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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> thises fox5 local news at six. tonight at six, president trump on the road speaking at liberty university as the sympathomimetic for a new fbi director continues. the latest on a gloanl cyber attack that infected computers and businesses, healthcare facilities and organizations across the world. another day of rain across our area. when will end? gwen will let us know. the news at six starts right now good evening, everyone thanks for joining us tonight, i'm matt ackland. and lauren demarco. we begin with what has been a chilly and at times wet start to the weekend. let's take a look outside. the rain has been falling off and on. let's hope it's done for at as
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joins us now with a look at the beater. >> when is the sun going to return? a. just in time for our mothers on mother's day. >> not very many people got to see any sunshine today. we had plepttive gray skies and clouds and even a sprinkle here and there and some rain a little bit heavier earlier in the day. let's take a look at satellite radar and see exactly what's lapping. take a look at the low pressure system spinning its way off the northeast. over delaware seeing a fair amount of rainfall as well. you'll see a sprinkle or two here and there. don't be sprays surprised. but it is finally starting to move its way out. temperatures, another portion of my story because it has been extremely chilly. well, highs today 61 at reagan national airport, 60 at dulles and 58 at
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some 13 to t 15-degrees blow the seasonal averages because we hewed be so much warmer than that. right now our current temperature is only 59-degrees in the nation's capital and in our antibody hood here is what we're looking at. fifty-five at winchester, 63 at manassas, 58 at dulles this hour. fifty-five at baltimore and 57 greece at frederick. your evening plabber for you. once again can't rule out an early sprinkle this evening. cloudy skies becoming partly cloudy, that will happen as we get into the overnight hours. we will get some dryer conditions and a gradual clearing. it's all going to be because of a ridge of high pressure that's building ins that he going to help us out. your overnight lowe's still on the chilly side. fifty-one s degrees in d.c. and low 40s north and northwest.
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elsewhere, especially to the east. we're talking about a pleasant day for mom, yes, sunny, warm, but it will be windy. >> we'll have the full seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. bank to you. >> here i am tanning before you as president of the united states so i'm guessing there is some people here today who thought that either one of those things, either one, would \reel\real\ require major help from god. do we agree? president trump giving his first commencement address as commander in chief. he spoke to grad waitsz at liberty university and gave them some important advice. remember this, nothing worth ever, ever, ever came easy. following your convictions means you must be feeling to face criticism from those who
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to do what is right. the president also told the 18,000 graduates they should relish the idea of being an outsider. the university presented mr. trump with an honorary doctorate. also tonight, the president reportedly moving quickly to replace fired fbi james combi at least six potential candidates are scheduled to interview for the job h this weekend and it's ponl the president could nominate comey can ser before he leaves on his first foreign trip next week. we hear more now from fox's caroline shively. >>reporter: the fallout from president trump's firing of fbi director james comey continues this weekend. politicians in washington divided over the issue with some coming to president trump's defense and others calling for a special prosecutor to investigate russian ties to the president's 2016 election campaign. i think the president looked at the situation and made a decision that a president can make. the
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director comey is part of a much longer pattern of this administration's interfering with or removing the people who are in a position to con dwuk an independent investigation of the president and his administration. the firing came just hours before the president hosted the russian foreign minister at the white house. president trump spoppedded to the controversy in an interview with fox's judge gentleman mean pir oh airing saturday at 9 p.m. eastern in which he he dismissed the criticism calling it politics as usual. i guess i was a little bit surprised because all of the democrats, they hated gym comey. they didn't like him. they wanted him fired or whatever april then all of a sudden they come out with these reports. in a statement to the press aboard air force one saturday morning, the president shifted focus towards the candidates being considered to replace comey. i think the process is going to come quickly
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of them are well known, but they have been vetted over their lifetime. really talented people april that's what we want for the fbi. sources report several people are under consideration for the top john the a the fik, but the white house has not release a timeline of when they'll make that deis s. at the white horse, caroline shivly, fox news. dozens ever countries, including the united states are still scrambling this evening after a passive cyber attack. the ransom wear attack infected computers around the globe in england technicians are trying to restore the country's crippled hospital network. while other countries are trying to restore computers that run businesses. launch what apercent to be the large eggs cyber attack of its kind in history friday. the leaked flaw was once secretly used as a cyber weapon by the us national security age
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exploiting the software to infect computers with ransom wear through spam e-mail or attachments. a user then must either pay a ransom or their data will be deleted. this is are screen shot of what the virus dubbed want a cry looked like. this attack is alarming because the shear size and speed hitting more than 70 country, s, uk, india, spain, china than a russia. it affected all types of tries, from the fed ex corporation in the us to british hospitals and medical centers, the russian interior ministry, french car maker renawlt and others. this virus affecting 20 terse of britain's national health service most is back online. many were forced to cancel routine procedure, emergency services were scaled down. the uk prime minister calling the aak on hospitals slument disgusting. unpole has said it is unprecedent terms of the sale
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that has taken place. the cyber center has been working with all companies that have been attack all microsoft windows users are urged to download it. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> there are reports tonight that a 22 year old from england may be responsible for helping to stop the cyber attack. we're going to have much more on this coming up tonight at 10 p.m. it really who hes you so much is vulnerable when you have one of these hacks. hospitals. >> amazing how widespread. >> for hur. >> first, on erg those who made the ultimate sacrifice. we will head out live to the national mall where hundreds are gathering at a candle light vigil. >> the latest for a search in arlington who sexually assaulted a woman inside her apartment. that story than a more when fox5 news at six returns. but first
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tweet us during the show, tell us what you like about the show you can follow lawr especially at d demarco at fox5. you can follow me at matt ackland fox5 and we'd love to hear from you. we're back in a moment. take you with us.
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tonight police are investigating a triple shooting at hotel in alexandria. it happened just after three this morning on blue stone road. a man and two women were hit by the gunfire. we're told the man has life threatening jurks but the woman is spengd to re cover. police spent the morning searching for evidence. at this point it's still the very initial stage of investigation. yes, we believe the victims knew each other. we don't know their connection to any possible suspect. tonight police are still searching for the shooter. they questioned a number of guests at the steppedded stay hotel and they're asking anyone who may have additional information about the ce
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call. a desperate search is on tonight for a missing woman and her eight year old daughter. police in hamilton, virginia, say 34 year old keer johnson and her daughter chloe were last seen two weeks ago in the hamilton area. the mother was driving a kia optima with virginia tags. police bleeft mother and daughter may have been abducted. police in arlington county continue to ask the public for help to identify this man who nubbing into a condo building and they say sexually assaulted a woman inside of her home last sunday morning. detectives release this new video after they discovered that the same man tried to get into an apartment building about an hour earlier, but was stopped. >> you don't think about those kind of things happening here on, you know, in the middle of klehr done. we've all been really shooken b up about it. people who lived the at this luxury apartment complex received a message from management. a man
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entranceway, it was around for a minute or so and then follows a woman and her dog through the main door. once inside he pass he the con soirnlg but an observant employee calls him back and orders him leave. they pretty much know everyone who leafs in the building. they are super careful. they never left anyone in. we appreciate the hard work because that is, you know, ultimately what kept residents of that building safe ashley savage with arlington county police says just over an hour later around nine:45 a.m. sunday morning the same sus pengt was able to gain access to the nearby atrium apartment complex. he knocked on the door claiming to be maintenance. but when one woman opened her door he forced his way in and attacked her. the attack was so violent and so loud they received numerous 911 calls.
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arrive as he was fleeg the scene. police believe he saw the cruisers appeared because he seemed to be aggravated. i hope they find him april hope they throw the book at him h. police want you to take a close look at the video. it's a very brazen úattack. that's why we're askig for the public's assistance. our detectives are working hard on followup on their leads but you play a pivotal role in if you can identify him we need havment he is a violent individual. he committed a violent attack against a woman in our community and we need the public's help. police believe this guy got into the second building by piggybacking off of a resident walking behind the person while the door was still open. it's a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and make sure you're not accidentally letting a stranger into your building. if you recognize the s
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mayor bowser has pult new rules into place following an inspector general's report that who hes some government officials may have received some special treatment from kia henderson. she claims she did nothing wrong. all public officials appointed by the mayor could consult with the board of ethics and accountability before they make a request to the chancellor. also if the chons lor gets a request from a public official they must consult with the same review board. they have 30 days to finalize the new policy and until then no new placements will be allow. on thursday, the mayor spoke about the need for guidelines. i think there's some fault in the the process and this is what we're very focused on. and to be more clear about my response to matt is we want the chancellor to be in the best position, to have parameters to make those decisions because any time there is a discretionary
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de questions about it. we think it's important to have some parameters there so that it's very clear how the chancellor makes decisions. once again the plan is still being finalized no new placements will be permitted for 30 daze until this plan is complete. >> two men are facing serious charges foray ledging hanging a neuz at a middle school in anne arrundel county. numerous tips lead police to connor pratt and john hafer man. both are 19 years old. they were caught on surveillance video tape after they hung a nuz. both are charged with trespassing and tushing school operations. the search is still on tonight for a district man convicted of killing five people in a drunk driving accident in oxon hill. police are now offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the capture of kenneth kelly. he pleaded guilty to more than two dozen charges in
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sentenced in prince george's county yesterday but he didn't show up for his hearing. as fox5 teisha lewis he reports, relatives of the victims are outraged. i was just extremely shocked by it really. something told me, though, that he he wasn't going to show up for court. i don't understand why he was release after just admitting or taking a plea of guilty of killing five people. >> on face time nip a bell cried as she tried to grasp after kenneth kelly was not able to show up for court on his sentencing hearing. he was reportedly driving drunk when he crashed into a car, stopped at a red light in oxon hill. inside that car was bell's younger and older sisters, little cousin and another family member. they all died. now you kind of feel like maybe the system has failed you becaus
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to right any wrong and i guess now all we'll have to do is wait. bell now lives in dallasment she says attending kelly's sentencing hearing would have been painful. but knowing he was a no show hurts more. obviously the family was very angry, very outraged. they expressed a lieutenant of their anger and frustration in the courtroom and we completely understand why they felt that way. we sympathize with the family. they came here today expecting to see a person who took five of their loved ones from them sentenced to prison. kelly reportedly had arrested on an outstanding gs upon organize device that was removed this week. it was a slap in the face says fin a bell. ten children, family and friends get no justice.
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put our trust in the justice system, but we're really not getting any just here. turn a lewis, fox5 local news. >> here in the midst of police week and this evening a candle light will be held to honor men and woman who died in the line of duty while protecting their communities. fox5's lindsay watts is live on the national mall tonight with more on ul a of this. lindsay. >>reporter: lauren and matt, organizers are planning for 30,000 people here tonight. this event we're told just gets bigger and bigger was the years ago. you can see the standing space behind us here on the national mall and then there are also chairs that are set up and right now pamly members of those fallen officers are being escorted in. they are taking their seats. we'll show you some video now. nearly 400 officers are being remembered tonight. the vigil is going to be starting at 8:00. law enforcement minutes from all over the
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this. attorney general jeff session will be speaking as well as ect s of homeland security john kelly. of those 400 officers being honored about 140 of them died this year. the rest died earlier in history, but for different reasons their sacrifice has not been previously documented. forgotten by time, like for example we're adding the name of a pennsylvania dep sti who was killed in 1889. and we working with our volunteers and our research team just discovered his fatality, documented it and we're able to add his name to the walls of the national law enforcement memorial. >> the names of those being honored tonight have already been addedded to that law enforcement officers memorial wall here in d.c. again, this vigil is going to be starting at 8:00 tonight and if if you would like to watch this live you can
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light. org and we'll also have more on this coming up at ten and 11:00. >> it's really amazing this equal woo, too, you see all the of the officers all over town down and a lot of them are wearing whatever it is, their badge from their particular department or they bring their cars. >> you say there's some police officers from florida or wherever. it's nice that they all come together to remember those who have fallen. >> coming up, gets get your popcorn ready because we're heading to the movies. kevin mccarthy will give you his review of the newest films hitting the big screen. time is running out to get mother's day gifts. a little later we'll take a look at how much people are spending this year.
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>> tomorrow is going to be much nicer, but if you want to stay insides anyway and you're looking for something to do with mom on this mother's day weekend some much anticipated new films are debuting. as you can probably guess kevin mccarthy has seen all of these new movies and here he is now with his reviews on the latest batch of films
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>> hey, everybody it's kevin mccarthy and i'm here with your movie reviews for this particular weekend. kink author, legend of the sword as well as snatched. first up is kink authorment i'm a massive guy richie fan. i absolutely love snatch as well as love stock and sherlock holmes. he's a phenomenal film maker. it keeps the film at such epa amazing pace. it makes it so interesting to much what. that's why i was interested in what he does with the kink author film which takes place many, many years ago. you feel like you're watching a 2017 action film but really it's so long ago. he commands an
6:26 pm
amazing presence on screen. the cool thing is he took an idea of slowing down time when kink author has caliber in his hand. when he was filming that, they would do all of the motions in normal speed and then they had to film it separately to make it look like he was going faster than them. those scenes are incredibly awesome. if you remember sherlock holmes, p you remember the slow motion scenes, very well done. the music kind of gives it a very modern tone. it has a very hans zimmermaner eng sound to it. it keeps the movie going. richie style the editing is done in a way where things are told in past and present, characters have funny names. it's really well done in that regard. on the negative side i thought the beginning of the film was very problemat
6:27 pm
there was some scenes in the opening which made no sense and it felt like it was put together without any type of direction. there was also some cheesy scenes by jude law in the middle of the film. i gave the movie a 3.5 out of five. the trailers for this movie were very bad. i walked in kind of hoping guy richie would save the movie. the trailers don't do the action justice. it's better than the trailers lead onto believe. i gave it 3.5 out of five. i do recommend seeing it. next up is snatched. this is the new film starring gold i hand as well as amy schumer. mother and daughter they go on vacation in equador. they get quid napped and they try to go to safety. it has some very funny moments. amy shoe mers style of humor, i loved the train recollect. schumer wrote train rec. this
6:28 pm
movie has some moments, very rhawn chicago, nothing in the if i am is too memorable, but i did love seeing gold i handgun back on screen after all these years she's fantastic as amy schumer's mom in the movie. joan cusak is amazing. she is honestly the best part of this entire film. she is hilarious and she's worth seeing on screen. the movie over all not the most memorable comedy you've ever seen but it does work if you want a good laugh on mother's today, i gave it a three out of five. don't pay the full ticket replies. those are the reviews for this week. you can tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv. i rof that gold i handgun is han is back. he said it's funny. i'll definitely check it out. coming up tonight, jack and david they're hear to talk about politics and boy, it
6:29 pm
capital and at the white horse. before we do that we want to take a look back. fox's jackie ibanez tells us what we can expect in the week ahead. supplanted is mother's day. many people will celebrate the day by sending cards, chock laitsz and other treats to their loved ones. monday, president trump is set to host and dob i's crown prince at the white house the meeting will serve as an opportunity to deepen cooperation with the key alley in the middle west. wednesday, chelsea is expected to be release from a federal prison after president obama commuted her sentence in january. thirty-five years in prison for stealing military and diplomatic documents. saturday, americans will commemorate armed forces day by paying objection to the form acknowledge to the men and women in uniform. also on saturday, it's the second leg of the us horse
6:30 pm
crown, the 14 27bd e dwition of the preakness stakes will take place at brim could he race course in baltimore. that's a look at the week ahead. i'm jackie ibanez, fox news.
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dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to >> he said it once at dinner and then he said it twice -- did you call him? in one casey called him and one case he called me. did you ask him many i under investigation? a. i act
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>> i said if it's possible would you let me, many i under investigation. >> he said you are not under investigation. >> we all saw it, that was president trump speaking on nbc earlier this week, just a few days after he fired the fbi james comey. join us as you do every saturday, jack burkman and david brown. let's talk about this a little bit. good evening. >> first off we should say we heard you were already arguing in the green room. >> we start early, lauren. >> let's start with the very latest news. we kind of lead our show off with there's already a search. apparently there's going to be several canned dates talking about the job. who would be the right choice, in your opinion. i hear senator corn up. >> if corn um wants the job, i'm shocked to death he does. maybe af
6:34 pm
sessions of attorney general. he's head and shoulders above the field. if krnm wants it i'll take him. they were planning to have the elections 18 months from now. i think it will move up that would cause some interesting questions. they would try to move for the number two spot. the thing with senator corn um, he'll be really involved in the healthcare sessions in the senate. i think it would be a headache if he did accept the job. to your question, who is qualified to be fbi director. it's going to be the question that a every s senator is going to be asking because this is now the threshold test for whether or not there is any confidence in impartiality. i was going to say the -- i want to move on and the tweets about the tapings and phone conversations that the president has put out there, now i know
6:35 pm
some other congress men are asking whether this needs to be looked into. >> trump is flipping the issue. it's like in wrestling i was a wrestler in in high school. when you're on top, you flip the guy. that's what up trump administration p is, he flips the issue. how do you get out of h this comey issue, which is negative pr you suddenly focus on a red herring, the tapes. the press goes chasing the tapes. in some sense that's trump's way out. we've seen this now through the campaign. >> yes. through the first 100 days. >> sure. two years ago. >> every time the heat gets too who the on russia -- >> they flip it of course. pupil taped me, wire taped me, that are the some of thing. the interesting thing about trump, he's used to getting out of ahead of people when he opened his own company he would pick up my phone, i do it mysel
6:36 pm
consequences of that when he gets out in front of sean spicer, his surrogates. there is a challenge, though. >> he needs a new team of surrogates. remember, though, that washington just can't let go of the met for of watergate. everybody is so obsessed saturday night massacre. nix yoan and. there is no underlying crime. if you look at yates she's talking about something that happened after the election. she has no evidence to back it up. there's no underlying crime. this is an important point. you're talking about an ongoing investigation, so for you or i or anybody to conclude at this juncture whether or not a crime has been committed. >> how long do you want it to be ongoing, five years, seven years. >> what do you think getting rid of the head of the fbi while this investigation is ongoing. >> i wouldn't have done it. i understand how governs and given
6:37 pm
have -- comey is a meg low maniac. he has done this whole career he positions himself for optimal exposure, optimal tv exposure. this collides with the donald trump. comey was making more and more requestings for resources. this is an alternative reality in which your version of the truth somehow prevails. the president fired the plan who is hoping to manage an investigation into whether or not his campaign committed a federal crime, full stop. he also said -- these are his own words. he also said that he was upset that jim comey refused to take a loyalty oath to him. the fbi director swears to up hold the rule of law. that hewed be the only oath a president should ask. what concrete evidence is there that trump or any member of his team negotiated in any
6:38 pm
i'm or any member of the russian ? is there any evidence. >> i'm not privy to classified information. there was also a threat -- you wouldn't call it a threat. by want to hear from sean spicer right now. in the bushes or butting the bushes. >> it's outside the bushes. let's play the tape. to do everything we can to provide you and the american people with what he's doing on their behalf what he's doing to keep the nation safe. what he's doing to grow jobs. we see time and time again an attempt to parse every little word and make it more of a game of goch you as opposed to really figure out what the policies are, why something is being pursued and what the update are on this. i think it's not something just alone the president feels. i just wonder what the reaction was, a lot of the staff
6:39 pm
know about the firing just heard bit. when you're working with so closely with the president you're his spokes men and you don't know bit. how were you expected to react in do you think that was a bad move? >> it's hard. the biggest problem is they don't have. q. communications people. with all due respect to spicer and to sarah, huk bi, sand, ers, these are not the best communication team. they need to be a lack of talent. it's not a lack of communication in. >> you have to understand. p if you're going to put out written press releases, it opens no avenue for questioning; there's a total lack of respect from this administration to the media to the role offed media, to the first amendment. we awkd on the show previously about how they want to change the tan adder for liable. they want to make it easier to sue journalistses who they don't agree with. the fact
6:40 pm
daily press briefings. they're not fort meade yavment they're for the american people. that is the one opportunity that we have through the media to hold our president and to find an objective truth. trump wants to control the media cycle at every turn. he wants the spotlight on him. he certainly wouldn't get rid of them, but he likes to rattle the media in saying that in fairness to the president -- >> i think he mentioned two every two weeks or something like that. >> or he may do something else altogether. or we're seeing someone who doesn't respect democratic norms. this is a guy -- >> what norms has he violated? >> he's the first president to fire an fbi director without cause. bill clinton did fire sessions. sessions was under investigation and there was a prior report from an republican attorney general
6:41 pm
threatening to close off the press room and to stop briefings, that is crazy. >> i might have brought in my whole team day one. trump let stay in there. a president has arrested on an outstanding right to bring in his own team. >> i think that was an argument some people said why didn't he do it on one. >> might have been better. i'm looking for the drama in this. everybody compares it to arch cox. i do not see the drama in this. >> what i really want to know is whether or not donald trumps was enjoying a beautiful piece of chocolate cake when he fired comey. >> with two scoops of ice cream. >> apparently comey found out otv. >> he was in la talking to his people. >> i like the drama that you two create. >> thanks for talking with us. we're back in a moment.
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>> ticktock, mother's day is coming, i hope you have a gift for her. whether you're just going to give her a call tomorrow or spend biguc
6:44 pm
reason to celebrate mom. fox's lauren simonette takes a look at what people plan on buying. >>reporter: if you have to give your mother something on mother's day, something on mother's day is mond mandatory. 85 percent of consumers surveyed say they will celebrate mom in sunday. an survey says mother's day spending is expected to reach a $23.6 billion. the increase is coming from jewelry sales up 19 percent this season if you're buying a gift for your mom, your sister, and anybody who has become a mother in the recent year. that allows them for consumers to spend a little bit more. the average household will spend a little over
6:45 pm
186-dollars. 1800 flowers ceo chris mcmahon says a variety of options is important for the consumer. we have such a broad holiday like that we need a broad range of products for the different types of moms. with spring in full blook 67 percent of those surveyed said they planned on buying flowers. 56 percent of people said they would bring mom out for a special meal, but perhaps staying in is more your mom's speed. p if you can actually make your own lunch or brunch for your mother you're going to save a couple hundred dollars which is what we spend eating out on mother's day on. >> a. if you aren't actually a whiz kid in the kitchen one restaurant chain is making that a little bit easy, olive garden ready to make bundles, for 81ed you can pick up a full meal to pick up and bring home for mom. mother's' day don't make a big deal, if you don't show them
6:46 pm
deserve, mother's will take note of that. they will remember. a new survey says what moms really want is a social media shoutout 30 percent also expect their kids to give them a shout out on the web. in new york, i'm lauren simonette, fox business. >> i usually do a shout out to my mom. she doesn't live her. >> i expect bruce to give me bryce to give me a shout out on the web. >> coming up, gwen will be back with your full forecast. don't go anywhere, fox5 local news at six will be right back.
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and we'll give you tv, hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to >> talking about the timing and the rain. off and on all day. a little l different in different areas. i was in downtown at about the same time you were if rockville and it was gray and a little bit of springily. we've had a little bit of everything. tomorrow is looking good. >> i would definitely serve up something nice for moms on the weather buffet a. >> on the brunch buffet iml would i than under pressure in i didn't? talk about the haters. we don't want any of those. yes, we are finallying whying to get some dryer conditions and the good news some warmer weather, also. but take a look at what's happening now. this is the system that moved its way through. we had a coastal l
6:50 pm
that developed as well. here it is spinning its way over areas of new england. with that spin we're still seeing some of this moving its way down our areas a well. still looking at an isolated shower here and there, nothing widespread, nothing like we've had over the past 48 hours or so. but still, you know, a little bit out there. it's just going to continue to impact us. we're going to see some clearing skies into tonight, however. just keep that in mind. that's at least the good news on it. temperature wise we're warming up and i'm happy we're finally warming up because it hasn't felt like may at all. bwi thurgood marshal 58. these temperatures some 14 to 15-degrees cooler than the seasonal average for the day. a far cry from where we should be current temperatures right now in our. sixty at manassas, 58 at dulles. fifty-five at leonardtown and 56-degrees in annapolis. as we take a look
6:51 pm
map in i think i just did. let's go past that much let's go to the overnight lowe's, 51 tonight in d.c. we're going to start out with some clouds and some graduated showers. winds will be pushing in from the north or so. it will a little cool. temperatures into the low 40s for you. as we take a look at national map we're going to show you an indication of what's coming our way. i think you're going to like it once we get into the week because we're going to get an influx of the bermuda high that's going to start to boost our temperatures up in the middle of the week. we're going to be a far cry from where we are in terms of our temperatures and highs for today and even yesterday once we get into the seven day forecast. we're really going to actually take quite an abrupt jump into some really who the conditions. here's a look at futurecast. saturday night into tomorrow we're talking actually just the cloudy skies starting t
6:52 pm
of high pressure building in. i can't rule out maybe a little l passing sprinkle in the afternoon, but only a 20 percent chance of that happening. for tonight we're talking cool conditions for tomorrow. ridge of high pressure builds in warming up to the 70s, mostly sunny skies but it's going to be wind i. we're going to see some pretty gusty winds and the winds will be gusting at least up to 30 miles epa hour. sixty-nine by the 11 a.m. hour. sunshine not bad at all. 52-degrees byw- tomorrow. winds pushing in from the the north. by tomorrow its going to be a windy day, but 75-degrees. the seven day forecast, i'm heading to the 90 by the time we get to hump day and towards the end of the week a heatwave for sure.
6:53 pm
going to be back after the break.
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>> bryce harper has signed with the the nats for one more year at least. the nats and harper have agreed to terms on a one-year deal 2018 and it is worth a reported $21.65 million harper is currently in the top ten in the national league in batting average, homeruns, runs scored and rbis. he's eligible to become a free agent after the 2018 season. don't go anywhere bryce. here's some other statistics for you. we are 97 removed from the super bowl and just 117 days away from the kickoff of another nfl season in september. capping a crazy week in d.c. sports we got our first look at the newest redskins as they finished up rookie minute i camp. here's brody logan with more. it has been quite a week for the d.c. sports fan after the capitols lose in game seven
6:56 pm
that the well had gone dry for fan hope. but then as always, hope springs eternal here in d.c. after john walls' game winning shot last night and then the ultimate spring of hope rookie minute i camp for the redskins. a whole new crop of players coming into the team. the fans hope will fix a defende ranked last in stopping off phelpss on third down last year this week's rookie minute i camp invitees included not so famous faces with very famous jeans. like bob marley's grandson meek ' and josh norman's brother mario who wore their brother's number underneath. who is going to get the 24 norm april jersey. >> his mom. >> norman and marley are star names, but the players everyone wants to see are al especially and anderson, the redskins first two picks
6:57 pm
anderson from alabama to plug holes in the redskins pores lund did i mple it's kind of weird that we end up in the same place and i got my go to. we just pushed each other. i'm just glad to have him here. alan fell from a potential top three pick right into the redskins' lapse at the 17th pick in the draft. he didn't have on go forward to make the transition to protestor ball. he played a mere ten minute drive in ashville. i remember coming through these camps as a kid. it's a blessing to say the least. i'm just trying to take advantage of the opportunity and help h this team win ball games:it's crazy to think we're already back out here talking about football. but yes, football season is here after this weeks rookie minute i camp a couple weeks from wednesday th
6:58 pm
minute i camp and before you know it end of july, yes, redskins training camp. football is back. present redskins park, brody logan a, fox5 sports. i need to just enjoy baseball for now., ving su, is having such large eyes." ving su, chevy is the most awarded car company three years in a row. really... let's see how quickly you can read through all their awards.
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