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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 11. it was a hot one outside today with temperatures climbing to the nine # zeros. i want to get right over to gwen for more what we can expect for your monday. it's going to be a hot one. the heat is going to be definitely ranking up. it's going to be ge than it is today. we made our way into 90s. ninety-three at reagan national, 91 at dulles and 93 at bwi thurgood marshal. so this hour it is warm out there. i mean if you plan on heading out this late, well, you really are going to find it warm and a little bit on the sticky side with a bit of humidity that's in p the atmosphere. it's 830-degrees this hour in the nation's capital. seventy-nine at fredericksburg, 71 at manassas and martinsburg and 72 greece at
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seventy-seven at baltimore and leonardtown and 78 at annapolis we do have a code orange as far as the air quality is concerned for monday for the entire area that you see here shaded mple it's very unhealthy for sensitive groups and primarily older people, young children as well as anybody that has any kind of breathing issue or any kind of heart disease. overnight tonight temperatures will be in the 630s and the 70s mainly but take a look at what's ahead. oh, the heat definitely on. i've got the details on that full seven day forecast a little bit for you. >> you can get the forecast any time with the fox5 weather app that is free and available on i tune and in the google play store. developing right now in the drkts a rest are trant in northwest was evacuated this evening after a pretty scary incident. dozens ever people standing on the deck of the uproar how long when the roof suddenly began to bend. fox5's kristin leone is live at the restaurant on florida avenue with the disee tails. chris kristin. reporter roar it's also important to note
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this case that no one was hurt. otherwise crews tell us it could have been a very different situation here. really quickly i do want to show you the actual bar where this happened or the how long, i should say. you could see the building itself on the right, uproar is now closed, but to the left of it, the left of it it's still a very active scene right now people are still celebrating pride week despite what happened on uproar. firefighters say they got a call around 7:00 tonight about a possible structure collapse on florida and seventh. at the time the rooftop deck was packed full of people and the weight of the people is what caused the joints of the deck to crack. now we also want to be clear here, the deck itself did not collapse in this case. now as of right now we don't know exactly how many people were up there at the time or who first alerted police to the situation, but crews tell me the minute they got here they knew right away what they had to do. when we first arrived here, our first course of action was
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the building. make sure we had a safety zone and then evaluate the issue and see what we could do to mitigate it. we don't want to put anybody in harm's way. so we're going to establish a safety zone, mover anybody who is in a potential hazardous area away from it and then go about our business. now in case you're wondering, uproar is very well known to the lgtb community and right now again that building remains closed while the building inspector takes a closer look ate. again, we will let you know once it opens once we learn more. reporting live in the north side this evening. >> still ahead tonight thousandses gather for this year's capital pride concert. we have a look at all the excitement as people celebrated the last day of capital pride weekend. we'll be right back.
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the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. the weekend of enlts to celebrate the lgtb community in d.c. has come to close. this evening thousands of people turned out onto capital hill for a concert and a dance party. fox5's lindsay watts with more. >>reporter: capital pride wrapped up just about an hour ago, but crews are already shutting everything down out here. it's been a great weekend. i was speaking with a police officer a short time ago he sayses that he hadn't heard of any arrests today and no major problems. what w
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were a lot of people having a great time. people got to see a free show featuring miley sigh rest and pop star na ta gnash a here's a listen. miley didn't go on until about 8:00 tonight and some who wanted to see her had been outside all day long. you can see people were parked r packed together up by the stage and i don't have to tell you it was hot out here. you would think that maybe d.c. fire would have their hands full with heat-related calls, but i did check with the department. they say they didn't have anything out of the ordinary when it came to heat sickness. those we did speak to didn't even complain about the weather. a few took the opportunity to shed some clothes. it wasn't too muggy today so it was really nice. everybody came out and enjoyed it. it's been wonderful. i came up here for the march and everything e
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and i really enjoyed it. everybody has been so kind and so open. i just love it up here. first gary came with a significant other and it was great. so it was very hot obviously. did that impact your wardrobe choice. >> a little bit, yes, because i had a top on but then it got too hot and then i put this on, but then i found out in d.c. they freed the nipple. the woman you just heard from was wearing some tape, but i was reminded in d.c. women do have the option of going topless. we saw a loft interesting outfits or lack thereof. pride weekend went very smoothly, people had a lot of fun and stayed safe. >> so ahead president trump takeses to twitter. what he had to say about comey and his thoughts on obamacare. we'll be right back.
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>> it is all about the heat this weekend and i guess that's going to continue into the workweek. it's definitely going to continue into the workweek. it's not only the hot it's going to be humid, uncomfortable. it's 11:some and it is still hot and humid. hot summer nights, i love it. i'm the only one who is happy around here. it's summer. there's no other way to say it. forget that official date, summer is here. of it's definitely here and it'
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june. let's put it that way. a lot who ther than it should be, the heat is definitely on. if you don't like this weather just stick around for a few more days. guess what itself goin to change and that is the way it is on the weather buff way. it's one way one day and another the next. it is a warm night. marina is absolutely right. we are talking the 730s and the weak is going to start with lots of sunshine for you but the heat is going to be on as we rise to the mid 90s startling tomorrow. by mid week, yes. we have a frontal system to talk about and as a result of that we are talking some thunderstorms. in the meantime no thunderstorms tonight. today your temperatures actually reached into the all three airports. ninety-one at dulles, temperatures well above the seasonal average and right now it's 830-degrees in the nation's capital 80 at quantico. we've
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baltimore, 76 at gaithersburg while martinsburg is at 71-degreeses. dewpoints starting to climb a little bit and that just means making it a little uncomfortable you're going to start to feel the stickiness and full sunlights it's going to become pretty oppressive out there as the temperatures start to rise. it's not going to be anything that you want to be outside for any extended period of time. we're under a code orange for monday so anyone that has any type of breathing issues, heart diss ease, elderly people or very young children should not be outside for any length of time in conditions like this and least of all limit out outdoor activities. ridge of high pressre still in control. we're talking clear skies into the 70s and tomorrow we're heading to the 90s once again. but once we get into the week things are going to start
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going to start to see the hot air mass break down and we're going to head back to the 80s all over again. we're going to have cooler conditions but also with it a we're going toned uch with some rain showers. over the meantime we you to stay safe. descring plenty of water, stay hydrated. it's better to wear light colored clothing and never leave pets or children in cars for any extended length of time. after ten minute, it can rise to 99-degrees in the car. after ten minutes up to 109-degrees and 20 minutes 114-degrees. temperatures at the beach into the mid 80s. ocean city will be pretty comfortable and also protect yourself with sunscreen and at least a sun hat. 90-degrees tomorrow by mid day with your daytime planner and as we put it together four t
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74-degrees and for tomorrow once again a hot and steamy 95-degrees. here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast. as i mentioned storms in the forecast getting a little rocky there in the skies with rain showers and thunderstorms that are going to cool us down. we have to deal with this heat right up until wednesday before we hit the 80s once again. it seems that's always how it goes it's hot, hot, hot and then the thunderstorms role in. >> one of britain's most famous theed recalls reopened its doors for the first time since the london bridge attacks. police broke into the cathedral after the terror strike as they looked for people responsible. officers caused some minor damage that had a to be repaired. today parishioners gathered inside the church and offered prayers to the victims. today will be able to do normal services as it were, but they won't be normal because we'll be remembering those who died. we
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wnt to come into what is very much their cathedral within this area. much of the surrounding area known as bureau market is still closed but that area is expected to reopen in the coming dayses. >> another weekend and once again the russian investigation will take center stage on capital hill. attorney general jeff sessions is scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. this comes days after fired fbi james comey provided testimony before that very same committee. earlier today president trump took sharp aim at comey calling him a coward during an early morning tweet. we get the latest now from kristin fisher. reporter roar it's been three days since comey's testimony but president trump is still. he said this morning on twitter quote, i believe the james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. this morning the new chair woman of the rnc s
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of comey's own admission that he was the one who leaked his memos to the press. i think it shows how questionable his character is, that he would take conversations that he had with the president of the united states and then he gave them to a friend to leak to the new york times. i think it proves that the president made the right choice in firing director comey comey testified on thursday under oath that the president had said i hope you can let this go. i hope you can let the flynn investigation go. the president insisted the next day he never said that. but last night on fox if an interview that was taped on thursday, so before that rose garden press conference with the president, donald trump jr. seemed to contradict his father by saying this. when he tells you to do something, guess what, there's no ambiguity in it. there's no hey, i'm hoping. you and i are friends, hey, i hope this happens, but you got to do your job. that's what he told comey despite washington's fixation on all of these investigations
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with several new policy initiatives. this week is going to be workforce development week. he will head to new york on tuesday to talk vocational training and apprenticeships. he will be delivering a major speech. he is off to miami to unveil the new policy towards cuba. the defense will begin its case monday in the billion cosby sex assault trial. the prosecution rested its case friday after five days and 12 betweens. tmz is reporting that cosby's lawyers filed documents asking the judge to allow them to introduce evidence that accuser and dre a constance was gay. he reportedly wanted to show the the jury that she deceived him. prosecutors claim it was victim shaming and the judge denied the motion. coming up, when it rains it showers for the nats as they drop another heart breaker to the rangers. brody logan is going to explain
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that. young american soccer star christian pennsylvania list particular predicted a win against mexico. usa's world cup qualifier next in sports. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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>> this is an actual quote from a d.c. athlete on something that caused them to lose last night. quote. i was taking a shower bent over to get my body wash, stood up and had a little king. that was nats closer glover reporting the back injury he suffered before giving up the. he is on the disabled list. cool off in front of those big fans today, a hot one. the nats bats to kick this one off against the rangers. brian gord win, the second home rup of his care
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the nats. max scherzer coming into 1,000 career ks. that ties it, mad max there, but here no mistake, just a milestone moment. scherzer gets no more ma zahra with the breaking ball, his 2,000 career strike out, what usually happens with the nats, the bull pen blows it. the orioles still in new york where they've been out scored 24-five in the last few games. giving up nine runs in the first two frames. the os give up five runs. that was as close as they would get. aaron judge, this is the longest homerun since they've started \track\tracting homeruns. 496 feet, the orioles, just
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today and they lose 14-three. it is time to pay attention to christian poa list particular. he is for real. he started for a top five team in europe. for the national team he has six goals in just nine matches. he's 18 years old going into tonight's mexico city a place where the usa has never won a match. he predicted a win for usa. u versus mexico, the loser with fans booing the visitingke- americans. silencing them from 40 yards out. shades of karly lloyd in the world cup. omar gone l sals can't get a foot to it. weaving through, the entire us back line ties it for l tree one-one. final minutes of the match.
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the win. usa gets a point in mexico with a one-one mexico drop. the biggest stories for redskins have been more about what's happening off the field rather on it. who is not showing up for workouts and why and what is up with kirk cousins' contract. this week is it is reported that they are working on a deal. there is a july 15 deadline to get it done we should know by then. kirk cousins was out there this week his agent. the redskins were in the bottom third of the league. dead last and third down conversion. they bring in this guy dj square jer from atlanta to fill a hole in the middle of the defense. dj, the skins neededded his help. me and my guy tony jefferson was looking at this roster for one of us is going to the washington redskins it just happened to be
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year they had sometimes where they didn't get allege or they weren't on the same page. i think like i blame that -- i think that everybody respects me enough to want to get on the same page and want to do things off the field and on the field to get their communication. we'll have to be better. i can do a little bit of everything. he's improved. he is a smart football player. if other sports were like tennis, different titles decide on surfaces. would labron if he played on mud. some people say that rav in adol is just a play clay. in that case you can call michael jordan just a hard court guy. branch open final, the tenth title on the french play.
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fight. rav elderly people wins six-two, six-10. singles title. that passes pete sam press. roger feather who has 18 grand slam titles. the penguins are back to back jim lokay wherever he may be is celebrating. next year caps fans. there's always next yearment that's what we keep saying. we'll be saying that until 2020. >> hope not. >> after the break we'll get a check on your wakeup forecast. i don't believe a word you're saying to me.
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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>> he was supposed to guard inmates at a county jail, but tonight a tulsa oklahoma jailer is behind bars himself. twenty year old kevin mayo was arrested shortly before midnight friday for possessing contraband. deputies say he found marijuana, a prescription painkiller in a burrito. >> all of that in a burrito. i was call it a burr right oh because of all the snow he had in it. this reminds me of orange is in the new black. >> let's talk about all the snow in the
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hot, sunny, humid, sticking i, we're talking 95-degrees monday and tuesday for your daytime highs and then we're going to see a little bit of rain and thunderstorms as we head to mid week. and then back to the 80s where we should be temperature wise. it is definitely going to feel like august in the month of june. we encourage you to stay hydrated. and those reminders about not leaving kids in the car and pets outside. it's that time of year. see you tomorrow four:25. have a good week, everybody. bye-bye.
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>> right now on "matter of fact ," the questioning of comey may create a crisis for congress. >> i did in to stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong? >> are trump's troubles ruining the gop? >> republicans talk to me privately about their opinions. >> are the issues you care about taking a backseat to the drama? plus, the survivors club hosts a year reunion -- a reunion. >> they have been through something that very few people on earth can say they have been through. >> feel the emotion as these childhood survivors of all schlitz m -- auschqitz


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