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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the weather. give us a tease for the weather. >> well, as erin mentioned there not so bad out now. temperatures dropping throughout the morning hours and this afternoon, much, much colder. >> all right. we'll talk more about that coming up later on in traffic as well. we'll begin this morning on the latest of a fallout over allegation as i 14-year-old girl was raped by 1 and 18-year-old classmates at rockville high school. >> last night concerned parents went to the school for a heated meeting as school leaders tried to reassure everyone strunlt safe. >> reaction to what is going on out there now, mel. >> well, good morning, wisdom, erin, there was a small group of protesters out here last night before the meeting and as you can imagine it was packed to the doors essentially. tv camera crew he's to stay outside. but reporters did go inside attending the public meeting. staff by school officials and police parent were upset about delayed communication and the fact 17 and 18-year-old s
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major owe issue. ncps jack smith apologized to parents and said this is not a conversation about immigration but a horrible event. that gotta applause and so years, parents were handed papers that highlighted maryland education clause surprise poured by supreme court decision and country policy not taken to choir about immigration status. here's what they have to say after the meeting. >> you're putting them in the same classroom as 14-year-old girls anding there nothing we do about that, sorry? >> the mood was cover our representation. there were long speeches from the principal, super intend end, from others who were on or about vaited with them explaining why this could never have happened when it did. >> now, earlier superintendent smith held a news conference addressing some questions that we in the media ha. one thing he did talk about was the question about appropriate sett
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setting and he said that this 18-year-old suspect was in the right classroom. >> this student was enrolled in the appropriate program to give him the services that he needed and he chose to do something very, very bad from all of the allegations. >> and now from what we know from court documents the 14-year-old victim told police she does not know the 18-year-old suspect henry sanchez and only knew 17-year-old jose monday tan owe as a friend. and superintendent smith did say they are reviewing the school's security procedures and will have more to say on that and concrete details for us in the coming days. live in rockville, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:32 is the time. d.c. police are searching for several missing people including three youngsters. we'll show you picture right now. first is on your screen. 14-year-old shania boyd last
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street southeast. >> and lease are looking for this teen shreea pain she was last seen friday in the 4700 block of first street northwest. >> a 10-year-old girl is also missing winter griffin. again she is 10 years old. went missing yesterday morning concerny street northeast. young girl was seen in boot pants and pink and green north face carrying a backpack. if you know anything about any of these missing kids we want to hear from you. those missing children's cases and others in the news in d.c. as d.c. council member trian white holding a town hall meeting called "where are they now? ." >> and the town hall is tonight as wisdom mentioned 6 exel academy mlk avenue northeast. some of d.c. police and city leaders will thereby and founder of the black and missing foundation and executive director
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exodus project. d.c. police say there is not an increase in missing children instead they say they're just using social media more to get word out about those that do go missing. >> and in the meantime search is on for missing elderly man. we're showing you his picture now. 823-year-old william jackson apparently last seen in december mr. jack sop was last seen on capitol avenue northwest. >> president trump was meeting with anthony brown and few members of the congregational black caution us. they hope to discuss with the president several issues including education, criminal justice reform, infra strur tour and health care. it comes after a month in which he said he would love to meet with cbc members. he asked the black reporter to set it up and she said that was got her job. >> house republicans
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paivsherring on the gop bill their jobs willen on the line next year. they are expected to vote on the legislation that would undo health care coverage to 20 some million americans. president trump met with lawmakers on the fence and others made changes to the bill. day two of neil gorsuch's nomination is in the books. he appeared to grow testy after more than four hours of questioning. even stating there is a lot he regrets about the confirmation processen including putting his family through that ordeal. >> for those of you hoping to run the marine corps marathon important information to pass along. lottery opens today. you'll have until march 2 to recommendster and notified of status by email on march 30. registration fee for the marine corps marathon is $160 you won't be charge a fee until you were officially selected. run happens sunday, october
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hopefully we'll have nice weather through that run. >> yeah, yeah. i know this morning when i walked outside it was windy. >> windy, yes, but warmer and i will take that. little burst of warmth michael thomas. >> we're the lucky few. if you are up early this morning that's when you experience the warmest temperatures. today's high will be 59. that was set after midnight. temperatures will be falling all morning long. cold front came through not too long ago. showers towards southern maryland are fading as drier and cooler air works its way north. 57 currently in d.c., 31 in pittsburgh that colder air is piling up along the maryland, pennsylvania border and it will be on its way in the 40s for most of the afternoon hours today. don't let the early warmth fool you a bit. that's a check of the forecast. erin como back to you with traffic. >> 4:36 now keeping our eye on wednesday morning commute. can you believe we made it to midweek. that's a nice feeling. all green, all
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by the hill looking good and problem free white house and arlington and all inbound bridges quiet. key bridge no problem there. memorial, roosevelt, 11th and wilson bridge. as you head through woodbridge nice and quiet dalecyy to the belt we. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. you know i'll let you know if anything comes up and get you around it. >> a huge single day loss in the dow. >> and president trump does his part to put exploration forward. >> a live look outside the dmv 4:37 in the morning. temperature is 57. which is warm for this time of year. >> mike says it will be colder later today. >> yes. >> the problem surprise we have winld as well. >> you hate whipped. >> hate say strong word. >> dislike. >> i don't approve. >> we'll be rights back
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>> we're back, 4:39 what's hot on the web the stories you'reen gaming with most on social media. >> dow tumbles 238 points in the middle of biggest slide since president trump took office. some sblainl on lack of progress on healthcare. >> we are off to mars. president trump signed a law that said mapped missions to space including mars would be nass main goal by 23030s. the law highlight the importance of the deep space capsule orion under development and aims to carry humans further to space than any space ship has. >> would you go on that trip. >> no. >> breast implants cause a rare form of cancer after nine women died from the silicone linked disease. fda received reports from women claiming
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hodgkin's lymphoma. >> and terri mcauliffe granted pardons to norfolk sailors convicted of rain and murder 40 years ago. they confessed after intimidated despite dna looking the crime to another man. >> alreal house bivz of atlanta star kanldy buress is given writing credit on ed sheeran shape of you. his song and tlc no scrubs candy wrote was similar. neither candy or tiny appeared to take an issue beforehand. they both celebrated with instagram posts. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the family of slain political worker fights to solve his murder. >> and one of the region's most popular transportation programs is expanding. >> as we head to break, here's a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:41. 5 warmer degrees. fox news morning is back after
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>> today on fox news morning, where are they now? d.c. council member hold a meetinto
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number of missing children in the district. >> and let's take a live look outside right now and word we keep using so far this morning is why, as in why can't the weather stay spring like. today we go back to temps in 30s and 40s. michael thomas has a look at the forecast in a moment. >> first we say good morning to you and thank you so much for joining us i'm erin como. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, march 22. michael thomas is here to talk about the changes ongoing changes in the weather. >> roller coaster. >> spring is always like this right mike. >> absolutely right, wisdom, we'll be down swipinging the next couple days. we have a string of warm weather in time for the weekend. positive aspect there in the forecast. temperatures outside right now actually probably warmest they'll be all day. 57 reagan and dulles at 53 and bwi and 52 cold air on the door step in the maryland and pennsylvania border. clouds early, early this morning and watch this we clear it out through the afternoon and lots of sunshine coming our way later on today and i'll run this through all wensz night and most of the day on thursday
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and most of the day on thursday. as well. you see clouds don't return until later thursday night. good amount of sunshine coming our way but coming with cooler temperatures. 50 today, only 49 tomorrow and look as we head towards the weekend. 75 degrees by saturday afternoon. >> all right. that's the weather, erin como back to you for traffic. >> 4:46 wednesday morning we're keep uing posted on the roads starting you off with a look at a computer screen. we'll move you over to traffic because it's quiet out there right now on 66. >> and this say view past 29 centerville wide on gainsville to the beltway. good news, light volume at speed westbound side just as quiet and inside beltway same story. different story on 270 southbound coming down from gaithersburg. you can see volume increasing not enough to cause major slow slow downs just yet. any questions for the morning commute @erinfoxdc on twitter twitter iser. >> now to a story "fox5" has been on top of over the last few weeks. where are d.c.'s missing children. overnight
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that yet another child a 10-year-old has gone missing. >> meanwhile a community town hall is planned for tonight to try to find answers to the questions. "fox5" anjali hemphill is live at d.c. police headquarters with more on a story that has gotten a lot of attention, anklely. >> reporter: sure has, wisdom, erin, so far d.c. police here looked into more than 700 missing people in the district and most recent critical miss ago lerts are for three young teenager and 10-year-old girl. take a look at her picture. this is 10-year-old winter griffin last seen on tuesday off keerpy street northeast. she's described as black female with a medium complexion 4' 5", 60 to 70 pounds black hair and small gray patch in front of her hair line. she was last seen carrying multi-colored book bag. over to 14-year-old shen eye aboyd last seen march 18, 6 street northeast described 5
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black hair and shraea pain last seen march 17 off first street in southwest described as black female with a dark complexion, 5' 7" tall, 130 pound wearing a blackjacket and blue jeans and finally there's this young man 14-year-old michael carerra may sop missing since monday off kimmie gray court in southeast. >> he's a black male with light complexion. 5 feet tall. 120 pounds wearing black yatet and tennis shoes. "fox5" is covering missing children in d.c.. one of the first news organizations to bring you the story of what felt like apparent increase. however d.c. officials disputed reports of a growing number of minors that go missing instead attributing department's decision to use social media instead. so, each still, that has caused concern here in the community and that's why tonight at
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ward eight councilman treon white will host a meeting where are they now addressing finding these missing people. d.c. police top brass will be invited and start at 6:00 exel academy public charter school in southeast. that's the latest in northwest, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> thank you very much. anjali for that report. family of murdered dnc staffer seth rich is speaking out asking for the public help. they started go fund me to continue the investigation into his death. he was snot july while walking home from d.c. bar. his killer is still out there and there are a lot of conspiracy theory about his death. some have claimed the rishians were behind it or tied to wiki leaks email dump tied to dnc. his family don't buy. it they say the climbs are false and want to redistrict the focus back to catching seth's killer. >> start looking at
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have different ideas of people you know come us to or come up with such as direct fly to people in the general area. but all the ideas take resources or funding we don't have. >> the family's goal to raise $200,000. >> 4:50 is the time now. today the suspects stole hand guns in 45 seconds from firearms dealeders. 50 west armory will appear in court and they're accused of other burglaries. each face a maximum of 10 years in prison if covictd good news if you use the capitol bike share. the program is opening a brand new station near wheaton metro station bikes located georgia avenue and reed drive. this is fifth bake station near wheaton metro. county executive ike legitimate will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony 10:00 this morning. >> coming up uber says it will work to
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company. >> and police in chicago search are for suspect wanted in a rain on facebook live. >> going to break at 4:51thon wednesday morning. hump day. we're headed to the rest of the week with a live look outside across the dmv. 57 is the temperature. "fox5 news morning" back after pats pass
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pats pass >> 4:53 is the time inches now a 15-year-old girl was gang rained in chicago on facebook live. they are looking for the people who assaulted the girl. 40 people watched it while it was happening facebook live and none called police. family members showe
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screen pictures from the video showing the attack. >> only person that new about charleston shooter plan is going to prison. joey meeks is sentenced to 2 years behind bars because he lied to fbi he learned of meek's plan a week before the killing. meek prevent aid friend from recording dlavr roof as a suspect after the shooting. meek all lied to the fbi by denying roof told him what he planned to do. >> the ride sharing company uber is on damage control and the company is vowing to change. this come as san francisco ride sharing company is stung by conversey including accusations of sexual harassment of female employees and any video of the company ceo involved in a spat with the driver. uber plans to offer employees anti-biased train answering will release a report on staff diversity bit end of the month. >> and we're saying goodbye
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a tv icon this morning. chuck bar is died at his home in new york. he helped create the dating game and newly wed game. farris's life was sum of the 2002 george kloopy film confessions of dangerous mind. it talked about claims he was a cia assassin. ferris was 87 years old. >> all right. now "fox5" contest prizes are pretty awesome and tonight's powerful night of drawm is is no exception. we're giving you a chance to win 1,000 american express give card and my plus affordable charger. >> look for contest code word during" shots inquired" enter power full night of trauma given away lincoln the facebook page or web site. completes rules are available at tune in for tonight's trauma at
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" shots fired" and at nine cookie, lushious and the family return for empire. i know we're excited about that one as well. >> 4:55 is the time now. we're excited some are excited about this up and down weather. >> we'll be excited by the weekend. >> there you go. >> there's something positive to hang your hat on. >> better weather on the horizon. past couple weekends is where the weather is cold. not this coming weekend. bus stop forecast this morning, 32 to 45 and it's not cold out there yet but colder air spilling in as we head through the next few hours. after school 40 to 51 and quick peek of the forecast. we'll go through that during the 5:00 hour. erin como over to you for traffic. >> close eye on the roads this morning relatively quiet start to wednesday morning. pretty pleasant on 395. light volume and activity king street on the north and southbound sides. 295 same story. as you head southbound eastern avenue. not seeing probls
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either. 11 street bridge nice and quiet and i like what i'm sealing metro gearing up for 5. any questions@erin "fox5" d.c.. we'll get you around and moving this wednesday morning. >> coming up on "fox news morning" president trump issues a stern warning to gop lawmakers. >> and woman who decided to helped a friend in need is instantly rewarded for good deeds. >> as we head to break a live look across the dmv with what mike is talking about is ongoing roller coaster that is spring warm. 4:57 is the time. 57 degrees. >> i'll take the 60s and 70s. >> why not it will be good on the weekend. >> back in a moment.
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>> want to take a live look outside right now and old friend is coming back to the dmv. today we welcome back tempps in the 30s and 40s is it a friend, really. is that how you want to say it wisdom. >> that's what's in the prompter. >> we disagree on the friend thing. >> thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm airport erin. >> today is wednesday, march 22. a little warmer this morning and mike tell bus that wind. >> wind peck up over the next couple of hours and then those cold temperatures moving in. i'll let you know how long they stick around in a b


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