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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:10pm EDT

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go to >> for the first time former redskins general manager scott mack lieu a goes on the record about the drama that led to his departure. tonight on the 9305 he took the high road not saying exactly why he left but still calling it an amicable split from a marriage in his words just didn't work. you do feel like it ended in a way that was kind of mutual and that both you guys are okay. >> yeah. i want to say before we get off here, i really respect the fans a lot. and again, the players and the coaches and the
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fans were incredible. they were -- and i respect that. i'll never forget it. >> mccloughan had high marks for the draft class the redskins came up with. he also said he had high hopes for kirk cousins moving forward we'll share more on what he said coming up a little later tonight at 11. >> senate chap rolling out some new features, the biggest change is snaps no longer have a time limit. users can now select the infinity icon to let viewers watch a snap for as long as they want. they can have a snap replayed repeatedly. you can use the emojies by dapg the doodle table and get things you don't want in your snap with a magic eraser. >> we've talked a lot about this guy, sceer just bragging rights for carter. he's 16 years old. carter wilkinson now the most retweeted tweet of all
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wendys how many -- he wanted chicken nuggets for a lifetime, wend can is said 18 million. he accepted the challenge, five weeks later he made history of 3.44 million retweets as of 11:00 this morning. that was enough to surpass the previous retweet holder by ellen degeneral rest. they're donating s $100,000 to dave thomas foundation which kepped did wendys controls. now i want to know what they taste like. >> a special visit from some local athletes after this.
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>> teacher' prerks day, dozens of teachers in fafa
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united players visiting their schools. players came to core kelly school for math, science and technology in alexandria to honor more than 830 teachers for their accomplishments and their work in the community. they also gave special recognition for 15 teacher united recipients. they will host a group of teachers at a home match this weekend. congratulations to them. that's it. fox5 local news at six starts right now. we begin with a major shake yup in washington, just a short time ago, we learned that president trump has fired fbi director james comey. in a statement just released, the statement says comey's firing will mark a new beginning for the fbi. the president says the search for a new fbi director will begin immediately his firing comes dayses after he testified on the capital hill into russia's meddling with the presidential
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president obama appointed comey as fbi director back in 2013. the term was supposed to be for ten years but now of course we know that has been cut short. our own tom fitzgerald is live at reagan national. we know that comey has upset both the republicans and the deps. did his firing, though, come as a surprise. >>reporter: shawn, there is no way around this, this is a stunning development out of this white house. as you know, donald trump rose to fame in large part from his own television show which his catch phrase you're fired entered the national lexicon, that phrase being directed at the director of the federal bureau of investigation. as you mentioned, donald trump did not appoint jim comey to that job. but today he has moved him and it comes on the heels of what many saw as devastating testimony just last week by comey in front of a committee on conscious democratses and republicans that have been looking into this investigation


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