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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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watch. some of these showers and storms that are beginning to develop down forward culpeper and washington and up towards 66 they're moving to fast they're meev moving northeast 50 to 55 miles an hour. and in most locations you get a speaking ticket for moving that fast and these storms may be able to develop damaging gusty winds if we get a warping. it looks to me like it's fall ago part. brief, gusty winds and rain coming through with these. i'm not seeing any lightning with them. in terms watches that red box you see through pennsylvania is a tornado watch. dynamics are better up. there you see a second line east of pittsburgh to elkins. that's stronger. that doesn't get us to until 8:00 tonight. so we have to watch two lines and in terms of who really needs to keep an eye out between few and tonight as the strong front is coming on through, anybody in the orpth box that's enhanced risk. that doesn't include the pan handle of west virginia and it includes g
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towards alleghany and hagerstown and you may have a better chance of receiving receive area storms than the rests of us and the whole air is out looked for the potential and what are the threats with these storms and i think with any storm we get tonight it will be straight line wind damage. and they're move sog fast that the risk of heavy rain or flash flooding is low. strong winds, moderate if not a little highlyer than that, large hail, low, tornado throat is low with the storms tonight and how about the winds. it has been so gusty all day even before the storms get here. we have got a gust out of the south at dulles at 32 miles an hour and we have a gust at 38 in martinsburg. we have combined gusty winds and fast moving storms and we have free limbs down if any storms get a little stronger. so keep an eye on radar. we're certainly going to be watching this and it's been very humid today as you well know. we're in the low 80s. there's a limb instability around and if these storms come through in so. prime heating. the longer it takes for the line to get here the better we're we'll be.
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in the weather headline and strong storms are possible and we want you to be aware that scattered storm threat could last until 10 or 11 and winds die down after midnight and it will be dry and much less humid tomorrow as we run through weather headlines. sunshine back with us tuesday and wednesday and but late week looks wet and it looks really cool. and we'll continue to monitor radar and we'll show you that 7 day forecast coming up la later. >> sarah, jim, back to you. >> developing tonight and more reward money is now on the table for information that leads to the cap stur of escaped inmate david watson. >> a 28-year-old was serving deck aitsz aids in prison for attempted murder and somehow freed himself from handcuffs. he was taken for a psychiatric evaluation. paul wagner sliv jessup maryland tonight with more.
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friday morning in the back of cliffton tea perkinies hot a quarter mile that way. the wooded area you see here is where they believe he fled nooxt when they brought a blood hound into serve for watson they tracked him through the woods and up to the track bed and according to police today the last set they got of him was as he was headed down the track bed towards anne arrundel country. and last friday morning, in unskirpd parking lot, behind cliffton tea perkins hospital david watson knocked the way comb codetention county guard to the ground before run together wooded area across from the facility. three days later and there's still been no confirmed sights of the man. he has distinctive tattoos one says evil on the back of his neck and another says sin. and he also has tier drops coming from right
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at this point, police say they have no evidence to suggest watson had helped or had pre planned escape. and earlier today officers went door to door in this industrializeed section of the county and asking business owners to check for break ins or suspicious activity and check their surveillance for any sign ever the man. on friday, police say they were not certain whether watt sop was still in shackle when's he went into the woods and here he is police spokesperson with an update. >> the guards have indicated to us from wic dr omico country he was in waist chain and handcuff we found han handcuffs and waist shape near the van and did not locate leg shackles we did locate however a pair of sweat pants that watson discarded in the woods. if he had been wearing both leg shackles, restrained, he woul
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take off the sweat pants without tearing them. at some point he either was able to discard them or at the least take off one side which enabled him to remove those sweat pants. and now again this track bed where he may have last been seen headed down towards anne arrundel county, at least by scent from that blood ho hound, the other part of this that we want to tell you about is that there are additional train tracks in this area. and there are trains that bring in new cars to a huge parking lot right here even police said that they did search those trains to see if perhaps they may have gone on to one of them. and they have no evidence that that happened. this is unusual case because he is serving 106 years for shooting into police officer as home over in delaware. and however he's been found incompetent to stand trial in maryland for the same charges. and that's why he was coming here to cliffton tea perkins
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evaluation. again, no confirmed sightings in the last three days and reward now up to 10,000. and in the jessup area paul wagner "fox5 local news". >> and we want to show you new video now of two people wanted in connection with murder. this happened last thursday along andrew place southeast near bruce place. the victim was apparently shot in the chest and focusing on the people seen in the area at the time and they're also looking for this vehicle the men were drivering at the time of the shooting. >> and make no misstatement wall will be built. >> and that was sean spicer right there responding to questions in today's briefing about the congressional spending bill. just passed without funding for the wall along the bored were mexico that president trump promised on the cam pain trail and while funneleding for wall is not put in place, protesters are still taking issue with president trump's immigration policies and "fox5" political reporter ronica cleary
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white house where protesters are gathered. ronica, what's the latest. >> it is packed down here at the white house. protesters started this afternoon at noon at dupont circle and they made their way down here to the white house and to theage at the start of the march and and the main issue in today's and deportations and tell me what your name is and what brought you down here today. >> i'm down on behalf of working class working union local 23. >> are you committed to this issue being talked about reducing deportations or some other issue that brought you down here. >> absolutely, i'm committed to this issue. here working right from the working class and what at the see in the country is workers are under attack. and workers can no longer stand silent and workers can no longer
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we have to fight back. >> all right. josh, thank you so much. let's come here. we take you to a few of the people that have come down here today. obviously a lot of voices w wanting to heard. what's your name. >> my name is u. it says there is no job and eludes to the immigrants behind every job. >> and do you feel that -- are you calling for a stop to all deportation, certain deportations, what is you want to see change or that you're frustrated with. >> we definitely want to bring attention to immigrants rights and dignity and res respect. and we are a vital part this country and do contribute in an economic -- we are strong economic supporters this country and we're fighting for permanent protection and so just this is may first all about recognizing the impact that we have here in the u.s. as immigrants and work r workforce as well. >> come own here. i'll take you here. we have one more voice
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we'll bring to you today and we'll being bat at 6:30. this protest plans to go on until 6:00. tell me what the sign says and what brings you out here to today. >> my sign says immigrants create jobs. >> my question for you is this, though, we have covered so many protests from the day after up august ration with the women's march and is your voice really being heard any jp more or becoming noise amidst all of the protests on so many different issues. >> i hope not. >> but i feel like i was born lucky and so i need to stand up and. >> born lucky what does that mean. >> i was born a u.s. sitd citizen and i have a responsibility to stand with those who are not born in lucky circumstances and doing the best they can and see families being torn apart and i have kids and i have to stand up and say something and whether anyone is listening or not. >> all right. what's your name. >> laura.
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>> thank you. >> through go just a few voices here tractor-trailer add's protest started in dupont circle planning to be here until 6:00 tonight we'll continue to bring you updates. sending it back to you. >> thank you, ronica. >> coming up, full side birthday party turns into war zone as residents catch the chaos on camera >> we called cops already we called the cops be careful he's shooting he's shooting be careful. >> gunman in the deadly shooting free and his unusual outfit choice that teamed out of place. >> it's a little ridiculous in my mind. ab be surd. >> people going viral for all the wrong reason prank ta targeting sporting good stores with large fish tanks and one left with a cracked call. >> please call a fox5 tip line 202-895-3000 or email us
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>> santd yaiing owe more details investigators say peter selise
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at the party and people at attending a birthday celebration and he calmly pulled out a handgun and started shooting. one woman was killed and six others wounded. one described what he heard before and after she called 911. >> a lot of people and more people screaming and called 911. and then the police coye hear were on their way and more shots continued maybe the entire duration was and screaming. >> police shot and killed him and and two black men and one lats even omen. investigators no one at the party period. to say c avenue elice. and warm outside. >> and a prank going viral. >> a bass pro shop with leather fish tanks people
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bridge inside the store and in colorado went terribly wrong after a jumped into this and cracked skull on the rocks. and miing miss and florida have also tried out the prank and post today on u tube. >> and you should have the level of mental development to understand, hey, this is not a good idea. >> i don't think charges are -- should really be done. that's a little hardcore after what he's been through. >> i would have been clapping for the man. >> in a same the bass pro group holingts more than 120 investigators throughout year and these occurrences are squt extremely rare and highly diskawrj courageed" and the fact he sends that out is all you need to know. >> be careful. >> coming up, a possible hate crime on american university campus team seems to target a popular african-american sorority. >> and disturbing photos of the
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strings shaped like nooses with the word alpha cap aalpha on them. we'll explain more offer of stot your coming up. >> and naming your favorite concerts and it's a big scam to steal your security. >> no more free rides. paid parking is coming to the national mall. what you need to know coming up next, sue. >> hey, there are woorks we're keeping a close" on radar. sarah, jim, we'll have to keep the threat storms possible and we have a couple of areas seeing some severe thunderstorm warnings and well out to the west. we'll show you those and given you another look at radar and how things are shaping up for the evening ahead. and that's coming up in just a few minutes. come on back, "fox5 local news" at 5 will connecticut in. connecticut
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>> welcome back free ride is over for those that park in washington and walk around the national mall. it will be paid parking only and they're freebies. this includes constitution and independence avenues and parking lots around the title basin. how much do you ask? 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. weekend and poll holidays are included which of course is upsetting news for the thousands of government workers that park in the spaces who may ignore the three hour time limits as we work all day. >> knowing that parking meet everybody's will start occurring here it's a bummer i understand why but it's going to make a lot of people who work in this area have to struggle more trying to find other way to get in on relike basis. >> several things we're attempting to ab accomplishing with the parking meters first tone crease turnover on laimented parking spaces for mu seements and monuments and memorials. by putting meters in
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the three hours that have about in effect for years gives people more opportunity to make use of park when they're coming downtown. >> we talked about those new meters coming in and park service plans to use money in parking knees for its share of the d.c. circulateen and big red busses that ferry people around the mall and force and collect fines and park service is contemplating a move for more than a decade. >> i'm surprised it took this long. >> exactly, exactly. >> i really am considering how much of an issue it's been in the past in areas. >> looking outside talking about the national mall look at the monument there. washington monument hazy out. there stuff tough to see. >> we can be in store for problems lailtser on. sue looking at the for the cast. >> hazy, not much rain. most areas are dry locally and we're seeing a little more activity well south and also off to the west. and a few warnings now starting to pop up and nothing locally and as a matter of fact i was showing you earlier in the broadcast so fast fast-mooting storms to culpep o
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loudoun. they lost a lot of intensity. that's what with you see here. and not too far into the southwest corner of loudoun and a little original of middleburg right no, i. to shows will have brief, gusty winds and heavy reign you can see them in motion there and they're rather dim ineshing a little bit and south of interstate 54 there's a bit more energy and some storms are getting warnings and those are continuing to move from south to north. so we'll see if some of those hold together and we have a few warnings out to garrett country and severe thunderstorm warnings let me take the radar off and see if you can include portions of fayet, garrett, preston and tucker county a severe thunderstorm warning and according to the national weather service the storms in that area are moving northeast and at 85 miles an hour. and so, heads up if you live out there. that would definitely create damage. a thunderstorm or tornado watch does continue for pennsylvania clearly the best energy is all up there through pennsylvania and that's why they have a tornado watch going forward. we have to wait for the front to
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and gusty winds continue between now and 9:00 and thunderstorms in until the front cause crosses us later tonight. it will stay humid and preez by dr. and me we can let the spaek heating and responsible here and winds start to diminish after midnight and the front goes across the a area. we'll bring you updates and let you know if we get new warnings and the evening commute is so far so good. jim, sarah, back to you. >> we had the hottest april that means it's time to start thinking about mosquitoes i. >> i already saw one. gary mcgrady is live in norm west for us with what you need to know to keep pesky mosquito as way and this put us on a very not a list you would want to be on. isn't it always about a list. you want to be on a list and be on a list more than -- >> obviously youen
5:24 pm
this weekend and a lot of mosquitoes and rain and thunderstorms tonight and drive a little bit. and later this week a the love lane rain, inch and a inch and a half and if you will for months keit owes. let me get into this. this is what grabbed my attention. and primarily into the season now where we get all these mosquitoes and really the season of mosquitoes are now and we felt number two on list and it's number two worst cities of mosquitoes. that's just behind atlanta where they give us tips in how to deal with this and going to show you too with in and around the house you can help to -- and standing water obviously you get rid of that and think about
5:25 pm
if you want to do things creative and unique to kind of help to get rid of the mosquito population right around your house and neighborhood, think about introducing some things that would be hostile towards great plans too. lavender and basele ill you can eat that. that's double duty there and not only that you're also able to get beautiful marry golds and maybe critters around and dragon nraiz you can introduce those and something like that. and they've obviously even mosquitoes too. and one of the things you may or may not think about is clogged gutter accumulates water and you may not see it standing check around that too. jim and sarah here's the most unique thing i found today and believe it or not one beer if you drink one beer that makes you more owe attractive to mosquitoes. >> who drinks one beer? >>
5:26 pm
say. what if you drink two or three or more. >> that's why they love you so much gary. >> you would have mosquitoes chasing you all over the pl place. >> and that's what the cdc does to worry about the zika and all things to come mosquitoes and waiting on the rain like everybody else. back into you guys. >> coming up at 5:30 a local school board re2345eu78z north virginia high school and comes under fire. >> anjali hemphill is on that story tonight. hi, anjali hemphill. >> remember that effort to change the name ever jeb stewart high school a confederate civil rights activists and new documents reveal the costs could be one million and that's not all they said why taxpayers coming up next sarah. >> group of car vandals nearly 40 vehicles you'll smashed up nearly destroyed and what one suspect
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>> coming in at 5:0 trying to find a map who robbed a bank in the district. td bank 7th street northwest. suspected robber entered building and handed teller a note and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> st. mary's county police are looking for this man wanted for not showing up in court for sentencing today. and last month, he was convicted of armed assault. and the charges stem from incident last july where he got into a violent confrontation with a deputy. and montgomery county police are investigating what led to a crash in silver spring. authorities tell us the car overturned early this morning on hug
5:31 pm
driver was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> and a taxpayer watchdog group has uncovered and red flags at a local school board and petition to change the name of school which is named at confederate general and respects a history of racism. >> and live at falls church with what the document request revealed. anjali. >> sarah and jim, these are just some of the 10,000 pages of emails to and from the fairfax county school board. and obtained by that watchdog group and all after a whistlele blower alerted them that the cost of changing name to jeb stewart high school was climbing and what she say were attempts at keeping policy under the radar. >> they are public officials. taxpayers pay salaries. they nee
5:32 pm
about everything they do. so, if this did not cost a nickel or dime the transparency should care a lot of people. >> tax pairdz aleerps and school board members may have held discussions about changing a name of jeb stewart high school in secret that could ultimately cost taxpayers 1 million dollars. >> is it necessary for this name change to owe you're. is this going to make our kids smarter and this is millionp dollars spent could that be spent elsewhere. >> back in 2015 jeb stewart high school entered national spotlight when students and celebrities petitioned name from confederate general to thorough good marshall to honor the civil rights activist after a tip taxpayer alliance requested public records associated with the renaming and school board's role. williams said they found red nraingdz when it came to down playing the one million price tag and kpi
5:33 pm
and at one point the emails stoppedal together. >> we see transparency issues where this one email where they say let's take this conference off-line and they were concerned and all the conversations would be foiable get this through foya they're cognizant of people looking into this before we requested any information. >> williams warns political correctness will continue to come at a high cost. >> where do we stop? robert e. lee? i mean there's a lot of names that are associated with the civil war and con federacy and where does it stop? and at what point do people say enough is enough and we have to move on from that and we're not going to pay millions of dollars because we have a small group of people offended by something? >> and the fairfax county school board did release this statement in part as directed by the school board anteworking group will weigh the pros and cons of name change and continue to ensure public engagement and determine the exten
5:34 pm
they also say they will explore public, private partnerships to finance any name changes examine ways to burden booster club ptsa and school administration. committee studying this issue will present findings to s sewner intend enter later this month and school board will consider those recommendations in june. live in falls church. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> and american university is dealing with another racially charged incident on campus. according to school officials photos started circulating on social media of bananas hanging from a string in the smae of nooses. take a look at pictures. bananas were found in three places on campus and marked with the name hirambi and aka, alpha kappa, alpha predominantly after can american sorority. and coming up at 6 our
5:35 pm
report with the latest on the details in the case including american university's response to it. >> when it comes to healthy eating and school trump administration is rolling back champion by former first lady michelle obama a agriculture secretary sunny perdue made the announcement today. he was in anment willry school until leesburg. schools will not have to cut salt from meals yet or serve children more whole grind foods and can conserve 1% police officered milk instead of non fat milk provide. too much food is wasted because kids don't like what is it being served. they tell these food service cafeteria workers what they like and don't and they see what goes in the trash. and this is important it's not only symbolic but it's dealing with a pretty important constituent. >> and secretary believes administration is committed to providing healthy food for kids and doesn't think the government should force school districts to follow mandate from the feds and believes
5:36 pm
school districts should rely on their own food experts and find out what kids might enjoy eating. >> d.c. muriel bowser kicking off new initiative today and hoping it helps new parents learn how to help children grow and learn. prom is called thrive by five. city will conduct out reach to parents who may need information on any number of child rearing top frikz healthy eating to education. parents will be able to access that information from a new web site thrive by you. >> may be surprised and people ask us all the time what is there for us to do. what is new resource for a new parent or new family moving to washington d.c.. we want them to be able to go to one place and find out what the city offers. >> and the mayor says the first five years of a child's life are so important for their development and the city wants to make a difference to put children in their families on the right path. >> and a memorable and proud day for parents, teachers and especily
5:37 pm
high school today. >> school is honoring students going to college next year. students who receive sch scholarship awards were singled out. >> george mason university. [ applause ]. >> he's heading to george mason an dance scholarship next year part of visual and performing arts program and minoring in inease ol jixt her dad, shawn snow. >> proud technician here at "fox5". >> proud papa. >> yes, more than 12 million was handed out in scholar shxt congratulations to them all and shawn will be smiling more than normally was. >> coming up, >> three days and still no sightings of escaped prisoner david watson. u.s. marshall is now on the hunt and reward money has increased. and i'm paul wagner in j jessupcoming up at 6. >> it's been incredibly mug
5:38 pm
all weekend long. what a way to start off the month of may. having materialized in the district and plenty of energy to the west and step ear thunderstorm warnings south of charlottesville and virginia and plenty of energy off north. when this radar fills in for warnings in our area or potential warnings at that. i'll have in the forecast as well as they look at very changeable temperatures in the 7 day that's coming up next on "fox5"news at 5 returns right after this. .
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>> some of the worst they've seen in gaithersburg. >> whipped shields and hoods and roofs jumped on and de denlted. three teens are charged and it turns out it was pollen on the
5:42 pm
suspect. "fox5" tom fitzgerald has more. >> well certainly nobody wants to come out to their car in the morning and see something like this your whipped shield smashed in and suess of vehicles and nothing what taken from inside cars. and he was damaged for damage sake. and much more than that if i talk to the people who live here. to them this is the place they live and this is the place they feel safe and these attacks they say hit right at home for them. >> to be honest with you i feel like my personal was vapdized it is i have up comfortable this morning and upon walking a roum i notice there was so many other cars with the same problem and others were in the front. >> montgomery country police sixth district
5:43 pm
2:30 near leatherer furnish terrace. and officers headed out and they got out so quick they were able to watch township suspects at the scene. third suspect that suspect fled but was caught. hear all minors 17, 13 and 14 years old. and smael and not cheap. 36 calls and estimated to be around 50,000 so far. and police work in the dark and and there was a sneaker print right on the hood of the car. and he lifted that foot front over the car. and explains ho how he use it what turns out to be a key piece of evident. >> one of the young men ticked a car and jumped on a car and left a very distinct footprint in the pollen that was on the paint of the car. >> in the poll. >> in the pollen dust y
5:44 pm
that was on the car. we were able to at least preliminary identify that as looking like one of the shoes belonged to one of the subjects we stopped. >> there's a closer look at footprint police found on one vtd vehicles and again, these are miners all under the age of 18 for that reason they are not giving out names or identifying information about them. however, police tell us this. they're all charged right now about multiple counts of destruction of property. they are also investigating whether or not there's any connection to this crime spree and any others in the area. in gaithersburg, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> and live look for you outside once again we told you before and caitlin roth has the latest on the storms this way. what's the latest. >> they're trying to.
5:45 pm
eventually we get storms to track here probably at sunset at this pace. showing most of yellow and red end indicating heavy rain like i said around mountains and west of there even and couple thunder showers in western fauquier county and line of showers that looked a little stronger about an hour ago and really fizzled out north of leesburg trace your fiping tort i 70 corridor and any showers novrming hartford fizzled. doesn't look like good energy here yet. we do down by charlottesville. yellow boxes indicate active boxes with strong lightning charlottesville to southern portions of virginia. off to the north a long line of severe storms from central pennsylvania to extreme western maryland and we have active severe thunderstorm warping for garrett country maryland until 6 . but bulk of activity with severe weather is far off north where there's tornado watch in red that includes central portions of pennsylvania unthrough new york and you can
5:46 pm
heavy duty storms there and we're on the tail end of. it but most of thaten ier jury like i said back out west. so once that line along the cold front does ariver i'm think burlington between 8 and 10 for western suburbs in the disstrict we're mostly concerned about strong wind. severe weather threat waynes after sunset. you can get decent wind with it and flash flooding looks low and storms are moving quickly and there's a chance for hail or isolated tornado. but i think those are low threats for us here. temperatures outside very warm day. 81 washington and 82 baltimore and rain cooled air along the mountains. temperatures in in the 70s. incredibly muggy not just yesterday and over the weekend but today too. we had a very strong subject to west wind ahead of the storm front. these gusts nothing to do with thunderstorms are continually over 30 miles an hour across the area. 0 mile app hour wind gusts mannasas. wind is issue whether or not you're seeing storm? bert handle on what will happen through the rest of the evening
5:47 pm
washington. would see a he loin of heavy showers and thunderstorms by 7 p.m., 8 p.m. into the beltway and then through the district by 9, 10 p.m. and racing off but in to the east an actual front there's two rounds ever front it seems may bring additional showers overnight and generally chance of strong storms overnight and wake up to sunshine tomorrow. and it will be really nice tomorrow. a lot cooler and a lot less humid definitely breezy. and a gusty wind out of the west northwest going to make it feel cooler than it is outside. but we're still going to rise pretty noor 70s. overall despite the wind a nice day. low temperatures over night. 60 in the district. 50s and possibly 40s along the mountain there's and cooler tomorrow in the upper 60s. to 78 washington and it's going to be a beautiful tuesday. and 7 day forecast shows even nicer there on wednesday a little cool were a high temperature of 7
5:48 pm
and then storm sfaim rivers second half of the workweek which will change the weather pattern around feels like smert past couple days and it will feel like very early spring and with even some rain arriving late in the day thursday. and lasting through the day friday. and heavy at times on friday. friday looks soggy and then slowly, slowly driving out over the weekend with temperatures cool. only in the mid 60s. were you a than of those over the weekend. >> it seems we get over the and and retract. >> pend ulump keeps swinging usually in these months but here in d.c. feels like every month. >> yes. >> hot oingt april on record for washington. >> crazy. >> that's why we're talking about mosquitoes now. >> i got bit. >> what was missing from humidity this weekend. >> they bit me yesterday. they love to eat me alive. >> big citronella candle. >> i'm drinking beers inside. >> exactly. >> thank you caitlin. >> coming up. 6. >> avkts racism. targeting black students were discovered today here
5:49 pm
american university. up next we'll tell what you was found and how students and staff are responding tonight. >> before he list ten concerts on facebook this say fun game. you may not want to do it. it could be invitation for hackers. we'll explain. when we return. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm,
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y2ay2y y16fy >> welcome back down two games in pitburg toptd facing off against the peping wins. black and gold here in d.c. leaving caps in almost do or die situation. of course the saturday loss to verizon center. what really was one of the most unlikeliest of be benchesings in the 6-2 loss. he will be back in goal tonight and today the attitude in the locker room simple. win this or else. >> and it's unacceptable. and i have struck stur allary and
5:53 pm
build for the playoffs and we're confident with the game going in and we have not done a good enough job in front of holtz and five on five. >> let's talk about the ticket marker here. a lot of people headed up to pittsburgh. and you can see prices go up a little game four expected to see a big marked spike in pittsburgh. >> we can see tickets go to 143 at least right now going into next wednesday and that's all thing cnsidered cheap for initial playoff tickets and still that's still a lot of money. >> yes, it is. >> to see a hockey game. >> we'll have highlights later tonight at
5:54 pm
>> coming up a facebook scam friending online and house of cards season five is back. >> can't wait. >> i'm so excited gripping new trailer when the new season premiers next. ext.
5:55 pm
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>> there's a warning about the viral facebooker is. . sxerlt saying concert are a common security question. my first concert is often used as security question for people that lost password and marketing could be targeting you with ads. >>
5:58 pm
hacker nope adds dark over lord claims it already made step episodes veil online. cyber thieves offered it after netflix refused to play a ran some. new episodes are said to be released june 9. it doesn't appear netflix will move up release date. who knows. >> people don't know what's best for them. i do. i know exactly what they need they're like little children, claire. we have to hold their stky fingers and wipe their filmy mouths and teach them right from wrong. >> i can't wait. frank underwood is black netflix out for the official trailer for season five and looking sinister as usual grabbing a lot of bugs right now. just so you know you can catch the series starting may 30th. get ready f.
5:59 pm
>> that orange is the new black corporate verseial one 13 reasons why. >> we talked about that last week as well. >> a lot of people are waiting for that or looking for it. >> thanks for being with us here at 5. >> news at 6 starts rights now. right now at 6:00 more that a dozen people are dead after a line of severe weather tore across parts of the south. >> it was by grace of god we're standing here now. >> now, strong storms could be heading our way. then someone used bananas controlled with racist terms to taunt black challenge student and it's not the first time it happened on the local college campus [ rocky theme ]♪ >> plus how a muslim teenager is making history. the news at 6 starts right n now.
6:00 pm
we begin tonight that's right we're under a severe storm watch after a hot and eyesy weekend we have severe weather headed our way now. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> sue palka is tracking chances for strong storms and area changes on the way. she joins us liver with a first check ever the forecast, hi there, sue. >> tony, shawn, we were placed under severe thunderstorm watch and there's potential for storms later tonight and to become severe and main threat with anything would be damaging straight line winds. we have not seen much in the area right now. but it's kind of increasing down south and also to our west. so the threat time for us i think is between about 8:00 and 10:00 tonight and that's why you see big portions of our region under a severe thunderstorm watch. up to pennsylvania the red is tornado watch difference in pennsylvania is the storms rotate. just a few cities meio


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