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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they are accused of range a 14 year old girl in the bathroom. both suspects came to the us several months ago.ago. one was enrolled as a freshman in a county-wide program to learn english. fox ace covering every angle l. we'll have the reaction from tha white house. but first let's the reactionctio from marina maracco ina montgomery county.gome >>reporter: ry hey there, tony, shawn. this press conference wrapped up roughly 40 minutes ago. it was somewhat of a bizarre press conference. the superintendent here saying h he dider not want to make thingn political and yet he was veryery political himself in his responses and when we continueoi to press against the question whether these 18 year olds and this 18 and 17 year old was here illegally he said here in theer county based on a supreme court precedent they do not press immigration status but his response took a turn and said here in the county t
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not deny any student ann education based on the languagen they speak at home. take a listen. >>reporter: what we are not going to sepsis people who say that 25,000 of our studentsdent shouldn't get to go to school because they speak another language as their first what we're not going to say is of the 25,000 and we do not know, be clear, we do not knowno what anyone's immigration tat us is in this school system becausm the law says we don't collectlet that and we don't.n't. and we asked again how an 18 year old an adult was placed as a freshman at a school where there are again 13, 14 year old minors in that school and the superintendent here not really answering our questions sayingo that there are a variety of other programs, alternative programs but he did not give n specifics as to why this 18 year old, an adultas
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other programs. we spoke to some public information officers here just minutes ago who said that why should an 18 year old be denied an education.d again, that was not the question that was posed. the question remains unanswered so we ultimately asked the superintendent who is for what happened thursday at rockville high. dr. smith ultimately this happened during school hours ons school property. who is responsible? the student who committed the crime is primarily responsible. i am responsible.pons all of the people who work in montgomery county public schooll are responsible. we all take responsibility fortf it's a terrible, horrible thing. butt student who committed themt crime ultimately has to be the one who is responsible for whatt happened in that -- on that morning. and it should be noted that thee superintendent waited five days befo
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conference. that assault took place thursday morning during school hours at rockville high school. yesterday we waited three hours outside doctor smith's office to finally get some sort of answerf to all of our questions. he did break his silence sundayy night putting out an open lettee to parents and tonight for the first time we're going to hearer from those parents at rockville lie high school at what wet expect to be an emotionally charged meeting that is scheduled at 7:00 tonight. i candidate the superintendenteu if he would be there to answerto questions directly from those parents.nts. i asked him that question last night. he said he did not know and maybe he would be in attendance. live tonight in montgomerymery county, marina maracco, fox5 # local news. > we will certainly be there and bring you that tonight. maryland governor larry hogan also wants answers from montgomery county about what leu up to thet alleged rape at rockville the governor says he is beyond frustrated and after watching
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shares the same questions we posed about the attack. montgomery county official have refused to answer state requests for information and that people have a right to know more thantn what they've been told.told why is an 18 year old man in a ninth class with 13, 14 year old girls? why was the status not known to those folks? why was he allow to enter the country after they apprehended him for illegally crossing the board, both of them? there's a lot of questions. governor hogan did have positive words for the work of montgomery county who have worked alongsidd maryland's state police on the s investigation. says he will continuee pressing to get answer. meantime tonight the white house also weighed in on the rape atat rockville high school. they also weighed in on how the school district handle the situation. ronica cleary is live outside with that story.
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ronica. >>reporter: shawn and tony, immigration reform it has been a major priority of the trump administration. it seemed very reasonable to get their reaction to this case. could future legislation putisla forth by the president. the president realizes educatiot is a state run and local issuend but it is pause for concern what happened there. the city should look at its policies and i think that that a this is something thatomet authorities are going to have to look i hear you about it being abein state issue. let's talk about something that the president has implemented and introduced his voice, isis that enough to support --supp >> no, it's one piece.piec the president understands that victims needs a voice which isoe why he brought it in there tore help them when they're specifically target or victimslt of a crime by p people who areel here illegally. i think part of the reason that the president
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immigration and crack down such a big deal is because of of tragedies like this.. well, spicer opened his remarksh by calling the crime, horrible, disgusting and tragic. he said we first must rememberst the human side.ide. reporting at the white house, ronica cleary. > judge neil gorsuch is stille on the who the seat on day twowo to become the next supreme court just terms rep as praised gorsuch. the democrats peppered him with questions on whether he would be a rubber stamp for the trump administration. judge gorsuch also addressed the issue of judicial precedent.rece press department is kind of like our shared family history as judges. it deserves our respect becauset it represents our collective wisdom. it's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, senator, respectlyp it's a matter of it being theben law and my job is to apply a
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enforce the law.. > a reminder, this hearing hash been going on since earlier this morning. he is there being questionedstio bylaw makers. it is important to many democrats and some republicans who support row versus wade and worry that that could be overbe turned by the supremezo7 court.7 > right now to a major security change that effects some international flights into the us. starting today passengers in 8 independent national countries will not be allowed to carry on lapse tops. they will have be checked in baggage. it was prompted by ongoing terror threats. any flights fredericksburg to the uk. fox5 is your station for politics. we got a lot going on as weas always do. we want to know what you thinkyu about it. use the hashtag, 5 at 6:306789 tweet us and then
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tweet coming up next.ext. > a family was frantic after an infant was found unconscious. fox5 is on the we've learned in the case. there is still a mystery following the death of a dnc staffer. the family of set rich is asking the public to find his killer. > it found like spring in the last hours of this afternoon. the temperatures jumped into the 6 20s with the late day sunshine. unfortunately we can't get usedd to this beautiful spring-like winter. we have a change beginning with the gusty winds andenning withh some temperatures well blow freezingment i'll have theave latest on this and when we're warming back up. this weather is crazy. >> up and down, up and down. > it really if you've got an idea for a story, call the fox5 tip line. here is the number 202-895-30000 you can also e-mail your tips to fox5 tips at we'll be right
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> the family of murdered dnc staffer setting rich is launching a fundraiser to help continue the investigation into his death. police say rich what goes gunned down in d.c.'s bloomingdaleoomi neighborhood after a botchedbotc robbery back in july. so far there are no breaks in the rich's family says they launched the crowd funding campaign to race awareness about setting's unl solved murder to higher ahih new team of investigators and to increase the reward for anyfor information leading to an arrest. family hopes to race $200,000. zc police are investigating thei death of a one year old. the child was found dead in the house of 5400 block of c street in southeast. teisha lewis is on the scene with theth latest. >>reporter: a tragic story here in this southeast neighborhood. you can see it's still an active scene behind me. police are still gathered alongd with neighbors in the area.a. we're told that a one yearol
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she lived in this home right here. the call apparently came in toto fire rescue official.ffic when they arrived the child was deceased. they contacted police. police arrived and continued to conduct their investigation.nves we're still gathering details, but we did speak with a familyiy member who tells us that thiss little girl has three otherther siblings. we spoke actually with the victim's aunt and she says the little girl has three other sir,. she also told us that the mother is with police answering someme questions about what happened. we don't know a lot of desills about what happened, but we do know that a one year old girl has passed away and here's what the family member had to sayhad about some of the circumstances and how she found out. what my sister told me was that my knee woke up this morning. she was fine.e wa she was playing and she took ak nap and when it was time for her to wake up and she checked on s the babyhe and she was
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she didn't respond and then the ambulance came and she didn't respond to em this the victim's aunt says that the family will pull through thisouh together with a lot of support. she also tells us that she do not know of any preexisting health conditions that would have led to this child's death.. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > well, from sleeping on thepig streets to his own art showcase right here in the nation's capi' to. coming up we're going to introduce you to d.c.'s painter man. call it a stroke of luck, a woman who wasn't even really playing the lottery struck big. >> oh, my goodness that's a lot of money she struck.
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up to $10 total value. only at my giant. > we think you're going to lik' this story. this manre went from painting andntin sleeping on the streets of d.c. to having his own art showcase here in the nation's cap to.ion' take a look. this is all thanks to a local artist, self proclaimed hip oh named advice toe. allison seymour
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>>reporter: meet carlson joiner, aka painter man. most people call me columnumn governor.gove he's been homeless and living on the streets of d.c. for moreor than seven years, but that has not stopped his love of painting.pain this is the gift god gave me and i enjoy doing it. by using whatever he finds to do so. whatever god put in my hands i make it work. my bowl to put paint brushes is in the old meal jar. this is a window somebody threw away. so with that being said. >> if you ever invite me over your house, don't leave me in the living room because your sofa is going to be crooked because i am going to take the responding out of it. > painter man has been p painting since he was sevenven years old. his work, a reflection of who he is. god
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people, the word peculiar means is what the world says is weird. and what the world says is weird, that's not weird.rd. it's what it's supposed to be. i'm peculiar. i feel what i feel. i do what i do and i like it. and you took it away present me and said carlson you can't paint no more. you can't express yourselfel anymore, i might as well be gone > absolutely, positively loveil this story. what he was saying there is --is is that an artist. anybody who is an artist you understand exactly weigh meantlw there. by the way you can catch carlson joiner his first fundraiser thursday march 23 from 4 to 11:00 p.m. in northeast d.c. amazing work. we certainly wish him luck.. i do like his work. i wonder if he's taking house calls. heai
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of your couch.uch. >> you have to go buy some of his work. > you said this earlier, it hai been crazy, the weather. okay, so today pretty nice dayce and now you're saying're temperatures are going to bottoo out again. >> know.>> we've got another very cold couple of days ahead back to winter. drag back out the winter coat.. winter didn't show up all february and now it's like okay, yes, it's march, it's spring but winter is like oh, no, i didn't show up in february and i'm herh and i don't want on go. as weigh take a live look outside on the ending to this beautiful tuesday afternoon we have some nice late day sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. prepare for a big change tomorrow, much colder. that leaves our weather headlines. the high temperatures will onlya betu getting into the 40s and tn on thursday morning we'll be starting the day in the 20s. another hard freeze is expected early on thursday. that is surprising consideringis highin temperatures made
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investor arrange 62 at bwi ouri second day of spring here. temperatures close to arm l. h this is kind of the way it should be. march is a volatile march. you can get some major swings. 62 in washington right mouth.ut. just clicked over 2063 manassas. 60 in baltimore.timo colder by the bay.y. 51 in annapolis. 59 in stevensville, 59 in leonardtown. overall it's a nice evening. however, the winds will be increasing. of a cool breezy that's coming in from the northwest. when you have a wind at 10 to 15 a miles an hour, you still need a jacket out there this evening. satellite and radar not showing much as this cold front passes by pretty dry. you can get a rogue sprinkle south of town. otherwise i think it's going ton pass with some increasing wind as we don't take any raine showing up on here's what to expect by tonight. 56 by 7. 56 by
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more clouds as this front pushes through. but primariry take youing in the 60s until we bottom out over 40 overnight. > it's going to be a beautifulf day, i think we'll have a lot of sunshine. high pressure is building in. you've got thee is wind.nd. you've got the sunshine, but you've got the temperatures thau are much lower than daytime highs today. only around 50-degrees in wash you get a little farther in, you're only in the 40s. winter jackets needed again for tomorrow.morr let's take a look atk temperatures overnight. ove like i said it really does cool off once we get past midnight, it's a chilly morning at the bus top 6789 and into the afternoon we don't warm up too much. only 41 in gaithersburg away gai from the city these temperaturee don't make it far. with winds gusting over 30 miler an hour it's going to feel even colder. let's fast forward to the weekend.
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what does that mean you have the return flow of high pressure. winds out of the south you want that to warm up and that's exactly what we'll get as we approach, pry, at, like i said i the weekend. warmer air starts to returnrts slowly but surely and we'll see temperatures peak as we get towards saturday. you got a cold couple of days ahead, 51 degrees with the chilly breeze out of the north. you got a lot of sunshine,ine, 49-degrees on thursday, still cool. the seven day forecast, look at this on thursday morning, 28 and that's just in the district.ict. we'll start off with teens. we got a widespread breeze not good for our cherry blossoms, they have been hashed did i, they made it through last week. hopefully they can get through one more night.ght. temperatures rebound, 60-degreeg on friday.on 73 on saturday. this is going to be a dynamiteme first half the weekend, a beautiful day. the rain will cut things off on sunday. but temperatures stay on the mild side. into the first part of next week getting closer to april
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we're seeing some of the aprilil showers showing up monday andd tuesday and that will keepep temperatures only in the 50s. another week where we have a h wide variety of weather. winter coats, gloves andves everything to be outside. especially thursday morning aths the bus top. that is so cold and then by saturday afternoon you're in your t-shirt at 33-degrees. march has been a tough month. we have to ride out these cold snaps and we've got another onet this week. i think this is part of the reason why people have been so sick. >> a lot of people have been complaining, pollen bloominin earlier so they have theg, alle, but then there's a freeze, so the cold weather comes back. so you're bouncing back and forth. > i think we should just declare until the weather adjusts. we'll be right back,&>m some of. .
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> check this out, a woman from frederick bug who was justick trying to help out a friend is d million dollars richer. mary thomas just got off of work, the overnight shift, but she took sometime to show herr friend how to play scratch office. she showed her how to scan it to see ifs it's a winner, mary wony a million dollars.a canmi you believe that? >> no. she says she has not decided yee what she will do with her wingings. hopefully she takes a vacation to warmer weather. >> i think she gets aboutabou 625,000ed of that. she's going to take the lump sum.
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you got your money back, right. >> not all of it. you didn't tell us you bought 50 tickets. >> no, i spent ten and got four back. > it can happen, you canyou scratch off a million >> i always say i'm going to wi a lot of money, but i don't ever remember to play.reme > you got to play to win aswin they say. >> congratulations to her.grat > very good. >> thank you guys for joining un tonight at 6. keep it right here, 5@6:30 coming up right after the break.
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> happy tuesday, everybody.ue happy tuesday, shawn.sdy, s i got a long list here, healthcare, a confirmationnfir hearing. we got major airline security changes and immigration and there's still a whole lot more. but we have a lot to talk about at 6:30 tonight. conveniently for you we have a run down on the side of your screen that shows you what wiret ' talking about at any givenen moment. it has been a very busy news day n on the local level also on the l national level. the white house working to get congressional republicans on board with the gop new healthcare plan. gothp leaders have release 43se4 pages of changes to the bill in order to get skeptical conservatives and mod rates onre board. the president of the unitedof states came to us and said we all made a
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american people and we need to keep our promises. you give us this chance, this responsibility, this opportunity, whether with a republican president, with a republican senate and republican house and we will replace and repeal. the president was clear i clearc we made a many proper is, now is our time to keep the promise.rom the changes will give larger benefits to older americans. the house of representative expected to vote on the healthcare plan on thursday. by the way, the congressionalgr pledge office which puts out the score. we're supposed to hear in 2424 hours what the revised changes will be. president trump actually went to capital hill to do what i guess people say he's known for. >> making the deal. some say he threatened lawmakers and said if you don't do this do which is what we promised themie american people you might not be here coming the mid-term americans. > that's


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