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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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enjoy it because heat wave number two of the year is coming up t details in a few minutes. erin. >> earlier tractor-trailer fire under control outer loop by colesville road a look at virginia next. >> see you in just a few. 4:30 is the time. former fbi director james comey heads to capitol hill to testify. he's expected to testify about his private meetings with president trump. >> in is written testimony comey claims he was so uncomfortable with what the president was telling him in private meetings he tried never to be alone with him. he claims the president told him in january "i need your loyalty." comey replied he could expect honesty. comey says the president said "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go." then in march comey says president trump asked him what they could do to lift the cloud of the russia investigation. some caution that none of this rises to the level of obstruction of justice. >> clear on is that the president wasn't saying to him, you've got
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else. >> watergate pales really in my view in compared to what we're confronting now. >> its director of the national intelligence dan coats and admiral mike rogers testified. neither said they ever felt any pressure from the white house or president trump to help shut down the russia investigation. want you to stay with fox5 for complete coverage of james comey's testimony on capitol hill. we'll broadcast the hearing on fox5 starting at 10:00 a.m. you can also watch it live on our fox5 d.c. facebook page as well as our youtube channel. also on and the fox5 news app. >> president trump has named his choice to be the next director of the fbi. christopher wray is his name a former justice department official. he was an assistant attorney general for a few years under george w. bush. wray has been in private practice since 2005. he was also new jersey governor chris christie's personal lawye
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bridgegate scandal. >> a new report claims the obama administration repeatedly lied to the family of a slain border patrol o border patrol agent brian terri died in december 2010. he was killed by guns tied to an obama administration plan which sent arms to mexico. e-mails contained in the house oversight committee's report shows top officials knew guns were sent to mexico even before terry's death. months later two of those guns were used against agent terry a fact denied to congress ton terry's family. the report claims the administration tried to stop the investigation by discrediting whistle-blower john dobson. >> publically attacked ridiculed libeled transferred 11 times denied promotion ostracized barred from government workplaces and banned from government buildings. >> no one was fired or seriously disciplined for the cover up. >> a government contractor accused of leaking a report to the media is expected to plea not guilty in hopes of being released on bond today. reality winner
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federal custody after she was arrested saturday. the department of justice has charged the 25-year-old with sending highly classified materially from a government facility to the online news site the intercept. >> ♪ >> this morning still no arrests made in the murder two of high school senior in montgomery county. they were killed the day before they were supposed to graduate from northwest high school in germantown. they were reportedly selling extra tickets to their graduation ceremony when they were shot. they're offering a $20,000 reward to help find the killer. >> please, if you know anyone who killed buy my beautiful. >> the two teens shared birthdays the and would have celebrated today. >> prince george's county police investigating a deadly shooting in oxon hill. on wednesday 99 shane body was shot in the 5200 block of lever rick street. he died later at the o according to his faceboo
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university and a member of the oxon hill alumni association. that group plans to hold a candlelight vigil tomorrow. >> ms-13 gang member entered an alford plea. the plea allows josé miguel espinosa to maintain his innocence but also acknowledge sufficient evidence for a conviction. espinosa faces up to 38 years in prison. he's scheduled to be sentenced next week. >> 4:34 is the time. let's get to mike thomas and talk about the weather because initially we were saying it was going to be a little gray but now according to your research it's going to get better than that, right. >> the yes, my expert research which took me 15 minutes this morning. yeah, looks pretty nice later this afternoon. that's good news. we cleared it out so nicely overnight that the moon is full and bright and temperatures have fallen back. i saw my breath this morning as i left my house up in and central maryland so again, it's a chilly start to the da,
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weather. satellite and radar showing those clear skies that have moved on overhead. 57 the number at rage analysis, dulles at 50, bwi 50 as well. several suburbs waking up to temperatures in the 40's on a june morning in the d.c. area so again, i'd call it light jacket weather as you head out the door this morning. 68 degrees though by 11:00 a.m. with a good amount of sunshine. by 2 o'clock, mostly sunny t-74. few more clouds may come across this evening, 76 degrees but all in all a beautiful june day coming up. again, heat is on the way. i'm going to continue to tease that. we'll show you that seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> right now an earlier tractor-trailer fire is under control top of the beltway on the outer loop out by colesville road. just the right shoulder blocked. this is not slowing traffic down right now. 95 to georgia avenue is at speed. looking good on 270. 95 northbound dale city to the beltway we are at speed even as you head to the mixing bowl. south of that point nice and quiet between fredericksburg and stafford as well. i'll let you kno
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that changes. so far so good off to a pretty quiet start for the morning. moving things over for a look on 66, 234 to the beltway also at speed. problem free on 28 in chantilly. if you're head for an early morning flight traffic on the way to dulles as well as reagan national as well as bwi looking good so all area airports just fine. 270 very light volume. we'll take a look at metro as weigher up for service at 5:00 next. >> coming up, a new bill floating around congress would allow some federal law enforcement applicants skip a polygraph test. >> the cmt awards proves to be a big night for keith urban and a record setter for carrie underwood. >> going to break with a live look outside across the dmv. 4:36, 57 degrees is the temperature. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> it's 4:38 and we're back with what's hot on the web. these are the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> first up the house has voted in favor of a bill that would allow u.s. customs and border protection to waive a mandatory lie detector test for applicants from law enforcement or the military. supporters say the bill would relieve a staffing shortage within the agency. others say it will weaken the standards of the agency. >> chairman richard burr is in a bit of a hot water situation. burr tried to silence california senator camel la harris during her questioning of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. burr used authority as chair to extend the courtesy to rosenstein to answer the question without being interrupted. several male lawmakerrers pointed out on twitter that they were not interrupted by burr when they were asking tough questions like harris. >> u.s. has one of the world's large health
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between the rich reason the poor. researchers examining survey center city on health and income from people in 32 countries found poor americans reported worse health than rich u.s. residents in significant numbers. the u.s. is behind chile and portugal. >> 2017cmt news music awards. now as for the awards keith urban was the night's biggest winner taking four awards. carrie underwood making history with her 17th award isn't that twitter user posted this pic of this mcdonald's delicacy and people are going crazy over it. he created a mcflurry sandwich by taking ice cream from an oreo mcflurry and sandwiching it between two mcdonald's cookies. now people are creating it and posting their pics on line because that's what people dollar. >> how is this novel? moving
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morning, the oldest tenured college football coach stepping down. >> caught on camera, a very unique robbery attempt in prince george's county county. >> heading to break with a live look across the d.c. rgion. it is 4:41, 57 degrees. when you walk out, look up at the moon and tell me that's not spectacular. it is beautiful. back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> time now is 4:43 and look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday june 8th. the stage is set and we are just hours away from former fbi director james comey's public testimony before the senate intelligence committee. he's expected to testify about the fbi's russia investigation. it will be comey's first public testimony since president trump fired him last month. the hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning. fox5 of course will bring you live coverage of that hearing and if you are not near a tv we will also stream the hearing on our fox5 d.c. facebook page as well as our youtube channel also on on the fox5 news app. >> talking sports. golden state warriors are one win away from a perfect post season. last night in cleveland three-point shot pie former texas long horn and dmv native kevin durant helped extend the warriors playoff winning streak to 15. he scored 31 points in game three. golden state can win the cham
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cleveland with a clean sweep. also the longest tenured coach in college football retiring. oklahoma's b bob stukes stepping down testimony he had that double digit wins in 14 seasons. >> aall right, no jackpot winner last night's $375 million powerball drawing so a few folks they won million dollars here and there but not around here, though. the jackpot rolling over to $435 million for saturday's drawing. the cashout value of that a cool $273 million. i'll take it. even just 1 million i'll take. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday, june 8th. erin como, mike thomas here. let's start with the weather, mike thomas, because it's going to be nice today, right. >> yeah, actually looks like an absolutely gorgeous day more like spring than summer time in d.c. with temperatures only expected to make it in the
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10 o'clock. not for everyone. we have a lot of viewers out to the west. for those who live west of i-81 you'll still have the chance of showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder today but again here around the immediate d.c. and baltimore metro areas we keep it dry, just a few passing showers from time to time. here's your two dame forecast today, partly cloudy, 76 degrees. tomorrow kind of the same deal a little warmer 83 degrees so that's looking good for zip trip friday. georgetown ready or not, here we come t all right, that's a look at the forecast. let's head over to erin como now for a check of traffic. >> roads are quiet so want to do a quick check for the rails as they gear up for service at 5:00 a.m. no reported additional delays aside from safe track on the orange line impacted right now. no trains between new carrollton and stadium-armory. shuttle service is available following stations still remain closed through june 15. new carrollton landover cheverly deanwood and minnesota a there are express shuttle services available to keep you moving. we'll let you if any other
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your thursday morning commute looks nice around the beltway. problem free on 50 through anne arrundel. bowie looking good problem free on throw 01. not seeing any issues inside the beltway on 66 through falls church or arlington. all area bridges really quiet right now. the 11th street, memorial, key bridge all looking good just to name a few. fourteenth street bridge problem tree. at speed from the bottom of the beltway on 395 northbound all the way through. and bw parkway williaming down through riverdale park is also quiet. i'll let you know if and when the changes. we had an earlier tractor-trailer fire. it's under control. outer loop by university boulevard cleared to the shoulder all lanes. lanesopened. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. wisdom and maureen. >> 4:57 is the time. fire dashing several townhomes manassas neighborhood. >> fox5's annie yu is live on the scene with more. annie. >> reporter: hey, wisdom and maureen. i can tell you right now it's too early to tell the cause of
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total of 12 people and multiple pets have been displaced. a total of six homes significantly damaged t-four of those homes are unlivable at this point and so these folks are go going to have to find another place to stay. that white home straight ahead is the home where the second alarm started, 10,900 block of pope street. right now what you're seeing is basically the overall stage. they're putting out hot spots. they haven't actually gone inside the home at this point so the structural integrity still unknown right now but we have washington gas also here because they had to shut off all the gas lines so a total of 70 firefighters worked this fire. we understand one person was transported to a and ho. hospital. this turned into a rescue mission once this mayday was that sounded because one of the firefighters was -- became disoriented we're told while fighting the fire inside a
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in and rescue the firefighter, so you have two firefighters injured, one person who lived in a home injured. all at the hospital receiving treatment at this hour. we are told by the battalion chief it will take several more hours to fight the hot spots and once that done they'll go in and see what the damage is and the structural integrity of the homes but a total of six homes damaged, 12 people displaced. back to you in the studio. >> annie yu reporting this morning. 4:49. surveillance video capturing this around 4:30 this morning. last thursday police say the suspects stole a backhoe and then drove to it a bank then tried to open an atm. this bank is in the 7500 block of marlboro pike. after all of this, the suspect didn't get any money but caused more than $10,000 in damage. the big dummy. really? >> all right, 4:49 is the time right now. police need your help identifying two p
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investigators say these two men used clone cards to purchase prepaid credit cards at a wal-mart along east ridgeville boulevard in mount airy. this happened back in april and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> safety advocates introduced a new bill to try to prevent heat related car deaths. the hot cars act would require cars to be equipped with technology to alert you if someone is still in the car when the car is turned off. >> coming up, bill cosby's accuser sticks by her story. >> and a transgender model becomes the first to grace the cover of vogue. >> as we head to break, 4:50, 57 degrees. we're back in a moment. >> ♪
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of
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ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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>> ♪ >> time right now is 4:52. day four of the bill cosby sexual assault trial gets under way later this morning. wednesday the defense cross examined andrea constand. she testified cosby gave her three blue pills at his home and then sexually assaulted her. >> for the first time a transgender model is grave the cover of paris vogue. her name is value tina sanpio. she says her cover is another step for transgender people in fashion. what are your plans for r includes a stop in georgetown. the fox5 team will be there including me. so it's me, tucker, caitlin, kevin. we would love to see you so again 6:00 to 11:00 tomorrow georgetown the washington harbor. please come out
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you happen to be in that area. love to see you. >> when i came outside it was a little chilly for me for june. >> yeah. >> 50 something degrees. so, mike, tomorrow when maureen and the crew go down to the zip trip what kind of attire should they wear. >> if you're there early, early, maybe a light jacket to start but once the sun comes up we'll warm up rather quickly tomorrow. it's going to be beautiful. you got a great day for georgetown. hopefully everyone comes out and sees the crew. we've cleared it out over overnight. couple clouds across southern maryland eastern shore and then over the mountains of virginia as well but that's about it. daily allergy report guess what,? mold has gone back to the low category, that's nice but grasses remain at moderate so allergy sufferers beware. take a look at your bus stop forecast this morning. 48 to 58 degrees, cool start. after school 70 to 77. again i implore you enjoy today's weather. enjoy tomorrow's as w
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we keep the humidity low because check out the weekend. you going to the pool, going to the beach you got a great weekend for it. sunny and hot. 89 on saturday, up to 94 on sunday. as we head into next week, we keep the mid 90's around potentially breaking some records on monday and tuesday and humidity will start getting up each and every day there. by the time we get to tuesday afternoon heat index values likely over 100 degrees. all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> all right, 4:55 right now. starting you off with a live look 95 as you cross the occoquan. little bit of northbound congestion picking up. not enough to cause any major slowdowns yet. southbound side wide opened down into fredericksburg. we're also seeing nice conditions on 395 and 66. this is a live look on 270 southbound as you make your way down from clarksburg traffic is picking up. we'll let you know if and when that changes. as we switch to our maps we're seeing quiet conditions inside is that outside the beltway through virginia maryland and the district t all secondaries are on the hil l
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were problem three northeast frt right now. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. metro service picking up at 5:00 so far so good except for safe track. wisdom and maureen. >> thank you will. coming up, president trump doesn't go too far down his list before naming his choice to lead the fbi. >> and a newly elected congressman offers an apology a new apology to man he's accused of assaulting. >> heading to break with a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:56, 57 degrees. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, heading to the hill. today the nation will hear former fbi director james comey discuss his meetings with president trump over the russia investigation. >> double homicide. learning more about two teens gunned down in maryland. possible theories about why they were killed. >> looking live outside. the day will be full of sunshine and blue skies but our region begins a push towards warmer temperatures. significantly warmer temperatures. hey, good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday june 8th. erin como waking people up telling them how to get around, mike thomas telling us how to dress when we go outside. >> maybe light jacket this morning. it's chilly in some suburbs with temperatures falli
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gorgeous with highs in the 70's. erin. >> well, it's friday eve and so far the roads are quiet. metro is on time except for safe track but you know we have you covered if that changes. >> all right. checking in with you guys in just a few minutes but first at 5 o'clock, here's what we're developing -- what's been developing overnight. two firefighters injured after fighting a fire at a townhouse in manassas. crews searching for hot spots on pope street. six townhouses are damaged because of that fire and now as for the firefighters, they are suffering from nonlife-threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital. more details as we get them. all eyes on capitol hill today as anticipation builds for the testimony of ousted fbi director james comey. >> written testimony has been released to provide a glimpse into what he's going to tell congress. allies and critics are already picking it apart. fox5's melanie alnwick live on the hill this morning with the latest. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. and in some cases


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