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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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he said nothing but alcohol and substance abuse may have played a significant role. >> no mention of a hate crime here. paul wagner joins us live with more. paul. >> jim, sarah, you know in the last 24 hours it's been a loft discussion about a possible hate crime here that's because the chief of police at the university of maryland said that m mr. urbanski was member of a facebook group called alt right nation. he said because of that he was bringing in the fbi and fbi was going to assist in this investigation. but, here in the courthouse today there was no mention of prosecution or judge or defense about a hate crime to show you this. this is the statement of charges. this is public document that lays out the evidence against sean urbanski and right here you see there's a box that says hate crime. thatox
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unchecked. so, after the hearing, the state attorney angela brooks came out here along with chief mitchell and prince george county police chief to talk with reporters about what went on. i asked her, miss brooks do you believe this was a hate crime. since there was no mention in the courtroom. this is what she had to say. >> this case as all others we consider every angle whether or not it's a hate crime is one of those angles that will be considered at this early stage in this investigation we do not have enough evidence to say conclusively whether this is a hate crime it is certainly something we will look at with assistance of all partners and if this is where the evidence leads us we'll reach that conclusion. until then we will not speculate. again we think this is so important we have to get it right we'll continue to look at it until we get the right answers
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>> according to statement of charges lieutenant collins and two friend inquiry standing at a bus stop outside montgomery hall when police say sean you're anski stepped towards them saying step left, step left if you know what's best for you when collins replied know urbanski plunged a knife into his chest. charming document said one friend stayed with collins while the other went looking for help and first arriving officer began cpr and collins was taken to prince george hospital center where he later died. police found urbanski sitting on bus stop bench approximately 50 feet from where the lieutenant fell to the ground. two witnesses positively identified uxts rbanski as ta tack ter. they're investigating this as a homicide first and they will go where the evidence takes them. >> at the end of the day this community is hurting. and it's extending beyond the university of myl
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beyond bowie state university. our county, it is important and difficult time and the state attorney rightly assessed that the best way for us to succeed is succeed in concert. >> aft hearing the parents left this courthouse with their attorney i asked the father if his son was a white supremists he declined to comment and the parents had nothing else to say. lieutenant collins is from calvert county airborne certified and member of bowie states rotc and as far as claim about urbanski this alt nation chief police at the university of maryland david mitchell said this "suffice it to say site the despicable
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shows extreme bias of latino faith and african americans. attorneys saying there is no conclusive evtsz of a hate crime but will go where the evidence takes them. live at the courthouse in upper marboro, paul wagner. "fox5 local news". police in green belt are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a woman inside her own apartment. >> this happened days ago. and more on this story, angelie. >> very disturbing this all happened in the very early hours ever the morning when the victim a woman was home alone in her apartment and that left neighbors on edge. it all happened at the franklin park apartment on edmundson road and clearly this in this video is it a sprawling complex. around 1:30 saturday morning a
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teens could through a partially open bedroom window of apartment on the first floor. police say the suspect told a woman he had a gun and sexually assaulted her and the man then fled. greenville police did a thorough search of the area using k-9s and were not able to track the suspect down. >> any kind of violence of a sexual nature is always concerning. this is very rare for us. it's been several years we've had random sex rule assault where a suspect may not be known to the victim. it's very concerning whenever this happens. >> greenbility police are looking for 19-year-old plaque male described as 5' 7" heavier build wearing a black and white jacket, gray short and white socks if you saw anything call police. live in green belt, anjali hemphill.
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major setback for the purple line a judge ordered state and federal transit leaders to take a step back and examine up pact metro ridership may have on the maryland light rule project. the ruling by a federal judge could threaten project chances of securing 900 million in federal grants and more than $5 billion in private partnership. this whole ruling puts them on hole and could kill it completely. the purple line would connect montgomery and it could damage the environment. coalition for smarter growth are reacting in a statement that says in part, we already know metro ridership makes up a limited partnership of ri ridership and calls it badly needed access for drugs or vitalization and as well as vital azygous inside a beltway the project will spur adding ridership to bounce back. >> and d.c. taxis are going digital this summer.
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starting august 31 cab drivers will have to trade in traditional meters for a tablet or smart phone with a digital meter app. the device will be mounted on the car to passengers can sigh 'map and cost and estimate after rifle all will be processed through the square app. this will make d.c. first major city to switch to digital meters. all right. let go outside for you now. live look at the capitol for you. that's a nice shot. however another gray day. i have to say yesterday was a let down after a nice few days around here. >> beautiful. let's get to sue palka with more on the chilly day and what we have in store. hey, sue. >> lots of gray out there for sure, sarah, jim, we strulinged to 71 degrees. good news drier for evening commute than morning commute and we're not seeing much on radar. lot of clouds to be sure we will not see much of the sun today and early morning rain departed and while we're still waiting for a firm amount to come through
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can't completely confirm the all clear. you can see the front beginning to pop a couple light showers. thanks to cloud cover i would be shocked if any kind of thunderstorm was able to develop with that. but maybe a little bit of clearing and southwest later tonight. doesn't it seem like we change seasons every week now. last week it was summer. this week we're unsettled and could be dealing with rounds of rain we have to time out four. likely be another round of rain beginning tomorrow afternoon. for the most part the measurable rain today is likely over. it's 68 degrees in gaithersburg and 71 dulles and we just got up to 71 here in the districts and cooler near the water and baltimore, annapolis, leonardtown, all coming in around 66 degrees. so a little below average for this time year and after last weekend how hot it was i'm not hearing anybody could complaining about that. 00, we're forecasting temperature of 68 degrees. and i'm showing a shower and it's a very small chance about a 20% chance you'll see another shower and as frontal boundary tries to come through we
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you it will be dry all evening. 66 degrees at 9:00. it's a very slow drop-off as we eventually get to 65. at 11:00 and it looks like it will be cloudy, maybe fog here and there by the time we get to 11:00. most places will drop into the 50s tonight. not terribly cold. what about tomorrow, more showers on the way and they'll hold off until tomorrow afternoon and we'll be tracking another area of low pressure bringing lots of clouds to be sure but we start out dry with the clouds cool temperatures and 50s and 60s and then we'll watch down towards the carolinas as area of low pressure rack tracking over towards delmarva and that brings in more rain likely after two or three o'clock tomorrow. evening commute tomorrow may require you to bring your patience and plan out a little extra time. we'll talk much rain gets delivered by that system and what the rest of the week is looking like coming up later, sarah, jim, back to you. >> sue, thanks. >> kouming up a medical marijuana dispensary in tacoma
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park robbed at gun point. >> video two men say were behind the hight. >> and possible criminal act a new video posted to instagram now sparked investigation into the california wildfires. and what a group of suspects are seen doing just before this fire broke out. ronica. >> thanks, sarah, the presidet is on first trip abroad and trump fashion he's breaking tradition and doing things his own way. we'll give you all the details after the break. >> and if you have a story idea gifts awe call "fox5" 2 202-8 5-3000 or
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> president trump surprise now in the middle of his first trip abroad making a historic set of stops. saudi arabia is rahami in italy. >> here's "fox5" political reporter ronica cleary. >> hey, jim, sarah, there's been a lot of talk about this trip and the talk a lot of it is focused on these seweryess of first the president chose to take on. so first stop on international trip saudi arabia. comparisons have been made to george w. bush first stop mexico president obama his first stop canada presidents always choose to stay closer to home. and so then, not only does he make the first s
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arabia then he chooses the route from first to second stop to also be a first, take a look at this tweet from sarah huckabee sanders she says another historic moment on the president's first born trip air force one flies direct to tel aviv. so i spoke with matt slat he is the chair of the american conservative union and he is -- that's the organization that puts on cpac political conservation conference i spoke with him about the significance of this one move in particular. take a look at this. >> he did something spectacular and he had a direct flight which has never been done before. there's no diplomatic relations between these two countries. he's forcing them to accept certain norms, which i think ail of us would like to see accepted. >> and okay, so, there is
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doubt, though, that the president's previous remarks cents back up with this trippp in particular especially remarks from the campaign. okay the call for the ban on muslims entering country during the campaign even though he has tempered down that rhetoric quite a bit since taking on presidency and then back and forth over immigration during the campaign. and when he was read we saw him ignore those remarks publicly when he spoke. we expect that he will probably ignore the back and forth when he meets with the pope. so, is this a good stralt jury? here's what schlapp had to say during the interview. >> you have to transcend between the fiery rhetoric of a campaign trail into being the president and leader of free world ape think it trip is smawbing success because the pictures and visuals are riveting and even just arrival ceremony in saudi arabia what that told me is that the
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really happy to have this new president. they did not appreciate the way they were treated by barack obama. >> okay. so, whether or not you agree or not he's a conservative and supporter whether or not you feel the trip is a success undoudetly he has to come hone with headlines and about the breaking council. i spoke more about him how the president can best handle headlines and move on with agenda when he comes back. i'll be bath on 5@630. >> it was fascinating when you talked about cpac this was not a group that readily embraced donald trump he was going in as sitting president. times change aid bit. >> absolutely and i think you hear more of what you're reference when we talk about some of the stuff at home i think conservatives will rally moreysly around some of the decisions president trump made internationally where domestic agenda may still be a little more
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you're right. >> thank you. >> coming up a black bear sighting a local home owner with a scary en countner her own backyard and what officials are saying about bear sight thingz time of year. first, gary, what's going on? >> listen, i'm out in chantilly at the regional library. listen, most of you think library you check out books. now you can check out something a little different. how about checking out especially for summer months a nature backpack. it's a very, very popular it's new thing going on out here and when i get back i'll tell you all about this how you can get your hand on one for just a few days or weeks. sarah. >> hi, gary, >> and. >> are you ready for the epic ringling brothers and barnum and bailey final performance? [ cheers ]. >> taking their final bow. the ringling brothers barnum and bailey
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last time. we'll show you the final show when we come
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>> we'relering about a bear sighting in virginia. close and personal there. bear was wapderring shortly after midnight in a backyard in front royal and no one was hurt and virginia wild life says they're not unusually this time of year because bears are looking to mate and wild life recommends if you see a bear wandering do not go near it. >> good advice there. >> any time of year? >> stay away. >> you may not want to see a bear up close. but get outside and learn about nature at the library. >> they're loading three dozen back packs to kids to explore. "fox5" gary mcgrady explored the library live in khan t tillly with more today, hey, gary. >> hey, listen, library is not about books only. there's
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of course videos and movies and all kinds of things wow check out of the library. listen here's something new joining me is jennifer hudson the director of the fairfax county library and you guys got a nice this is a cool thing. why don't you tell bus it. and this is your backpack and sponsored by the live virginia and partnership with state parks and coner is vacation and recreation and site museum of virginia and supporting children and adults going outside and doing other things other that reading a book. >> why don't you show us what is on a nature backpack. >> first things you want to see. >> what is the blue thing sticking up there? >> yes, this is a net so you can catch butterflies and dip it into the water and catch wigly creatures in water. >> all that hands on. >> maybe clean it before you bring it back don't stick it back wet into the backpack. >> clean i
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bring it back. we have wonderful field guides people can use or additional herbs and. >> there's my favorite. >> of course. >> for the weather. >> i looked through it it has a lot of cool stuff. you look through that you'll learn a lot. >> all of the guys here are to help you if you get strand outside what do you do if you don't have food or hurt yourself or it's raining. >> what age group this is appealing to do you think. >> we think it's mostly for families but anyone, really. the wonderful thing about this backpack it comes with a free pass to any park in require vir. any state park. >> so it's free parking pass and free to get in the park. >> free admission and parking and whole family. >> that's price of admission here. >> put the tag on there. >> what about this little g guy. >> port abug and point is you can catch bugs and then study them afterwards and hopefully set them free while still alive. >> this could
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some kids may want to bring back spiders or cicadas they're big right now. >> and the goal is that you enjoy nature and leave at the where you found it as well. all back packsen include leave no trace cards so it talks leaving things as you found them and not disrupting natural flow. >> how long you can check this out. >> two weeks. >> two weeks. >> how has response been so far. >> response has been fantastic. we have every single version of this we have checked out and over 1300 people waiting now and hopefully goals to get more at some point we don't want people waiting too long. >> it's a great program and there's other things. this is not the only thing. people need to understand i'm just learning a little, too, coming to the library for books is not the only thing anymore you're renting cameras for -- all kinds of different things we'll talk about that coming up and i think there's more great news stories in things coming out of that thank you stoch and i hope success of this is great this summer and that means it builds on itself
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better. jim and sarah, chantilly. >> question send them anywhere in the fairfax library system. >> you can take this out and track bears something like that. >> we don't advice that. >> probably not i could take a port abug if all of the kids could come with a port a bug and pick up the cicadas in my yard that would be great. >> it will probably hold a good 3,000 or so. >> that is a good start. all right. thanks gary. >> all right. let's take another look at the weather out there as we go back to the tap tall. >> sue palka here with the latest own weather. >> i'll get my library card charged in the montgomery country system and jim and sarah tonight it's about clouds and couple showers around and radar. there is one just down to the south and this is around the rutgersville area. heavy rain with it and no lightning and passes well to south can't eliminate aho
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as the frontal boundy comes through. most of the night is dry. threats start you tuesday morning 7 a.m. a lot of clouds around and few showers south of interstate 6 had in rich mopped and we get to the evening commute mostly on dry side according this this model and that rain is in here tomorrow night and some could be moderate to heavy at times south and east of d.c.. moran what you can expect the rest of this week later. back to you guys. >> thanks, coming up at 5:30 murder on a college campus. >> lindsay watts has been all weekend long she has more right now. hi, lindsay. >> and sarah, jim, you know that murder happened at university of maryland and the victim wept here to buoy state university. tonight, friend and family are going to be gathering to remember the army officer who was killed. second lieu step enter richard collins. up next more on his life and how he will be remembered. >> and out reach tonight over a controversial school policy. it bans students from wea
5:27 pm
but the school is saying about the rule protesters are calling racist. >> and kids love juice. adults too. but pediatricians are putting age limit on who shoulding drinking it. back after this pass♪ you can't stop the tears from falling now♪ ♪
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>> back now it with more top stories now. d.c. police are investigating a homicide in southeast. officers reised to reports of a shooting just before 5:00 this morning. and they found a man shot in the 3900 block of pennsylvania avenue. no word on a suspect or mo motive. >> meantime 80-year-old man in spotsylvania charged with murder of his own neighbor.
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first degree murder accused of shooting and killing his neighbor's son following an ongoing dispute over the property boundaries the victim had a landscaping crew onsite when the shooting happened. >> and the man is accused of stealing an ambulance in prince george county appeared in court this afternoon. a judge set bond for william person of temple hills at 50,000 he's accused of st stealing an ambulance from prince george hospital last friday. he led police on slow speed chase 90 minutes and surrounded him and was arrested. >> and students will gaminger tonight to honor 23-year-old army officer murdered at the university of maryland this weekend. >> lindsey watts has been covering the crime since it happened. she's live tonight with more, lindsay. >> jim, sarah, second lieutenant richard collins should have been walking
5:32 pm
his sayre none on tuesday and instead his family is now preparing to bury him. a vigil will be held in his honor here on campus tonight. we're expecting people to start arriving here within the next hour or so. just days ago. collins was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army and friday night, he was at university of maryland hanging out with friends and he was out celebrating and early saturday they were waiting for an uber when police say out of nor student sean urbanski came up told collins to move out of his way and stabbed him. the two men did not know each other and this was a random attack. we learned yesterday that police and fbi are looking that as a possible hate crime. today, the prince george co county attorney said at this point there is no conclusive evidence of that but the investigation is ongoing. and this has been a horrifying end to the school year for students, both at the bowie state and university of maryland.
5:33 pm
graduates in college park. >> it's a horrible feeling you feel helpless inside you can't do anything and there's people like this you can go to school with and it's disappointing feeling. i can't even describe the feeling it's so sad. >> i don't think there's a way to describe how you feel after something like this scared. >> we're expecting students from university of maryland to join with students at bowie state tonight and the vigil will start at 7:00 and have more on this in the newscast later tonight. live in bowie lindsey watts "fox5 local news". >> new tonight video posted to social media sparking criminal investigation into a wildfire in san diego california. witness position the video on instagram and appears to show start of fire which began around 11:30 saturday morning. see two people there they're standing next to patch of stroking brush. moments lat c
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four people were seen walking a way. the good news is the fires are 75% contained and it scorches thousands of acres of land. >> a charter school in massachusetts votesed to suspend the band on hair extensions this comes after some people protestsed the school's decision to punish two sisters for violating the policy. and "fox 5 news" has more. >> supporting mystic valley regional shutter school ahead of board meeting to address the rule. because of braided hair extensions the 15 years were punished with detentions and barred from prom. >> it's affecting a lot of people and it's just not a good policy. >> the policy ban what's it calls distracting hairstyles including hair monday than 2" in hight and unnatural hair colors and shaved sides and hair extensions and the school tells us their policies fought air culture that emphasizes
5:35 pm
education rather than style, fashion or materialism. but the girls feel targeted for african-american culture protesters say the policy is racists. >> just being a parent of daughters of color who is free to wear her hair any way she wants at maldoun high it really bothers me. >> friday the attorney general office ordered the school to stop enforcing the the policy because it was unlawful. the school went into executive session and prompted a chant from the public. >> i was pretty angry the fact they looked at all of us and just walked away and said it was closed. >> two hours later the board announced decision the hair policy is suspended ford remainder of school year and punishments no longer place. >> the school will continue to work with attorney general office to assure the uniform policy reflects longstanding commitment to rig
5:36 pm
aarr students. >> we'll see what happens. >> absolutely. >> the school's decision calls for a section of the hair policy to be discontinued until the end of year. twins parents say they are pleased with the whole things or results of it but want policy permanently removed. >> you can tell they're not alone in that. >> yes. >> in the meantime revised version of so-called bathroom bill was passed at texas state house. students at puck ling and charter schools have to use bathroom core stoppeding to birth certificate and the esh muir is headed to senate and it's scaled down of an earlier bill which affected all public restrooms not just those in schools. they say it's about safety but opponents say flat out discrimination. >> two george carolina districts saying race played a large role in creating boundaries. justices believe republicans that control legislature and former i of govrj's office put too many african americans
5:37 pm
district. they say it was to weaken after an american voting elsewhere. jerry mannederring violates the constitution. >> and president trump remains overseas and administration is about to reveal the budget proposal it will be formally released tomorrow aend spending plan with balance the budget in a decade making sharp cut for the poor including food stamps and medicade and also would reduce pensions for federal workers and budget blueprint would cut domestic agencies and foreign aid by 10% and redirect those savings to the pentagon. >> we've got a heads up for those of you planning to fire up the grill on this home orial day weekend. more than 200,000 pounds of hot dogs being recalled and hot dogs were manufactured by john morell and may continue metle in the packaging and recall affects nathan skinless beef franks and curtis beef franks so far usda received complaints if you have the hot dogs you should return them for
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>> listen up here new guidelines that suggest children should not be given fruit juice before the age of one a cording to american academy of pediatrics juice can lead to tooth decay and weight gain. that's why doctors recommend up to four ounces of juice toddlers age 1 to 3 and up to 6 ounces between children four and six and maximum of cup per day age 7 to 18. doctors say great alternative to juice is whole fruit. >> it's amazing i'm thinking back to the days i would drink a lot of juice as a kid they give you juice cup and think come on now that's all i can do. >> right, because it's always a lot of added sugar in it too which is why they say go to whole fruit that's natural sugar in there. >> all right picking a baby's name can be tough. >> yes. >> this may offer parents a little help. u.s. listed most popular baby names is out a list of top boy names in d.c. last year st starting with william, billy, whatever, alexander, there's a lot of variations, henry,
5:39 pm
lot of variations, henry, noah, benjamin. >> let's take a look at girls names now of a a, sophie a, charlotte, olivia and emma and most popular names were noah and emma they made the top five in d.c. and virginia they've been up there for a while a good run. >> i'm sure james and sarah were on that list a long time ago. >> long time ago. >> bring them back. bring them back. coming up a marijuana dispensary targeted by rob robbers. >> and unexpected surprise. we'll tell you more than 100 grams of marijuana was found inside children's clothing. wait until you hear this one. first caitlin. >> i'm waiting thank you jim. boy, morning showers, average clouds, soggy weather is back here in d.c.. we did manage a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon hard pressed to find them west of town. 71 outside right now so long with the gray skies and cool weather and soggy
5:40 pm
the rest of the week. i'll let you know when we finally clear out how that memorial day weekend warm is haiping up when fox news return after
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> welcome back d.c. police putting word out tonight in hopes of finding two suspect in violent attempted robbery in northwest. happened yesterday morning at medicinal marijuana disp dispensary. it shows the suspects trying to get inside and the victim refused and one of the suspects fired shots. victim returned fire and suspect took off. no one was hurts. if you recognize suspects or know anything about this give police a call. >> unexpected surprise came with kloming donation in minnesota over 100 grams of
5:44 pm
children's clothing that was donated to a store in minneapolis. police he posted a photo of this pot on the facebook page for owner to claim. it no one has come forward at this point. owner would face a felony charge and more than a year in prison if they d probably not coming forward any time sgloon whoops. >> oops. >> before kicking off first round of summer ota chairing up the and all gal of classic. charity all in exchange for a chance to hits the course with redskins great and current players like ryan kerr i be began. skins out on the field for the first time for official field activities and fox5 live on wednesday to give a rundown of the redskins summer workouts. >> doesn't look ike you know the rain held off at least for a while for those guys. >> had which was great a lot of rain started off the morning and basically rest of the day stayed cloudy. waves of rain over the next few days. if you try to be outdoors
5:45 pm
be changeable adds we have many opportunities for showers really through thursday. that's great for the lawns and great for brother. a lot of green and we had our share of may showers. also may cool weather. i know it was very hot end to last week. but we're back with the gray days and below normal temperaures. let's get straight to the weather headlines passing shower expected for tonight and i don't think we see much more rain and we'll have to wait until pm hours of tomorrow that looks to be second wave of week will come through. showers return and areas south of charlottesville to st. mary maryland i don't think they reached d.c. until mid afternoon. staying soggy thursday through opportunities of rain thursday night and' ebbly thursday afternoon but early call it does look like we finally clear out on friday just in time for the holiday weekend unofficial start to summer. that's good timing. 71 is the high.
5:46 pm
of year and normal high temperature upper 70s. 68 gaithersburg with cloud cover and 70 westminster and cooler east 66 baltimore and 67 annapolis and 66 leonardtown and 6 4 ste stevensville. and you go back out to the mountain where's they manage aid few for peaks of sunshine. stormtracker radar quiet as you see most of the rain now clearing eastern shore or at least ending their shortly from south jersey down to delaware beaches and maryland beaches should be done with rain in the next hour or so. one rogue little shower with a cold front along the poun mountains north of charlottesville and cold front cutting in instab billty. it will pass with a whim per and cloud cover and band of showers and thunderstorms around this cold front. departing area of rain nothing forming back off west and possibly brief clearing with high pressure building in overnight. it would be very brief and probably missed before the clouds return tomorrow morning so. here we go. future
5:47 pm
anything except for a passing shower this evening. 8 a.m., plenty of clouds. here's a line of showers approaching south and it looks like this line wants to get up to the southern side of beltway and not really into washington or district until later in the afternoon. so maybe a passing shower through the day and we could be waiting until end of tuesday to see rain that will move off north and as we fast forward through late in the day on wednesday it looks like next round is wednesday night to early thursday morning where we can have thunderstorms and possibly heavy rain. timing can change. suffice to say over the next few days a good khachs rain, tuesday night, wednesday nition, into thursday and most this is light rain showers and at least estimated over the next 48 hours maybe inch to inch and a half at most. tonight, just a shower or two. what we saw towards west is what we'll get. 61. mostly cloudy. 69 tomorrow. overcast. and very, very cool. back to dressing in the pants with the hooded jacket. day forecast scattered showers wednesday, 75. showers and possible
5:48 pm
and it does look like we dry out on breezy friday, 77 and then into the holiday weekend itself, beautiful. if you want to head to beach 83 sunny and warm that looks great and timing on next chance of showers and thunderstorms will be sunday into memorial day it saevrl. playing close attention to that forecast and at least it looks warmen and looks a little sunnier to start off the weekend more ejoyable as we head to friday. that's the way it looks. stay with us, "fox 5 news" at five will be back after
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creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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>> closing time♪ >> "the greatest show on earth" is officially no more. it's closing after 100 years the ringling brother barnum and bailey had final show in long island last night. >> laura engels inside the big top of the show. >> are you ready for the epic
5:52 pm
ringling brothers and barnum and bailey final performance. it's end of era in ebt tapement at the ringling brothers of barnum and bailey big top comes down for good after a 146-year run. acrobats, animals and clowns entertaining thousands of guests during the final performance for many it's a bittersweet good-bye. >> it's a clown you know you can be sad and sensitive. you have to always be full of energy and happiness. sometimes it's been really difficult because the audience is asking us how are you feeling how are you feeling what are you going to do? and that's the moment it keeps hitting you like gosh actually we are closing. >> years of protests by animal rights groups took a toll on the circus coming to head about a year ago when per performing elephants were removed from the show and ringling parents company cites the circuses old fashioned -- high operating costs and declining ticket sales
5:53 pm
shut down. estimated 10 million people had gone to rippingling circus each year. for those attending the final perform as it's one last chance to experience the greatest show on early. >> i've been going to the circus sin the 19 70s when i went with my dad to madison square garden it's been a part of my life. >> all circus animals head to new homes after sunday's final performance and hundreds of performers from ringling family will be scattered across the world as the top comes down on their lively hood. >> at the nassau colosseum on long island, laura ingle, fox news. >> it's sad but i will say my opinion evolved over the years to the point like it's like i look at the animals and think, you know, they really should not be put through that. i kind of get it. >> it's a tradition for a lot of people. >> it s it s i understand that too. >> there's circuses existing though and there's another universe soul circus amouseing fedex field in landover running
5:54 pm
stay there a whole month. it will be there starting june 22 tickets on sale right now naval academy freshman took on a challenge to become mid s shipmen. >> flogging the hermine done monday youment in vegetable shortening. that's what they do. we'll show you next♪ i make you criesy♪ i make you crazy♪ i make you crazy, just like me♪ z23wnz z5yz
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ a time honored tradition at the u.s. naval academy. >> signifies one last challenge the freshman class must complete before con considered upper class men. the goal is 21 foot tall grab
5:58 pm
a white dixie cup at the top and replace with upper classmen hat. that may sound challenging it's tougher than you think because by the way they cover that in vegetable oil. takes time but they promise to be 2 hours 21 minutes 22 seconds and set by class of 1981. >> it's a big deal. >> it's a big deal. >> so excited. >> look at that. >> ah, all right. >> very cool. i. >> i mentioned universal circus. they will put the tejts up old school doing it for a month starting later in june. >> all right in case you want to hit circus again. >> thanks for being where us at 5. >> "fox5 local news" at 6 starts now. >> local news at 6. straight ahead college campus murder. the fbi investigating the attack as
5:59 pm
crime. then quite a sight. latest on the driver that stole this ambulance and wept joy riding prince george county and plus a pregnant teen band from her own graduation. the news at 6 starts now. i university of maryland student accuses of stabbing a newly commissioned army lieutenant also a student at bowie state urt. thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> the attack on bowie state student was unprovoked. alcohol and substance abuse may have played a factor here. "fox5" paul wagner live at the courthouse in upper marboro with the latest, paul. >> shawn, tony, there's been a lot of talk about a possible hate crime here and the last 24 hours and that's after police chief at the university of maryland david mitchell said that shawn urbanski suspect in this case was
6:00 pm
called alt right nation. however here at the courthouse during the hearing for bond review there was no mention of a hate crime. not by the judgment not by the prostituteer and not by defense. and this is the charging document let me show you this is what is given out to the public basically explaining the evidence against suspect. right here you can see it s says, hate crime. and there's a box to check. that was not checked today. and so, when the state attorney angela brooks came to to speak with reporter the first question to me is mrs. also jp brooks do you believe this is hate crime. here's her reply. >> and we consider every angle and whether or not it's a hate crime and i can tell you that at this early stage in this investigation we do not have enough evidence to say conclusively whether this


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