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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning terror attack. details and reaction continue to pour in after saturday's terror attack in london. >> employee misconduct. hundreds of school staff in prince george's county are accused of misconduct and abuse. find out what parents say needs to happen next. >> and a live look outside. it will be gray and overcast most of the day with a chance of scattered storms. we've got your details coming up but first we say good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm annie yu. today is monday, june 5th. >> all right. tucker barnes has your weather headline, caitlin rot
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your traffic headline. let's start with you tucker. >> maureen you pretty much said it. clouds and showers in the forecast and some humidity. i'll have the details coming up. caitlin. >> tucker, already a busy monday morning on the roads following a crash in virginia on the outer loop. delays building approaching braked. braddock road. ladies. >> our top story at 5:00 the latest on the london terror attack. isis is claiming responsibility. >> it comes after several raids were conducted overnight as london police are working every lead they can to get to the bottom of this brutal attack. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on the investigation this morning. mel. >> reporter: good morning. three terrorist attacks in three months british prime minister theresa may saying enough is enough. this morning london police have raided two more addresses in the east part of the city. they are conducting interviews and searches. those people are being detained at this time. that's in addition to the 12 people arrested yesterday. but sun
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a day of remembrance as london's muslim community gathered near london bridge and laid flowers at the scene for the seven killed in the weekend terror attack. 21 people remain in critical condition. it was just after 10:00 p.m. local time saturday when a rented van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on the london bridge. then the attackers started stabbing people in the borough market area packed with bars and restaurants. many londoners tried to fight back throwing bottles and chairs at the three men who were also wearin fake bomb vests to try to incite more fear. they were shot and killed by police within eight minutes. yesterday president donald trump spoke after attending a fundraising gala at ford's theater he vowed to do whatever is necessary to keep americans safe. >> we renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the united states and its allies from a vial enemy that has waged war on innocent life and
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long. this bloodshed must end, this bloodshed will end. >> reporter: president trump also said that he did that speak with british prime minister theresa may over the phone and he did pledge the united states' unwavering support in whatever assistance is needed in this terrorist incident, and in these times, unfortunately, of terror, tonight in london near the bridge, 6:00 p.m. there will also be a vigil. live at the british embassy, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> vladimir putin denies russia had any role in the hacking of the u.s. presidential election. he said u.s. spies could have faked election hacking evidence and in an nervule putin claims it was convenient for u.s. intelligence agencies to accuse russia but he suggests private hackers may have interfered. >> i haven't seen even once anyir
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interference in the presidential election in the united states. the united states everywhere, all over the world actively interferes with the electoral campaigns of other countries. >> interview comes as u.s. lawmakers are expected to hear from fired fbi director james comey this week. >> federal courts have blocked the o the trump administration is asking the supreme court to reinstate it. president trump is expected to announce plans to privatize portions of the faa. the washington post says president trump will likely ask congress to look at privatizing air traffic control putting it under the care of a nonprofit. this wouldn't be the first time a president has tried this. ronald reagan talked about it back in 1983 and a clinton administration report in 94 suggested it. >> we have a follow-up now a fox5 exclusive we've been
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school employees have been accused of abuse and misconduct in prince george's county. more than 600 staffers have been placed on leave this school year. this week school officials confirm they will make changes to policies next year. authorities say these new policies were necessary after horrifying situations of abuse surfaced including one involving a teach's aide hoop sexually abused children inside an elementary school. officials say the high number of staff under investigation is the result of much needed change. >> behavior and changing culture is not an easy thing, it takes time. >> well, changes are expected later this month. >> ♪ >> all right, tucker, time now 5:05. tucker we have to give a shout out to caitlin. it's her birthday today and she deserves an amazing gorgeous day. >> well... >> she deserved a day off is what she deserved and yet we pulled her in here. >> here's the deal. no m
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it's your birthday it's a reason to celebrate. >> this is true. >> it's not going to rain all day today but it's going to be warm and humid and rather cloudy. we'll get showers on and off throughout the afternoon. it's sticky out there. reagan national 72, 68 dulles, 69 bwi marshall. quick look at our radar and our satellite. generally just clouds out early but you can see some rain showers developing in the south and west down towards charlottesville that's trending in our direction. you'll see where you're getting kind of a squeeze play p rain showers to the north and rain showers to the south and west and we can expect that we'll get some on again, off again rain showers and cooler temperatures than yesterday. daytime highs mid to upper 70's. i want to mention the humidity which currently is not terribly comfortable so it will be a warm and sticky day as well. doesn't matter. it's still a birthday and we've got caitlin in this morning. she's got your traffic. how is it looking. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> m
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type of weather thank you tucker and thank you to my new sister, annie. i appreciate it. we get to work together every weekend its a bonus we work together this morning. in virginia approaching braddock road on the outer loop we have the right lane blocked and also the left lane some police activity but still traffic is getting by. again this is the outer loop in virginia approaching braddock road. use caution in spot. that's ouronly crash of the morning already getting busy in some areas. outer loop on virginia. delay free so far to the beltway 270 southbound as we're getting a chance to check all these majors around here. tifollowing that staying in maryland, baltimore-washington parkway looks good and 95 coming in out of the baltimore area or even closer to the beltway from there you're looking okay. 395 northbound as we get back into the virginia side of things edsall road to the 14th street bridge looks smooth and clear. looks like so far we are only following that accidentn
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we'll keep you posted with that coming up. annie and mau maureen. >> today d.c. mayor bowser prepares top bind the district to the paris climate accord. >> we're heading to break with a live look across the d.c. region. 5:08 is the time, 71 degrees is your temperature. we are back after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> we're back now at 5:09 and new this morning, two cabinet members are under -- down under secretary of defense jim mattis and the rex tillerson. the focus of their talks was the increasing nuclear threat posted by north korea. in a news conference after the meetings tillerson called on china to step up efforts to reign in north korea. >> iraqi forces have found what appears to be a makeshift prison university of delaware by isis militants in western mosul. the forces said it appears the militants left in a rush but not before they executed five prisoners. the bodies were found in a tunnel connecting the prison to a neighboring building. it appeared the militants had made an attempt to take their prisoners with them. children's shoes
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that at some point a child might have been held there. >> 14 people have been arrested and a number of weapons seized after a day of demonstrations and counter protests in portland. it follows the stabbing of two men on a light rail train by a man shouting anti-muslim slurs. the dueling groups gathering at a rally. authorities shut down a public square where people threw bricks and objects at officers. the mayor tried to get the event's permit revoked saying he feared violence after the stabbings. >> voice the white sox jim piersall died this weekend. he was known for his legendary shouting matches with umpires. he spent 17 years in the big leagues. he won two gold gloves during his career. he was 87 years old. and the district is doubling down on its commitment to the paris climate accord. this morning mayor muriel bowser will sign an order reaffirming support of the
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carbon emissions. mayor bowser's administration has pledged to cut emissions by 80 percent by 2050. it has pushed efforts to combat climate change and expand solar power use, generic street scenes of d.c. for -- never mind. disregard that. space-x proving it is revolutionizing space travel of the the falcon nine lau launched a used rocket into space. the spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at the international space station sometime today. >> we still have another chance to become another multimillionaire. no one won saturday night's powerball drawing. that means the jackpot is now worth a whopping $375 million. if you win on wednesday, the cash option would be a cool $295 million. yup. >> hm. >> i will not be coming in
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work the next day when i win. >> i hardly ever play. i should. >> whenever -- seriously, whenever it's a hundred million is when i play. >> probably would have better luck with the scratch offs. >> i know. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, a former nba coach and all-star is accused of being drunk when he flipped his car in l.a. >> four arab nations cutting diplomatic ties with qatar over its continued support of terror groups. >> here's a live look across the d.c. region. it is going to be another hot and sticky one. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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london. right now 12 people are in custody for the attack. it happened saturday night. seven people were killed, 50 others injured when three terrorists drove a van onto the london bridge plowing down pedestrians. the terrorists then started stabbing people at nearby bars and restaurants. the assailants were shot and killed by police. former fbi director james comey and nsa director admiral michael rogers are scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee this week. it will be the first time comey speaks publically since he was fired as fbi director. comey will testify on thursday. he is expected to discuss whether president trump pressured him to shut down the russia investigation. >> opening statements in the bill cosby sexual assault trial are scheduled to begin today. comedian bill cosby is set to go on trial for one of the dozens of sexual assaults he's accused of. the case will mainly rest on the testimony of one woman. she says cosby drugged and molested her in 2004. cosby claims the encounter was
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prison if convicted. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault. game two of the nba finals in oakland lebron james had a triple-double for the cavs and steph curry had one for the warriors. warriors leading series two-zero. game three, wednesday in cleveland. >> ♪ >> all right, time now 5:16. let's head over to tucker barnes now for a check of your weather and tuckt tucker we hada wonderful weekend. it was jam packed at my pool and so i guess is it going to stick around this week. >> stick is the right word. >> oh, stick. >> can i say one quick thing if we're talking pools? >> no, you can't. you can't say anything else. >> please. come on. >> okay. >> the prince george's sports and learning com complex where y daughter had her birthday t huge fox5 fans. they love us. miss ida good morning, and the entire team thanks fo
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these guys are super fans. watch every morning. thanks for what you do. you're amazing. >> i love it. great big hugs. annie 15 days until summer gets here. >> whoo-hoo! >> good pool time this weekend. i'm not sure you want to do the pool today. we have clouds an few showers but we have plenty of opportunity and hot weather by the end of the week. 72 in and washington. lots of 60's out there to the west and north. 68 dulles t-64 up in westminster. look at leonardtown and annapolis, low 70. we have dewpoint temperatures in the low 70's across parts of the area this morning and that means very, very sticky conditions. all right, clouds, little bit of rain shower activity to the north. lots of rain shower to the south and west.úlittle area of s going to roll very close to us this afternoon and that will give us clouds and on again off again showers. here we are at 1 o'clock. you can see that that rain shower activity. notice the heaviest of the showers south of d.c. we'll keep the clouds around tomorrow
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77. take the umbrella. potentially showers in the forecast. sunshine back by the end of the week and look at the heat by the end of the week. maybe 90 by next sunday. we've got caitlin here this morning. erin has the day off and caitlin is celebrating her birthday with us. >> nowhere else i would rather be. right after 5:15 a.m. a-outer loop crash cleared at braddock road. traffic is moving fine. all lanes have reopened. however, we now have a crash on the inner loop side of the same area. perhaps from rubbernecking, unknown but it is pushed off to the shoulder. there you see the bringing lights where the accident occurred on the inner loop side approaching braddock road side. use caution there. still you've got police on the scene. it is going to cause a bit of a slowdown. let's go back to our maps and check some of the other spots around the area but we'll begin with safe track surge 15. every time i come back, i think there's no way we could possibly still be doing this. however we are. number 15 goes until june 15th affecting mainly the orange
5:19 am
carrollton and stadium-armory. shuttle service is available. so, obviously you have to take that because you cannot take the orange line between new carrollton and stadium-armory. heads up for that. your closed stations. because of these orange line closures are at new carrollton landover cheverly deanwood and minnesota avenue. safe track surge 15 is also affecting the silver line. trains every 12 minutes between wiehle-reston and east end stadium-armory. that's a look at traffic. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> time now is 5:21. let's take a look at the stories you're engage and with the most this morning on associate with our realtime news tracker. >> first up, president trump once again used twitter to share his feelings on a topic. this time blasting the mayor of london's response after saturday's terrorist attack on the london bridge. mayor kahn told londoners there was no
5:22 am
alarmed. in a series of tweets mr. trump said "we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security." his criticism has drawn fire from some republicans. >> five countries cut ties with the nation of qatar bahrain egypt saudia arabia yemen and the united arab emirates have announced they're withdrawing their diplomatic staff from qatar and those countries are also kicking out qatar's diplomats. the action is being taken because qatar's support for islamist groups and its relationship with iran. the emirates airline says it will suspends flights to qatar beginning tomorrow. >> next up nintendo pushing back release of its switch online service. it had been scheduled to launch this year but is now expected to launch in 2018. the online switch service will add access to some of the old school nintendo games. subscription will cost about $20 a year for the entire package drop in derek fisher was arrested for dui in los angeles. he's lucky to be alive here.
5:23 am
crashed early sunday morning. his girlfriend, basketball wives was riding in the passenger seat. the accident happened after 3 a.m. sunday morning on a california t freeway. both were uninjured in that crash. >> a photo that could easily be mistaken for a painting but apparently this actually happened. a canadian man was snapped mowing his lawn as a tornado dangerously twists behind his home. i saw this yesterday and my jaw dropped. his wife posted the picture to the facebook captioning my beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair. harley-davidson recalling 50,000 bikes. oil lines can come loose. so far it's caused two crashes and one injury. many of the 2017 bikes built between july 2nd through may 9th are a part of this recall. now if you're motorcycle is involved, dealers will fix the problem for free of charge. >> controversy
5:24 am
uber after multiple customers say the ride share app jacked up its prices during the london terror attack. the company claims it immediately removed automatic increases as the attack unfolded. despite several screen shots of fares circulating the internet one getting as high as $65. in response uber says it's temporarily suspending the dynamic pricing in the area until further notice. >> michael course is closing stores as sales slump. they'll close at least 100 of its locations over the next two years. michael course says the store closures will help save 60 millions dollars in annual costs. they have 13 locations in and around the bay area. we're waiting to find out which stores reason affected and closing. >> wonder woman had a super opening with a box office take of more than $100 million. captain underpants was second with 23 and a half million dollars. pirates of the caribbean was third. "guardians of the galaxy" fourth, "baywatch" rounding out the
5:25 am
>> it did real well. it was actually sold out and tucker, not a really great weekend for movies. it was wonderful outside so a lot of people were outside but maybe this week. >> you're right, annie, a couple different chances starting with today as we got cloud cover and you know what we'll have a few showers around today as well. 72 now in washington. winds out of the south and west at 11. i want to mention the humidity. feels sticky out there this morning as our dewpoints are currently running in the upper 60's and low 70's. lots of clouds early. you see developing rain showers to our south and west down towards charlottesville that is generally headed in our direction. the heaviest of the rain today will be washington and points south but all of us will get some scattered showers as we have kind of a one-two combo. little energy to the north and little area of low pressure to our south and west. take the umbrella. we'll have scattered showers around. temps in the 70's. here's a quick look at the seven day. near 90 by next sunday. here comes the heat for the middle of june. caitlin is here this morning. she's got your roads. good morning,
5:26 am
such a beautiful weekend. a little sticky out there right now, maybe the air conditioning a better call than the windows down but luckily rain free for now. inner loop crash we're still following at braddock road in virginia it looks like all traffic is moving fine it has cleared or at least in the clearing stations. not seeing any blinking lights indicating any issues out there right now. we had one on the outer loop approaching braddock road and that cleared and now the inner loop as well so moving freely again on the beltway in virginia. all right, let's go back to our maps and what we will do is begin with metro here. earlier train malfunction outside capitol heights affecting the blue line and orange line. expect residual delays to franconia and vienna on both those lines. if you're about to head out the door and you use metro expect delays on the blue and orange lines in those spots. northbound route 210 crash at palmer road causing some brief delays leading up to that intersection. northbound coming from southern maryland approaching the
5:27 am
encounterthat crash at 210. annie and maureen. >> coming up, before we head to break fox5 shaking up the political landscape a big way starting to and night. >> fox5's jim lokay will anchor our new late night newscast the final five. it's the perfect nightcap for the rollercoaster ride that is american politics. >> tmz will follow at midnight. fox5 news morning will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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>> today on fox5 news morning, terror attacks. details and reactions continue to pour in after saturday's terror attack in london. russia investigation. russian president vladimir putin weighs in on alleged russian tampering in the u.s. presidential election just days before former fbi director james comey is that scheduled to testify on capitol hill. employee misconduct. hundreds of school staff in prince george's county are accused of misconduct and abuse. find out what parents say needs to happen next. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning. and thank you so much for joining us. i'm annie yu. >> and i'm maureen umeh. today is monday june 5th. tucker barnes talking about weather. caitlin roth talki
5:31 am
traffic. tucker, you first with the headline. >> hey, all about the clouds today and the rain showers. they'll be moving back in. i'll have the details on that getting back to work and getting back to the last days of school forecast. >> that's right. school is almost out for summer if not already. metro resuming as normal on the orange line and blue line. update on the roads coming up. >> sounds good both of you. let's get you caught up on the news if you're just waking up with us now at 5:30. we begin with a live look in london near the site of saturdaysaturday night's deadly attack. >> isis a claiming responsibility for the attack that left seven people dead and nearly 50 injured. we're learning more about the victims this morning. our melanie alnwick live from the british embassy this morning in northwest d.c. with the very latest. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. and we can tell that you london police are conducting searches this morning at two addresses in east london. they've also detne
5:32 am
people conducting interviews there as well. this in addition to the 12 people that were arrested yesterday. also, yesterday members of london's muslim community gathered near london bridge and laid flowers at the scene for the seven killed in the weekend terror attack. 21 people remain critical condition. it was just after 10:00 p.m. local time saturday when a rented van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on the london bridge. thenthen the attackers started stabbing people. many londoners we're told tried to fight back throwing bottles and chairs at the three men who were wearing fake bomb vests. they were shot and killed by police within eight minutes. british prime minister theresa may is promising unity in the face of terror. >> there is to be frank far too much tolerance of extremism in our country but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism and we need to live our lives not in a
5:33 am
of separated, segregated communities but as one truly united kingdom. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility. president donald trump spoke last night after attending a fundraiser gala at ford's theater. he called terrorists a vial enemy. president trump said he talked with british prime minister theresa may and promised whatever assistance the united kingdom needed and also pledged his unwavering support. there is a vigil tonight 6:00 p.m. london time near the scene of those attacks. live at the british embassy, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> s are president vladimirrusse vladimir putin denied any russian hacking in the u.s. election. he claims it was convenient for u.s. intelligence agencies to accuse rus
5:34 am
interfered. this comes as u.s. layoffs are s are connected to hear testimony from james comey. >> according to charging documents constand developed a plutonic relationship with cosby. she claims cosby inappropriately touched her after she took a pill he said would relax her. cosby denies the allegations and claims he provided her with benadryl because of stress. he could get 10 years in prison if convicted. >> a follow-up to a fox5 exclusive. we have been investigating why hundreds of school employees have been accused of abuse and misconduct in prince george's county. more than 600 staffers were placed on leave this school year. this week school officials confirm they are changing policies for next year. now, school officials say the high numbers of staff under investigation is the result of much
5:35 am
>> changing behavior and changing culture is not an easy thing. it takes time. >> the changes are expected later this month. >> ♪ >> an oral history archive of late d.c. mayor marion barry's 1978 campaign is making its debut. barry won that year and went on to serve a total as four terms as mayor ultimately becoming known as the district's mayor for life. it debuts with a ceremony at the wilson building. the archive will be housed at george washington university's gelman library. >> ♪ >> 5:35 now. we're talking about -- you -- [laughter] >> i'm new to this show. i'm just trying to get in where i can. >> jazz it up a little. >> what brings you by the weather center. >> i'll have a diet coke, sir and a coffee. >> belly up to the bar. >> what you serving. >> i don't get many visitors around here. let's do the forecast. cloud cover. what a beautiful weekend. got a little warm yesterday but the cloud cover and the rain showers are back for our monday
5:36 am
upper 60's dulles and up in baltimore, 69 degrees but again, humidity is way up there. you can feel the stickiness early. just clouds at the moment but rain showers will be developing. see them down to the south and west, down charlottesville. heaviest of rain will be to the south. we'll have scattered showers maybe even a rumble of thunder late this morning during the afternoon hours as an area of low pressure passes to our south. i'd take the umbrella, just be ready for some scattered rain showers today. highs in the 70's. won't be as warm as yesterday but it will still feel very summery with the stick necstickiness.we got a birthday, caitlin's birthday. caitlin how is that traffic? you having fun. >> good morning. oh, yes, of course. traffic going until 11:00 a.m. this morning, happy to spend it with you all. 270 southbound behind me here, this is just past 109 -- you see i have to read the bottom of the screen, too, here
5:37 am
midlantic. no accidents or delays to report. traffic is moving fine. just a look at volume increasing right by the exit run 109 barnesville hyattstown. up in this area of 270 you're looking good and most of 270 as well. that is our look at 270. that was a quick traffic hit. back with much more traffic. normal service has resumed on the blue and orange line. annie and maureen. >> a top u.s. diplomat hails london's mayor after president trump's twitter criticism. >> a new campaign has begun to keep smartphones out of the hands of anyone younger than a high school freshman. >> as we head to break here's a live look for you across the d.c. region if you are just joining us. 5:37. weather and traffic and much more coming up right after this break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪
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pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant. >> ♪ >> time now 5:40. in this morning's health watch colon cancer and chemo. a study finds if colon cancer patients cut their chemotherapy in half. the finding the shorter treatment was almost as effective as the longer treatment. >> serious and widespread recordkeeping areas left millions of research dollars in limbo at the national institute of he
5:41 am
agency it has banned the use of data collected over 25 years from the lab of neurologist allen r. brawn. so far there have been allegations of plagiarized. >> a group in colorado is trying to ban preteens from technology. it has launched a petition to ban the sale of smartphones to anyone younger than 13. they call themselves pause meaning parents against under aged smartphones. the doctor who started the petition claims they are addictive. addictive. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, more and more people are calling for the removal of bill maher from hbo. >> popular new residents and what they bring with them is leading to some parking problems in one particular d.c. community. >> as we head to break, a live look across the d.c. region. it is 5:41 right now, 71 degrees. back with more news
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>> ♪ >> that's right. little too early to pour a drink and get your monday started but maybe in a couple hours. >> here you go. >> all right. so, we are back in the loft at 5:44 on this monday morning. tucker.
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>> hello. >> mike thomas has claimed this spot with his little dance moves but you're like the og. >> here's the deal with me maureen. >> what's that. >> i spent all weekend dancing. >> oh, snap. >> i need a little time to recover. >> come on you got to show the young bucks how it's done. this is like your og moment. >> well, i mean -- >> then again, we don't want you pulling a muscle and then being injured for the rest of the day. >> exactly. i'm all you got in the world of forecast today. >> brace yourself. >> i need to go without injury. >> i was dancing all morning on our zip trip on friday. >> okay. >> but i will walk smoothly over to the wall. >> all right, everybody. get ready. here we go. >> uh-huh. >> oh, yeah. [laughter] >> oh, with the look back. >> let's get to it. hey summer time. cue my music. summer, yes, begins in 15 days. feels like summer this morning with all the humidity we have. quick look at the bus stop forecast. i know school winding down shortly. couple more days. hang in there you got this. you got
5:46 am
teachers, too. you got this. before school temperatures in the upper 50's and low 60's. more like upper 60's. we'll be a little cooler today. daytime highs don't get out of the mid to upper 70's. 72 in washington. leonardtown 72, 73 quantico. 60's to the north and west. little better as you get in the mountains. 64 in winchester. 65 in hagerstown but there's a lot of humidity out there as dewpoint temperatures right now in the upper 60's. look at that. d.c., quantico annapolis all upper 60's so it feels uncomfortable. feels sticky across the region. lots of clouds. little area of low pressure back to our south and west and as that pushes to the east, we're going -- it will bring with it rain showers today. also a little piece of energy to our north. cloudy for to your monday and on again off again rain showers. the best chance of more substantial rains will be washington and points south as you get down into central and southern virginia. you'll see that on futurecast. there we are at 1 o'clock. notice to the north it's generally
5:47 am
the heaviest of the rain is off to the south and south and east by late afternoon. can't rule out the pocket that we might get a thunderstorm around here as well a little later today. bottom line on today, cloud cover, warm conditions, mid to upper 70's and sticky and then we'll keep that forecast around for a couple of days as it will be sort of in the middle and end of the week here before we get right back into the sunshine. tuesday and wednesday generally cloudy t notice the cool temperatures by wednesday and thursday, only around 70 degrees but a big warmup for the end of the week and it looks like those of us that have lived in this area for awhile know about the bermuda high, it looks like 90's in the forecast by early next week. i think a week from today we may be into the 90's and we may be well into the 90's, maybe 93, no cheering. look, we got people cheering about that. 93, 94 by early next week so we do have heat on the horizon. all right. i'm going to toss it off to the birthday girl. >> good morning. [cheers and applause] >> thank you all. such a good crowd. i love a good audience on a birthday. thank
5:48 am
little bit more bearable. metro update you're fine blue line and orange line normal service has resumed after an earlier train malfunction outside capitol heights so no problems there. you can resume as normally on metro. now, onto the roads here. northbound baltimore-washington parkway you've got a crash right before you hit the beltway and delays are back to 410 in maryland so this is in southern prince george's county as you're heading northbound approaching the beltway trying to get out of maryland into the city. there's that crash with delays building which looks like it's on both sides so maybe we have a rubbernecking delay although the accident is on the northbound side. northbound 210 in maryland crash we're following on the intersection of palmer road and 210. delays it looks like they're taking you all the way back to you've got moderate delays there approaching the beltway on that side of 210 so it's 210 and 410 in maryland. otherwise monday morning commute as we take a whole look at it majors look okay. haven't had any delays on 270. you're delay free down to t
5:49 am
beltway. let's stay in maryland here check the outer loop 95 baltimore-washington parkway, it looks like all are okay. the top of the beltway still fine which is great and then coming from baltimore both 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway on that side of things all okay. 395 northbound edsall road to the 14th street bridge you are totally smooth. let's check 66. we haven't done that all morning yet. you've got some normal delays there just tapping the brakes touch and go it looks like through gainsville on 66. otherwise you're okay. 234 to the beltway. that's a look at traffic. we'll have another check at 5:55. maureen. >> thank you caitlin. 5:49 is the time right now. commanding officer fired from the u.s. marines after the death of a recruit from michigan faces an evidentiary hearing in quantico. lieutenant colonel joshua cass soon is accused of failing to obey orders and conduct unbecoming an officer. 24-year-old rahil siddiqui
5:50 am
died. today's hearing is the military version of a preliminary hearing in civil court. >> more than 1500 people were injured during a stampede in northern italy. fans had gathered to watch a soccer match on a big screen in the town's main square on saturday when a loud bang went offer. off. some reported it was an explosion others a firecracker. the noise sent people into panic as they rushed for cover believing it was a bomb. several people were seriously injured including a young boy who was trampled. police are still investigating the source of the noise. >> the trump administration slashing the number of refugees in america. this comes despite a court order halting the extreme vetting policy. that's a big drop from former president obama's target of 110,000. under the trump administration the number of refugees is likely to drop to around 60,000. >> and a new high tech tool is being used to help fight crime in our region. the stafford county sheriff's department is using drones to útrack down suspected criminals. last week a drone was
5:51 am
capture a suspect. on thursday jeffrey owen not up a car sped off. >> what i'm seeing on my apple ipad is identical to what's being displayed on a 32-inch monitor here at the rear of the suburban. the other tie in that we can do is to alleviate immediate danger to any person. this is where law enforcement dee employs the unmanned aircraft in an effort to safeguard lives in an active shooter incident. >> the stafford county sheriff's office is one of only about 30 police departments in the country that use drone technology. >> northwest d.c. where there's a parking crisis although some would say that describes all of d.c. really. but now that former president president obama and ivanka trump are neighbors parking spots are hard to find. the city's largest mosque is also there
5:52 am
for those attending prayer. the city is now working to alleviate the issue. so far they've installed resident only parking signs but some say it's still not enough. >> ♪ it's 5:51. 52 really now and we're back with what's hot on the web the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> after president trump lashed out at the mayor of london over the weekend's terror attack the u.s. ambassador to britain is coming to the mayor's defense. yesterday on twitter ambassador louis lukens placed the mayor's strong leadership. president trump had criticized kahn after three men drove a van into a crowd of people and started stabbing them on london bridge saturday. as a result seven people were killed, 48 wounded. >> ariana grande once again took to the stage in manchester less than two weeks after the tragic terrorist attack at her concert. it was an emotional return for grande. the show opening with a minute of silence for those killed and injured. the event happening just three and a half miles from manchester arena where the attack occurred. some 50,000 people attended. the all-star lineup
5:53 am
justin bieber, katy perry miley s cyrus and usher. >> bill maher apologizing for dropping the n-word. he mockingly referred to himself as an n-word that drew grunts from the audience. hbo says it is removing the deeply offensive comments from any subsequent airings of the show. mohr blamed the gaffe on lack of sleep. >> cnn host allis alisyn cameroa coming under fire. during an interview have you with ananya vinay. she asked her to spell covfefe.
5:54 am
pay for and sometimes you get a whole lot more such as parentally the case for lovers of a bottle of rose wine sold at discount grocery store channeled deal. dee. it won for the award for best rose. how much does it cost? eight bucks. don't miss the fun this friday when our zip trip takes us to georgeton. come out to georgetown friday june 9th from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the fox5 team will be there and would love to see you. it's always a good time. >> yes, it is. >> time now 5:54. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it is sophia jones. >> there she is. >> with our very own tucker barnes at our zip trip. >> who is that good looking guy. >> do you remember her and did you have a good time. >> of course. yeah, i had a good time. >> sophia says she was so happy to see the crew to get her day going so thank you so much sophia. keep can it locked here for your chance to be the fan of the day. post your
5:55 am
sophia's lovely photo and maybe next week you could be our fan of the day with a picture from one of our zip trip crew members in georgetown. >> that's a love hug. >> yeah, exploits great time on friday. we had a great time. and bowie is just fun. >> cheerleaders brought it, too. >> i want to hear how bowie fest went on saturday. >> that's right. >> 72 in washington. what a beautiful weekend we had with lots of sunshine. we have clouded up overnight and it's very sticky with dewpoint temperatures currently in the mid to upper 60's. so, you'll notice both of those when you head out this morning. not so much rain showers this morning but as we get into the late morning, early afternoon i think we'll get some scattered showers. notice off to the south and west the developing rain showers down towards charlottesville. some of this will sneak up into our area later today as we have a little bit of energy to the north kind of squeezing together and get some scattered showers later today. heaviest of the rain will be south of us this afternoon as this whole system kind of moves west to
5:56 am
kentucky and parts of tennessee early this morning. otherwise not as warm as yesterday with the cloud cover. we'll be in the mid to upper 70's and we'll keep the clouds around and cool temperatures with an upper level low for a couple of days wednesday and thursday. i'll get out of your way here. sun will be back in a big way by the end of the week and into the weekend. we may do that 90 by next sunday. we'll definitely do 90's by early next week as a big ridge of high pressure builds overhead. >> and then we keep going. >> and then we keep going and going. >> to turning b back. >> caitlin is in. doing birthday traffic. >> thank you for coming in earl to do some weather with us. appreciate it. 66 eastbound at sudley road we have building volume. no accidents. heavy through manassas. on and off as you approach the beltway. let's go to our maps. following this crash, a car spinning out on the northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway approaching the beltway heavy delays with the left lane blocked due to
5:57 am
that crash. chopper is on its way. we'll keep you post evidence as we go through the rest of the morning. that's a look at traffic. stay with us. fox5 news morning right back with much more starting at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 6:clock. several major developments overnight after the london
6:00 am
mourns his third attack in a couple weeks. several people in custody and president trump vowing to today whatever it takes to keep america safe. >> kind of love and unity that we're displaying is the medicine that the world really needs right now. >> ♪ >> ariana grande taking to the stage once again just days after a deadly terror attack at her concert in manchester. the star studded lineup she had with her to pay tribute to her fans. >> outside this morning it's -- well, they're the view for you. 71 degrees right now taking a look at reagan national. not too bad right now. changes may be coming though. it's monday, june 5th 2017. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm maureen umeh in for allison. welcome to fox5 news morning. >> let's get to london and the latest there where police conducted raids into saturday's deadly attack continues. seven people were left dead and 50 injured. 12 people are in custody.


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