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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  March 15, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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on the road again, from the run down, these are some of the top talker, we invite you to join the conversation, tweet us and use #5at630. day is day 55 of president trump's first 100 days, first up, michigan, he voweled to create a level playing field. he vowed to tax imports and punish companies that ship jobs overseas >> we're i'm going to stand up to foreign cheating. we're i'm going to crack down on
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and yes, we're going to use the feel economic powers of crore to protect our workers and to protect our jobs. >> we saw the president speaking with some auto companies throughout the course the campaign talking to a loot of union workers of course usually a pretty reliably democrat block, when you look at states like michigan, he did, indeed, the message will resonate there for sure. meantime the president trip comes less than 24 hours after a copy of the president's tax returns came out. the way it came out is a little unusual. republican is strategist berkman and fred aboutman here to talk about that. >> hello, gentlemen. much ado buy nothing i would say >> i don't understand what it's about, i think trump thought this could be illegal. you may have violated any number of state, federal, there could be grounds for a
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all this really shows is drop paid his taxes. i don't know what all of the nonsense. i think it was pointed out he paid a higher rate than comcast, nbc, time warner, ted turner and a bunch of others. it's hard for me to -- it's hard for me to figure out what the issue is. >> do you think there's an issue here? look. he said i won the election, people don't care about my tax returns, it's congress and the media that still care, why is it so important >> the people do care and what i would say is that at the two documents that were shared last night, yeah, by no means a blockbuster and i don't think anybody should think of it as a blockbuster, what we want to get down to is what was said before those were released, where is donald trump's money coming from? did he get money from a billionaire in russia? did he get money from the turkey
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government? >> you see what the problem have. >> allow me to finish. who exactly is funding our president? and frankly, who exactly does our president answer to? >> you see what the problem is, we have two tax returns out probably through >> we don't have his tax returns, we have two page >> you've got two pages. correction. and what do the democrats? now they say we need more. if you have five tax returns out they would say ten, 15, they would say 20. this is part of the problem. you can take a quick look and see this man is paying probably a huge, more than paying his fair share of taxes. sure he takes deductions, i do too, i wish i was as good at donald trump at finding tax deductions >> the answer is not where he's paying his taxes or how much taxes he's paying. the question is, where he's getting his money. that's what's important. what we really need to get down to. >> he's a developer. >> every single president since
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richard nixon released their tax return, why is donald trump different? >> he's a developer, we know where he gets most of his money, we see the buildings he own, you know where his buildings are. >> let's, this is a discussion we can talk about for a long while. let's move on to the thing a lot of people are talking about washington the healthcare situation and i'll start with you this time. a lot of people are saying, lot of republicans are falling in line with the new healthcare plan, on senate side look like it's going to be a tough sell. >> this is not just a tough sell. at joke of a bill. i mean, when you really think about it, 4 million more people on top of the 20 million who were insured under obamacare are going to lose their insurance. how can you support a bill that actually cuts more people off their health insurance that started before obamacare. i would have had more respect for republicans if they had a plan that would have cut everyone off and said let's start fresh >> here
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i don't like the bill for different reasons. what i would do if i were paul ryan cut this thing down to bear essentials, keep preexisting condition, the number of people insured very small, much smaller. you essentially have the government pay for health insurance for those who need it with children, i would pass it in the house with conservative votes no, moderate or democrat votes, hand it to the senate. let the senate pass its and work out the problems in conference committee. >> let me ask you. i know experts worried this gop plan might put the medicare trust fund at risk of are you concerned about that? i know you're not necessarily a fan, is that a concern. >> the medicare trust fund will have to be shored up and one of the advantages one of the collateral advantages of obamacare it indirectly did that to be sure. to advance that as an argument for obamacare as some democrat are doing, they're looking
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any argument to advance this. i don't mean to be harsh. i believe in things like preexisting conditions but many of the people under obamacare didn't even want the insurance. and health and human services had to spend something like $100 million to advertise to these people. >> everything that jack said sounds really, really good. but it also under line as fundamental misunderstanding of how the healthcare system works. by going the route that jack said, we're going to put hospitals out of business. we're going to put doctors out of business, we're going to create a top si healthcare system that it will be absolutely insane for american people and franking the republican plan had eight years to figure out exactly what to do. they've phone about this for a long time. they've wanted to repeal obamacare >> you see the argument they pass obamacare and they say now we
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they're dependant >> everybody who had medicare and frankly who's on medicaid who had it before obamacare you're talking about taking them off do >> i love having guys in. >> we didn't talk about the travel ban we have a little bit more coming up. brad and jack good to see you both tonight. >> come back any time. congressional leaders turning up pressure on the justice department and the fbi. they're demanding if there's any information to support president trump's claim that former president obama wire tapped before the election >> fox 5 tom fitzgerald live on -- you were live tonight in northwest with your --. >> reporter: i think i'm at the north pole >> with your leave perspective out there. >> reporter: that it is. and it will be a perspective for the
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he wants tore the deputy attorney general for the united states. that might be in a little bit of limbo because of the fact that that nomination is getting tied up in president trump's tweets about possibly president obama may be wire tapping trump towers. here's what happened. democrats have not been shy about criticizing this president. what happened today is the republicans are starting to arch their eyebrows a little bit more at this white house, especially in regards to this wire tapping claim by president trump. here's what's happened today. head of the house intelligence committee had a news conference in which he stated flatly that he does not see any evidence of wire tapping by former president obama of now president trump. it doesn't end there. listen how he describe this,
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will be job now to this house committee to go out and get definitive answers on all of this and they're going to move forward based on what kind of information they get. let's talk about what he had to says to, the chairman on capitol hill this morning >> president obama wouldn't physically go over and wire tap trump towers. now you have to decide are you going to take the tweets literally? if you are, clearly the president was wrong, if you're not going to take the tweets literally. if there's a concern that the president has about other people, other surveillance activities, looking at him or his associates, either appropriately or inappropriately, we want to find that out. >> reporter: you got a situation where the house chief, republican is now saying he's not inclined to take those tweets literally but still going to ask the question of both the justic
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how does the us attorney figure in? on the senate side of capitol hill, senator lindsey graham would be inclined to hold up this if he does not get answers from the fbi. how will he get those answers? well, he send a letter to the fbi demanding answers on a lot of these questions in regards to wire tapping and possible trump campaign involve with russia beginning today, the senator laid out exactly what was in that letter and what he wants to hear back from the fbi by monday. >> this letter was a pretty simple request. was there a warrant issued by any court anywhere in the united states allowing the surveillance of the trump campaign, trump tower or trump opera
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the 2016. if the warrant was requested and denied we'd like to know that. >> reporter: where we are right now is are any of these question can say sooner rather than later, james comey is scheduled to to testify on monday before the congressional panel, we should point out as we do, president trump has steadily denied the fact his campaign had any involvement with russia, despite the fact that its former national security vendors, michael flynn resigned after admitting that he had spoken with russian officials and the fact that the jeff sessions recused himself from investigations and later revealed he did speak with the russian ambassador. the hold-up with the deputy attorney general will create problems. remember, because jeff sessions has taken himself out of the loop on these justice department investigations. it's not
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this nomination the deputy attorney general if the deputy attorney general is the one who will be in charge of it. stay tuned. we got a lot to figure out. >> thank you. speaking of warm. let's check in with sue with a look at -- no the sue, is not here, caitlin is here. >> she's at home getting warm. just look at every single one of our reporters out there shows how tough it is to withstand some wind and cold. very cold for this time of year. really for any time. we got the bitter windchills that wind advisor is in effect until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow morning we start off at 24, gets better late in the day, we got into the low 30's today, still breezy by friday, st. patrick's day, we're getting better. it's a cold morning, you need the green parka to start you off. then into the afternoon, we should at least hit 50. showers arrive after sunset. they will linger into the first part
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saturday none nice, 56, taking a step back the cool front comes through monday, we're back into the 50's and hopefully turning the pavement to oh an end incredibly cold start to march. close to 60 tuesday, cooler wednesday, but at least i think we could see this is is it it for deep freeze, couple cold more mornings ahead. >> fingers crossed. for sure, thanks, caitlin. >> thanks, jim. >> snoop dogg endured a lot. he's not a donald trump supporter, did his latest music viggo too far? back from the pulse of the people after this.
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did he ever did he havefor uckes and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store.
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you don't have to guess. my giant. president trump is taking on snoop dogg after snoop took a shot at him. in snoop's latest music video, lavender, he fire as toy
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had a clown who assembles donald trump. the president personal attorney said snoop dogg should be ashamed and owes the president an apology mr. trump said what if he aimed and fired the gun at president obama? jail time. end quote. the question we're asking, did snoop cross the line or is this his freedom of artistic expression >> ronica cleary getting the opinion out there >> i'm at matty's and we're in northwest and we're here, we have nick here, he was brave enough to talk to me. nick, what do you think? you guys just watched the video. what do you think about this? is it too far >> i mean, everything was all in jest. it had subliminal messages saying donald trump probably should not continue on with his ways. >> repor
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interpretation of it >> i think it's a joke. but all things -- there's truth that comes in jokes as well. >> my mother used to tell me many a true word is said in gest. >> reporter: you said you hadn't seen it when you hear about it, what's your reaction >> i think it's pretty controversial. like kind of inappropriate for anybody to be shooting anybody in my opinion but everyone should be able to express themselves. >> reporter: even, we're going to to another part over the bar where a couple ladies said they would help me out. a lot of people, as much as we're talking about it, they haven't seen it or even heard about the story. that actually surprised me. sometimes we can forget we're in our news bubble. it may not be the same for everyone else not following
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much. >> my name is dara, >> megan >> what's your reaction? >> to be honest, i'm a fan of snoop dogg and i'm not the biggest fan of donald trump to be honest but not a fan of promoting violence and using violence as a source of humor or pleasure. you want to make a political statement, you make a lot of enemies and you don't get any -- i'm not a fan of it. >> i love that you were honest. that's what we want. how about you >> i haven't seen it and i haven't seen -- i don't -- i can't speak to that. >> that's what i'm telling you, i went around the bar, so many people hadn't seen or her husband about the headline but surprised me, few people weighing in, some think it's a joke and some thinking it's completely inappropriate >> fascinating to hear the different opinions. thank you >> one r one thing a lot of
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people were saying ok, what about when ted ngent talked about using the second amendment? it doesn't matter either way, you respect the office of the president. >> i'm not saying i agree but devil advocate. there are artists who are artist, they say this is my art and that's my creativity, i have freedom of expression. also, the two of them have sort of a little history going back and forth, a joke, ha half kind of relationship. i believe donald trump roasted last year and snoop dogg came on and they had a moment >> those are two guys reinvented themselves in so many different ways. president trump heads his own brand of wine so does the first lady. if we can try it but we don't have it here. we'll talk about it when 5at630 comes right back.
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a federal judge froze the new travel ban. this new order freezes it nationwide. expect to see push-back from the trump administration. >> the president tweeted. the magic of twitter. he is going to be on fox news but i believe they taped the interview. we'll see what kind of reaction. wizard of oz music. there you go. two text lawmakers just arrived in the nation's capitol. >> the weather prevented them from catching a flight. they live stream much of their drive and answered questions about anything and everything everything from veteran it's program to the bill and in case you missed some of it, here's a little
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on this road trip and talk things out. what should other members of congress find to cross this partisan line? >> you kind of reference this in the old days, members of congress moved their families up to washington, dc, kids went to the same schools, they played golf together. they coach each other's soccer teams. the focus now is primarily around getting reelected and raising money for your own party so that they can run campaigns against your colleagues to knock them out of office and elect more your own party for understandable reasons, as a democrat i want to be in the majority. there are things in the majority i can do and unable
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minority. we just -- we just made -- sorry. we just made a bipartisan decision to leave this wendy's. >> i love it. that's not -- they didn't just talk about politics, they sang songs, talked about a lot >> they just arrived in dc, lauren demarco was out there. hopefully we'll hear about them. let's talk about brackettology. we'll tell you when we come back.
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melenia trump hometown created the it is first lady vintage. it's not a strong wind, it's gentle like melania. the first 300 bottles sold out. they've hired a
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anybody. i have no idea if she gave her consent but they should find a new tag line president trump made headlines he said he wasn't filling out a bracket like his predecessors did. >> former president always filled out a bracket. he released his today. any guesses here? the tar heels beating arch rivals and yukon beating notre dame. >> as for virginia tim kaine he released his -- with an upset virginia tech. by the way i reached out to larry hogan's office, no bracket from his office yet. we expect he anticipates showing out of maryland, they start to play tomorrow but senator kane not giving
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: nbc ruined my night last night! on broadcast and on cable. first i watched rachel maddow and my dinner gets cold because i want to see the payoff. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax return. harvey: then i watch "this is us" and i'm waiting for this dude to die and he never died. >> waiting for someone to die and they never die.p>> god, i k like. [laughter] >> you know how president obama's talking about wanting to get involved with the nba when his presidency is over. mark cuban was out. >> is he welcome to buy into the mavericks? >> absolutely. >> what if obama teams up with oprah? because oprah also talks about nouncing a team, dirk would nowitzki! >> joanna krupa. she has a bone to pick with rob gronkowski. the two are in a movie


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