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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  March 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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american people and we need to keep our promises. you give us this chance, this responsibility, this opportunity, whether with a republican president, with a republican senate and republican house and we will replace and repeal. the president was clear i clearc we made a many proper is, now is our time to keep the promise.rom the changes will give larger benefits to older americans. the house of representative expected to vote on the healthcare plan on thursday. by the way, the congressionalgr pledge office which puts out the score. we're supposed to hear in 2424 hours what the revised changes will be. president trump actually went to capital hill to do what i guess people say he's known for. >> making the deal. some say he threatened lawmakers and said if you don't do this do which is what we promised themie american people you might not be here coming the mid-term americans. > that's
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president p obama didn't do enoh of. >> neil gorsuch, senatorsat grilled him for hours. in fact is he still beingll grilled right now, kimberly? i'm talking to our producer. >> yes, he is still being grilled right now democratsrats determined to press him on everything from abortion to guns, to his independent from president trump. judge gorsuch said he's not concerned with past supremeth p court decisions or future political implications. he said, that's right, his job as a judge means keeping an open mind on the case at hand. h everybody wants a fair judge to come to their case with an open mind and decide it on the facts and the law. one of the facts -- one of thee features of law that you have to decide it on is on the basis of precedent as you point out. and for a judge, precedent is a very important thing. let's judging to skype right now and chris wilson, a little perspective.
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campaign in 206. >> i did. > a lot of talk about the a supreme court and we can goack to a year ago when ted cruz was one of the first candidates who said we should wait until a new administration comes in to choose a replacement. what's your take away on judge gorsuch so far. hatgo he's donear w isis ' made the point that he'll be a fare and prudent jurist. he's maid issue after issue it's not about the issue, it's about constitution. the democrats are trying to make it the big corporation againstpa the little girl i think theyk have done a solid job of pointing out, this is not one person against another, it's about up holding the law. so far democrats have got to take a step back. we are not winning. it's not getting where we need it to be. but i can promise you you you're going to see senator lahey whohy is known forgetting more aggressive as the rounds
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step up and maybe whereby den had under president bush.h. we're definitely in for several day, if not weeks of aggressive interrogation on constitution. hey, chris, the democrats werers going to be hard on him because he's the republican president's nominee for this. let me ask you, do they have a right to be hard on him in a lieutenant of them say, look, when president obama nominated merritt garland last year, ther, gop just completely shut thist down and did nothing. we've heard talk of democrats doing a filibuster to try to draw this out. >> do they have a right, of course they do as elected representatives of the constituencies. i thinkco the challenge the democrats have right now, judge gorsuch was able to make his way through to the court initially on a voice vote. nobody objected at all. not barack obama, not joe biden, not hillary clinton.t hi be
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difficult to take a step back and say he was meritorious of a voice vote just a few years ago and now today he no longer fits the qualifications. qu they are f they're going to make it has of about garland, it had been ate decades since you had a supreme court appointment even considered in the last year of a presidency. to decide, what are you debating on, gorsuch's qualifications, are you debating merritt guard land's qualifications.ns. that's the rock in a hard place. anthony kennedy kind of found himself in that position where you were very close to an election.ecti that's over and done with. i think the democrats have to get to the point here, this is the nominee. h this is who you have to votee on. it is and it's the first year. that's the challenge. if this was the last year or the eighth year of the trump
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be a little bit easier to maintain. but because of the rule changes that the democrats pushed through, when it downs to it, the republicans don't need the t democrat's support on this. i think they would not like toke do that. there are ten democrats that are in states that trump won that are up for reelection in 2018 and everyone of those have to be a bit concerned about two things, one, their primary and upsetting their base and then two, the general election. so really it's a difficult situation for democrats findingg themselves in and how they handle h this nomination both in committee and on the floor. > we should let our audience you guys were just looking at l live images inside the confirmation here. neil gorsuch still on the whoe h the seat being grilled. in the meantime if you're watching us tonight starting at 5:00 you saw mayor governor larry hogan blasting montgomeryt county the governor deunder maaing the
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information about what led up tp the alleged rape at rockville high. two teenagers who came to the us a couple months ago. one of the young men was enrolled in the high school. tom fitzgerald is live with more on the governor's very angry response to awful this. fits. >>reporter: jim and shawn, there's no way around it, the core of this story is tragic and sad. a 14 year old girl raped in a high school bathroom, all around, all sides can agree that just can never but you what we're seeing herere not only in annapolis and overd in rockville is a seriousious disconnect at some of the top levels of government about what is exactly going on at the montgomery county public schools highest echelon.lon. we began the 5:00 news tonight with a news conference, a news conference in which thee superintendent of schools from montgomery county doctor jack smith said that he wanted to
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avoid politics and any discussion, the particularscula surrounding this case. in a lot of ways, it is amazing to hear especially when youhe consider a lot of concerns thatn the parents in that schooll district have been expressing over the last three days to fox5. along with those parents you can put the governor of maryland in that group because larry hogan said he was looking at fox5 looking at a lot of the questions last night and found himself agreeing and agreeing with the questions coming in from parents because governornor hogan himself said he has not been getting answers from a montgomeryns county public schos and in fact neither has thee maryland state board of education. governor hogan in a remarkablekl news conference today laid in to montgomery county public schools and what he said was their efforts to just not share any information about the details os this case. listen to how the governor
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this today. we've asked for every single detail that they have and all of the information they have. the state board of education haa asked for it and i think the response they got from the school system was we're note going to of proper you anything. we'll have a press conference later at 4:00 all and you'll be able to read it in the immediate why. governor hogan went onto say he is not done with this. he is going to start applying pressure, he says, to the montgomery county school board to get thoseount answers that hs been asking for and also he said that he has actually been working very closely he says with the montgomery county executive ike leggette who the governor says shares a lot oft the questions on this case. he also had kind words for the f montgomery county policeor who e says have been working with the maryland state police. but make no mistake about it, jim and shawn, the governor blasted mogo
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schools today and their leadership for what he says is just an out right ignoring of questions coming from this statehouse with exactly whatactl went on leading up to the attack and the circumstancesmsta surrounding it. no doubt we're going to stay on top of this tonight.ight there is a big pta meeting at rock shill high school and we'll be there. developing ore night i don'tig know ihtf you you guys heard abt this security change involvinge some flights into the us. the dump administration says passengers coming in from ate countries will no longer be able to have laptops, most electronics. the government isn't say exactly why the ban is being imposed ord if it's in response to a threat but fox5's ronica cleary has that story tonight.that >>reporter: s it's interestingi new type of ban, p you will, this time on electronic devices. as you said these are biggerr electronic devices that they're
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talk, about computers tablets, cellphones are still okay. these devices that are being band they can be stowed in checked baggage, if you will, just not on that flight i did read one report that said the white house said that paris will smuggle devisive devices in various places i guess give us a purpose of this ban, if you will. interestingly enough the countries where these airports that have the ban none of them are listed on either of the executive orders that presidentt trump has put out on immigration. some of the countries includede jordan, egypt, turkey, saudi arabia. there was a lot of talk aboutt saudi arabia not being on the executive orders. interestingly enough those countries have come up on this ban, if you will. we always like to get the pulse of the people at 5@6:30.0. we took to the streets to get you some understand as on how
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take a listen. >> i take it's a great idea. anything that will make us safes is wonderful if. i really like president trump a lot.lot. i'm really concerned about it. we have intelligence that tellsl us something like this comings into the country might haveght something that would harm us on the plains or planes. i'm in favor of protecting usctn and i'm in favor of protachypneaing our rights.s. what other idiotic thing can they come up with now? it's based on certain countries toie other countries. another chapter of idiotic layec upon layer pitting against people that means nothing. are they trying to load theirthi war chest?t? >> you got some very differentrt responses to this and you know interestingly enough some people said they were sitting there talking about this before wefore came up to them.em other people hadn't heardt anything about it. we were the first to tell them
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there's a lot of news that's going on. people have a lot to navigateat through. but if you're just hearing aboun it for the fires time, let us know what you think. weigh in on twitter, use the #5@6:30. > let's talk about the weather. it looks like a little spikele compared to yesterday but then it's downhill from here. how who the did we get, kately. >> 63. > love it. >> it was spring.s sp it was so nice. it was a beautiful afternoon. we kind of started off a little gloomy, a lot of cloud cover and it took a while for the temperatures to jump into the 60s. >> we do have some very winter-like weather returning.we windsathe increase, we fall dowo 40 tomorrow morning. a high temperature of 51 which doesn't sound chilly, but with a gusty wind it will feel like it's in the low 40s all day. a freeze
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28 is the low in the city. teens are possible in a lot of the our suburbs and we only get to 49 for the high temperature. less wind but very chilly.y. we start to warm back up. this isolate march, not february. so we do see these springsin pretty quickly. 60-degrees by the afternoon. a few more clouds on saturday, but saturday is the best 73-degrees. sundaysome sure, 66 on and then showers to head into next week, but saturday alwaystu the best day of the week it certainly is the weather, too.. > not so much thursday withrsda that low of 28. that's all i'm going to say. t >> thank you,o caitlyn. > ivanka trump is taking on a new role at the white house.e. we'll have more with her new gig when 5@6:30 comes right back.
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u don't have to guess. my giant. > welcome back, 5@6:30 on thisc tuesday night, foxk, 5 news chal will present a live town haulhal called a special, entitled the first 100. she joins us now with the
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for joining us tonight. thanks for having me. as we no, the first what, couplh of months here have been pretty tumultuous for this administration. what can wead expect? what tops are you going to be focusing on at this town hall. >> we're very excited to be coming to north carolina. it was one of the states we focused on generally during thee course of the general election. as you well know it went for we president trump at that time. it was a state that everybody watched close limit in fact, just a couple of days before the election, both of the jets of each campaign, hillary clinton's jet and president trump's jet were side-by-side adderall lay durham because it was just suchh an important statement of went s want to go back to the people,oe how do they think the presidentt ishe doing so far? are theyey disappointed in any way in we're going to let them express theirt views on that whether they voted for president trump and healthcare obviously this week is just absolutely front and
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a very interesting place to do this, not because they went forw president trump they voted out a republican incumbent governor ever it's still a state where you have am people on different sides of the spectrum. you're right, i mean when youean look at the state by state -- i mean the county by county breakb down in north carolina you look at counties like wake and durham, which are obviously blue. andly then the western countiess went red. congressman mark meadows is one of the leaders against the trump healthcare plan in the house now. even with the changes that have been offered he is not on board. i'll be very curious to hear what the people we meet with tomorrow night think about that and see if they think this is an improvement over obamacare or no. we will be watching and we hope our viewers will be watching as
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> martha thanks for joining us. > the former 49 others quarterback colin cup knack during a rally. coming up after this. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered. the dinosaurs' extinction... don't listen to them. kaepernick. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here.
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you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. > we're moving on up.e' you love this song.reve i love t this song. ivanka trump is moving on up into the west wing. the first daughter will not be a government employee, but shet will have a white house office with access to classified information. her husband jared kushner also work as an advisor to the president. a lot of folks are saying thisng might race some ethical questions because she's not separating herself from her company. >> right.. > ivanka trump even though somebody else is now running it as the ceo. there are a lot of questions onn this, you don't have an official role. there was a good amount of outrage when hillary clinton haa an office.fice she was the first one to really
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close to the west wing, but none of the less it's one of the gray areas, that this is a neww frontier approaching the white i house. i think some of the experts they tried to look and make sure there were no issues.sues > the news had a lot of people buzzing on facebook. his fellow republicans have to h know thiavs is a problem cryptic communications. jen a as aco fellow daughter wh, woulds with her father ier completely understand this. she also brings a softer and more centered side oh people won't be so upset. this is crazy how could she access to that and she's not a government employee.e. they're allowing him to make a mockery of our system. ivanka said she's always workedd closely with her father and this is her opportunity to keep ongoing what she has been. which is understood, but a realize empire is different than government security. colin kaepernick can't get a job.job. kaepernick took a
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the national at lem in responsei to police-involved shootings of black men and women.. when he opted out of his contract. this the president talking about why kaepernick can't get a job. nfl owners don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. do you believe that? i just saw that. i said if i remember that one, criming to report it to the people of kentucky because they like it when people actually tan forth american flag, right? > meanwhile the move write director spike lee has a conon expire just theory. he says he finds it fishy.. others say maybe he's not just a great quarterback. > nonetheless, kaepernick dids not respond. et cetera ' in the process of starting a rescue mission to
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familiar anyone sue muscle yeah. president trump is m abouustc to become a grandfather for the ninth time. trump's son eric announced on twitter that his and his wife already a are expecting theirpet first child. the baby boy is due in september. eric and his brother don jr. are running the organization after g presidentan trump said he cut ties. congratulations to them. on thetula way, the terminator versus president p >> arnold saysre i'll be back. actually he sent an old school message to the president. meet me on the playground after contracts and the show down might take place right here in d.c. d.c.
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> this isn't what you calls making america great again. comeis on'n? meri who is advisiy let me give you some advice, goc to a middle school, the
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middle school right in washington, six miles away fromy the white i take you there so you can see the fantastic work that they're doing for the children.. > that arnold schwarzenegger oz courseen ramping up the freud wf president trump with his twitter message. he lasted the president over his low approval ratings and then suggested the low ratings are expected from the proposed plan to cut school the actor founded the after school all stars program that serves low-income students in 15 cities, including at heart middle school. as also he's a kindergarten cop. >> i forgot he was in that movie >> know what's really interesting. do you think donald trump will see thatnk don message. >> i they he will. it will be interesting to see if he responds, goes to heart
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middle school and schwartz nationer and who knows.nows > think about 10 years ago. let's go 15 years before arnolde shatters nationer was the governor of california. you have the star of terminatora against a real estate mogul andu now one is the president and ond is the former govern california. and schwarzenegger was elected because of the outsider movement.move it's the same principle, but whw would guess that these two guyss would be at loggerheads over politics. opposite ends of the expect trimim there. who are still part of thethe republican party. who has the better one liners? >> here's the linc thing, they're both very scripted. he didn't come up -- my favorite is get down. aisle be back. he says that in every movie. jamie get down.wn. i don't think donald trump's -- they're just what he says all the time.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: an aggressive crotch grab on "dancing with the stars" by a bull rider. bull rider, bonner bolton, he just rips his hand off and just like throws it. but it looks like he's been handy with her before. >> he was just trying to put his hand around her waist. >> bull riders have a code of conduct. he's not going to do that. >> bull riders code of conduct. >> wyclef jean was pulled over and put in handcuffs. >> the lapd had me in cuffs for absolutely nothing. >> the car that wyclef was in also matched the description of the armed robbery suspect. >> the cops knew who wyclef was. let's be serious. >> i'm a huge wyclef fan and i couldn't pick him out of a lineup. >> why does it have to be a lineup? can't it be a supermarket? >> a


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