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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 5, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead. another deadly terror attack in london. isis taking credit for the stabbing rampage on a bridge. president trump demanding u.s. take action in response. we'll have the latest in a live report. ♪ plus a show of respect in support for the victims of earlier attack. ariana grande and her celebrity friends taking the stage in manchester raising millions of dollars for the benefit concert for victims of the bombing. we'll have highlights from the emotional moments. america's dad on trial. today bill cosby back in a pennsylvania court for day one of his sexual assault criminal case. we'll take you there live. ♪ and later, wonder woman breaking box office records. hollywood's glass ceiling. how the latest super hero
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$100 million review could change movie making forever. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> what a weekend it was at the box office. wonder woman destroying things and in a good way financially. >> girl power. >> you know it. >> ♪ >> right here. >> whoo! >> thanks for joining us it is monday, june 5th i'm steve alongside annie, maureen, caitlin. >> a lot of love on display at the one love manchester concert. ariana grande and some of the hottest acts in music taking stage in the shoeff support for the manchester victims and defines gets hate. police officers getting in the spirit dancing with fans during cold play's performance. much more from the special show all morning long. definitely a show of strength there. i love seeing that. >> good to see people enjoying coming together and having a good time. >> absolutely. >> they raised lot of money. lo. >> millions. >> for the families of the victims. >> continue to show.
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the weather. how about that weekend guys. right? absolutely beautiful. saturday and sunday kind of cloudy out there. rain could be on the way. we're hearing it won't be a total washout. pore details tucker is back with first check of the forecast. tucker, good morning. >> hey, caitlin. let's get to it. looking at cloud cover and sticky conditions out here earlier. the theme will be showers today. not going to rain all day we'll have scattered arounding from to the south of town. temperatures in the 70s. i'm not sure it will feel a lot cooler it's so sticky with humidity early this morning. 73 in washington. temps haven't budged a whole lot the last couple of hours. feels gloomy across the region and all our life shots. rain showers here to the north and plenty of rain off to the south and south and west. little area of low pressure going to be working through virginia later this afternoon and tonight and that responsible for that shower activity blossoming in central virginia. bottom line, we'll put some showers in the forecast today. we'll definitely have the clouds stick around, and
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only in the mid to upper 70s. so cooler day than yesterday. although again plenty of humidity and scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder to deal with this afternoon. there you go. 77 degrees. coming up the seven day we'll talk about some heat. looks likes we got summer heat thon seven day let when you know that will arrive coming up, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much, tucker. gig story at 9:00 overnight in london police conducted over aid night raids as their investigation into saturday's deadly terrorist attack continues. here's life look right now at the scene. isis is claiming responsibility for the dead al tack that left seven people dead and 50 injured and 11 people are in custody. >> melanie alnwick this morning joining us from the british embassy in northwest d.c. with the very latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning and london police along with faith leaders just moments ago at a press conference said that they believe indeed this was a coordinated plot, and they also called on members of the community to do more to speak out to contact police if they
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meanwhile, there's still a vigil planned for 6:00 o'clock tonight near london's tower bridge even as the threat level remains at severe. >> police in london make arrests targeting a number of homes in pursuit of anyone who may have been involved in saturday' as tack. where three terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on london bridge and then began using knives to attack bystanders. >> there was a terrorist attack in the middle of london. >> we do believe we know who they are. we've made a number of arrests. we're trying to find out if anybody was helping them and to unthe back ground to this attack as best we can. >> reporter: president trump spoke of the attack last night at an event at ford theater in washington. >> we knew our resolve stronger than every before. to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy that h
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life and gone too long. >> reporter: on twitter the president lashed out at lo londs mayor. >> we need to be smart, vigilant and tough we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. it comes as the white house has asked the supreme court to intervene and scenes like this could have an impact. >> atmosphere can affect court rulings and things like that. >> reporter: now presidents trump did speak with british prime minister theresa may and offered america's assistance in unwavering support. we do know that police in london have identified the three attackers but they have not released the names yet. while the investigation is continuing, however, just based on the comments we her in that press conference a little while ago, it does appear that we could hear something about the public identification of the attackers very soon. live outside theri
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massey i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> meanwhile a show of love and support in great britain defiant crowd showing up for ariana grande one manchester benefit concert. ♪ >> london terror attacks came just two weeks after the terror attack in manchester and ariana grande concert. last night the pop star returned to manchester for benefit concert along with other celebrities like katie perry, miley cyrus, cold play, black eye zed peas and pharell. the concert raising more than $2 million from the victims in just three hours. all bodies will go directly to the victims families and as we said earlier remarkable she had the strength to do this just two weeks after. at such a young age. hats off to her and everyone doing this. amazing. >> not just ariana grande but for the other stars that came and in put this together in a short amount of time and they also streamed it on fac
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yesterday. and so many people were watching this. >> yeah. >> and so i can even imagine what it must have been like to be there. >> to be there and perform. i don't know if that i can have done it. >> that's what i was thinking. how do you hold it together. >> strong sign of unification. >> everybody on stage together, too, everybody united for the cause. >> sure. >> ariana grande and miley cyrus singing together did a good cover. >> that was a tear jerker. >> that was great. >> 50,000 people there. >> great. all right. 9:07. checking the morning briefing, first up, president trump doubling down on his calls for a travel ban. many of the president's critic yesterday went after him for calling it a ban when he previously said it was not. but this morning he wasn't mincing any words. he tweeted "people the lawyers and courts can call it whatever they want. but i am calling it what we need and what it is, it's a travel ban. he continues, the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down politically correct version they submitted to the supreme
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ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down travel ban before the supreme court and seek a much tougher version. then the president ended with this. in any event, we are extreme vetting people coming into the u is in order to help keep our country safe. the courts are slow and political. end quote. >> also russian president vladimir putin dismissing the idea that russia has damaging information on president trump calling the claims a load of nonsense he denied russia hack the united states election say us spice could have faked evidence of hacking. the story with nbc megyn kelly putin claimed it was quote convenient for us intelligence agencies to cues russia. >> in the grand scheme of things we don't care who is the head of the united states. i haven't seen even once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. the united states everywhere all over the world actively interferes with the electoral campaigns of other countries. >> in response
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about damaging information that russia might have on president trump, putin asked kelly have you lost all of your senses over there? meaning in the us. >> could find out more about the russian interference later this frank fbi director james comey and nsa director rogers. it will be the first time comey speaks publicly since he was fired as fbi director by the president. he'll testify on thursday. he is expected to discuss whether president trump pressured him to shut down the russia investigation. the district is doubling down on its commitment to the paris climate accord despite president trump announcing plans to withdrawal. this morning mayor mull eighty three bowser will offer an offer reaffirming support of the agreement and fox5's bob barnard is live in northwest with all the details. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. mayor bowser will sign this executive order at 11:00 o'clock this morning. basically, binding the district of columbia to the paris climate accord. something that 195 countri
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including the u.s. had signed. now the u s and zero yacht the only ones who haven't. district is part of this c40 which is group of cities across the country that are committed to this. the bowser administration says it will reduce carbon emissions here in the district by 80% by 2050. now, of course, president trump in the rose garden on thursday said the us was backing out of the paris climate accord. basically putting america first he said pittsburgh not paris claiming that it hurts america's economy and american jobs. there was a pro trump rally outside the without white house not long after.& a lot of people saying yes, that's right. america first. however, the bowser administration lit the wilson building up city hall last week in green in support of the paris accord. and bowser administration already launched climate ready d.c. for more sustainable environment and proposed the dc green bang to create
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expand solar power, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. it is also finalized a largest wind power purchase agreement deal in the united states. so clearly the bowser administration moving away from the trump administration and saying this city, our nation's capital will do what other big cities around the world are doing and around the country and that's committing to reducing global warming as best as it can. guys? >> bob barnard reporting this morning. happening today oral history archive of late d.c. marion barry 1978 campaign making its debut. barry won that year and went on to serve a total of four terms as mayor ultimately becoming known as the district's mayor for life. the oral history archive debuts today with ceremony at the wilson building. archive will be housed at george washington university's gilman library. >> all right. bill cosby is due in court any moment for a sexual assault trial coming up next we'll take you live outside the courthouse for a preview of what could b
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one of the biggest celebrity court cases since oj. >> bill ma her apologizing after he you've the n word on his mbo show friday night. it may be too little too late for one of his upcoming guests. he'll join us live to talk about why he cancel his appearance a little later. right now 9:12. caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress.
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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♪ a lot coming up this morning of the 9:15. we'll check in the bill cosby trial in just a minute. let's check what's making headlines this monday morning. let start with this. five countries cut ties with the nation of qatar bahrain, egypt, saudi arabia, yemen and united arab emerates are withdrawing diplomatic staff from qatar and kicking out qatar diplomats. the action being taken because of qatar support for islamic groups and relationship with ear an. several airlines are suspending service to today at a and we're seeing impact on oil prices with futures up in europe and new york this morning. community members have rallied in southeast d.c. to denounce the hanging a noose in historically black neighborhood it was found last week 19 elementary raul school one. authorities are also inves investigating nooses left at two smithsonian museums including the national musm
9:16 am
african-american history and culture. and developing this morning in portland oregon more than a dozen people are facing serious charges following clashes at what was supposed to be a pro president trump rally. the rally took a chaotic turn anti trump protesters showed up. police in right gear were called in to separate the groups. 14 people were arrested. so what's the next new thing for from apple. we mate get to fine out this week. the tech company launches -- it's trots out new products during this event apple ask secretary to do unveil a voice activated speaker similar to google device. check this out. this photo causing quite the storm on social moo ya. a canadian woman snapped the picture of her husband there mowing the lawn on friday this is in alberta and you see this big twister in the background. he's still just mowing the lawn doing what he needs to do
9:17 am
honey do list and the tornado was farther away than it look. the good news here no one was injured and the lawn got mowed. >> nope. >> is it real or fake. >> did not try this at home. >> i'm calling fake on this? >> really. >> initially i thought it was fake, too. it's just too -- >> i start out thinking it was real much the more i'm thinking about this totally fake. >> i'm thinking about cutting and pasting that picture behind that with all the leaves. >> people can do it. >> that are pros. >> you can do it. i don't know, though. >> give them the benefit of the day. >> who goes to mow the lawn with -- >> weather warnings. >> take that tornado seriously. i saw a lot about this on social media. >> what's the weather community saying. >> they're saying it real it was a tornado confirmed in this part of alberta. that's what they're saying. but do not try this at home. >> it looked -- it is further away than it looks but still really close. too close for comfort. >> the storm wouldn't take care of the lawn on its own? i think his cut grass was the least of his concern. >> i agree with that.
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>> if you can see it's too close. go inside. get downstairs. >> i agree. >> if it's real frame that picture. >> 9:17. we know d.c. no longer the fit test city in the nation and it may be our workplace's fault. >> yeah. >> we sit a lot. >> totally. >> we'll tell you why dc continues to pack on the pounds at work and some ways you can battle the bulge in the middle of the day. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ 9:21 on monday morning. one of the most watched celebrity trials in recent history expected to be at least it gets underway today just outside of philadelphia. bill cosby the former beloved sitcom star now facing a judge and jury accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2004. now this is the only criminal case to emerge from the dozens of accusations he faced in recent years. now the image avenue father and family man he cultivated in his 50 should years in the spotlight is on the line. >> for more on the trial and the media frenzy fox 29's steve keeley joins us this morning. this is caitlin roth. good morning to you. it's good to see you what can you tell us about the trial here this morning? >> reporter: well it gets underway in ten minutes and funny you guys said it was family man and look at the video of him walking in. part of his tv family on his arm. his tv daughter rudy huxtable
9:22 am
keisha knight pull lamb on his arm to his lefts walked in and we were told that his tv wife and his real live wife would be coming in. he we see one of cosby kids here supporting him he's had other supporters here as well. 30 seats for the public people were lined up starts last night to get in here and some of them were here to support bill cosby it's not all anti cosby here at the montgomery county courthouse, and the reason why this trial is here is because this is where the incident happened in 2004, and cosby from philadelphia always had his ties back in fill as you know caitlin at temple university and it was a temple university employee who saw him as his mentor she says drugged her and then sexually assaulted her and that that's why we're here today. >> steve, what are the chances and we talked about this internally here but i know you're invested in this whole
9:23 am
we talked to a number of prosecutors, local, state, county prosecutors just pulling a jury from different part of the state, does that even make a difference because it seems like anybody and everybody in this country knows who bill cosby is, nose what he's accused of doing, so do they feel they can really have an impartial jury in this case? >> reporter: well, i'm a neighbor of his chief defense lawyer brian mcmonagle and he's happy. at first he was worried they tried to exclude all blacks. they pick it 300 miles in pittsburgh. you're right. everybody knows of this case. it was silly to go outside. look over at this crew. cruelty woman in the beige jacket. she's a reporter from denmark. i've met reporters from australia, germany, australia was the far nest i just asked her right before we did you grow up watching cosby. why is anybody in denmark interested in bill cosby. huge interest there. not only in this country, steve, all over the world, people know about this case and they know bill cosby and i
9:24 am
thought i know crocodile dundee the only comedic actor i know from any of the countries i met reporters outside of this country but it's amazing how worldwide fame he still has to this day. he'll turn 80 on july 12th. so this trial only expected to last two weeks if he's found guilty before he's sentenced and he could be sentenced to ten years for each of the three counts of indecent sexual assault could be looking at a live sentence. almost 80 years old and facing probably the most serious time of his life. >> steve, since you're tight with the defense here, one theory that was here by a former prosecutor was if the defense didn't feel like this trial was going the way it wanted the defense could put cosby on the stand at some point. have you heard anything about that? >> reporter: well, cosby gave an interview to the radio talk show host michael smerconish and he said he wasn't going to the stand. whether he does or not, this jury still going to hear his words because it's reason w
9:25 am
civil case with the same woman and he ended up sit link before he settled it he gave this deposition. video taped all taken down word for word and they're going to play his words in court so the jury will hear his side of the story he admits giving quaaludes and getting quaaludes to give to women. i just did to lure them at parties i didn't do it to drug them. but they're going to hear him one way or the other maybe the defense saying there's probably going to be surprise or two, that could be the biggest surprise if he does take the stand because what do they have to lose if you think about if the jury will hear bad words from the deposition, maybe they'ring, all right, even in a cross examination he can't go any worse than he did in that deposition where he admitted acquiring quaaludes and giving them to women in order to tract them. >> something to see. all right. we'll see what happens the next two weeks. steve keeley thanks so much as always for joining us. i'm sure that's his story for the next two weeks. >> right. >> we had a scott bolden who said that would be a huge risk if he did take the
9:26 am
how this plays out in the next two weeks. >> all is on that one. probably heard about this this weekend bill ma her is sorry for using the n word on tv but the damage has been done of the one of his um coming guests who canceled that appearance will join us live for more on the backlash. >> first though tucker back with a check of the seven day that has some rain, some cool days and a possible heat wave. we've got it all coming up. also coming up at 10:00 o'clock wonder woman smashing records left and right at the box office. kevin will join us live with what it could mean for holl hollywood's future. host of issues on last night's real housewives. this morning gizelle will be in the loft with the details. later on grammy award winner gospel star whalum joins us in the loft. special performance from his new album love covers. it's coming up on the 10a of the right now 9:26. we'll be right back. back.
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♪ anoint away from 9:30. check out good day sports report. head to the baseball diamond nationals on the road in california all eyes and bryce harper who made his return to the field after his three-game suspension for the brawl with hunter strickland. i think he trimmed the beard a little bit, too. >> he still looks great. >> nats facing the a's. what game to come back. the a's making a valiant effort in the bottom of the ninth. nats bullpen couldn't get it done. they held on i'll put it that way but neay
9:30 am
lead by giving up six runs in the bottom of the ninth. nats hold on barely to within the game ledge-ten. ryan zimmerman another three run homer great season for him so far. >> yes. and game two of the nba finals warriors and cavs steph curry with lebron james guarding him and he puts the moves on james with some ball handling skills that are out of this world finally goes in for the scoop and scores. curry left the -- held the way for the warriors with triple double 32 points, ten rebounds, 11 assists. kevin durant added 33 and warriors blow out the cavaliers 132-113. head coach steve was back on the bench for the warriors. it wasn't the only blow out from last night's game check this out thing got heated between fans at last night's game. >> wow. >> unfortunate. here's the heed encounter lebron james was close to the action his teammate jr smith him to save teen it happened as james and the other players were walking to the tunnel and three fans they started getting a aggressive. andmi
9:31 am
because he didn't want the cavs star player to get hurt. >> yeah. >> yikes! >> you know how much money pale for those seats just behave and watch the game. >> yeah. >> those are three figure seats in that part of the arena. >> oh, well. >> 9:31. check in with tucker and get a check of the forecast. >> you wands they were fighting about, don't you? >> access to lebron. >> access to lebron. >> in that how people fight over you at zip trips? >> they just want to touch. >> maureen they do fight but they fight to get away from me. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. tucker is coming then they -- everybody runs. >> everybody scatters. >> it's very effective. >> summer will be here in 15 days but i think it will feel like it before that. feeling like it this morning with the humidity across the region. as we've got dew point temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s out there. all right. numbers haven't budged a lot this morning. 73 stuck in the low 70s this morning. 74 in annapolis. 73 quantico. gaithersburg
9:32 am
temperatures riding in the upper 70s for most of the morning here. now we're hitting 70 in fredericksburg and annapolis. any time you get these numbers 65 or higher you really start to feel the humidity out there it's going to be a stick sticky day no doubt about it and eventually showers as well. a lot of rain just off to our south and west. that pressing closer to the region so i would plan for shower activity heaviest of the rain really going to stay to our south today. southern maryland, lower eastern shore, central virginia, southwest virginia as you get down towards charlottesville heaviest of the rain but i think everybody even off to the north and west we got a little piece of energy little frontal system will squeeze out showers north and west as well and most of us should get at least some shower activity during the course of the afternoon here during the course of our monday maybe a rumble of thunder. there's the bigger picture. area of low pressure scooting along threw virginia later this afternoon, and get off out to sea here tonight
9:33 am
activity around here later. there we are future cast at 11:30. i don't think it's doing a great job showing how far north we'll get the shower activity. we'll get it here in the city. there we are at 4:30 could it exit quickly to the south and east. going out tonight to celebrate your birthday, you should be okay it won't be terribly pleasant but it should just be cloudy then tomorrow morning we wake up with cloud cover. tomorrow another day on the cool side with generally cloudy conditions although i don't think we'll get a lot of shower activity there might be a sprinkle or quick shower tomorrow. cool, wednesday and thursday and here comes the heat i'll get out of the way we start building the 80s around with a lot of sunshine next week, i think if we keep the current pattern going here, current thinking, we'll probably do 90s around here at least monday, tuesday next week. maybe monday, tuesday, wednesday well into the 90s maybe 93 or 94 for daytime high. all right. guys, back to you. >> all right. tuck, thank you. want to get to
9:34 am
we're getting in from florida right now because we understand several people have been killed in a shooting that happened near orlando. now apparently this happened live pictures right now. so apologize as that reporter is getting ready to stand in front of the camera. this happened in industrial area near orlando. the orange county sheriff's office confirms multiple fatalities a the that scene but say the situation has been contained. again several people apparently killd in a shooting happening in that industrial area near orlando. you can see reporter down there getting ready to give a update. we'll share more information as soon as we get it. in the meantime commuter comedian in talk show host bill ma her apologizing for using the n word on his mhbo talk show real time happened on fry while he was interviewing a nebraska senator. the law maker invited ma her to visit his state this is what happened next. >> nebraska ma her. >> you're welcome. we'd love to have you work in the fields with us. >> work in the fields? >> that's part of the -- [ laughter ] >> senator. i'm a
9:35 am
>> following immediate criticism and backlash ma her issue this statement the very next day saying the word was offensive and that he was very very sorry. hbo also released a statement saying the episode will never be reaired. but the damage was already done. political analysts gianna caldwell supposed to be a guest on real time this month but immediately following the racial slur he cancel his appearance and tweeted this video to explain why. jianne know joins us live now video skype with more. good morning to you jianne know. >> good morning. i heard it. i watch the show pretty frequently. i gasped what were you your reaction when you saw it? >> i was completely and totally disgusted when you look at the video and you see that he used the word with just ease, i mean, that tells me this is something that you not just did a slip of the tongue on your show but this is probably the kind of language you use in your day to day
9:36 am
up again with people saying why is it okay for some people to use it and others not. bill ma her is down liberal guy. he didn't mean it. what do you say to that argument today? >> i say that's the problem with white liberals. they think that just because they may be down with some black us a causes they're okay to use that kind of language and they're certainly not. what i've seen in the press even with the new york times they put out piece yesterday pretty much putting it on ben shouldn't have used the word field come work in the fields. that was offensive and behave ma her a pass. this is hypocrisy at the worst level you can think it's okay to say such things so many people lived through slavery, jim company and still there's a fight going on today for the right -- civil rights of african-americans. bill ma her incredibly it disappointed me. i'm probably in line with chan the rapper said. he said, hey, hbo should pull the show. i hadn't thought about to tha
9:37 am
degree i decided i cannot appear on the show this month. >> jiaanno. why not go on his show and perhaps have a discussion on it there are people who would welcome seeing something like that. someone like you telling bill, look, it's in the cool. you might think you're down for the cause and the people but you talking like this with such ease is not cool. why not go on his show and confront him in that iowa? >> i've heard a lot of people say that. that's been the comments i've seen on my twitter at jianno caldwell on facebook and other venues. what's the likelihood he'll invite me on his show to have discussion like him which makes hip look bad. i don't think that's something that's going to happen. a lot of people chomping to bit. this is something i'm sure they want to forget as soon as it happen. they want to get this out of the way and when he said that i lost a lot of sleep over this, yeah, i'm sure you lost a lot of sleep over this there's the potential of advertise and dollars that leave your pocket because of this situation. so i don't think that's invitation they would send to
9:38 am
accept. >> bill ma her apologized and of course the future of his show in question. we don't know how that will play out of let's talk about the bigger picture here. him using the n word a lot of people black people saying no one should be using this word and this of course raises the argument again. why this word is even used. to the bigger picture here, j jianno what do you have to say about the use of this word by african-americans or any other racial group? >> i would think that it's certainly i get the idea african-americans feel some believe they can use it and they can use it however they want obviously in music, art, those kind of things. i think we need to all just take a step back and say, hey, this shouldn't be in a appropriate use for anyone. certainly not in the terms in which in context which in bill ma her used it. there's a consideration here. there's a national conversation that should be held on what this wore means oprah principal free did this many years ago when she said this is a conversation we need to have. i think there's s
9:39 am
need to revisit at at this time. >> again final word here you're to the going on his show. did you take his apology to be sincere or do you think it's more as you alluded to earlier the dollars handy behind what could happen as a result? i think he has to do a whole lot more than just apologize at this point. one of his producers reached out to me yesterday. saying that, you know, letting me know he apologized but, again, so casually use something so offensive it's greatly disappointing and i think beyond just an apology he has to take it many, many steps forward especially being such a high profile individual you got some high if i african-americans are saying it was okay. i think we need to have a real conversation here and not just one apology. >> right. nothing that just placate people and i said i'm sorry, let's move on. >> let's move on. >> exactly. >> i agree. a lot more needs to be done. jianne know cold well thank you for joining us. we look to talking to you again in the future. >> thank you. okay. 9:39 is the time right now. >> seasonhr
9:40 am
up tonight but first this morning we're getting a sneak peek from the stars of the show or at least one of them. one of them says there's a shout out that fans have been waiting three years for. we'll have all the details coming up next much it's now 9:40.
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that's the trailer for gotham. a two-hour season finale first ashley got to sit down with the cast for a sneak peek. >> he has the virus. >> madness unfolds in go nam as season three concludes monday night. and we were onset as they film this exciting finale. >> this finale episode is crazy. definitely the biggest kind of most insane one that we have ever done. so much happening. when i read the script it was like holding m
9:44 am
minutes. >> as for that riddler penguin piece of puzzle -- >> the rest of the finale with ross wad and i it's kind of like one up each other tricking each other. but the sad thing is though i am far more intelligent than oswald to be true he out marts me. >> reporter: there will be surpsurpsurprising alliances. >> he's lot of all trust again in everybody so, you know, you still have to have some of it epp has to find it in new pl places. >> she takes a step toward bruce because an event happened within his family, and she cares for him. she's always going to care for him no matter what they go through. and show is he tries -- she tries to show that she scares for him. it doesn't really go well like it always does, and then she ends up with a person that we've all been secretly hoping that she wou
9:45 am
>> things are going to get even darker. >> there's some interesting transformations and some true deaths. people actually die. even in gotham. >> cast members say it's an episode fans of this world will truly appreciate. >> visually we've always, you know, modeled my character after cat woman and that's sort of how she ties into the larger picture of gotham and there's a scene in the if you until until alludes to that. >> these loyal fans shout outs even include one for that caped crusader. >> at the end of this season, there is a shout out to matt batman that i think is super awesome. if i can curse right now i would have. like what every fan is just hoping for. >> in new york, ashley, fox n news. just reminderyou can catch the two-hour finale tonight at 8:00 right here on fox5. two hours. >> all right. looks goo
9:46 am
don't be scared. >> i know, right. good as gotham ends fox5 getting ready for brand new show. you won't want to miss this one because it is shaking up the political landscape we're talking about box five jim lokay anchoring new half hour late night newscast call the final five. it is the perfect nightcap for the dale ill roller coaster that is american politic these days. final five debuting tonight jun. tmz will follow at midnight. >> it should be a good stuff starting tonight. >> yeah. >> lots to talk about in this town we know how the political game goes. >> it still only 9:46. >> president could have a tweet storm. >> on the back end of things. >> exactly. >> 9:46. still to come this morning why washingtonians are packing on the pounds at work and some ways you can buck the trend. fitness expert jessica jesse back with us this morning. everything you need to know to burn those calories in the office coming up next.
9:47 am
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♪ >> here's the deal. summertime has arrived right now. for people in school you get a chance to go outside exercise run aroun d
9:50 am
for those office us who work even the birds are chirping and the grass is growing we are working and our waistlines in many cases are growing as we work. why? well new career builder survey published in washington i don't know magazine finds 56% of the nation's work force out of six out of ten people here in washington who work they believe overweight and 45% nearly half believe they gained weight at their job. astounding 25% of workers say they gained more than 10 pounds at their current job. it's not always because of that delicious looking plate of cupcake everybody is trying to grab in that photo. so we know that where you live and what you can do to impact your weight the question what do we do about it d.c. ranked one of the highest percentage of workers who gain weight at their job. jessica master personal trainer certified nutritional, new mom, congratulations. >> thank you. >> nine weeks. >> nine week. my goodness you look amazing. >> thank you. >> why do we
9:51 am
at work good we're sitting at a a desk all day long. and we need to get up and move and we need to really focus on what we're putting in our mouth. >> okay. so for those of us who might be sitting at the deck or here or whatever and we do. the comfort foods are easy. snacking that type of thing. what's the solution what's better. >> definitely not here to tell you that you can never go out to eat but it's search if you want to lose weight that you need to meal prep starring at the beginning of the week on sunday cook all your foods, freeze them and bring them to work with you then you'll also make sure that you are prepared with snacks. so make sure you have the almonds, rice cakes. >> what's good snake. >> almonds are awesome. 16 almonds like the perfect snack. fruits, vegetables and quick things are request bars, they have a lot of fiber. they're great for you and also rice cakes. >> take that little time on the weekend to do the prep. we hate to do it. i hate to do it i started doing it. i kind of got away from it it's weekend i don't want to work if
9:52 am
the table it will wally for the entire week. >> right. >> yes. and then we have to watch out for stress eating. >> that's key. >> yes. >> that's actually one of things they stated was because when you're at work, that's one of the places where you really feel the stress. >> right. >> and because of that, you want to just grab whatever that snack nearby or eat your meal you prepped and want to eat something else after that. >> i do awesome test you can give yourself. tell me a green vegetable that you like that you'll eat. >> that i can stomach? >> brock colely. >> broccoli perfect. tell me a food that you crave. >> pretzels. >> okay. >> so that's in the that bad of a food. >> chips. i don't know. something junkie. >> something that's available. >> okay. so it's really important that you're sing at your desk you feel stressed, famish got to put something in my body, right? you need to know the difference are you hungry or actually having to craving? what you're going to ask yourself is, if i had a cup of broccoli right
9:53 am
would i feel revitalized. if the answer is your hungry and you need to eat. if not, the chips are the pretzels sound really good, then you're more than likely having craving. >> worry not really hungry. >> you need to choose wisely. > if icon vince myself i would eat that cup of broccoli right now, then i'm hungry enough to eat something. >> healthy. >> if that thought is like, no, there's no way i'd eat broccoli. >> stay away from the haven'ting machine. >> good tip. how about exercise, is it even at work if not is it just moving around is that a good enough -- >> it is. >> make good. anything is better than nothing& which a lot of us are doing. a lot of us it's intimidating if i say, you know, you need to walk up all the stairs. if you can't, then maybe you go one flight of stairs and take the elevate the rest of the way but moving on the hour is you have to do that. >> should we set reminder. >> yeah, even with having baby i felt myself sitting long. all these amazing fitness apps.
9:54 am
buzz you get up and move. >> just as simple as getting up and walking around. take the stars park in the back of the lot do something to get more exercise. speaking of exercise i do want to go over a couple of thing. you have quick exercises we can do at work. we'll move on over to our f fox5 home gym which literally is going to be -- >> the couch in the back of the loft. jessica, show us some things we can do if we weren't to get quick work out at work. >> great one to do, you're not causing a lot of attention to yourself doin' klein push ups. want to make sure you're using your core nice and chest. >> one of my favorites. >> another great one to work the backs of the arms. >> that one is key. >> do different things instead of just going up and dunnocks make it fun and go to the right and to the left. and just these body weight ice so metric most will help you tone and burn calories. the more muscle you have the more muscles you'll get. >> here's what i find with these
9:55 am
he is special physical you're not used to doing them. they're stressful you don't need to break a sweat. you can do this get benefit of out it continue on with your work day without looking back you just walk back from the gym into a board meeting. >> you have to keep telling yourself little by little, you will will go far. >> i like that. broccoli tip was good. i'm a little hungry right now but the last thing i want to eat a broccoli. >> your raisins and banana. >> that's a step towards broccoli. >> annie, i'd say thanks for calling me out. it's kind of healthy today. >> perfect thing for cherry hill break now. >> you look fantastic, jess. >> congratulations. >> thanks, guys. >> we've gone from one wonder woman to another one. wonder woman the real life action hero what we're calling her? deb debuting this weeken. >> shero making a billion dollars. >> it did do fantastic at the box office. gizelle bryant from housewives of potomac she's going to be here for the
9:56 am
she's going to reveal some drama happening in the circle. >> hmm. always drama in the circle. okay. then we also have who else here? >> grammy award winner kirk whalum the ban has been prepping. >> sounding a mazing. >> love it, love it, love it. finally we have carlos greer in the house from page six. he's going to do some celebrity dish with us, mo. get ready for that. caitlin it's going to be interesting and fun, and he yeah he just joined the page six edition. congrats to him. >> first it is coffee time. if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up we have a new good day dunkin' donuts mug to give away it is the perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. head to fox5 or our facebook page at d.c. to enter our mug con test. one lucky winner select boyd random drawing. hurry you only from now until 11am to apply for that. it is
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z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y
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narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant. ♪ the must see moments this monday only on good day at 10a. the hottest topics this am. popular comedian defends kathy griffin. hallie barry pregnant at 50? brandy's mel emergency. we dish it all with page sick tv's carlos greer. live in the loft, we've been waiting for this real housewives of potomac star to come on the show all season. well, today is the day gizelle is here to talk all about last in it's drama. get ready, dmv, he so lowed on
10:01 am
favorite songs whitney houston's i will always love you. super star saxophone any of the kirk whalum is perform and yes, he will perform. let's do this monday, in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ happy to have kirk whalum from us. we'll hear from them later on this morning. talk about the big show that happened yesterday in the uk. thanks for staying with us or the 10a. good morning i'm steve chenevey alongside annie, caitlin and maureen. holly and wisdom are both off this morning. we'll check what's trending in just a moment. annie has a check what's making had he lines this morning. let's talk about breaking new out of orlando, florida this morning. several people have been killed in shooting in what's described as industrial area. this is video from the scene. we see several businesses along a street there where the police are investigating, but right now it remains unclear the shooting actually took
10:02 am
that the situation is contained and there's no threat to the public. we will be on top of this throughout date. stay with us on fox5 dc on social media for continuous updates on this breaking story. streaming this on facebook page. head over there and click the life video. meanwhile vigil planned for tonight to honor the victims of london terrorist attack. isis claiming responsibility for attack that left seven people dead and nearly 50 injured it unfolded saturday night three men drove white man into pedestrians oh the london bridge. they then got out and started stabbing people into site nearby bars and restaurants. 12 people were arrested one person has been released. police shot and kill the three assailants. and this week the supreme court could decide whether president trump's executive order which placed temporary ban on refugees from six predominantly muslim countries designated as hot beds of terrorism discriminates against muslims. federal courts have blocked that order. the trump administration is asking the us supreme court to reinstate
10:03 am
happening today, bill cosby' sexual assault trial gets under way. he faces three counts of indecent assault stemming from 2004 visit to his home by andrea couldn't can't stand much cosby has been accused of by 60 women of sexual assault. this is the only case in criminal court. the jury will hear testimony from other quarterback. >> grant could you ski intercepted the bouquets to at a wedding. you've got to check this out. >> there's the interception. >> ing that gang style it has been a core graphed exit. there are women out there like that was mine! >> yeah. >> they just messed up my wedding chances. >> this isn't the first time he spiked flowers at a wedding he was caught slamming bouquet of roses aft the patriots super bowl as well back in 2016 if you shatter the b
10:04 am
every flower what does that mean. >> forever single. >> as long as the bride was in on it that's good thing. otherwise no. >> rough wedding night. >> i was the first one out there to catch you. >> were i never caught one. >> i was -- >> were you really? >> yes. >> did you catch it ever. >> i did. yes. >> she's mary. >> i also injured some others along the way. >> obviously it works. gang is like 6-foot eight. i wouldn't go up against him. might not one that one. >> good times. four minutes past the hour. >> first up, emotional night in manchester ariana grande paying tribute to the vick tip of the manchester bombing. the three who who hour concert she had featured justin beiber, miley cyrus, cold flay, katie perry, pharell, black eyed peas, liam gallagher 50,000 people attended the concert. many concert goers were with their parents. they sang, they cried together others danced with british first
10:05 am
that concert raised more than $2 million for the victims families in just three hours. grande showing her love for fan in the uk on friday afternoon she visited young people still hospitalized and shared her pictures with 107 million inn at a gram followers showing her heart is just huge. >> doing the concert is phenomenal. an mazing gesture that she made and so many people jumped in on. but it's one thing to go there and stand on stage and do what you do on a normal basis. it's another thing to go to the hospital visit people who were there. >> absolutely. >> paying to see you who were injured, and to put that personal touch on it, awesome. >> it was cathartic to be to be there and help sort of put thing in place. place. saying don't make it about arian day they're victims you got to feel for this young girl doing what she loves and this happens and the weight of the responsibility she must feel for some of that. so i'm just glad to see this happening that people are coming together and that this
10:06 am
of, you know, putting the healing ahead. just glad to see that. >> yeah. good to see her go to the hospital and see the smiles on those kids faces they deserve the most. >> they do. >> continuing to put on brave face londoners showing defines their attack don't have british humor this video wept viral shows a man calmly walking away from the london bridge mayhem holding his pint of beer become an internet sensation. as he just walks away drink in hasn't message is nothing will stop the british people of spur spirits. 25,000 retweets including one comment that said people fleeing but this man got spilling a drop, god bless the brits. >> good for them. >> it's expensive. >> you want to get your money's worse worth. >> that was his response. >> is that what he said. [ laughter ] >> wonder woman may be am zone january princess but a box office queen. the sored to the to of the box office and brokeec
10:07 am
way. >> for details kevin is down in the newsroom. hi, kevin. good morning. >> good morning guys. hitter tory cal weekend for female film makers, female head super hero unless and movies in general. this is going to give a lot of confidence in movie studios to give more women film makers the opportunity to direct these big budget films. wonder woman brought in estimated $100.5 million in the us. i remember earlier looking at estimates for the film they were saying somewhere between 60 and 70 million. but the film now has an estimated 100.5 get the final numbers later on today. now worldwide, it did $223 million and this mark the largest opening ever for a female director patti jenkins she is the film maker behind this movie her film surpassed 50 grades of gray to make history. now, this is actually patti jenkins first feature film in movie theaters since
10:08 am
monster the movie that led karl liz theron to within the academy award in between that film and wonder woman she direct add couple of episodes of television concluding arrested development and entourage and the killing this but this movie didn't a phenomenal job over the weekend. i've gave a five out of 55. one of the best films of the year next to get out and logan. it's a also great film with messages about humanity and love that's what i loved about this movie the positivity you gain when you leave the movie theater. now, if you follow social media over the weeknd there was some amazing social media posts on twitter. let's take look some of these. a lot of parents taking their children to see the film over the weekend and dressing up their children in the wonder woman costume. this is actually a throw back photo by ella davis posted on twitter saying, genesis at two almost three she wanted to keep her fro hash tag wonder woman we're ready. this father right here posted a twitter saying, taking my daughter to s
10:09 am
absolutely amazing. such a great film a plus plus plus. i just think this is beautiful because, you know, little girls have hero to look up to in wonder woman it's amazing this is the first film in the 75 year history of the character had the come to the big screen. this is other parent said took my daughter to the amc in manchester yesterday to see hash tag wonder woman. we loved it. >> this video that became viral. katie couric tweeted out a individual with gal gadot asking chris hemsworth in wonder woman coin a fight. >> if that ever happened, that would be like the greatest thing ever to have the d.c. universe collide with the marvel uni universe. another tweet that has
10:10 am
viral bryce dallas howard you know her most from the jurassic world film. she took to twitter saying, with a gift kissing wonder woman's poster saying just had my world rocked by at petty jenkins and gal gadot sobbing in the cinema. i'm living a post wonder woman life hash tag game changer. i'm toss it back towages. the importance of this movie, you know, annie, obviously and maureen, you have daughters. talk about what this means to see a female super hero on screen hike this. >> she's only -- she'll be six tomorrow isn't she too young to see this with the pictures of you -- you don't think so with the violence. >> that's thing. this has been a big question is the movie too violent for young kids. the movie is pg13a lot of twitter posts parents taking their cades to see because of the message. there are elements of violence. yes, that's a big question. i think six might be a little too young. for you as a parent having this movie come out make this history what does that mean for you as a mom to see t
10:11 am
>> my daughter at four right now loves super hero she plays with superman, batman all of them and should you she has hopefully more toys coming out because of this movie and more to like really just tangible objects to play with and look up to. but kevin, more surprising wal took so long for this to happen? >> great question. the answer that i think is that first of all a female lead super hero in many in the eyes of hollywood was never -- was always a huge gamble. think about all the men, the mail driven super hero thor, spiderman, captain america, batman, superman. never a vehicle for that, and also giving a female film maker a one hadn't dread $50 million budget reportedly and having her make a movie that was also a quote unquote gamble as well. now, i disagree with that i'm happy that this film actually was successful because it proves that we need more female led voices behind the camera. i think it took so long because that wasn't enough of of a confidence that it would do w well. >> unfortuna
10:12 am
it's doing so well. not surprised. can't wait to see it. >> did you see it over the weekend, kev good i saw it tw twice. my wife wants to see it with her mother. >> the wife wants to see it again. >> yeah. >> she called it five out of five both of you. >> thanks, kevin. >> we are getting close to the end of season two of the real housewives of potomac. i know you've been watching the drama is nowhere near over. can youing up later, cast member gizelle bryant joins us live for the first time this year to talk all about what's happening behind the scenes. >> i can wait. >> right. >> first a special page six edition of the celebrity dish you don't want to miss this. very popular comedian also comes to kathy griffin's defense. is halle berry pregnant. >> a medical emergency forebrain. we'll talk about all of this and much more coming up. time now 10:12. we'll be right back.
10:13 am
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♪ always a lot of controversy had we serve up the good day celebrity dish. >> this morning we have a very special guest here to tepp he help us out he knows a little something when it comes to hollywood gossip because he's one of the big stars of all the new page 6tv and reporter for the new york post. carlos greer come on in here. >> come on in here. yay. [ applause ] >> you are about to dish with us and spill some tea.
10:16 am
>> serving it hot. >> i've got tea exactly. >> threats start with the first one. we want to get your inside scoop on this. first up this morning on the monday edition of celebrity dish alec baldwin comes to kathy griffin's defense. apparently the 59-year-old actor who played president trump and last season of snl you know alec baldwin he took to twitter to defense griffin a mid backlash over the. he posted series of tweets saying kathy, baby, i've been there. referencing his own political drama back in the '90's when he joke about then representative henry hide on conan he told griffin his stunt was joke and he knows hers was too. baldwin trying to comfort her by saying no one believes you meant to threaten trump he closed out his support saying quote trump is he nile idiot you will he has is twitter fight. ignore him like the all the other leaders of countries. ". >> what's your take. >> carlos, did you see the press conference. >> i saw the carlos. this is a huge pr nightmare for
10:17 am
kathy griffin after that disturb photo she apologized for it and kathy shows known to be this sort of no holds bar controversial median. >> right. >> she's kind of like her cake and owing it too. she had press conference she was crying, and she was lisa bloom and some people are saying, you know, was that really real? that they even real tears even. >> her talking about making herself a victim. people are saying don't go there now. own it and move on if exactly. >> alec baldwin offering her comfort there. why not? >> he's is same lauer comedian, too. >> she apologized and this press conference was more about now she's getting so much backlash and she claimed that president trump was out to ruin her career. she was being bullied. so she's done it. she received all the criticism she apology but the aftermath now she's dealing with. she lost her gig at cnn and other gigs. >> she lost the rest of her comedy tour. >> i'll wait for rosie o'donnell to weigh in. [ laughter ] >> until then. we've got -- i can't wait to hear about this one
10:18 am
what do you mean about halle berry. >> is it just me. high no idea she could possibly be pregnant? >> i'll tell where you this story came she attend add gala in la over the weekend and she was -- form fitting dress. >> right there. >> but it's not only that but the thing she was was holding her stomach. >> that's what is throwing me and mo off. >> starring rumors she may be pregnant. she hasn't commented on it yet. >> that last photo right there tells me like she is announcing. >> she's proud much she's glowing and holding her dumb. my question is if she is pregnant who is the boyfriend. >> that's what we said. >> who is the father. >> just a few days ago she posted a photo on her instagram where she was wearing a t-shirt that shed no more boyfriends. >> well -- >> okay. >> halle giving us something to talk about at 50 years old. she looks good. >> she looks amazing much always looks great. >> she's like if janet can do it autophyte, so can i. >> exactly. >> let's talk about brandy. she was discovered unconscious on a delta fly. according to
10:19 am
next to her she took a pill and passed out. when allison did the interview when she was here in town for rent. i'm shore chicago, excuse me chicago performing there here for a couple of months here. passenger on the flight a attendants scrambled to help brandy. it turn out to be kim kardashian's uncle a doctor on the plane. he rush out to -- 6 degrees of separation. brandy was taken to a hospital much she is going to be okay. we hear but don't know exactly what she took and why she reactioned this way. >> scary. >> she did put out tweet. it was from exhaustion. >> her publicist talked about -- she's been traveling and performing a lot much she's been back and from la to atlanta nine days straight or something like that. it's still unclear what exactly caused her to pass out. were you she hasn't really addressed it. i've met brandy self times. she's a really sweet girl. >> we wish her well. okay. >> she's going to be all right. >> all right. so would you let kanye west design your high school football uniforms? would you let him pick yr
10:20 am
wants to take cowell the cal la bass is a sports uniform and helped to rebrand the entire program. he met with physical officials to pitch a colab. he wants to change the school's colors and remain nem from the coyotes to the wolves and fitting considering he has a song with the same name. as part of the deal we're told kanye would make sizeable notation to improve school facilities which is good, right, including major up grades to the gym. but like why? >> okay. >> why? >> why is he taking on this role? >> probably -- >> last i heard of him he was having a break down or melt down. >> i report on kay ya a lot and kanye is very serious about fashion. i'll not surprised by this at all. they live in c cal la bass is tt so kim's family lives there. they spend a lot of time in that gated community much this isn't shock. this is one thing he's super passionate about he wants to take over the passion industry. >> he like the idea of him
10:21 am
why revamp their mascots and uniforms. >> do you ever have an answer when it comes to kanye. >> i guess not. >> how about this one? justin timberlake and jessica legal have become neighbors to ryan reynolds and blake lively. the penthouse retails for $36 million. over $36 million. the 5,000 thee hundred 75 square foot loft i guess has four bedrooms, marble, it's laced out thick million dollars what do you expect? okay. living large. celebrities they're not just like us. that's bottom line here. >> i will say this. they are kind of like us. my editor lives in that neighborhood. >> oh, fancy. >> but not in the $36 million apartment. but they do go out with their child. they're seen in the play ground and they don't even have security with them sometimes. they're just out there with their neighbors playing with their kids. in that sense they're like us. >> in that sense. all right. as long as there's been a new york -- never mine.
10:22 am
>> we'll talk about you. you're not just here with pretty face talking celebrity dish with us you've got a new show preparing. tell us now page six i write for page six the column and we have page 6tv preemergence fall in september on fox5. it's myself, bevy, john, elizabeth and these stories and more every day we'll be dishing about juicy yesterday celebrity gossip. >> all entertainment guests or do you spring pell in news. >> it's gossip. we cover everything. even real state. we cover celebrities obviously. scandal, new york social lights. >> do you exactly what we did hear it's only amplified. >> we have this round table. we got a whole -- >> i see. whole panel, too. >> a whole panel. >> we're just giving i was little taste of what you'll get. that's what we do here at good day. >> that's awesome. page 6tv will debut this september look out f for it. >> thanks for dishingit
10:23 am
>> thanks. this was fun. >> okay. >> maureen, we have a home gym right here. thousands of work out. >> let me do dips while we're here. >> go to jessica and justin's lost. >> exactlily. for $36 million you get four bedrooms. >> that's it. >> an garage. >> how many vare footage in this loft. how much could we get from this loft. >> i doubt 36 million that's just a guess. >> good luck with the show. can't wait to watch it. 10:23. coming up later lover covers. kirk whalum will join us live in the lot of getting ready for big tour a special performance from his latest album. >> and before that keep the um-um bell las close. after a sunny weekend the rain is back. tucker will be back with the forecast coming up on d.c. when we return.
10:24 am
narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law,
10:25 am
as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
10:26 am
♪ not quite as pretty as it was over the weekend. not even close. >> beautiful weekend here in washington. >> um-hmm. >> it looks like the rain is holding off. >> it felt very different out there this morning. >> hmm. >> tucker barnes has the det details. how the day is shaping up. >> annie, i got breaking news. >> ut-oh. >> it's raining across the area. >> is it? >> oh, no. >> you spoke too soon. >> the radar showing rain showers moving through the area. definitely umbrella weather here for the late morning early afternoon. it's pretty light. but definitely a big change from what we had this weekend bright sunshine and of course the pl
10:27 am
lot of humidity. you'll notice the humidity as well when you head out. 74 in washington. within out of the south and we have at eight. live look at your radar. inside the beltway here all the way up to the north side of the beltway towards belts willville and college park we're greg reports of light shower activity at the moment. you can see showers further north up towards frederick and northern maryland a good soaker as you get south no southern maryland, lower eastern shore and across central have a is dealing with showers that developed early this morning you can see notice rolling off to the east general trend towards the north and east as well there in the last couple of frames. bottom line we'll keep the clouds in the forecast much cooler than yesterday. temps only in the 70s and kind of on again off again showers here for the next couple of hours as we get into late afternoon we shall see a gradual improvement i think by late think afternoon and this evening we may be looking at just cloudy skies as we get into the overnight hours. so there you go. bigger look. we're dealing with area of low pressure which is has been pu pushing through virginia here
10:28 am
and then out to sea as we get into the overnight hours. all right. seven day forecast. tomorrow we remains cloudy and relatively cool, 76, then here comes the sunshine. and the heat. for the end of the week. friday, saturday and sunday build through the 80s. another round of heat next week which will feature lots of 90's. if you went in the pool this weekend, eh, a little cold chance to warm it up next weekend into next week. bring the umbrella headed out a little wet later today. back to you. >> reminder the end of this week for that countdown to summer, right. >> weekend looks nice. >> it felt so good this past weekend. >> at least it gives us something to work towards. >> weekend. >> always. >> indeed. >> 10:28 is the time. host of issues on last night's episode of real housewife of potomac. >> really? >> i know, right much just last night. and this morning cast member gizelle bryant will join us live to dish on up a the drama. right now it's 10:28. we'll be right back. ♪
10:29 am
my neighbor says that i shouldn't let my kids raid the fridge whenever they want.
10:30 am
give them a taste of freedom at this age, soon they are running wild doing whatever they want, whenever they want and then "boom", i'm a grandma. please sharon, it's just yogurt. ♪♪
10:31 am
drink, drink, drink. >> you about to tell a lie and you choke thon lie. >> god is like i don't like when people tell lies. so he just choked her right from the start. she couldn't get a word out. >> okay. >> you good? >> yeah. >> so take me. we're
10:32 am
didn't vibe. we're at hookah. didn't vibe. so when i extended the epp have yo teague for everybody to come to my house as soon as you walk in, it's just like -- oh, man. it was judgment from the time you walk in the door. talking about mrs. i can't stop stop talking and blah, blah, blah. i apologized for that. >> i heard you i was not feeling you. >> i don't think this is an excuse. >> you proceeded to talk about me very badly. >> it takes awhile for her to warm up. >> the the difference between warming up to somebody and being a stuck up trick. >> i don't even know what trick means. >> trick is like childish. like tricks for kids. >> that's what that means. >> i say trick a lot i don't use profanity it's therapeutic for me. >> when you think of language barriers you think i speak he know latch. you speak french not i speak english and you speak hood trash. speak trick track. that's what you speak, trick trash. >> oh, man. season two of the real housewives is wrapping up later this month
10:33 am
still going way strong. this morning we're getting behind the scenes look at the tension of the cast members from one of the stars of the show gizelle bryant finally decided to come back into the loft for the first time this season. good morning to you. >> how are you yes. >> i'm doing amazing. and so are you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> you guys have brought the heat this season and it seems like more than one of these ladies is coming after you. what does that say about your statue on this show? >> if they're not talking about, you doing something wrong much that's what i've always been told. my momma told me that. but actual actual i'll want to go back to that clip. when i choked that was real thing. i fell out my chair. >> oh wow. >> i toll the cameraman help me. he kept looking at me. it was real big scene. >> i was choking summon food. none of them came to your aid. >> that's called reality television. i see. now you know there's clear no
10:34 am
newest cast member. right way there was tension. what was that? >> i really -- she came in the midst of so much drama. she came when i was trying to work out things with charisse and ashley was doing her thing of being messy, and so it was just like i wasn't ready. i wasn't ready to meet someone new and to stab a relationship with somebody that, um, i was basically beat meeting for the first time. i wasn't ready. i know i think lost people thought maybe were you feeling a little jealous i'm heard people say -- people tweeted that. >> of course. people say that but, no. i mean jealous of what? >> okay. charisse has also been on and is he didn't have flat flattering s to say about. in episodes we've seen you two are getting along better but there was tension there. how are things between you two now? >> i love charisse. she might not love me, but i totally love charisse much that's my girl. i think that, um, she's going through a lot. she's been going through a
10:35 am
one. yeah. and, you know, i toll everybody i'm here for her. i've been there. been there. done that. so i'm here for her. i love charisse. i'm going to see whether or not she lovesome today. i'll tend her a text. you love me today. >> we'll see. what about ashley becaus, again are that's one that you've sort of had to put her -- talk to her about some of her things, her ways. >> ashley is actually somebody that the entire season two i stuck up for and i vouched her and i told the other girls she's going through, a trying to get restaurant off the ground got this australian breathing down her back every five seconds. cut ashley some slack. i look like little miss perky ashley. you have something with everyone of the ladies. it makes for an interesting show for sure. but i want to ask you your love live, how is that going. >> it's going. >> what's that mean. >> it's going. kevin is still around. >> oh! >> yes. sole we'll see what happens
10:36 am
one day at that particular time. >> you're also here not just to tack about the show. on the show you talk about your makeup line that's coming out. >> uh-huh. >> this is thing is happening. >> this is so happening i'm so excited about it next week ju june 15th our website goes live. every hugh booty you're able to go to the website and get our moisturizers our blurbs, our blenders and we have a launch party in new york that day, as well as we'll be doing launch parties pop up shops for the evident of the summer. so we have one in la. one schedule in atlanta. one back here in d.c. so we are every who beauty is moving and shaking we are changing women's faces one day at a time. >> what make the make up unique. >> it's geared towards women of color. we really wanted to -- i feel hike women of color have been left out of the beauty mark. we kind of been forgotten so i really wanted to nail the skin and making sure that something& can go on our skin that doesn't read anything but beautiful. so it's not going to read like your reds or purples or
10:37 am
>> your own line now. >> i am. we nailed that. and then we have our aloe and our vitamin c and e & s pf. >> okay. >> so we're really giving, um, especially the women of color something that they haven't had in the beaut fee market to date. >> nourishing from inside and out. >> absolutely. >> we joke about you not coming into the loft. you're mott going to be stranger, are you. >> i'm not going to be stranger. i am so happy tour here today. >> we want you to be breaking news when you come here. i want to you bring tea no one else has. >> i wanted you to talk to the other girls first and get that out of the way. now i'm here. i'll here to stay. >> can you give us a little tidbit, something something -- >> for maybe next week. >> next week we're going to bermuda. so you'll see that. you'll be seeing bikinis and men and shots and, um, gizelle on her best behavior. >> no. we don't want -- >> just kidding. >> i was going to say don't do that to us. >> never that. >> we like your snarky out takes that is when we -- that it's what we live for. >> yes, yes. you'll be seeing more
10:38 am
and more of that. >> you guys have been doing a bank up job this season. >> thank you. >> this show is so fun to watch. >> yeah. tucker barnes is glued every sunday. [ laughter ] >> he is. one of the biggest fans. i am too. thank you for coming in. >> absolutely. >> all right. you guys the drama unfolding every sunday night real housewives of potok mack. gizelle bryant finally coming into the house. thank you again. >> thank you. >> back over to us guys. >> oh, the drama. >> i watch it every sunday, too. it is so great. thank you maureen. we are all about your feet this morning. because now that summer is here it's time to check out some of the hottest shoe trends. coming up next celebrity stylist testimony lee is back with little something for women and the guys too. >> which one specifically. >> get your pedicure. >> the pink swayed heels. >> maybe. it's 10:38. we'll be right back.
10:39 am
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♪ all right. 10:41. welcome back. so summer has not actually officially arrived it feels like it has arrived and were to have get our shoe game in check. joining us with hottest trends in summer shoes for women is celebrity stylist and a friend of fox5 testimony lee. good morning. welcome. thanks for joining you. >> good morning. >> we had gloomy few weeks in a row i was wearing sneakers every day. this weekend the sun broke out. where are all my sandals. i need summer shoes. >> i feel like every season that is the item i need the most of shoes to go for different outfits for the different
10:42 am
>> you can never have enough shoes. >> i always feel like another season, new batch of shoes. >> the trends change so quickly. >> they do. they do. now the temperatures are rising it's really important to stay on trend but stay on budget, too. >> yeah f you'll buy this amount of shoes which i will -- attempt to. >> you into he had to catch good deals. >> let's start with going to work. that's so important. everybody has to go to work in the morning. we'll do these, you see how these shoes are perforated they're breathable. it's hot outside. leather shoes are okay were but if you can find that are measure or breathable so your suite aren't sweating as much. >> everybody needs a black pump an nude pump i always tell people if you wear a lot of black go with nude. nude is the new black in summer. >> even if you have on black you can put on nude shoe. >> they real dollar keep your feet cool. you can get away with sandals or opened to will towed shoes in the office
10:43 am
>> you have to close shows. these are from charles. >> and then let's go next if we're going, washington good off of work now we can expos the toes. >> happy hour. day night. girls night out. then we're going to go with something like this. >> very good cute. i love this ow tow shoe. pink is the color of the season. >> okay. >> so don't try to get away from it just embrace the trend. >> embrace it. if you if you don't wanting to bright pink. >> exactly much that is a pale pink. >> they call this dusty pink. they change up the color. >> i love this shoe. and we always wanting to bowes are going to be trendy. you'll see them on slides. you'll see them on heels. >> okay. >> so this is a little ankle one i love this one from vince caputo. >> the same one depends if you're conservative then go with nude. >> these are cute. >> with the brighter pink. >> exactly. pink is oh in you guys you got to have pink in your closet. >> absolutely. >> let's move
10:44 am
if you don't want to put the heel on i love a good wedge. >> so do i. they can be much more comfortable especially if you're outdoor event. ed to the beach or the pool. women's are your best friend. >> have little height. i'm big on having height. height makes you look slimmer. >> makes your legs look longer. >> target. people sleep on target dodge not lee is sleep on target many $24 in target. i love this orange pop of color you can wear it with 69 knee jean, do anything. our next biggest trend meta metallics. you will ye that in every single store every designer metallics. i lost this rose gold because it kind of, you know, the color is -- it goes with everything. >> exactly. >> it goes with everything so again here's nice wedge. you can wear i love this little flat it's so girly. >> so these slides remind me of the type of shoes i wore back in the early mid 90s and all of a sudden they're back. >> they're totally back. >> classic black form. the lit literally steve
10:45 am
bit. >> if you have rose gold you want a little heel now they're doing little heels. >> i love that. >> charles david these are very cute. >> very sr. cute from charles david. if you're a classic if you love converse then go with this. >> okay. >> they just came out with this rose gold always on trend. i love this. this little metallic. i can't wear converse for a long time. so nat. if you're going to wear them for three, four hours or so. >> a lot of outdoor events let's say a concert or even buying the pool if you're touring around the city the heels, the wedges, maybe you need to be more comfortable. that's a way to be cute and comfortable. >> make sure it's metallic. make sure it's girly. >> olive is one of the on the biggest colors this season and so this is remake of every designer has this little canvass shoe which is great i got this from target as well you can get from it steve madden all different price points this is great shoe just to wear with jeans. >> from target, too. >> target. >> good prices. >> twenty-four dollars. i mean they look le,
10:46 am
$24 from target. i love it. >> one stop shopping. >> exactly. so steve madden, upping, they remake a lot of designer shoes. but these were remake of the pump ma. >> rihanna did it first but now steve madden is doing them also much the slides are very important. >> with the bow with the pink color. >> tying it altogether, tam, thank you. thank you. gym, these little pumas i love these. >> great are great. >> are these like, you know, weigh walk around town with t them. >> high fashion is bee deny. you shall get them on my website love hush pew this little cutie from target. i love that. that's bold right there. you can't feel bad when they're $24.99 purchase. if you can embrace the ten that's okay. because it's so cheap. >> don't spend a lot of money on trendy. >> i know but you guys follow me on boutique hush on
10:47 am
>> happy summer to you. thanks so much for coming in for us. there's her website. stay in the fashion know with tam lee. >> all right. >> going back to you guys. >> i changed my mine. >> i'm going to go with the metallics. >> i told you in the beginning think was for men and women. >> those converse are hot. i need to get myself one of them. >> i'll take one of each thank you very much. >> make a decision later. >> 10:47 right now. we've been waiting for it and we have for you coming up next grammy award winner kirk whalum has new album out featuring terpss of gospel music's most inspirational hits and he's going to join us live in the lot of next. ♪
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
>> our next guest grammy award winning saxophone any of the i guarantee you've heard before. recording artist. he toward with whitney houston for nearly a decade that is him playing on the classic hit i will always love you. >> his new album collection of interpretations gospel music most inspirational hits paired with imagined popular songs, stevie wonder
10:51 am
available now. right now, right now this morning he's live with us in the loft for very special performance here's to perform this song what is this please welcome kirk whalum. take it away, kirk. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
♪ ♪
10:53 am
♪ ♪
10:54 am
[ applause ] my gosh. >> i'm going to sneak in behind you. >> thank you. >> great job. great job. great job. >> your turn now. >> you don't want me to touch that. great job. >> thank you buddy. >> if anybody had any monday blues you just destroyed that. >> that's was our up tension man to bring the light of god's love and just changes the atmosphere. >> i made one mistake when i mentioned the name of the new album. i forgot the most important part. the hash tag. >> hash tag love covers. the idea is people just put that hash tag in their social mode ya and just tell me what it is that,, what does that mean to you? what does it mean to be covered because now days we're talking a lot about coverage. people, hooks should be covered we think everybody should be covered. i think god agrees with me. >> i love that i mean your career you've been all over t
10:55 am
place done all kinds of music. this a chance for to you kind of just kind of pick some of the things that mean a lot to you. >> exactly. >> as well. what was that process like in your head when you sat down this is what i want to do, now where ooh do you start. >> hardest port is narrowing it down. i work with two great bro producers. send me the songs if i have to choose it's really hard. pulling out which ones to do all those songs the hawkins singers and just bb wine and cc all that stuff i grew up listening. >> you know do dozen albums of just your favorite stuff. >> it could be a series. >> maybe it will. >> we have another series call the gospel according to jazz. george duke, my brother kevin who's awesome on that cd and, you know, so it's harder to for me to just try to put everything in a box that we call an album, you know, like a project. >> sure. i can just play all day long and keep making music. >> i think your fans would love that. that's what they want from you. speaking of jazz you just
10:56 am
capital jazz fest literally yesterday. >> yesterday. >> up in merry wither. great to see you here in d.c. i know your touring schedule. i don't know how it guys do this. >> crazy. >> getting ready to go europe in july come back and go to asia in all august. >> africa. >> yeah. >> logging miles all over the place. >> i'm grateful, man, i started not memphis i just wanted to be good. just let me be good at this instrument you. >> mailed that part. you're doing well. >> will you come back to d.c. at some point. >> absolutely. we love come hearing. the most fun place to play. >> we love having you. fantastic job. appreciate the little lift today. thank you guys all very well done. [ applause ] >> nicely relief on monday morning. we appreciate it. there's the information available on out all the places where you find music hash tag love covers. thank you kirk. >> you're welcome. >> good stuff. back over to you on the couch. >> thank you, guys. >> what a way to usher in monday. >> happy birthday by the way. >> happy birthday! >> so sweet. thanks. >> 25 never look so good. >> heck, yeah
10:57 am
>> she's 21. >> ♪ >> having my first drink ton tonight. >> i'm 25. >> serenaded by kirk whalum. >> rain showers today. take your umbrella. it's raining outside right now. thank you, kirk. ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪♪ >> wendy: made it! thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience!


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