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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 20, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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here's tony and shawn with fox local news at 11. >> right now. a family is demanding changes after this 6-year-old boy was hit and killed by a car on his birthday. what the city says it's doing beginning this weekend. >> a man in stolen ambulance led police on a wild ride through two counties. he denied what the department is saying about the security of its vehicles. >> caught on camera rescue of handicapped man left aflown hot car for hours. your news starts now. >> and we begin with calls for change in the wake of tragic accident thanks for joining us tonight i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> 6-year-old xavier
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was hit by a car crossing livingston wednesday night his family and. >> they're demanding the city take action before another life is lost. laurean is live with more on what's being done, lauren. >> reporter: tony, shawn, the speed limit here is 25 miles an hour. 15 miles an hour when the school right here is in session. cars continue to fly by all day long into the night. we've seen it happening. horrific crash that killed xavier lucky is still under investigation and family says speeding here is clearly a problem and they're asking sit dwroyn stall speed bumps and a crosswalk so it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> we have to started. this has to stop today. right now as we're going -- standing on the street they're
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>> last night we showed you cars speeding livingston road runs between a housing complex and playground here and the area is filled with kids. now around 11 p.m. last night a car zoomed past us as highway speed. police quickly caught one driver and camera was rolling as he was arrested. we. >> her office office tells us they're putting up signage alerting people there's pedestrians here. and thenpp they're going to be gathering evidence to determine if crosswalks or additional traffic common measures will help mitigate safety concerns. >> can't we do something quicker. it's going to take time to gather
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done here. >> we neat to push director of d dot to put speed bumps out in this area and other areas plagued by a lot of speeding for past couple years. we're going to press the issue. her mayor and the office gave a statement and simply we need he speed it's a good effort. but not enough to slow down traffic here. as you say nroming down this street right now. >> he says that he met today with the head of d dot in his office to talk about speeding things up. and i can assure you we will continue to follow up on this and show you what is progress for -- they do not expect charges filed in death of staveier lucky. there's
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bring forth a criminal case. it's clear, firsthand we have dogs speeding through this stretch and we don't want to see this happen to anyone else. live in southeast, laurean, "fox5 local news". >> in prince george county a hospital patient is facing serious charges tonight stealing an ambulance and then leading police on a wild chase. that patient is identified as 43-year-old william person. bob barnat was there. >> it was quite a sight and coming right at us. >> about a dozen police cars lights flashing and chaseing a stolen ambulance with its light and sirens on. after heating south to charles county pursuit
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on the way way in prince george country and yes, we're live on air. >> we understand my colleague lauren slawrn in touch with some of her law enforcement sources and she's the one that told me they laid out strips and that's how the trends on tires of the ambulance dvr we individual. but it doesn't top the guy it slowed him. >> there was litter, littering roadway. >> this most unusual of police khaipss would end allentown road camp springs rest of route 5. stolen ambulance colliding with a maryland state trooper cruiser before coming to a stop. >> we'll beg forgiveness as opposed to asking for permission. >> 3 4
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another ambulance to take back to prince george ambulance center. >> a person named -- police officers discovered gentleman in overnight hours stuffing from injury. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. hospital treated and discharged mr. person and after he was discharged he had excess to an ambulance. >> prince george county fire officials say they have no finding their stolen. >> they all have vehicle locater and there's gps. we do that to ensure we dispatch closest ruin to emergency call. he gets him in the neck. he can tell you where it is at. >> in the middle of pri
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the only inconvenience cost by klod losh you're. >> during rough time trying to get his asense to start of bring him back to a frame of reference where he would stop at several points and he's described as having thousand and yards there. >> stolen ambulance would be puts on a flatbed truck and tape away. allentown road reopening right after 9 a.m. in camp springs maryland bob barnard "fox5 local news". >> today's per sutd begs the question how could someone. >> their policy is that when mrangs and theen injury should not be running, keep theen jip or vehicle running and owe lock at the same time. the investigation is underway to what appears a violence.
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former fbi director james comb yeah greed to testify openly before the senate in2e8 white house is not dep eying a report that trump told rush yaps that james comey took the pressure off of him. he made comments during the recent oval office meeting it just fired head of fbi. i faced great pressure because of him i've taken out. >> washington positive one of the top advisors is significant person of interest in the russia probe. that is described to someone close to the president. his other her name has not been made public. >> she was hired to care for special needs adult and instead left him in a hot car and she enjoyed a day at the mall. "fox5" tisha lewis joins us now with the story.
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>> the vick dim is 26, non verbal and immobile. one of the few ways he communicates is driving or smiling. >> we're pleased with sentencing. she got five years with three and a half years suspended with good time she'll do 12 to 14 months in jail and that was satisfied with what we wanted, to go to jail some period of time. >> rick kabl f campbell says if you abuse vulnerable people the justice system will come off. 26-year-old sbret example came with both he can't speak has cerebral palsy and wheel children bound and knees
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>> all that was rushed aside when -- it was 90 plus degrees when he was left behind so she could spend 2.5 hours inside lake forest mall. >> it was def stating to see my son pulled out during the emergency vehicles. i have not seen any of that. it was also def stating to watch the videos of her walking a round the mall enjoying herself. socializing with friend. >> as temperature con tened that person called paramedics. had they not mate the discovery we could be telling a different story. >> how long owe were you in the mall do you think. >> 30 minutes or more. >> in this interrogation mall service indicates other ways. >> i can say we're khokd
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is. >> for a woman to leave this young man in steaming hot van, temperature close toss 102. it's torture. this kind of neglect is minimal. >> first responders to rescue campbell said his temperature is 102 degrees at the time his parents were on anniversary trip to illly when they got the call the sun was victim of deglekt. this was her first offense. >> tisha lewis "fox5 local news". >> tense poments abored a flight from los angeles to honolulu. >> the curtain is coming down on ringling brother and barnum and pailence. the performers are sewing what they plan to do next. >> hi, there. >> unsettled night across the area. stormdz, rain, how long will it last and what does the revringt the weekend
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all those answers in ability. stay with us we'll be back af handling the unexpected ... ...doesn't happen by accident.
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>> a frightening incidents aboard a american airlines fl
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detained. it happened this morning la to honolulu. >> this is video of the man escorted off the plane. he was wearing a blanket overhead and lap no hand when he tried to run toward the cockpit door. a flight attendant blocked aisle between first class and regular seating to keep the man from moving up further. he was subdued the rest of the night. when the plane landed federal agentsto took them in custody. >> the show will not go on. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey will come to an end this weekend. fox's lauren green has more. >> welcome. >> greatest show on earth takes last bow. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey comes to an end this weekend. one of the traveling circuses performed for the last time
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closing after a final show in new york on sunday. >> it's saz that it ends and it's all the wonderful team that make up "the greatest show on earth". on the other side of it we have to be very happy that for 146 years we could bring the kind of joy to hundreds of millions of people. >> the show stopped using elephants last year and criticism including tigers which will be sent to a center special liesing. >> when you're a an adult you can be any age. >> ringling is the last to pravl by plane. many of them are looking to keep performing and some overseas and others are not sure what they're going to do. >> as a clown you can be relieved. you all have to be full of energy.
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sometimes it's difficult because the audience is saying how are you feeling when will you do? that's the moment it hits you like gosh actually we are closing. >> the final ringling brothers and barnum and pailly in new york, lauren green, fox 5 news. >> we had the privilege of satisfying one of their last shows in d.c. t. was sad. the hoe is different now than it used to be different not siegel fant sad after all these years. >> it's an institution. >> weird living during a time the circus is going away. >> i know, yep, so true. >> here we are mid may. storms today. going into another weekend. >> august like weather. >> i know. >> and things are improving but we still have a little bit of rumle of thunder out there to deal w and so just so you're aware it's not 100% calm night at all across the area.
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and but we do have a weekend that will be a little different in terms of temperature. it won't feel like august that's for sure. take a look at radar for you. stormtracker radar shows you what is happening. and we had a severe thunderstorm warning for baltimore. country here up here to the north. this system cluster is moving its way across the i 95 corridor affecting montgomery county and prince george county also howard. that has now ended and it was to end 11:15 it ended. we'll deal with activity 495 corridor improved well. this one here ended and we don't have it anymore but we still have a fair amount of activity in terms of heavy rainfall and moving frong wind. gusts could be 40 to 506789 heavy rain here still. but we will get it
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way. we have a boundary north and once again we with helpment storm reports for you. it's been usi, he we have hail and strong wind. here are reports. hail up to 1", culpeper or three-quarters for tlawrn and 58 mile an hour wind gusts. hot and sticky today, yes, it was. humid and temperatures like august into low 90s. unbelievable. well above seasonal average. we can be mid 70s. that's coming to end. right now we're at 76 in d.c. and 71 quantico and 68 leonardtown this our and 69 baltimore and same mar tipsburg and 72 dulles. we'll get a cooler air flow moving in here and that will bring those temperatures down. so your daytime highs tomorrow will be into the 70s versus 90s and we'll have a pretty
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much on shore flow going onseting us up for clouds and sun and expect cloudier day by the time we get to your sunday. in the meantime tonight 63. north, northeasterly flow. once again can't rule out another shower or popup storm here and there. not widespread. tomorrow he's high 73 with cooler and "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast look at that. 70s stick ago rounds and here and there rainfall as we move along. back to you. >> coming up next a sit down with the stars of the new alien movie and what it's li ♪♪ whether you're after supreme performance... advanced intelligence... or breathtaking style... there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions.
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>> that's a clip from alien covenant it features return ever
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>> kevin mccarthy sat down with the cast. >> i was reading story. i'm sure you were asked about this a lot. miller's hair. i'm actually genuinely curious out pitch went to ridley. did you call him, text him, do it in person. how did it work. >> yeah, well, it was end of fantastic beast and i saw manmade wivringz esra's hair and i said can i try that on it was end of day and i took some pictures really initially for myself to see i never had short hair to see what it looks like and then yeah i could not -- once i got that idea in my head i cannot get it out of my heat and i didn't know how i would feel like sydney
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>> he's funny when he likes something. he's esthetically sensitive good shirt, nice haircut, you lost weight. he reports it on it bluntly. >> oh, good haircut the wig that was extend of the discussion. >> i've always been following with how he's done practical and incorporating cgi into work. beaut when you're seeing aliens i know there's different ones what are you seeing. it is animal tronics or someone in a suit. >> there's always a person there. whether or not they had motion captureer on or not or alien costume. there was a 6 pots 8 guy that cause a contour shunist. he doesn't leave a lot to the imaginations. same about sets those are
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meticulously crafted. not agree up the reality. >> i don't want to give anything away. is there anything for you for that is it all computer. >> it was honestly -- it was billy. he came to set and crawled on the set and he knew i would not have anything to act against. >> i've seen acting so i thought i could help this kid out. >> the character on the could have napt how would he react. >> i don't know if he would pass the physical to get there in the first place. >> kevin always has fun don't ips interviewed and they had fun too. >> all right. one more quick look at what is happening. >> quick look at radar. things improving. take a look at that. not much going on at all. just a few heavy rain showers moving their way just east of baltimore and litt
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south. here's a look at "fox5" forecast. we have a drier weekend and cloudy skies. and not a lot 6 sunshine and no month. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 11. i thought it was ten but it's not. >> tmz is
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