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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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, ya know? fire at will? you never heard of that? oh, there goes will! bye, will! that's not his name! take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. this is fox5 local news at six. i seen an alert on my phone. i was 97-degrees, i think. smoking hot. hot and muggy might be the best way to describe the next few days across the region. the weather isn't messing with the pride hundreds celebrate gay pride in the district lan was a political message, too. and it's been called food for good. a new d.c. restaurant is serving up good food with a conscious. the news at six starts now. the heat is on, yes, itd is get to have you with us tonight rgs i'm maureen marina maracco and i'm lauren d
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are on the rise and if you're not careful they could be dangerous. it is a beautiful day, but pretty hot and heavy and it looks like today was a preview of what's to come. temperatures are going to be on the rise. what you're seeing out there is what we call hot and hastings i and humid. the heat hanging over the nation's capital and the challenge is definitely going to be stay cool and we know that the temperatures are going to be higher once we get into the next 24 to 48 hours. so be prepared, your going to have to zeal it with. currently it is 90-degrees in the nation's capital, the same at gaithersburg. we've got 89 at dulles, 91 at manassas, 91 greece at fredericksburg, annapolis a little cooler by the water, 86-degrees, 88 at cumberland and we've got 91 at frederick and 91-degrees at fredericksburg. official high today at reagan national airport was act
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know it felt a lot hotter than that because when you factor in the dewpoints the heat in c starts to rice a little bit. humidity, yes, definitely in the picture. it's going to get even worse for tomorrow, however, so just really realize that. right now the jet extreme well to the north of us and so that hot, steamy weather is kicking in without any, any relief for us at all. here's a look at what else is happening. i'm sorry, , was a code orange and that means very poor air quality and that's what's in place right now as well across many of our areas. if you have any kind of breathing issue or elderly people, children, that's what you thattive to be aware of. do take heed. here's a look at your evening planner for tonight. by the 11:00 hour we'll be at 830-degrees and this is just the beginning of the heatwave we're going to be facing. ladies back to you. e hope that you stayed cool today because like gwen said, the worse or the
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how you look at it is yet to come. fox's kristin leone is out and about to see how coping are surviving. are you surviving out there. >>reporter: good evening, barely surviving. it's really hot out here, especially at 6:00 in the evening. these people have a the right idea. i'm hoping that some actually splash some water my way. take a look at what i'm talking about, hundreds of families. you go kids, hundreds of familieses and kids just having a great time beating the heat right now, they've got the right idea. look at that dunk bucket. i want to get under that. i know if i was properly dressed disevment want to take a disung or a zip over there. we talked to kids that were excited to talk to fox5 or beating the heat. they're saying as soon as they woke up they knew where they were going. check them out. how hot was it.
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you did inside besides jump in the pool. we played volleyball in the water and then made other things, you know, slides. tell people how you feel the minute you jump into that pool. the minute jump in the pool you feel like, it's like a cold rush go through your body. it's kind of refreshing. it's exciting at the same time because it's really hot outside and then you get to get into the cold. and again, he was right. check out this line, you guys, people are waiting in line right now, they want to go down that slide, get into that water because again you can't tell by looking at my face, it is very, very hot outside. now, a couple of tips according to the national weather service here and you heard it from uses as well it's going to be hot for the next couple of days. i believe today got into the high 90s. again, sphur ' going to be out and about in this hot weather you want to stay hydrated of cours
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on the sunscreen to protect your screen. don't forget about your pets and your kids. make sure you don't believe nem in the car for a licensing period of time and also don't forget about your elderly kids as well. jump on in if you have a bathing suit and beat this heat that we're having in the dmv. reporting live in arlington. kristin leone, fox5 local news. do you have a bathing suit in the live truck. you need to get in there yourself after al this? a. i wish. >> i within, i'm sweating. >> you can get the forecast any time with the fox5 weather app. it is free and available on i tunes and in the google play store. here behind me here you sea members of the loss angels gai communities rise in a so-called resist march. the march is against president trump his administration anti lgtb policies. the march ended
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hollywood where nancy pelosi spoke along representatives from a number of groups, including glad, planned parenthood and black lives matter. the march for gay pride just wrapped up. tonight there will be a concert with all the headlinerses. our anjali hemphill as the rest. >>reporter: music from a marching band playing lady gaga's born this way filled zc streets sunday morning as did a sea of signs, rainbow flags and tens of thousands of people. what do we want? >> equality. when do we want it? >> now the equality march for unity and pride was one of several events planned during capital pride weekend in d.c. and people from all over came to celebrate a common cause. with everything going on in america right now i think this is more important than ever that people get out here and show their support.
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up pennsylvania manassas to be a part of this massive crowd that marched along 17th street to the white house and eventually to the national mall. i think the message is very clear that gay leslie and it and transgeneral diser americans are proud than we are marching to send a message to america that we're never, ever going back into our closets. national cochair nicole ramirez says the march is about getting the lgtb community a voice that is heard and it was also about honoring the victims of the pulse nightclub attack in or land on. monday will be the one year anniversary. it's one of the things where you feel heartbroken and helpless. if being here and showing support is, you know, all that i can do to help, then i'm more than happy to be here and show that support. a show of support that organizers hope will help bring change. the fight
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civil rights is the last civil rights movement in america and we're not going to stop \march\marching until we achieve full equality. full equality, nothing more, nothing less. in northwest, anjali hemphill, fox5 local. >> we want to see your pictures from this weekend's pride events. heard on the hill, republicans have a lot of unfinished business that they'd like to tackle as fox's ellison barber reports time may be running out to make the plans a reality. congress is trying to tackle a significant legislative to do list in time is not on their side. the list includes big items like tax reformation the debt sealing, immigration reform and of course healthcare vice-president mike pence says democrats are quote, blinded bipartisanship when it comes to the affordable care act. they're the one ofs that came obamacare and now as your congre
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won't lift a finger to help rescue the american people to help us from this mess they created. they want to vote soon we and promised a vote by the end of july. democrats say republicans need their help. to do this in private would you tell hearings, without amendments it would be one of legislative malpractice in disek aides. some say the president's agenda is simply taking too long, but on fox news sunday the care of the rnc pushed back on the criticism. healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure these are huge issueses, they don't happen overnight. we're five and a half months in, the house has already passed repeal and replace obama care. this doesn't quickly happen. and republicans are diagnose it the right way. we're going back in our distrit. we're talking to constituents. we're having
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diverse discussion. we're making sure when we do it, we're doing it right. they moved forward to place new sanctions on iran but the billion are not finalized. senators are also talking about adding an amendment to sanction russia. in washington, i am he'll ellison barber, fox news. >> knew tonight brand new pictures have been release in the the deadly terrorist attack in lond ofnlt we're getting a look at the van used. you can see some chairs, suitcase and gravel. there's the back side of the van. a copy of a car ran on a page opened was found at one of the attacker's' homes. investigators say the attack could have bench worse. and what of britain's most famous reopened its doors today forth first time since the london bridge attacks. police broke into the south cathedral after the terror attack. officers caused some minor damage had to be
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gathered inside the church and offered prayers to the victims. today we will be able to do normal services as well, but they won't be normal because we will be remembering all of those who died. the books of condolence opened here people to come and sign. we anticipate lots of people will want to come into what is very much their cathedral within this area. much of this surrounding area known as bureau market is still closed but that area is expected to reopen in the coming daze. an out pouring of support for two police officers badly hurt after a pickup truck drove right into them in adams morgan. a major cleaning underway after a another i discovery at the water at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. let us know how you are staying cool in h this oppressive heat that we have out there. i like the heat, marina is saying not so much, not. >> this is too hot. i'll take some nine 0s. i'm l
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fox5 on twitter. you are marina maracco, tweet us. we hope to hear from you, see some pictures. we'll be right back. (counting for hide n' seek.) ready or not, here i come. ♪♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> new information tonight from ocean city, maryland. the city council says ill will not allow women to walk around topless on the beach after all. the council passed an ordinary nas yesterday to prohibit h any kind of public in dig night. meantime we're still waiting to hear from maryland ts attorney general. the state's attorney asked for the attorney general's opinion after a woman demanded she be allow to go topless since men have that option. the descraining of the reflecting pool started today that is because the water could make you sick. the national park service says nearly 80 duke lincs were found in the pool over the last two weeks. caused by
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skin rash. it is expected to reopen june 19. new parking meters program at the national mall will go into effect. paid parking will be in force daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. p. it will cost you $2 an hour for a maximum of 3-d. there are free sparking spaces from haines potomac to haines point. the goal is to increase the turn over allowing more residents and tourists to visit the area. the biggest stars on broadway hit the red carpet tonight and the first lady is set to make her transition into the white house this week. sunday, it's broadway's biggest night of the year as stars hit the red carpet for the 71st annual tony awards, the ceremony will take place at radio music hall in new york city and we'll celebrate the best broadway has to offer from the past year. actor kevin spacy is set to host.
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politics president trump is set to make a visit to wisconsin. he is expected to attend a fundraiser event with governor scott walker. wednesday, show off the stars and stripes because it's flag day. the annual celebration commemorates and onebeacon ors the adochghts flag the u.s. army also celebrates its birthday on this day. apple, the new device is equipped with a bigger screen and performance in performance. that's look at the week ahead. fox news. >> we're also bracing for the heat ahead. it's going to continue apparently. we have a few tips on how to stay cool if you plan on being outside over the next couple of days. an nfl football for the buff he low days showed some coordination in order to make it to the involuntary work outs. if you have a tip it's 202-895-3000 or you
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>> hot music, i like it. i was wondering what song they were going to play. they had t
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lad some hot music for us. the weather in full force. the sun doesn't get much stronger than what we were feeling today. there were so many people outdoors with all the capital pride. we should move this newses cast outside. while many of us welcome the heat and sunshine it brings our own dangers which we often don't think about. here's gwen with more on that. you're absolutely right and with me i'm happy to say is montgomery county fire chief antipsychotic goldstein who knows all full well the dangers because you get the calls when people are in trouble. >> we do indeed. staffeldt me, what are some of the things people can do to prepare for the heat. >> you have to be hydrated. hydration starts today for the activity you're going to deal with tomorrow. day after day you need to be prepared, plenty of water. and resting in the shade. resting in the shade, keeping cool. there's no doubt that it's all about being prepared and being aware. what types of illnesses would we see with heat and what would be
6:21 pm
signs to look for and what could we do immediately. >> heat cramps and then that elevates to heat exhaustion where you're going do be very nauseated. you're going to have a headache. you're going to be dizzy, slight pain in your extremities. that is something where you got to get inside, cool down, drink lots of water. when you start to go into heat stroke you stop sweating. your body temperature gets to be about 103, 104-degrees that is clearly a 911 situation. call immediately for emergency assistance. is there any particular group of people that might be more vulnerable. elderlies and kids. those are the most vul herbal groups and as we have to deal with preparing for this, check with your friends, your neighbors. check on hose elderly folks, make sure they have the daily point of contact. make they have some type of cooling brand plan to deal with the h
6:22 pm
going out to the library, the mall, not to be queupped up with a heat condition. these dangers are not only in your home, but they also could be at your job and if you're outside or oh oanch at the work site there needs to be have layers of cool clothing light colors specifically hydration with water, a little bit of fruit juices or a little bit of sports drinks but avoiding the caffeine or anything is that going to draw the fluid out of your blood did i and additionally it's being prepared, a lot, a loft water intake. eighth to ten glasses is normal. when it gets to like this we need more. one of the biggest disaing ers are cars. >> 120 minutes with the windows cracked, 80-degrees and we're well above that. ten minutes and the car could be 110 degrees. a child gets
6:23 pm
heated ten times faster than an adult does. open the doors, dogs, animals and children are all very vulnerable in these types of heat. rapidly that car will over heavment we want to happy new year sure that our viewers really take those tips. we don't want him to get any calls from any of you having any of these illnesses ordaining ers and we don't want to be doing any dangers on that, either. thank you so much. information that is very important for our viewers because we're headed into the mid 90s and it's going to feel more than that. >> it will be almost 100, the heat index on tuesday. >> thank you, thank you for all you do and the firefighters, also, they have to wear all that heavy equipment and for them it is quite stressful, also. almost full two liters of water we can lose from one event. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. well,
6:24 pm
live shot out siez as you can see of what things are like out there and it is definitely hot, haises i and it is 12eubg you on the there. the heat is definitely on than a as the fire chief is telling us you have to take it seriously with all the danger that is out there as the temperature continues to rise. today here's a look the at highs that we hit. we were anticipating at getting to 94-degrees for the daytime high we hit 91 at dulles and 93 at bwi thurgood marshal with the humidity and the dewpoints it felt a little warmer than that. but what i want to tell you is that the danger is going to be even greater once we get into tomorrow and you heard the chief mention tuesday as well and he's absolutely right because that's when we're getting a bigger boost in our temperatures. it's 90 in gaithersburg, look at frederick, 91, the same for fredericksburg. we have the 88 at cumberland and that's cool relatively speaking as is annapolis, 86 a little
6:25 pm
the water and winchester at 86-degrees. here's a look at our current dewpoints. right now the dewpoints are into the 60s. you're feeling pretty uncomfortable outside a little bit and if you have any kind of breathing that is going to be exacerbated a lot with the conditions that are out there right now. don't spend any extended time outside. jet extreme well to the north and that just means we're going to get the bermuda high kicking in the combination of those two are going to keep us into the heat forth next couple of days and here is what we are speaking about in terms you v index for tomplet it is going to be very high. that is another danger sign for you. we also have a code orange in terms of air quality, which means it's healthy for sensitve groups such as young children, elderly people and the chief pointed that out. anybody who has asthma, any heart issues you're going to be affected by this, so limit your out door activities for sure. here's a few more tips for you as well. wear lightweighted and
6:26 pm
clothing. make sure you don't leave pets out side without shade or without water and never in cars, and do check our elderly neighbors. mostly clear, it's going to be a warm night, but tomorrow we are going to be heating it up to the mid 90s. if you're headed to ocean city it's going to be pretty comfortable there. that's the place to stay cool. if you're outside make sure you have sunblock and protect your head with a hot. what are we in store for? take a look at the numbers, 97 by monday, 96 by tuesday as a pofnlt the average we're thinking about is probably about 95-degrees overall. but it's not going to cool down much until we start to hit wednesday relatively speaking at 90. by the time we get to thursday we have some thunderstorms in our forecast and we're looking at hitting 80-degrees. definitely get ready for a heatwave, it's on its way. back to you. all right, gwen, hot hot hot, we can't stress it enough
6:27 pm
water. fired fbi director james comey testimony was just part of a busy week on capital hill. now, everyone is asking where are the tapes. we're going to' a closer look when the news at six continues, stay with us.
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>> the man accused of striking two d.c. police officers and a transportation worker in a hit and run crash made his court appearance friday. brand and margate is charged with assault to kill while armed while aggregated assault. the three victims are recovering. along with figures more monday police also arrested james in a pickup truck. they are from a county outside richmond, virginia. the charging documents suspect has said multiple times in the past all cops must day. investigators say they found a military-style weapon in the back of the pickup truck. there's a go fund me account set up for the injured officers and their family. they have a gel of $50,000. $13,000 have been donated in just one kaivment you can find that link on our website,
6:31 pm
trump has denied any obstruction of justice and his firing of james comey and said he never demanded the former fbi director's loyalty. now congress is on the hunt for leaked memos and potential tapes which could prove which man is telling the truth. fox's caroline sheave lie is telling the details. would you be feeling to speak under oath to give your version of these events. >> 100 percent. president trump says he's ready and willing to defeud claims by ousted fbi director james comey about the russia investigation. no coalition, no obstruction, he's a leaker. frankly james comey confirmed a lot of what i said and some of the things that he said just weren't true. comey did admit leaking, telling the senate intelligence committee that he gave a friend a memo that detailed confidential conversations with mr. trump asking the friend to leak it to the media. i think the director should have come to the public directly himself or
6:32 pm
congress and made those statements and clarified the record and not gone through a third party. trump's personal attorney will file a climate complaint with the justice department against comey for sharing the information. following suit, he's true to formation true to his nature and that -- that's not how a democracy works. it may be how a bull i works. but others on capital hill had a very different take away. i think this totally vined kaits the president and just shows how the national washington media hiepped this into something that it wasn't. >> and the defense will begin its case monday in the billion cost dissection assault trial in philadelphia. the prosecution rest roadway its case today after five days and 12 witnesses. mz is now reporting that cosby's lawyers have filed documents asking the judge to allow them to introduce evidence that accuser and the dry a constance was gay. he reportedly wanted to show the
6:33 pm
prosecutors claim it was quote, victim shaming and the judge denied the motion. prosecutors are now arguing reality winner may possess more stolen government secrets and might be a flight risk. she is charged with leaking classified documents and today we learned she will remain behind bars at least until trial. she also wrote in her notebook that she wanted to burn down the white house. the search is on tonight for a man who broke into a gun store on the eastern store. the dorchester county sheriff's office says the burglar stole two dozen handgunses and three rifles. a $10,000 reward is being offered for an arrest. they want to get the guy off the streetses to keep the illegal guns out of the wrong hands. >> happening now on capital hill, thousands of people have gatheredded for this year's capital pride concert. it is the culminating event of a weekend full of activities to
6:34 pm
community. people getting their voice heard. lindsay watts joining us at the concert. lined sir, it's got to be happening there at this point. >>reporter: it is. a lot of people on the here. it is blazing hot. the heat has not kept the crowd away. we'll give you a closer look at the stage. the concert out here has been going on for several hours. but we are all still waiting for the headliner mily cyrus. according to the lineup she should be coming on sometime between now and 8:00. that anyway shai is going to be performing. if you're a fan of pop music her name should be familiar to you. you may with this extreme heat and this huge crowd that d.c. fire might be busy with heat-related calls. i just checked intoit
6:35 pm
and they say they have not had any more calls for heat sickness. everybody out here are taking gwen's advice, drinking plenty of water, staying in the shade and taking care of themselves. that's great news. the concert is going on until 10:00 tonight, so still plenty of time to get out of here. a lot of folks seeking shelter. i was talking with the photographer who was at the county march. and he was seeing that you can see all the ambulances lined up in case anybody does have a problem with the fans. >> a trucker says that that she is eternally greatful to a random stranger who reunited her with her best friend. you're he going to like this one. we've got the story just ahead when the news at six rolls on.
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>> all the music we got tonight lots of folks reach out to uber these days when they need a ride. in general most rides aren't very long, right, that was not the case for one uber driver who helped out buffalo bills player sha rhys right. you may have heard about this. it's making the rounds. he got stuck in chicago when his flight got canceled. right called uber and he needed to get to buffalo the driver thought he meant buffalo drove which is a suburb of chicago, not buffalo, new york. i wasn't expecting buffalo, new york. he's like i'll take you wherever you want to go. i was like you're sure. it is eight hours, it's far. he was so friendly, so cool. he cared to me. we became a friend. became a friend and made some cash. right had to be at practice early monday morning and he couldn't miss it. the trip cost right more than 600 bucks, plus he gave the driver
6:39 pm
$300 tip. i'm pretty sure he has the cash, though. >> i think so. we find that determination right now. now to a heartwarming story out of virginia thanks to a social media and. sharon griffin has her cat back. she was driving with her cat by her side and somehow freddie got out of the truck while they were in chesapeake. she searched for her truck cat, but had to keep trucking. she posted it on facebook and a fellow cath area went to the area where freed did i was last seen and yes, he found the missing cat. i couldn't imagine anything worse happening. it was a horrific thought. i never had any doubt that i'd find him. i don't know where that feeling came from. i got a glimpse of little freddie walking across the parking lot. i was just so amazed that he found him. he told me i i promise you i'm going to find him and i thought that is an awful big parking lot. that
6:40 pm
report that freddie is in good shape and as frisky as ever. >> that has to be terrifying missing your pets. >> that's incredible, though. >> a new d.c. restaurant serving up more than food. pennsylvania lal al incorporate opened its doors in georgetown. the store owner is donating some of the restaurant's profits to help feed refer gees around the gloab. a son of pal stin of immigrants. he designed his stand to look like one that someone would find in a refugee cram camp the. the refugee crisis has been one of the important things that appeal to me permanent limit i don't think enough is being done around refugees from a sustainable basis so we thought how best to build a business and event business. not only could we feed refugees, we employ them.
6:41 pm
we understand most of the recipes served at the restaurant come from ash car's mother and grandmother. amazon prime has announced a new plan to help families in need. not everyone is on board. a closer look at this coming up next.
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>> this producer is giving us this great music. amazon announced that it will drop its price for low income members and it will allow it to compete with low budge jet companies like walmart. brick and mortar stores are still their top pick fox's steve craft has more. >>reporter: you can't buy things on amazon with a federal ebt food stampses card. but company folks person julie law says cutting the price of amazon prime for people who qualify is a major breakthrough. we designed this new membership option for people receiving government assistance to sort of open up that every day selection and savings that you can get through amazon to make it more accessible and it with include the inconvenienceses and the entertainment benefits that come with amazon prime. will it work? we visited mary lou's' market south of downtown fiengs,
6:45 pm
loos says she's not worried. we all know technology is a new factor and i can tell you when it comes to groceries it may work, but when it comes to junk food and to other things that we know that are con surmd it's not going to havment some customers like michelle just in from california think getting amazon prime would be great. i probably would prefer on the computer because it's more, you know, -- i don't know. but i would do it on the computer. but ta mare na mack williams isn't sold on buying online. >> more access. online, you don't know what you're getting over line. i would rather come into the store. >> amazon is betting it will win over the doubt ers. steve craft, fox news. >> it's got its protestors and it's connecticuts. i like going
6:46 pm
delivered is really good, too. the old school way of seeing something, being able to try and pick it owp is good as well. we're not returning this weather. >> we're not. >> and if you're going to be shipping any pop kals. >> now is not the time. >> it will be melting. the heat is on. yes, we are feeling august in the month of june. so hot, hazy, humid, sticking out there. it's all happening and it is the return of what i call hashtag unwanted house guest. oh, yes, that's humidity in my language. everybody knows that, right? so there's a live look outside and you can see it is definitely hazy out there and the heat is definitely kicking in. here's a look at numbers we hit today at all three airports ninety-three at reagan national, 91 at dulles. we were forecasting 94-degrees. we were right on the door step of that. elsewhere
6:47 pm
is happening now, it is a hot 91 at fredericksburg this hour, 930 at culpeper. we've got nine on 30 at dulles. the nation's capital is 90-degrees april and 91-degrees for baltimore. 930 at hagerstown. and as far as those dewpoints are concerned, right now they're into the six 30s. the dewpoints are a big factor because when you put together your due point and then your temperature then you get your heat indices and what that means is what it actually feels like when you step outside. right now, the diseu points are not so bad but that will change for tomorrow as the humidity starts to increase and our treatment rice much as far as the due point values right now it's equivalent to just being sticky out there. i'm sure you feel it when you step outside. we're going to prepare you. in the meantime, cold orange for air quality, through this entire area you see here and that means it's very unhealthy for sensitive groups, people with asthma or
6:48 pm
rerntion people with heartd- disease, all of these groups definitely will be impacted by this. is for monday. limit outdoor activities if you are someone that coulding affected. some tips for you, stay out of direct sunlight, make sure you stay in some shade or air conditioning. avoid any kind of strenuous activity in h this kind of heat and stay hydrated with water. we can't tell you that enough. wear light colored clothing. it reflects the heat a little bit better and limit outdoor activities and make sure you check on elderly friends and neighbors and sometimes they don't want to put on their air-conditioning because they're afraid of getting a high billion. do not leave children or pets in cars for any length of time in this weather, even if you crack the window, after ten minutes if it's 830 greece outside it feels like it's 98-degrees inside of that car. after 20 minutes it feels like it's 109 and then as we p
6:49 pm
a little further, 40 minutes, 114. it's even hotter than 80-degrees outside. after 50 minutes to an hour it feels like it's 123-degrees inside of that car. so safety first. heading to the beach, that would be a great way to cool off. temperatures there into the mid 80s. we want you to also protect yourself with a sunblock and a sun hat. 606-degrees for the water temperature. that's pretty comfortable. ridge of high pressure still in control. tomorrow we're heading into the mid 90ss as the bermuda high continues to kick in. next week we'll see a bit of a break at least until we get to wednesday, thursday. by thursday things will start to cool off. by mid day 90-degrees, by the 5:00 hour, a hot 93 greetsz. seventy-four for tonight, mostly clear skies and for tomorrow we're forecasting a high of
6:50 pm
index it's going to feel -- humidity it's going to feel even warmer than that. things cool down relatively speaking. we're talking a frontal system that will us a 90-degree day. then after that we're headed to the 80s. showers, storms and a rumble of thunder, yes, in my forecast all the way from wednesday night through until the end of the week. beautiful start to the week, though. >> oh, yes. safety first with the heat. >> of course. i'm all about the heat, though. i like it. >> you like it humid, too. >> we're going to complain about it, hot, cold, somebody is always complaining. >> i can never win, that's right. >> coming up, the latest on kirk kins' contract negotiations with the redskins and mad max hits a mile storages 2,000 strikeouts. but would he get a win today against the rangers to go it with. brody logan is here. he's got all that ahead in sports.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
>> i mean it's ridiculous, only a d.c. sports team can lose a game because of a shower. it's just what happens in this town. hopefully they're not losing because of the heat. >> yeah. please take showers. even if you're going to lose. this is an actual quote from a d.c. athlete on something that caused him to lose lathe's last nievment i was taking a shower, bent over to get my body wash, stood t tup and had a little king. thats was nats closer explaining the back injury that he experienced before giving up the runs last night. he's now on the disabled list all because of a shower. some big fans at the park today. it's a hot one, folks. also hot nats bats to kick this one off against the rangers. a rare start today and a rare homerun. second of the season and second of his career one-nothing, nats. stay hydrated, buddy. max jerser coming into
6:54 pm
arrested on an outstanding strike to distance, keep and gone. that ties it, rare mistake for mad max, but no mistake here, just a milestone moment. he gets no mar ma zahra right here with the ball. a standing oaftion from the fans at nats park. this one was tied until eighth. the nats are down five-one. the orioles where they've been out scored 24-five not the best start giving up nine runs on the first two frames and that in ts. gary sands cracks a three-run homerun. they give up five runs in the first inning. that's as close as they would get. this is the longest homerun in the majors this year. 496 feet, the orioles hold the yankees to just two touchdowns. they lose today 14-three. it is time to pay
6:55 pm
stick. i know fans have been burned before, but he for real. for the national team he had six goals in nine career matches at age 18. going through tonight's world cup qualify, the place where the united states has never won a qualitying qualifying match. it's going to be a tough one down in mexico, but we want some revenge on them. we're confident going into that game. we're going to come out with a win there, too. i think we would like our players that they would be able too win, but to come out and say it -- i will make this a public statement we're going to try to win the game tomorrow. i don't think there is anything wrong with saying that. i thought it was crazy that mexico could beat the united states in columbus, ohio and maybe you think it's crazy that the united states could beat mexico
6:56 pm
city. that's why we play the game. we will see. the us women against norway, surprisingly score less. christian press she shoots and scores. that's all they need, usa wins one-zero. the last three weeks have been more about what's happening off the field. what is up with kirk cousins' contract. this week it was reported that the team and cousins are warming on a deal, but nothing is done as of yet. there's a july 125 deadline so we should know by thefnlt cousins was out there this week letting his agented doing the negotiating. the red kins were in the bottom third of l league in passing. they brought in dj swear jer a safety from arizona to fill the hole. last year's defense showed j. the skins needed his help. me and my guy tony jefferson was looking
6:57 pm
his roster it just happened to be me. they weren't on the same page. i feel like everybody, want to get on the same page and want to do things off the field and on the field to get that communication. you can tell he's got a mindset to play safety. he can do a little bit of everything. he's improved. he's playing a loft confidence. he's a smart football player. this morning, french open final, stan didn't put up too much of a fight. his tenth french open title. passes pete sam per. whiel maybe we'll get another final. i wonder if it is as hot in paris ofr
6:58 pm
here. absolutely not. it's hot and it will continue to be hot. definitely hot. the challenge will be to stay cool. that does it for us, but we will see you tonight forth ten and 11. see you there. then then.
6:59 pm
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