marshall 46 degrees. dree there's a big look and nicend and quiet here locally.locly. we got a couple systemse sys upstream we got to talk about.b. the first one arrives tomorrow t morning. believe it or not tomorrow to morning at this hour we could t have ahis bit of rain/snow mixx across the area. >> it was supposed to be oursupd big snow. tg snow. >> well, no our big one was supposed to be sunday.ed ty. >> oh, saturday into sunday.und. >> which may have been moveday d to tuesday but don't forgetorg about tomorrow.about rrow. >> okay, now i'm confused. >> which also could behich als interesting for parts of theof e area. hey, more on that coming up.g u we're going to go 72 today.t ample sunshine.e that's our way of saying s bounty full sunshine and warmnem and breezy.and going to be a beautiful day.ful. get out and enjoy. eoy. ni very nice. >> we'll take about all theall e snow events coming up or lacko thereof.ereof. >> okay. >> what might happen on thet hae weekend moved to tuesday.ved toe >> all right, cool. co let's check in with caitlincaiti right now. right >> hey, >> at this rate the>> htuesday one will be, you know, next, nt winter. wint hopefully we'll continue witerhh in trend. guys, tractor-trailerctor-tra overturned on the beltway in on virginia has bee
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story of the morning.or i want to chy ofeck the commutec with other spots.spots gorgeous sunrise, nice smooth ns moving on 66 eastbound att sudley road so it looks likeks e even though we've got some so volume it's not too bad right rt now. next camera shows 295shows southbound as you head intoead the city you've got buildingldig volume. me just the normal delays at a eastern avenue.nue. otherwise no other accidentsther or issues to report on ourt on r majors. as we go to our final cameracamera it's on the outer loop inthe oun virginia around springfield.rin. you still see some emergency emy vehicles on the scene from an earlier overturnedearl tractor-trailer but we saw that rightedtrai last hour. inn fact just when i was on aboutn a five minutes ago we saw thatat being towed weigh.bein that being said 95 southboundout on-ramp has been closed fromoser the beltway to 95 all morningal it does look like one lane is trying to squeeze by.ying to vdot said they were going tosq t keep it closed through the throe morning rush. maybe they'll open one lanen one get everybody to squeeze by.y tq we'll keep youue posted.po let's go to our maps if we mapse can. that has been the big issue,ssu, tractor-trailer crash whereere everyone has been urged to use six forty four westbound as aou workaround to
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uthboundnd. obviously you're going againstat the grain with the commuten wi there so that has helped.has he. we haven't seen too manyseen toy delays as a thursday morning commute as aysi whole has been okangy com despie that tractor-trailer issue.issu any questions to deal withl h that tweet me at caitlin roth rh fox5. we've had metro issues thisssues morning. ing. luckily service has beenservicen restored on the blue ande a yellow lines due to an earlierai power outage at king street.king a reminder that the blue ande ad yellow lines are still going through safe track surge 13k su meaning we have singlein tracking ong we yellow between w braddock road and huntingtonnttn for blue between braddock road and van dorn street you haven st those trains running every 24eve minutes. that's a look at tra ffic. traffi steve and allison.allon. >> hours long nationwide outage last night convenientdnvd at&t wireless customers in ourio area from making emergency em calls. while the service is up andserv running now, thise u reason forr the outage still unclear solea o we'll take a closer lookr look coming up. >> epic soccer match in barcelona last night.g brody logan getting a front frnt row seat to the action.action. we're back in just 30 s
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 6:09. deonte carraway trounce aaway tu prince george's county courtroom. he's the former elementaryince r elem school volunteere who haso as pleaded guilty to several s child pornography cases involving students.t in court today, carraway will ll face several charges filedarg against him by families oft m bm those abused chilildren.dren. the court will also
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george's county board of education. >> in anne arrundel countyannel this week, more than 16 drug16 overdoses were report the ine rn less than 24 hours and three the were fatality one of the themalt any accidental overdose on prescription medication. most overdoses from outpatientrm i didn't understand typically anne und erarrundel county seesr to five overdoses a it is pushing medicationed disposal boxes.disp police are hosting seminars teaching family members to use the overdose blocking drug inrun locks essential northerns essenn virginia man will faces sevencsn years in prison.risn. david evers pleaded guilty to giving a morphine pill to pillto 17-year-old alexia springer. she overdosed at a house partye last year. yea. vigil to remember four westlake high school students. desmond cooke and kyle bipatt died. their families along withwith students and staff organized aaa vigil to remember theirmber heir classmates and provide comfort
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for each other.oth >> a bizarre robbery in in arizona. a burglar broke into a homea crawling through the dog door.or police say he was armed. arme he stole electronics moneyonicsy jewelry. je he is still on the run thishis morning. okay. coming up next at 6:11 at 61 exciting news for all of youf yu hunting fishing and camping enthusiasts. new store is opening upnin u today and it's just for you. u. >> a live look outside on thisn thursday morning. we have trouble spots outsday mv there and we'll gee t totr couan roth. she's in for erin today. tucker says get out and enjoy e today. he'll tell us how nice it's going to be next. next. >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too.
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>> 6:13 right now.>> 6 we'll get to indicate flynn just a minute.t to i a minut springfield outer loop for thee beltway at springfield havingien some problems down around 95.nd of course you know the drillhe i but there was a bigthere wabig tractor-trailer accident earlier so we're hoping thatpint it doesn't have a huge impact ip on the commute as we get get further into the day.he looks liker we're going in a ia better direction right now
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get you your details in a fewfew minutes.min high winds forced a planece ena route to d.c. carrying thee michigan basketball team andaskl their families to slide offies s theli runway. r this is cell phone video v captioned plane didn't make itet up moments after the incident.i. fortunately nobody was injuredno but still waiting to hear if and when the wolverines teaminet will arrive in d.c. becausebece big 10 tournament is in d.c. d.c at verizon center and michiganch has a game today at noon against illinois.l let's head overseas to a a story that will make tucker jealous.ous. barcelona's men's soccer team in the champion's league lastst night. what an epic comeback it wase because they needed to score s six goals and they did it inin amazing fashion and guess who g was there to witness it, tucker? our very own brody logan. >> brody. >> brody is overseas and he's enjoying the match and he evenhe bought the scarf to prove thatpr was there. >> look at his face. fac. >> right. >> a lot of people saying this is like thepeop
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in the super bowl victory. >> a little confusing. here's what's happened.happened >> that's a post matchtatch celebration.c we're looking for brody.brd he shot the looks like he kept himself outis of it. go ahead tuck.tuc >> the french team beath team bt barcelona in the first e it's a one and one it's an ago o get. aggregate. >> you combine the two scores.o >> the french team won four to t zero to barcelona had to score e at least five goals and they tey won six to one.x to one. >> they got three goals inoals i seven minutes.u >> six goals in soccer is like i 50 points in it's a lot.'s a lo >> what a moment big game.a >>ll rigight. hey, let's talk weather.ather. we've got picture perfectper march day. lots and lots of sunshine to look forward to.lo the best part temperatures in the low 70's a little latokerare today so a nice springtime dayna for our thursday.r thurs 49 now in washington.shion. leonardtown good morning 45go 45 degrees for you. y. notice all these temperatures above freezing.e i mention that eebecause when we get into the weekend and nexteea week we've got a rea
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cold air that is going tooi deliver freezing temperatures tm around here. each morning this weeken hd andd into next week we're just notjut going warm up a whole lot.e lot little bit of cloudiness offudio to our south and east earl. ear. otherwise it's going to be abe a beautiful sunrise.unise. send me a picture and again we're in cruise control heren for beautiful afternoon andernod today will be the last of thelae warm days before we start aarta big cooldown by tomorrow. looking upstream this is our isr next system.yste little clipper system willm dive down into our region lateie tonight early tomorrowtomoow morning. what it's going to do is do i deliver that cold air for the weekend but that will process,o, that transition we're likelyliky to see a little bit of rain rain and or snow around here here tomorrow m this will be tomorrow morningg right about now and if you'reu'r off to the north and west it's ' possible that if we get the get snow coming down hard enough enh there could be lightere d be lig accumulation particularly on grassy fast forward this to tomorrowomr morning. notice the futurecast isecast trying to give us snow north and west. we've seen this before wherer it tries to give us impressivere
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systems and then wet get a few w flakes and allison makes funes of me so i'll just throw itthro out there that it may or mayor y not actually materialize buttert the possibility is there thate we could get some snow around here tomorrow morning it willro quickly get out of here.moy geth won't be major deal. da the snowstorm that yousnow probably have been hearinge en about for the weekend and forthn early next week, those wouldthos be more impactful than this system but i'll keep the i' keeh threat out there that there could be some problems.e proble. traveling pennsylvania ising pea going to i be the jack p more po like three to 6 inches. we could get a coating on o grassy surfaces off to thesurf north and acwest.rth all r let's talk about our system for the weekend.the weekd. that one is going to miss usiss to the south. little bit of cloud coverd around here on sunday.und don't forget tohe forward thosee clocks. we have pushed off our weekendweek storm and now we're thinkingthin maybe there will be a be snowstorm monday night andght ad tuesday. day. so, if you're a winter weatherr lover all hope is not lost quite yet. >> haven't given up hm.up >> i don't give up. don't givup. >> march ninth still not giving up. >> i don't give how are>> i don't roads. ros. >> it's been pretty busy bu morning 6:17. thank you tucke
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we're still following thisth overturned tractor-trailer outer loop of the beltway tra in virginia approaching 95ng 95 southbound. so live piutcture shows what couldd be the last police car out there because we've seen thatn tractor-trailer righted andrighn towed out within the lastest hour. we've also seen a lane opened on 95 southbound so it was just kind of blocking the rampgm to get getn. it has now reopened so you'veou got lane squeezing by. b as we go to maps that's gooda'sd news because we at least areastr seeing some movement there butet also you're going against theste morning commute to begin withegw so we haven't seen too many seeo delays as a result of tho atmat overturned tractor-trailer.or- thursday morning commuteay starting to see m some top sidem of the beltway outer loop b delays and alselotw 395 and 66 inside the beltway starting tota build up. build up caitlin roth fox5 on twitter t if you have any questions orns r comments, you know, let meet me know what i should improve on, , anything like that.tht. >> no no,, no, no. [laughter] >> maybe i want to respond. ren like you can do it better.ett 66 eastbound manassas to theas e beltway that's where you wererer starting to see
6:19 am
moderate at this hour. ho. otherwise you're looking good.o. 270 southbound building volumevu 70 to clarksburg. to ar this is normal for a thursday morning and like i said the maryland commute outer looplo top of the beltway 95 to the 95o baltimore-washington parkwaywash you're seeing a little bit of bf heavy volume there.there. also it just looks like whens lk you get off 95 approaching 29ro9 that's a little red squareq kind of blocked by that signt sn there. finally 95 northbound daleorthbo city to the beltway very heavy but again, due to the factdue tt that that tractor-trailer washe blocking thtrace oton-ramp to 95 southbound going against theg ae commute we haven't seen tooen'tn many delays because of that.s all right, that's a look atbek traffic. allison, back to you. yo >> new this morning, for thein second time in a little moreitle than two years, radio shack s filing for bankrupt z the company's co says the electronics retail will closelle about 200 stores and it's evaluating the status remaining 1300 1300 o >> if you're anre outdooroutoor enthusiast hunting fishing camping et cetera northern virginia gettinget c eits first cabela's snore gainsville. grand opening set for or 10 o'clock this morning. this r. good news, if you want to headf out there theyo fir
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customers in line ages 18 and a older get a cabela's gift cardtr worth anywhere from $10 to to $500. $500 >> that's nice.. okay.hat' ok next, we will talkay. aboutt that at&t outage last night nit that prevented wireless usersses from calling 911 in the >> the tinder has a secretse version for the hot, the rich and famous.famo >> i'm surprised you don't do't know it. ow it. >> thank you. we'll fill in you next.
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stronger is blasting
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without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. >> at&t still looking intot& what caused a massive outage that impacted a large part of the d.c. regt ionau.sempacte first through a check of thechet markets. joining us from the foxrom thefo business network studio lauren simonetti. i would rather talk about the fear let's girl statue staringeg the bull down on wall street wat but i suppose we need to talk t about the markets. her porter: she has hands on her hips staring down that iconic charging bullarng bl sending the message put more
6:23 am
boardroom on wall street.on wale i love that story. speaking of corporate boardte rooms they're a little bit litti sluggish these we've had stocks down mostug oft this week. wk. the dow down every day this ts week. down again this morning.wn agaii couple things going on.s . number one, oil. completely tanked yesterday. y wiped out any gain it had thisns year. down again this we have so much supply.e so m and then the second thing isnd i well the jobs report for tethe private sector was awesomesectoe yesterday. great news. it's more indications that thete fed will hike rates next week. >> okay. let's talk about this outage oae with some customers from at&t t& wireless. do they know what happenedhe last night? couldn'ty reach 911. >> reporter: isn't that crazy? couldn't make an emergency call. no, we don't know what happened. all we know is that for>> repaz? several hours last nnoig, hattw4 states and washington, d.c.,on, you could not call 911 from 911m your at&t wireless fourth it'sth always best to use a land linedi but come on if you need ton if e make a call you should be able to do so. o. all at&t is saying is number
6:24 am
number two they don't knower t what caused it juwost ye. >> okay. so, here's some good and bad bad news. >> reporter: still reporte still investigating. >> you might be due a refund from the i.r.s. but you might yt not get it and it's a lot of money, too. >> reporter: so, th ere's a billion with a b dollars from the 2013 tax year that is due about 1 million tax filers who l haven't filed their taxes andthn they might not know they're ode a refund.e a re the average refund would be about 750 bucks.s. nonetheless, that money couldeyd be yours if you yours there's a three year window sono the deadline to potentiallyotntl get that money would bee april 18th of this year. yr. >> okay. well, at least we know moremo about it now.about it now. unlike people who on tinder on who had no idea there's some secret tinder select that youin might not be in. be >> reporter: well, if youyou are on tinder and you've tder ao noticed kind of likef lik lackluster selections lately,s e there might be a reason for that. the vip secretive version of tinder. tinder sel
6:25 am
really pretty really cool hotoot rich celebrity type folks andel giving them this exclusive excuv service. we don't know anything aboutingt it. so that's what's going on.n. obviously i haven't seen it or tried it. >> right. >> reporter: ditto for the regular tinder but this mightth explain why you're a littlee unimpressed with the regular tinder lately. thike thi are you invited to use tinder select and then you canhen yo nominate someone but theyut limit the amount of people coming into the pool but thenutn again if you're so rich and soed hot and so this and so thatat why are you even tinder? do tid you need it. >> good question. >> reporter: right. >> let's leave it right there lauren. >>'s lorter: come on. >> pope francis sock tougher.ea >> reporter: i know. >> we'll see you tomorrow.eter:i and yay! >>it s'ees youom orfroa >> reporter: absolutely.r: abso. i'll see you then. t >> all right.right. >> tinder select.>> t >> i don't need it but it's just a don't little added -- add >> makes it easier.>> m >> are you on it? okay. oay >> i do the >> okay. >> just asking. to say ifxpect you you were anyway.ere
6:26 am
>> yes. >> >> i was going say something o inappropriate but i caughtpre b myself. myse early in the morning before b i'm full awake that's when i'mh' most dan >> and fun >> winds out of the south anddso west at seven. s today low 70's.70's. low 70's sunshine bright briht beautiful and a little lesstle l wind than yesterday.han still going to be a breezy day but it won't be the windyhewindy conditions we had at timesitiont yesterday afternoon.imyeday af nice quiet sunrise and a lot of sunshine to look forward tooo today. enjoy today because the next tht week starting tomorrowtomorro features much, much colder airlr that's going, you know, put a can be bash on our spring team t feel. look at the cold temperaturesp it delivers for the weekend. highs don't get out of theiverhe 30's and low 40's overnights gh lows in the 20's and let me if m he knows next monday night, excuse that might be my last lst hope but we have one more m round of hope for snw.
6:27 am
>> very cold on saturday caitlin. >> yup. >> yeah. >> yeah. like a hard freeze five dayse in a row. ow what chance do our cherryu blossoms have. blos >> about as much asos traffic a behind you right now.behind >> i know, right. you>> i know,g we're moving a little slowly. sl thursday morning commute and i g do have good news to report ifp we could go to that chopperhoppr video. vi 95 southbound ramp has has reopened. looks like they're already free and clear s liof that.f tht so, we do have it being reopened. this is a lot of thumbs downlot motion in front of me.moti in fr not suonre what's happening. ha let's take a look. all igght. this was around the mixing bowl area at springfieldpringfil franconia and the outer looptero crash which forced the closure 95 southbound ramp has beenboune reopened. you're free and clear.rec you were always going against gi traffic to begin with but nowbun you're really free and clear. c that is pretty unfortunate u description on my part.yp we'll have much bettere m description of traffic comingpto up. we'll be right back.n comin >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪'ll be r
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:30. welcome back to fox5 news morning on a thursday morning. ome ba looking there at the springfield exchange and thend e all clear has been given. g there was a tractor-trailerctor accident this morning but youmou can see there from that view vew that everything seems to be be moving. mo caitlin and tucker will bewill b along on the 5s with yourth y weather and traffic. t welcome back to fox5 news new morning. rning. lawmakers on capitol hill
6:31 am
their efforts to replace and repeal the affordable carehe afe act. act. the house weighs and means committee is in the midst of ana hearing on the markup of the mah new healthcare plan. plan. republicans were triumphant inn voting to abolish the taxhe ax penalty that obamacare imposedar for those who didn't sign upn for health also developing overnight,o, this out of prince george'sut county now. police are of investigating a homicide in capitol heights. h it appears to have happened at or near a laundromat along marlboro pike just before re 11:30 last night.last night. police say an officer who was ws on routine patrol found a man that was suffering from some me sort of trauma to his body. b he was pronounced dead at theeae scene. no word on a motive or suspect. a burglary at the united gun shop in rockville.rocle. live view. live police say they responded to the scene just before 4:00 this morning after the store ste as alarm system went off.ent of it's unclear if any
6:32 am
stolen. our bob barnard is headed to hea the scene and we'll have al hava live update from him at 7:00 this morning.orng. police at american> po university looking for this fort man wanted in connection withion a series of antifeminismntiinism posters plastered aroundplasterd campus. ca university police are alling cai this a hate crime.e cri students say pictures of the fliers were tweeter out and posted on facebook.on police say all of the posters o have been taken do you known happening today in the district a public ppdeniscussios southering the recent threatsngh to jewish community centersent around the nation and right rig here at home. local leaders including actingcg d.c. police chief peterhief petr newsham will answer questions from cents regarding theirding r plans to fight antisemitism.sem. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 at the washington hebrew hb congregation in northwest.gatiot tracking metro and newsetron that no rider wants to another fare hike could soonre n abreality. metro's board is set toseto approve the proposed fare hikeo today. fox5's annie yu is live at le at the king street metro station sn with more on what this meanssmes for us. good morning,
6:33 am
>> reporter: hey, goodhe good morning to you allison. good morning, everybody.ning you're right, this is newsws that no rider wants to hear. he in fact, we spoke to severalseva riders this morning as theys mo were making their way in to into work and they say that they tt h are just fed up, that this is is ridiculous, that for a system that they cones standly have ha to experience disruptions andtin outages along their commute that this is a high price toceto pay for the -- for the service e that they are receiving. therece now, here at the king streetng e metro i can tell you just just about 30 t-, an hour ago for about 30 minutes train servicetn was suspended between braddockra road and huntington due adu a power problem outside of thisdes station. things are now back to normal bc but metro says thk eyto really r have no choice but to increaseie those fares and essentiallysse what the agency is doing is it's raising fares and reducing s here is how it willtl impact you.impact u the board expected to approve av this budget. b rail service during peak times is going toi go up tendons $2.25. off peak fares and bus faresk go up a quarter and weeklyfare u passes will remain the same
6:34 am
$17.50. however, some bus routes are roe expected to be eliminated. now, gm paul wiedefeld admits this is going to cause some some pain around the region but heute says it is need to avoid a major financial crisis and this is all happening, guys, gu, to close a 290 million-dollar lr budget gap in the upcoming g fiscal year. they say this proposal willap bel tout a vote today by the board's finance committees likely to move forward butfi fot metro telling us this morning mo that this is something thathi needs to be done.s is that's the very latest nehedersh from the king street metro station in alexandria annie yuxu fox5 local news. n >> time for the morning linefo right now.r we'll get you arigh quick tastef sports. nfl teams can start signing sg free agents at 4:00 this this afternoon. we'll get to that in a first more twists in the scotsct mccloughan saga.cloughan s reports indicating that thes inh general manager has been cutn out of all team discussions.isc. it's also believed according to the washington post thatton o the skins and mccloughan are in the process ofan d working toward a bigot and discussionsdi about the next general managermn already under way.ready under wa the post says i's
6:35 am
a power struggle betweenggle ben mccloughan and team president bruce allen whoo thinks he's too hands-on with hh the players.the p coming up atl 7:30 we'll digw'l into this a little bit more 106.7 f.m. the fan radio showow host and fox5 sports analystts a grant paulson joins us. us. all this is playing out and pierre garcon heading out. expecting to sign with the 49ers. garcon expected to si gn agn a front load deal worthw $16 million in the first year.t. not a bad pay day. '9ers making headlines forines r making moves on the onth quarterback front but not thattt quarterback. no, it does not involve kirk k different another formererent oo michigan state quarterbackan s they're expected to land briannn hoyer who could hypotheticallydt be a stop gap until cousinscouss becomes a free agent again again next season.. colin kaepernick gone hoyerernic will be the onlyk quarterback on the roster. r tony romo expected to bey rc released today. the question is where will he land? it is rumored there arere really only two teams thatms tht would take him the
6:36 am
texans or the denver we shall wait and seehall waiane 4 o'clock today free agencyee ac signing begins. >> love this time of gnyear. ye. >> exciting for about a >> won't we miss pierre. pierre. >> yes. >> i think so. e's been g i great in the community.n the co >> and a great player.lyer. >> yeah. >> yea >> would love to have him.e im >> came and visited us. us >> yeah, he d-right. d-rig >> but you got to cash incas in while you can. >> got to do what's best for's r you. >> career doesn't last for.. >> don't get too many chances go at $16 million. man >> right. >> or ever. [laughter][laughte >> high-five. us -- nk the rest of let's go to the forecast. fo 49 washington, 47 dulles, 46es, bwi marshall.marshall. today your thursday beautiful. sunny, bright, gorgeous. there will be a wind but withwih daytime highs in the low 70's l0 not much to complain about.cbo it should be a nice a ni i was talking to allison aboutls the weekend forecast.nd i think you might be complaining about next week asis it's going to be very coldbe ve around here with a coupleth acoe chances for a little winterle wr weather. weather. we've got the makings of it o
6:37 am
that will arrive tomorrowtomorro morning and as we get thet te transition to that colder air cl that will be moving inbe movin n tomorrow morning there may be a rain/snow mix around here nor morning commute tomorrow. more on that cominingg co up.p. but today 72 bright really beautiful day. dy. >> very nice.ery nice >> thank you. >> hi>> caitlin. ca >> good morning i was down atmon thine nationalmall yesterdayesty just amazing gorgeous. so many people out.g many pele t probably seeing. that again agan today. should do it before thingsthings change. 're lookie're looking at a crash on northbound 395.und 3 this is at king street and oft n course in the middle of theddhe commute that's going to causeo a lot of issues we've gott delays back to the beltway.of it we'll show youwa those delaysse because chopper is overhead,ove skyfox that crash on northbound 395 which lookshich like that.hat. very large delay.dela all lanes back to the beltway el are very, very slow movingving again northbound 395 crash atsh king street. go back to our maps.a it's been a busy morningrning starting with thestarting with tractor-trailer crash on theail outer loop and with metro metr issues that thankfully havean been resolved.res you can se
6:38 am
on the wide view there on 395o from the beltway to king street. caitlin roth fox5 on we'll tweet out any of those t accidents or delays.dents or let's check in on 27070 southbound. southbound you've just got bu.ildingt bu volume through frederickgh fredk county off and on through montgomery countyn t down to the spur. maryland commute normal delays d top of the beltway outer loop you're stacked up from 95 tohe l georgia avenue. and you're a little slowre a lis between the bwlow parkway and 9. 295 southbound route visit tout the beltway just volume butme very heavy with that commuteo trying to get into the to get ie district. that's a look at traff ic.a stay with us. fox5 news mostrning willay w ben right back after after . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
6:39 am
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>> let's check what's trendinghk on the web on this thursday morning. looks like maybe web o jeopardyt bit bite behave a category called becky with the good hair. category features pop culture characters named becky such as rebecca from cheers, becky becky thatcher from the ah adventurede of tom sawyers.sawers. other beckys with the good good hair. a popular limestone archto on gozer island malta maded made popular after it was seen oneen "game of thrones.""game if you're going to be in the shot come talk me. com me. collapsed into the malta sease after heavy storms.storms. the prime minister said he was s heartbroken over the loss of of such a cool tourist attraction. tr internet
6:42 am
had a baby not april the giraffe but the mom dancingancig around with the giraffe heade gh trying to be like april.apri. erin diettrick is her name. na she said her baby boy systemtem healthy and beautiful. al. al. >> steve. >> i know you love the story w yothe other day.r >> if i could look at you, ik at would look at you right now.rign >> i was waiting for w f >> she had on a giraffe head g in the bed taking the pickg thep kevin mccarthy sits downarts with the actor who plays the beast. beast. fed up. samuel l. jackson criticizingrin the acting of black bit tissuekt acting in american filmserica citing the leads in "get out" and "selma." a lot of folks talking this morning.
6:43 am
6:44 am
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back.>> 6:45 right nw. yeah, not fun at all. that's 395 northbound at king kn stet.t. there's a crash.s you can see backups they go all the way to the the beltway. >> not good at all. a. >> uh-uh. >> let's focus on the positiveu then.the the sunshine out there.hine out. >> yeah, and the warm the wa temperatures. low 70's later today. so, another springtime day toriy look forward to and i've been encouraging every one to get out and enjoy the day because much colder air is on the way w for the weekend.wee i'll show you the weekend coming up. ng up. picture perfect for marchm
6:46 am
of the year as we'll be in theen low 70's and lots of sunshine. s still a little breezy todaytoda but not quite as windy asndys yesterday. 49 in washington to start your day, 52 in annapolis, 47p, 47 dulles, manassas notice everybody well aboveell o freezing and we're just plainjua old cool out there but really r not terribly cold as we startwea our morning.morn lots of sunshine.sunshin beautiful day to look forwardwad to. clear skies out there earlyrly and mostly sunny herely sun throughout the day todayny. day. still a little of course yesterday was windys at times. little breezy today. tod. looking upstream a littlelile clipper system and this ishis is going to dive down into our region early dive tomorrow morr i want to mention a fewnt a few things. what it's really going to do is start to deliver muchdeli colder air for friday into theo weekend. during that transition tomorrow we could get a lihatt e rain that will transition overi or mix with a little snow forowr parts of the area particularlypr north and west of town here ere early tomorrow morning. so, at this time tomorrow, tomoo parts of the area could behe arl dealing with a rain/sbenow mix x or just plain old snow as thatat line works down.d this is not going to be heavytoe amounts but it could be enough u
6:47 am
traveling tomorrow morning.ow m. watch futurecast here andcast hd there we are at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.tomo morning notice that our futurecast is i trying to give us snow off tosno the north and west. west. it's done this before and it it really hasn't amounted to aamoud whole lot so i can't promiseproi that it's going to be a band bd of heavy snow north and westnd e of but i'll throw it out there the that it's a possibility.y. whole thing wraps up by 9, 10 b0 o'clock in the morning.orni then we'll be cold and windy win tomorrow afternoon.ow a how much snow are we lookinglokg at? maybe enough to coat theoah grass here well north andhere w west.ell if you're up into pennsylvaniaennsylvan there could be light accumulations one to 3-incheson up there butto the real theme tm will be the cold weather foreatr the weekend.weeend. running rock and roll saturdaysy morning, make sure you run itunt hard and fast 'cause it's'cause going to be cold out temperatures will be in the 20's i think begiurnning that of race. very chilly around here sunday. nd the storm we were consideringond for the weekend that's goingekat to miss us but now looks likeowo there could be a secondaryecda storm that could impact the t region monday into tuesday, soue we got tos look out for ther e possibility of snow mondayonday night and tuesday now. caitlin you got to love ove weather.w >> y
6:48 am
>> not everybody loves traffic.traffic. >> no, who loves traffic? raf find me that person.n. i want to know.ow. a live view of a crash on 395on3 northbound blocking two lanes. you see the arrow directingrecti people around the site of that crash.. looks like some of theome of the emergency vehicles havency vehiv cleared. looks like a roving vehicle vehe pointing everybody over 395 ove5 northbound at king street.nd ate despite the fact maybe we'ree seeing the crash clear youlear o still have two lanes blocked left most lanes blocked.blo skyfox shows a very extensive delay. yikes. that is one long line of traffic on 395 northbound fromsr king street all the way backb to the gets let's go to our maps. thankfully that a tractor-trailer has beener has e cleared. cleared. you're free and clear to go ing that direction but we have we he other issues as well.well. route seven eastbound just gotnt word that there's a crash there. th this is at bear delays back to reston parkway.wy if you're in
6:49 am
northern virginia and you usee route seven expect some heavyso delays there.m try to useys the workaround ifok you can. that is a look at traffic and nd i see we're still doing the morning [laughter] te >> surprised. >> i'm not. i'm thrilled.i'm >> that'sth funny.f >> memes with caitlin for tomorrow. >> the meme is never wentent anywhere #morning mem let's do it. t. we've got lots of fun to be be had. all right.ig let's get started. there we go. this one.on. jacks playing jacks. [laughter] >> that's cute. ct >> right when he stepped in w that littlehen thing. >> that's an ode to a movie.vie. >> what did he say?>> whahe >> here's johnny.s johnny >> here's johnny.joh >> very funny. >> ode to the movie thee shining. >> hi, jack. >> all right. that's the cheesy
6:50 am
>> who sent that >> that face when you take a selfie staring into the sun.ring >> that is only somebody overer 40. 40. >> right. >> millennials know thousandials do that. >> i was trying to get aet picture of the beautiful lawns n down on the mall.down on e ma they look great. gr >> why did you have to get it yu in. >> because he's not going to h t post something without his he'so face ingn without h it. i >> all right.ight. that moment when the music youu listened to in high school isoos being played on the oldies station. ation. >> yes. >> all right. us your morning memes.r >> they were so mogood. >> #morning meme or you caning e-mail me or put meit on ouron facebook page we love it. it. send them to these guys, too. we'll get them going tomorrow.oo >> thanks tuck. >> 6:50. let's give you a look ahead toao what's coming up on good daygoo days. a popular web site for women'sen' plus sized clothing is sized cls becoming a real store and theane first one is popping up rightpig here in our area.are so, we're going to get a preview complete with
6:51 am
>> oh star power.>>h star talking about the leadinge ladies of fox's show star andtad they join us lie to dish aboutod last night's cliff manner. cli one of them is fromff right here in northern have a v guy torryyr joins us on good day at 10:00d 0 a today as well.ell going to be a packed good dayy lineup. neup. let's talk a little celebritytlr news. kev is here with the fox pete.ot >> got a lot to talk about this morning.. samuel jackson in the newshe new this m on the show all the time tucker makes jokes about howouth all the british actors are taking american as. >> british invasion.nv >> i'll be playing interviewsinv with an actor and they'll goheyo that guy's same thing happened with thed we actor from "get out" who is british. samuel jackson makingaking headlines this morning fors thir criticism of black britishh actors being cast in americann roles so in reference "getferent out" we've seen this trailer a millionaires hot 97 interview 97 he said "there are a lot oflot f black british actors in these movies. i tend to wonder
6:52 am
movie would have been with an h american brother whoan reallyre feels that. what would afeel brother from fm america have made of that role? some things are ar universal but not ." we'll get some comments here. h. then went to criticize david aiello. ailo. saying there are brother inn america who could have been inco that moviule who would have hadd a different idea about how how king thinks. so, i wantin to get youret yo thoughts because in my opinionm it's acting and i think that the performances that wereancese both given in "get out" and asas well as david aiello were 10 phenomenal.o >> the question is how do youyou relate to king since you --u - >> right.>> >> i remember his answer is is like he almost studied it from m an outsider looking in s
6:53 am
a black person but not necessarily having lived thattht but i think he's an excellentxct actor but i'm going to say this. in a time where black actorsacts still have really a long wayg ay to go as far as being equallyeqy cast i think that the firsthe it look should be an american actor. >> dan you'll was amazing in'lla "gets out." out." >> no doubt about it. >> british actor john boyega star of "star wars" he went onen twitter and said black britsrit versus african-american aican-a stupid expletive conflict weleti don't have time for.n' >> i agree with that too buttoob what i'm saying is that any black actor will tell you theyoy don't get the roles, you there are no roles out thereno r and so when these movies comeiee along that call for blackr roles it is interesting theys in look for someone --meo -- >> someone commented on myne com post and said, you know, doeskno this mw,ean that if you have too play a soldier in a movie youv had nobody?obody? >> the black experience is different. >> the a
6:54 am
getting. ge i'm not agreeing.i' these are comments i'mm getting.e ar tting. >> i'm wondering in the bigger picture if you take the race out of it why the rush tosh to british actors? are they tey better? cheaper? are they believed to be more drama schocooleducated.ut >> he's talking about thebout te black actors.ct >> we see it across-the-board.od >> we'll take about that lateret on in the show. i got to get toon this. there is an actor behind theh beast in "beauty and thee beast" dan stevens you knoww him as matthew crawley fromwley downton abbey. he atoctually did the beaste voice himself.voicel they hardly did any editing to drop his voice to the level ofe the beast. he does the voice for me ince fn the interview and changes hishis face. watch this. >> ♪♪ >> have you really read every one of these books?re >> some of thealmone of are in . >> ♪♪ l do you speak
6:55 am
>> yeah. >> i know they do enhance ithant but do you speak lower. >> they've certainly whack up cr the bass. >> do you gota lower. >> totally. that came out of some prosthetic.rostheti they made great fangs for theang beast you see in the movie butb i wasn't wearing them on theeare day.m i sort of took them away and i was trying to figure out whatfit would a guy who is very vainr who is suddenly being cursedcurd with this look given thesethse hideous teeth how would his his mouth -- if you put the fangs fs in and you try and hide them then your mouth ends up going gg quite down. do on top of which he's a very e grumpy character so your mouthyo gets longer larynx getsarynx stretched and this voice comests out that's very much deeper's vu and he'sch dsort of speaking fp the bottom ofe his --hi >> dude.>> >> bottom of his body.body >> that's insane. insane.insane we got to wrap up get towrap upo weather. i'll be back with more in the in show today with more from dan stevens. he plays the beast the whole bee time. >> both of them are british.are. >> he's british.i
6:56 am
stories together.oge >> they're all british.hey're a. >> hey, tuck.ey, t >> good morning.morn i got to quickly do thedo te weather kev. >> yes. t here heard it here first you remember that. fir >> i know tucker has beenst ymec saying this for a lker ohans gbm you have credit for this.this >> 50 in washington.ashingt hey, sunshine beautiful for usts today. today. low 70's this afternoon.f and a -- just a enjoyablenjoyabe springlike day.nglikey. much colder tomorrow.orr a rain/snow mix tomorroworrow morning. early heads up on that andhat an your weekend is going to bend ib cold. not worried about a storma orm sunday. we were now worried about abo snowstorm monday night and tuesday, so stay tuned s we'll have lofts weather to talk about comingtave lof up ine 7 o'clock hour. caitlin is back with roads.s. >> windows opened weather for this morning and it looksnd it o great out there. t a lot of sunshine means a lotmet of sun glare.un you need those sunglasses.lasses route seven eastbound a this is at baron cameron amerona delays back to reston parkway.p if you use route seven locallyly just know that that crash is going to show you down. and 270 southbound buildingsoutb volume throughou frederickrick county on and off throughand montgomery c
6:57 am
volume there. that's a quick look atme a quict traffic. we'll have much more coming upog in our seven i was hour when 7:n fox5 news morning returns after this. >> ♪♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪♪ news morning.r >> how about a live look fromf capitol hill right now. around the clock efforts to cloo repeal obamacare. obamacar repu
7:00 am
bob. >> reporter: an overnight burglary at a maryland gun un store has police wonderingw what do they need all the fireee power for? allison.llion. >> and many of you went to bedoe not being able to call 911 onon your cell phone.hone. what's the situation thisatioths morning? we'll share new details about the at&t outage.o. good thursday morningy morng everybody.ev i'm allison seymour.eralli >> and i'm steve socn it is 7:00 a.m. on this on th thursday. it is march ninth. t >> if you are just waking up this morning, here's a live live look outside. outside nice right now but tucker warns it is about to getto get really cold around here.nd her >> yeah, but not until we getile through today first.firs let's get a quick check onck c traffic and weather and tuckerw it's going to warm up nicely. n. >> yes, steve a little cool co this morning but sunshine andshd daytime highs in the 70's 7's today. i'll have all the details oni that forecast and we stille s have snow in the seven day. day when will that arrive. caitlin. >> tucker two trucks one, 395tw northbound at king street.treet. delays back to the beltway.k tob another in northern virginiairga route seven eastbound at baron r cameron avenue. delays back to restonca parkway


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