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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 5:00 a disturbing hate filled find at one of d.c.'s most popular and newest museums. we're live at the african-american history and culture museum with details of the racist message a tourist found inside. >> nba star lebron james in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. his powerful message, though, about race in america after his home is the target of racist graffiti. >> live look outside. it's thursday june 1st. that means we are one day closer to friday and to the official start of summer. good morning to you. thank you for joining
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i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris. gary mcgrady, erin como both with us bright and early this morning. i feel like it's dark and early. i'm not sure it's bright just yet. >> it's our attitude that's bright. >> exactly. let's talk weather with gary. >> this morning sun is coming up and there's been a couple little showers. they're moving through. we're good. today very, very nice. as a matter of fact tomorrow's nice, too. we'll have forecast coming up. erin. >> roads are pleasant. i have my wonder woman cup and i'm tracking your morning commute. we'll let you know if anything changes. >> thanks a lot to both of you. first bringing you breaking news from wisconsin an overnight explosion at an ethanol plant in cambria. the incident happened late last night and there are reports of multiple casualties t we're just getting in video from the scene. happened at the didion milling ethanol plant. emergency response has been upgraded to a fourth alarm and multiple air ambulances have been called to the scene. we'll stay on top of those developing stories and bring you
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>> ♪ today president trump is expected to announce his decision on whether the u.s. will remove itself from the paris climate accord. that announcement will come as the investigation into possible russian meddling in the election continues to heat up. melanie alnwick is live outside the white house now with more. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning and that announcement is expected to be made this afternoon about 3 o'clock in the rose garden and many sources are saying they do expect the president to announce some kind of withdrawal or perhaps some renegotiation of that climate accord. still, president trump last night said he is weighing many different opinions. the 2015 paris climate accord is a packet among 200 countries to fight global warming and pollution by reducing carbon emissions. in international meetings last week president trump told allies that he truly cares about the environment but he's also concerned that adhering to carbon emissions
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could risk the u.s. falling mind manufacturing and job creation. still, major corporations like google, apple and u.s. oil companies have urged trump to remain in the packet. and there could be trouble for trump on capitol hill now that fired fbi director james comey has been cleared to testify. the senate intelligence committee is very interested in memos comey kept detailing his meetings with the president. comey has said that president trump suggested he give former national security add driver michael flynn a pass during the investigation into communications with russia. and we do that understand that comey's testimony cool come as early as next week. live outside the white house, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 5:03 right now. happening today the pal man pennsylvania man arrested at trump hotel in d.c. yesterday is due to make his first court appearance. bryan moles had an assault ste
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ammunition in the vehicle in the hotel's garage. they got a tip from pennsylvania state police that moles was on his way to d.c. and that he was carrying firearms. also today, a gaithersburg man accused of impersonating a police officer is due in court. the 35-year-old is also facing gun charges. montgomery county police say he was arrested on february 22nd after they learned that he may have been impersonating an officer on multiple occasions. during a search of his home, police found assault rifles as well as body armor and ammunition. they technological recovered what appeared to be a baltimore county police badge. according to documents, he was also in falls church wearing an ice uniform. >> developing in northern virginia this morning, police are trying to track down a man accused of inappropriately touching a girl at arlington national cemetery. happened on memorial day while president trump was laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. police say the suspect and the girl did not know each
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the picture you just saw, call police. developing in the district, a cab driver is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger over memorial day weekend. he alleged... the alleged victim says she got into the cab early sunday morning. the woman admits she had been drinking and "blacked out." she says when she woke up the cab driver was assaulting her. she managed to fight him off. she then opened a window and began screaming for help. that's when a passerby heard her along 16th street and called police. officers pulled over the cab and arrested the driver. that driver is due in court today. >> ♪ >> 5:05. okay, we've been waiting all week for it. thursday the best day of the week. >> yeah, today's good. tomorrow's good, too, so maybe we'll have a couple of good days this week. i'll say this, too. the weekend is starting to look a little bit nicer. saturday is good and sunday maybe not quite as rainy as perhaps we thought yesterday. so, keep our fingers crossed. okay, this morning front is in the area so along and ahead of the front there's some clo
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we've been highlighting them this morning. they are weakening okay. so as the front comes through and continues to push through over the next three, four hours or so, that will bring the drier air in. so, we wake up this morning, yeah, there's a couple of clouds going for us now but again, we get improvement through the morning hours and then into the afternoon it looks like it's going to be real, real nice. temperatures out there now. a lot of folks are in the 50's. winchester has come up to 61, dulles 57 degrees, gaithersburg 58. that's a little cooler than they were last hour and we're still sitting at 63 degrees here in town. fredericksburg right now is 59 degrees. not 49 degrees, 59 degrees. so, we get the front through, drier air comes in on these northwesterly winds. a little bit gusty with winds 10 to 20. gusts to 25. high today will get up to about 81 degrees. real, real nice. full forecast coming up including the seven-day. here's erin como. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers.
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>> 5:06. if you're taking the rails instead of the roads right now still dealing with safe track surge 15. that will be in place through june 15. no trains on the orange line between new carrollton and stadium-armory. there is shuttle service available and don't forget the following stations new carrollton landover cheverly deanwood as well as minnesota avenue are all shut down t you have shuttle buses options as well express shuttles to take you to the blue line. as we take a look at our drive times still all green all good through virginia. 66 problem free. 95 looking good through dale city. i'll let you know about your maryland drive times but you're also in the green next. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks erin. 5:i sev5:07 right now. haunting new video from inside the pulse nightclub moments after the gunman opened fire. details next. >> new images following tiger woods dui arrest. whatas
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revealing about his latest ordeal. stick with us. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ >> ♪ >> newly released video from body cameras on officers
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details into a terrifying ordeal. it shows patrons running from the club. in another video the officer comes to a realization that it's an act of terrorism. 49 people were killed during that shooting. >> new dashcam video from tiger woods memorial day arrest. this video shows moments after police found the golfer asleep in his car on the side of the road. you can see woods going through a series of sobriety tests. a breathalyzer test proved he had not actually been drinking. woods says it was caused by prescription medications. he's due in court on july 5th. >> police officer in new york city has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the death of a mentally ill woman. sergeant hugh barry is accused of shooting the mom her bronx apartment in october as he tried to take her to the ho
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prosecutors say berry opened fire after the woman came at him with a bat. they say he disregarded training on handling people with mental illness. >> midair scare. emergency landing for a malaysian airlines plane after a mentally hill passenger threatened blow up the jet. the flight had taken off from melbourne australia and was about 10 minutes in when the passenger made the threat and tried to get into the cockpit. other passengers tackled the man, tied him up. the plane turned around and landed safely. it was swept for explosives but nothing was that found. officials say the man had been released yesterday from a psychiatric hospital. >> hot news from nasa. the agency sending a spacecraft to the sun next year. the mission will not only help scientists understand the formation of stars it could also help prevent certain problems here on earth. >> we are also going to be providing critical information that would allow us to better forecast how our earth's environment responds to the sun. we'll be doing critical advances that will enable us to better predict space weather. >> nasa is calling it a mission
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it is scheduled for launch this to the summer of 2018. >> the obamas making it official. the big purchase they just made in d.c. >> a heated moment at one baseball stadium in the stands and the ordeal landing the team's mascot in some pretty hot water. we're going to explain next. >> and a live look outside on this thursday morning. there's the white house. it's going to be a gorgeous day today, gary says, so go ahead and make your plans to get out and enjoy now. stay with us. you're watching fox5 news morning. 5:11 is our time right now. we're back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ z2cufz z16fz
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y2cufy y16fy ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen,
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creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> back now 5:13 with a check of your top stories on a thursday. today president trump says he will announce his decision on whether the u.s. will remove itself from the paris climate accord. leaving the packet would mark a significant step in the president's efforts to roll back obamaer
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>> papaa pennsylvania man a d arrested. bryan moles. police got a tip from that pennsylvania state police that moles was on his way to d.c. and he was carrying firearms. >> this morning d.c. park police investigating who left a noose at the national museum of african-american history and culture yesterday. the shocking discovery was made around 1:00 in the afternoon. the noose was reportedly spotted by a tourist in a segregation exhibit. >> want to turn to sports. game two of the stanley cup finals. predators would take the early lead but the penguins would respond immediately and keep the momentum alive the rest of the game. penguins winning four to one. they lead the series two-nothing. >> on the baseball diamond the nats taking on the san francisco giants last night on the west coast. game didn't start until 10:30 east coast time. nats would take the early lead thanks to ryan sim's three run homer in the
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final score three-one. i think that means we swept the giants, right. >> i think so. >> yeah, exactly. they'burying the lead there. get the brooms out, people. >> all right, just about -- well, it is 5:15 right now. gary mcgrady checking in with you with the weather this morning. lot nice carry. >> we should have swept the padres but i digress. weekend forecast, a couple of days ago sunday was looking like, maybe a rainout. but come in this morning, look at the new modeling and the trend here for sunday is looking a whole lot better. now, look e-we're still going to have some showers and thunderstorms on sunday but maybe not until the afternoon as opposed to pretty much on and off all day long. so o-sunday's getting better and that means with some sunshine for at least the first part of sunday we should get temperatures up into the mid to lower to mid 80's i think is the best we're going to be able to do on sunday and saturday looks like we're talking later storms, into the evening hours and into the nighttime hours on saturday. so, it does look like
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as well. now, this morning way up to the north and northwest, couple of showers coming by. right now we're fairly dry. there was something in northern fauquier county that was trying to fire up. frontal system is to the north of us. so, gathering ahead of the front, a couple of showers here but they're weakening. that doesn't mean something else couldn't fire up over the next couple of hours. until the front comes through there's a chance of that. notice the clouds gathering along and ahead of the front. those will move out and get pushed out as the drier air comes in from the northwest. improving conditions as were as we gothrough the morning hou. this afternoon looks beautiful. temperatures in the upper 70's low 80's. here's the front i was talking about o it moves through. high pressure builds in. that's the good stuff. still later on this afternoon a lot of sunshine. again, 70's and 80's. winds will be kicking up west-northwest 10 to 20 and occasional gusts around 25 wouldn't surpr
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out for that. so with that in mind we say breezy afternoon and high temperature gets up to about 81 degrees. check this out. bowie tomorrow -- erin, you're going to bowie, right. >> yes. >> bowie is great. it will be like a thousand people out there. zip trip looks nice and dry and we're going stay in the 80's this weekend. >> i'm so excited to get to visit bowie. >> yeah. >> going to be a fun day. >> there will be a lot of people, too. >> right now if you're trying to get to work take a look at 60 by u.s. 50 already eastbound side slowing down. we're seeing some volume out by sudley road as well. i would leave the house about 10 minutes early at least. you need extra time. 270 southbound nice and quiet as you make your way down to the spur this morning. north of that point a little bit of congestion by the truck scales t i'll let you know if any major slowdowns pop up. in the district 295 southbound you can see those taillights past eastern avenue. you're still in the clear from visit to the 11th street bridge. very light volume on the northbound side as well. we'll switch over for a look at our maps. roads are looking really nice right now. problem free on our secondaries in chevy chase. no
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395 northbound the entire stretch is looking good to the 14th street bridge. in fact, all of our area bridges are still very pleasant right now. 50 as you make your way through bowie looking good. across the bay bridge coming from kent island trying get to anne arrundel you're in great shape. fairfax pretty quiet but you saw that volume we saw increased on the 66 eastbound side out by 50. let's forward our maps and show you what else you're up against on the roads. there's a look at that 270 side where we're delay free but just north of that point we're starting to see a little bit of congestion. if you have an early flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi, reagan national and dulles cruising along without any issues. i'll let you know if that changes. metro is on time right now except for safe track. that's slowing down the orange line but shuttle service is available. back to you. >> time now is 5:18. let's take a look at the stories that are trending this morning on the web. >> wisdom is back with what is hot on the web this morning. hey, whiz. >> good morning to you. first up lebron james gets ready to
5:19 am
game one of the nba finals responding to racist graffiti spray paint the on his los angeles home. police say the n-word was spray painted across the front gate. lebron james was that not home at the time but says the incident proves that racism will always be a part of the world and despite having money and admiration being black in america is tough. next up, seven new subpoenaes have been issued in the russian investigation. they were issued by the house intelligence committee yesterday. four are directly related to russian meddling. three ot others focus improper masking of officials. press secretary sean spicer said yesterday that all inquiries will be referred to president trump's lawyer. fired fbi director james comey is reportedly due to tes testify to a congressional committee next week. remember that d.c. house that the obamas have been renting post presidency? well,
5:20 am
decided to buy it. they've only been living there for about four months but they apparently love it so much that they just plopped down over $8 million. the sale was first reported by the washington post. in the past the obamas say they plan to day stay in d.c. while sasha finishes high school. someone posted the video online showing mr. met walking down a tunnel at the ballpark and then he turned around and gave the middle finger to the fans. no word on what provoked that gesture but in a statement the mets said they're dealing with the matter internally. >> did the mets loss? >> maybe that's why. >> maybe that provoked the matter. >> could be. could be having a bad day in that suit. >> mr. met you got to be stronger than that. can't let them get to you. >> thanks whiz. famous guitar grabbing a pretty
5:21 am
the jerry garcia's guitar went for. >> 5:21. looking at the museum of african-american history and culture where an unfortunate incident took place. we'll tell you about the noose found in one of the exhibit rooms. that's coming up when will fox5 news morning continues. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> back now at 5:23. the guitar that jerry garcia jea fetched pretty penny in new york. sold at auction last night for nearly $2 million. garcia named the get are tar wolf. he first played it in 1973 and used the guitar up until his death in 1995. >> fans of the
5:24 am
treats going nuts in chicago. the one and only nutella cafe is officially opened. that cafe includes nutella filled crepes waffles cookie sandwiches. to celebrate the grand opening the store gave away 400 free samples. >> brand new chick-fil-a coming to the district on capitol hill. 100 lucky customers got a year's worth of free meals but only after they helped the restaurant put together 10,000 meals for charity. >> good deal t how about some good food for a good cause. today from 10:45 to 10:00 p.m. all d.c. chipotle locations will donate 50 percent of the proceeds to the d.c. public library summer ready program. all you have to do to she eat eat -- help is eat at chip chipotle. >> eat a bowl for books. >> that's a
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>> wonderful weather. >> yes, exactly. >> wow. >> here we go. it's going to be nice. couple of clouds this morning, maybe a shower or two, all right. just so you know. temperatures in the suburbs are in the 50's. we're in the 60's in town. we've had a couple little showers come on across. look, there's a frontal system, it's up to the north and west of us. it's a cold front. it's not that we're really going to be all that much colder behind it. temperatures today will be in the lower 80's. but the front is right in here, okay. so s-out ahead of that front, there are a couple of showers. there were some thunderstorms earlier this morning. those have since died out but behind the front drier air, it will be breezy, so as the front moves through, the winds are going to pick up a little bit this afternoon. the humidities are going to drop off. so, it's not going to be too terribly bad out there. as a matter of fact i think this afternoon is looking really nice. talking about temperatures in the 50's for the suburbs. manassas you're 57. culpeper you're 57. dulles is 57. here in town we're still
5:26 am
and it's really nice over in annapolis this morning with a temperature of 64. so s-check our day plan per. i think at 11 o'clock, we should have a good amounts of sunshine by then. keep in mind for the first few hours the sun this morning will have some clouds out there, 75 degrees. by 11:00. 80 at 2 o'clock and we're going to top out today upper 70's, low 80's. and it depend on where you are. but i think we get up to about 81 degrees here in town for a high temperature. and last time i wasn't able to show the seven-day for very long so let me give you a little longer peek at it. 81 today t looks nice. zip trip tomorrow looks great, too, lots of sunshine 82 trees 82 degrees for a high. low 60's in low what was. bowie. p.m. showers and storms possible on sunday. so, looking a little bit better for the weekend. here's erin como. >> 5:26 right now. we do have some construction bottom of the beltway. this is the outer loop by van dorn street as you make your way t
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traffic is slowing in the left lanes and that construction that is putting a little bit of a damper on our trip. rubberneck delay. caution there. 66 on the eastbound side slow roll by 50. that is because of congestion. no crashes to report. as you make your way in toward the beltway you'll hit about a 10 minute delay coming from 234 and that is because of the amount of traffic that's picking up. things looking much different 270 on the southbound side by montrose road. metro is on time except for safetrack. we'll have more traffic in a few. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks erin. 5:27 right now. will he or won't he? all eyes on president trump as the world waits to see if he will remove the u.s. from a global climate change packet. all those details next at 5:30. >> disturbing inside d.c.'s africanafrican-american museum f history and culture. >> another check of your weather and traffic on the 5s. right now we leave you with this gorgeous pictu
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supposed to be a beautiful thursday. you're watching fox5 news morning.
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y2d1gy y16fy >> right now on fox5 news morning a final decision. president trump set to make a major announcement as to whether the u.s. will stay or leave the so-called paris climate agreement. this comes as the investigation into russian meddling continues to heat up. plus, an nba star in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. >> no matter how much
5:31 am
you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is -- it's tougher. >> lebron james the target of a hateful message at his home. how he's using it to spread an important message about racism. and the f-i-n-a-n count down. the nation's top 40 spellers continue their quest for a championship. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> notes. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. today is thursday, it is june 1st, summer, official summer. >> aall right, gary mcgrady and erin como, well, they're joining us talking about the roads on the skies but first we'll start with gary with a quick tease and how's it looking gary. >> but it's meteorological summer. >> all right, starts june 1st. >> i
5:32 am
if you're on that list and you feel good about it, woo, who, summer is here. you're not on that list erin. >> bad construction days on by van dorn street. >> thank you both. we'll see you in just a couple minutes to get an update on traffic and weather. happening today president trump says he will announce his decision on whether the u.s. will remove itself from the paris climate accord. now the president will make the announcement at 3:00 this afternoon from the white house rose garden. fears of the u.s. severing ties are raising concerns on both sides of the aisle. leaving the pact would mark a significant step in the president's efforts to roll back obama era climate change policies. >> james comey has reportedly changed his mind about what he will reveal about his meetings with president trump. comey is reportedly due to testify to a congressional committee as early as next week. meanwhile, the white house says it's no longer taking questions about links to russia. press secretary sean spicer said yesterd
5:33 am
trump's lawyer. >> the pennsylvania man arrested at trump hotel in d.c. yesterday is due to make his first appearance in court. bryan moles had an assault rifle, a handgun ammunition in his vehicle in the hotel's garage. they got a tip from pennsylvania state police that moles was on his way to d.c. and that he was carrying firearms. >> also today, a gaithersburg man accused of impersonating a police officer due in court. the 35-year-old is also facing gun charges. montgomery county police say he was arrested on february 22nd after they learned he may have been impersonating an officer on multiple occasions. during a search of his home, police found assault rifles as well as body armor and ammunition. they also recovered what appeared to be a baltimore county police badge. according to documents, he was also in falls church wearing an ice uniform. now to a shocking discovery district. a news was found at the
5:34 am
history and culture. >> it was discovered inside a gallery documenting segregation. annie yu joins us live from northwest with the story. annie. >> reporter: well, holly and wisdom, good morning to you. park police tell us that the disturbing find was discovered around 1 o'clock yesterday right on the second floor of the national museum of african-american history and culture. it was discovered by tourists again around 1 o'clock and as soon as it was reported we're told that there was a heavy security presence and then the gallery was shut down for at least an hour. now, as you mentioned, the noose was discovered in the segregation exhibit. this is on the second floor of the history galleries. and take a listen to pamela fitzgerald who was a tourist here at the time of the discovery. >> at one point while we were there, i saw a big ruckus with two security guards that were running through. >> oh, god, i -- no words. to be completely and brutally
5:35 am
crimes are on the rise. >> reporter: now, this is the second incident involving a noose at a smithsonian museum in just days. you may remember a noose was found hanging from a tree saturday on the grounds of the hirshorn museum. the secretary of the smithsonian said in part in an e-mail to staff "we will not be intimidated the. with new urgency we will tell the story of the nation and all its people. we and will continue to fight this sort of ignorance with knowledge. cowardly acts like these will not for one moment prevent us from vital work we do. we will remain vigilant and despite these deplorable acts we will become a stronger institution for all americans." park police tell us it is likely the person who is responsible for this disturbing act was caught on surveillance images so we are waiting to hear more on that. we can tell you meanwhile the segregation exhibit is back opened today. that's the very latest here from northwest d.c. back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you. 5:35 is the time right now. devepi
5:36 am
virginia this morning police are trying to track down a man accused of inappropriately touching a girl at arlington national cemetery. it happened on memorial day. police say the suspect and the girl did not know each other. if you recognize him, you're being asked to call police. >> ♪ >> 5:36 is our time right now and you know what, nothing makes me more excited than knowing it's going to be a great weather day. >> it is. it's going to be real, real nice especially this afternoon when the humidity drops and there's a little bit of a breeze out there, good sunshine. >> dude, i'm just happy to see the sun. it's all relative. >> we got good sun yesterday. >> we did. >> and then a big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening for some. here's the deal. bus stop for the kiddos this morning, 56 to 64. i should mention and i haven't mentioned it this morning but there's some very patchy fog out there in some places. where you hit it it may be locally deaths. dense. it's very widespread. after school 77 to 82.
5:37 am
northwest maybe as high as 25 miles per hour. so there you go. frontal system trying to move through. that means good stuff on the other side of that but this morning they have a couple showers possible and some clouds right around the front as it's pushing through. temperature right now 63 in town, 50 out in the suburbs and here's what we're thinking for high temperatures later today. another day where temperatures will creep up into the upper 70's and the low 80's. we're going to go about 81 here. 81 for quantico and 82 for manassas. there's you remember forecast. how about some traffic this morning? here's erin como. >> hey, well, right now we're keeping an eye on the roads. seeing construction on the outer loop that's late clearing. right lane right shoulder blocked by van dorn street as you head toward the springfield interchange. give yourself some extra time. actually i meant away from the interchange towards the inner loop. inner loop a rubberneck delay. keep it to fox5. we'll be back in just a few with more news, weather and
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>> ♪ >> back now at 5:40 and in katz today's health watch study finds nearly 4 percent of americans suffer from food allergies. researchers found the most common allergy they found was to shellfish. others include fruit vegetables dairy and peanuts. one out of every six patients with a
5:41 am
intolerance had a documented case of life-threateningúswelli. >> a disturbing new social media trend could put your child at risk called the deterrent challenge involving children's filming themselves holding an aerosol can and spraying it for as long as possible. the result can be frost bite like burns and blisters. the deodorant causes the skin to break and blister. it follows the salt and ice challenge. >> if you want your kids to be well behaved then put down your smartphone. a new study says moms and dads who constantly check their phones may be more like to have kids that act up during play time. researchers say it's likely that the kids misbehave to get attention because they can see they're competing with their parents' devices. you know how i feel. >> i agree with you on that
5:42 am
[laughter] >> they're misbehaving because you're not watching. >> yeah, exactly. >> 'cause you're on your phone. >> try being a parent. >> hey, mom, over here. there's no app for that. >> right. >> 5:41 is our time right now. is former vice president joe biden putting his hat back in the political ring? still ahead, the new clue that has many people thinking he may be plotting a political comeback. >> plus a twist on an animated classic drawing major backlash this morning. why some say advertising for the movie encouraged body shaming. >> stick with fox5 news morning on this thursday. look at that gorgeous sunrise coming up. it's going to be a great day gary says. we may even have a great friday as well. say it isn't so. we'll have more on the forecast. erin will have a check on the roads when we come back. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right. we're ready to see you tomorrow morning in bowie, maryland. that's what we want to tell you. that's the site of our next zip trip. we'll be in the bowie town center from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. tucker barnes kicks things off. then holly morris is going to be there. wisdom martin is going to be there. erin como will join us later. we would love for you to come out and see us. come hang out with us at bowie town center. bowie brought it strong last year. don't let us down. >> got to bring it stronger. called repeat. and it's going to be gorgeous weather, right gary. >> yeah, really good. a little cool to start things off tomorrow morning.
5:46 am
look at that pretty sunrise. there's some ground fog, too. >> we got our snazzy blue fox jackets. >> you'll all be out there with that and you'll shed that and you'll have your snazzy red shirts on. >> exactly. >> you'll know exactly where everyone is from fox5. i want to show you this morning, we had a couple of thunderstorms move through. there's a frontal system moving through but as it got closer to us it kind of broke up a little bit, all right. so that's where we are now. i don't see any rain out there but technically speaking, with the front northwest until the front gets through, there could be a shower kick up ahead of the front and then we have a couple clouds too in place. we're not completely sunny. notice on satellite and radar here, how the showers get closer to us and they weaken and they die out but around there a little bit of cloud cover coming across. frontal system is to the north and west of us. it will move through and it dries things out. not only with any potential for showers but it brings down the humidity levels as well today so it looks real,
5:47 am
it's not bad out there now. gaithersburg is 58. dulles 57. westminster is 63. little -- generally upper 50's to low 60's along the i-81 corridor and we are sitting here in town at 63 degrees and holding i might add for the last several hours. the front will come through. high pressure builds in that behind this and today we warm up. it will be a little breezy. temperatures will be in the upper 70's i think here in town we're going make it into the low 80's. plenty of sunshine. maybe a cloud or two but for the most part really, really nice. this is the kind of weather that we've been waiting on after, you know, not so great weather the last several days. mostly sunny today, breezy afternoon. winds will be northwest 10 to 20. could be a gust of about 25 or so and we'll go 81 here in town. upper 70's in the suburbs. and then as we start getting farther to the south, maybe you get an 82 or an 83. i just warr wanted to show you futurecast because finally we're pushing the unsettled weather to the south of us, drier air isom
5:48 am
tomorrow evening there could be a little shower or a thunderstorm after 5, 6 o'clock and that's coming down in a northwestern flow. i don't think it's going to be a big deal. by the way, the weekend is looking a little bit better. evening thunderstorms possible but the day is dry. then we get into the afternoon sunday for some showers and some thunderstorms and with more sun expected now on sunday we'll go 85 degrees. here's erin como. >> 5:48 gary. we see some late clearing construction in the process of clearing out of the way. still cones up blocking the right lane. this is the outer loop as you pass the springfield interchange by van dorn street. caution there. traffic is picking up now that that even scene is clearing. as we forward things along you can see volume picking up as you make your way out on 66 eastbound. a lot of slow moving traffic there. just because of the volume, it's about a 10 minute delay from sudley road to the beltway. we'll switch it over and take a look at our maps. aside from that we're seeing some volume building on 295 kenilworth avenue asel
5:49 am
50 down to the 11th street bridge it's about a five minute delay. and then 50 inbound through cheverly a touch of volume as well. 395 nice and quiet and then as you make your way out on metro skipping the roads taking the rails we have safe track impacting the orange line but express shuttle service is available. back to you holly and whiz. >> 5:49 is the time. we have new video to share with you that d.c. police want you to see. take a look. it's some surveillance video, some footage of two men breaking into a store in northwest. then getting into the atm and stealing money. this was just before 5:00 a.m. back on may 12th at a store in the 400 block of massachusetts avenue. now, if you recognize these guys police urge you to give them a call. >> a cab driver behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger over memorial day weekend. the victim says she got into the cab along u street early sunday morning. the woman admits she had been drinking and "blacked out." she says when she woke up the cab driver was assaulting her. she managed to fight him off and she then opened a window and began
5:50 am
passerby heard her and called police. officers pulled over the cab and arrested the driver. that driver is due in court today. >> changes are coming to the new pay to park system at reston town center. starting monday you can park for free for one hour prior to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. parking is free between 5:00 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. a also free on weekends holidays and special events. the owner of boston property group made the changes in response to that feedback. some business owners say the change doesn't go far enough. >> giving us an hour does not rectify this. to me that's like throwing a bone to somebody and it's i consider it salt in the wounds a slap in the face. >> this summer the boston property group plans to upgrade the payment kiosk which will allow customers to pay with credit cards. >> 10 minutes before the hour. let's take a look at what's trending on the web this morning. >> maureen is here to tell us about those stories. >> good morning. first up could this be a sign
5:51 am
former vice president joe biden plans to stay in politics? according to the new york times biden is launching a new political action committee today. the report says he's picked one of his former aides to lead the organization. the former vp is set to be upset about the direction of the country under president trump. and next up, cnn has cut ties with kathy griffin. backlash builds over her anti-trump photo shoot n a i didn't do show she holds a likeness of donald trump's severed head. it cost her a performance and an endorsement deal. cnn said it would not invite her back for the new year's eve event. she has been co-hosting since 2007. body cam footage of the orlando nightclub shooting has been released. orlando police releasing it yesterday with over 11 hours of harrowing images from inside pulse nightclub. it shows the terrifying first moments as officers arrived on the scene. june 12th will mark one year
5:52 am
the office of medical affairs could embrace medical marijuana. secretary shulkin says he is open. shulkin said evidence in states where medical marijuana is legal suggests that it might be helpful in treating vets. currently va doctors are barred from prescribe, to it patients but a measure passed just last year allows them to discuss it in states where it is legal. and finally a new animated twist on snow white and the seven dwarves is being accused of body shaming. a billboard for the new movie red shoes and the seven dwarves was spotted at the cannes film festival with the tag line read wag if snow white was no longer beautiful and the seven dwarves not so short. it has the suggestion being that the shorter rounder version was no longer beautiful. chloe grace moretz tweeted she's appalled and angry by the marketing and that it wasn't approved by her or her team and those are y
5:53 am
>> thanks, mow. happening today in virginia, attorney general mark herring will announce a new grant aimed at helping sexual assault victims. >> the more than $550,000 will go towards hiring a total of seven sexual assault nurse examiners. also in virginia this morning, police are trying to track down man who exchanged a fake movie money for real cash. now it happened saturday morning at the wawa in the 2900 block of plank road in fredericksburg. now, investigators say this man asked a clerk to make change for a hundred dollar bill a short time later the cashier realized that the money -- that the bill was bogus movie money. if you recognize the man, call police. >> happening today in the district t-how about some good food for a good cause. from 10:45 this morning to 10:00 p.m. today all d.c. chipotle locations will donate 50 percent to the d.c. summer ready program. awall you have to do is eat at chipotle. 10:45 that means it could get here before the e
5:54 am
day. >> we should make that happen. >> it's for a good cause. >> absolutely and it will help us get full as well. all right. >> that's also a good cause. >> that's also a very good cause. over at the national harbor it's down to the best s-p-e-l-l-e-r-s. >> the finals of the national spelling bee are today and tonight. a field of young contestant has been whittled down to just 40 who will complete at 10 o'clock. here's who we are cheering for. a student from howard county maryland he made it to the finals. also a student from richmond virginia. the youngest speller ever to compete was six-year-old edith fuller remember we talked about her yesterday she's from oklahoma. she qualified when she was just five. she didn't make it into the finals but here's the catch. >> what's that. >> she spelled her words correctly but they take that exam. >> okay. >> and so she didn't score as high on the exam enough to then goa go to the finals. >> she missed out because of the exam not the spelling. >> not because of the spelling. >> well, she is in
5:55 am
kindergarten. >> that's true. >> anyway, she'll be there next year. >> right, right i. >> i have no doubt. >> 5:44 is the time right now. that means it's time for our facebook fan of the day. today it is michael. he tunes in every morning for the weather and kevin's movie reviews. >> he was nominated by his mom who says today michael graduates from potomac high school so a huge congratulations to you, michael. that's so great. this is just the beginning for you, michael, you remember that. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, leave an comment and photo below michael's wonderful picture and put it on our facebook page. >> he has a great smile. >> he's like yeah, look at me. i'm doing it. >> i am done. >> i'm out. >> and moving on to bigger and better things. they have a beautiful day for graduation. >> it is. it looks real, real, nice and all the graduation parties and festivities and whatever it is, congratulations to you, michael and all the other graduates out there. it's a big deal. 63 degrees right now here in town. gaithersburg is 58. let's see, baltimore is 59. annapolis 64. i h
5:56 am
quaquantico. culpeper 57. westminster you're back to 59 degrees. middle -- middletown -- martinsburg is 59 and 60 degrees up there for hagerstown so we've got everybody covered. 63 here and holding in town. before school, 56 to 64. watch out around the bus stops, around the schools his morning. there is a little bit of ground fog in places and it's localized but you get some of that and it's very, very dense in spots so just be carefully after school 77 top 82 degrees and if i can get the seven-day forecast to come up, i keep pushing the button but it doesn't want to come up. weekend is looking not too bad, though. we get a little bit better and temperatures this weekend will be in the low 80's so instead of showing you, i'll just tell you about it. here's erin como with a look at your traffic. take it away, erin. >> right now we are seeing typical volume. an earlier construction zone did clear on the outer loop out by van dorn street.
5:57 am
congestion from the springfield interchange. inner loop looks pretty good right now. is unis coming up. beautiful scene. i like that. let's look at our maps and show you what else you're facing. inbound four disabled vehicle at dower house road. we have a problem on 32 in columbia. we'll have that as we continue here on fox5. >> ♪
5:58 am
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 6:00, tourist
6:00 am
inside the african-american museum. the incident being called a painful reminder of what americans -- african-americans, that is, continue to face. >> and a final decision. president trump set to make that major announcement today as to whether the u.s. will stay or leave the paris climate agreement. >> live look outside on this thursday. first day of june and it is set to be a gorgeous one. we're going to talk weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. first we say good morning, i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> today and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. >> breaking overnight there's an explosion at an ethanol plant in wisconsin. the blast and then a fire tore through the didion milling plant about 35 miles from madison. >> that incident happened around midnight our time. there are reports of multiple burn victims. several medevac helicopters have been in and out of that scene all night long. it is believed some of the workers may still be unaccounted for. we're also following breaking news south of annapolis. a man and a woman found sho


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