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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox news morning" quite possibly the largest fire in prince george county college park. >> looking outside you'll need jacket and umbrella when you on the front door today it's clear, nearly cold air. also rain. yep, go back inside, crawl back in bed. it will feel
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day. we can do it together. good morning, everyone, i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today it tuesday, april 25. >> michael thomas whim talk about weather and erin como will talk about trachblingt give us the hope. >> the hope is the sun will come out tomorrow. >> thursday. >> thursday. >> a little bit tomorrow afternoon. today is still clouds and rain as you said. grab the umbrella. >> new crash topside ever the bement way outer loop georgia avenue and seeing volume increase. we'll steer you clear of issues. offish sounds good thank you. >> let's catch you up on this morning's stories. breaking overnight a man found dead inside an apartment in prince will yunt county after a fire at that apartment. fire crews were on the scene sherbert circumstance until woodbridge just before 11:30 last night and once they got inside they found the man unconscious. he was pronounced dead a short time later. prince will youpt county police homicide unit is helping in the investigation.
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right now prince george county fire crews are working to put out hot spots after a massive apartment fire. they caused terms of millions of dollars in damage. flames broke out nearly 24 hours ago at that building which was under construction and weeks from opening. melanie alnwick is live in college park with the latest. good morning, meling. >> good morning, guys, this building is probably going to be declared a total loss. i don't see really where they can salvage much of this and they're saying 39 million dollars in damage here. more than 200 firefighters from around the area responded to the call. and you can see that they are still working even this morning up on top of the ladders and continuing to douse the roof with a massive amount of water. and that is concern as well. because that amount of water the structural damage possibly could lead to collapse here as well. i talked to construction workers yesterday that got out of the building right after that fire gap. they sent me pict
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video. you can see right there the tiniest flames right out of the sixth floor elevator shaft there and then this is what the building looked like fully engulfed there on the roof and about an hour later despite the best efforts of prince george county firefighters alarms were sounded to pull all fire personnel out of the building and crew koz do nothing more than attack from the outside of the building and the building is city block long called fuse 47 project and also complicating issue was the weather. >> it little bit of reign doesn't do anything. part of the problem as far as evacuation because it's holding smoke down so it's keeping the smoke in the area not allowing it to get out of here. >> university of maryland had to take unusual step of closing campus at 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday because of
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senior citizens were relocated from the block here to a community center where they could get fresh air. they were allowed back to their homes 7 p.m. last night. fortunately no major injuries just a two minor injuries among fire personnel. cause of the fire is still under investigation. we probably have not had fire investigators in there just get yet. back to you guys. >> mel updating the situation and we'll check in with you later. 5:40 had president trump stepping back demanding payment for his border wall. it could remove a major obstacle on bipartisan spill on must spen laejlation on days ahead of a government shutdown. he told reporters he would be willing to return to the border wall funding in september. >> i hope the president will back off. to think he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this out landish
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proposal of border wall. >> i cannot imagine the democrats would shut down the government over objection to building a down payment on a wall that can end the lawlessness. >> and even if the white house and congress come together with spending bill to avoid a government shutdown it will lasts only until the end this year/. >> president trump pier youing drastic cut. he's cutting corporate tax rate from 35% to 45%. and now this rate reduction could cost the federal government 2.4 trillion over a decade. plus the plan would block republicans goal to curb federal borrowing. >> it has taken nearly 100 days for senate to confirm president trump pick for agriculture secretary. 87-11 to confirm sunny perdue for the post. two other cabinet level nominees awaiting senate confirmation.
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>> 5:05 is the time in tuesday. mike, i feel like the temperature really has not budged up other down for two days. >> we're going plus or minus two or three degrees that's about it thanks to clouds and winds. you're right. unfortunately today another one of those days. maybe we briefly touch the 6 60s. doesn't feel like it at any point in time with the lack of sunshine. late tomorrow afternoon sun coming your way by the time we get to thursday. today, clouds and showers continue around the region. you can see the big picture here. right now in d.c. we're currently dry and in fact most of the d.c. region we're dry. you see the showers pork working their way up south to north. once again we get to appeared in the afternoon and we'll have rain for a couple hours and dry periods and rain ag again. it's going to be one of those days with on and off showers. 56 the current number in d.c., 53 dulles and mannasas and 56 quanitco. many stay in the 50s
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we'll go 62 for a someday time high. showers are likely. all right. let'scheck the forecast. airport erin with a check of traffic. >> well, 5:07 now we're tracking crash bottom side of beltway inner loop on ramp to 95 southbound. use little caution ramp still on and could slow you done a bit. inner loop traffic okay. now the only problem we're dealing with now let's take a rock at maps and help you steer clear of other problems areas. topside of beltway out oweer loop college park crash cleared to shoulder georgia avenue and had been blocking two lanes. in the yellow even though volume is light as awe approach georgia avenue you hit tap of brakes there. give yourself extra time. roads wet, rain moved in yesterday and rain is not stopping yet today. use caution on the roads. as you make your way prince william parng way and mannasas all lanes bals ford road. prince william police letting us know to detour there. road closed between that point and
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good news 66 flowing freely and rest of tuesday morning commute traffic looking g metro on time except for safe track. we'll look at that next. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. back to you holly and maureen. >> a buildup of u.s. military force leading to renewed tension as long the korean peninsula. >> and travel together mile-high city without stephen strasburg out on paternity leave. >> headed to the break a live look across the d.c. region 5:08 and 58 degrees. back after
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sfwhv we're back at 5:09 t. developing overnight arkansas carried out the first double execution 23450 years. jack jones died 7:00 last night hours later 46-year-old marcelle williams died the same way. williams' death was delayed an hour after a federal judge raised concern about how the first injection was carried out. the executions come days after the state ended nearly 12-year hiatus on capital punishment. >> to developments in north core he. that country conduct aid fire drill today to mark 85 anniversary of founding of articley and there was speculation they would try another nuclear test to marco occasions and tha
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happen. meantime a u.s. nuclear submarina lived in korea to show a force against the no north. and no rare meeting the entire u.s. senate invited to the white house for briefing on the situation. >> kenya now, kenyan police say 27 were killed yesterday in a crash between bus and trailer truck. police sigh the accident took place along the major road linking two of kenya biggest cities, it was headed to mumbasa and trailer in opposite direction when collided. road accidents kill 3,000 them kenya every year sgle former president george h.w. bush remain in houston hospital for a few more days. he's recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. family spokesman says they hope to discharge the 92-year-old by end of week and, doctors say pneumonia is no longer an issue. they're reholding him while he regains strength. >> and turning to sports now, nats in colorado last night.
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runner on own two out. hits a two-run homer and nats in front of this 4-1. relief pitcher he romero retireder two in the 7th and then allowed a hit and two-run homer. rockies take lead and nats never come back. final score 8-4 rockies. >> and rare nascar race on monday in bristol, tennessee the monster energy race was moved from sunday because of rain. in the race sdail earnhardt jr. would hit the wall and done for the day. much better showing for jimmie johnson who takes the lead from joey lagano. the 7 car nascar champ won back-to-back races 11 times in his career. >> legitimate. >> congrats to you. >> 5:11 coming up on "fox news morning" president trump takes issues with two decades of national monument designation. >> actress fay dunn away speaking out about her oscar
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>> a live look across the d.c. region. not the best of days out there folks. we'll have to be straight up with you. 55, chilly, damp, it will be that way all day. we'll be very protective today. good day toe stay inside and get work done. "fox news morning" back after this
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man 3: wow. man 4: nice. strength and style. which one's your favourite? come home with me! make a strong decision. find your tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. find new roads >> back at 5:14 now. let check top story opens a tuesday. days ahead of government deadline president trump appears to be stepping back from demanding payment for the border wall. it could remove a major on stickle to bipartisan rule on must-pass spending ledge lace. >> fire crews on a scene of massive building fire in college park. fire fighters are working to put out hot spots this mor morning. five alarm fire caused nearly 40 million in damage at the apartment building which is still under construction. university of maryland was portion forced to close be
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yesterday. the school will open on time today. >> and state of arkansas is carried out nation's first double execution in more than 15 years. 52-year-old jack jones and marcelle williams both died by lethal injection last night and williams' death was delayed after federal judge raised concern how the first execution was carried out. it come after the state finish as i nearly 2 year high ateition. >> betsy devos will visit ash land in mannasas. "fox5" repeatedly highlighted school for computer restoration program 23eu69 of kind for elementary students in the state. they learn to restore and refurbish computers and then then go to local families. devos is expected to tour the school and join in on classroom activity. >> stuff night on the road for wizards losing game four for hawks in atlanta. fell apart in 4th quarter giving hawks 111-101 win tying up series 2
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tomorrow night at verizon center. >> all right, water past the hour and that picture says it all. hello tuesday. >> mm. >> do we have to do it. >> repeat of yesterday coming our way. cloud and showers. again light at the end of the tunnel end of week bring us back more. until then highs only in the 50s. 57 reg app national and dulles. normal high should be the wonderful temle we love. 70. nearly perfect. but, again with clouds and showers that's really hard to do. 56. you see temperatures not budged much from yesterday's highs in d.c.. 53, dulles, mannasas, call pepper up to 52 westminster and frederick. chilly morning and it will be another chilly afternoon. you can see the moisture continues off the atlantic and storm still south ever the norm carolina builder here. slow mover and will continue and won't get off our coastline until early tomorrow
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late tomorrow afternoon. we will get sunshine back. again there it is later tractor-trailer low fresh newer in car line as and clouds around all days long. no sunshine expected. once again that will hold temperatures down. most stay in the 50s today. few d.c. leonardtown, quantico and some areas toum ever there could see temperatures poke into 60s briefly later this average. orioles baseball. nalts still out of town. let's celebrate the other maryland team and orioles, 58 game time. they were able to play yesterday and we'll see if they were able to play with clouds and showers around. we'll of course depend on how much is around 7:00 tonight. 62 daytime high today and straight to the "fox5" accuweather day forecast. showers linger first half of tomorrow and surprise comes back out lat tomorrow afternoon and warm it up end of week highs near 90 by end of weekend. that's the forecast, erin como is back with traffic. >> a i'll take a beautiful weekendthat sounds nice. unfortunately because of rain, mike, we have problems on the
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outer loop crash cleared to shoulder after george aavenue. good news there. because no lanes blocked and volume light once again up to speed. use caution past the shoulder. another outer loop crash shoulder blocked ramp 95 southbound to utter loop and little caution. good news is the ramp is partially blocked. we're see movement getting 9 a5 southbound. 395 looking good and inner loop problem free annandale to 66. wet roads. use caution this morning. 234 prince william in man mannasas. still closed northbound side. all lanes blocked between bals ford road and 66. crash investigation give yourself extra time to get around that accident scene location. and then for the rest of tuesday morning commute traffic is looking good inside the beltway and metro on time except for safe track. impacting green and yellow rush plus. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter maureen and holly wack to you. >> erin, thank you, time 5:18 looking at stories you're engaging with most on social media with
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>> hey, wiz. >> good morning to you both first up tomorrow president trump plans to sign executive order up instructing interior accident to review the national monuments. under 1906 presidents have been able to provide safeguard for federal happened and waters. two monuments in utah designated by president obama and clinton are facing sharp criticism there reps. white house officials say president trump is seeking to ensure app intergity quites act was not abused at times. >> and they say nsa spied to new york with a blimp launched from an air field near solomon island in 2004. >> justice sonya soto meier sees a trend of siding with police officers and use of excessive force.
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case of richard owe owe, sal czar limone who was shot in the back by a houston police officer. they dismissed the suit before trial and federal appeals court upheld that decision. >> new research says obesity will kill you much faster than anything else. he and timely actress fay dunn away speaking out for the first time about the oscar best picture mishap. dunnaway thought warren betty was being dramatic what he paused while reading best picture winner. he announced "la la land" won and it was moonlight that took on the oscar, mature each, holly. >> okay. >> thanks, wisdom. >> moving on. >> right. >> and coming up on "fox news morning" wells fargo executives have rough day ahead of
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share shoulders. >> zig deeper in your wallet the next time you want a baby sit are for the night. >> heading across the d.c. region soupy weather, yuck. >> 5:21 back after this.
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>> back at 5:23 else farling owe will hold a shareholder meeting. at today's meeting the bank top management are expected to apologize to shareholders. some are calling for wems fargo executives to be let go. in wake of scandal wells fargo agreed to pay millions in damages galaxy s 8 and 8 plus set a new preorder record for the company sales
5:24 am
galaxy s 7 was up. >> luxury shoe broupd jimmy cheu is up for sale. they want to focus more on running panera bread. the show company was founded in 1996. >> how much would you pay a baby sister per hour. says average hourly rate for baby sit certifies $13.97 up 26% in the last six years. parents are willing to pay more for help with homework and someone available at the last minute. >> yeah. i agree. >> i know i want to live where baby sitters are $14. >> than. >> an hour. >> geesh. >> i know that's averageing across everywhere. but -- >> it's hard. childcare is expensive you. >> don't want to skimp it's your precious commodity. >> i know i would get like $20. >> back in the day. >> somebodwo
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20. >> for the whole night. >> yes. right. >> which to me was oh, my. >> not anymore those days are gone mike. >> i always considered coming back as baby sitner my next life. pretty good pay. >> forecast has not changed unfortunately. we have a lot of clouds and showers in the forecast once again this afternoon. stormtracker radar quiet no, i and we're seeing fog patchy fog and drizzle here and there. take that into to account. heavier, steadier showers arrived later this morning. reagan national 56. dulles 56, bwi 53 as well and planner for the day today, cloud and showers continue. 57 by 11 a.m. and 2:00, 59 maybe we touch 60s this average. 61 by 5:00 and high today 6. that won't have mild feel to it if the one was out. many will stay in the
5:26 am
showers. surprise comes back headed to wednesday an a lot more of it as we head to end of week and temperatures will be warming up we have the 7 day forecast coming up for new a bit. all right. that's a check of the forecast. over to erin como for traffic. >> 35:26 now you said it wet roads. lose lynn tunnel inbound. we have a single car crash blocking the right shoulder that could start to close you -- slow you down as you head through arlington this mor morning. give yourself extra time. another problem we've been tracking in mannasas, prince william parkway northbound side all lanes mroblingd to bals ford road between that point and 66. for that crash investigation you have to detour around that one. 66 is quiet now and we have an outer loop crash bottom side of beltway. shoulder blocked on ramp to 95 southbound says you head out to mixing bowl caution there and good news inner loop quiet towards 66 and not seeing outer loop problems once you cross 395 making your way over towards pennsylvania avenue. 395 still at speed from bottom
5:27 am
of beltway all the way across the 14 street bridge and as you make your way outer loop topside of beltway coming from clem park a crash cleared shoulder after georgia avenue and we're at speed there. and any questions, erin fox d.c. on twitter. metro on toop except for safe track. holly and maureen sgle 5:27 now coming up on "fox news morning" smartest mind in engineering world will be honored tonight in the district. >> happening today parts of our region may resemble set of movie "la la land". >> as we head to break, nothing dreamy about this look at that. it's not a nice day. that's okay. we have you know go through it to get to it there's light at the end of the tunnel end of week. right now 55 degrees. wet outside. "fox news morning" coming right back
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>> today on "fox news morning" large est nair in prince george county and a five alarm plays in college park. >> president trump moves border wall demand from the current federal budget proposal after a number of lawmakers in his party line up against him. >> and the wizards are home in a must-win situation after failing to stop the atlanta hawks offense. "fox news morning" starts right now. >> all right. good morning to you thank you for waibing up us with i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morr
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>> today is tuesday, april 25. >> michael thomas has an update on the weather. >> wisdom rips and repeating monday forecast unfortunately. clouds and showers and temperatures on the cooler side, erin. >> you all know what rain can do to the roads and we have a handful of crashes including a portion of prince william parkway closed down in mannasas and i'll help get you around the trouble spots. >> we'll talk to you both in a moment. first up to speed on top stories 5:30 we begin with breaking news from northern virginia a man found dead inside apartment in prince william county after a fire at that apartment. fire cries on the scene 3500 before 11:30 last night. once they got inside they found that man unconscious hx he was pronounced dead a short time later. the prince george county homicide unit is helping with that investigation. >> firefighters on the scene of that massive fire in college park. >> flames broke out nearly 24 hours ago in apartment building under construction. caused nearly 40 million in
5:32 am
fire in history of prince george country fire department. >> live in college park with the latest. mel. >> good morning, guys, more than 200 firefighters responded from around the area to help prince george country battle this blaze and take a look. even at this hour you can see two different ladder trucks out there from end to end of the city block building. the far end there is where the fire began. where you see the blue ladder truck here that is where the fire spread to. again as far as a city block. there's also a concern this morning about structural integrity with damage from the fire as well as so much water being pumped in there and there's a possibility of collapse. i talked to two construction workers inside the building yesterday they sent me picture of where the fire gap, 9:36 in the morning a small orange blaze around the sixth floor elevator shaft and then despite the best efforts of firefighters 6
5:33 am
this is what is looked like. alarms were soulded to pull firefighters out of the building and no more personnel allowed inside. the crews had to attack from the outside. this is fuse 47 project slate todd have 250 apartments and retail stores and scheduled for occupancy jewel of 2017. they quoorters of way done and the warm caused problems because of smoke. smoke was kept close to the ground. video as we headed to university of maryland campus looked like dense fog every we and instead that was smoke causing campus to close 1:00 in the afternoon and it's opened on time now. the spoke dissipated. a lot of work to figure out what caused the fire and whether they will be able to rebuild. live in clem park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:33 is the time now. now to "fox5" exclusive and case of
5:34 am
swat team raiding wrong house. the office is admitting it made mistake and investigating what happened. the man at the center israel orliana he has the same name investigators were searching for in a gun case. they arrived. >> this is where the officer stepped on me while they were tying me up. and then this is where they hit me with the shield when i was opening the door and they slammed me against the wall. >> orlano aetion family wased in the home when the swat team arrived and everyone was detained. he made formal complaints. >> rod voz ep shoyn is set to being a deputy jurpal. he received bipartisan report
5:35 am
roseentype is longest serving attorney. he will likely be confirmed. >> two governor race in sir vir. he's up against lieu step enter governor ralph northham. >> leading engineers will gaerm for a black tie gala at the mariott park it's 5th anniversary of engineering council apardon. and it features a high outside shipment will be relead. >> were you a fan of the m movie "la la land". if you were you're in luck for one night only you can feel like part of oscar whipping movie. mr. henry in capital hill under goes a makeover. from 7 to 10 it
5:36 am
jazz club from "la la land". visitors can listen to music from the film and they'll have theme drinks as well. look for the blue knee on sign this coincides with blu-ray release of the movie which is also today. it was a tough night for wizard. team tok the l in game four against the hawkdz in atlanta last night. they started off strong and ultimately fell apart in fourth quarter. 7 hawks players scored double dimming its highing up series 2-2 they'll play tomorrow night must whip i'm not worried they'll make game f five. >> dramatic warm? >> we need a door to knock on wisdom you're jivrpinging them. >> we're already, type, not nervous at all. >> no jivrpings. >> yes they do. you're going down.
5:37 am
i have a soft spot for both teams. current temperature in d.c. cloudy skies to start. no rain coming down but there's fog and drizzle in places and wind blowing as well. 16 miles an hour out of north and east we have had persistent northeast wind the past several days holding temperatures for a stand still the past 36 hours. ten mile app hour winds at this moment. 16 quantico. satellite and radar you see more rain and showers throughout the rain in the day tomorrow packing umbrella as you head to work. two day forecast we start with cloud and showers and sunshine back by the afternoon. so are the 70s. we'll check erin with a try. >> wanted to wish jizel q a happy birthday. happy birthday to you. we have a lot of problems on the roads between rosalyn tunnel and
5:38 am
have a car blocking right shoulder. police out there caution through arlington as you head 66 eastbound and second crash of backup this is outer loop out by connecticut avenue blocking left shoulder and another one out by georgia avenue blocking right shoulder. roads bic picking up questions erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you. >> 5:38 is the time. coming up on fox news morning anne consulter files a lawsuit against california university. >> and panera has now plans for you and how you receive your order. >> we're going to break with a live look across the dmv. temperature 55. back in a moment
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this is my stop. adios! ♪ ♪ if you're a stuntman, you cheat death. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. número uno! university of california is facing a suit for not allowing anne consulter. it says it's discriminating mopping conservative speakers and free speech. attorney claim the school immet aid new policy that affect new controversial conservative speakers. >> john hopkins received a grant to continue research to end malaria. to continue efforts to eliminate malaria in
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in 20 15212,000 people suffered from malaria and many died including children. >> if you plan to work panera bread will hire more employees. panera is ipt zuesing an app which will let customers track delivery and see picture of delivery driver. there is however a $3 delivery fee. >> i did not each know panera delivered. >> i never knew that. >> no. >> pay that extra $3 if you want that. >> i might. but i mean i didn't know -- i know it's option. >> do they deliver right now. i'm hungry now. i need a sandwich now. >> 5:42 to wisconsin avenue we'll take it. >> coming up on "fox" news morning one of top projected picks in nfl draft may have suffer aid public relations nightmare. >> elton john cancels all shows in the united states as rushed to the hospital. >> a live look acrosshe
5:43 am
and we're at 55. feels like we've been there the last week. not going anywhere any time soop. talking more about the forecast in a moment. fox news is coming right back.
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♪ >> i am stuck in the middle. clowns to the left. joke tort right. this is the perfect song.
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>> who is the clown. >> clown to the left, joke to the right. >> ah. >> what's the one in the middle. >> it's my morning quandy. >> what does it say about the mid. >> stuck in the middle again. >> that was excellent choice on this tuesday morning. >> i'm not thrilled about that. >> come on. >> can we pick another song. >> after trying to do this, tomorrow. >> tomorrow you find a song that insult the middle. >> that's what we have to look for. >> all right. guys, up fortunately another day of clouds and showers today. >> it's weather bringing us down, mike. >> weather is bringing us down. let's get it over with now by the time we get to the end ever the week or weekend we have the sun back. >> deal. >> especially after this last weekend. it was bad, saturday was rainy, miserable, sunday okay, not too warm. we'll get rid of the showers as we get into tomorrow. but, again, today, very similar to yesterday afternoon with clouds and occasional showers through the day. showers and drizzle may linger
5:47 am
not everybody will see it early tomorrow and some most certainly will. by tomorrow afternoon sunshine starting to come back. probably before sunset we see the bulk of it. warm temperatures coming back into the picture by the time we get thursdays. 70s tomorrow. 80s. by the weekend 90s. temperatures outside certainly nowhere close to that. 56. cool start to the day. 5 3 baltimore and 52 westminster and leopard town 55 as well as fredericksburg at 55 this morning. just about everybody on the cooler side of things and that will remain the case through the day. stormtracker radar is quiet w very patchy foingz in areas of sdrizle around the region to start the day. more steady rain showers arrive later on this morning and in into early afternoon. you see slug of heavier moisture to northern portions of norm carolina. that's slowly working way into our direction. let's time it out for you. future cast showing you what you can expect.
5:48 am
finally making it up to our necks of the woods. that remains through the lunchtime hours. that's best chance for rain showers or steady rain shower activity. past 2:30 showers become more scattered and broken and at least the threat for them remains even into the evening hours. we get into 6:00 early tomorrow morning. there's clouds and drizzle still around before after that point we start to clear things out. and temperature-wise what does that mean for us. staying in 50s and 60s with clouds and showers and jet stream jogs off to the north by the time we get to late week. 70s wednesday and again 0s back thursday. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 71 tomorrow. mid 80s. thursday and friday and upper 80s saturday and surprised. all right. that's weather. erin como is back with traffic. >> i am and unfortunately dealing with a busy tuesday morning. 5:48. got confirmation from police this crash scene here was involving double wide tractor-trailer and it's a deadly
5:49 am
drive of the vehicle died at the scene. please use caution. there prince william parkway shut down for investigation. crash blocking all northbound lanes. please use caution it will be shut down sometime this morning in mannasas. as we look at outer loop. shoulder blocked on the ramp 5 southbound at mixing bowl. crash scream, give yourself extra time. good news we're seeing a significant amount of green on the map. 95 north and southbound as far as inner and outer loop and no major slow downs yet. use caution. wet roads this morning. early crash on the topside of the beltway cleared over to the shoulder. connecticut avenue. and 66 itself is looking good even though volume is increasing and same story as you make your way on 8 238 through chantilly this morning and 20 souk at speed. volume picks up 70 do clarksburg a little caution there. i'll let you know if if causes my major slow downs this morning and souk 295 good shape des speet voll oum.
5:50 am
twitter. >> thanks, airport, 5:49 happening this morning the holocaust day of remembrance on capitol hill. president trump deliveries the keynote address in the capital row tupd ait was established by nation's commemeration of the halocaust. during the ceremony six cappedlees are lit by a halocaust survivor accompanied by member of congress in memory of the victims. >> more than a dozen survivors helped dedicate a research and conservation center yesterday in buoy. the center continues im34e7bs and growing lex of halocaust artifacts including transcripts of interviews with survivors and also artwork. some pieces are colorful. others of course, are not. >> the panedings were done by halocaust survivor. the dark images were also done by a halocaust survivor. somewhere done during the holocaust itself. >> and the artifacts vr
5:51 am
in rented facility near baltimore. it took more than 800 containers and 23 semis to bring all this materials to the new facility. >> time now is 5:50 let's look at stories you're ep gaming with most on social media with the news time real tracker. >> and first up, bill 'ole reilly hypotheticaling there is more to the story on "fox" news firing him inry booted pod cast he said the truth will shake fans and he mentioned he's had and surprised he's not working at fox news anymore. he was fired in the midst of sexual harassment allegations. >> the u.s. state department removed a blaing block from web site after perceived use of federal tax dollars to promote west mar-a-lago. share america says the blog was to inform the public of where the president was h
5:52 am
regret any misperception. >> president trump daughter i vank ais officials in on tear don't are experimenting with iving poor people a basic income to help determine whether basic income is better than current social welfare programs. sdiz r disney making biss announcement of "star wars" it will never alter or restore original cuts. disney has no plans on messing with cuts and intends to leave the movies the way george lucas $when he made alterations to them in the 9 90s. those are trending stories. >> thanks, mel. >> also trending this morning an autopsy revealed that earn moran likely dayed from stage four cancer shext was found
5:53 am
responders. toxicology results pending and no illegal narcotics were found at her home. she played joni cunningham. >> elton john canceling to tours. he is expected to make full recovery and plans to return to the same on june 3 for performance inen land. all remaining eus shows were cap said. >> trending in world of sports jabrell peppers may have taken a hit. we're told he had diluted urine sample at the combine. his agent says this is byproduct of him drinking 8 to 10 bottles of water because he was sick and deposit want to camingp up during workious in the nfl. >> in the nfl diluted samples counts as fai
5:54 am
the concern is they may be trying to mask uses of banned substance. people point out peppers has never failed a drug test before. question is will it affect his draft status thursday night. peppers is projected ton step in the first round. >> won'ting watching draft we'llsh watching cavs. >> adrian peterson search for a new team ended. he's set to take with the saints. if the 32-year-old roster will face old team in first game monday night in minnesota. >> if he make the team sdmrl yes, and former all pro defender marcus wehr retired. he signed a one day contact with the sdal as cowboys to retire as a cowboy. he spent the first 9 seasons of his career in dallas. >> time to say hello to the face fan ever the day. adorable arie. she's a member of the
5:55 am
heat spark letters a local youth cheering squatd. >> they recently took first place at the show place arena and they're headed to disneyworld for the championships. after they wouldn't, guess what, arie got to meet a baltimore ravens cheer kheeder le was excited about. good luck. let us know how it goes. >> time to talk weather with michael thomas sdmrrks rain showers in the forecast unfortunately wisdom one more day of being stuck in the muck and won't show improvement as you head through the day on wednesday. showers working through virginia and heavier steadier showers down towards north carolina will eventually haik make it in our direction. be prepared for that. some showers around and lights drizzle and patchy fog out. there some will stay dry for the bus stop. 47 to 56. after school temperatures not going anywhere fast. 56 to 63. showers probably more likely during those after school hours. take a looat
5:56 am
accuweather 7-day forecast. 6 2 showers and breeze out ofle north and east this afternoon and maybe drizzle or lingering shower early tomorrow. we clear it through the afternoon. temperatures timely reach back to the 70s. up to 80s thursday with plenty of sunshine. friday, maybe early shower and quickly back to sun and 0s in the afternoon and weekend looks hot and humid right now temperatures both days in the upper 80s to near 90. that's forecast airport erin is back with busy roads this morning. >> yes, i am, 5:56 earlier crash topside outer loop connecticut eave cleared to left shoulder. give yourself extra time to get around. blocking left lane slightly as well. heavier volume picks up. forwarding cameras along 66 eastbound between rosalyn tunnel between that point and roosevelt bridge there's a crash that way. lease on scene would slow things down and as we look at maps we're tracking
5:57 am
crash investigation and give yourself time to get through that intersection. metro is on time except for safe track. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we'll be back with the 6:00 hour in a few minutes.
5:58 am
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>> vaiingt at head at 6 things getting back to normal in college park after a maceive four alarm fire burned for hours and crews on the scene keeping an eye on any hot spots. >> and issues on the roadways a deadly crash in mannasas has prince will youth parkway closed involving a tractor-trailer and car. erin has more details on eye work around. >> liver look tuesday morning april 25. "weather and traffic on the 5s" 6:05. good morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> developing in northern virginia a deadly fire that happened in prince william country apartment. crews called to the scene sheer brook circle wood br bridge. fire crews found a man unconscious in the apartment and he was pronounced dead a short time later. prince george homicide unit is now investigating. >> to prings george county fire crew president main on the scene ever a maceive apartment building


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