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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  March 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome on this monday night, 14 million, that's the number of people who would lose coverage under republican health plan comes according to the nonpartisan. >> this is one of the hottest stories we're talking about >> that's not snow related. >> tweet us and let us know. you can talk about snow, we will update you on that. use the #5at630. let's get to it. >> we're not going to have one size fits all, we're going to working to unleash the power of the private marketplace and let insurers to compete for your business, they will have plans that today nobody has even thought about because the market is going to enforce that with
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healthcare, more competition and less regulation will finally bring down the cost of care. i think it will bring it down significantly. >> that is president trump when asked about changes to, or the republican plan that would be the affordable care act. we're getting a better idea how much the replacement plan will cost. it releases the estimate and predicts the number of insured will grow to 24 million by 2026 yas many as 14 million people would lose coverage under the house bill. ronica cleary starts us off. ronica, i'm curious about reaction from the republicans and the president. kind of a big blow >> it has certainly changed where republicans and the administration are much more on the defensive. late this afternoon, the congressional budget office along with the joint committee on taxation released an estimate of the financial effects of enacting this american healthcare act. that is the plan put forth by
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republicans to replace obamacare. the estimates in the report state that the legislation would reduce federal deficits by 337 billion dollars in the next decade. but with the significant reduction comes estimate that the number of people who are ununinsured would increase by 24 million. after the meeting, tom price, secretary of health and human services along with mic mulvaney, the white house office of management and budget director addressed the findings in the report. take a listen. >> we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out. we believe our plan will cover more individuals at a lower cost and give them the choices that they want for the coverage they want for themselves and for their family, not that the government forces them to buy. >> competition lowers cost. that's exactly right. the numbers i've seen in the first glance they say premiums will go down by at leas
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with this plan. if you look for something the cvo may have gotten right is that the premiums actually did come down in cost. >> during the remark, mulvaney noted that the two had not fully read the report. perhaps some responses will change once they completely read the report. but as you can tell and as i said earlier, this puts the administration on the defensive. the report notes that savings would come from reductions in medicaid while high costs would be associated with repeals of some aspects of the fact obamacare along with new tax credits for health insurance companies. this came into the news, the justice department asking for more time to respond to the house intelligence committee to back up those unsubstantiated wiretapping claims made by president trump. >> you recall, he accused former president obama of listening in on to the trump campaign during the run-up to the election. sean spicer double downed on those claims today.
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>> he doesn't think that president obama went up and tapped his phone personally. but i think there's a -- there's no question that the obama administration, that there were actions about surveillance and other activities that occurred in the 2016 election. that is a widely reported activity that occurred back then. the president used the word wire tapping, quotes, to mean broadly surveillance and other activities during that. >> now, gop senator john mckaine told the trump administration he wanted that evidence by today or to issue a retraction. as we just reported the justice department asked for a little bit more time to get the information to them. joel how do i pronounce your last name? >> to problem. girky >> reporter for the washington examiner joins us. thanks so much for being here. . let me ask you about sean spicer. , wire tap and did
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>> it's sort of consistent with the way they message throughout the campaign even this process. trump has a famously imprecise way of talking, to say the least. we saw that during the campaign trail. on one level this is a reasonable certainly reasonable sounding explanation that he said wire tapping he meant surveillance generally and another, a lot will think that's reasonable. on another level it's a different claim he made if you switch it from president trump saying that president obama had him wire tapped to saying oh, he was referring to a something approved investigation here. >> it gets to the point sometimes where we sunk into a trend is what he meant to say was this or that and that's fine. you can't necessarily get the right thoughts out at the right moment
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the overall message. the goal this white house is trying to accomplish >> it muddies the message depending on the audience. i don't think that trump feel that it's particularly muddy. depends what he's doing. this is partly a function of him using twitter so much. which is very effective in some political ways and not so good with speaking -- twitter is designed to be off-the-cuff, 140 character thoughts >> what do you think the hold-up is? dave comey came out and asked the justice department to refute the allegations. we also know the former national intelligence director said that did not happen. we heard john mckaine ask for that information. what do you think the hold-up is >> hard to say. it would be speculative. in theory, the president is the head of executive branch. if the executive branch six months ago was doing
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as senator mckaine put it, he can call the cia director and get the evidence. the odd thing here is, it wasn't that long ago that trump team, president trump's team didn't want anybody investigating russia and he talked about investigating russia's activities in the election, political and trying to delegitimize his victory. i think some trump critic are are delighted he said this now he's add this issue to his investigation with the russia scandal, for whatever it is. and that sort of, you know, opens the ball to now look into this more holy and see if there were, you know, talk more about connections to trump associates and/or former associates and i think from trump's critics perspective, they see an opening here. >> thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate the information and we will be following along to see what happens
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>> thank you. president trump, despite the news we heard about the healthcare a minute ago. should feel good about this, a majority or 54% of voters are optimistic he will make the country prosperous. 36% believe president trump will improve the environment. 46% he will improve energy policies. good news there for the president. >> obviously, we see a bunch of different policy, but there's ones out there these are the ones we'll hear quite a bit about i'm quite sure. in case you haven't heard, snow is coming our way. as many of you are stocking up now on food and supplies, government officials getting prepared. >> tom fitzgerald has been out and about today talking about the politics of snow day. what's going on, fitz? >> reporter: i had nod heard it was going to snow. of course it's going to snow today. right down the line, all of the exut
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maryland, in dc, they were out in force today to get ahead of the storm. as you know, there's two things that are really going to get you in trouble if you're in local politics, not picking up the garbage and getting the streets plowed. they want to be ahead of this. let me show you this. we showed you this at 5:00. i'll give you another look. normally we have the snow domes that are, you know, around margin, are empty because you've had snowstorm after snowstorm. look at this thing, this is a snow dome here in annapolis. we are from less than five feet in and this thing is literally packed to the rafters. our friend jason over here has been loading people up as the trucks comes in, he puts the stuff in. they got so much it's an embarrassment. today, governor hogan came down
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here to this very spot over in dc, mayor muriel bowser what doing the same over at a dc public works station. the message from these executives is simple. they want the public to know they're in front of these storms, tracking this but also made it clear tonight, it's not so clear exactly how much they are going to receive in their respective areas, but they're sending a message out that they're tracking carefully and here's how both put this when they were talking about this in their media briefings >> some people are lulled in the false sense of security because we had the great 70 degree weather and everybody thinks it's springtime and we're ready to put on flip-flops and go barbecuing. this is a serious winter storm going to be the biggest event we've had this season. and people need to be prepared and need to be safe. >> we are hoping for best. but as you can see with all the people behin
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for whatever mother nature sends our way. i want to stress there are a range of possibilities. we can see a lot more or less snowfall. >> this forecast for this is at a danger to district residents, particularly those experiencing homelessness and we will have a cold emergency plan in place to help our homeless resident. >> reporter: an abundance of warnings from the politicians. governor hogan concerned that a lot of marylanders are not paying as close attention as maybe they should be because of all the warm weather we've had, because of the abnormal temperatures, look at this. they've got 2,700 employees in here in the maryland state highway administration, 3,000 pieces of equipment. jim and shawn. they're putting out the message strongly here tonight and for good
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as you know, you look back in history, what the george w bush administration dealt with in the backlash how katrina was handled. you look at how barack obama handled sandy because of the lesson learned from the bush administration, politicians take storms very seriously. also one of the reasons, terry mcauliffe got if you don't and call fox 5 news at 5:00 because he wanted that message out there that they were on top of this and trying to do their best to track this storm even though they don't even quite know themselves what it is their watching >> all the people watching in the three jurisdictions appreciate it. al politics is local. again, you remember they didn't plow my street, i'm going to remember my mayor in the upcoming election. we're not putting anybody on the spot tonight. we will put sue on the spot. >> yes, we will, folks want to know when is the snow going to
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>> a lot of people are tweeting me saying we're seeing snowflakes. it's very light. started already. but you can see it here on radar all over the place and this is a first an initial wave but it will be studier and heavier. after about 9:00 you'll see it sticking a little bit more. then we'll have the heaviest snow after midnight until about 7:00 in the morning, you can really tell from governor hogan and mayor muriel bowser that politicians are saying we're not quite sure what we're going to get. and the reason because the rain snow line will be a huge player in the move snow people get. it's a moving target and appears to be moving farther west than yesterday. that means some areas will get less snow than others if the rain snow line is over your region. we'll show you radar again here in motion and maybe seeing a few flakes here in dc. again, this is just the beginning stages. because waiting for more of this energy to get over to the coast and when the storm begins to
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virginia, that's when it's going to start snowing heavily. temperatures worked in our favor. and the fact that we've had so much notice about this storm has really helped road crews do the initial brining, loading up ready to go. it's down to 38 from a high of 46. here in the district. we're going to head down cold enough for some stick later tonight on roads, they will be treacherous where you're not going to be dealing with the rain snow line, which is farther north and west. light snow and rain already begun around the area. that rain snow line will be a moving target and again, now we're seeing it getting as close as central montgomery county for part of the night tonight. that would cut down on totals as well. highest accumulations north and west, the i 81 corridor up through frederick, hagerstown and along the pennsylvania, the counties that border pennsylvania will really get hit. heaviest will be midnight to 7:00 a.m. we're going to you can at a a little bit more about the timing. again i
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two to four, maybe two to six as we get closer to the beltway and higher as you get north and west and less south and east. we'll look at snow totals and show you the futurecast in a few minutes. jim and shawn. you can get the forecast any time with the fox 5 weather ap. it's like having sue palka wherever you go. we're going to be on the air at 4:00 a.m. with full weather coverage. meantime, give us your thoughts with #5at630 and back after this.
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are welcome back to can't deny that the former contestant is director of communication for the trump administration and her position has become an issue for black republicans hoping to get their seat at the table. an article for buzzfeed and the article is called the gatekeeper. thanks for
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why is the article gatekeeper? and why do some black republicans see her as keeping them or in the way of keeping them from getting a seat at this trump table >> it's interesting kind of phenomenonal in politics that, you know, she's known trump longer than almost anyone who works in that building. besides maybe her son-in-law or some other folks but i think one of the things that is interesting is that we called it that because she's kind of organized this world around the black republicans, she's organized around like civil rights organizations. she's kind of been the person reigning all of these people in organizing them and kind of organizing the terms with which they're going to engage with the white house. that's a little bit of a problem for black republicans, because they don't see her as a republican, they see her as a democrat >> she got her st
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clinton white house >> she did and this is very personal thing for them. having not been in power eight years after president bush and to now have this sort of ordeal is issuing some real challenges >> what's interesting is yes, she came in with experience in the past, but the fact remains she's probably one of the few but in the minority people in this administration who have come through the government before. she knows the game and the players. that should be seen by many as an asset. >> i think you're right. i think, jim, you know, she's very experienced at this stuff. she knows a lot about personnel, how to staff the white house and show knows how it works and very good like that. one of the things that i tried to talk about in the article is the fact that she reinvented herself some times and this is like another kind of iteration of that. >> let me ask you quick. if she was a man, would people not perceive her the same way?
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power, she has this -- people call her a certain derogatory term, but if it's a man they say he's powerful and strong >> this is something always been part of her, national profiles, strong and assertive and really understands what she wants out of situations and out of life. and i did, someone did tell me in the to story that they felt as though if, you know, she was a man that she wouldn't get some backlash and some of the comments she's gotten. so i think it's really interesting to like is that he all play out. >> thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. check out the article in buzzfeed. thanks for coming in. >> see you after this.
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have you committed tree son too just like the president? what can you tell me buy russia, mr. secretary? >> thank you >> what can you term >> that's sean spicer being cornered by a
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store in georgetown. she put it on twitter and asked questions feeling how does it feel to work for a fascist. spicer never answered her question. he said this a great woman that allows you to be here and the woman said that was a quote racist comment. spicer said he welcomes it. >> sean spicer is a government employee and that's like going up, my take is if you see somebody at the dmv is the grocery store and say why didn't you renew my license >> he's also not mr. secretary >> at some point you should be allowed to insulate yourself from other things. i think you could have been a little more dig if i did >> on the other hand, too, when you're a public person, you put yourself out there when you go out in public which you should have a right to do. but people always wants to jump in >> all eyes on the radar tonight. big snowstorm first one of th
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season coming in tonight. sue palka, we're going to talk about it with her when we come back.
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. when is it coming >> we got the party started and jim white house has important visitors >> mayor bowser we saw her meeting with the president to talk about the storm >> this is president trump's first white house snowstorm, and we want to show you the total, in dc, mixing will probably cut down the accumulation. right now we have dc two to six, it will likely be much closer to the two, although bethesda might be closer to six, the pink area could be anywhere from eight to 16, this is why we give a range, the rain snow line will be in play and that may cut down totals a little bit. it's
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area and heavier after midnight >> it's done by noon everything. >> enjoy your bread and water that you stocked up on today >> lot of french toast being made. back with more coming up tonight starting at 10:00. great everyday prices and thousands of bonus buy savings. my giant. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to
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up to $10 total value. only at my giant. harvey: this is the big story today. no bracket. and barkley is pissed at trump. >> he's not doing an ncaa tournament bracket. >> should he do the bracket? >> of course he should. >> my favorite part of my weekend, i watched the notre dame-duke game in a barcalounger. >> did someone tie you down and make you watch the tournament? harvey: i swear to god, i was into it. that barcalounger changes everything. [laughter] >> so beyonce went to a dance performance and she surprises the company backstage. >> is it? >> if you had asked them who their number one person they would want to come visit them, they would possibly all say beyonce. >> maybe oprah though. it really depends on the situation. >> bowling! >> oprah! >> the best fight was at the nascar race. kyle busch starts socking joey logano.


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